“Everyone is going to drop me after this week ” – Demetres

If you’re outside of Canada you’ll need a VPN to watch. Feeds are free and the VPN is cheap.

The video posts take a long time to craft. If a game critical spoiler is known I post them on this page.

5:16pm Demetres and Ika HOH Cam 1-2

6:11pm Cassandra and Kevin

Ika Dre and Neda bathroom

7:00pm Cassandra and Jackie Cam 1-2 (1/2)

7:13pm HOH Pictures

9:23pm Feeds have been down for a bit.

10:10pm Jackie and Cassandra

HOt tub.
Sounds liek their plan is to backdoor Cassandra next week.

11:30pm HOH CAssandra Ika And Demetres
Cassandra is still trying to save Dallas.
Deemtres says he’s still talking to people in the house to figure out what to do.
Cassandra – we’re working together right
Demetres – right
Cassandra says that is why she hasn’t been pressuring him and talking to him lately. (LOL)
CAssandra – the first week I stuck out my neck for you so much.. Ika and me both did we’re loyal.. I took so much heat.. when all those people
CAssandra says Dallas is not coming after them but Emily whose number one ally in the game is. their number one targets are Ika and Cassandra.
Demetres – for all I know Dallas is blowing smoke up my ass
Cassandra says Dallas isn’t capable of doing that, “Trust the people that have had your back sine the first week”
Cassandra – maybe I should have been in your ear like Sindy is.. I didn’t think I had to
Ika – I get it.. I haven’t been talking game with yo that much
Demetres – everyone in this house is a big player.. there’s so many of them
Cassandra – why take out a big player that’s working with yo u
Demetres says Dallas and Dillon are not a threat as a duo they won’t be working together anymore
Demetres says if Emily and Dillon win HO they’ll put him up.
Cassandra – too early to take out a big player that’s on our side
Demetres – everyone is going to drop me after this week

Cassandra warns him that Sindy goes back and tells Bruno and Kevin everything.
Demetres – I’m 50/50 I want to take my time to make the right decision
Demetres says their names are never said all he hears is Karen and Dillon

Demetres leaves

Cassandra says they have to pimp Ika out.
Ika – he’s really into her.. there’s no going back, he’s getting attention somewhere else (Demetres now likes Sindy)
Ika – how did we let Sindy do this to us
Cassandra – She humped his leg we did not (HASHAHAH)
Ika – is that all it takes
Cassandra – it’s bad world out there.. we are classy women

11:40pm Kevin, Sindy and Neda Bedroom CAm 3-4

midnight Dallas and Jackie
Dallas tells her Bruno, Emily and Dillon have a thing going, “Keep an eye open for that”
Dallas – Emily told Ika and CAss that Bruno was her best friend inside the house
Cassandra joins
Dallas – Cass, this is the plan. Next week if I do f***g stay I’m going to put up Dillon and Sindy if one of them wins the veto I’ll backdoor Bruno or Demetres
Cassandra – No Demetres.. BRUNO
Dallas – alright..
Dallas tells Cassandra that Bruno, Dillon and Emily have a side deal,
Cass – I told you all this I said it since night one
Cassandra tells them she’s not sure Demetres is down to keep Dallas.
Jakcie says Dre was saying that EMily “threatened” her to vote for her because Emily has the votes and Jackie, Dre and William are the only 3 players that haven’t guaranteed the votes to Emily.
Jackie – She (Emily) swears that anyone that votes against her goes on the block

12:00am Kevin and Bruno

12:35am Cassandra and Sindy HAve nots
Cass – obviously I want to keep Dallas and he’s a vet. I’m team vet. Cindy – yeah I think that’s where its going. Is it not? Cass – he benefits everyone. As far as I’m concerned they’re all voting to keep Dallas or I am completely out of the loop and something is happening that I don’t know about. Cass – I think we’re all on the same page, which is perfect. Obviously, we’re all a little paranoid after last week, right?! Cindy – NO I totally get it. On my end Dallas isn’t coming for me and I don’t think I have an issue. Cass – who should we put up if we’re HOH next week? Do we put up Dillon and someone? Cindy – I think its easy to put up Dillon. He’s like the easy… Cass – house target. Cass – I think we all need to sit down together and get on the same page.

12:40am Ika and Demetres HOH

12:53am Storage room Cassandra and Dallas. Dallas – lets start with your plan again. Cass – I just talked to Demetres again and he said he is going to think about everything I said and that we’ll talk in the morning. I said everyone in the house wants Dallas to stay …they’re just waiting on what you want. He was like really or are they just saying that because… he was laughing at me saying are they just saying that because you want Dallas to stay and just telling you what you want to hear. Dallas – he’s bullsh*tting you. He knows that you’re my closest ally and that whatever you say isn’t going to work. That’s just straight up real talk. So this is what I’m going to do tomorrow. I’m going to have a house meeting and I’m basically going to put Cindy on blast and put Bruno on blast. I’m going to say that Demetres is working with Cindy. I’m going to say that Bruno is working with Dillon and this person. I’m going to call Cindy as real as a $3 bill. I’m going to say I can’t stand half these motherf**kers anyways VOTE ME THE F**K OUT! Do me a favor! Because if I have to hear Cindy’s voice … one more word from Cindy’s f**king voice I’m going to f**king commit suicide. SO PLEASE DO ME THE F**kING FAVOR AND SEND ME F**KING PACKING! Then I’m going to take some pots and pans and go around the house saying Cindy the SNAKE. CINDY THE SNAKE! CINDY THE SNAKE! CINDY THE SNAKE! CINDY THE SNAKE! … so stop what you’re doing, you’re going to ruin your game. Cass – are people going to come after me because they knew I was close with you? Dallas – no, I don’t Cass. Cass – but if you do that, then you know you’re out. Dallas – I’m out anyways. I’m fighting an up hill battle. This is the way I want to go out. Dallas – I’m going to be completely honest with you .. in the beginning of this game Bruno, Kevin, Mark, Dillon and myself… We were the Wise Guys. Cindy had everything to do with getting Mark outside the house and Cindy had everything to do with getting me outside the house. So I’m going to say that loud and clear tomorrow. Put the target on her. There is going to be such a big f**king target on Bruno and Cindy .. Cass you’re going to be left out of the picture. Try to keep Gary and Ika as close as possible.

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Guy From Canada

So, with all the game talk back and forth, is Dallas still a dead duck? Or does he actually have a hope?


I don’t understand this new layout. It seems backwards.

another name

I’m 70/30 right now. I think the feeds look like Dallas is gone. If he goes through with the ‘Sindy and Bruno are the devil’ routine I think that goes up substantially. But that depends on timing.
If people that said they’d give Demetries their vote however he wanted them to vote, instead say ‘but we’re the house’ (as Cass wanted Dre, William and Jackie to do) ,I don’t know how he’ll handle the pressure.
He could a) cave to them, or b) point out they are showing the value of their word and their integrity, or c) try to convince them (least likely scenario).
I’m more concerned with the timeliness of Dallas’ outbursts. They smell a little contrived,
like supposed ‘good’ tv moments that resound with an out with a bang self destruct. Sorry. every once in a while my conspiracy theory side dips in with an opinion.
On an even playing field i think Dallas has fought harder in his campaign, but i think Emily has fought smarter. Sure, Dre took offense after asking Emily who she’d nominate to the answer ‘anyone that voted against me.’ Most that voted for Demetries to stay didn’t mind that logic before nominations were done this week. But it’s still understandable that Dre would feel threatened. She doesn’t want to vote to keep Emily. She’s been drinking to much of Cass’ poisoned kool-aid. But while Dallas is going for the big backstab his buddy to prove he’s loyal (whu?) schtick, she’s been using it against him. She’s lied her face off (the least useful lie being Dillon and Dallas had a pre-show relationship), and has only made safety offers to the people most threatened by Dillon (turning guilt by association to her advantage). Dallas on the other hand has made an outburst, and asked the same people repeatedly for their vote in the same way, promising everyone the same thing. He can’t promise everyone in the house loyalty unless he intends to never be hoh.
What’s interesting is just how much everyone is seeing just how hard Cass is campaigning for Dallas. Overplaying consistently without being protected by Joel and Tim might be her downfall. Gary doesn’t do clean up on aisle four.

sunny dee

cass always overplays the campaigning for someone else, even herself. she’s so busy throwing out targets, she ends up stabbing her own back because she puts up everyone’s name, and it only gets back to them. she works so hard for dallas it makes it clear she is allied with him, so people are saying well whats the difference, dillon works with emily as a pair, cass works with dallas as a pair, either one voted out gets rid of one pair, and dallas is more memorable as someone who can win comps.

what dem should have done is put up cassandra and have her go home, but then i guess people remember she can’t win anything so why get rid of a person who doesn’t win anything. would always have made more sense for newbie HOH Dem to put up two vets, and replace with a vet. instead he puts up two newbies, makes no sense.

and dallas is just announcing he plans to make sure that he gets voted out, that is the only outcome for those who call house meetings and then call others out. if they had been on the fence, or anyone who was thinking of working with them, if they get named up like that, it only means they will campaign harder against him. with that kind of guy they never know that if they were working with him today, will he get bent out of shape tomorrow and announce them to the house too? too risky

i am getting used to the new format, i think. it definitely loads a ton faster (for me) than the previous version)