Emmett tells Andrew he’s going up on the block. Andrew says you’re a PR!CK, that’s SH*T!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Talla and Andrew

Big Brother Canada April 19 2013  1250pm

12:40pm Andrew and Emmett are still playing their chess game. Andrew says that he is like Alec waiting for him impending doom. Emmett wins the game.

Emmett tells Andrew that he wants to put him up on the block.
Andrew says you’re a PRICK .. I think that’s sh*t!
Emmett says that he just can risk Jillian going up and having to sit back and watch it happen.

Andrew says I thought this week because of Gary coming back .. Andrew says I just hate that Talla gets what she wants.. I am only with Talla because there is no one else to be with.. trust me I hate it! Andrew says that’s fine put me up .. just let me be cranky about it.
Emmett tells Andrew to just win the veto. Andrew says I don’t really care if I win it .. I just don’t want Gary to win it. Emmett tells Andrew I just can’t put Talla up because if you win it and take Talla off .. then I would have to put up Jillian. I can’t risk that. Jillian did that for me last week and I want to do the same for her. Emmett reassures Andrew of their final 3. Andrew says that he hates how Talla gets what she wants and her dancing around. Andrew says I understand what you are doing .. I am just going to win that fu*king veto. Emmett says its not like I don’t trust you.. I don’t trust anyone 100% not even Jillian. Andrew says it’s okay I understand… my blood is just boiling that’s all. Emmett asks so you wouldn’t have put me up today? Andrew says no, I said yesterday as soon as he walked in I was going to put up Gary and Talla. Emmett says they certainly won’t know that we’re working together. Andrew shakes Emmett’s hand and says seriously its okay! They then both head down stairs.

Big Brother Canada April 19 2013  1251pm

1pm – 1:25pm Jillian and Emmett are up in the HOH room talking. Jillian tells Emmett how she told Talla that 100% you are not going up on the block. Jillian says she said oh Emmett loves me. Emmett says I don’t love her! Emmett says maybe I should get Talla up here and make a deal. Talla is on her way up. Emmett says I don’t want to talk to her right now. Talla tells them that Andrew is huffing and puffing around down there .. what’s wrong. Emmett tells her he will talk to her later, just leave him alone. Talla heads back downstairs. Emmett says she doesn’t deserve to be here. Emmett then tells Jillian how he told Andrew he was going up on the block. He talks about how Andrew is annoyed about a lot of things .. how Gary is back and how he’s going up on the block. Emmett tells Jillian that he couldn’t risk Andrew winning the veto and saving Talla so that you would have to go up. Emmett says you will need to talk to Andrew .. it will be hard for him to trust us any more. Emmett says watch Big Brother de-thrown me now.. Jillian says they wouldn’t do that after you talked game. Jillian starts wondering if maybe they should get Talla out instead.

Big Brother Canada April 19 2013  115pm

1:35pm – 2:05pm Jillian asks Emmett .. are we going to hate each other in 11 days? Emmett says I don’t think. Jillian says you don’t think?! Emmett and Jillian lay in silence. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room. Talla is talking to herself. She says my strategy for winning this thing is.. … She then says my strategy for winning comps sucks! Talla heads back inside because it starts raining again. Talla sits at the counter and watches Gary cook. Andrew walks through the kitchen. Talla asks him what he is doing. Andrew says wondering around. (He’s in a bad mood.) He heads out to the hot tub room and then back to the hammock.
Big Brother Canada April 19 2013  202pm

2:10pm – 2:30pm Talla talks to Jillian out in the backyard. Talla says that Andrew is pretty upset. Talla brings up how Andrew keeps talking about wanting to self evict and wants this to be over. Talla says you shouldn’t wish for things like that .. it might just happen. I am very superstitious. Talla says that we just need to wait until the POV competition and then we will see what happens. Jillian heads inside. Talla starts talking to herself and says that one of us had to go up on the block .. we knew it was going to happen. Talla says that she knows he is worried about Gary winning the POV. Talla then heads out to talk to Andrew. Andrew and Talla talk about Gary being back in the game. Andrew says for game play this is ridiculous. The conversation turns to talking about camping.

2:30pm Emmett and Jillian are up in the HOH room talking. Jillian says yeah it will be better to get a strong player out this week. The conversation turns to talking about how messy Gary is being in the kitchen. Jillian says that she isn’t going to say anything to him because he will get mad at her. Emmett says that he will go down and tell him he needs to clean up after himself. Jillian heads down to the kitchen and Talla joins her. Talla tells Jillian her conversation with Andrew. The cameras switch to Gary visiting Andrew out in the hot tub room. Andrew asks Gary if there is a workout room in the jury house? Gary says that he can’t talk about it… I got a very strong warning. Andrew asks so how does it feel. Gary says it feels good .. I feel like I have been resurrected from the dead.

2:45pm – 2:50pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

Thanks to OBB’s Nadia who caught this before the feeds cut out:

Marsha the moose gave talla a task! She has to host a one hour talk show ” talking with talla” and interview all the house guests and find out something new about each one ,and say ” I did not know that ‘ after , each time , and she must start off her show with a 2 minute monologue.

It was pretty funny! Talla literally jumped up and down she was beyond excited! Marsha had to explain what a monologue was to her and then she asked him if they could be friends forever lol, and she started screaming and Marsha had to tell her hush and to remember that it’s a secret lol! Marsha then told her to go into the diary room and pull out the rules from underneath the chair and to be careful not to fall of the chair lol! Talla went into the diary room and you could still here Talla yelling where are the rules!? I can’t find the rules can someone help me find the rules!? Lol talla , too bad they cut the feeds ..

Here is the video of Talla getting her TASK courtesy of BigBrotherBuzz. Click here to Watch the VIDEO of Talla’s Secret Mission.

I am betting the reward for her completing the task will be that they get to be haves for the week and if they fail they will be havenots.

4:30pm The live feeds are still showing the Hush Hush screen..

While we wait for the live feeds to come back: Take a look at Talla’s previous “Talking with Talla” Talk Show.

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Jill wondering if they should get Talla. Why not do it then get Andrew out and then give Emmett 100k; she truly is the worst female player I’ve seen.


Oh Andrew, you cranky old naive bastard. As I fiancée said, he is believing in the fallacy of the Beastcoast and that will get him booted.



Emmett is indeed a prick and although Andrew might say it jokingly he truly means it.


Andrew was being 100% honest with Emmett about putting up Gary and Talla if he won HOH, and Emmett knows that. I think Emmett is seriously thinking to take Talla out now because A) He can’t stand her B) In his eyes she doesn’t deserve to be left in the house and have a chance to win and C) That will be one less threat in the final HOH (endurance) for him and Jillian….

He may still keep his original 2 up there (Andrew and Gary), but if anyone other than Talla wins, I can see Talla being put up instead. Gary would love it and Andrew would be indifferent just as long as he is still there….

That would be a great final 4 btw…Emmett, Jillian, Gary and Andrew. Gary and Andrew each think they have a final 3 with J/E and they can’t stand each other….This scenerio looks really good for J/E.


I do believe andrew would try and get gary out but i don’t believe he intends to keep him to F3 emmitt knows that andrew will turn on him he just is doing it first. Andrew knows regardless of all there talk chances of talla winning anything is slim so his best bet is removing emmitt. Emmitts move here is smart he is covering his basis because if andrew did win pov and take talla off the stoogies would have the votes to send jill home so why would he take that chance.


You really need to watch the game. Emmit/Jillian have lied to everyone except each other. Andrew has stuck to his deal since day 1 with them. He had no intention of turning on them. That kind of lie just burns me to no end. Get you head out of your a$$ a start telling the truth!

Emmit old buddy you better start thinking jury votes. Gary makes final 2 he wins 5-2. A pissed off Andrew in the jury after you backstab him virtually costs you 100K. These people are so bad at end game strategy. Gary versus Andrew may be the only final 2 where Gary loses. Jillian and Emmit taking Gary F3 is just plain idiotic. These 2 idiots keep burning bridges and they’ll be almost uniformly hated in the jury house.


Well I hope the two stooges get through this!!!! , I wish Talla was just acting and she was just playing dumb to make it this far, and she was this really very intellegent young lady and she was just faking it!, she would truly be the best player of all time. But alas I know thats not true, she is indeed that dumb and if by some miracle she wins the veto and Andrew and Gary are on the block , she will probally not use it , if Emmet and Jillian tell her not to …… she will do their bidding, i think Andrew and Talla have played the most honest game in the house,.


Could you imagine how fun it would be if Talla did win AND take Andrew off!!! Lol! I don’t want her to win at all, but it would be funny.

julie chen

does anyone know why Peter was referencing American Psycho last night during his eviction?


My guess he is somewhat of a psychopath? I’m sure he has a collection of heads of baby dolls in shoe boxes under his bed.


Julie Chen… I said in an earlier post that I wondered if Peter dabbled in the occult.. The silent stare on the block… The poem/riddle or whatever sitting on the stairs.. The pretend writing on the outside the front door.. Arisa asked him what he was up to. He said something about it was coming from his heart. Yet in the DR he said he is not an emotional person. Prefers logic and reason etc. Like Spock on Star trek. Peter is a mystery wrapped up in a enigma .Plus he doesn’t seem to have a grasp on the science behind the Chaos Theory. (It more about refection of infinite space or formless matter thought to have exited before the universe came into being) as opposed to anarchy (state of policitical disorder and violence due to the absence of government authority).


Emmett caught cheating again, I certainly hope BBCanada rectifies the situation asap ! The magnetic puzzle colored pieces were suppose to always be always facing towards the the player as explained by host Arisa Cox. Emmett Is surely in violation of the rule by looking at the back of the colored puzzle piece.


It was against the rules to PLACE the piece backwards (“only one solution to the puzzle”), but not to LOOK at it backwards. We won’t find out for sure until the next episode, but from the footage we saw in Episode 23 both Emmett and Talla turned a piece over, then corrected their mistake and went back to working on the puzzle.

That is not a rule violation.


Arissa was just clarifying that for the puzzle to work the coloured side needed to be showing (ie, the white side showing wouldn’t fit into the puzzle) not that they couldn’t look at it. What, you think the comp producers put the answers on the back of the puzzle pieces?

I dislike Jemmett and didn’t want them to win, but stop being such sore losers.


Ela… Maybe the pieces were numbers on the back?


who the hell wants to see an American player in the house, I don’t. They should throw dorky Rick Mercer in there for a night


I wouldn’t be surprised that Dan gets dropped into the game and is let to play in the next POV/HOH .. this is BB Canada after all

Mike Piff

I think Dan would be a more deserving winner than anyone else left in the house LOL


I do love Dan, but if that did happen I would be pissed cause Dan is american and not canadian.


Now Now Simon.. No need to be bitter. Maybe Dan will take Jillian, Andew, Gary and explain to them that Emmett has manage to eliminate every HG who trusted and liked him. That Emmett is going to win the 100k, car 25K unless they all get together and dump him. The best is they all think Talla is stupid.. Have a look inthe mirror suckers..


But what if they confiscated Dan’s supply of mist at the US/Canadian border crossing?


Or maybe they let Dan have a vote Thursday !!


I wish The final 2 would come down to Andrew and Jillian. Of course the jury hates Jillian, Andrew wins!!!! Emmett and Talla are even better than J. If I was a jury, I would only vote for Jill if there is a gun pointed at my head. She is just that vicious! Hopes she will be in the have not room this weak….


I’m with the majority here that is frustrated with this twist, especially the fact Gary is able to blab all the inside info from the Jury house – & make up whatever the hell he wants too, at that. This is a twist that definitely impacts Andrew worst of all – obviously I’m a fan of his BUT even were that not so, I would hate this twist, just like I hated the Topaz “twist”. Anything that is so blatantly skews the game adversely or positively towards 1 or 2 players really isn’t a “twist” as much as a red flag that Production is the one that decides who wins. A twist where everyone is affected equally is a twist. In BBUS when Brendon game back in, were they not isolated from each other? I don’t remember him having any Jury House info to share with the rest of the group?

So, since Gary was allowed to blab game play secrets, will Dan be allowed to pull aside each player & tell them exactly what the other players have been saying in Diary Room??? Will he tell Andrew “Hey, buddy, you’re gonna be screwed big time by Jillian – but not in the way that you’ll want a cigarette afterwards.” Are they going to be able to bombard him for tips, stories from his time in BB, run scenarios with him?

Plus the whole point to Big Brother is you’re locked away from the outside world, stuck with each other for wks on end – no TV, no radio, magazines, newspapers, etc. The isolation is part of what plays on you in the game. Yes, in BBUS they’ve had people come in but for short burst, a few hrs, if that.

The only thing that gives me any reason to smile is boy, are Peter & Alec going to be ticked big time that they aren’t here for his visit!!


Andrew asked Gary, if there were a workout room in the Jury House…Gary says I can’t talk about that, it would get me in trouble. YET, Gary can gab all he wants, about what the jury house guests are/were saying! BS. BBCanada!!!!!


Gary is BS ing Emmett and Jillian. He is not taking about production he is lying about production.


Gary gave Emmett information last night up in the HOH such as:

* AJ, Talla & Andrew were in an alliance called the 3 stooges. He told them this knowing Talla/Andrew likely NEVER told Jemmett this & to raise suspicion knowing how paranoid Jill gets.

* The jury is leaning towards voting for Andrew & some are even thinking Talla’s strategy is worthy of the win. I’m actually still wondering if my first assessment of her being a brain & putting on this act is correct. He dropped these tidbits so Jill/Emmett would keep him over either stooge.

* He didn’t really talk to Topaz about what happened b/c he didn’t want to talk game anymore. He said this to hide the info he doesn’t want to share. We all saw the video of Topaz erupting when she came into the house. They are best friends so Gary KNOWS it all.

So PLEASE don’t buy it just b/c the house guests are. It’s been said many times before once you reach F5 you start thinking about the money & clarity becomes more difficult so you’ll want to believe statements as truth if it serves your needs. This house has been guilty of that all season as each individual listens to whoever tells them what serves their best purpose.

Gary is picking WHO & WHAT to tell people as he goes. As much as I know he loves Emmett he would cut Jill’s throat in a second. Also depending on who wins POV he will release whatever additional information he needs to move ahead.

Gary was one of the more astute players but knew his error was trusting Jemmett so I personally think he is just playing EVERYONE right now. His ideal scenario would be to take Talla & Jill to final 3 so he’ll try to win POV & then I think he’ll change his tune about wanting Talla out & gun for Andrew. Next week he will go crazy to win HOH so he can put up the 2 girls with the view of back-dooring Emmett or taking out Jill.

At least it isn’t boring anymore.


I was just watching the live stream and Marsha the moose gave talla a task! She has to host a one hour talk show ” talking with talla” and interview all the house guests and find out something new about each one ,and say ” I did not know that ‘ after , each time , and she must start off her show with a 2 minute monologue , then the live feeds cut… 🙁


No problem, :))


I wonder if Marsha misses Peter. I’d love it if the first thing she said to Talla was “Hey, Talla! Have you seen Peter around? He was supposed to visit me.” (Not likely to have happened, of course, but it was quite enjoyable that Peter had interacted with both Moose before, and some sort of call-back to that would be nice).

And the moose love triangle continues.


I saw the same thing Nadia. It was sooooooo funny!!!

Sir Peanut

As much as I wasn’t fond of Peter I always thought he did a really good job with Marsha and the mooses. Aj was really mediocre. Talla was really really fun to watch with Marsha.


Why is everyone hating talla???
I love her, she is soo entertaining. Sometimes she really annoys me, but she is her self. You can not say that about the others.
They are so fake that it irritates me.
Andrew pisses me of, how he talk crap about talla en pretending in her eyes as her friend.

I really hope Talla wins this shit, cause she is a good girl


It was pretty funny! Talla litterally jumped up and down she was beyond excited! Marsha had to explain what a monologue was to her and then she asked him if they could be friends forever lol, and she started screaming and Marsha had to tell her hush and to remember that it’s a secret lol! Marsha then told her to go into the diary room and pull out the rules from underneath the chair and to be careful not to fall of the chair lol! Talla went into the diary room and you could still here Talla yelling where are the rules!? I can’t find the rules can someone help me find the rules!? Lol talla , too bad they cut the feeds ..


Well the task clip ( with marsha and talla) has been uploaded to YouTube , by bigbrotherbuzz !


As much as I liked Andrew and his game play. He is pulling all the same hissy fits he complained everyone else was doing. Finally he gets to feel the pressure. If anyone is to win the game I believe that they should feel a lot of pressure.
I find it funny also that they complain how messy Gary is, they are all messy. Remember Emmett leaving all the garbage in HoH last week. Seriously these house guests worry about the littlest things.
I would love to see Jillian win the POV and take Gary off. Now that would be some Drama.


I think the slop is getting to him, he seems cranky


Honestly people emmitt didn’t cheat these haters are riddulus all she said was the pecies must be the color pieces face up and there is only one solution she never said they couldn’t look at the back. Do you really think there are answers on the back fyi talla did the same thing i don’t hear anyone bitching about her. The only reason their is a discussion is because it is emmitt it is to the point this is just stupid.


Thanks for the shout out Dawg! I feel famous, lol!


I just saw last night’s episode again b/c my husband didn’t see it yet and Arisa did say in the rules that the colour pieces must be facing them at all times….My husband doesn’t watch the live feeds nor reads the blogs and while watching a bit of the HOH comp on last night’s show it clearly showed Emmett with the white side of the puzzle facing him. John said right away…..Oh, Emmett is gonna get dq’d again (I said nothing since he won’t know who won until Sunday)….I don’t know what made BB production turn the other cheek this time when they were very strict with the rules before (with Alec and Emmett)…..Oh well….Just hope Andrew doesn’t get screwed over this.


I just watched last nights episode again, and what Tammy said is True!!! I’m not hating on Emmett; just facts!


This is why I was against Gary coming back. He has no interest in the game and he knows very little about it. He just wanted some camera time to work on his brand. I would rather have AJ or Alec back because they would have worked to get Jemmett out. Seriously, the favouritism showed by the producers and the host for 3 specific people (Gary, Talla and Peter) is outrageous. They got the best edits when in all honesty these were probably the worst players this season.


Oh come on, Suzette was pretty bad……


Even if Gary wins the Veto, Emmett and Jillian need to keep Andrew in the game to help them beat Gary in future comps. Getting rid of Andrew leaves them with a lack of capable players who can take out Gary. Talla has proved she can’t win anything. They must know that if Gary gets to the final, he will win.


Clearly Andrew is a kind trusting decent human being. A typical Canadian.. Which will get him booted from the game if he doesn’t get his shit together and fast.. He needs to throw Talla into a flipout with Gary.. He needs to make Gary think that J/E are going to blindside him.. Encourage him to make big reckless moves to impress his fans. Andrew needs to convince Emmett that he has the power to sway the jury to not vote for him if Emmett votes him out…. Stop being so darrn nice. Stop being afraid to upset E/J. Maybe Dan can explain the game to Andrew….. Emmett’s game is much lke Dan as both used a female decoy to manipulate other players. It would be Dan vs Dan.

The Shield

Well Big Brother just tweeted .Emmett did not brake the rules


Big Brother Canada ?@BigBrotherCA 15m
Not to worry #BBCAN fans, we’ve looked in to this and all was fair. There was only one way to win HOH, cheating was not an option.


I suspect Andrew is not thinking clearly because he has been on slop for a week.. Marsha the ridiculous moose head says, “feed Andrew.”


I am so sick of Jillian….She is making females look so bad, she is basically Emmetts lil puppy

A Mom

I was sorta rooting for Andrew but I’m completely turned off him now. What a Whiner!!! He has a “hard on” for Gary and feels threatened and that’s all he’s talking about to everyone in the house. I’m sick of his whining….he’s older than the other members and should act his age but he’s acting worse than my 5 year old grandson….disgusting!!!! I hate men who act like “wussies”!!! What a turn off. Grow a backbone man, put on your big man pants and do what you have to do to get you to the end of the game! Suck it up!