Mark “If I send Adam home, the people in jury would love it.”

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9pm Living room. Kyra is blindfolded and searching for something. Mark – you have to find the door to the backyard. Kyra – I don’t want to touch a pen!s. The feeds switch to Damien and Adam in the secret room off of the file room. Damien – I don’t think he is into the 5 as much as he says he is. Adam – you don’t think? Damien – just about the way I chatted with him… he’s about winning the 100k right. So I was like what would you do if you won next week? Would you go for it and try and build your resume? And that’s basically what he said. He said he would swing for the fences again because that’s the only way I am going to win the 100k. He wants to go up against people he can win against. Adam – did you talk to Dane? Damien – I haven’t said anything to anyone except you. Adam – F**k! So he would probably put you and me up again. Damien – MMMhhhhmm. I was like who can you beat? Now between the two? You can beat Este more than Mark right? Because I was like would you put up Kyra? And he started going off about these million scenarios. Who would I win 100k against? Am I going to win against Adam? No. Am I going to win against Dane? No. Adam – maybe he is trying to build with you? So if we do get to the final he is on your side or something. Damien – its good for me but it makes me wonder where his head is at. He is more about the individual but will do what he has to to get to the next level. Adam – f**king Mark. I feel like Dane could get in his ear. Damien – but you guys got in his ear before and it didn’t work. Adam – true. Maybe let Dane know. I’ll talk to Mark and they report back. Adam leaves.

11pm Havenot room. Mark and Anthony.
Mark – they wanted to know what I was going to do. Adam asked me.. the most loyal guy in the group .. what I was going to do next week if it was a double evict. Would I put him up again. Is he a f**king idiot? Anthony – I hope you win it. Mark – honestly I will need you. If its a double .. because there will be three votes. Anthony – were going to be alright. Mark – I can’t believe they questioned my f**king loyalty in front of everyone. I am so fired up! Honestly dude! Anthony – you’re sick but I love it. Mark – if I send Adam home the people in jury would love it. Kyra joins them.

12:23am Bedroom. Kyra and Mark.
Kyra – Its either going to be 3-1 or 2-2 and Adams going to vote to keep you. Mark – I don’t know about Damien. We had a conversation and he just walked away. Adam’s going to vote to keep you. Kyra – we’re going to try and keep you safe. Either way you’re safe. Nothing is going to change. We’re trying to get Damien. I’m not but Damien is.

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Guy From Canada

Damien, way to go. Week 8 and your starting to play. Adam going off about needing to talk it over with Dane? Wtf. I know there updates are just cliff notes from the real conversations, but man Damien should be getting red flags here…..Adam and Dane are a duo and dangerous….

Thea Pierrot

Damien knows and he is a lone wolf. He grew up on reserve, got a degree in First Nations history and became a professional hockey player. He is nobody’s fool. He was saved by a twist but he has also kept his head down on purpose. He knows if anyone is a goat it is Kera and the guys will take him out next chance they get. If he can get them to take out each other first it ups his chances considerably.

another name

I’m bored. No better time than the present to kvetch:
When you dislike everyone left enough that you are basically just watching to see whether or not the story line and editing people can make sense of the crap they’re shovelling… and learning that they aren’t even trying to make sense anymore… that’s not good.
Anthony being back in the centre of the circle seems strange to me. It’s like we missed a day where something extremely significant happened to change both Adam and Kyra’s opinions. But we didn’t miss a day. We missed a couple d/r meetings.
We’ve come a long way from season two, where the evicted house guest for the week would be called into the d/r on wednesday afternoon and come out moping because they now knew they were going home. Then they’d set up the warm fuzzy goodbye scene with their closest ally, usually in the hot tub area in the early evening. week. after. week.
Heck, we’ve come a long way from last season, where an hoh would make a decision on thursday night about who they’d nominate as target, get called to d/r and come out a half hour later, discarding their decision, and choosing a different target for eviction. like clockwork.
I’m saying we’ve come a long way, but i’m not saying in a good direction. A lot of things are striking me as unreasonable, and nonsenical.
The entire pattern recognizable as of week two wherein all conversations and strategies discussed on friday and saturday nights ceased to have happened without strategic explanation sunday morning has annoyed me all season long.
I hate to say this… as much as the twists in the early season were obvious production manipulation, at least that plot line manipulation made sense and didn’t create plotholes and divergent continuity issues. Dear god… do i miss the early season twists? I hated twists.
Cat out of the bag: I don’t believe the show is a game show. bbcan is a reality based (meaning unscripted but not unplotted) program in the format of a game show. It’s pretty much laid out as such in the rules / contract of the ‘game’. All that has changed from the first few seasons to now is just how early and how far in advance they create the plot. While they would in the early seasons use twists to push the plot in the direction they desired in two or three week blocks, adapting as they went along, it now seems that they determine the plot they want followed in the first weeks, and use d/r to push their agenda without adaptation.
I watch to see how they will make sense of the story.
I dislike it greatly when the plotholes don’t make sense and continuity relies on suspension of disbelief. This week is one giant plot hole.
They can do better.


I wish Adam could have overheard that conversation between Mark and Anthony. If Adam broke the tie and took the shot at Mark before Mark could get him that would be gold. Wishful thinking though..


wow what i just read holy buckle up! se ya dane and este!


kyra won hoh


Any new from the live show yet ?


esti n damien got the boot


Este evicted, Dane wins HOH, Damien and Kyra nominated. Adam Anthony wins POV doesn’t use it. Damien evicted.


Thanks you guys are the best

another name

Adam or Anthony wins POV? have read conflicting reports.


My mistake. Thanks for the correction 🙂

another name

no worries. i was confused when reading anthony and wins a comp together as well.


Este evicted 3-1 (Dane voted for Este to stay – & audience cheered). Dane won HOH nominated Kyra first but when he put up Damian second audience booed. Anthony won POV (barely beat Adam) & he made a BIG SHOW of winning as if he’d been some comp beast all season. Audience barely cheered. He didn’t use HOH & then as they voted Damian out (3-0) the crowd got progressively loud booing (not too bad for Adam but loud for Anthony & really let Mark have it).

Kyra won HOH & they are saying to Mark – can’t believe you didn’t do well on that. NOW things should get real interesting bc you KNOW Mark/Anthony are going to try to get up Dane/Adam & Adam/Dane will tell her to put up Mark/Anthony. We’ll see who Kyra aligns with b/c she PROMISED not to put up Adam or Anthony (so I wonder if she’ll nominate Dane or not. I’d LOVE for Anthony- Mark to go up & STAY on block tbh. The audience would go wild next Thursday.

Can I just say how GLORIOUS it is to Anthony sweating finally!!! I know it’s smarter to take out Mark but I don’t know I might be inclined to take out Anthony instead since apparently, the F5 HOH was a date comp that Kyra beat Mark on.

The next comps will be combo dates/physical which both Dane/Adam know well (Anthony not so much & Mark can’t win physical over Dane/Adam). They could also drag Mark to F3 but he’s snaky & might try to convince them to cut one or the other (Dane might – Adam wouldn’t) so it might behoove them to take out Anthony this week & Mark next week to ensure the one ousted isn’t lobbying votes in jury for the other partner i.e. Mark pushes for Anthony to win & Mark pushes jury to vote for Anthony if he’s ousted.

Either way I’m happy PBs won’t go F4 —- BUT what will make me happiest is if one of Mark or Anthony leave.

another name

according to spoilers my prediction assessment from last week when they announced the double was correct.
What is the effect in terms of storyline?
Dane now has 3 jurors in a row that he stabbed in the back, losing their jury votes if the jury is bitter. (at least two will be bitter per season). He never told Este she was leaving. He broke his final 2 with Damien made week one.
As well, he has now assured his own destruction mathematically in terms of any backstab attempt by either Mark or Anthony.
Anthony will be more insufferable than before due to his performance in the double.
Kyra will be livid at being ‘the pawn’.
Mark will be full steam ahead to get rid of Adam or Dane.
Damien’s points to Adam and Dane were valid last night. They were never going to be heard.
Does this effect the overall trajectory of the edit we’ve been seeing since week one?
Not in the slightest. It re-enforces the episode story we’ve been seeing since week one.
I’m not so much a fan of the story they’ve been telling (not because of the strategy or the game play… that part i can say okay to… it’s the character of the leads in the story and the revision of the characters for the tv version that i’m not liking at all).


Do you think production (the powers that be) will be affected by the audience booing tonight? They were extremely loud booing Anthony & Mark (but cheered when Dane won HOH it was more of an ahhhhhhhhhhhh when he put up Damian but they literally booed Ant & Mark voting out Damian & were not very boisterous when Anthony won POV.

another name

no. they won’t be influenced by that. they weren’t influenced by the cheers and boos in the last double.
The powers that be are too wrapped up in the story they conceived before feeds started to alter course. That’s why they changed the method of attaining the blood veto from a vote to a house concensus (no way was kyra winning a vote). That’s why they engineered Adam finding the secret assassin. They went in for a penny in for a pound on their story choice long ago. They don’t adapt to public perception, they try to alter public perception.
i think the powers that be have been pushing a certain narrative in their episodes since week one. If we disregard the feeds and watch the episodes only: they’ve been fostering a kyra underdog edit (instead of a toxic goat edit); they’ve been pushing anthony as the social mastermind good guy all about loyalty that is respectful to women; they’ve been pushing adam the hero; they’ve been pushing dane as the wildcard schemer semi-villain; they’ve been pushing mark as the wannabe alliance breaker.
In terms of their story edit: they really want the pb canada’s brigade that would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for that pesky kid. What makes the most sense in the story they are crafting is Dane or Mark gone… with Dane having a higher probability of leaving.


I didn’t want to buy into the show being a SHAM but I think Another Name has nailed it based on the ridiculousness of what’s going on.

NO WAY Dane who has always read the game well doesn’t react to:
*Anthony YELLING at them he’ll beat them all
*Kyra telling him Anthony was trying to turn “them” against him all game
*Mark trying to get Dane on block INSTEAD of him the week after nominating Adam & then refusing to take out Cory
* Este telling him Mark said he wanted to take out Adam/Dane
* Damian telling him Mark said he wanted to take a big swing to take out Adam/Dane

Like NO WAY he ignores that – perhaps Adam would but no way Dane does. And how does Kyra go from calling out Anthony for his PRECISE gameplay to suddenly telling him she “trusts him the most & would never nominate him?”

Both Anthony/Mark were looking to take out one of Adam or Dane in DE (but fast forward to below for spoilers – you gotta win to make the move!)

Also of note – if/when Damian/Kyra votes out Este tonight I have a feeling the audience will boo! In a normal scenario that would be a wake-up call but with TPTB dictating they aren’t aware of how disliked the PB’s are. Although, Dane did note the cheers when he voted out Cory so when he votes out Mark tonight & the crowd goes insane that will be a telltale sign for him the PBs are NOT beloved. Will it change what happens? Doubtful – but we’ll see.


Este voted out 3-1 (Dane solo vote). Then Dane won DE HOH & stayed true to PBs put up Kyra/Damian – Anthony won POV kept it the same (b/c DUH Dane wasn’t going to put up Adam but he might’ve put up Mark lol) & then Damian was evicted 3-0 so now Damian will go to jury telling of how they ALL lied to him. This jury is going to HATE ALL the PBs no matter what so now they HAVE to go to F2 with another PB b/c if they take Kyra the others will vote for her just to screw with the PBs. Super smart of Dane to win F6 HOH b/c as long as he gets past this week he can now win F4 HOH & ensure his safety to F3. (Winning F5 HOH is the worst HOH to win)

Hearing the DE HOH was shooting pool shots around obstacles (which is super weird b/c Anthony/Mark play pool MORE THAN ANYONE in the house – so they must’ve choked).


Thanks for the spoiler at the end of your comment! In my opinion, they should of evicted Mark obviously, bad move.

I think it is currently up to what happens between the PB’s and how they ride this out. However, its pretty cool that they stuck together and made it to the end.



another name

what does a kyra hoh mean?
beyond the obvious hohitis black hole miasma of schlumpy eeyore trying to turn winning an hoh into a bad thing people should pity kyra for?
i still contend dane is most in danger, followed by mark. if dane or mark win veto anthony is the renom. the other initial nominee goes.
kyra most likely nominates dane and mark. if anthony wins veto and removes mark, close call, but i see dane leaving still. narrowly.
if Adam wins veto and removes dane, i see mark going. with the air quote storyline defense.


Booooooo how pathetic was tonight?? All 5 of you’s are scaredy-pants and yes men!! Grow some balls!! Taking the strongest guys to the end because you can’t be a leader and make your own moves! Pu$$ies!! BORING!!! All a bunch of followers! Go figure the women had more guts than the guys lol


Damn it – Anthony gets a head nod from Kyra. Although non verbal it does seem like Kyra will put up Mark & Dane (I want Anthony on that block). So we all know what is going to happen Anthony will try to win POV to possibly take down Dane b/c he thinks each of Mark, Kyra & Dane would take him to F2 over the others but doesn’t trust Adam to do that.

And with Anthony laughing (acting like he threw the HOH b/c he knew the answers after Adam left the room is interesting- so my gut instinct is right take out Anthony this week). If true & Kyra puts up Dane/Mark I hope one of Dane or Adam win POV so Kyra HAS to put up Anthony. Then Mark can spin yarns to both Dane/Adam about what Anthony has been saying behind the scenes as he’s one of the FEW who Anthony has spoken unfiltered to.


Never cared for anyone from this cast. But now it’s all the ones I liked the LEAST!! Boring!!! it’s like they can’t do anything with their own brain, can’t even speak without approval, can’t make a move without approval, bunch of sissy’s!! Follow the leader should be the title of this crap! And kyra lmao lmao you really don’t have much in that head of yours, even being the PAWN after your little final 5 doesn’t prove you are the lowest and expendable from the group I don’t know what will lol your a coat riding fool! Ugh I can’t stand any of these followers. I do hope Dane or adam wind and even that hurts to say ( but they’ve won and put in work unlike the others)