Big Brother Canada Emmett says well maybe we should think about getting Andrew out this week.

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 1223pm

12:20pm Emmett and Jillian head up to the HOH room. Jillian’s eyes are still bothering her. Emmett tells Jillian .. do you know what Andrew told me out in the hot tub? He said you wont believe how lucky I am and you will see later when you watch. Emmett says that he didn’t make a point about it but I wonder what he meant. Jillian says that he can’t believe Peter didn’t try and get him out. She says that Andrew told her she has all the power. She thinks Andrew is trying to feel us out to see if we want to save Peter. Jillian says she really likes Andrew and doesn’t want to break a bond with him .. but I think my dad is at home saying I am an idiot for taking the two strongest guys to the final 3. Emmett says well maybe we should think about getting Andrew out this week. Both Emmett and Jillian don’t think Andrew believes that we would take him to the finals. They talk about how taking Talla or Peter to the finals is a better shot to win. Jillian asks do you think we can trust Andrew. Emmett says no. That’s why I did what I did yesterday and kept Peter safe. I have to think about us and what will keep us safe. Jillian wonders maybe we should up Peter and Talla and if one of us wins we put Andrew up. Emmett says one of us is guaranteed to be in the final three. Jillian says I was thinking this .. why the hell would one of us want to win HOH next week.. Because its the person that gets to vote decides who goes home. Jillian says Andrew already said he didn’t want to win HOH next week because he didn’t want to be the one to get Talla out.. but maybe he is thinking this too. Jillian says the person that wins HOH only gets to decide who goes up, unless they also win the POV. Jillian says the best case scenario is Andrew wins HOH so then we get to decide who goes home. Jillian asks if they can talk about this later when her eyes aren’t hurting so that she doesn’t have to be on tv like this..

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 1230pm

12:45pm Andrew comes up to the HOH room and starts talking about how Talla is being all nervous. Andrew and Emmett talk about how she needs to just relax. Andrew says Peter will be going up and going home unless he wins the veto .. then one of us is going home. Andrew says that Peter has got to be feeling pretty alone right now. They wonder what the competition will be today. Andrew says that he will be on slop.. I don’t care. Andrew says that when he heard about the double eviction he thought great send two of them home.. and perfect no twist to save Alec. They comment on how the messiest people have been sent to the jury house. Andrew says that by the end Aj will have been in the jury house for 35 days .. that’s insane! Andrews comments on how this is a game and we all are alone .. and last night it worked out for the best. Jillian gets called to the diary room. Andrew comments on how nervous Talla is. Emmett asks why. Andrew says because of what you did last night. Andrew says that she is fine, if Peter wins the veto then she is going home. Jillian comes back up. Andrew comments on how maybe they put you in here to have a showmance with me. Andrew hopes that Talla gets put on slop this week so that she blows up and it will make it that much easier to get rid of her next week after Peter. They finish up their conversation and Andrew heads downstairs.

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 1250pm

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 118pm

1:20pm – 1:35pm Jillian and Emmett start joking around and making out. Jillian bring up again that not getting Andrew out would be a mistake but that she doesn’t want to look like a evil villain to the world. Jillian says I am not scared of Peter .. I feel like he is a girl I am competing against. Emmett says that Andrew would get over it. Emmett says no one wants us in the final three. Emmett says imagine it was me you and Lalla in the finals. We would win every comp and no one would give it to her because she has nothing this entire game. Jillian says maybe we should get Andrew out this week. They talk about putting Peter and Talla up on the block and if either of them (Emmett or Jillian) win they will take Peter off the block. Emmett says will will tell Peter he is going on the block with Talla but tell him only because we don’t want Andrew fighting as hard for the veto. They figure they will talk about it more later. Emmett heads downstairs. Jillian stays up and talks to herself a bit about voting out Andrew or keeping him. She then heads downstairs.

Video is uploading:

2:05pm – 2:30pm Andrew and Talla are sitting on the couch. Andrew is running his hands through her hair. They then go back to playing another game of puck ball. Jillian and Emmett are cleaning up in the kitchen. During the puck ball game Andrew fingers Talla. When he wins he gets up and does a dance towards her and then rubs his butt on her. She then runs to the bathroom stall and he grabs all the dirty towels and puts them on the stall door.

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 224pm

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 225pm

2:35pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen..

3:40pm Hush, Hush continues .. most likely for a have/havenot competition..

4:55pm Hush, Hush continues ..

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Dumb move Jillbot. Andrew is not going anywhere and so as peter


Anyone else see the diamond powerof veto that is supposedly in the backyard? Don’t know if it’s photoshop but perhaps Andrew has it! I’d laugh my a$$ off if they backdoor Andrew then he uses a diamond veto, Emmit up and gone. It would be a rager!
I dare to dream!
Emmit is the latest to join the idiot club. He has the game almost in the bag and he’s about to mess the whole season up. Stupid is as stupid does!


Thanks Dawg

It’s all over Twitter and Facebook apparently. Simon is an evil genius

Evil Dick = Evil Simon!


I am absolutely shocked so many people thought it was real. My intentions was to have it as a joke but some people took it a different way.
People are tweeting me saying how obviously Photoshoped it is etc etc.. that was the point..

Oh well I’m going to make another one this weekend, OBB readers will know the truth the rest will be left to ponder.


Have to ask, is the shower scene slip pic
your aforementioned project???


Lets see how Villian is gonna turn on Andrew now. Didn’t she trust him completely last week.
Hope Peter wins the Veto to keep him safe until Alec’s return.


she did….the reality is she SHOULD be getting rid of emmett this week but she wont….


Sorry for a second post but I need to say something!

To the 2 freaking IDIOTS known as milkmance….. You want to win the next HOH because it garuntees you F3! How stupid are these morons? The fact is it won’t necessarily be F4 next week but another round of F5 with Gary likely back. That being said E/J(dumb and dumber) do not know about the TWIST. Real fans of the game know F4 to F3 to F2 like the back of your hand. So E/J’s brilliant strategy is to have a 50% chance of both going F3 by dropping HOH and rolling the dice on 1 POV. Yup Dan needs to sell these idiots a book!


Wow, a lot of hostility against the strongest team in the game. Emmett and Jillian are far from dumb.

Antony G

Didn’t understand at all what you meant.


Well I think that it is now official… Peter and Alec are THE 2 worst houseguests EVER to play Big Brother worldwide. This is like Big Brother for beginners and I don’t think that I can take it anymore. There was so many potential opportunities to make this an interesting season but this selection of player’s threw that out of the window. Unbelievable!… Even bringing Gary back at this point cannot improve the quality of this game as he will just get voted right out the door and really what does he have to offer with this group that is left anyway? This sucks! I want to say that I will not watch anymore but it’s like a train wreck, you just can’t stop yourself from looking. Booooooo Big Brother Canada! A+ for effort but I think that this was really poor casting.

I don’t want to watch another minute of Talla’s phoniness, her tongue in cheek style of humor was popular in the 60’s, she would have played well beside Abbott and Costello.

I’m just so extremely frustrated about last nights potential of a real game and some drama finally starting… what a let down!

Rant over.


How do you figure they are the worst? Kat anyone?
they made it further than anybody except who is left…
Goofy take on your part…I get it if you don’t like them or the lack of drama in the house, but wow society is nuts with what people make up…
Just like saying Gary DESERVES to win, he got evicted so unless he gets put back in he does not deserve to win because he wasn’t a good enough player…


Hmmmm… Not really sure what your comments mean but anyway, it was just my opinion. Kat was my favorite at the beginning but my favorites always seem to have bad luck. I do like all of the players, I wouldn’t mind any of them being my neighbors, just didn’t think that they bought much to the table. Even at the initial interview video’s none of them had a game plan… It should be a prerequisite to have watched a minimum of three seasons to be accepted onto the show at this point, the viewer’s expect this, at least I do. It pisses me off to hear somebody say that they don’t even know who Dan is.

I also don’t think that I ever suggested that Gary deserved to win, you seem to be a little confused. Out of the whole cast I think that Liza had the most game, unfortunately we didn’t get to see Kat play, she was the unfortunate circumstance of the person who thought that they deserved to win due to their life situation and their game play was based on pity.

Hopefully you don’t take too much offense to my reply… It’s just a game buddy!


I was simply pointing out some things are not a matter of opinion…
You can’t say they are the worst because they played way better (ie made it further) than a lot of other players this season or on many previous seasons world wide…
The Gary comment was just an extra thought of mine which last i checked i am allowed to have so nope i am not confused just making a seperate observation.
I love how statements of fact get thumbs down really that doesnt say much for society…
now you say you thought LIZA had the most game????
I will say it again… try and keep up…
How could Liza have the most game and get evicted so early? the only game she had was poor game, because she couldnt even out last the two worst players in BB history world wide…(you said that…)
I am sorry you can’t follow logic.


for the record i take no offense and hope you don’t take any offense to mine. I am just pointing out that two people who make it further than others in a game are better players… you cannot tell me that people who get evicted earlier are better players that makes no sense. It is as simple as the best player is the one who wins. This was something Jeff could never get Russel to understand on survivor.


Yup… I guess going by your logic, Talla may well be the best player ever to win Big Brother. Happy dreaming!

Antony G

Emmett has slowly turned into a nasty humorless idiot. Jillian is now all wishy washy. Andrew is the only one I like.


I want Talla out. I cannot stand the way she puts on that stupid smile and blinks her eyes like she is so adorable. She looks like an idiot every time she goes into the DR to vote. Somebody take her out of this game. It drives me crazy every time she says I can’t do math. Everyone can do some math, but she can’t add 2+2?


On second thought forget it. If Peter can’t win I want the rest of these idiots to lose to Talla, the mastermind of Big Brother.


It makes no sense to return any of the jurors to the game at this point. The minute they return to the game they are going right back to th jury house the same week. Unless BB Production throws in an immunity clause which I can see happening. Now 1 of the present houseguest is gonna get screwed and it will just be the same thing. I think the only fair return is AJ. He didn’t have a chance to play for the veto to save himself so I think they owe him 1. I want Andrew to win it all. Emmett is an idiot for suggesting to put up Andrew. I like Emmett but that’s a real bitch move to go after your boy like that. Keep your word and let the best person win 1nce you get to final 3. Oh yeah. Hi
Michy K. It’s WS Finesse. Miss ya


I’d love to see Jillian put up Peter & Talla and Andrew win the veto and take one of them off, therefore forcing Emmett to be nominated & they evict him. Would make an excellent week.


What’s with all the nasty name-calling of the house-guests? They are playing a game, are in an isolated situation and are trying to figure out how to play the game to further themselves, without the luxury that the viewers have of seeing and hearing everyone’s plans.

I enjoy reading the comments but to those that find they need to resort to name-calling the contestants, please remember, they can’t hear you and the readers might have different opinions. Name-calling is a form of bullying and has no place on a comment board that so many people read.

thank you.


Well said Natyn.


Think the hush hush screens are for the have not competition?


I think Andrew is just as ready to get rid of Emmett as J+E are ready to get rid of him. The only difference is we see J+E talk about it together, whereas he doesn’t have anyone to tell this to. Andrew said weeks ago that it’s only a game and that people shouldn’t take game moves personal.
I’m convinced if the veto is won by whoever was NOT on the block, Emmett will be evicted.
Let’s say Jillian nominates Peter and Talla. Andrew wins POV, takes Talla off the block. Jillian has no choice but to nominate Emmett. Talla and Andrew both vote to evict Emmett.
From a J+E standpoint, the only worst case scenario would be if the person not on the block wins veto. Therefore, I’d put Peter and Andrew on the block since Talla is the least likely to win POV.


i agree i think the fact that e/j dont know the game as well is hopefully going to hurt them….it would be a fabbbbbbulous move and i hope they dont think of it and leave andrew off….and then if andrew wins it would be great! but this requires a lot of ifs…but viewers would be happy!


Here’s my ranking for who I find entertaining on the feeds (not who has the best game.. I watch this show to be entertained and to see game play but with so many twists I think game play doesn’t mean as much anymore 🙁 )

1) Andrew
2) Talla (can be a little much at times)
3) Emmett (A distant third)
4) Peter
5) Jillian

If Glitter comes back

1) Andrew
2) Glitter
3) Talla
4) Emmett
5) Peter
6) Jillian

If Alec comes back

1) Andrew
2) Talla
3) Emmett
4) Peter
5) Alec
6) Jillian

I think they are all playing their respected games well and should be applauded for still being in the house.

Gary or Alec will be coming back but my money is all on Gary.

who do you find the most entertaining?


I am sensing you like Andrews comedic relief and dislike Jillians screachy voice.


The best beast of the west coast = Andrew. Entertaining, quick, intelligent, intellectual. I wish Jill would drop that extra weight now (riding her literally and figuratively). He has become as useful as “tits on a bull”. He starting to show cracks in his social game and saying some pretty arrogant, rude and impulsive things. (I really do not mean that Emmett has not played great socially etc., up until now and I did not want to call him useless). Note to self: *Don’t talk about the size of Emmmett’s package”.


I agree with you, without Andrew in the house it will be sooo boring, can you imagine how dull Peter, Emmett, Jillian and Talla would be on the feeds, I’m not even sure if there would even be much talking, just kissing and lots of wall gazing.


Gary will be back teamed up with Talla .. Emmett will be interesting once he gets slapped up on the block which will happen once someone other than Jillian/Emmett wins HOH.

Jillian/emmett not winning HOH may never happen lol


I don’t really watch the feeds anymore. I’m tired of Jemmett making out and Jillian totally turning to Emmett for all the decision making. And that whining…Andrew is funny and I hope he wins. Talla acts like a fool. All the “BAM BAM BAM BAM” and “FAIL” nonsense, gyrating and screwy faces are ridiculous. She’s too old to be acting like this. It’s not cute. The way she acts in the DR when she’s voting isn’t even funny, but I guess the audience’s laughter encourages her. Peter is often just staring and I wish Emmett would get voted out or Jillian. The two together are uninteresting. I pray Gary comes back because he is entertaining. I don’t want Alec back. Imagine how much bigger his head would get if he were brought back! No thanks. It’s big enough. So, right now, I only really like Andrew. If Gary comes back, I’ll be interested in two players. I hope the second season of this show will have players who aren’t afraid to go against the house and really play the game. And that production gets the message and stops interfering so much.

Sir Peanut

Poor Jillian always last. Well at least she cooks.


Out of whos left she’s first in looks and HOH wins ..


I find Andrew the most entertaining then talla , and then if Gary comes back I’d put him in between Andrew and talla as well ! I really hope Alec dose not come back. Funny thing is if he didn’t act like such a jerk on his way out of the house maybe he’d actually get a few votes, I hate his puppy dog sad face he makes all the time! I which I could use all my points to vote against Alec coming back into the house, anyone else is fine with me!


This is one time I won’t be saying Vote Dawg.. Vote AJ!!!

Sorry Dawg.. first time in 3 years I haven’t voted for you


When Gary comes back he is gonna be a Pussy…… Cat. He’s. Of gonna want to stir it up to quickly so he gets nominated immediately. He’s gonna be a slave to whoever has the power. Any Bets???? And I’m a black dude so I don’t mean that kind of slave. Hahaha


Sorry for the spelling mistakes people. I’m at work trying to type on my iPod without being seen.


You risked your job to post another post containing an apology? Wow! You crazy! 😉


Can I ask why people want Gary back? Personally for myself I found him annoying, loud, rude, WAY overdramatic and somewhat of a bully. I don’t think he adds any extra strength or power to the house and will ultimately be more of an annoyance to the other houseguests rather than a welcomed ally back in the game to help any of them.

I am very curious what reasons people have (and not just to bring “glitter” back. that’s dumb)



I agree! I believe he got a good edit in the show, but I think he is just mean. I watch the feeds religiously, and the only thing I gained from Gary’s personality is that — you stated it perfectly – he is a bully. He would say nasty things to Danielle and Topaz about the other HG’s, like how Suzette shouldn’t eat so unhealthy because she is already so fat, etc. He will get voted back because of how he was portrayed on the show.


Careful – I got skewered yesterday for saying he was disrespectful (he uses terms like m**her f**kers as an acceptable way to communicate justified by him being a flambuoyant gay guy and people let it slide) Maybe for fear of being called homophobic? I don’t know – I didn’t like watching him apply make up for so many hours a day either. He did not actually like ANYONE except maybe ‘Topaz Glitter.’ He said horrible things about every single person in the house; even the ones he was “pretending” to come on to. He couldn’t stand them. I found him mean, ruthless and physically threatening (Talla). That alone should have been grounds for eviction. Okay so I guess I’m getting skewered again today. Sense of humour? No. He didn’t say anything particularly funny so… I don’t know. I’ll keep checking back to see if someone has an answer WITHOUT the unnecessary personal attack on my opinion or me (or you for that matter). *Baffled*


Is anyone else wondering if the returning houseguest will be a case similar to BB9 with James.. the remaining HG’s vote either to bring back the HG evicted that night, or Canada’s voted player. I think that would be much more fair to the players still in the game.


Antony G

I want AJ back – partly to support Andrew who’s my favorite.


Hi, Ann (and your posts are always great!) 🙂

Sure, Gary has his loyal fans. But it’s not so much “the people* who want Gary back. It’s Production. Badly. Desperately. Others say “Production invested a *ton* of hype in ‘The Shield!'” Which they did. Therefore, Productiont should want Alec back. And, if by bringing back Alec next week, they could bring back a “Fully Functioning Shield”, they likely would’ve done it. Except for one *big* thing. And this is what “Shield” fans are overlooking here, Alec’s game in the BBCA house is *done*. Over. Alec is “DOA” in there. A “non-person.” He’s simply “drowned”, in his constant lies. Except for Peter, *every* other HG has now lost all respect for Alec. Whenever Alec tried to talk/persuade anyone last week, he was instantly blown off. Time and time again. It was obvious.That would resume, 24/7, if Alec returned. That’s not great TV. That’s not “The Shield.” The HGs now wouldn’t even tell Alec what time it was, if he asked. “The Shield” is now like “Humpty Dumpty” – it can’t be “put back together again.” After last week, Production now knows that. Alec will *not* be coming back.

Back to Gary. My take? Our best glimpses of Production’s true desires are seen through Arisa. As host, I’m sure she sits in on *all* the key Production meetings. Therefore, she knows what *they* most want to have happen. When Gary got evicted, Arisa was *so* obviously disappointed, I thought they’d have to airlift her to the nearest grief counselor! Arisa was *so* devastated, and had used up so much “segment time”, they even had to blow off Gary’s goodbye messages!

Ann, you said that you thought the five words that best described Gary were “Annoying, Loud, Rude, Overdramatic and Bully.” As usual, you are 100% correct. Simon and I seem to be the two folks on here *most” positive that Gary is returning. Why? It’s simple. Because we both know that the five words you just used to describe Gary are the five things that Production *most” wants, and loves to see, in a BB HG!!!!! They don’t want a bunch of kind, normal, well-adjusted folks in there. It’s a TV show. They want *max* drama! Production craves *constant dysfunction* They want HGs with *issues!* Can you say, “Gary!”

Ann, notice how the “booze availability” has gone way up, since Gary left? Production’s badly hoping it creates “new, crazy TV moments.” (Or at least a new Talla dance!) Production has had to work *much* harder, since Gary left. Production needs to create two hours of “Must Watch TV”, every Sunday and Wednesday. Heck, Gary gave them at least *half* of that weekly content, just by being himself in the house every day! Like a drug addict in need of a fix, Production craves HGs whose words and actions ignite frequent conflict in the house. That’s why Production sees Gary as their *Perfect BB HG.* By a mile, they believe Gary is the *one* HG that has most helped BBCA so far, and who will most help them, here at the end, in achieving Slice’s #1 goal: To get the most to watch BBCA! *Especially* during these key, last couple of weeks. It gets slow in there, with only a few HGs left. But not with Gary. He’s a one-person “Drama Dynamo!” And, depending on his “alter-ego of the day” (Gerald/Zoe), Gary’s like having 3 HGs in one! On a daily basis, Gary triggers strong emotional responses, positive and negative, from both the viewers and the HGs. In reality TV, since Day 1, contestants like Gary are considered “Ratings Gold.”


Will the person coming back be a Pandora’s Box. That is they will only stay in the house to piss off the HOH if they choose to open the box. I really cannot see them bringing back a player into the game after they were voted out by their housemates. It will be absolutely unfair to the others since the returning person has a shot at the money!




If only we could…. I think she would’ve kicked ASS in competitions… plus she certainly seemed like someone who knew the game and would add more to it than a danielle, suzette or aj….


God jillian is getting chubby eh


What does that have to do with the game…


Yes BabyBare. I will Risk a warning at work to post a comment. This blog is like bringing cocaine into rehab!! Haha! I wanted to say that bringing back Gary is pointless because he will get evicted immediately. If he returns he will be so docile as to avoid getting put on the block immediately. If AJ came back it would be a lil more interesting because he’s been gone longer and would be more likely to go big or go back home. He started off slow, but near his end days he started to expose his intelligence and quick wit. He impressed me before he left. And you can tell by his facial expression at his live eviction he was totally cheesed at BB Production. Here’s an idea. Total game reset!! 2 evictions per week. No production twists anymore except Pandoras’ Box and tell the houseguest to keep the kissing and showmances until after 8pm so most of that crap won’t make it on the feeds. It will be left for AfterDark. Are u with me People???


You’re preaching to the choir, Finesse. Don’t drive and text. (just in case you’re on your way home).


These players are going to be pissed when some loser that was already voted out gets to come back right before final 4. BBCAN epic fail. From a Canadian who was really excited about watching. BBUS does too much Production tampering but BBCAN brings it to a level that makes the show unbearable.


The one thing every single BB Canada fan can agree on is that if Suzette didn’t answer the phone the first night she would’ve been out that week and that would’ve completely changed the course of the game. Who knows, F5 right now could be Quattro and Aneal. It was obvious Suzette brought the worst out of Tom so who knows where the game would be right now. Side note, anyone else notice Suzette was the ONLY person to know where the phone was, she just simply got up from her chair and walked to the phone like it was nothing, as everyone else was like wtf is that. I dunno about yall but I smell production.


Usually a person can find a phone by walking in the general direction of the ringing noise.


You are the real Suzette in disguise of the name of Joanne, don’t try and trick me….You’re right tho haha, but c’mon i’m from the Vancouver area and even I wasn’t rooting for her, just the way she talked and the way she played off how “oh there was nobody on the other line” was painful to watch and listen to. Glad to see her gone before jury but it would’ve been better to see her gone earlier.


My 5 luxury items if I were a have:

Therapy dog for a day
Wedding dress and wedding dinner
Slip and Slide
Ride on train set or a go kart
Pony ride


They will bring back Gary 100% and then have a twist every week Gary is on the block until he ends up in Final 2. This will give plenty of time for BB to give Gary even a greater edit and he can work tirelessly on his brand. It’s not easy working on your own brand, you always have to look good and spend 3 hours every morning putting on make up so that other fashion designers can spot him. He will also work on his flamboyance and work tirelessly to annoy everyone 🙂