“Right now I still feel it’s Bruno, Kevin Sindy.. If you were in my position you would see that as trio”

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(There was a sh1t ton of game talk this morning. It’s going to take some time to upload all these videos. )

Sindy and Dre Red Room
Sindy – Dre can I ask you a question.. how are you voting this week
Dre – I don’t know what’s happening.. nobody is talking to me (LOL)
Sindy says she was confident that Dre would safe her because she’s never done Dre wrong, “I’ve always been really honest with you”.
Sindy says she talked to William yesterday because she’s felt really betrayed by Ika. Mentions that Ika swore on her kids that she would never go after her and keep her safe.
Sindy – the moment she was in danger she threw me up as an option
Sindy – Ika has been playing both sides and betraying you and William so much

Sindy says this whole time Ika has been working with them and was always saying “she has Dr and William”
Sindy goes on about Ika telling her she would pick Sindy over Dre.
Sindy brings up the fight in the pool area where the fight between Ika and Neda started. they wanted to keep Dillon and Ika didn’t want to because it would expose she’s working both side.
Sindy thinks it was odd 24 hours later Dre and Ika were talking again.
Dre claims she felt that Ika was playing both sides, “I just didn’t want to admit it to myself and I didn’t know to what extent”
Dre – yes I forgive her

Dre says Ika never said Sindy’s name as a target. (not true)
Dre – I’m not lying right now she didn’t say anything bad about you
Dre – the only thing she said about you is you can trust Sindy, Sindy is good
Adds this was before Neda.
Dre – She didn’t trash your name in front of me at least.. or William
Dre – Right now I still feel it’s Bruno, Kevin Sindy.. you three guys. If you were in my position you would see that as trio

Sindy going back to Kevin and Bruno wanting to work with Dre but Ika kept telling them not to saying Dre won’t trust them.
Sindy points out that Ika and Demetres aren’t going to go after Dre directly they are going to get someone else to. If Jackie stays Ika is going to go to her and say “I safed you”. She will use Jackie to go after Dre and William
Dre says she’s going to do that to Ika and Demetres get someone to put them on the block.
Sindy brings up how Ika would tell her once Gary left she was going to pull Karen in.

Sindy says “This Trio” is willing to work with her
Sindy highlights how easy it was for Ika to drop her.
Sindy says if she stays and her or William win HOH next week they can put her back on the block.

Sindy saying that Kevin really trusts William.
Dre doesn’t believe it points out that Kevin tells William things that aren’t true.
Dre – I Don’t believe Kevin
Dre says Bruno told he never had an alliance with Emily and Dillon.
Sindy says that wasn’t a solid alliance with EMily and Dillon. The alliance was the 6, Ika, Demetres, neda, Sindy, Bruno and Kevin.
Dre says Bruno and Kevin never talked game to her. the one time they did it was 5 seconds and it was a lie.

10:59am Bruno Kevin Sindy William
Sindy tells William she just talked to Dre.
Bruno – the way I see it they will use Dillon to take out you guys..
Bruno points out how Ika and Demetres are already pulling in Dillon “They’re best friends”
William agrees says he’s seeing it.
Kevin jumps in that Ika/Demetres are already pulling in Jackie.
Kevin – Ika and Demetres will take Karen and Dillon to the final 4.. that’s how I see it
Bruno – they know they’ll be Karen and Dillon 4 sure
Sindy to William – all of us are willing to protect you
Bruno says Kevin/bruno are going after Ika/Demetres and Ika/Demetres are going after Bruno/Kevin. They don’t have anyone to take out William/Dre except for Dillon/Jackie.

Bruno says every single week Ika and Demetres go into the HOH and make a deal.
William says Jackie doesn’t like Ika why would she work with them. Bruno points out that Dillon hated Ika and now look at them.
Bruno – Dillon called Ika a racist.. he HATED Ika”
Feeds cut..
Bruno – they’re building people to come after you
William says Dre and Ika are very close
They point out Sindy was Very close to Ika.
William has told Dre that Ika betrayed Sindy but Dre thinks she can trust Ika, “I don’t know hat to say to her”

Sindy says she’s never done anything to betray William and Dre, Jackie and Ika have betraying them from the beginning.
They bring up Ika Swearing on her kids, on the final 4, not betraying Sindy, not going after Dillon.
William says Dre really trusts Ika.
Kevin stresses that Ika and Demetres will take Karen and Dillon to the final 4 because they can beat them.

Sindy – I really hope everything we’re saying you’re thinking twice about..
Sindy – Ika told me she would pick me over Dre every time

William says Dre has her own mind, he’s told her before “maybe we should trust Bruno and Kevin”
William – I’m going to talk to Dre today

Ika and Demetres White couch

11:18am Bruno Kevin and William Blue Room
(They campaign heavy to Dre more or less the same talking points we’ve seen but this time they are all in the same room. Sindy joins them 1/3 of the way in. The real campaigning starts in the second video)

Dre’s response at the end – Okay I’ll think about it.. and ya we’ll see
After Dre leaves William says he doesn’t know what Ika is telling Dre.

During the campaign fest Ika and Demetres are telling Jackie that a big part of the hate towards her came from what other people (the 6) were coming back and telling her.

11:49pm Dre and Jackie Storage room
Dre says Jackie is not her target. Dre wants to get out one person before she gets home (Bruno/Kevin). Dre tells her she’ll vote for Jackie if she promises not to go after her or William.

Kevin tells William he didn’t use the veto because Ika said William would put Bruno up. William says that was the plan. (HOLY cow) ]

Kevin – real talk.. If Sindy goes, you don’t need to win HOH. You don’t need to win. It would be bad for you to win. Because Ika and Demetres are welcoming Bruno. Do you think Dre would throw it? William – no I don’t think so. Kevin – you and Dre play the game differently.

Dre and William Storage Room French
From what I gather William is pissed at Ika. (need a translator 🙂 )

Yes William found the secret Power of Veto

Kevin and William. Kevin – you and Dre are in a good spot this week. Like if you just vote out Sindy. There’s no reason for you to flip. Sindy wouldn’t put you and Dre up…. Jackie might. I wonder if we could figure out who Jackie would put up. William – I’m going to talk to her today. Kevin – yeah but she won’t tell you the truth. She’ll tell you that she would put up Ika and Demetres. And she’ll tell you she would put up Ika and Demetres. And she’ll tell them that she’ll up you and Dre. Kevin – it would be smart for you to throw the HOH challenge.

9:15pm Kevin saying that Ika is starting to get on William’s nerves.
They talk about Karen’s paranoia getting the better of her.
They name their new alliance “The three peasants”
Bruno – wow Karen’s losing her mind.. that’s good..
Jackie tells them that Ika/Demetres think they have a truce and she want’s to work with them. When she gets the chance she’s taking them out.

Jackie leaves. Bruno and Kevin talk about the vote tomorrow. They both can’t vote against JAckie because Ika/Demtres/Karen will be able to twist that. They know Sindy is leaving, they don’t have the votes to keep her. They don’t want Sindy going out without a vote on her side, tomorrow is her birthday after all. Kevin will vote to evict Jackie and Bruno will vote with the house. Kevin plans to tell Jackie beforehand. They’ll also tell Sindy.

William and Dre HOh Bed
William talks about his conversations with Kevin. Says that Ika told Kevin about their plans to backdoor Bruno last week that is why Kevin didn’t use the veto. Dre still wants to get Bruno out.

William – Sindy is pushing me right now. And I was like I’m going to talk to Dre. It’s not a good thing for your game. Dre – Kevin and Bruno are going to vote for her to stay right? William shakes his head. Dre – they’re voting her out? William – I think so. Dre – she didn’t talk to Karen and if she didn’t I feel like its because she knows something… she knows maybe that she’s going home. William – she didn’t talk to anyone else but us .. I think she thinks we are the swing vote. She isn’t going to do anything with Karen. Dre – Ahhh.. because she thinks she has Kevin and Bruno. Dre – its going to be unanimous? William – yeah I think so. Dre – do you think Jackie is working with Kevin and Bruno? William – no.

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Their campaigning sucks. Throwing Ika under the bus isn’t going to help them. Why not just talk to Ika and Dem to build an army against the newbies since they are now outnumbered? Bruno always has that one track mind of targeting one girl whether people are listening or not. They should know by now that throwing Ika under the bus isn’t going to save Sindy, the only saving could come from Ika and Dem but they’re too narrow minded to give it a shot. Ika knows Bruno/Kevin will probably win HOH this week and put her up, so she might sway if they actually talk game to her rather than badmouthing her to the alliance she’s had from the beginning. Ika isn’t even on the block, wtf, throw Jackie to the wolves, talk to Ika/Dem since all 5 of them are big targets right now. Geez.


oh no Ika fan upset that Ika’s game is being exposed.


Oh no Neda fan still upset that the mean hateful bully met her match. Neda got a taste of her own medicine. She let her safety get to her head and she didn’t play the game she did in her season.

sunny dee

thats how i see it as well. bruno’s narrow mindedness is what got him out in his season, and would be what gets him out in this season. to bold face lie directly to someone’s face about someone else isn’t great game play, when the other person already knows the real truth. what else is ika supposed to say to the 6 when she is already telling dre what she is doing, of course they are going to say ‘ika said this and ika said that’, that was her job to give out misinformation to make sure that bruno and kevin and neda would not be targeting dre and william for example, when she tells them that she’s OK with them and they won’t put them up, and when they had a chance at it, she still talked it out so it did not happen

bruno has zero gratitude, the only reason he is still there is because of ika.

they should be making deals to get votes, the very thing that he tries to make look sketchy about what ika and demetres do, is goin g up to the HOH and making deals? again, what game does he think he is playing?:


I think a lot of you are missing what Kevin & Bruno are doing here.

They know Sindy isn’t going to be saved. They aren’t even campaigning for her to stay (they have obviously told them they would prefer her to stay, Kevin just told William it would be stupid for Dre to save Sindy). They are just trying to get as many people as they can against Ika & Demetres going into next week (which is smart, considering Ika & Demetres are against Bruno & Kevin now).

Sindy for some reason decided to listen and use throwing Ika & Demetres under the bus as strategy to stay, and she really needs to re think that because all she’s doing is helping Bruno and Kevin out before she walks out the door, not actually convincing people to keep her around.


I have no respect for Karen or Dre because they are playing personally. They have personal grudges against Bruno/Kevin. Some of the vitriol that Karen spews about Kevin and Jackie is sad to see because it’s not at all game related. If only BBCAN would show the real Karen…


I don’t like Karen.


I like Karen


I don’t even know how i feel about Karen.


I don’t understand why Bruno and Kevin are so focused on saving Sindy rather than trying to get Jackie on their side. She and Ika do not exactly see eye to eye, and Sindy made her own bed last week when she chose to get rid of her alliance.


Hundred percent agree. Sindy is a goner. It makes no sense saving her. I thought Sindy had become a better player for a millisecond but she showed that she is her own worse enemy and is capable of tanking her own game with just one move. Kev and Bruno need William and Dre for next week so I think part of their campaigning includes, hey even if you don’t wanna save Sindy work with us as opposed to Demika. Which is good but there is a good chance Demetres might win. Regardless of all of that, this makes for great drama, and all of the vets are just taking down each other with a vendetta – it has been awesome to watch.


I feel like the secret veto was introduced specifically in case Ika went up. Now they’re hanging back and saving it for next week in case she needs it. Like a sara/brit situation… I was a fan of them and I am of Ika too but damn.

And I totally agree the Kevin trio should be pulling in ika/dem. Right now the vets are looking pretty dead in the water, they will target each other and do the newbies work.

Has anyone noticed Kevin and william have been pretty absent from last episode… I imagine they’re spending all their time cuddling ugh


Go newbies! Dre ‘sees’ the game differently(get the vets out) The vets game play is same old, same old. I hope they never do a split house of vets vs newbies again. Entertaining but mostly annoying season.


William is a gullable fool. To be so easily convinced to turn on the only ppl that have had his back and helped keep him and Dre around, by ppl who never even gave a shit to talk to u or play the game with you before until they were in trouble just bc he is falling for kevin’s seductions … lmao.. can’t wait for him to go… that alone has turned me off of him!


William is so gullible it is painful to watch. To think he’s so easy to turn on an alliance that has had his and Dre’s back from weeks and have worked with them to keep them off the radar, by ppl who never cared to talk to him before in any capacity until now bc they’re in trouble…. to think he has so easily let kevin’s seduction tactics turn his loyalty so easily… smh… just hurry up and get voted out… i lost all like for him after seeing this week.


He is going against Ika because of Dre, pretty much. Kevin had nothing to do with it. Yeah, William always wanted to work with him, but he stayed with Demika, because he thought they are loyal to TFC. Now he is finding out all these things about what Ika said to the 6 and Dre is telling him Demika doesn’t trust him and so on. He just wants to go with side that respect him and treat him like an adult I think.

Willy nilly

He wont turn on dre. He hasnt liked ika and demetres for weeks. He doesnt like karen either so.


Yeah, Dre is his number one but that are all the connections he has on that side of the house. Ika screwed it up by not talking to him about anything. With the other side he has more connections. He gets along with Kevin, him and Bruno/Sindy started talking, Jackie used to like him and I think that bond could be repaired… I don’t know why he wouldn’t consider switching sides. Bruno already told Kevin he would like the f4 to be them two, Jackie and William. Only thing that is keeping William with Ika and company is Dre.


they only started talking to him properly this week… so he only has a one tie.. that’s kevin..and that’s a shaky tie at best.. even Dre has told him she doesnt trust Kevin is being real (true!)…. on the other side he has Dre, ika and demetres who he knows for sure won’t put him up.. the other side has always used him and Dre as easy scape goats for putting up… ika was the one that would alwasy steer them in another direction. No matter what.. will is dumb for believing bruno and his little squad… especially when he has no real reason to bc as much as words are always thrown around (ppl say anything to any aide), actions have spoken louder.. and ika and demetres have always had their backs through actions, unlike the others…. gullable indeed!




From the moment Ika told them not to use the veto because Bruno would go up I was like awesome, they can use this against her later in the game when they need to, and I’ve been screaming at Bruno & Kevin through my cell phone screen to tell William that. Good job Kevin!

People keep saying it’s stupid game play for Kevin & Bruno to throw Ika under the bus in order to save Sindy… Kevin & Bruno know Sindy is going, they just need as many people as they can get against Ika & Demetres going into next week, and they’ve got Sindy helping them do that on her way out…

Sindy on the other hand… yeah, she really needs to re think her strategy here…

The Speak English Society of Vancouver

Is it true??? William was in the blue bedroom by himself and he looked into the camera and said he has the Secret Power Of Veto!!! Oh please Nooooooooooo!




It does not benefit Dre to work with Bruno. So whether or not she dislikes him for personal reasons matter not. William is an idiot. He is very reluctant to believe that Kevin is using him even through he did the exact same thing his season with Johnny. Tell me when has Kevin EVERY tried to prevent William as a nom? When has he EVER provided any reliable Intel? How many times has Bruno denied things they know for a fact to be true? Too many times and with some sense of self -righteousness as well. Dillon and Ika may have all of a sudden become “friends” but when has was “friends ” with Bruno how did that benefit him? All of the newbies are better off if Sindy leaves. They can always re-assess and re-shuffle their pecking order of the remaing vets afterward. But they do need Jackie not Sindy to be there. End of.

Pebbles Flintstone

Watched the video on ET Canada of the houseguests cleaning the house and at the very end they show William discovering the Secret Power Of Veto at the bottom of a trash hamper in the pantry! Crap!!!

Guy From Canada


Guy From Canada

Bruno / Kevin really are grasping at straws. They’d be smart to just sit and really think about things for a bit. Trying to save Sindy isn’t going to work, and they know that if they don’t win HOH or a veto, one of them is going home next week. It’s crazy how quickly this game can change. Ika and Demetres are in a good spot for now, but if Kevin or Bruno win HOH that changes right away.


Oh my God if he has a secret veto how wack! Kevin’s boytoy lover *barf* ready to do Kevin’s bidding for an under the covers hand job… so wack


Seriously unless ika/dem can secure the HOH and Veto William will use it against them this coming week for sure I down necessarily think it’s bad for him but his new friends surely will be gunning for Dre after William cleans up the ika/dem problem. Ika was doing really well until she outed the bruno backdoor plan. She had it all but it’s all about to go up in flames… loose lips sink ships!! Unless your will/kev


Yup that was a major mistake on Ika’s part.


Simon , I hope i get into the BBCAN house next season and i will give you the biggest shoutout!
I’m going to rip it with my audition tape !
FIngerscrossssed !!!! WOOOOOOO


i gotchu


Cass did on her season, it was brief, but she did


Good luck! gimme a shout out too?


Haha is William playing for final 2 or final 4?

Even if kelvin brings him to final 4. I firmly believe that kelvin will pick Bruno over William. Even the final HOH kelvin might even throw it cause either way he is going to final 2. That means the odds for William is rather slim.

However if he goes with Dre she will bring him to final 2 regardless. She will fight the final HOH to win and brIng him to Final 2. But I might be wrong.

Not a kelvin fan, all he does is being a wall paper 😉


Bruno looks like he needs a nap….. a shave… and a surgical removal of the stick in his butt. He does not look like he is enjoying himself at all this year.


The twists always work to ruin someone who is playing a great game. Unfortunately that is going to be Ika b/c William is in love with Kevin. Instead of taking out Bruno to pull Kevin closer to him, he’ll use his power to take out Ika.

Ika & Demetres need to win HOH & POV or one of them is gone – watch & see.

I’m definitely biased b/c I want Ika to stay. Yes she played both sides, but so did Bruno, Kevin, Neda, Sindy et el. The newbies didn’t know to (though they should have all reported back to each other & played the vets the same way). My reason for having a preference for Ika is she really does like Dre & has only pulled away from Will b/c of his closeness with Kevin. Meanwhile Bruno tells everyone he has them bro & Kevin just moves from one guy (Mark, Gary, Will) to another with his true number 1 being Bruno.

If Will takes out Ika it might be a big move but for who? (Kevin & Bruno) who WILL NOT take him to F3 let alone F2. Hopefully I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it.


Wow so many shifting of sides.

Ika- guuuurl, tone it down and keep your big mouth closed. You actually can get very far!
Demetres- I guess eye candy but will always be ika’s puppet
Jackie- probably the biggest headache. No allegiance to anyone really. Will float anywhere. Overall just garbage
William- Useless, gross hygiene and easily swayed
Kevin- you just suck
Bruno- lies just like everyone else but won’t admit it to himself but really just boring.
Karen- crazy and neurotic. In a good spot.
Dre- smart, now under the radar again
Sindy- well happy birthday- bye girl!


Kevin has got to be one of the worst players in Big Brother. He lies, has zero intuition, does not think few steps ahead, and can not read people.

The French Connection Convo in French

William wasn’t really mad with Ika. He was talking about his convo with Kevin, what Kevin said (cut into the convo, so not sure what he said before, but was saying he didn’t like Jackie), William just warned Dre about Ika, like he didn’t want her to be trying to lose the game to Ika. He also wasn’t happy about Ika with this Sandwich situation, how everybody got sandwiches except him and Sindy. Dre said she didn’t think Ika can pull in Dillon and Jackie, and that they were more in the middle than Ika/Deme think they were.

Then Wililam was saying how pissed off he was with Karen, how she lied to his face (about something), how she gets in his face and says ‘I would never’, (that’s when he gave the finger and said ‘kiss my ass’), and how she questioning about his relationships / trust with others, but never confides with him /or anyone.

He said Kevin told him that after Sindy leaves, Kevin’s two allies will be Bruno and himself (i.e. William). Dre said it would be good to have Kevin to himself. And william agreed. He said that he said something like “it’s always been Bruno”.

Dre says don’t give too much info to Kevin, because she doesn’t know how much info they are telling others, and even to Jackie.

Dre doesn’t like how they are giving too much credit to people / setting them up to be threats, like now always saying to people ‘Ika is too good’. William says he finds Ika to be good (at the game). William says he was once paranoid between Ika/Dre that he thought Dre was paying him: Dre says she would never.

Dre says she’s not saying Ika isn’t good, she’s really good, but to say that she should go before Dillon and Jackie is a bit ridiculous, like calm down – as well as even Karen. William agreed Karen is a no.

They agree that Karen is too in her own world, and seems to play solo. They don’t see to trust / want to play with Karen.

William doesn’t know about Dillon, he knows Dre is good/safe with him, but not so much himself. Dre says she can be close to Dillon to protect William.

Wililam says he doesn’t want to try for the next HoH. He wants to see who wins and what they do. (he’s thinking about his secret veto). He says either side Bruno or Ika will go at each other.
Dre says Bruno just says fake / useless / empty shit, at least Kevin stays quite and listens then try to put some kind of valuable contribution.
Dre then talked about the original Wise-men alliance with the guys (they named the guys – and Dallas was in it). Then the second returnees alliance (with Ika) – how in the blue room Dallas made his plea and how he doesn’t want to leave and Kevin wasn’t listening to him and Bruno was against him – they told Dallas they weren’t keeping him – that’s when Dallas started making scenes.

Dre thinks Bruno’s arguments are shit and is always trying to lie to her, and tyring to play her. She says that after Ika/Deme leave, they will go after Dre. Says Ika going after them (Dre/Wiliam) will happen later than Bru/them going after them (as in they are further down the hit-list for Ika/Deme). She says after Bruno leaves, she would be OK with working with Kevin, but not before, because Bru/Kev are really tight at the moment.
[Dillon comes in, they talk about Oreos, Dillion leaves)

William doesn’t want Ika to win HoH. He’s OK with Bruno – he is so much against Ika. He prefers Kevin wins (says Kevin wouldn’t go after Dre). Repeats he doesn’t want Ika to win, nor Demetres. Nor Karen – he doesn’t like her. They don’t know what Karen is doing. William wasn’t sure whether Karen would put up replacement noms (assuming she puts up Bru/Kev) as him or Dre – Dre says herself, how she has a ‘picking order’. They talked about a bunch of stuff Karen tells them. Sometimes Dre doesn’t know how to respond to her.

Dre thinks Jackie won’t try to win the HoH, or else she’s made so many promises she’d have no one to put up – to Dre for herself and William not to go up, and promised this to Ika/Deme as well.

He says her tearing up Jackie’s sheet was mean. He says she doesn’t come across well with the public, and how maybe to the outside world she might seem like a ‘gang’. He says Kevin was telling him how she come across poorly, how she calls people ‘peasants’, and called someone (Demetres probably) ‘good morning my King’ and isn’t coming across well to the public, because sometimes she is a bit too much. Dre agrees sometimes she is a bit much. William continues to trash her, that her use of the ‘black’ people comments are a bit much. He says she’s ‘ratchet’ (in English), and Dre says William doesn’t get the meaning of the word ‘ratchet’. William makes a few more comments against Ika (just personally not liking her – I think Kevin has been working him and it seems successfully). Dre laughs a bit then changes the subject.

They have a beer and cheers, then talks about a bunch of random stuff.


William is so naive. If he goes with Kev/Bruno he is going to be used and discarded. He is not thinking clearly because he actually thinks he is going to have a personal relationship with Kevin. Like he is actually falling in love with Kevin, and really wants to believe Kevin is being true to him. And Kevin is consciously doing this.

Kevin is really truly a fr’ggin low-life scumbag – I do not respect the way he is playing with somebody’s real emotions. I really don’t respect his game at all. Sociopathic and evil. If he wants to do this to someone for a friggin hundred grand, then he is really disappointing as a human being. This doesn’t speak to actual skills. He is the worst kind of scumbag – this self-justified scumbag who actually loves himself too much and believes his shit don’t stink. Like what kind of person would do this to someone? He’s years older, more experienced. That poor gay boy hasn’t had much experience relationships and has said he was self-conscious, and self-conscious about his appearance.

Fuck You Kevin.


First of all… they’re on Big Brother. This happens all the time in Big Brother. It’s a house that’s filled with fake relationships and people using eachother in order to get to the end, it just so happens Kevin is doing it with a boy instead of a girl… if he wasn’t “pretending” to like a girl, would that have been better? Secondly, even in terms of him using his sexuality to get him further, it’s not the first time that’s happened either. Remember Kenny? He pretended he was straight so he could flirt with the women and get further in the game. I think you need to take a deep breath and remember you’re watching a game show with a group of people doing what it takes to get to the end, and that it’s not real life…

…and last but not least, have you ever considered that maybe Kevin really is just curious, but obviously not wanting to admit that on national television??


I personally don’t respect it. Flirting is one thing. But having sex with someone (handjobs) has crossed the line. It’s the way that it’s been done on Kevin’s part. It is really disgusting. This is never a hallmark of a great player, because great players don’t have to resort to this.

People in general give players more of a pass because they are attractive. And guys more of a pass than females.

By the way, Kevin has said publicly multiple times and said in DR he isn’t gay and is playing him. Maybe we won’t know the complete truth until he gets out of the house, and see how his relationships/sexuality change. If that’s the legacy he wants to have, to be in history as someone who did this. This can frankly be a historical low for the BBCAN franchise.

You may be okay with it. But to me it seems unnecessarily cruel. I don’t think anyone, let alone this particular person, wants to have their heart played and made out a fool in national tv. I’m just not comfortable with it. Flirting/etc is one thing. I don’t respect THIS as gameplay – it’s too much, it’s crossed a line


wTF no one said anything about whether it was a gay or straight thing – that’s irrelevant.

But he’s said multiple times that he is playing him and it wasn’t real. He has said many times he gets paid to go to gay clubs. He uses it to get appearance $$. He is personally not gay. If you want to disregard what he said many times himself – then go ahead. I’m going on facts of his statements and his life.


I love Kevin!!! There I said it! Live with it haters…


Fuck off Ika…. You will be in jury….earlier or later…..!