Eviction Day – Happy Birthday Sindy

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Sindy was evicted by a vote of 6-1, Kevin voted for her as was the plan.

Demetres won hoh

Kevin and Bruno make Sindy our Birthday Breakfast. They put the sign up that Bruno, Kevin and jackie made for her.

10:50am Sindy, Ika and Demetres
Sindy talking to Ika. Ika claims to have not been pushing to put Sindy up says she was trying to get Bruno/Kevin on the block. (Ika did push for Sindy to go up)
Sindy pushes them to save her.
Ika – I can’t stand Jackie
Sindy – why keep her
Ika says if they keep Sindy; Dre, William, Karen and Dillon will be pissed at them.
Sindy says she can keep Bruno and Kevin from targeting them.
Ika claims if this conversation happened yesterday they would have put work in for her to save her.

Sindy offers to bring Kevin and Bruno in the red room
Ika – if you bring them in here I’ll throw them out
Ika now says if she brings them in here and they agree not to target Ika/Demetres she’ll consider keeping Sindy.
Demetres says he doesn’t trust Bruno and Kevin

Dre walks in to get her makeup. Ika says jokingly get your makeup.. Dre says under her breath. “Pushing me out of my room I can’t believe it”
After Dre leaves..
Ika says if she does this it’s based only on their friendship not game play.
Karen comes in to get some makeup

Ika says “they” are already getting sketched out they should wrap up the conversation
Ika says she hates Bruno she wishes on William’s HOH she put him up and sent him home
Sindy leaves..

Ika – We just have to hear it out..
Demetres freaking out that it’s a 45 minute talk and now the whole house is freaking out.
They agree they can’t flip the house right right now.

11:14am Karen Dre Ika and Demetres
Going over the pros and cons about keeping Sindy over Jackie. Karen is dead set against it.

11:21am Ika and Dre

They pull in Jackie says that Sindy told them that Jackie is working with Bruno and Kevin. Jackie says she’s keeping her word to the truce and Sindy is the one that is working with Bruno and Kevin.

When the feeds come back Sindy is evicted and Demetres won the HOH. Demetres gets to pick the have nots this week. And William has a special veto.

William is pissed at Kevin for not telling him the truth about working with Jackie.

William being mad didn’t last long..

Bruno tells Kevin he talked to Ika about the vet numbers dwindling and the newbies playing the middle until the end.

Kevin and William trust each other 100%

Dre doesn’t trust Kevin

Ika and Demetres want Kevin out this week so it frees up William.

11:25pm Dillon and Dre
Dre warns about Demetres he’s won 3 HOH’s and 1 POv. He’ll take Ika over everybody. She thinks they will screw her over at some point.
They both agree they have to get Ika/Demetres out.

Kevin and Bruno notice the game talk between Dre and Dillon

Dre and Dillon still plotting against Demetres and Ika.

Dre – put Ika and Demetres up on the block … if she wins. Because I feel like the next one might be like a mental one because she’s really good with questions. Dillon – yeah … yup. See where her heads at .. you know you can’t tell her anything .. any information or she’ll go around. Dre – she will. Dillon – same thing with Karen. Dre – Uhhhhggg. Karen .. I like her but.. my goodness. Dillon – I feel like she’s better. Dre – are you kidding me?! She keeps telling Ika – do you think we can trust Dre? Because I don’t know about that girl. And then Ika comes and tells me. Dillon – really!? Karen! I told her to trust you. Are you sure? Yes I’m sure 100%. Dre – what sucks is that Karen is on the exact same page as us but I can’t give her any information. Dillon – because she’ll tell someone. She’s wild. Dre – as much as I think she likes Ika… if Ika is on the block she is going to vote Ika out because Karen wants all the vets gone. But I don’t want to talk to Karen … I don’t. Karen is just like put your nominees .. you can’t tell her anything. Id she was better at comps she would be bomb. Dillon – if she was better at anything. Something has to suit her. Dillon and Dre shoot fake machine guns. Dillon – its my favorite thing to do now. Dre – I love it .. I want all of them out. Dillon – I feel like we’re in a really good position to do so. And when that time comes we have to throw our nice guy away and take these people out. Dre – its going to be hard. Dillon – I’ve already started… I’m cold as f**K! I don’t care anymore. Dre – It’s hard. Dillon – I’m done caring about anybody. I want to win this game. You want to win this game right!? Dre – we got to do it. Dillon – I would rather have someone that was 100 with me all the way through… kept it real with me, than someone who’s di*ked around. Dre – what I know is I don’t want her on the final with me. I don’t, I don’t want her or Demetres on the final with me. That’s what I know. I’m looking for revenge.. all summer 17. Dre – the thing is they need us. Dillon – yeah, but when the time comes.. Get all that 3 circle out .. and then its me, you, Karen, Demika..

Dre and William.

Bruno & Kevin. Bruno – we come in and clean it up. We could offer that. Kevin – yeah. Bruno – if they take a shot in the middle, Dre and William will be pissed. They’ll all be pissed. We have to come together. ..but that could caned quit. if we don’t do this.. we’re all fucked. Kevin – if you guys take out Jackie this week I will do everything to put Dillon and Karen on that block. Bruno – exactly. But if one of us are sitting there.. the 5 of them will vote us out. They all know that everyone is going after them.
That’s not good.

Kevin – we’re not going to talk to them tonight. Bruno – what if noms are right in the morning? Kevin – we’ll talk to them right before then. Bruno – people are going to want to talk to them. Look how comfortable everyone is in there. Kevin – they’re all just so happy. Bruno – that’s a sign when everyone in the house is just happy and loose. Kevin – Karen, Jackie, William, Dre.. they’re all happy. They all know that no one is going after them. That’s not good. Especially week 7. Five people shouldn’t feel safe no matter who wins. Kevin – Ika, Demetres if you take a shot at us and lets say I go home and Bruno stays .. one of those people in the middle when they’re coming after you .. you guys are a massive threats in this game. Bruno – Dillon even said after he won that HOH that you’re (Demetres) a beast in this game. Kevin – He (Dillon) wants us to fight each other. We’re the last 3 returning players and Demetres your the biggest threat newbie player. We’re the threats .. if we go after each other … we’re not going to win. Bruno – I think its a good pitch. Kevin – its a good pitch dude. Bruno – the fact that I talked to Ika before the second round is good.

Bruno – Dillon & Karen or Jackie & Karen. Kevin – what’s a better sell Jackie & Dillon? Bruno – any of those 3. They won’t do Dre and William. Jackie & Karen is probably the best bet because Karen is the pawn and Jackie is the target. Kevin – Jackie & Karen is probably the best bet because Dillon is in really good with them. Bruno – but if they do, do that Dre will be pissed at them. Kevin – Dre is going to be livid. They make a lot of people happy by putting us up but it doesn’t matter they’re going to go after them next week anyway. Bruno – they’re going to be happy because 1 of us is going home and next week one of you are going home. Kevin – exactly, they love that we’re fighting each other. All the weak new players are just sitting in the middle. Bruno – buddy we need to turn this around. If we can turn this around… ohhhh man. Kevin – we’ve got a shot. Bruno – This is actually … I think we have a shot man. I think its a good pitch. Kevin – great pitch. Bruno – not only is it a great pitch… but we need them and they need us. Kevin – dude, I’ll swear on something.. I haven’t sworn on anything yet this game. Bruno – I haven’t sworn on anything. Kevin – are you against that? Bruno – no, but I won’t swear on my kids. I just won’t do it. Kevin – I feel like that means a lot to Ika. But the thing is I actually mean it. Like I will for sure. Bruno – well we’ll see .. if that is the deal breaker. If we can survive this week it will be so good because so many people will be pissed off at them that they’ll come to us for support. Kevin – hypothetical .. if both of us do get put up.. Bruno – one of us is going home. Kevin – definitely won’t have the votes. Bruno – if they’re smart, even if they don’t want to.. they might have to .. unless they know they have Dre and William .. then they don’t need us. Kevin – that’s the thing they can have Dre & William and have us. Bruno – they’re still going to need to come out. William doesn’t like Ika. William is around us a lot. Kevin – Yeah William likes us. I had a weak moment after Sindy left. Bruno – that’s okay, that’s not a weak moment. You care, it doesn’t make you weak.

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Wow, SINDY has the same birthday as me : )


Do you want a medal?

lol facepalm

its hitlers birthday moron




Saw the show last night and William getting that special Veto – You just know if Kevin is on the block next Week and William has the chance to save his Boy Toy now with this, he will. Welcome to the dark side William !!! Let’s hope Karen remember’s what she saw and see’s through all the Bull Crap William threw her way. I would love to see Demetres win HoH next.


Ika is playing amazing. She is working this house like its her job!
I wish Sindy had jumped ship on the sinking duo of Kevin and Bruno so she could stay but its not looking good!

lol what?

Up until the double, Ika bitched, moaned and complained that she was voting out people who weren’t coming after her, also she hasn’t won a single comp not to mention how she’s extremely rude!
You call that working the house and? amazing gameplay?
She’s playing for second place at this point, she’s already lost the game.


This commenter is pathetically repeatedly up-voting his own comment. Are we seriously going to believe at a regular rate of voting/commenting all these weeks, suddenly over 60 viewers who commented within one hour?? On a thread that has only 30 comments in total?

Get a life. Hating on some character on reality tv you don’t know..

Please note that this is true for at least another comment below (probably even the same person)


I agree Ika is playing well. Better than most of the vets.

I also find it suspicious that these comments that bash Ika that ‘agree’ – I noticed they have the same amount of up-votes as the amount of down-votes as people who post an opposing opinion. The language of these comments from supposedly different ‘users’ seem to be correlated and similar as well… hmm Just something I’ve noticed.


I agree that Ika is playing an excellent game, if she makes it to final 2, she 100 % deserves it .. BUT she is can still SO rude, and people just disregard it. I’m not saying that fans make her out to be an angel but I think they cut her more slack than she deserves.

On another note, I hope the French Connection get some power soon <3


Demetres was a favorite but, once he lined up with Ika he’s become a lapdog with no brains of his own…Ika is the worst of them all, it’s a shame because she is pretty and either eats well or is blessed with a great metabolism, she has the worst attitude of any women I’ve ever seen, the hateful and jealous personality makes her very unattractive….I can not watch any of the clips she is in…….please evict her next, it’s the only thing that will let me watch the live feeds again….. Karen is not even worth mentioning she has no place in the show or house, don’t really care who wins as long as it’s not one of these 3….


looks like you havent been around too many woman for you to say shes the worst women with attitude you have ever seen…stop wstching bb and go out so you can get to know more people. geesh


Couldn’t agree more , her nasty pettiness is living large and take away the fake boobs, lashes and hair and hours of makeup application and she would be just another face in the crowd !my only hope is she gets put on the block this week !!!


omg thank god people are finally starting to acknowledge ika’s nastiness.

Her poor attitude is largely a result of being so petty and jealous all the time.


Agreeing to your own comment and repeatedly up-voting yourself — pathetic. The up-votes jumped 50 votes within a hour, then none for almost a day.. yeah not likely…


Don’t you only get one vote per comment per computer?
If someone really went on 40 or 50 different computers to up vote their own comment then they need to get their priorities straight…


say what you want but those boobies are real lol .. I know fake ones when I see it.


Lol! I guess you’re not watching the feeds, then.
Girl, bye!
Go bitch somewhere else


obviously my opinion is not very popular but, again it’s just MY OPINION…..just can’t like Ika but she sure was smart to start rubbing up on Dem. he’s the only reason she’s still there…

Club H.O.H

LMAO! Dem opening the door then closing it when he sees Ika and Dre with Jackie. lol Call her out Ika! Werk! BB Gods please help Demika in the next HOH.


LOL! ika likes to swear on her children so much it kills me


Is it me or this got really boring?


It’s gotten really boring, and there’s a handful of haters on here repeatedly voting and commenting with a vendetta or are still sore over what happened past weeks.


Dre standing silently, taking in all of Ika’s bs.lol Dre has her number. You respect people?? Those people are slime?? Which is it? Livid & intense, at this point, is losing it’s luster.


Saw Ika with no make up on scarey


with a body like hers it doesn’t matter what her face looks like without makeup.


Wow talk about mean and vicious.. you people are mean..


Been to the live eviction taping today and saw Sindy got evicted today also in the flesh with Arisa. It was Sindy’s birthday today and sad to see her go, did all she could to stay. God help her with Neda in the jury house.


This has nothing to do with this post, but can someone explain to me why Karen and Kevin hate each other?



Salty with an S..bye sindy


Ika is new and improved she’s better than ever before she’s playing such a solid well-balanced game strong she knows how to communicate well when she needs to and she knows how to chill when she needs to I’m so impressed I hope her and Dimitri which by the way are the best do I’ll ev is new and improved she’s better than ever before she’s playing such a solid well-balanced game strong she knows how to communicate well when she needs to and she knows how to chill when she needs to I’m so impressed I hope her and Dimitri which by the way are the best duo ever, tgere not like Kissing all over the place & they’re playing well together they have a really good balance Kevin & bruno need to go & the rest i love!!!


Agree! Demetres is winning challenges — such a strong couple


Demetres won the HoH
Its going to be bye-bye Bruno – assuming William uses his Secret Veto on his master Kevin.

If one of them gets off the block, maybe Williams saves the other with his Secret Veto… that would cause some drama..


I really like this house this group of people right now are getting along they’re having fun they’re entertaining Karen is funny Ika is a comedian willam is also funny i’m enjoying watching this group of people and they seem to click probably one of the best big brother groups !!!!!

sunny dee

i kind of agree. I know that at one point i said to myself that there wasn’t anyone that i wouldn’t be happy winning.

then neda and bruno started their BS, and i said, well, except for neda and bruno


I love Ika, Dem,Dre and Dhillon…for all the people hoping for Kevin and Bruno to win..they’re game straight up sucks and the can’t win…they just leech on to people and try to spread lies by coming off as trying to help the people their lying too.


Happy 4/20 everyone!


Karen is the worst!


Honestly, the way Dre/Dillon/Newbies are plotting, Ika/Deme should team up with Bru/Kev because they are both being isolated.

It is legitimately better for all four Ika/Deme/Bru/Kev to team up at this point. Just hope Ika is not too blinded by Dre (and unawares of how she is plotting behind her back /building her own army and isolating her from the rest of the players)


dre has disappointed me so much with this!

Ika is the worst

It’s too bad Dem won HoH because how funny would it be for neda sindy and ika to all be evicted one after the other and spend one week on jury just the three of them.


For some reason Dre just rubs me the wrong way..ever since William was HoH and she basically told him what he was doing with it instead of letting him make his own decisions. She has control issues


I didn’t like Dre at the beginning but im starting to like her now. She does have a good read on people. She knows who is being truthful and who is bullshitting. She isn’t targeted by anyone right now. But she’s gotta chill with her “we need to get ika and dem out” He just won HoH. I don’t care how loyal Dillon is. You’re a fool for targetting the HOH before noms and veto is played. If dillon becomes a target he can throw Dre under the bus that Dre is rallying people to get them out next week.