Donny says if they keep waking me up at night I’ll kick the d@mn door down & leave myself.

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-13 09-44-58-657
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9:30am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Donny and Caleb are in the kitchen. Caleb says man those people stayed up till 5 or 6am. Donny asks playing Jenga? Caleb says I don’t know what they were doing. Donny heads outside with his breakfast. Donny goes to the bathroom. Nicole says good morning. Donny asks did you go to bed late? Nicole says yes. I saw our suit cases.. scary! Oh well.. When I went to bed there were still a lot of people up. Donny says good lord. Nicole says I think you’re good here, like you’re not going anywhere. They 100% want me out to the point that it get awkward last night. Donny asks really? Zach started telling a bunch of information. You know how he gets when he thinks he’s then next one out. The next thing I knew Derrick was in there talking and then they were out in the backyard kind of yelling. I just went to bed. Donny says things could change for you. If they’re arguing that means their minds aren’t made up. Nicole says I would just like to know so I can prepare. I had to at least try to state me case. Donny says yeah you got to, I don’t hold it against you. Donny says if they keep waking me up at night I will kick the damn door down and leave myself. Nicole says they hurt my feelings thought saying that I am a beast a competitions and Frankie and Christine said I am the biggest liar in the game. They wont let go of thinking that you and I are in an alliance. Donny says you should tell them a bunch of stuff. Nicole says I don’t know what good it would do. Donny says it wouldn’t. Cody comes out of the diary room and Nicole goes in.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-13 09-54-00-880

10:20am – 10:45am Frankie joins Donny out in the backyard and helps him lower the awning. They high five. In the bathroom – Derrick asks Frankie does he know what happened last night? Frankie says I don’t think so. Derrick says better keep it that way otherwise he will think that we’re questioning him. Derrick says that Nicole had said she won a lot of HoHs and Donny won a lot of Vetos. She said that I am one of Donny’s targets. Derrick says yes Rose, there are only eight people left here. Frankie says that he thinks there are a few weeks left until Donny would target Derrick. Derrick says he thinks Donny is setting himself up for the long term. I think he would take you (Cody) over me if Donny thought he could beat you. Donny comes by and asks what time they were up till last night. Derrick says past 6 o’clock. Donny is shocked. Donny leaves. Christine joins Derrick and Frankie in the bathroom. Derrick says the more she campaigns the more I am sure its best to get rid of her. Derrick talks about Zach questioning sending Donny how instead. Zach’s last words were that Nicole is going home but I bet you could go to Zach and convince him to vote out Donny. Frankie says I wouldn’t. Derrick says but that’s my point its the last person to talk to him that changes his mind. Derrick says Nicole is going to campaign till the bitter end. On some level I respect it but on anther I don’t when everyone is tell you, you’re going home. Derrick heads to bed. Frankie and Christine talk about Nicole. Christine says maybe my head bobs are giving off the wrong signs.. but I literally told her 100 times there’s not chance. Frankie heads to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-13 10-32-17-924

11:25am – 1:40pm Donny is alone in the backyard reading the bible. All the house house guests are sleeping. Donny sits in silence and then heads inside to get some slop to eat.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-13 11-21-09-746

1:45pm Donny heads over to the middle of the yard and says “Christine if you’re watching I love and miss you! Tommy, tell everybody I miss them. Hope everybody is having a great day. I’m having a great day.”

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-13 13-48-44-686

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I want Donny to stay


Why? It’s not like he’s done anything but sit outside. He doesn’t campaign..he doesn’t do anything. My guess is unless he wins HOH and/or gets DPOV or Coup d’etat…he’s gone next. I like Donny but I’d prefer Nicole to stay, at least she is playing the game. Maybe Hayden and Nicole can come back so Donny and that side of the house can stand a chance.


Maybe Donny is playing his game. Maybe viewers aren’t used to a player not backstabbing and using his kindness as a game. I think it’s nice to see a house guest like that. We are so used to these people being nasty is it wrong to put a different spin on it.


Donny is absolutely playing, the problem is, he is playing the hand he was dealt- and the hand he was dealt is underdog- soloing against an alliance of “youngins”-
what does everyone expect? for him to go tell derrick he knows hes the leader of an alliance and he wants in?’
You want game and all, but that type of game would have had him gone long ago….

It is unfortunate, because donny has the game figured about as accurately as we do on the outside watching, and to me that is pretty huge accomplishment- bc I think only him and derrick are existing inside the house with that insight- I hate derrick never legitimately tried to work with donny, bc I think the two would have been formidable allies.

However, I am not sure how long that would’ve lasted with some of derrick candor….. Lost a lot of respect for Derrick with his comment

“on some level I respect her [nic], but then again I don’t because we told I told you you were leaving”

that is the most ridiculous comment- so people are just suppose to stop campaigning once you hint they dont have a chance!? I wish someone would tell him (on a tuesday would be even better), derrick- “buddy, you’re leaving- don’t bother campaigning because it will annoy us” “enjoy your time, feed the fish, shoot some pool- but you’re out- house decided”

hes lived a charmed life in the BB16 house- not even the hint of a sweat, which makes me ABSOLUTELY NOT want this guy to win….

lets see if the sheep can grow some mountain oysters sometime soon and figure this thing out- prolly gonna need a Donny HoH to accomplish though :/

#teamdonny while it lasts….


Yes Derrick is a little condescending a-hole!! Yes Rose their are only 8 people left. I really hope he is up on the block fighting for his life too!!! Let’s see if he just rolls over and gives up. Hayden said in an interview that he did not throw Derrick and Cody under the bus because Julie’s comment about you may have a chance to come back in the house. I hope he comes back and he, Zach, Caleb and Donnie join forces and gets rid of the rest of them. Derrick, Cody and Frankie think they have it in the bag.


I like Donny, I’m rooting for him to pull out a miracle. However Donny has completely created his own problems.

People like and trust others that they feel are like them. By Donny choosing to go to bed early every night since the beginning of the season will cost him the game. He’s targeted because he’s not like everyone else. In group situations like big brother, different is bad. Unfortunately Donny has chosen to be different.

Is it fair? No.

But Donny, you’re in the house to win $500,000, suck it up and stay up like all the other lunatics.


And Derrick has it all backwards. Nicole was NOT the one campaigning to stay in the house–it WAS Zach! And the only reason Derrick doesn’t want to listen to Zach and keep Nicole is because Donnie is in his Team America alliance. But of course he can’t say that’s the real reason he wants to get rid of Nicole. Derrick is playing a great game. It’s just amazing how stupid the other players are to believe everything he says.


What Donny needed was to align himself with one strong player weeks ago. He has been pretty inconspicuous (with the exception of Devin’s paranoia) and he has showed that he is strong enough to win vetoes, but he’s not threatening and he’s obviously observant and could have been an asset. In hindsight, Caleb would have been a good candidate.


he won vetos, more than i can say about derrick all he does is “be up front” with everyone and brings up his daughter and say the money is for her, guilting people, donny is doing what he has to, he has no one to work with cuz these people are scum

Ya stupid Derrick

No Veto wins
Just Playing the best game and winning
Man Derrick is Dumb
Hey Derrick why don’t you stop playing the game the best and DO SOMETHING!


Who is there left for Donny to try and work with? Anything Donny would say to these clowns they would run back and tell everyone else and that would make him a bigger target. He is better off keeping to himself at this point. He was beginning to get close with Hayden/Nicole and look how that turned out. Derrick can sit around talking and scheming to whoever he wants whenever he wants but as soon as Donny and Hayden sit in the hammock and talk game, Derrick gets all paranoid and then Hayden/Donny are his number one targets and whatever King Derrick says it what goes.

And Donny does nothing? He has saved himself several of times now. He has won PoV 3 times, he has won HoH and he has won BotB. It was because of Donny that Devin got taken out of the game. Now, lets see what Cody has done? Absolutely nothing. Cody sits around mauling all over a married women, touching himself, running his mouth non-stop about how he is going to confront this person and that person and ends up doing nothing except following Derrick around.

Just because Donny is quiet and isn’t a lying backstabbing schemer like the rest of these fools doesn’t make him worthless. Donny is actually the smartest player in that house and is fully aware of how Derrick is running the house and Donny HAS actually gone to Derrick and tried to work with him but Derrick isn’t interested because he knows Donny is a smart man and knows that he can’t manipulate Donny the way he can the rest.

This house is filled with nothing but puppets this year with the exception of Donny. And the house is afraid of him because they know that not only is he smart and has an excellent idea of what is going on but he has also been able to save himself several of times. Yet you say he does nothing? OK then.


its going to shock about 75 percent of the house when they get out and find out they looked like idiots on national tv and regret ever being on the show especially Frankie caleb Christine I would think this site is a good overall indication of the public or at least the dyehard fans caleb is kind of repairing some things but look at there approval rate bet they have no idea and the ones not worried about the fame are the favorites its just to funny


Why in the world would you or anyone want Nicole to stay? She has played the WORST game of any contestant this year! Yes, including Joey and Devin. Nicole has had opportunity after opportunity to make BIG MOVES and EVERY SINGLE TIME she has FAILED!!!!

Bad HOH decisions. Bad, petty and personal strategy. In the past two weeks, she has had two HOHs and in that time Jocosta (an outsider like her), Hayden (her BB boyfriend) and now Nicole herself will have been evicted! That’s a giant clusterf#$* of ineptitude.

She’s totally blind to what’s going on in the house. She tells the wrong things to the wrong people at the wrong times every opportunity she gets.

Take last night with Zach for instance. If she reveals Rationale to him AND Victoria she may have a chance to stay. The ONE GIANT useful piece of info she has and she’s too STUPID to use it!

Seriously can any of you Nicole lovers give me a legitimate reason she should stay (or come back into the house). And don’t tell me because she wins comps, that’s useless if you don’t know how to THINK.

She has one solid play left. Out Rationale to Zach AND Victoria at the same time. Stop hating Frankie, sell Zach on bringing Frankie in to get his and Christine’s vote (Zach is claiming Christine and Frankie are working together already) and share with Frankie and Christine what she knows about Derrick’s plans.

Will it work? Probably not, but it might. What she’s doing now and for the last few weeks sure hasn’t worked! The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results!

One more thing Nicole, LEARN HOW TO COUNT TO FOUR!

Nicole rant over!


I thought she already did that, when Jocasta was evicted, when Hayden went up, and when she herself went up.

She did it in front of everyone.

I think Donny is making a mistake about not talking about TA, but I advise him to wait until we see where we are at with the next HOH. Since nicole is going out, that is. Doing it now ensures he is voted out, probably. doing it later, when he has some power, maybe he has a chance of gaining Zach, Christine, Cody and Victoria, and Caleb (dammit caleb, why are you so forgettable now!!), who will all then start to look at the things Derrick and Frankie did even recently and wonder if it is a TA task.


It is obvious that Donny plays a different game which is his prerogative. I think he just sits back and really observes what is going on, pieces things together, and is quite cognizant of what is going on. I wish he would blow up Team America and see what happens. I don’t think the others would be as mad at him as Derrick and Frankie since he can honestly tell the others that he refused to try a task because it was dangerous for his game.


I think if he wasn’t playing the game he wouldn’t be concerned about winning anything. Probably most of his strategy is in his mind based off his observations. He knows he pretty much has to really weigh who he tells anything. He’s a target but who also wants to be target and have a big twisted campaign where the whole house is teaming up on you to go along with it. He wasn’t unlucky with the group he was placed in there with where the house politics was set in motion as soon as Devin won. And it didn’t help that Devin and his paranoia not only ruined his own game but got Donny nominated. He’s seems to being playing a careful game with I guess the glimmer of some hope if it possibly turning around but nonetheless he’s playing the game.


Donny is a great guy but he’s playing with scum bags that make him look like a player. Poor guy keeps to himself.


Because of the way Donnie is (good; has a soul) he can’t stoop down to their level so he is playing a solo game, which is very hard. It’s amazing he has gotten along so far in the game on his own. He is not a floater because he wins when he needs to and strategizes in his mind all the time. He doesn’t sleep all day, act like a doofus, lie or stab people in the back. I would love to see him win. He deserves it.


IMO the only reason Donnie is still in the house is because Derrick is in control, and Donnie is in a secret Team America alliance with Derrick. Do you think Derrick wants to replace Donnie with someone else if he goes? Do you think Derrick wants to lose the $ from Team America? Trust me, if Donnie wasn’t in Team America–he would’ve been the one going home this week.


The BIGGEST FATTEST DIRTIEST karma for frankie that I want to happen is Donny winning Americas Fav. UGH imagine the strop!


I would love to see Donny (or anyone, for that matter) win America’s Favorite over Frankie.
I hope Frankie wins nothing. He’s a diva in the worst sense and I can’t wait to see him gone.


I am wondering this myself. Who the majority of America is voting for as America’s Favorite. Is there any way the authors could do a poll asking who America would vote for as of right now?

Big Sister

Be like me–I am getting everyone I know to vote the maximum times for Donny for AFP whether they have watched the show or not. If Ariana’s brother wins it, I will not be able to return next summer for BB17. Two years of crappy HGs is enough for me. The only way to salvage this year is to send 2 evictees back in next week and/or give Donny the coup d’etat or the Diamond Power of Veto.

Wake up and Smell the Bacon

The only way they have a chance to win the $500,000 is to get rid of Derrick, and if he goes all Hell will break loose in the house. They will fraction off and the mud slinging will begin – big-time. He’s the one holding the group together.


First of all, I have a LOT of respect for Donny and I’d love to see him in the final two with Derrick. But I do think he is playing the game more than it shows. He says subtle comments here or there to get his point across and he does it in such as way as to not put attention on himself – including a little white lie here and there. He is a smart man and he knows that the game he is playing is keeping him there for now. He is not the same type of game player as people such as Derrick and Frankie. He knows that he stands a good chance the more they cannibalize each other because he can win a competition when it comes down to it. The best thing that happened to him was Team America because it really has kept Derrick and Frankie from really targeting him while they can all still make $$ off it. In some ways he was smart not to align with people because it kept him from needing to be split up. For people to say that Donny isn’t playing the game – well, I just think he is playing a way different kind of game that has been seen and he’s doing a good job at it. But he’s definitely playing the game. Don’t think he isn’t.

Boxer Mom

Just for fun I have compiled a list of well known characters I associate with each of the HGs
Nicole – Cher from “Clueless”
Christine -Anna Karenina
Victoria – Rapunzel
Zach – Happy Gimore
Frankie – Ruby Rhad from “The Fifth Element”
Derrick – Danny Atlas from “Now You See Me”
Cody – Julian from “American Gigolo”
Calen – A Rhinestone Cowboy
Donny – Groundskeeper Willie from “The Simpsons”


Victoria’s hair is mostly fake, so she can’t be linked to Rapunzel.


“Mommy… I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Please kiss my Nonna 500,000 times for me… I love you so much. ” From Frankie’s HOH blog. He is so certain he will win 1/2mil that he even refers to it when speaking of his Nonna. I know that HOHs write blogs at end of their HOH, but I am surprised they are allowed to tweet. I realise they cannot receives replies to tweets but I thought part of BB was the fact that you were cut off from all outside communication/media for the duration. Frankie is going to be sooooooo upset when he reads some of the comments on his BB blog. He really is disliked.
Donny FTW.


500,000 could also be a reference to his 500k Twitter followers. (So I guess that would mean 450k of those kisses will be imaginary.) Has anyone seen his YouTube channel? He doesn’t even do anything. They’re just random videos with no purpose. That’s not what a YouTube star does. And then, look at the views. Most have between 10,000 and 50,000 views. (And those numbers are inflated thanks to BB.) In contrast, Wil from BB 14 has 18,000 followers on his channel, yet he averages more views than Frankie.

There are a few random ones with 100k or 200k views, but they feature Ariana. So it’s more likely that most of those YouTube viewers were thanks to Ariana telling people to subscribe. It’s not from people who actually watch his videos, otherwise the view count wouldn’t be so small.


he just leaches of his sister who btw will be irrelevant in a couple years, kid pop stars have a short life….

How Nauseating

Even his post are theatrical… Oh brother!


Gotta love Donny… LOL. He is so tired of those bozos, he is ready to kick his way out of the house. I will definitely give him my vote as my favorite. He deserves it after putting up with this fiasco all summer.


I thought ZachAttack was going to strike again last night! But everybody for some reason let’s Derrick tell them what to do. Come on Zach, wake up!!!


Derrick has Cop Magic.


I think Zach is waiting for the best timing and hopefully the best timing will be after we see who wins HOH – with a bit of luck it will be Donny and Zach. If that happens then the games will start exploding. If Zach put up Derrick/Christine; if Donny wins he can put up Cody/Frankie if production will allow them to get HOH together that would guarantee someone would be going to jury. Let Derrick and Cody eat slop this week. But probably won’t happen

Captain Crunch

More than half way thru BB and Derrick and Cody haven’t been on the block smh, when will people wake up and realize its Derrick controlling everything?? Everyone (except Donny) is scared to make their own decision and has to run to Derrick first b/c they cant make decisions on their own.

More than half way thru the season and im still waiting for the twist to come since Julie keeps saying this is the most twisted summer yet. If BOB is the twist thats fuckin lame b/c the game has become so predictable thanks to the producers manipulating the outcome.


Derrick is playing a really good game. Maybe one of the best games ever – right up there with Dan, Mr. Mist. He’s keeping the target on others while continuing to persuade the majority – that’s a tough combination to pull off. Love him or hate him, but he’s GOOD at this game!

The Truth

But no one on here wants to hear it.

Evel Dick says Derrick is playing the best game. Dan is rooting for him, saying he’s playing the best game. Dani D. says Derrick has the chance to be the greatest combination of social and strategic player in the game’s history…..


Derrick isn’t playing a good game because everyone else (besides Donny!) is stupid. Everyone is a sheepie. No one can think for himself/herself.

At least that’s what most everyone on this site says.

But the reason he’s the best is that he can get his way without seeming threatening. That’s hard to do. Amanda and Helen didn’t get away with it last year. It’s easier to do with Derrick does because he builds real relationships with people before he talks game with them. Their guards come down, their trust goes up, and he manipulates the hell out of them without them thinking otherwise.

echo 1

Derrick is planning a good game yes but look who he is playing against. Most are young kids with little to life experience. Its like a pro football team playing against a college team or even worse a high school team. Totally over matched with Derricks with dealing with people etc


What do you expect from a forum in which almost 20% of the people’s favorite player in Nicole! Derrick is playing a terrific game. Donny (who I like) and Nicole (who seems to be the least perceptive player this season) are not. Yet they are the fan favorites!

Big Sister

Have you considered that they are fan favorites because it is so hard to like the others?


I agree, Derrick is putting in a very Dan-like performance. He’s running the house, seems to be heading toward a clear-cut victory, yet nobody’s even considering putting him up. He’s even got a Memphis lining up to lose 9-0 to him. He’s manipulating every eviction, while making it look like somebody else’s doing. Don’t understand the Nicole eviction, though. Donny is clearly the bigger threat.


I am confused this is Christine HOH blog I didn’t know Cody was married?

” Cody is my best friend in this house. I love listening to stories of his childhood. It is so nice to have another married person here to share stories with.”

Frodo on Steroids

Cody is sooo inappropriate hanging all over some dude’s wife!! Remember early in the season when he said he wouldn’t make out with Brittany because she has kids and this is on TV, etc.?? Well, isn’t this worse?? Brittany was a single consenting adult woman (quite a beautiful and sexy one i might add). But this situation with Chistine is gross and quite frankly a lot of the blame goes Cody too. That’s not only against the bro code but the human code too. WTF. My parents would be mortified if I behaved this way on TV but I bet Cody thinks his dad, brother, friends think he is a stud or something.

Didn’t Cody say last week that husbands tell him to stay away from their wives while he is “working”?? Hmmmmm. This kid is a real piece of work. I knew it as soon as I saw the barbed wire tattoo. Such an idiot.


If Walking Vagina heard you say this, his response would be… *snot-suck…snot-suck* (in whiney voice): “Hey man, it isn’t barbed wire…it’s thorns!” *snot-suck…snot-suck* (walks away sniveling and whispers to himself: “Next time he says something, I’m going to call him out…I am going to punch his face in…I WILL!”) *snot-suck…snot-suck*


I was confused when I read the married part too. But in the next sentence she talks about Derrick so I assumed she was referring to Derrick but just wrote it strangely or got lost in her thoughts something like that.

I really can’t stand Cody or Christine. Christine should be ashamed acting that way as a married woman. It’s clear to me that she is very insecure in herself particularly bc of her lack of beauty and this is the first time she has had attention from an attractive man so now she’s hanging onto him. She’s a fool if she thinks a guy like Cody would ever be interested in her. I don’t find Cody that attractive but seriously he’s never gonna date someone like Christine. Cody is clearly very insecure too bc he needs constant female attention and doesn’t care who he gets it from. It’s like he’s trying to prove his own sexuality to people. It actually makes me question if he truly likes women or is just In denial. That zac efron man crush is a little out there. It’s one thing to like a celeb of your own gender but he is crushing hard on zac and it makes me wonder.

Teri B

I think I’m getting to the point where I don’t even care who wins as long as it isn’t Frankie or Derprick. This show sucks and I’m so thankful for this board I can’t even express it anymore! WORST. SEASON. EVER.

Teri B

I should also have said that I realize Derprick will likely win and if not, will get second with Frankie winning.


I couldn’t agree more that this is the worst season ever! The players, if you can call them that, are not playing well at all. Way too predicable on all evictions. The only one that has made any bold moves and made it interesting is Nicole and she’s getting evicted tomorrow. Hope Derrick and Frankie leave soon. I don’t care who wins as long as they don’t.


Last season is hard to beat for “worst season ever.” How quickly we forget. JMHO.


How will getting rid of Derrick improve this season? He’s the only one playing the game. I think this is one of the best seasons ever because at least it has someone like Derrick who is strategic and knows what he’s doing. Your comment is a perfect example of an oxymoron.


I would be happy if anyone but Derprick, Chrustine, Frankiestein and Cotex would not win.
I am tired of their lies and big egos……..sure it’s a game, but why play so dirty and 2 faced.
In my opinion, none of them deserve the big money……………

I Don't Like Derrick

I wanted Donny to win. But at this point, I’ll be happy if it’s anybody besides Derrick. Not even 2nd place for Derrick. But if it can’t be Donny, Nicole, Zack, Hayden, or Jocasta will be okay for the win, whoever comes back.

Ran it's course....

You certainly have Big Brother U.S. I do not care at all who wins either. I’ll watch and read about it just hoping something happens. Reboot it with some ideas from Int’l versions or shut this shit down. If this season was a platform to promote that Grande family, FAIL. and a disgusting waste of a season for that. Most people didn’t know her(wouldn’t think BB fans would be the same demo) and despise him.


AG and production let the BB fans be HOH and let us put up who we want out. That would turn this game upside down.

Kathy B

I would watch this on PPV if they dropped a past BB villain in just to shake things up. Could you imagine Frankie facing off against Evel Dick, or Christine up against Amanda? Epic television!


BB been fun but very predictable. I find it very amusing those most on here hate the ones that are actually playing the game. Exception, I do love Donny and hope he wins HOH and stirs things up we need to expose some of these that have been controling the House.

Ariana Grande stinks

Crustine is the worst b!tch in the history of BB worldwide. Cody is the worst POS we could see on TV since Jon Gosselin (I even prefer Gosselin to this ballless slimebag with no morals…) I only hope the Piggish Dirty Cop doesn’t win! Despicable human being!

Why is Caleb wearing that awful scarf? He looks like a cancer patient FFS!


Tough to call someone else a despicable human being when you’re dropping the cancer patient remarks. Could have used a better, less offensive analogy there.

Kathie from Canada

Thank you so much for pointing out such insensitivity! I had to wear a scarf for about six months not that long ago. Worst time of my life to be battling cancer and yet trying to look respectable in public. 🙁


Hi Kathie
I sincerely hope that things are improving for you. I realise this is not the forum to promote things but PLEASE, research sour sop fruit. Best of luck to you.


Caleb with that blue scarf reminds me of when Linus in A Charlie Brown Christmas wraps his blue blanket around his head into a burnoose for his part in the Christmas pageant.


because he had to have his head SHAVED,DIPCHIT


he just had his head SHAVED..dipshit ~


If Derrick says nicole is gonna stay Nicole will stay because these people are being controlled by Derrick. They’re so stupid and I wouldn’t be surprised if Derrick wins bb16 although I don’t want him to. It’s just hard to like him smh ugh. Donny for America’s fav!


Rant starts in 3…2…1…
I am not surprised that the gutless walking vagina is having dreams about calling people out and beating them up…that is the only time he would actually confront anyone (instead of whining and sniveling about it)… I think it is funny that he woke himself up by actually punching himself in the face during that dream. He couldn’t even get it right in his sleep.

Also, that pathetic cackling twat keeps referring to herself as “we”…meaning her and the sniveling snatch…as if they are a couple. And SHE has the nerve to claim Amber and Brittany were making her uncomfortable with the attention they were giving vagina-boy…more like she didn’t like him giving anyone else attention (not to mention…her making the whole country uncomfortable with her behavior)… Speaking of attention…Cackle-twat’s whole game revolves around what Cody wants…and wanting him. She is blinded by the bright sun spot blazing through the gap of where his balls should be…

As far as Nicole goes, Hayden has already been a casualty of her stupid trust in Chief Wiggum. I am not in favor of Donny having to go instead of her as well…especially since she SHOULD have put the pieces together about Chief Wiggum and that snot-sucking pansy by now. She had numerous chances to make big moves…her luck has run out…time to go.

Ugh…at this point, my only hope it that Hayden comes back and he and Donny can either join up with Zach and The Princess Cried (if they can detox themselves from Wiggum’s Koolaid…flavor is Misty Mountain Berry) or Hayden and Donny just destroy the whole house themselves.

I was going to say that…if production’s Molden Child is in jury house, we are screwed because they will make sure he is the one brought back in. But, I then came to my senses and remembered that production will make sure Spankie is never evicted…so it doesn’t matter…

(Sorry for repost…meant for it to go in this thread)


This post needs to be printed and framed.






I agree with everything yiu said l but I really hope production opens their eyes and realizes America hates frankie and they need to stop helping him. I really think he will be going soon.


Please, please, please moon3k give us more of The Adventures of CackleTwat & SnivelSnatch!
& could you include a chapter about Donny choking the living sh!t out of the next idiot that wakes him up?

cereal killer

Nicole. Staying would twist thing there being picked off great game Derek cody weakest in the whole house

A fan hanging on hoping...

As much as I dislike derrick he is playing a perfect game. Even Dan never misted everyone as well as derrick. However, I hope BB does something to change things up. It has been predictable for weeks and seems on course to stay that way. There is nothing Hadyn could do to change that. We need help at a production level to alter the course.

Donny is playing a near perfect game under the circumstances but it looks like his time is running out. Please slap a DPOV or something in asap.


Derrick is not in Dan’s league, Dan got two people who took a lot of punishments to get him out of the house to take him off the block and make an alliance with him, Derrick is playing in a house full of idiots(except Donny)


Well yes, unless there is a small miracle, this season will ends very predictably. I don’t care much for Derrick – but at least he is strategizing and really playing the game (but for goodness sake. enough with the “for my daughter” – I wanna puke!). He is the one to beat. Christine is a fool, she never picked up in any of the alliances that she is at the bottom. She will have to win all the comps she can to stay in the house. Can’t stand Frankie either, but he is his own worst enemy. I have grown to like Zach better each week – at least he keeps things interesting. He’s no evil Dick, but he’s keeps the show from being a total snooze-fest.


Even Donny isn’t going to make a move against Derrick. Team America is protecting him as well so Derrick won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

We can only hope that at least Christine or Frankie get targeted and evicted next week. Would’nt mind Victoria gone either since she does nothing and at least getting her out would accelerate the part where the Detonators/Bomb Squad finally start to turn on each other.


I am sure Donny wants Derrick out but he doesn’t have the numbers to do it or much of anything. Hayden really has to come back, side with Donny, maybe convince Zack attack to join, and then they need to hit the comps out of the park. Only way to break up this nasty amoeba of a cast.


I love Donny but he is not an exciting BB player. He is not playing the game and is scared to do or say anything. He was HOH and didn’t use it to his advantage. He has a great inderstanding of what’s happening. But keeps to himself and doesn’t play.


What is he supposed to do? If he talks to anyone in that place they all tell each other anyway…

Caren in Canada

So what if they tell each other, he will get further trying than to just sit and take the crap they give him! My gosh this is BB for crying out loud, where the fluck is all the gameplay! I would rather go outkicking and screaming than saying woulda shoulda coulda! These people are so far beyond pathetic! I put out a challenge to anyone reading this to come up with lets say three, or even two somewhat big moves this year! I am hardpressed to come up with any! (my humble opinion)


UNfortunately the double hoh messed up his plan.
He wanted to throw up Der Cody r Frankie/Chris and if one comes down throw up one from the other pair


The double HOH didn’t mess up his plan. He and Nicole just had a stupid plan. They were working together, so they both should have put up two strong players. That way, no matter who remained HOH someone from the other side would go home. Instead, they played coy and put up Victoria and Jocasta, without even considering that if the POV went into the wrong hands one of them would be going home.


It wasn’t a stupid plan. It was about staying under the radar for another week or two. HGs have been playing that way in recent seasons b/c in earlier seasons, if HGs went after strong targets they were inevitably evicted a week or two later. Helen did the same thing last year when she decided it was too early to start picking off her alliance, giving Andy the opportunity to do it to her first. At the beginning of the Nicole/Donny HOH, the lines had not yet been drawn and it was possibly for their plan to work. The mistake they made along with Hayden is counting on eviction votes against Zach without considering the worst case scenarios. The double HOH makes it much harder to think through all possible scenarios, b/c there are so, so many of them. When the detonators were in control more recently (I forget who and which week it was), they were rehashing and rehashing the possibilities ad nauseum. It helps that there are more of them to hash out the details.

Mister E

Donny knows if he says anything that it goes back to Derrick and Frankie. He got thrown into the “Team America” alliance and its the only alliance he has. It has helped him some because Derrick and Frankie are greedy and wants more chances to get money. He has tried to tell Hayden, Jocasta, and Nicole about who is running the house and who they should and should not trust, but none of them would listen to him. He knows and has commented on the fact that his only chance is to sit back and hope they turn on each other. Which will happen, just hope he is still around to see it. I want either Hayden or Nicole to come back in the house, but if they do then they need to work with Donny to try to make it to the end.


house blows up and Donny and Zach are final 2.

please make it happen…end this misery. LMAO


I can’t stand fake @sa Christine. I hope they send her packing! She’s such a floater. The only thing she’s done right is hang out in the right room while alliances were made. And you’re married!!!! Stay off Cody’s nuts. How is her husband ok with this?!? I hope Donny wins the next hoh and puts up Frankie and Christine.

Mister E

The only reason Christine was in the right room at the right time is because she will not let Cody out of her sight for 2 minutes.

tim Says

I like to watch my beautiful twat face mess around on national tv so cut it out or I will post something on twitter about you…Nothing makes me harder than seeing my hot- big- nosed honey cuddling another man. I only wish they had cameras in the jury house when they both get there cause I know they are going to go all the way. Cody can’t resist her


On jokers blog Derrick told Cody that during the BOB, Caleb saw that Frankie was winning and Caleb tried to get up to join the game and BB would not let him do that. So disgusted that production is rigging this game to the favor of the internet MOGUL. What a sham. Do they think we the viewers and live feeders are just plain ignorant. REVOLT, REVOLT. Let’s have a do-over of that comp. haha


What Christine turn out to be the next Michelle Noonan.


I would love to see Donny stay and Hayden re-enter the game. I like Nicole but the girl is clueless. A couple of days ago Donny laid it out who he thought the ringleader was and she says and does nothing.

joey joe

ok Raise your comments, who agrees? I don’t watch BB16 nor the BBAD.I cant take the BS anymore, I soul rely on this site to get the updates. I just cant stand to see these people any longer! True scum bags and low life’s (not Donny) the rest can go to hell and rot there! I know, its a game, but my god!!!! so mean and hateful shit. these people are about the “so called fame” they think they will get, no longer about the game, just fame obsessed losers and scum bags, leading the way is Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, Christine, followed by Coby and Caleb, a shame to the humanity of the human being. this is what America finds entertaining, so sad


I think Donny is playing a good game. Maybe not the best (Derrick), but still good. He observes what’s going on in the house and when he thinks he is safe he keeps his mouth shut, which is smart. Everyone who starts sharing way to much information gets evicted or becomes the next target. He was doomed from the beginning by not being in the big alliance, but I don’t thik that because he is not campaigning that it means he isn’t playing the game.

PS if Frankie wins America’s fav over him I’m done, done you hear me!


All of a sudden Frankie’s sister……excuse me half-sister, is showing up on Yahoo and Hollywood Reporter ads and teaser articles about her new video, her appearance at the “teen awards”, her new contract…..etc,…..Unless you are 20 and under nobody knows who she was/is…………….most of the HG’s didn’t know who she was! You will never convince me (and quite a few others) this wasn’t all a coordinated by CBS when they placed her brother……excuse me, half-brother as one of the BB contestants this year. I am disgusted by this and if I were one of the other contestants I would yell “foul”. Hummm……….now I guess we know why
he wasn’t nominated and somehow became the HG’s new favorite toy after the whole house was ready to get rid of him. Somebody said the other day “I think Big Brother has ran its course” and I couldn’t agree more.


Wow, so much to catch up on from last night. I pulled a Donny and went to bed early and been busy all day.

I. I can’t believe Donny would put his trust in TA, but maybe he’s grasping at straws because that is his only kind of sort of alliance.

2. I think it’s hysterical Zach told Derrick no one is helping him win more that Zach. Hahaha, the whole damn house is Zach and Derrick is aware he’s in a great position and trying to keep it that way.

3. Derrick planting the seeds for everyone to take him to final two because he will be happy in 2nd place. Wow, he is covering every damn angle. Seriously, no one wants to be second in this game and if they don’t get that, they deserve to have Derrick win next to them (good grief, did I just say that?!)

4. I loved how Christine called Donny the Helen of the house. That is so funny because that title goes to Derrick. And why the hell does she find Donny so Skerry for any way?

5. Frankie commenting on how Cody doesn’t get hard when he cuddles and how does he do it? He’s cuddling Christine! That’s how, ha!

6. Nicole trying to save herself by f$cking over Donny. I get you gotta do what you gotta do, but damn Nicole. And telling everyone everything just gives them more ammo, weren’t you just on the couch talking to Donny about how Cody should have used the info about Christine wanting him up to further his game and use it later instead of blabbing?

7. Derrick saying he has America’s favorite locked down, hahahaha. You are in for a rude awakening, well unless you some how win it and then I’ll just be annoyed as hell.

8. Zach where is your head in this game? You are trying for any hold in this game and it’s really sad. My daughter and I were talking about how if (when) Donny goes home we are rooting for Zach to win it. I started out disliking him so badly, but I like the guy. I think he is unbelievable immature and doesn’t have a clue how to deal with women, but I also think he puts in a huge act and isn’t as bad as he comes across. I also feel badly that people he trusted royally screwed him over and continue to.

9. Hahaha Donny, I’m older like you and get it. I need my uninterrupted sleep too!


Re: No. 8, Derrick told Frankie that Frankie has AP locked down.


Thanks. Makes more sense, but I really hope Frankie doesn’t get it!

Ariana says

Oh Frankie is getting AP don’t you worry – or else CBS is going to get it. MY RECORDS MUST SELL….I am actually going to perform on the final night of BB16 so all my fans will be sure to vote for my brother. Check out my classy twitter posts if you want more information about how great my brother is GRANDE rules


Christine will be out there is no way she is making it to the end. I am pretty sure the alliance will take her out way before they even try to get rid of Zach or Victoria. I am just predicting here but I think Donny will someone win veto or something next week and then I think they will turn on her or after Donny is evicted. She really is playing for 6th or 7th right now and wasted her HOH!

Derrick's Zombies

At this point , I want Nicole to get the f**k out o f the house before she screws Donny anymore. It’s quite apparent she IS NOT LISTENING to Donny and is still under the cop’s spell. The only hope on the horizon I see is Hayden coming back, joining forces with Donny and get Zach on board ( I really think Zach is just playing Freakie ) I think Zach would trust Hayden over Frankie and once Hayden can convince Zach that Derrcodine CAN’T be trusted either) I KNOW this is a fantasy wish.. but c’mon, something has to happen!


I think Christine will be out after Nicole, that should be awkward.


Also, please tell when when Cody earned the right to be pissed off that anyone is still in the game? He hasn’t done much of anything but ride on Derrick’s coat tails and cuddle Christine. If anything, the rest of the house should be listed off you are still in the house.


Just my two cents…….I’m not sure bc I don’t watch the feeds or AD but I don’t think Cody even knew that Christine existed while Amber and Brittany were in the house. I bet Derrick put the idea of giving Christine all this attention into his head so he( Derrick) would know Christine was up to with the others. I think Derrick looked at Christine and knew she would be a sucker for Cody. She’s in his arms every time, everywhere. And since Derrick controls Cody; he controls Christine as well. Cody’s not smart enough or game-savvy for seduction to be a part of his gameplay. We all KNOW he doesn’t find Christine remotely attractive. Somewhere at sometime of this game, I think Derrick sold this plan to Cody. Soon Derrick will tell Cody that it is time throw Christine on the trash pile and be done with her and then we will all see Christine fall apart on national tv. And so will her husband.


Lol didn’t think of derricks role in Cody and Christine.. wouldn’t be shocked. I hate Derrick as a person but can’t help but marvel at his game play.


Derrick could have set up the love fest between Cody/Christine. Another scenario is he stays close to whoever is HOH. I remember Nicole telling him he didn’t need to flirt with her anymore because she was no longer HOH. The showmance will be over as soon as she is out as HOH. We will see how much love he gives her if Victoria or ANYONE becomes the new HOH. Christine is a fool to allow her emotions to get in the way of her game. Soon, she will be gone because they all know she will never put Cody up and he will have 2 votes for whoever he wants out on the block as well as she will never vote him out. It ought to be interesting watching her face when Cody votes her out.


It just hit me, this game is Like Animal Farm. The rules change to keep those in power, in power and the sheep repeat the propaganda as it changes.

George Owell

Makes sense – considering I wrote Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four. Keep in mind – this TV show is called Big Brother for a reason – production (government) is always in control – Big Brother HG have always been manipulated by production – albeit there have been some excellent participants that production could not control. I think the best case or production interference was convincing Dan, a few seasons ago, to keep Ian rather than the person he was coaching,,,,, Dan should have known better – and for that reason – I do not consider Dan that great of a player because – as good as he was – he was played….

George Owell

Eric Arthur Blair – sorry I forgot my pen name – George Orwell… guess I’m out of practice re writing…


I address this to all you people who refer to Derrick as a DIRTY COP! Firstly, yes Derrick was involved in a shooting in Aprilo 2007 in Central Falls. He and another officer Max. Gonzalez shot and killed Selvin Garrido Morales. Morales was brandishing a knife and after being told to drop it, continued to come at the officers. A witness by the name of Moran or Morin (unsure of the spelling) testified to the grand jury that he saw the whole thing happen and if Morales had continued to approach him waving the knife in the way Morales did, he would have shot him as well. Both officers were cleared by the grand jury of any wrongdoing. How do I know this information you may ask. I do research BEFORE I come online and accuse people of wrongdoing. Maybe if you people treated your police with the respect they deserve, they wouldn`t be put in the position of having to defend themselves this way. Secondly, do you people not know that statistics show more crimes against people in the United States are perpetrated by the Clergy than Police Officers! And no, I am not a Cop, nor are anyone in my family. I just felt I must state the TRUTH instead of coming on here and accusing people while sitting on my fat ass in front of a computer screen.


Based off of your name I’m going to guess you’re a cop.. Lol you know better than anyone that cops are dirty scumbags that think the law doesn’t apply to them. There are a few good cops but there’s a reason cops get a bad name turn on the news moron.


Turn off Fox News.


I am sure you did check the facts of this one particular case. How many other cases where police shoot first & ask questions later……..hmmm toooooo many!

Perhaps people are not Derick fans not because he is a police man but for demonstrating behaviours identified as atypical to what good police men/women are. Clearly he has some issues with people in general but especially women! You might not like Victoria, but him “directing her” to out on a dress & just look pretty was bat caca crazy!

Regarding his game skills……he is no DAN. There is no misting. Derick is not playing with house guests with a high skill set. The girls, do not get it! Caleb is star struck! Frankie uses his sisters accomplishments for his personal gain & Cody??????
Zack…….he’s my BB entertainment!!!!!!

BB is a marathon not a sprint but am hoping Donny & returning houseguest has amazing speed during the final stretch!!!


Wait a minute who said anything about treating our police officer with respect, first of all you have No idea where half of these people come from (dumb ass statement), If he shot and killed someone Derrick was doing his job did anyone on here say he has not done his job. NO, we did not – we said he’s a lying manipulative person on THIS game and expects everyone to do his dirty work in the BBH. Whines about feeding his daughter (which he should be doing making pretty well if he’s a SGT). Is Moran or Morin in the BBH, if not what is your point? You are way off. So you did your research about what because he killed someone that is not in the BBH oh what are we supposed to do now say he’s a good cop because he killed someone that has nothing to do with BB (that’s not working).
Why, not tell the HG in the BBH that he’s a cop what’s he afraid of. He’s not afraid to tell someone how he’ll knock someone in the JAW if they talk to his daughter in a derogatory way or even shoot someone (well, we know he’ll do that) I think at one time he had got so angry he said he wish he had his gun to shoot. So what the Flipper are you talking about and what are you trying to make us see. This is BB not a cop in R. I. give me a break

Nana B

Hopefully on finale night Tim will be in the audience with Arianna as his date and also he will have a sign asking Amber and Brittany to join him for a night of partying. You just know he is not ready to see his old lady naked since that is what she told Derrick she was missing…sleeping naked. EWW!!!

Pink Skunk

Uh, you have seen a pic of Tim haven’t you ?


I am a bit confused with all the different conversations between the houseguests. Are they voting for Nicole to stay? Or is Zach fooling Nicole?


The biggest floaters are still in the game. What has Derrick, Cody, Victoria, and Christine won? Between those four two Hoh’s. That is it. I do not think Derrick is playing that good of a game. He surrounded himself with idiots and that’s the only reason he has made it this far


Is Derrick coated in Teflon??
Absolutely no one suspects him of anything!!!
Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky and Al Capone could have only dreamed of such loyalties!

The Teflon Don

You rang?

Ian's Beer


pants on fire

Derrick is practicing his winning speech…”I’m so happy to win BB15, I mean BB16, oh hell, I’m playing so good, you might as well give me credit for last season too”…and Frankie walks in!!


I still don’t get the love for Donnie, but I guess compared to some of these snakes and pigs, he’s not that bad.


Zach and Nicole,
If your read this when you’re out. You two were my favorite players this season the reason you guys didn’t win is because you believed porky. Y’all should have worked together this week and pulled in Victoria and probably Donny because he is Americas favorite, so unless it’s up to the house he will go back in. The rest of the people are snakes. Really wish you guys took Derrick out. Now he has 500ks in his pocket. Happens every season. Don’t be shocked when Victoria is sitting next to him.


Donny is not going to put up derrick or Frankie you right
but zack will and Donny put up cody an Christina
so my wish zack and Donny hoh
Donny puts up cody Christina
zack puts up derrick Frankie
Donny team lose
Donny remains hoh
Donny wins double pov
means he could use it twice
then Christina goes home
next hoh cleab wins
put up Donny zack
zack wins pov
Donny save himself too
hayden an Nicole comes back safe
cleab put up cody and Victoria
cody goes home
next hyden wins
put up derrick Frankie
Donny wins pov keep it the same
derrck goes home
Frankie wins hoh
put up Victoria nicloe
franlkie wins pov keep the same
Victoria goes home
Nicole win hoh
put up cleab Frankie
hyden wins pov keep the same
Frankie goes home
zack win hoh
put up ncole hyden
Donny wins pov
use it on Nicole
hyden goes home again
then Donny wins at the end in send
Nicole home in take zack to the end where he wins it all in then America fravorite too please production that what we a fans want Donny take all finally a good person in the big brother house that won redempition from last year

Love BB

Just saw a clip of Frankie telling the “boys” that he’s been lying to them. He’s got millions of fans and he’s Ariana Grande’s sister (brother?). He has to explain to them who she is.
You can actually watch him process this information. He CANNOT stay still! I’ve never seen him so agitated!
He’s watching Americas Favorite $25k hop across the room into Frankie’s lap.
It is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!


Unless Frankie’s sister is as famous as Frankie says and CBS stays out if it (not fix it so that Frankie wins) I think Donnie will win America’s Favorite. But since the BOB was fixed for Frankie the CBS fix may be in.

I don't understand

So, I honestly do not get all of the Derrick hate. I have watched every season of big brother and he is playing one of the best games. I’m not saying he’s the best ever or that there is a ton of competition for him in the house but the guy is playing everyone in that house like a fiddle. The thing is though, I haven’t seen him being overtly hateful to anyone in the house. He doesn’t get personal about other people’s lives. He is literally just playing the game of big brother, which I love for the lying, manipulating and gameplay. Predictable he may be, but undeserving he is not.

In terms of people saying this is the worst season ever, you must have forgotten about last summer and Amanda’s reign over the house and all of the negative hateful things that were being spewn from 95% of the houseguests mouths 24/7. This summer is by far better than last summer.


Why do people doubt Derrick’s master of the game status:

He has an advantage other house guests do not have; his professional training & obviously he’s a fan of BB

When you think of masterful players of this game such as Dan, Will, Hayden etc, I find it a stretch to even compare Derricks play to them. It is others lack of engagement that makes him look so much better at this game!

He’s arrogant, over confident, his diary sessions are condensing to the viewer eg, trying to make us think less of his TA alliance for not doing a challenge but then try’s to make us believe his choice is ok when he chooses to not do the challenge.

Saying comments about others not deserving the money…..taking money from his daughter. They are all there for the sole purpose of winning……

Saying angry comments directed towards others……I think the comments are threatening…..& allow us a sneak peek into a less then competitive & fair minded strategy. Violence when things are not going your way……

Derrick showed us what he does when he is not in control of the game…….which is not often but still a moment of insight. He was completely fragile……almost frantic.

In order for me to consider him with great BB players…….play the game, but do not be degrading to others personally. To manipulate & control someone like Victoria does not demonstrate masterful game play.

Even if Derrick wins I am still not ready to equate his game to someone like Ian T.!

Mister E

I feel sorry for Donny being all alone in the house. Since Jocasta and Hayden has left, he spends a lot of time alone and I am sure bored. If I was in the house I would get up early sometimes just so he wasn’t alone. It would not be part of “the game”, but just common courtesy. Maybe if these kids would just sit and talk to him for a little while, then they might figure out he isn’t as scary as they think. He really was not given much of a chance to play with young guys in the house. I bet if they knew in the beginning on how good he would be at comps, then they would of tried to work with him.


Ugh, these people are such A-holes! If they would just tell Nicole she’s going home, she’ll stop campaigning! There’s nothing for her to “blow up”, they all know everything already. I’m so sick of them that I’ve stopped watching the feeds (for now) and rewatched season 2.


Big Brother just isn’t the same anymore. They need to concentrate on finding more REAL people with brains instead of young kids with muscles and bikini bodies looking for attention. Geesh, no wonder Derrick is in control of all these lemmings.


Nicole is not staying but she could at least get in Victoria’s ear about “The Rationals.” Today Victoria is pressing Derrick that Nicole told her that she, Haydon and Cody were in an alliance and it had a name. Derrick keeps lying to Victoria saying that they never had an alliance with a name. But she keeps asking him and he keeps lying. I think if Nicole were able to convince Victoria that Derrick has lied about having an alliance with a name with them, it could start to stir things up. Victoria will probably just cry about it and ruin her make-up, but Caleb, Zack Frankie and Christine might feel otherwise and start to go after Cody and Derrick…but actually who is worse? Those 4 are pretty awful, too. Don’t like anyone left but Donnie and Zack.


And now imagine if Devin had stayed. There would have been three different camps left in the house. Donny would have seen Devin could be an ally. Donny Devin Jocasta, Caleb vs Frankie Christine, Brittney vs Amber Derrick Cody—–Hayden Nic and probably Vic would have been up for grabs…..

delta231 I am not a cop. As a matter of fact I was a stewardess for Delta Airlines if you must know. Stuff that in your own moron pipe and smoke it. You obviously are one of those uneducated people I referred to above. I agree there are dirty cops, and would never attempt to say otherwise. I was just bringing forth the information regarding Derricks particular circumstance, and saying that I felt it was wrong to say he was a dirty cop without the education to speak of it that way.


If you’re referring to my education in biochemistry as being useless than yes I agree I am uneducated. That being said, I apologize for calling you a moron but I think actions do speak louder than words and maybe he was acquitted on charges on that incident but it’s obvious that he’s a shady cop by his actions and language furthermore I would say that being found not guilty and being innocent are two different things all together… George Zimmerman was found not guilty too!


Before you insult my intellect.. I would think you would understand the vast complexity of the American legal system. A uniformed officer vs. someone portrayed as a “thug”.


I love how they all say to her face that there is always a chance and that it’s none of them that want her gone, then criticize that she is campaigning. Derrick thinks she is a threat because she has too much info, well she has nothing to lose so Nicole just needs to start spilling it all, every fact she has learned, everything that she has heard and with everyone there. Let them spend the next 24 hours scrambling to deny it cover their asses. And you never know she might hit a nerve , someone is bound to have an ah ha moment, or at the very least she can go out with a bang.
And Derrick, as much as I think that his profession gives him a ridiculously unfair advantage, it can’t be denied that up to this point he has played the best game. He’s stayed off the radar (with the exception of Donny) and has masterfully convinced everyone else to do his dirty work while making them believe that it was their idea in the first place. Until just recently he did this while staying a pretty likeable guy, but I think he’s been under too long because he’s gotten kind of full of himself and has started to be malicious for no good reason. I just plain don’t like him and it pisses me off that he’s probably going to win it.

Bunny Slipper

If I were Donny and they kept waking me every night then I would be banging pots and pans all day to keep these lazy souls from sleeping all day!!! I don’t buy the feeds and reading about how all the hg sleep all day I never will!!! Well then again they aren’t all that entertaining when they’re awake either!!!


Derrick is in no position to say that it bothers him when someone on the block is campaigning. Until you’ve been there, keep your snout shut


next season they should allow the HOH to listen in on microphones somehow. That way it will be hard to keep an alliance secret. Just a suggestion.