OnlineBigBrother and the Kill Show Talk BIG BROTHER 19 Week 6

Hey Onlinebiogbrother fans,

Every Friday I record a Big Brother segment with Ken from the Kill Show. The show airs live on Saturday at 9:00pm . Or you can catch it later on soundcloud, I’ve added the embed code to this post.

Send us any questions, opinions or whatever and we’ll bring them up on the next Kill show.

Hope you enjoy we always have a blast recording.

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I don’t like it when you bring house guest that have been on the show in the past. It is not fair to the new house guest to compete with the past house guest/ Paul has been running the show and I don’t like that. I feel so sad for Cody and Jessica NOT FAIR FOR ANYONE. I also have been annoyed with Josh I wish you would of kicked him off the show so immature ….. Honsetly this is the first year that I have not liked watching big brother with all the bullying. There needs to be a rule to not bully the house guest. I really haven’t like this year theme.

Last year I wasn’t very happy that Nicole returned back not fair she won the grand prize and Paul got in second prize. If he is able to stay and win this I will be very sad..


This the the worst Big Brother in the history of the show. No one actually playing the game but Jessica, Cody and Mark. The rest are trotting blindly behind Paul saying yes sir yes sir three bags full. Paul is on a major ego trip and has no idea how ridiculous he looks and acts. The bullying this season has been horrific and I am shocked that Josh and Paul were not removed from the house by BB. Josh is just disgusting. I am done with this season.


Cody? Mark? Are we watching the same show? Cody didn’t start playing until his booty call was booted. Mark is kind of playing now that his booty call and Cody may get the boot. nerves!


I HATE when you bring back someone from the last big brother PAUL had his chance it’s not FAIR to the new contestants. It’s NOT EVEN BIG BROTHER ANYMORE IT’S PAUL’S GAME. he’s a Ass and needs to go HOME. WAKE UP CBS QUIT BRINGING BACK OLD CONTESTANTS. let new house guest have a chance of winninig… it’s not even good to watch anymore.