Emmett asks Talla what’s 3 times 60? Talla says 18000, 1800, 3600??

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 920am

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Andrew, Talla and Peter head into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Andrew and Talla complain about how they heard a tick, tick, ticking noise all night. Jillian and Talla head to the kitchen. Jillian’s eye’s are burning. Andrew and Jillian go to the living room. Andrew tells Jillian that she was in his dreams again ..treating me poorly again. Emmett comes down from the HOH room wearing Jillian’s HOH robe. ANdrew says look everyone it’s Hugh Hefner, he’s wearing your robe.. he knows he barely won an HOH but you know. Emmett tells Andrew that there are two robes up there. Talla joins them with some toast. Andrew finds something on the floor and asks what’s this. It fell out of your bum. Talla says that’s not mine. Andrew says yeah the only thing that comes out of your butt is dirty wind. Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 921am

9:40am – 10am When the live feeds come back: Andrew and Talla are out in the backyard talking. Talla says but I am still here so I don’t care. The conversation turns to talking about the beginning of the game and about Tom. They talk about how Talla was put up on the block. Andrew brings up how Peter is going up on the block and either you or I are going up but Peter is going home. Talla says it would be better if you went up because then you have me and Emmett voting to keep you. Andrew says I would rather not go on the block, I have won 3 competitions .. and that means I am a threat and you might decide to get me out. Andrew says that Peter could have made a big move, he could have used the POV and he almost won the HOH .. but now he is going up on the block and going home. Talla says no matter what I am not turning my back on you ..no matter what and I hope you don’t either. Emmett join them. Andrew brings up how he never was in an alliance with Aj ..I might have said we would go to the final two together but I would have had to drag him like a sack of bricks. Andrew comments how much do you bet Alec is regretting not sending me out. Emmett says yeah same as Topaz she is regretting not putting Jillian and I up. The conversation turns to talking about past competitions. Talla says as we know my math skills aren’t the greatest. Emmett asks Talla what’s 3 times 60? Talla says 18000, 1800, 3600?? Emmett asks what are 3 – 60’s? Talla says 180 .. oh fu*k! Andrew says yeah but you just said 18000 how did you get to that number?!

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 955am

10am – 10:25am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush, hush screen. When the live feeds come back: Emmett and Andrew are in the hot tub talking in the hot tub. Andrew says that we are in a great position. Emmett comments how does Talla not think she should go on the block .. she hasn’t won anything. Emmett says as much as it makes sense to take Talla to the finals .. she doesn’t deserve it. Andrew brings up how on Peter’s microphone he has Alec’s name on it. Andrew talks about how Alec was all upset wanting to win… get out of my face, it’s not like you’re trapped in a well! They talk about different scenarios. They head inside.
Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 1030am
10:30pm Emmett heads up to the HOH room. Emmett tells Peter we need to talk because nominations are tonight or tomorrow. Peter says the way I see it, it is you, Jillian and I in the final 3. Peter says if you put Andrew in a position to win, he will win. If he is in the final two, he will win! Doesn’t matter who he’s against he will win. Peter says all of us can win against Talla. I know she doesn’t deserve to be here but she won’t win over any of us. Emmett says that he can’t stand how Talla is still upset about being put on the block. You were up on the block for like an hour! Peter and Emmett end their conversation.

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 1034am

10:45am – 10:55am Andrew, Emmett, Talla and Peter are in the kitchen talking about past events of the house and how they think there will be a havenot competition today. Over on the kitchen couch Andrew and Talla give each other foot rubs. Andrew gets called to the diary room.

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 1050am

11am – 11:25am Jillian says awe Talla you and I are the only girls left. Jillian asks Emmett, look up at the memory wall and tell me if you could choose two girls to be in the final 5 with, who would it be. Emmett says Suzette and Liza. They laugh. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush, hush screen.

11:25pm – 11:50am The live feeds come back: Emmett and Jillian are on the kitchen couch. Emmett comments that she didn’t even come see him. Jillian says I am busy. Talla says I like that answer. Jillian tells Emmett that she is trying to distance her self from him so that when they go home he is used to spending so much time together. Emmett comments on how whenever there has been a double eviction only the people that are packed an on the block have gone home. Emmett & Jillian decide to try and use the slow cooker. Peter and Emmett sit down to a game of puck ball on the kitchen table.

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 1148am

11:55am – 12:20pm Andrew finally comes out of the diary room after being in there for awhile. Andrew goes up to the HOH room. He comments on how Talla has been quite today. Andrew says I don’t know how much Emmett trusts Peter. I don’t get why he didn’t try to get me out, I don’t get it ..he just doesn’t have the balls. Andrew says you could put Emmett & I up or me and Talla up.. and then if anyone wins the POV you put Peter up. Then he says well no because then if he wins it one of us goes home. Andrew and Jillian wonder if its a havenot or possibly a luxury competition this morning.

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WHY THE HELL DOES ANDREW KEEP ON TALKING ABOUT ALEC??!!??!! It’s getting so annoying. He’s out of the house, you don’t need to continue trashing him. Geez.


part of me thinks thats actually intentional because andrews a bit worried about peter in emmetts ear….which he should be frankly! If he keeps talking about alec he reminds people peter was with alec….he needs to try and keep himself safe if that means reminding emmett about things so be it….he was the one who basically talked emmett out of being dumb with the whole peter/alec noms!! I wish they edited in more of those convos to show that emmett isnt actually always right…


Because he’s still reeling from Alec’s inane, condescending, and total bs campaigning for a whole week.


I think Andrew can’t get over how embarrased he was when Alec threw the comp to him, then turned around and won not only HOH, but money. That is also when I feel, Alec’s big mistake was. Had he not done that, it may be him, Andrew and Peter.

I Don't Know

maybe because it hasn’t even been 24 hours since we have seen Alec leave and nothing else eventful has happened and after 40+ days together other topics of conversation have already been covered??
And they do this about every houseguest that is evicted every morning after…


I’m so tired of watching the E/J show, it would be nice to see them on the block but that’s likely not going to happen now. Peter is an idiot if he thinks aligning with E/J is a better idea than aligning with Andrew/Talla, they could make a big move this week if somehow it works out where Emmett would be the only other option to be on the block. As people they seem okay so I’m not trying to be mean on anybody, but BBCAN is going to be too predictable if those two make it to the end. I’m just curious who the fan favourites are this year, if it’s E/J then I guess we just have to sit back and see who gets the votes at the end. I’m still rooting for Andrew but with the way things are looking him or Peter will be the next to go and then it’s just E/J makeout scenes for the next few weeks until it’s over, whoopee.


I think that Peter is absolutely willing to align with Talla and Andrew against Emmett and Jillian, but the problem here is Andrew because he’s so far up E/J’s ass that he doesn’t see he has no chance at winning unless he wins the final HOH.


peter said to alec before he left that the only ppl he could beat in final 2 were jillian and talla. he’s not going to bring talla to f2 because there would be no respect in that, so i think he’s staying in good graces with jemmett in the hopes of bringing jillian to f2! i think he would rather work with andrew bc he is a more respectable player, but in the discussion with alec, he said he wasn’t sure he could beat him in f2 and he doesn’t seem to have a strong relationship with him at all right now (he sees andrew is aligned with jemmett).
i think emmett is also starting to realize that if he brings jillian or andrew to f2, he may not actually win. ive heard him more than once say that he wishes he would be in the finals with a weak player (ive heard him say liza and suzette in the post above, talla, peter…) just because he is here to win the money. this is like a job to him. he doesn’t even care if he’s up against a more respectable player, he’d rather know he’ll win. this is why i think he’s kept talla around and is now gaining favor with peter, he thinks he can beat them. has emmett actually promised jillian f2 at any point? or is he just completely using her? ive noticed them distancing themselves a bit, i don’t think jillian is too happy with him calling talla names like tw*t last night. maybe she’s starting to realize she’s better off going against andrew or peter than emmett, ive heard her say many times this week that she trusts those 2, and ive also heard her say to the girls that she is not even sure emmett would take her to f2, but maybe this was just a ploy.


Its funny how everyone thinks peters move was stupid even i thought what is he doing what i was watching the episode. But one things about big brother is that everyone is for themselves. Look at Andrew when he told alec “i will be grateful for saving me” did he do the samething back for him NO atleast a pity vote even. peter and topaz weren’t even that close and the fact that he followed through what he did. who knows they might actually start to believe he is honest and they themselves might return on each other. he was lucky he won this POV if he saved topaz ( it would be nice) how do you guys know for sure he will he safe nextweek or even win pov ?


It’s too late in the game for a twist. This would have been a great season if production had just let them play the game. Week one, if they actually had competed for HOH, Suzette would have been gone first and we would have been spared the three weeks it took to finally get her out. If the powershift never happened she would have been gone and Aneal might have had a chance to make something happen. Topaz had her game ruined when she was instant HOH, and AJ got screwed. Not even a chance to play for POV! The first few competitions were unfair. I watched the first POV competition again, and Tom shouldn’t have won it, he had a piece wrong, the next HOH they could see each other’s answers in the mirrors, and since it was a majority rules competition, it mattered a lot. And now someone is coming back this late in the game. I am jaded and don’t really believe that our votes count for anything. Production knows what they want, they want Gary back in the house, but what will that do for the game? He has nobody in the house, Andrew will be super pissed and unless Gary wins the HOH, he will be sent right back to jury. If he wins, then Andrew is out. He might go after Emmett and Jillian, but I have a feeling he will go for revenge instead of doing something that will level the playing field. I hope I am wrong about that. It’s turning into the Emmett and Jillian show and I am bored with them. It would actually be more fun if Alec came back. It looks like Peter is gone this week unless he wins POV, so Alec would be all out trying to take out Emmett and Jillian. Topaz was the downfall of the shield. I called it first week. What was Alec thinking?? Why did he throw the POV? He would have won if he didn’t give up! Why did Topaz not even try to win? Why didn’t Peter use his self proclaimed super brain and take Alec off the block knowing that he would probably be safe and Topaz would go home instead of him? They had several chances to save the situation and they blew every one of them. I don’t think Alec deserves another chance, but it would be a lot more entertaining than more glitter. I was hoping BBCA would tone down the meddling from production that has ruined so many seasons in the US, but if anything it is worse than any US season except maybe season 13, I like the cast, but the twists and power shifts suck.


Does anyone know, what is the game that Emmett and Peter are playing on the dinning table and what are the rules? How do they get points? Are the puck like things made special to play this game? I’ve been watching and can figure out this game.


I am not sure if it is an official game since they just created it like shuffleboard. They are using napkin rings and put tape on the table for the end area. They added the can to make it more difficult.


Thank you Kijiji fir answer my question. It’s cool that they made up the game themselves. I never would have figured out that they were using napkin rings and the napkin rings even have a ringing sound to them.


The only reason I think or know they are napkin rings is I remember someone saying they can take everything except the napkin rings or they won’t take the napkin rings. (can’t remember which exactly) Apparently big brother took their playing cards and their tinfoil game, so I don’t know why they think they won’t take the napkin rings unless they really need them for their napkins or to go around their placemats.


Peter’s fake diary room voice sounds exactly like this guy from cbc radio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ibpyc0eFF0A&feature=player_embedded


If I were Jill (and I don’t think she is as ‘attached’ to Em as everybody else does), I would develop a case of wanting to rehaul my diet and exclude ANY DAIRY products. It’s gonna have to be sooner or later and I am starting to really dislike Emmett’s misogynistic comments of late. He is a bro more than he is letting on. Not the ‘good ole’ boy from the farm’. Look, a girl can get a little fun ride of her on a bull too. She’s not as dumb as a lot of people think.

glitter fan

gary will put up emmett and jillian..jillian put up danielle and they put up topaz..topaz will tell him all about it in the jury house…and he will have his revenge


Whether BBCA or BBUS, the fans are always critical of production’s interference…we are always suspicious of vote results…always suspicious that production is pushing for a particular houseguest to win…always suspicious that the comps are geared for a particular person to win. No matter what production twists there are– we still love the game and we still watch! I will agree with Topaz…it is (has been) a great cast…something for everyone. Just wanted to spice up the comments with a positive comment. For a first time season, BBCA has been fun and exciting to watch!


Whatever happened to “let the best player win”?
I read comments here about “Jillian and Emmett are going to win, it’s going to be boring, so production should intervene to prevent that from happening”. I’m asking all of you who post/think that: wouldn’t it be a shallow show, if the best players didn’t have the same chance of winning as the others?
Jillian had some pretty bad moves that will cost her if she makes it to F2 (promise-gate). Still, she’s a comp beast. Emmett has played a great game, winning some comps, not getting too much blood on his hands, being likeable to the other houseguests. He got to “smoothen things over” with Peter which led Peter not to use his POV on Topaz. That was maybe dumb of Peter, but definitely smart of Emmett. When the dark moose appeared, Emmett was the first one in the morning to get up and go check the hot tub room. Half an hour later, Andrew checked. Half an hour later, Peter checked. Half an hour later, Talla started to dance in the HOH room.
How is it fair to wish for the best player to be sabotaged by BB for being the best player?
I read a comment in an earlier post “Alec DESERVES another chance and should be voted back”. How THE HELL would he deserve another chance? He hasn’t once been screwed over by any of production’s twists. He got where he is all by himself, he even dragged Peter and Topaz down with him (telling J+E that they would be out for vengeance if he got voted out) If the term “deserve” meant anything, it would be someone like Aneal who would deserve some reparation for having been screwed over by the “we want Suzette to be saved-twist”.
If I watch a tennis match, and I see Novak Djokovic (Federer, Nadal, whoever you prefer!) play a random player in the 1st round of a tournament, and he’s beating him, because he plays much better, I appreciate his great game. I might hope for the other guy to play better so it becomes more thrilling, but I don’t wish for the umpire to step down his chair, grab an axe and chop Nokovic’s foot off so the other guy has a chance to win.
Let’s be fair and value who plays a good game and who does not.


I Agree 100% my rankings of most deserve to win are emmett, andrew, jillian, peter (who has a chance to move above jill if he wins another veto to save himself, winning competitions is an important factor, but winning comps when most needed to is even more important in my opinion) and finally talla. Still doesnt mean things arent getting a tad boring to watch


Very well said Johnny and I agree with you 100% I wish BB production would read your post and get a clue to stop meddling in the game and just let it play out. It makes me laugh when I hear “It’s up to you Canada”. No it’s not! It has nothing to do with Canada. They want Gary back in the house plain and simple and conveniently have this “Powershift” platform to pull BS moves to get involved.

The results of this next Powershift will read exactly how production wants it too.

The right thing to do would be for a Pandora’s Box scenario where if Jillian opened it only then would the selected jury member come back. At least that way the fate would still be in the houseguests hands and not productions.

Lessons learned for next season BB. Stop meddling in the game so much!


A Pandoras Box senario is a good idea, and I could get behind that. As it stands now, I’m utterly disgusted with Production.


Kupac…please stop talking about production….lol


The game is Big Brother not tennis ..Expect the unexpected is BB’s motto.
We all bitch and complain when the twist is against our favs.(I bitched when Jeff was GIVEN the coup de ta).


Agree entirely. Production has lost all credibility in their attempt to add more drama. For someone to come back at this point after a nice little vacation is ridiculously unfair. I want the winner to have earned their title, not skate to the end after a nice reprieve free of up to 4 weeks of competition. What a joke this show has turned into.
Just rename it BigLotto with the motto; fuck competition, we’re here to screw your game.


They may be good players and deserve to win but I find them personally really annoying. Now that they are down to 5 players I can’t even stand to watch the live feeds because it has turned into the Jemmett show (at least with more players in the house there were occasionally cameras not focused on that pair). I’m not sure I will continue to watch the show at all at this point because it has become so predictable with same people in power over the past weeks.


There are people who root for the alphas (like I do) and there are people who root for the nerds/underdogs/losers. People who root for the alphas get screwed over and people who root for the underdogs cry and need someone to cheat for their player. Who we root for is an extension of ourvelves. There are probably a lot of nerdy virgin Peter fans.
I agree with you 100%


That’s incorrect. The person you root for is the person you aspire to be. The ‘extension of yourself’ is the person you hate the most. That’s basic psychology.


Are you trying to tell us, everyone who is rooting for Gary, aspires to be like Gary? Lord have mercy!!!!!!


i agree that production should never fix the game, but these powershifts aren’t meant to determine the game, they are part of the game. if you are a good player with good alliances, you will survive these power shifts. if you are a bad player (tom-liza, alec-topaz), these powershifts will get you. after quitting that POV, i agree alec does not deserve to be in the house. a jury member coming back into the house HAS happened in big brother before, it is part of the game. again, if you are really a good player and haven’t burnt any bridges, you should be able to survive a jury member coming back. this is why i think emmett or jillian are NOT good players, in my opinion (ppl have different opinions of what is a “good” player) bc they have openly screwed over a few too many jury members, players who are supposed to vote for them in the end… (even if peter is working with them now, it’s only for his own safety, it’s not like he likes them!!) personally i think andrew is the best, most deserving player in the house right now but of course my opinion could still change.


Will not be watching the feeds until E&J are out of the house….


They’ll appreciate the extra bandwidth they saved from someone who is a fan of the rigging and not the game.


Just because someone doesn’t like Jill/Emmett doesn’t mean they are therefore a fan of rigging and not a fan of the game. Thats just ridiculous.


BBCAN is awash with production f*ck$ry


It is totally unfair that they bring someone into the house so close to the end. When BBUS is on I plan my calendar
around it not so with BBCAN. Found it boring and too much interference by production. BBUS doesn’t have all
these twists. If they do bring a eliminated HG back to play for the final 4 I will never watch BBCAN again if they do
have another season.

What a big mistake by Peter not using the POV on Topaz. Emmett would have had to put up Andrew or Jillian with
Talla. Then Peter & Topaz would have the power to vote out Andrew. Once Andrew is out of the picture Talla would
have went with Peter & Topaz and they could take out Emmett & Jillian. For being a brain, Peter isn’t very smart.