Kyra “I’m not going to put up Adam. I still might put up Anthony. Mark is obviously the goal.”

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10:22pm Adam, Dane, Anthony and Mark.
Mark – Even Este said there can’t be (a guys alliance). Este came over to me and Dane half way through the season and said so we were told there was a boys alliance. Mark does the pretty boys check mark sign. Dane – yeah Este crawled into my bed at midnight and asked what does this mean to you? (doing the check mark sign) I was like you look like an idiot. Mark – we think its Dane, Adam, Anthony, Mark, maybe Damien but it is probably just you four. And I was like that’s so silly. Dane – before she left this week she was like Anthony, you and Adam are for sure working together. I was like no. Mark – hey, what about me?! Don’t I get cred!? Dane – Este was the least competitor the whole season.. over and over again she proved that one. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

12am HOH room. Kyra, Dane and Adam.
Dane – Mark just went to the diary room so its a perfect time to talk. Kyra – I am not going to put up Adam. That leaves you and Anthony. I still might put up Anthony. Mark is obviously the goal. I hope that we can all respect that. Dane – can’t let him win (veto). Kyra – he is not going to win. He’s not. He’s not. All of us are playing, he is not going to win. Dane – you saw how he buckled under pressure. Kyra – I was thinking .. I might take Anthony to Wendy’s to see where his head is at. I don’t want him to .. because already he asked me if we are working together. And I was like Dane doesn’t trust me for sh*t. I don’t want him to know that we made a final 3. Dane – I know that. Kyra – because that’s bad. Adam – what did you tell him about me? Kyra – he knows I have your back. I am not going to put you up. There is zero chance I am going to put you up. If someone comes down, you’re still not going up. Either way Mark is going home. Mark is to me a huge mental threat. Adam – if Mark leaves you’re (kyra) the smarted in house. If Mark leaves we have this hands down. Kyra – I feel like Anthony is more likely to hold it against me. I haven’t decided for sure but in terms of damage control. Dane – I feel very good about the three. If you need to put me up, put me up. I will be a man about it.

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Bunch of wimps lol can anyone play the game without being scared to put someone up??? Lmfao this is BIG BROTHER!! What, do they need permission and people to volunteer?? Get a backbone and stop being a bunch of pu$$ies, all of you!!! My god the women had way more guts than all of you!! What a snooze fest! Where’s the drama and action?? Blahhhh


I agree, the stumbling block is the “men” win most comps.

Feeds Gold

One of the ‘petty betas’ alliance are going home next Thursday without making their precious final 4 goal together

As Ric Flair would say:



I ABHOR this season – but mostly I can’t stand that BB’s star is that misogynistic, self-centered hypocrite.

If there is a BB God they will find a way to make sure Anthony walks out the door on Thursday


BB16, BB19 and now BBCAN7 are my three worst seasons ever.

BBCAN7 is filled with boring people. just all blah.


Who is the misogynistic star? Since I only watch the episodes and no live feeds, I miss on “the dirt.”

another name

anthony is my guess when i hear misogynist.


Can’t these idiots clue in to the fact that Anthony is being repeatedly called to the DR instead of Kyra? HELLO – McFly!


newest plan has Kyra putting up Adam and Dane.
Ugh … just when you thought this season couldn’t get better

another name

logistically for a toxic goat, what’s the better move? pissing off the season comp beasts so that the season “bully” (his word choice repeatedly) doesn’t get mad… so pretty much playing for fourth place, or holding on tight to the comp beasts coat tails and playing for third? Only a paul level of jury bitterness would get kyra a win anyway.
It is surprising that Kyra is more afraid of Anthony than loyal to Adam. I’d be checking kyra’s ipod for subliminal messaging from the d/r monkeys.


lol, Adam must feel the same as Damien did.


If thats the case then Mark or Anthony will win the veto , Adam is gone , next week M or A win Hoh and dane and Kyra on the block with Dane going home . Final two Mark and Anthony .Anthony winning after not doing SFA all season. I hear the Kraken !!!!!


Yup full Kraken.

another name

only starting the kraken now? damn. I’d have thought you’d at least 3 weeks deep in kraken by now. :)


She is banking on one of them winning. Stupid. What if they don’t win? Who will they vote out? Adam from what they discussed but I would say dane would be the better one to go as NONE of them will beat dane at the end and I don’t believe that Anthony nor Mark will even beat Adam at the end. I would hate to see their choice to be between Anth/Mark, both of them arrogant and obnoxious. Anthony the worst of the 2 but Mark is behaving just like Anthony now. I still believe that Kyra will get 2nd place because I don’t think she will have the votes to win. Este, Cory, Damien, and any of the PBs wont vote for her over one of the alliance members.

another name

The final five is:
the one that had a really bad grasp on the concept of consent that lacks empathy but wants pity (edited as the pitiable underdog)
the one that thinks he’s kevin martin, but is playing more like rochelle from season two (edit as the alliance breaker with a failed plan)
the one d/r called in twice before week three to clean up his cringeworthy comments (edited as a heroic figure)
the one with really bad jury management that thinks douchey is cool (edited as the semi-villain clown)
the one with extreme misogynist tendancies that wants everyone bullied and humiliated (edited as the loyalty mastermind that loves his mama).
Can you just imagine the faces of the episode only throng if they only knew?
I wish the prod slop prank was real.

another name

hearing eeyore’s planned speech for noms makes me think they don’t grasp that one of the two comp beasts will stay.
but hey, saying they didn’t come to win third or second is right… the speech ensures 4th.


ahhahah YUP…


I just started watching this season on Wednesday and since I’m on vacation I watched the whole thing on demand… I had never binge watched BB in my life. LOL! That said, by the comments I see here, I guess watching weekly + feeds might have been a real drag. I must say that by power cycling through it, BBCan 7 has not been so boring but just weird (for lack of a better word). The unlikelihood of things like getting 3 final 2 deals in 24hs + bloody POV not being used made it all seem scripted. And I can’t with all those girls getting solid intel and just throwing it away because they thought that a particular guy was on their side so they were safe and knew better. What’s with women in BB shows? They always seem to go against other girls and do whatever guys tell them to do. Samantha could have shaken things up and she just follows what her man (who knew her man kept so much from her) because… whatever. Stephania’s surprise when learning that indeed there was a 4 guy alliance made me cringe. I can only wonder how perceptive she is in real life. I bet she get played around a lot and surely by men.

And… Anthony… what a phony lil’ b!tch!!! Can’t win shit and think she runs the house. I’d love to see his sorry ass out now that Kira has the power but, by the comments here, I think that’s not happening???

another name

smart (or smart ass) things that won’t happen:
adam or dane tell anthony good move after ceremony.
both tell kyra sending them to jury to poison the jury against kyra is also just part of the game. tell kyra when they come to jury next week, remember they said so when nobody talks to them or includes them.
both congratulate mark for not being nominated next week if whichever stays wins the next hoh.

also a smart (or smart ass move) for anyone at this point:
take kyra to final two, but refer to them only as anthony’s stooge or puppet and never by name in the answer to every question from the jury. heck, start now. why not? lol. every one of the remaining house guests has it in them to be a complete ass, why not use that super power to entertain us for once.

feeds return to adam and anthony ‘not raising voices’ in progress. adam has already become the prime target now that he’s on the block. the boy’s alliance has been outed.

another name

Kyra talks to Anthony about maybe evicting Adam.
Dane talks to Kyra. I think Anthony is in d/r.
Kyra says Dane was the initial target but now they aren’t sure.
Dane talks to Mark. saying he was the target, but now it’s up in the air.
Anthony tells Mark to say the break in the boys alliance happened when Anthony wouldn’t support Adam nominating Kyra.
Anthony tells Mark Dane is now the target. They’ll do a split vote. Make Kyra evict Dane.

Since I don’t understand the weird flip flop dynamic of that 1/2 hour period… can someone explain that to me in a way that makes sense… without the anthony was in d/r part?