Emmett says they’re building something, MY LUCK they DQ’d me again and its another POV!

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April ?
HOH Winner: Jilian Next HOH: April ?
Original Nominations: GARY & TALLA
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Andrew
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 1230pmm

12:15pm – 12:30pm Emmett heads up to the HOH room. Emmett talks about how he doesn’t know what’s going on and wants the POV ceremony to happen already. Jillian says maybe its this evening. Jillian tells him not to worry you are fine! Emmett heads back down to sit on the kitchen couch. Emmett comes into the main bedroom and tells Gary that they (big brother) is building something in the backyard. I hear banging. Emmett asks Gary what normally happens with final four. Gary says final four is normal. So something special is happening. Emmett leaves to go up to the HOH room. Emmett says my luck they DQ’d me again and its another POV! Jillian sasy then we would just win it again and piss them off. Emmett says how do we know they aren’t going to take it away from me. Jillian says then it would just go to the next person which is me. Jillian asks Big Brother to reassure Emmett so that he doesn’t have a heart attack. Emmett thinks he will just go ask them straight up. Emmett says that he still needs to talk to Talla to make sure she doesn’t hate me when she goes to the jury house. Jillian says maybe its a luxury competition. Big Brother then asks Jillian and Emmett to come down to the diary room so that they can talk to them.. I just need one..

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 1231pmm

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 1232pmm

12:40pm – 1:05pm Gary is in the bathroom putting his make-up on. Meanwhile, Emmett and Talla start a game of puck ball. Emmett and Talla speculate on what they are building out in the backyard… Competition, Awards thing.. Talla says but they are not keeping it closed all day. Talla beats Emmett at puck ball and then she freaks out jumping and screaming all over the place. Emmett finishes cooking his lunch. Talla starts making her chilli again. She goes to the storage room and says to herself remember to watch for cross contamination! Yup talking to myself! Talla heads back to the kitchen to make her chilli.

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 1pm

1:05pm – 1:15pm Emmett sits on the living room couch. Jillian can be heard screaming HELLO.. I’M LOCKED IN THE STORAGE ROOM! HELLO!! Emmett doesn’t move from the couch or say anything. Talla comes running over. Emmett tells her there is nothing she can do, they have to unlock it. Jillian screams again and Big Brother unlocks it. Jillian comes out and looks at Emmett on the couch and says oh I didn’t know you were there…

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 108pm

1:25pm Jillian is giving Talla pointers on how to cook her chilli, she tells her to add cumin but pronounces it wrong. Meanwhile Gary is still in the bedroom doing his make-up. He says Canada expects me to look good!

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 120pm

1:30pm – 1:40pm Talla goes into the storage room and finds that Big Brother put a flat of 24 pepsi in there for her. She says AWE Big Brother I love you! All I wanted was a 6pk and you guys gave me more. She says that she has a life time supply now. Talla say Pepsi we are officially back together! But never leave me again! PEPSI PARTY!! AH ..I love Pepsi! She then loads 18 into the fridge. Talla heads back to making her chilli.

1:55pm Talla goes to the main bedroom. She tells Gary he looks pretty. She says that she is going to do her make-up later. Talla asks Gary to join her to talk when he’s done. Talla goes back to the kitchen eat her lunch.

2pm – 2:15pm Emmett comes out of the diary room and heads up to the HOH room to find Jillian. She has been hiding behind the pillows on the bed. Emmett goes into the bathroom and then comes back and she jumps up and screams! She scares him. He tells her she is going to get it now. She keeps laughing saying that she was down there for an hour. Emmett asks her don’t you have anything better to do? They head downstairs.

Emmett goes to the bedroom and tells Gary that he looks somewhat straight. Emmett and Jillian head into the storage room. Jillian tells Emmett that she scared him.. Don’t scare me though my ticker can’t take it! Emmett says that he just wants her to pass out.

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 205pm

2:25pm Jillian asks Emmett how are we going to scare Gary? Emmett says that he will just ask him where’s Jill? And then he will just come up. Jillian heads back up to the HOH room and gets behind the pillows to wait for Gary to come up. She watches the spy screen for him to come up the stairs. Emmett joins her and tells Jillian that they are building something big out there… It could be a luxury competition. Jillian asks an egg scrambler? A roller coaster? Emmett says that would be cool. Jillian and Emmett are about to scare GARY when Big Brother turns off the live feeds for the season…

Last few minutes of the BBCA live feeds:

2:30pm Big Brother Canada turns off the live feeds for the season.. Don’t worry though Simon and I will keep an eye out for any LEAKS 😉

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 230pm

Here is Andrew’s Bitter GOODBYE:

I personally want to thank all of the amazing OBB fans that have once again helped make this another great season. We are sad to see the end of the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds but can’t wait for the remaining TV episodes to reveal the final days in the BB house and the winner of Season 1. Due to the popularity of this first season, I have no doubt there will be a second season early in 2014.

Although, it’s sad to see the end of BBCA drawing near we are EXCITED that it means the Big Brother 15 is that much closer to premièring (June 26, 2013).

Simon and I will be covering the live feeds for Big Brother 15 so make sure you bookmark us! 😉


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see even Emmett thinks he cheated lol


Paranoia, it’s only normal considering how many times Big Brother interfered in their game.


LOL Emmett knows he cheated, he would rather take a risk and cheat than play fair.


I was going to say the same thing…..he must know he did something wrong if he thinks he will be disqualified yet again. I also wonder if Big Brother said something to Talla about the chicken issue and her not washing her hands since she made the comment about cross contamination….I am thinking they possibly did say something because it could make everyone sick before finale night. And as for Gary and this freaking makeup. He was up till almost 1 a.m. in the morning putting it on and now he has been doing it all morning again. I am surprised his face hasnr become one big mess because of all the makeup on top of makeup. I have never seen any man use makeup let alone as much as he does.


Emmette didn’t cheat!!!!!! he is refering to the interferace with the house that they would say he cheated because he thinks everytime he wins something bb comes in and takes it away so he is getting paranoid. Is he saying he cheated no and i think by now if anyone cheated at the comps they would call them right away like they did in the pov that andrew won and iceburg where alec tried to tie his sweater. So, if emmette cheated they would have called him at the time it is just he doesn’t know why talla was so happy and what bb is building outside emmette likes to be in control and right now he has no clue what bb is up to


Yeah, just like how Emmett blew a gasket and said he wasn’t cheating in the toothbrush comp when the re-play clearly showed him cheating. We won’t know until we see it… him saying that he didn’t cheat is no indication if he really did cheat or not lol. Emmett thinks that BB just wants to take away anything that he wins but BB has never done that. They only took wins that he won by cheating.

I kind of think Emmett should be disqualified from BB in general and sent to the jury house for multiple cheating violations! Three strikes you’re out… that should be a new BB Canada rule because in all the years of BB USA that I’ve watched, I’ve never seen so many DQs for cheating in one season.


emmett is the best player in the game , sure hope he wins not gary . he is just a big mouth show off,


From what I have found out from various sources the POV comp was what day did it happen. I think it’s pretty hard to cheat unless he had crib notes. If he did boot him off the show!:P I don’t think they’ll be a disqualification.

If on the other hand they reset to protect Gary you might as well just look at this farce for what it is. Talla evicted and a standard 3 part final my prediction. Better than the rest this season.


I pulled an Emmett on my taxes this year, hehe.


Without swearing you are a bad person. Ruin everything for everyone else. Shame on you.


He would of been DQ already if he did. I think there building the hoh comp. last episode said that Wednesday someone gettin evicted but idk if its live so someone might get evicted tomorrow at ceremony and then straight into comp.


at the moment I would love watching a live feed of jury house – would be interesting to watch over the final days, especially with Andrew arriving and telling Peter and Alec all about the Dan visit! and stooge banter AJ and Andrew resuming

how much longer will live feeds be on for? i thought it was going to end Sunday midday, with after dark also having its final episode early Sunday morning, meaning the only footage remaining would be the 3 shows Sun, Wed, Thurs

perhaps the 3 part HOH will be part 1 Sun(airs Sun/Wed), part 2 Tues(airs Wed), part 3 live(airs Thurs finale)

so currently if Talla goes to jury next…

for final 2 factoring in potential bitterness:

if Emmett is taking Gary(I think Emmett wins 4-3 or Gary wins 4-3 or 5-2 as Jill, Andrew, Talla would be bitter at Emmett, and AJ votes with Andrew, and Topaz likes Gary),

if Jill is taking Emmett(I think Emmett wins 4-3)

if Gary is taking Jill(I think Jill wins 4-3)

no matter what the final 2 is I think its going to be a close vote, as there would be a split in jury house of the 3 stooges on one side and the shield plus topaz on the other side, and bitterness will be a factor

i think Jill would be my choice to win HOH part 1 endurance and also the part 3 quiz as she studies so often…but she must realize she has to take Gary final 2 to stand a better chance of winning first prize

however i have a theory why Jill seems so content to take Emmett final 2…they have been communicating in code and writing on each other with their finger, I think to negotiate a fair $ cut between them both if they both are in final 2…like split the 1st/2nd prizemoney combined more evenly so a 80k/40k or similar split rather than 100k/20k etc…I could be wrong, but I just have a gut feeling thats what they are doing


While I agree and think that a jury feed would be lots of fun to watch, I don’t think we’ll ever get one because production would really like to keep who the jury is voting for more hush hush (or otherwise the finale is less exciting).


yeah thats true but i wish there was a way to be able to show extended clips of each day in jury without revealing info of who each was voting on


“Emmett says my luck they DQ’d me again and its another POV! Jillian sasy then we would just win it again and piss them off. Emmett says how do we know they aren’t going to take it away from me.”

Emmett just thinks BB just takes victories away from him for fun. It’s obvious from his behaviour that he has never understood that he was breaking any rules. That must be why he continued to get DQ’d after the first time. Talla, Jillian and Alec learned their lesson the first time around. Emmett…oblivious.

Unless he just thinks he is the star and they will do everything in his favour. Which is possible, because after last DQ Jill said to him “I don’t see why they (BB) just don’t overlook it”. Emmett didn’t disagree with her! He just kept spouting off.

And the other night when BB took away the chess game, Emmett went and sulked in the HOH with the headphones on. He had said to Andrew that he thought BB just wanted them all not to be in the same room. So he figured if they played chess in the hallway than they can still talk game. He even raised his voice to BB, saying “i thought you just didn’t want us to all be in the same room. We ARE NOT in the same room. I don’t see why we can’t play chess” Emmett then said after he returned the chess to storage room, that he didn’t want to talk to anyone (when Andrew or somebody started to talk to him). No doubt punishing BB for taking away his game. And he thinks he is golden and can get away with anything as he sees fit. If not, then he will let you know. He is like a little boy throwing a tantrum.


So right! Emmett is a big BABY. If he doesn’t get his way he screams at the top of his lungs then goes and pouts in the corner like a little baby. I have never seen anyone so narcissistic as to think the rules don’t apply to him. He calls everyone dumb yet he can’t understand the rules of a competition.
I can only hope he cheated again and he loses the POV that would be sweet. Personally I can’t stand the guy.
Wouldn’t it be funny if when they get back home Jillian finally sees his true colors and then starts dating Andrew.


Emmett was convinced Andrew wasnt serious about taking him final 3…when he watches the shows he will see he was wrong on that big time…but in the end wanted an easier route to F2…whereas Andrew was not afraid of going head to head with Emmett in F3

I truly think Emmett had planned to cut Jill at F4 by winning the veto if she had not won the HOH…he seemed sh!tbaked after her HOH win, didnt look happy at all…again he wanted Jill out as she is probably favourite to win F3 endurance and quiz…he wanted F3 with Gary and Talla, which would have been a cakewalk for him

Jill will not want to date a dull, boring, cold dude like Emmett…I have a feeling Emmett was majorly jealous of Andrews big personality, and the ease at which he could make the girls in the house, particularly Jill, laugh on numerous occasions

Im not sure Andrew and Jill will date, but I have a feeling they will definately be great friends and will share alot of good times


I doubt Jillian would date a 38 year old man.


we have no idea if Jill would date a 38 year old unless we asked her – maybe she has an age limit, but i dont see 10 years being that big of a deal to a girl in her late 20s…and Andrew has the energy and fun nature of a younger dude anyway

i think factors like connection, personality, humour, confidence are important factors for her, based on what she said in the house

they may date much later on who knows? maybe, maybe not…but for sure i think there is a good chance they will have a lasting strong friendship


I get it you hate emmette no clue why because he has played the best game but whatever. Jillian dating andrew is just gross he is 11 years older then her and who knows what will happen with emmette and her i don’t see her and andrew happening all that was jillian playing him to keep jemmette safe. What i don’t get you calling emmette a baby meanwhile talla has a melt down yelling and screaming every episode she walked out on andrew one night and wouldn’t eat with them. Gary ran out of a comp because he had to eat slop then cried like a two year old and had a temper tamtrum but i don’t hear you complaining about them it seems no matter what emmette does you are all ready to jump on him pathetic.


I really think they are doing the POV ceremony and then having an Eviction with HoH competition right afterwards. That way they are down to the F3 and by Wednesday they will have had HoH wrapped up and possibly the F2.


The pov ceromony and someone leaving is probably going to happen right away and the first part of the hoh is what they are probably building it usually some sort of endurance which involves holding your key.


Well Gary never got DQ’d for his POV even when he failed to stay awake for 24 hours, only wore his prison outfit for 4 days, was eating regular food and not just slop and finally also went in the water. Double standards don’t you think 😉


If Emmett doesn’t evict Gary, I will be pissed. Come on Emmett, evicted Gary.

Four Star

I like how he uses the term “with my luck”, like his DQs were beyond his control or something. Remember his stupid speech the first time he got caught? “I don’t want anything I don’t deserve and I’m not here to cheat”. Pfffft.


Hey Emmett… stop cheating… and then you wouldn’t be so worried about being accused of cheating. If he did cheat, I hope it is a POV do over… and in this case, Emmett shouldn’t be allowed to re-play because this would be the gazillionth time BB has called him out on cheating. BB Canada: the season of twists and DQs!


This is what’s on The live feeds website

The live feeds will be turned off as of Sunday at 12pm ET. Thanks for watching!

Delilah Jones

It is one thing to lie and back stab in the game of Big Brother, but to cheat at comps is so not cool.. The fact that Emmett has repeatedly cheated, is the reason why I do not think he deserves to win the game.


Then who does deserve to win? Talla who has done nothing but float through this game and i don’t even want to call her a floater or jumper because at least those would mean she played some game but talla only concern in the game was how much alcohol she can get she never consciously played. Then there is gary who go evicted and got a break from the game so how is it fair he wins. Emmette isn’t the only one who has been dq jillian was in the first hoh that emmette got dq and gary should have been in the pov but they convienently let him slide but i notice on this board emmette is the only one is called out. He has won with the exception of jillian alot of the comps while talla won 0 and gary won 2 or 3 so what have they done to deserve to win?


To be honest with you Hallie, I do not have a clue as to who deserves to win.. I just know I do not want to see Emmett win. I know with certainty that Talla does not deserve to win! I am not a fan of Jillian’s game whatsoever, so I guess that leaves Gary by default. This has been one whacky season!

Delilah Jones

I’m so sorry, I forgot to type my name in the header of the comment above.. 🙂


Delilah I agree cheating at comps is not cool at all but at the same time Emmett suffered the consequences for that when he cheated, he was disqualified both times. And the times when his win was not taken was because he won fair and square.

He’s played a good game he deserves Final 2.


I agree with you, Queen Bee. Emmett has suffered the consequences as a result of his cheating. I also believe he deserves to be in the final two, I just do not want to see him win.. Please forgive my negativity, I am just kind of disenchanted with the way this entire game has played out.. I understand this is the first season of BB Canada, and there’s a lot to be figured out as the show progresses. Unfortunately for this season, I feel that production played the game more than most of the house guests.

Despite how I am feeling about production’s hand in the game, I am very much looking forward to how the remaining three episodes play out!

I also can’t wait for June 26, when season 15 of BB US begins!

Delilah Jones

Again, I failed to type my name in the comment above.. lol


And the feeds are down.. Thats a wrap folks


For some dumb reason I thought they would warn the HG’s and then they’d do one last ‘goodbye, thanks for watching us fans..’ pathetic eh! lol


Hmmm in Talla video she says to BB ” BB I didn’t unpack should I unpack or leave it “. Gets me thinking maybe Emmett was DQ’d and considering the amount of players left in the house he is automatically evicted. Damn wouldn’t that make for so much DRAMA in the house. Don’t you love it? As Talla would say !!!


As Talla would say……. BUSY!!!!

I think though the clothes were packed from Thursdays eviction of Andrew. Just a guess though. Busy Busy Busy…..ROFL

Agent 99

@Name – I caught that too with Talla and had the same thoughts. Also wondered if Talla had been woken up early to be directed towards a hidden “gem”.

I am so sick of E/J and I am hoping for one last twist to try to break them up! I have a feelin milkman will be ditching Jilbot soon after leaving BB. He stated to Talla that he talked to his “ex” the day before he came into BB and that he talked to her after break up. Who’s to say that this isn’t another of E’s scams and his gal back home is waiting for him to come home. Now wouldn’t THAT be a twist!


I think the showmance was never anything serious…just a mutual agreement to advance both their games and to protect each other from eviction by winning comps, with a bit of fun on the side…they will go their separate ways once the show ends


CG, Emmett’s feelings for Jillian? 100% “friends with benefits”, BBCA strategic partner-in-crime, “Hey, Jill, how ’bout you and me hook up for lunch sometime next month!” Jillian’s feelings for Emmett? 100% hoping for a marriage proposal on Finale NIght. Jillian’s emotionally “all in”, with Emmett – both game and life. We all see the many signs Emmett’s been giving Jillian lately – but she doesn’t. Not at all. The reason Jillian is *so* happy with the 2nd place BBCA prize, if Emmett wins, is that she views her grand prize as Emmett – for the long haul. Jillian’s in for a big shock……


everyone has their view, but I dont think either is serious about a real relationship


Bingo. Emm treats J as a partner in game for 100k where both benefited from their protection and wins. Jillian sees a marriage potential and a ring. She cannot separate play from life. I don’t see this continue past the game.


its clear Emmett would cut Jill in a second to have a better shot at winning first prize…while it may be less likely for Jill to do so to him, I wouldnt rule it out

re marriage i cant see she is that impulsive, and why would she want to marry a dude with zero personality if thats a quality she finds important


That would be stupid and unfair and there was no way emmette could cheat unless he brought cue cards with him the comp involved events in the house it wasn’t endurance


Expecting a feed leak tonight 😉


Thanks to Dawg and Simon for all your hard work and dedication.


Thanks so much, Simon and Dawg!!! I have really enjoyed your updates as well as everyone’s comments on BBC.


Now that the Feeds are down I was wondering what everyone thinks the best Season of BB was for Drama in the house? What season for us fans was one of the best for watching?


I still liked allstars. To see Dr. Will get evicted because Boogie had to renom him was a moment. Lovethe Boogie win also that season. Dr. Will season 2 also an easy stand out. I’ll add BB14 up until twitny got evicted had some epic DR’s. Twitny so much better last year than her original season. A man playing with children after she left. I still figure Danielle is scarred for life thanks to Dan’s scorched earth policy


Janelle’s first season, circa summer 2005 I think it was. Maybe not the most drama filled, but close. And great personalities in the house that season. I enjoyed that year over any other.


Agreed, that was my favorite season also. Many interesting things, Janelle ( when I still loved her), power shifting from week to week, the hatred between the two alliances Nerdherd and S6. I had never seen a division like that before. No floaters, you either belonged to one alliance or the other.

The 14 hour HOH, Howie fooled by Maggie, oh the list is endless………
People created hate websites after that season oh my god.

Mike Piff

That season was awesome, Howie was the best lol… BUSTO


Mike Piff

If only BBCAN had this kind of action, this is what it was lacking IMHO


SEASON 10!!! Keesha, Libra, Michelle, April, Jessie, Renny, Jerry, and Ollie all had their dramatic moments!
& this is random but Dan’s “Nominee Roulette” was hilarious! Definitely one of my favourite seasons.


This may be an unpopular one but Dick and Daniele Season 8 were EPIC.

Dick’s intimidation, Dani being the Comp Queen of the season and Eric as America’s Player effing everything up. EPIC.

Blank XIII

Win, lose, or draw, Emmett goes down in BB history as the cheatingest House guest thus far. I hope that this detail is not forgotten, and that Em’s cheating ways make him forever shunned by the BB family and community. Comp cheaters are the only thing worse for this game than blatant production manipulation.

Speaking of shunning, can the Photoshop wizard behind Tom’s Crown please give me Em in a penguin suit?

Thanks again, for another great season of reporting.


is that even a word? You are pathetic and may i remind you emmette isn’t the only one in the house that cheated

Blank XIII

Is “cheatingest” a word? Probably not, but the intention of the “est” suffix at the end of the word “cheating” would likely be gathered, even by Talla, to mean “that which cheats most often”.

As a point of fact, can anyone name a BB player who was caught cheating in comps more often than Emmett in one season?

Does it make me pathetic to post my opinion on an internet board without insult to any of it’s readers?

‘Cause, Hallie, making a personal attack against me over the content of THAT post, only goes to label yourself as a Grade-A tw@t.

Blank XIII

My previous attempt to respond failed to make it through moderation, but believe you me, it was scathing…


I hope Emmett is DQ’d because that would be more interesting. Plus it would get more viewers and ratings. If Emmett goes to the final 3 it’s going to be such a predictable season. It would be a boring finale tbh! Plus I hate Emmett because of the tantrums he throws.


Could someone please fill me in on why they are planning on keeping Gary over Talla..?


they mistakenly think nobody will vote for Gary if he is in F2 as he got a second chance

Jill wants Talla out as she could win the endurance part 1, because she is light, and is decent in a quiz

Emmett thinks Gary will take him F2 but Jill knows Gary will actually take her as she is less liked in jury


It’s less they and more Emmit actually. Emmit basically thinks Jillian and most importantly Gary will both take him F2. By exxtension he figures against either he wins the game. I’m not sure he’s right on the win part 1st. Second I think Gary will in the end take Jillian if he has a choice knowing he can’t beat Emmit. Funny thing is the arguements he used last week with Jillian to get out Andrewand keep Lala are the very reasons to keep Lala this week.

She has atleast a shot versus Jillian in endurance but win 7 questions heads up in part 3. She has won nothing and will win her last 2 comps I think are perhaps 100-1 at best. Emmit believe if Talla chooses she takes Jillian. I think that parts right but she never makes the choice. As I see it the facts are Jillian or Emmit need to choose who they sit beside for Emmit to be F2. Emmits made a poor calculation IMHO as Gary much more competitive than Lala in comps. Then again he may change his mind and evict Gary but I doubt it.


No clue, really, except that since Emmett has the vote to evict this week so he must think it best for his game… Talla would probably take Jillian to final 2 over Emmett (assuming Talla could ever win any competitions) and Gary might be more likely to take Emmett over Jillian–or so Emmett THINKS. He hasn’t realized that Gary knows the jury won’t want to vote for Jill and so it would be in Gary’s best interest to get rid of Emmett (who is relatively well liked in jury) and head to final 2 with Jill.

Emmett’s actually got himself in a bit of a pickle. Both Talla and Gary would probably take Jill over him, and even though they’re less likely to win the competitions than Jill is it’s still POSSIBLE.


I think for two reasons one they don’t think she deserves to be in the finals since she had done nothing and they like gary better and two jillina thinks that gary will be easier to beat in the first part her and talla came close in the tree comp and the iceburg so they think it is better to take gary.


Thanks to other posters, I now follow Emmett’s faulty eviction logic here. Emmett thinks it is FAR more important that he ensure his own safety into the final two, than he does winning the jury vote. It isn’t. It’s not even close. This is a catastrophic potential mistake by Emmett here. Emmett should know there is risk, *every* step of the way, in BB. The trick is to minimize his risk, not eliminate it. The *only* way Emmett doesn’t make the final two, if he evicts Gary, is if Talla manages to beat E/J in *two* of the 3 final HOH comps! Can you say “impossible!!!!!!!” Emmett *is*100% correct, that Talla would bring Jillian, not him, to the final two with her. But how likely is that to happen? Not very. At *best*, there’s less than a 1% chance of it playing out that way. My guess? The chances that Talla even wins *one* part of the final HOH is less than 5% – she’s won zero comps all season!

Emmett will easily defeat both JIllian and Talla in the jury vote. But I believe Emmett will have a *far* more difficult time against Gary, though Emmett might still squeak out a narrow win. I don’t think the jury house is gonna hold it against Gary, that “Canada” placed him back in the game. Not at all. As an oddsmaker, Emmett is clearly not Las Vegas-quality. Here’s why:

-Emmett has a 99% chance of making the final two, and a 100% chance of beating Talla in jury, if he evicts Gary, and takes Talla to the final 3. (Chances of Emmett winning 100K? 99%)

-Emmett has a 100% chance of making the final two, and a 100% chance of beating JIllian, if he or JIllian wins the final HOH. (Jillian would be totally happy with 2nd, as long as Emmett wins first, but that’s another story….) (Chances of Emmett winning 100K? 100%)

-Emmett has a 100% chance of making the final two, and a 60% chance of besting Gary in jury, if Emmett evicts Talla, and brings Gary to final 3,. (Chances of Emmett winning 100K? 60%)

Emmett’s mistake? He’s picking his own *worst* 100K option! He’s thinking of the final week as two pieces, and not as one big piece, as he should be! 99% and 100% are FAR better final week odds for him than 100% and 60% are. Imagine the irony? No one could beat the Milkman all season, but he ends up beating himself, and settles for 2nd place money……..

I always appreciate other OBB opinions. Anyone?


I think he really believed Gary when Gary said that everyone dislikes him because he got to come back. Maybe the only person that’s really upset about it is Andrew. That’s a good move on Gary’s part, to use his knowledge about being in jury house and the votes. Emmett wins against Jillian for sure. He wins against Talla. He hates Talla, and he’s afraid of Jill’s competition numbers so he might take Gary. I still think he’ll take Jill, she has way too much blood on her hands. He even asked her recently if she would vote for someone that voted her out, she said I won’t. I’m sure he asked that because he was thinking about it if he wins the final HOH.


Did they not say last week, that there will be a double eviction this coming week. I am pretty sure of that.


My overall thoughts of BB Canada …..
I really liked this Season for it`s 1st season. I agree the twists were untimely but as to the twists themselves, I liked them. The cast other than Gary , Talla, and Andrew were much to be desired. At least with those 3 they provided most of the humor for the house.
But like with any reality show the Cast gets better with more Seasons.
Arisa started off a little shaky, but i do think that she did a good job.
The one thing I did really like was the BB Tasks for the house guests. I thought they were really creative and made it fun to watch.
I think the Live Feeds were down a little too much for my liking. I would pay if they didn`t have as many HUSH HUSH screens.
The BB house was great. I liked the layout ( wide open ) where the bedrooms were more in the back.
In my opinion Jemmett kinda ruined it a lot of the time for me though. The fact that they were NOT split up by voting one out. They were always in the HoH room together. Out of all BB Seasons i think that was bad because their was no variety in nominations or power. Too many of the house guests decided to throw competitions like Alec and Peter or couldn’t win comps. like Talla.

Thoughts on the Final 4 …….
Emmett is a rude , self centered, egotistical, and a CHEATER. He speaks down to women. He thinks that everyone should bow down to him. He thinks he has a great social game but in reality he doesn’t. He has thrown people under the bus just as much as Jillian. He threw Tom under the bus, threw Alec under the bus ( even tho Alec deserved it) He threw Gary under the bus and he threw Andrew under the bus. He constantly talks about how everyone is dumb. He is a child insulting other Adults on their personalities. Not to mention he has the manners of a 6 year old.
Jillian is a follower not a leader. If Emmett told her to jump off a bridge she would probably be half way down before he finished his sentence. I can’t believe that she even cooks all of his meals. She whines constantly and then turns around and calls others out for their bad habits. She is a monster when it comes to competitions. A lot of people think she wouldn’t win if it was her and Emmett in F2 but don’t be so sure. The fact that she won all those comps’ is a big credit because it kept her alliance in power most of the time, PLUS she didn’t cheat !
Gary is a smart guy. He tells everyone what he thinks they want to hear. He is funny and is not embarrassed in any way to be himself. He got voted back in the house and immediately wanted out Andrew ’cause he knew Andrew wasn’t happy with him being back in the house. He started lying about the Jury. He had the guts to go after Tom and Liza. He also knows he has to go after Emmett and Jillian unfortunately that opportunity hasn’t allowed him too. If you remember when Andrew evicted Gary he told Andrew that he should back door Emmett or Jillian. Now look where Andrew is. He should have listened. Gary has more game than people are saying he has.
Last but not least Talla…
The girl is funny as hell. She may be stupid or NOT but at least she is consistent. She is the only person I know in BB history who can be the only one in the room talking and you are laughing hysterically. She is a loose cannon but in that way makes for great TV. She can take a joke and even people insulting her but when she gets to the boiling point she tells people and doesn’t hold back. She sucks at Comps. or she is really good at throwing every one of them. Personally I don’t think she is stupid as everyone thinks she is. I think to some degree it is an act. Maybe just an act when it comes to comps. The fact that she still is in this game being a floater is a credit to her game. No one thinks of her as a threat so they all want to take her to the end. That in itself is a game plan and sometimes considered good. Never count out someone who plays like that. Sometimes the Jury never make up their minds or can be swayed once they have talked to the Final 2

My final thoughts are to a job well done by DAWG and Simon. You guys are the best and go out of your way for all of us fans.


well said!


as others have said a big thank you to Simon and Dawg for your efforts with the videos and pics and info of the first season of Big Brother Canada

i will continue to check the site for any leaks, and to join in discussion with fellow fans

i look forward to the upcoming extended USA season


I don’t know if I’ll watch next season, just because I do think I was only so vested in this one because of my knowing Andrew. Maybe I’ll luck out and know someone next season too and be set lol

I just hope BB keep their POWERSHIFTS to themselves and go in DPOV/Pandora’s Box etc kind of thing instead. At the bare minimum, I really hope they don’t bring someone back in the final 4/5 again. That is not okay. Earlier in the season? Sure, fantastic, I love the shift. This late? Nope.

Probably going to watch tonight’s episode, but debating on missing Thursday’s finale to watch Iron Man 3 early instead. lol


Glad i’m not the only one who knows Andrew!!!


Was it are hard for you to watch him “implode” in his last week as it was for me? I just wanted to be able to grab him and be like “Calm down and think.”
Plus him totally disregarding Dan’s help was frustrating.

Team Andrew

Yes!!!!! I know Andrew too and it was painful to watch the last week.


Will there be any After Dark episodes from now until Thursday?


With all the people saying that Emmett cheated his way through the season – that would be true IF he got away with it. He was disqualified for the times he cheated, so in the end he didn’t win the comps that he tried cheating in.. I’m not defending him because I’m a big Milkman fan, just the principle.


Don’t cheat to begin with.


Emmett’s fan base so strong that is why even here he leads the poll of what team you would like to see win. I’m a proud Emmett fan and hopes he wins because he sure deserves it. He’s played the best game and once and for all will shut some of these Emmett haters up!


how ever you want to look at it , Nova Scotia takes the win for the first season of big brother canada ,

A Mom

“Name” – I so agree with your thoughts on the Final 4. Love it!

May I also add my heartfelt thanks to Simon and Dawg for the hard work in maintaining this site. A job well done and and I’m sure everyone appreciates you two!


Thank you A MOM ! I put a lot of thought in to that post.
After watching tonight’s episode on TV I do believe I am dead on about Emmett.
Watching his DR ( totally mocking Talla and laughing at her ) when Talla was upset that she was cut off from expressing her views, really made me dislike him more. Emmett should understand you never mock others feelings. Feelings is what makes us human and an individual. It doesn’t matter if you like the person or not don’t try and hurt them by saying their feelings don’t matter. If you don’t like the person then don’t say anything at all, but to do it just because you think you are better than someone else is a disgrace. Emmett is going to have a lot of problems in relationships in life if he doesn’t understand this. I see this all the time in my work.
Just because I don’t like Emmett as a person though doesn’t mean he isn’t playing a good game. But unlike others, I can give reasons as to everyone who deserves to be in the F2 just as much as he does.
Emmett is playing like he has all ready won. It would be nice to see him feel some adversity for once.
I truly hope he keeps Gary so that Gary can try and beat him in the next HoH. I would love to see Gary and Jillian F2. I think with those 2 in the finals it will be a very close vote. 4-3 in either way.


@Name, from what I saw it was Jillian that cut Talla off. It was deflected to Emmett by Jillian/Talla. I perceived the deflection as a strategic move by both Jillian and Talla. Talla was truly hurt and Jillian is truly as self-absorbed as Talla is accused of being ( by HG’s and respondants).


Although my favorite is Gary, I think Emmett definitely played the best all around game. Honestly, I would be fine with any of the 4 winning, even Talla. Thanks Simon and Dawg for maintaining this site, its greatly appreciated! I just donated!


Thank you so much Simon and Dawg. After big brother I hope you two get some sleep soon because I still remember the times you had to stay an all-nighter just for us. You guys are the best. Next year, both of you should totally try out for big brother canada season 2!


Talla’s plan is to get the Milkman,,, I hope she gets a special power, thanks to another twists that will send Emmett packing to the group of losers as he calls them himself … oh that is a better way to end tis season than him winning … my own emotional opinion only.


I just saw the episode… yikes! Based on Emmett winning POV (and taking out either Talla or Gary), I think Jillian is now guaranteed final 2, because everyone will take her because they think that they will be able to win against her over Emmett. I’ve been predicting this for awhile, but I really think that the jury is really going to attack her, except Andrew, but especially Topaz, Alec, Peter and Talla and she is going to crumble. Its too bad, because she really has a strong case to win, having won so many HOHs… but you have to be there mentally and she’s just following Emmett’s orders and she’s not going to be prepared for the backlash. If Emmett evicts Talla, then I think the most likely scenario is Emmett versus Jillian. Although a Gary versus Jillian final two is also possible. And I think Emmett will definitely throw Jillian under the bus, and Jillian just won’t be ready. Plus, BB was not very kind of Jillian in terms of the edit of that episode. They juxtaposition her saying Gary and Talla as undeserving, with them talking about their families and getting emotional. Maybe a Jillian and Emmett final 2 will actually be interesting! I feel bad for Jillian, but she really is going to regret playing Emmett’s game rather than her own, and ultimately, if she won’t listen to her family’s advice then its a done deal.


Yikes, I don’t see that Jillian has a strong case by winning so many HOH’s. The purpose of winning these is to advance your own game. Her first HOH had limited strategy (her thoughts)- Danielle, the second was emotive – Alec, third (and the only HOH that she used to advance her own ‘personal’ game)-Peter, fourth, secures her place in F3 but doesn’t give her choice of who to take to F3. The present jury, with the exception of Andrew, will consider this and will read her HOH wins as means of advancing Emmett’s game more than her own.


I am surprised the table didn’t get smaller like BBUS does….Just watched a clip with Talla at the table by herself. Man, that table is huge!


I am so confused one minute Jillian loves Talla and then the next she is disgusted by her wth? at least Emmett is consistent with his dislike for Talla lol

I can’t believe the season is over already .. I remember thinking the canadian version would be so bad but i’m glad was wrong. I am so upset the american version starts the day I leave for France .. oh well , guess I won’t watch BBUS until end of august .


That’s enough now…………….Emmett got caught as well as Topaz, Talla, and i think it was Jillian. They were ALL D.Q. Yes Emmett yelled some dumb instructions out to Jill and he was D.Q. So knock it off already others CHEATED too and I don’t read fan chewing their butt off like they have done to Emmett. He’s going to win and he has played a great game ………so suck it up you haters.


I want Andrew back! 🙁


What would happen if Emmett used the pov ?
Does that mean only one is up for eviction?