Big Brother Canada TALLA completes her TASK! The House Guest’s enjoy a festive night of Talla-tini’s!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots No Have Nots this Week

Big Brother Canada April 19 2013  530pm

5:30pm When the live feeds return from blocking us from seeing Talla try to complete her “Talking With Talla” Talk Show task, we learn that Talla completed her task.

Andrew, Emmett and Jillian are working out in the backyard. Andrew mentions wanting to go down to Florida when he gets out of the house to relax with his brothers. Emmett says that he has a lot to do before the fall. Talla is out in the hot tub room she says YES!! We are all going to get dressed up and have a great time! We are going to get trashed! A voice talks to Talla telling there is card for her to read. She tells them that she won’t get trashed like last time. Talla comments on tricking Andrew and telling him that she had the option of choosing alcohol or slop … She says he is going to freak! Andrew comes out and tells Talla that they are locked out of the house. He asks her if they told her for how long. Talla says she didn’t know they were lock outside. Andrew heads back to workout. The voice them tells Talla okay come on in! She bolts to the door. She looks inside and starts clapping. She says House Guests was given a task and I completed it come on inside.

5:40pm – 5:55pm Talla tells them that she completed the task and they will enjoy a festive night of Talla-tini’s. Talla jokes and says I had the option of completing a task or another 72 hours of slop! Talla says just kidding! Jillian says that was a good joke Talla. She tells them they are all haves for the week. Andrew asks if they are preparing a meal for them too. Talla says no we do that. Jillian, Emmett and Andrew say they are going to go finish working out. Andrew tells Talla and Gary not to drink all the alcohol before the rest can get some. Talla tells him she won’t do that, we are going to have a good night. Andrew comments that he thought this was going to be another one like the cheer that she got them to do which didn’t turn out to be a task. Talla and Gary head to the storage room to get food. Talla is super excited about being able to eat. Talla quickly makes something to eat because she is starving.

Big Brother Canada April 19 2013  540pm

Big Brother Canada April 19 2013  545pm

5:55pm – 6:10pm Alone out in the backyard Emmett tells Jillian like I said next weeks HOH doesn’t really matter that much we just have to beat them in the veto. Even if Gary wins it. Jillian says that’s what I was saying about this week. Emmett says that Talla will just jump around to wherever is safest. Jillian says that she doesn’t think she should take Talla to the final three because I think she would win that. Especially if it is a hanging thing ..she would win that. Emmett says I don’t understand this there is no way they would put Gary back in the game this late. This is bullsh!t! Emmett asks what did he say it was a Chevrolet Powershift. Jillian says he doesn’t even know how he got back in! Emmett wonders if Gary is just here for a week. Jillian wonders if he is just here to help someone. Emmett says if you, me or Andrew win the veto we are guaranteed to be in the final 3. Emmett says if he got to talk to evicted house guests that’s not fair. That’s a huge advantage.
Big Brother Canada April 19 2013 609

6:10pm – 6:25pm Talla comes out to talk to Emmett and Jillian. Talla asks Emmett if he is going to tell her if she is going up on the block. Emmett tells her that he hasn’t lied to her. Emmett tells her that people are scared of you because they think you jump around to whoever is in power. Talla says she wouldn’t do that. Emmett tells her that he knows she wouldn’t .. because if I thought you were going to do that I would send your a$$ out. Emmett tells her to remember that we did this for you. Talla says that she won’t forget. Talla asks but what if Andrew wins the POV and he comes off .. then she says nothing would change right. Talla tells him that she would shake on it but that would be too obvious. Jillian tells her to give him the finger. Talla then blows Emmett a kiss. Talla looks at Jillian and says sorry, sorry! Jillian jokingly tells her to never do that again!

Big Brother Canada April 19 2013 635pm

6:35pm – 7:15pm Jillian and Emmett continue to workout. Meanwhile, Andrew is in the kitchen eating a burger and drinking his talla-tini. He tells Gary about the task Peter got where he had to make them think Tom was coming back into the house. Andrew tells Gary that one thing he loved about him was that he won sh!t and never threw a challenge. Andrew says that is why I wanted to get you out because you were a threat. Gary sits down at the table to do his nails. Andrew tells Talla that they don’t need to sleep in the room any more “the nightmare is over!” Meanwhile Emmett has a bubble bath up in the HOH room. Emmett then invites Jillian to join him. Jillian starts asking Emmett about his friends.

Big Brother Canada April 19 2013 7pm
Big Brother Canada April 19 2013 708pm
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Good… Emmett has figured out Gary being in the jury house has given glitter a huge advantage in the game. Plus this twist could follow with more twist. Therefore the safer bet is to take true blue trusting faithful puppy dog Andrew to the final three…


I’m afraid BB is in a vicious circle towards making itself meaningless:
Why tune in to watch the HOH comp, it means nothing anymore because there’s the POV and other stuff to make it irrelevant.
Why tune in to watch the POV comp, it means nothing anymore because there’s the POWERSHIFT and other stuff to make it irrelevant.
Why tune in to watch the live eviction, it means nothing anymore because there’s the POWERSHIFT to save the HG that would leave to make it irrelevant.
Now this one to trump it all:
Why tune in to watch the remaining HGs “play”, it means nothing anymore because there’s the POWERSHIFT to bring back those who have already lost to make it irrelevant.
It’s gotten to a point where each HG tells each HG they’re in an alliance together and best friends, just as a precaution because they think there might be a twist to screw them over if they actually said what they were thinking.
Bottom line: further down the road, nothing means anything anymore, and you should just tune in on finale night to see who won. Probably a POWERSHIFT and it’s Dan Gheesling and Aneal in the F2, and Suzette wins by a vote of 3 to 27. But that’s perfectly fine since there’s an envelope which says that this is what Canada wants, right?


This is so true! A real shame for the remaining houseguests and for us viewers. Everytime the gameplay is about to unfold and get interesting it’s like ‘ha gotcha’, I don’t see the point either.


and LOL at your scenario for the finals 🙂 appears reasonable at this point


Production reaching out to Johnny, just hours ago: “Johnny, we’ve gotten feedback from some misguided BBCA fans, suggesting we’ve had too many twists, and that we’re over-controlling house events. That’s rubbish, of course. We’re geniuses. If you need proof, 1 in 6 Canadians have watched BCCA this season. To confirm our own brilliance, this week we contacted Dan Gheesling, Rachel Reilly, and Hayden Moss, and asked them about the job we’ve done, confident in their support. We’d then play those clips on Slice, to diffuse these ugly rumors. But shockingly, all three trashed our work. We said we’re sorry they feel that way. We really want their approval. So we asked them how we could gain their support. Dan then squirts some mist on a senior producer, and says, ‘If you pay Rachel and Hayden 5K each, kick in a ski trip to Moose Jaw. a kegger of Labatts, some back bacon and a bag of macaroons, they’ll say whatever you want!’ Dan adds, ‘But on top of that, I also demand 10K more, for a day-long visit to the BBCA house, and for BB to pre-empt the Ramada live feed commercials, and instead run ads for my ‘Dan Gheesling: BB Genius’ book – I still have 92,000 copies to unload! Chelsea’s pissed – she wants her closet space back!’ Still misted, we hesitantly agreed. An hour later, we had our ‘BB Celebrity Alum Love’ on film. We aired their vids last night. Problem solved! Don’t forget, Johnny. The average viewer is an idiot. They will believe whatever we tell them to believe. Because we are Big Brother, and you are not. You *cannot* bring us down, young man, so stop trying! (P.S.-Johnny, what’s your address? We have extra back bacon for you……”)


April 18, 2013 at 9:38 pm
“I would LMAO if they put up Gary and Andrew and Talla won the veto and took Andrew off :)”
Oh, you can bet your a$$ off that production is trying to come up with a POV that allows Talla to win. I’m afraid anything but rock, paper, scissors will be beyond her reach. Even there, she might mix it up… If she won, she wouldn’t even need to understand what to do, I’m sure Andrew would guide her through it: Maybe not to evict Jillian, but to make sure they don’t evict Andrew.

Jim says:
April 18, 2013 at 10:17 pm
“Simon, if Talla did win the POV, what would she do? Emmett and Jillian will make it perfectly clear to Talla that her fellow Stooge is the target this week.”
I’m sure they would NOT tell her Andrew is the target before the POV ceremony. They would say all is fine and Gary will go, and only let her know shortly before the eviction. Maybe not even then since they must all expect a Chevroduction POWERSHIFT!!!

Jim says:
April 18, 2013 at 10:55 pm
“I admit, Jillian is far from perfect. But, in my opinion, one thing Jillian has proven *not* to be is Emmett’s puppet in the BBCA game.”
She did say so many times to Emmett “please tell me what to do, what to say”. And to be honest, whenever she does sth that he didn’t tell her to do, she really f****s it up big time, making a big mess out of things. (promise-gate, yelling at Peter just before he leaves to jury, letting the stooges know how she doubted them when Peter campaigned, making unnecessary promises on both J+E’s behalf,…) So she might be stupid, but at least she’s aware of it. Otherwise, I’d have believed it’s just a ploy to fool Emmett into believing she’s dumb.
She told him “I’M JUST A GIRL…” several times! Not even on Mad Men do they use such lines, and that was almost 50 years ago!

Name says:
April 19, 2013 at 7:25 am
“The viewers have kind of screwed him (Andrew) over.”
PLEASE do me a favor and don’t do production the favor to repeat and believe their lies. The viewers didn’t come up with the idea of the POWERSHIFT brought to you by Chevroduction. They’d love to just brush critics off by saying “but… it was Canada!” BULLSHIT!

julie chen says:
April 19, 2013 at 11:05 am
does anyone know why Peter was referencing American Psycho last night during his eviction?
If anyone knows what context this was in, please tell me! To me, Peter’s behavior this whole day was very scary, looked to me like a big long suicide note. 🙁

Chili says:
April 19, 2013 at 11:52 am
“Will he (Dan) tell Andrew “Hey, buddy, you’re gonna be screwed big time by Jillian – but not in the way that you’ll want a cigarette afterwards.”
LOL!!!!! just saying

btw: I saw 2 posts earlier by another Jimmy, which were not from me. So Jimmy, if you read this, let me know if I need to change my name… 1 post said that Jillian would win hands down against Jillian in F2, and as I stated before, I don’t think this is necessarily true ever since promise-gate.


“julie chen says:
April 19, 2013 at 11:05 am
does anyone know why Peter was referencing American Psycho last night during his eviction?
If anyone knows what context this was in, please tell me! To me, Peter’s behavior this whole day was very scary, looked to me like a big long suicide note. :(”

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this…When I first saw the episode I just thought he was trying too hard to be dramatic, but when I rewatched his goodbye speech I kinda got suicidal vibes from it (especially talking about “disappearing”). Honestly his goodbye speech did sound like a suicide note. I hope he’s okay. His arrogance did drive me crazy sometimes but I don’t want anything to happen to him.


I agree about Peter wanting to make a novel and dramatic exit but it was so painfully obscure and poorly executed that he looked just ended up looking like a kooky goof. I’d rather watch 5 hours of Gary having his chest waxed than 5 minutes of Peter holding onto his elastic while staring into space.

Bill from Halifax

When Peter finally exited the house and got in front of the audience, he even looked like a wrestler the way he was waving his hands upwards attempting to get the audience to cheer and make more noise. He sure was acting the showman at that point.


Emmett cheating: some of you LOVE to point out how he’s a cheater…
He got dq’ed in the bee hoh ALONGSIDE 3 OTHERS. remember? They all did the same thing. Either because of the heat of the moment, or bc one did it and the others followed.
He got dq’ed for taking his hand off to SCRATCH HIS NOSE. OK for getting dq’ed, but if you call this cheating, ie to gain an unfair advantage, I’d like to know who you’re lying to. I hope it’s not to yourself.
Finally, he got dq’ed for saying “Jillian!” and then making a motion with his hand to show her how to best scrub. I remember how in the lumberjack hoh they all discussed the benefits of how to best use their shirts to hold on to the trees. I remember the 1st POV, where Gary GAVE EMMETT puzzle pieces. Not only is that fine for BB -and you?- but Gary keeps bringing this up to gain favor from Emmett. So according to this, why wouldn’t Emmett freak out about double standards? I would. I’m not a fan of his loud outburst, but it’s a show (not a game anymore) for 100 grand, so knowing production “doesn’t want him to win this one” is infuriating.


Well Johnny, I guess there is a difference between a one time offender and a serial offender/cheater.. Even our law penalizes recidivism harsher … No excuse for Emmett’s cheating and then being so rude afterwards and screaming in all our ears – that infuriates me..


Omg everyone needs to just get over it already! If this was about talla or andrew we wouldn’t even be mentioning it. Talla has a melt down every day and no one mentions that as for cheating it has been delt with move on as far as this hoh emmitt didn’t cheat they were not told that they couldn’t look at the back only that the color side needs to be facing up talla did the same thing but no one has mentioned her. Gary coming into the house this late in the game is a cheat i am just so sick of it being all about how bad emmitt is there is plenty to go around.


Oh I for one would mention the cheating of any houseguest, as others have on this site (e.g. Alec, Talla). Having a meltdown and cheating are very different things: one can be annoying and the other is simply not allowed/ a rule break. We shouldn’t get over it or used to it, just because one houseguest tries to do it repeatedly and has even admitted to keep trying to do it. No offense


LOL! Andrew to Gary (regarding Nova Scotia): “Any friends there *besides us*?” hahaha, good one


Hi Johnny,

Re: Emmett being disqualified & your points regarding it. I’ve watched some of these episodes several times – Slice repeats them throughout the week & do have the following observations:

1) The Bee disqualification – Absolutely agree with you that this was a heat of the moment thing & just concentrating so hard on getting in 1st & making sure he has all the right colored balls in, etc. that it was so easy to take those last steps with a ball in hand, just like the other 3 did. He actually took the news pretty well. The video Production showed him made it hard to argue it. Plus the others being DQ’d with him helped take the sting out of it.

2) I think the reason some look at the iceberg DQ as cheating is unfortunately, Emmett’s reaction when he realized he had taken his hand off the bar. He quickly put it back up on the bar, looking around to make sure no one saw his mistake & then pulled the “Who Me?” act when called out. Again, he didn’t originally start out to cheat when his hand came off – think it was 1 of those things, sitting there so long, losing focus for 1/2 a sec & boom. It’s 1 of the reasons it’s a good competition – it’s not just about strength of body, but of mind.

3) He did not just say “Jillian” & gesture. He actually says “Bang it” & the motion, & then did the motions several times. Right away you see Talla reacting to this – not to run & do what he’s saying but reacting to the fact he’s giving Jillian help. Whether Jillian listened or not does not matter. Again, a point could be made he got caught up in them moment – but it was 1 of the rules for this particular game. It’s not always a rule in every game actually as in some they can shout out encouragement, etc. but it was in this one. So again, not paying attention, getting caught up in the moment.

But the reason that it crosses into being a cheater moment – my opinion of course – is that when he was called out for it & he pulled his tantrum, he 1st says he didn’t say anything, just made a couple of gestures, & then as he argues his point more he says “All I said was…” (or something like that) then shuts up quick, half way through a word because he realizes his argument was he didn’t say anything!

I don’t think he’s a cheater in real life or a bad guy for being competitive but not owning up to what you’ve done, even if you just say “Damn. Got caught up in the moment. Sorry.” people would understand, perhaps even praise him for that competitive spirit but owning up to his mistakes.

Again, just my take. I actually enjoyed your comments on this page (& thanks for the shout out on my Andrew/Jillian/cigarette comment ) so please don’t think I’m attacking you, just giving my view on why I’m feeling like he’s acting a wee bit entitled & bullying. I actually think his temper tantrums are also a warning to the others – don’t put me up cause you’ll have to deal with me yelling & banging around you for the week!


Hi Chili,
no worries at all. That’s what I like about this place, we can exchange our views and I respect yours.
I agree with everything you said, I still just believe that cheater isn’t the right word to describe losing focus and getting dq’ed.

I realize I’m in the minority here, but I enjoy his behavior in the house for being “as real as possible” in this game.
I see a huge gap between his level of gameplay and the ones around him (except Andrew, who I’m sure he respects a lot) and so I get how he gets moe and more frustrated. I prefer him showing it that having a fake grin and lie about it.
Plus, he’s not exactly from a Hollywood upbringing, so I really believe he has a harder time than most others to cope with living with Rachel Reilly, Paris Hilton, Seth MacFarlane and Ru’ Paul 24/7 when he’s used to more… silence! 😉


Thanks, Johnny. & I do agree, very much enjoy the respectful way posters handle difference of opinions here.

Like the difference of opinion I have re: Emmett. I actually liked him a lot in the first weeks, felt a bit torn between him, Andrew & Gary (& Jillian for a while) but as time has gone on, that’s changed with both Gary & Emmett. Gary was fun for the 1st couple of wks but then he really was only spending time on his brand, not playing the game & that wasn’t so fun but it was that big blow up where he bullied Talla with his size that really turned the tide for me.

With Emmett, the cracks started appearing the longer he was in the house. As much as he’s doing a lot of scheming & strategizing, I feel he’s actually benefitted the most from hooking up with Jillian than the reverse. Man, would have been a much different game for Emmett if Andrew had hooked up with his “Sandra Bullock” instead of him… Heh.


I agree with you about it being a very different game if Andrew and Jillian had paired up in this game. Actually, I think that Andrew and Jillian are a far better match personality-wise as they share a robust sense of humour and enjoy lighthearted moments and razzing and kidding around. If you recall, Andrew had a real positive and very strong reaction the first time he laid eyes on her in the very first moments of the houseguests entering the BB House and I immediately thought – uh-oh – watch those two – but too bad, it did not materialize. Emmett is a moody sourpuss with a heaviness to his disposition that is unpleasant and doesn’t translate well on TV. Anyway, sometimes – even now, you can see Andrew’s genuine fondness for Jillian. Too bad for them both as I think they are well suited to each other.


“I really believe he has a harder time than most others to cope with living with Rachel Reilly, Paris Hilton, Seth MacFarlane and Ru’ Paul 24/7 when he’s used to more… silence! ;)”

That made me LOL. Hilarious!

Bill from Halifax

Chili: re the bumble bee competition: when you were re watching it did you also notice that Liza was carrying coloured balls in her hand also but she did NOT get DQ’d? I remember being pissed at the time that they let Liza’s infraction pass.


Hi Bill – Dang, no, I don’t remember that. If Liza did do that, maybe Production felt they couldn’t DQ everyone & they could only put 4 on slop (the groupings were 2 groups of 4 as Haves & 1 – 4 as Have nots) & decided to pick the 4 whose cheating could have won them the game? Just a theory.

Course, Liza would look at her being given a pass on cheating as just more validation of her wonderful awesomeness, right?

Bill from Halifax

Chili: I also completely agree with your comments about Emmett and the toothbrushing. I too noticed how Emmett started to explain himself and then very quickly decided it was digging a hole for himself with what he almost said and quickly shut up. So fo the rest of the tantrum instead of using logic he switched to profanity.

I would not be one bit surprised to learn that Emmett has since apologized to Big Brother for his outburst and his profanity.


I think it’s kind of sweet that Big Brother has finally given Talla a chance to be like, ummm, you know, I mean, ummm, yeah – WINNING something! Way to go Talla! I hope the HGs can chill and have a fun Friday night!


Why are Andrew and Talla still have nots? I thought they were done their week of slop.


If Andrew doesn’t win POV he is screwed. Emmett and Jillian are total hypocrites. Emmett is always complaining about Talla not deserving it, yet he will get rid of Andrew and keep Talla and Gary who was evicted for god’s sake. If Andrew remains on the block, it will be the first time someone will totally stab their alliance in the back. Jill getting Alec and Peter out doesn’t count. Andrew really wants to take those two the the end. He is being sincere and I’m not sure Jill will be able to do it and if it’s a tie, Emmett will have to stand up and look Andrew in the eye and evict him. He might have a big dick, but we couldn’t see the size of his balls.

P.S. The feeds will super suck without Andrew.


I agree andrew is screwed if he doesn’t win pov but i disagree about them being hypocrites. You do remember this is a game and andrew has gone behind emmits back and made a F2 deal with jill so how is he a hypocrite emmitt knows that it is more likely gary will take him to the F2. During jillians rain when andrew took himself off he even said that if jillian was smart she would put emmitt up and then we can vote him out. Right there should prove that andrew word to emmit is bs if gary didn’t come back and he won hoh he would have targeted emmitt before talla. Andrews problem is that emmitt isn’t as gulible as talla


I really don’t like that eviction night is not live, means we don’t get to watch the longer HOH comps on the live feeds. That was one thing I always looked forward to during BB USA


I know shes been gone for a while but just look at the second question! Made me laugh how she went back to talking about herself


This is BB Canada, not BB USA.


It’s extremely unfair to give Gary a free ride to F5. He has all the info from other jury members i.e. the shield and 3 stooges. He was resting and eating comfortably while the other 4 stressed and fretted to save their behinds and now in comes “glitter Gary” to promote his brand and get more camera time. He only won the POV against people who couldnt win to save their lives. He won HOH because Alec, Emmett Jillian were DQ’d. He is no competitor, he’s just here to flop his man-tits around and throw glitter but he at least he’s entertaining right……….NOT. Honestly this season has all been about people trying to get camera time and getting Canada to like them e.g.

1) Suzette trying to get more listeners for her radio show
2) Danielle trying to become an actress
3) Topaz wanting to be a model
4) Liza wanting a book deal
5) Gary wanting to promote his brand and getting people to pay him to make appearances at clubs
6) Jillian and Emmett wanting to do Amazing Race
7) Talla desperately trying to act silly to get some cheap laughs
8) Peter trying to get more subscribers for his youtube channel and playing a character in the DR

Gary Lovers – come at me bro xD

The Shield

I am going to be on the show next year


Watching the feeds. Emmett and jillian are so boring. And Emmett is so rude toward talla, boils down to he doesnt want to be with \jill he wants Talla. he strikes out at her too much. Think emmetts friend was trying to tell him something about having a beer for her, he knows emmett is attracted to her.


Any idea why Gary’s picture is still black and white?


Unlike their BB USA counterpart it looks like BB Canada Production is trying to APPEAR at the very least transparent in their viewers polls. For example Arisa said Gary’s re-entry to the house occurred on a slim 5% margin.

Slice’s main site posts the following:

After coming out on top with 39.18% of the public vote, Gary ‘Glitter’ Levy won a chance to return to the house and begin playing the game once again.

In the final tally, Alec received 34.96% of the vote, AJ 21.18% and Topaz a lowly 4.68%. “I’m back! Canada voted me back in! I am back in the house,” Gary shouted as he surprised the houseguests with his entrance.

Am I the only one who finds it incredulous Topaz received only 4.68%. I know many viewed her as the “sleeper” in the house BUT she was the most hurt by production when they lured her into feeling safe upstairs & gave away big portions of her strategy in a big twist. She definitely played a better game IMO than Alec or Peter b/c she spotted how dangerous Andrew was very early & he directly/indirectly lead to both their evictions.

The fact AJ got almost 22% probably speaks to The 3 Stooges alliance & Alec was super close based on The Shield & Peter possibly remaining in the house.

Anyway, thought I’d share the Slice post with you all for your perusal.