“I’m a man of my word BRO.. ‘ll fight for my honour 100 thousand dollars aint going to change that”

If you’re outside of Canada you’ll need a VPN to watch. Feeds are free and the VPN is cheap.

The video posts take a long time to craft. If a game critical spoiler is known I post them on this page.

Tried to cut the videos down to smaller chunks. Day time text will be light from here on in.

11:32pm Pool table Demetres and Jackie

12:48pm Dillon running in background.. Rocky music

3:00pm Demetres, emily and Dillon
Demetres says he’s weighing both sides.
Dillon says if it’s next week or 4 weeks from now Demetres will be safe
Dillon – I’m a man of my word BRO. you’ve seen me I’ll fight for my word I’ll fight for my honour 100 thousand dollars aint going to change that
Dillon says Demetres is safe if they keep Emily. I’m a man of my honour.
Emily and Dillon say Demetre is 100% safe if they win HOH next week.
Dillon – I don’t have any hard feelings for you … you made a move.
Demetres – What I want to avoid this week is the shit show last week
Demetres won’t promise anything right now.

Dillon leaves.. Emily and Demetres
Emily continues to campaign to stay .
Demetres says Dillon and Emily are putting up a better deal right now

3:00pm Cassandra and Jackie Hot Tub

3:08pm Demetres and Sindy
Demetres talking about his conversation with MEily


3:19pm HOH Cassandra and Dallas HOH CAm 1-2

3:36pm CAssandra and DAllas

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This is a hard decision as to who I want to see leave. I like Dallas, but by him staying Cass is strengthened. Dallas will be loyal to her and go after whomever she wants mainly Bruno. When watching the show the other night, Bruno did nothing to Cass except vote the way he wanted. Cass started the whole fight between Demetres and Dillon, so don’t want to see things go her way. I wanted to see Dallas stay and form an alliance with the guys, not her. I guess that won’t be happening so………..

another name

The way i look at it is Dallas vs. Emily? don’t really care. But i think Dallas already had a shot and already fell back into bad routine that ended his game the first time.
Breaking it down? If you draw on Dallas’ history, he’s making the exact same game moves as last season, in the exact same order. Make an alliance week one, sink that alliance week two, spend the rest of his game, however long trying to prove he’s loyal.
Sure, anyone can make a mistake. Repeating the same mistakes without correcting the behavior is habitual bad behavior. So, the argument becomes loyal until your back is against the wall.