“There’s 5 people that don’t have to do anything and there’s 4 people that are playing for their lives”

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Bruno, Kevin, Ika and Demetres HOH
Bruno – right now there’s 5 people in the middle that are laughing .. they want to pit you and Ika against me and Kevin
Bruno – we need to reset this week
Bruno – they want me and Kevin against you and Ika.. they’re laughing
Kevin says before the HOH Dillon came to him and said “Win this thing so you can fire back at Ika and Demetres.. he was pumping my tire the entire time”
Kevin – we really need each other

Ika goes on claiming she never told Dillon to put them up she told him to go with his gut.
Ika says she never bashed Sindy.
Bruno really stresses that during the double after Neda called out their alliance they other players saw what they were doing.
Bruno says he’s being straight with them, if either Kevin or Bruno go home this week one of Ika/Demetres will got home the following week. Points out how Dillon keeps saying in front of everyone how Demetres won 3 HOH’s
Kevin says Jackie says 20 minutes after Jackie made the truce with Ika she told them in the have nots it doesn’t matter if she wins HOH she’s putting Ika and Demetres up.

Bruno points out there’s 5 people that don’t have to do anything and there’s 4 people that are playing for their lives
Ika says William is annoying her says he thinks he’s playing the Bachelor (LOL says the person in a showmance)

Ika says she never talked to Dillon until the night before the nominations and told him to go with his gut.
Kevin says Jackie is the worst for their games says they are so happy Demetres won because they’ve been working at pitting them against each other. Kevin calls Jackie poison.
Ika agrees mentions Kevin/Bruno has been hanging out with that poison “Are you guys poisoned”
Kevin says if he’s kept safe this week – I swear on the live feeds in front of Canada on my mothers life I will put up Dillon and Jackie next week or if Jackie goes this week Dillon and Karen.
Bruno – I’ll do whatever you guys want
Ika – guys we’ve trusted you so much in this game and it’s not worked well
Ika doesn’t think they can be trusted.
Bruno says they have no choice than to team up with Ika/Demetres
Ika thinks next week they’ll run back to Jackie if she wins HOH.

Kevin saying there’s only been 3 days of distrust with him and Ika.
Ika says it was a surprise that Dillon kept them off the block after hating them so much.
Bruno – who would have thought week 7 and Dillon’s laughing
Ika – Jackie bothers me a lot
Bruno – they’re laughing
Kevin thinks Jackie threw the “Rock Challenge”
Ika says Jackie slipped up “I don’t even know If I want to win I don’t know what to do”
Bruno – the 4 of us are at the Bottom.. we can come together and take things over like before
Kevin – I want Jackie, Karen Dillon out.. they are getting a rid to the end

They hug it out..

Ika gave Demetres a giant Hickey last night..

Karen comes up to the HOH and of course says she thinks she’s going up.
Karen – Don’t put me up
Ika laughs.
Ika says Bruno and Kevin are going up. It can’t be Jackie and Kevin because if Bruno wins POV he’ll take down Kevin.
Karen would rather Jackie and Kevin but understands Ika’s reasoning.

Ika talking to Kevin and Bruno Bathroom. Says Jackie will turn on anybody.
Ika – we should have kept Sindy.

Ika masks the hickey with some makeup

Jackie in the HOH with Demetres and Ika. She sells out everything she can.
Jackie claims Kevin and Bruno were trying to talk her into putting Ika/Deemtres up but she was going to stay true to the truce (Lie)
She brings up the alliance Kevin made up between the three of them called the peasants and how the peasants were goign to over throw the queen Ika. (true)
Jackie starts to cry.. “What do you guys what to know about them.. Fu** them.. I will do anything in my f***g power to get those 2 out”

Kevin tells William about Jackie being pissed at him.

William and Dre Red Room
Talking about how yesterday Jackie was fine with Kevin and Bruno but now she’s pissed. William says that Jackie was telling him that Kevin/Bruno threw her under the bus to Ika.

Ika joins them. fills them in on the Bruno/Kevin pitch, “They said you guys are sitting pretty”

Dre tells Ika that Sindy did trash Ika.
Dre bullshits Ika a lot in this conversation.

William and Kevin
Kevin gives William the low down of his and Bruno’s conversation with Ika.
Kevin – Jackie, Dillon and Karen were the three names
William says Ika told them it was Jackie, Dillon and William.
William – I swear Dre didn’t want Demetres and Ika to win this week
William doesn’t believe Ika’s version of the conversation.
William says Dre is playing a very aggressive game. Adds that Dre isn’t as close to Ika as people think.
William also adds that Dre was ready to evict Demetres last week.
William says Jackie told Ika/Demetres her number 1 targets are Bruno/Kevin. After that it’s Ika/Demetres.
William – to their face
Kevin – that’s hilarious.. ohh Jackie..

Kevin – people respect your game.. you’ve never been nominated you’ve won 2 competitions
William says he can’t lie.

William tells him Dre and him call themselves “the french Fries”, Kevin says Dallas and Cassandra called them “the French Connection”
William says there’s been a number of times they spoke Game in French in front of people. The only other person that can understand French is Bruno.
William laughs at the peasant alliance and how they are going to “Kill the queen”

Dre, Ika and Demetres
Talking about the times Demetres and Ika kissed.

Ika and Dre talking about dating black guys versus white guys
Ika says she prefers Black guys
Dre also prefers Black men says in this society “Black men are not loved”
Ika – I do like Black love..
They talk about Megan good and her husband. Ika doesn’t think Jada Smith aged well. Says her face is hard.

5:00pm Ika and Dre
Ika thinks William is telling Kevin everything she says.

5:42pm Storage room Demetres and Ika
Demetres is going to nominate Kevin and Bruno

Dre comes in. Demetres says “We’ll have chats throughout the week”.. Bruno leaves.

Demetres continues the Conversation with dre saying that Bruno would put him up if he had won HOH.

Bruno takes the conversation to Ika in the red room

Bruno tells her it’s 2 against 5 against 2.
Ika – we keep you guys then next week you guys put us on the block and we look stupid
Bruno goes back to the 2 Vs 5 vs 2
Bruno says in his first season the exact same scenario happened.

After Bruno leaves Ika and Demetres say they are still putting Bruno and Kevin up and they want Kevin gone. (Ika wants Kevin gone the Greek just parrots what she says)
Ika says she doesn’t trust karen.

Demetres – I trust Dre.. Dre’s not putting us up
Ika – Is Dre not trying to win
Demetres would Kevin out over Jackie
Ika doesn’t trust Bruno calls him slime.

Karen and Dre

Bruno and Kevin nominated

12:18am Kevin and William Storage room
Kevin – we had that conversation and then only 10 minutes later someone came up to me and said you are already throwing Bruno under the bus. William told me. William – what?! Kevin – so apparently after that conversation you went and told someone that I don’t trust Bruno anymore. Kevin – I have never ever said that. I have never said that. Kevin – cuz how do they know we were talking about Bruno? Like if you didn’t go talk to anyone how did they know we were talking about Bruno? William – the only person that I maybe said something to was Dre and I said to Kevin don’t trust Bruno… because that was real. Kevin – so maybe Dre went and told someone. William – maybe .. because honestly I only speak to two people and that’s you and Dre. Kevin – I know. Kevin – the stuff you told me has not gone back to Bruno.

Ika and Demetres after the nominations. Ika – this isn’t anything against new people but I think it was just kind of like wow two vets are up there and there is really only going to be left in here… and am I f**king myself over. And I’m not .. I’m not .. I don’t know what to say. Demetres – I really don’t think you are and I wouldn’t put you in that position if I thought you were.. you know? Ika – Karen wants all the vets out of this house. She said it and I was like – you know I’m a vet right?! She said well you’re the last one I want gone. Karen has a vendetta against returning players. Demetres – yeah. Ika – and she wants all of us gone so that she can say she outlasted these giants. Demetres – yeah, yeah, I know. Ika – is that what we’re doing?! Demetres – no. I sat there in that room and I had all the people up there and it was so obvious that was the only move. Ika – it sucks and I don’t like them but I just feel like I’m getting my own out. Demetres – honestly I have never once thought that. Ika – its just that there is no one else left and one of them is leaving. Karen has a vendetta. I don’t know if I can trust Dillon. And you know what that video downstairs with Dillon’s family saying oh Karen Bla Bla Bla .. that does something to people in this house and he will get closer to her because of it. Demetres – those noms were just like so hard to do. Ika – has Dre been lying about other things that William has been saying to make us hate these guys more. She didn’t tells us about that deal they made. Ika – she didn’t tell me how Sindy trashed me. Demetres – who do you trust more Kevin & Bruno or Dre and William? Ika – I don’t know, I don’t trust anybody. Ika leaves the room.

Ika – I don’t want to hear about William any more .. because he is making you look like a liar. He has people looking at you sideways. Karen – wants all the vets out of this house .. so that she could say she outlasted all the vets. Ika – if Karen wins HOH she is coming after the vets.

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I would be so so happy if Bruno wins veto and Kevin gets saved by William (if they go up, of course…).

Cindy Withanesse

That scenario is ridiculously stupid.


sadly it’s not a stupid scenario… I would hate it as i cannot stand misogynistic Brunobully but it’s not a stupid scenario and I bet a lot of fans would love it for the drama.


Cindy, I don’t believe it is stupid. I believe that production has set William up in a great spot by having him win the secret veto. If Bruno does win POV ( which I believe production will lean the contest in his favour) he will take himself off the block leaving KEVIN on the block. However, with William having the secret veto he will take Kevin off and once again Bruno and Kevin are safe. In this way either Jackie or Karen go home. I believe that production wants Bruno to win which makes my stomach turn as Bruno smiles to your face saying “I got your back bro” meanwhile digging the knife in your back deeper and deeper. Uggh! What a slimeball!


If Bruno wins pov, let’s assume Demetres nominates Jackie, wouldn’t William save Kevin and the get to name the replacement himself? Meaning ika is in trouble?

things that make u go Hmmm!

thats a good point, because didnt production call it a special power? That sounds like it may be more than just a veto.
if William can name the replacement then it must be a diamond veto

Extra vetos are Stupid with an S

Well ya thats what happens when production adds in a extra veto.

A more ridiculous scenario would be if Kev and Bruno were both nominated, and William used veto to save Kev, and Jackie won the pov and used it to save Bruno.

Demetre would be forced to replace both noms, and his options would be Karen, Dre and Dillon!


Why is everyone allowing Karen to float to the end? I wish she would keep her thoughts and opinions to herself…She is an embarrassment to women, especially those of us in our 50’s.


Really? I think she’s hilarious!!


Lynn, that is not true! Karen is funny and very smart. She mentioned William might have the secret veto and everyone laughed. Who will be laughing when William uses the veto on Kevin. Karen is not an embarrassment. In fact you seem to be the one who should be embarrassed for saying such a ridiculous idea.


A floater keeps their opinions to themselves. No one can accuse Karen of that! I am in my 50’s and I think she is great.


Ika has no qualms of hooking up with a person on tv and giving him a hickey even though she has known him for less than a month. She is an embarrassment to her kids and family


Sooo true! A 33 year old acting like a 13 year old, easy to see why she’s a single mom of 2! I dearly hope something happens and she ends up on the block , a reality check for IKa is needed.


“It’s easy to see why she’s a single Mom of 2”
Not everyone wants to get married you know…. fuck you, youbjudgemental pos


see what i mean bout ika if you get her out knoe she running this house!


Bruno and Kevin have a decent point, but I still don’t think they’re great for Ika or Demestres’ game. I honestly don’t think Kevin or Bruno have played the game very well this year. I like them both, I’m just not digging how they’re doing things. I still wouldn’t mind seeing them work together in some capacity. I really wonder if William would use the veto on Kevin? Potentially they could both stay, which would keep things interesting.


I think William will save Kevin. Kevin just told him so much about what’s going on. William clearly doesn’t trust Ika.
William might make a big move! Here’s to hoping!


What happens if Kevin wins POV? Jackie probably goes up next to Bruno. Does William use the POV?

sunny dee

i don’t think he has any reason to use the veto in any scenario. many want kevin gone, and would take having bruno gone as a great 2nd choice. if he takes kev down, and jackie goes up jackie isn’t going home versus kevin or bruno.

imo it’s a wasted secret veto, unless he can use it in the next hoh, which i don’t think he can, but it could be good drama if kevin goes home with veto not being used and kevin finds out could be fun


Seeing demika and kevuno team up would be great. We could have a real battle between the newbies and vets! But unfortunately they have all been back stabbing each other this far so there really isn’t any trust there. If only someone would out Dre to Ika so she could warm up to the thought of vets +dem alliance. I really like the Dillon/Dre duo but I don’t want their road to the end to be too easy because realistically Demika and kevuno have gamed harder. It would be a shame for them to destroy themselves to the benefit of none of themselves!


Any way you could do a least favourite player poll?

I know you could just look at who has the least votes but that is not necessarily accurate.
(Although Jackie being the most disliked player seems pretty accurate haha)


Wow, Ika is the most liked and least liked. That’s funny.


ive been sayn all sdeason ika need to go now or or else she going win it watchout


Ika will win it!!!


I think some pollsters misunderstood the second poll of least favourite


Where was it added? I can’t find it?


Oops, I found it…please disregard my last post 🙂


kevin is have not this week to


If Demika were smart, they’d get rid of Dillon this week. This frees up Dre and forces Dre to be loyal to Demika (otherwise, who would she have besides William? Dre hates Jackie, and doesn’t like Karen). It breaks up the strong tie between Dre and Dillon and their plan to form a second attack against Demika once Bru/Kev are gone. I wish Demika has some inkling that they were plotting this – but I’m not sure they have any idea of this.. may be they have some kind of a hint of this. I wish Bruno told them he saw Dre and Dillon plotting for two hours last night by themselves.

If they were smart, they need to destroy the ties/trust with the newbies and isolate them. No newbies trusts Jackie. Their best bet is to leave Karen, Jackie, and Wililam in the game. They have trust/friendship with Dre so they won’t likely get rid of her, but Dre is a huge threat to them without their even knowing it. Dre is the brains of the Dre/Dillon duo as well.


but taking out Kevi breaks up the bruno +Kevin duo and William + Kevin duo. Also Dillon didn’t put them up while both kevin and bruno have openly been campaigning against IKA. …so they made themselves Public Enemy#1


Numbers Don’t Lie

Wouldn’t count on Dem/Ika going with Bruno Kevin. Makes a lot more sense to stay William/Dre. That’s 4 and with 9 left and 2 up 3-3 split HOH decides whose evicted. They own the game at this point unless 1 of the 4 lose an HOH.
Dre has a good relation ship with Ika. The F4 would have an Ika/Dem stronger than William/Dre flavour. Bruno/Kevin much tougher if the F4 deal. Plus add to it the 3 Amigos(idiots) have no clue and if they won HOH they’d do Ika’s bidding. Personally I feel the HOH play this season has been terrible in general. Dilon being particularly bad. At this point Jackie, Dillon and Karen have no power without the HOH. Game on Ika/Dem plus William/Dre they need no one to get to F4 without a big twist. Even Williams veto only allows the “4” to backdoor anyone they chose. It’s a sweetheart spot for the “4”.


let hope that william get pov


if you put ika and dre if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you put kevin bruno if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you jackie-karen if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you jackie-kevin if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you jackie-ika if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you william-ika if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you ika-karen if one the get pov demet screwed over
pretty much demet screw himself over


Think your missing my point above Frodo. It’s all predicated on Dre/William plus Ika/Dem being in an F4 deal. That’s why I commented regaurding the numbers this week. Dem HOH thus the other 3 vote together that means a 3-3 split and Dem decides if it’s a tie. It makes little difference who goes next as they would control who goes to F5. It is true if the lone survivor wins POV then the “4” would need to be broken up at that point(F5). As long as they hold HOH POV will not stop any of the other 5 from being evicted.
Rules being what they are I’m sure William cannot disclose he has the Veto. So the issue is special power if anything. I just don’t see him peeing off Dem/Ika this week.


missing william pov?


it all goes back william pov huge




Would be quite nice if the special veto would allow William to also name the replacement (Ika)


This season had so much potential,
personally i thought bbcan4 sucked.. i mean this season its just.. its annoying because you see like what could have happened and how much better it could have been and then you’re just left with this huge disappointment.
Cant wait till BB19.. hopefully that fills the void of this stupid season.


Imagine if Kevuno is on the block and neither win veto. William pulls down Kevin and in a fury demitres puts up dre for instant revenge (since demika wants Kevin out). I’d be okay with seeing Dre leave like that at this point. Bruno is pretty tasty though.


Hey Simon

Have you ever thought about auditioning for Big Brother (or have you already?!)

Because wouldn’t it be hilarious if you made it to the finale and revealed yourself during your speech to the jury members … WINS RIGHTS THERE


Dre is playing the best game right now, and she is in the best position. Ika is too blinded by her heart and friendship with her. William is just straight-up her best friend and not really playing the game. Demetres is too blinded by Ika to back-stab her friend. Dillon really likes Dre and she kind of controlled his last HoH. Dre’s game is helped a great deal if Bruno or Kevin leaves this week, which will likely happen — nobody after these people are going after Dre, and she has multiple ride-or-dies. She is shielded by Demetres/Ika, and she doesn’t need to win anything until the end.


Is it just me or does anyone want Dre gone ? I cant stand her what a snake I hope Ika finds out how much Dre wants Dem gone. Dre so dumb thinking she has Dillon he’s with Karen lol. I do like how all Dre’s plans have backfired so far. She needs to go SOON !! Bring on BB19 sick of this BBCAN5, the only 2 that should win is Ika or Dem the rest are a waste of space and cant win Crap !! I know Ika hasn’t won BUT her social game is 100 ! (Bruno talking) lol If Bruno stays and wins HoH PLEASE put up Dre and Karen or Dillon !!


i have a question
why does everyone hate on burno?
what am i missing here


Wow, I like that idea. Could add some drama as he has power to save both. It’s not everyone, 16 houseguests and the percentage of hate for each one is 75% or more. So it just seems the hate is on for one or the other.