Big Brother Canada MYSTERY Why was Talla awake before everyone else and why was she happy?

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April ?
HOH Winner: Jilian Next HOH: April ?
Original Nominations: GARY & TALLA
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Andrew
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 8am

8am – 8:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests by turning on the lights. Emmett and Jillian immediately wake up and start moving around the house. Emmett heads downstairs and notices that they are on an indoor lock down. He heads over to the back door and tries to listen to see if he can hear anything going on. He sits on the kitchen couch.

Jillian comes out to the HOH room balcony and asks Emmett why they are on lock down .. is it for Part 1 of 3 HOH? Emmett says no. Jillian gets told to put on her mic and so she goes back into the HOH room.

Emmett sees Talla come out of the diary room and asks her how long she was in there for. Talla says awhile, before you guys got up. Talla says she is going back to sleep.
Gary then heads into the diary room. Emmett goes to the bathroom. Gary comes back and joins him and says that he has to do a diary room session. Jillian joins them.

They wonder what’s happening and think that maybe the Power Of Veto Ceremony is happening today but they don’t understand why the backyard is closed. Emmett comments to Gary that Talla was up before them and seemed happy too. Gary says yeah some things going on. Emmett says maybe the POV ceremony isn’t today. Emmett heads back to the HOH room with Jillian. Emmett asks why was Talla up .. she is never up before us. She was all happy too. Something is going on. Jillian asks a good thing? Emmett says I don’t know… maybe no one goes home today. I don’t know. Jillian asks maybe what? Big Brother then asks Emmett to come to the diary room to do a couple, few short lines with him and ask him to bring his black v-neck t-shirt, burgundy shirt and his toque. Emmett goes looking for his burgundy shirt. Jillian makes the HOH room bed. Meanwhile Gary is in the bathroom putting on his make up and Talla is back in the main bedroom sleeping.

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 830am

8:55am – 9:10am Jillian goes into the main bedroom and Big Brother scares her by turning on the alarm to wake up Talla. Jillian asks Talla are you hiding from them you little rat? Jillian jumps on Talla. Talla says I love you! Jillian says I love you too. Talla gets up and heads to the bathroom. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.
Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 854am

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 855am

9:10am When the live feeds come back, Emmett and Jillian are out in the hot tub room. Jillian is talking about the POV competition yesterday. Emmett tells Jillian that she was the whiniest person .. her life is stress free you’re guaranteed to be in the final three and you were complaining about wearing grey in the diary room. Emmett asks what did you call Talla this morning. Jillian says a little rat weasel. They agree that she is a little rat. Emmett says he wonders what the house was thinking keeping us both in the house. Jillian says she thinks they kept us to work with us originally. Emmett says I wasn’t going to go to the jury house and hang out with those losers. Jillian says you could use that in your speech. Talla joins them. They ask her what time she got up. Talla says like an hour before they got up because I had to … Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back. Talla is leaving and Emmett and Jillian decide to head back inside too.

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 940am

9:40am – 9:55am Talla and Gary are in the hot tub room. Talking about random things. Talla asks Gary don’t you want to know about my morning? I got woken up to like the sweetest sound ever! Gary asks what was it? Talla says all these others.. no that doesn’t even phase me.. Gary asks what was it? Like music? Talla says her name and then says ohhhh… Gary says Talla, Talla wake up.. Talla says I was like am I dreaming ..what’s about to happen to me? Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back they are no longer talking about her morning. Gary heads inside. Talla asks Big Brother if she should unpack because she hasn’t yet or should she just leave it.

(If only BB had woken Talla up this way the last 60+ days, maybe she would have been in a better mood and won a competition or two.. )

10am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

10:25am – 10:45am The live feeds get turn back on. Talla and Emmett are trying to figure out hot to reach all of the carpet with the vacuum. Talla continues vacuuming the house. She flips out when she see how messy the bathroom and swears up and down that she will not clean it. Emmett brings towels to the bathroom. Talla asks who the fu*k puts q-tips in the FU*KING toilet? (Gary) Emmett says not myself, I don’t even know where to find q-tips. Talla says that Gary can clean it, it’s filthy, so disgusting! Talla says that she is so fu*king annoyed right now! (Well her good mood didn’t last long.) Big Brother cuts the feeds again..

11am The Big Brother Canada live feeds get turned back on for the last hour before they’ll be turned off for good. Emmett and Talla are out in the hot tub room talking. Talla is talking about Emmett and how he put a nib in her salad… Give me them nibs! Give me them nibs! She talks about her and Andrew having to watch the Jillian/Emmett make out video. Emmett talks about how he knew Andrew wasn’t going to take him to the final two. It was just down to who was going to take out who first. Talla says awe I feel like a prize. Emmett says in the last two weeks I sent Peter home over you, and Andrew home over you .. my two best friends. Talla says awe I want to hug you! They hug. Emmett says that he respects Andrews game but once we got to here we had to break off and think about ourselves. Emmett comments on how they all get to be in the final episodes which means we are in every single episode. They head inside. Talla goes up to the HOH room and talks to Jillian and Emmett for a minute then comes downstairs and says I want a cocktail!

Big Brother Canada April 28 2013 1110am

11:20am – 11:50am Emmett and Jillian talk in the HOH room. Jillian says that she feels like a horrible person lying to everyone. Jillian says that Talla thinks she is so safe right now .. she thinks she is guaranteed at least $20,000. Jillian says that Talla doesn’t even ask me about final two. Jillian says she thinks I am taking her to the final two and thinks you will take her too. Emmett says Gary thinks we’re taking him too. Jillian says Gary and I talked and said we would talk about a final two deal once we got to final 3. Jillian tells Emmett that Gary was talking about throwing you under the bus if he won the POV but he didn’t want to mention it until after the POV. Emmett says these people must think we are crazy ..we just played everyone in the house. Emmett says that he wants the POV Ceremony to just be over so he can start scheming again on what to tell Talla. Jillian and Emmett head downstairs. Jillian asks Emmett if he thinks right after the POV ceremony the two nominees will have to pack their bags. Emmett heads back out to the hot tub room where Talla is sitting. Talla talks about today being the best day of her life waking up in the BB house. Talla says ewww.. ewww.. is it bad I just ate food in my teeth? It’s okay its just pineapple. Talla starts talking about her relationships. Talla asks do you think you will talk to your ex when you get out? Emmett says yeah.. but not to talk talk. Talla asks when was the last time you talked to her? Emmett says the day before coming out here. Jillian joins them. Talla says she wants someone to make a life 101 course for her. She also wants to take a vocabulary course so that she can complete sentences. Big Brother annouces house guests this is your 15 minute warning.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back Talla is talking about her Dad.

12pm The house guests are put on an indoor lock down. They head inside. Emmett and Talla talk about playing a game of puck ball. Gary is sleeping in the havenot room. Big Brother wakes him up. Emmett joins him. Emmett wonders why they are locked inside. He says that he doesn’t think its for a luxury competition. He says he thought it was for the POV ceremony but doesn’t know. He says he wishes he had watched more season to see how the final week plays out. Gary wonders if its because they are doing a special live eviction. Gary tells Emmett to start talking to Talla.. do you know what you are going to say? Emmett leaves.

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maybe Emmett really did cheat and they are re doing the pov comp lol


maybe Emmett really did cheat and they are re doing the pov comp lol


If emmette cheated they would have brought emmette in the diary room or annouced it to the room like they did last time. If they gave her a power (as i said the only way she would get something is handed to her) it would be cheating because powers usually won’t effect the hoh or the pov winner so gary would be the only one effected. Them doing something this late in the game is getting riddiculus but whatever it is she seems to have told the others and there didn’t seem to be any fallout.


“Big Brother then asks Emmett to come to the diary room to do a couple, few short lines with him and ask him to bring his black v-neck t-shirt, burgundy shirt and his toque.”

It’s always interesting to me when the obvious editing part comes out on BB. Watching the show after watching the feeds is like a totally different story lol
The show made Dan seem like he was only there for a day, even had Andrew say “Once Dan’s day was done..” Also during the freeze episode, they showed game play/strategy all mixed up in comparison to when it actually happened, in between all the different freezes.

Clearly they’ve decided they want more diary time from a day before and want to fake it. People who only watch the show are getting a totally modified experience lol


You are 100% like a totally different show with all of the manipulation from the diary room. Noticed it about 5 years ago on the U.S show


Talla went to bed early and didn’t do her diary room last night after the POV, they probably had her up early for that.


Or she found the diamond veto…….


The dpov would be useless at this point there isn’t enough people in the house the dpov gives the holder the power to replace both noms with two other players but they can’t chose the hoh or the pov holder so that means only gary would be elegible to be on the block. That would be unlikey at this point.


The rules of the Diamond Power of Veto … grants the bearer the power to remove a player off of Nomination Block and then select the nomination themselves, rather than deferring to the HOH for the replacement nominee

The Diamond Power of Veto was introduced as the final Veto of Big Brother 4. It was essentially the same as a Golden Power of Veto because it was used for the Final 4, in which case there was only one possible replacement nominee anyway. It was used by Alison Irwin to save herself from the threat of eviction. Erika Landin was the only possible replacement because Jun Song was already up on Nomination Block and Robert Roman was the Head of Household. The Diamond POV was reintroduced in Big Brother 12 and awarded to Matt Hoffman as a gift from Pandora’s Box.


Knowing bb they could just be messing with talla making her think she is staying because jemmette told them but with 3 people left one is hoh, one is pov (a power doesn’t effect them) which leaves two any power would guarentee gary leaving and that would be cheating on bb end.


Arrissa did say there was another twist maybe we get to vote who stays instead of emmette ?


Last night’s live feed was crazy – Talla went nuts because Big brother wouldn’t dim the lights WHEN SHE WANT THEM TO. She assumed it was because Gary was putting on make-up (which of course it wasn’t). They dim the lights randomly every night when THEY feel like it. She stomped into the diary room and demands answers to where should she sleep, she’s not trying to stay up all night while someone puts make-up on, etc. She stomps back into the room and Gary has gone to the main bathroom to do his make-up and the lights don’t go off for at least another hour anyway. What a nightmare she is under stress. Self-absorbed and undeserving to be there anyway. I hope she goes before Gary.


I meant to say storage room instead of diary room (where Talla went in to yell at Big Brother).


I’m happy Talla made it this far, I love her. I didn’t want her to win because she didn’t deserve it. But I wanted her because she provided entertainment without her the house would be so dull. I thought it would actually be smart for them to evict Gary.. because bringing Talla to the finals is a guarantee win for whoever brings her. Gary has a chance to win challenges unlike Talla


Seems BB has fun messing with the HG’s, controlling when the lights get turned off at night. Why doesn’t she do what Alec did, get a face mask to cover her eyes or grab a t shirt and put it over her eyes? To have a huge melt down like that is nuts.


I find it so strange that their is no vote to predict who the evicted houseguest will be on the big brother slice website .. Its for a finalist, I believe there is gonna be another ‘twist’ and all 4 are gonna have a chance to be a finalist , we will see anyways but I do believe Arissa said there was gonna be another twist…


I really hope there aren’t any more twists (For BB Canada’s sake). Fans are already upset at how many they had and how late in the game they were… adding another THIS late in the game would just be even WORSE.


“Emmett says I wasn’t going to go to the jury house and hang out with those losers.”

I thought they were all his friends. And Andrew is in the jury house. Won’t those people be pleased to learn what he really thought of them.


He’s such a nice, wholesome farm boy….


Agreed. That truly shows his colours. Friendly milkman farmer boy he’s not.


Well, technically everyone in the jury house IS a loser. It’s a fact more than a judgement.


Yeah, but to quote Emmett earlier from the iceberg competition: “I’m pretty sure once you step off that iceberg, you’re a loser.” He said this about Topaz without considering that she was up there HOURS past HIS time (and wasn’t disqualified due to stupidity with hand placements like he was). So he miiiiight not be the most qualified person to talk about losers and winners and such.


Only ‘real’ friendships – Peter/Alec, AJ/Andrew. The rest are fake and it’s doubtful the rest will keep in touch. Emmette and Jillian will break up after the show. He’ll dump her.


the Emmett/Jill friendship is only a showmance and nothing more, theres nothing serious there after the show ends…I cant see Jill tolerating being in a real relationship with a guy like Emmett with zero personality…but I think after watching the shows back and hearing from her friends and family, Jill will realize how much she likes Andrew, and what a nice guy he is, and how much Andrew likes her…and I think those 2 will become great friends…she very much likes the personality and humour of Andrew, they had some great talks, alot more interesting to listen to that pair converse than any other pair of housemates in my opinion, both hilarious and deeper serious chats…and Andrew must have made her laugh a thousand times during the last 2 months and she was impressed how he paid attention to her and remembered everything she told him about her family…he made her coffee every morning…and it was clear to me they have a very good connection…at the very least I could see them being great friends well into the future


Of course he will dump her. Have you ever heard of a farmer and a teacher getting together? She likes the city, he likes the country.


I think Andrew and Jill will hang out!


Agree! Definite vibes between Andrew and Jillian for a while there and obvious when they both pulled back, but they still kept reminding each other about hanging out after the show was over.


Maybe it’s a DPOV or some type of Coup d’etat… it’s a little (okay, a lot) sneaky at this point but hey, I wouldn’t put it past BB Canada. Maybe she found something in the house and they gave her a Pandora’s Box in the diary room… who knows!


Would someone please explain to me why in the hell would Jemmit take Gary to Final 3 ??? Should they not just take Talla… I mean for christ sakes she aint ever going to win anyting ?? To me its a little crazy to take Gary I mean he could beat them both and take he Grand prize if they take him… I am starting to think team Jemmit may have spent too much time kissing instead of deciding whom they should take to Final 3 ?


Would someone please explain to me why in the hell would Jemmit take Gary to Final 3 ??? Should they not just take Talla… I mean for christ sakes she aint ever going to win anyting ?? To me its a little crazy to take Gary I mean he could beat them both and take he Grand prize if they take him… I am starting to think team Jemmit may have spent too much time kissing instead of deciding whom they should take to Final 3 ?


They are doing the POV ceremony and then probably evicting a person right away. So that they can be down to 3 people right away. I really don`t think Emmett will keep Talla. He knows she made a F2 deal with Jillian. Plus he also knows it`s a possibility that Jillian would keep Talla for F2 because Jillian would be thinking she could beat Talla in F2.


That is not why emmette knows that jillian would not back stab him for talla lol they discussed it and feel that jill has a better chance in round 1 against gary and emmette has a better chance against gary ( i don’t think emmette see’s either as a threat) jillian has been pushing to get talla out she doesn’t want to take the chance she might beat her in the first round and gary isn’t as good at those comps