Big Brother Spoilers – “I probably shouldn’t even try to stay” Nicole

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-13 15-06-36-970
3:06pm Donny and Caleb
Talking about church.. lots of silence.. the occasional plane flies overhead..
Donny asks him what the NOTW tattoo on his body means
Caleb – Not of THis World.. Christian clothing line .. before it got big I got that tattoo like when it was just in christian book stores but now it’s sold everywhere.
Caleb goes inside says h’ll make some coffee for them.

BB16-2014-08-13 15-23-48-578
3:22pm Hammock Nicole
Nicole – Donny you’re so sweet
Donny finds a passage in the bible that is a[[licable to the situation they are in .

BB16-2014-08-13 15-26-44-751

3:25pm Kitchen Caleb, Frankie and Christine
Christine tells him that Nicole is spreading a rumour that Christine said Cody wanted Zach out.
Caleb doesn’t understand why lie about something that doesn’t impact the game. Caleb says if you lie lie so it matters.
Caleb – why make a rumour about zach he’s not on the block anymore..
Caleb – Beast mode is king of this place
Frankie – I’m you’re queen
Caleb – She knows that’s why she’s not talking to me

BB16-2014-08-13 15-34-30-765

3:32pm Frankie and Caleb
Frankie thinks he got his sinus infection from doing laps in the pool.
Caleb hopes they can get to final 2
Frankie says they can do it they can get to final 2.
Caleb says final 4 him, Frankie, Derrick and cody “Us four studs”

BB16-2014-08-13 15-41-50-233

3:40pm Have Nots Zach and Nicole
Nicole wants to know if Anything was said last night.. “Did they respond at all to keeping me”
Zach says they never gave an answer “I dunno they just… I dunno”
Nicole now knows that they don’t want to keep her (Cody/Derrick) “If they don’t want to that’s fine.. I stated my case.. I have nothing else to say.. it’s so frustrating”
Zach says everyone is talking in circles..
Nicole – not definite yes or no.
Zach – no definites.
Nicole – Have you talked to Christine
(Didn’t hear his answer)
Nicole – Shoot.. Should I talk to Derrick/.. NO..
Zach – you tried yesterday
Nicole – Fine at least I know .. spend my last day.. It’s OK thanks Zach..
Nicole walks out “SUCKS.. why are they so weird they want me out bad.. “
Nicole heads to the hammock.. “I felt Zach didn’t wanna hurt my feelings.. that’s a first time.. “
Nicole – I probably shouldn’t even try to stay

Nicole on the hammock continues to talk to herself. Says it now makes sense there a group of six it includes Christine.

Nicole – I hope the endurance comp is a buy back

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BB16-2014-08-13 16-06-17-805

4:02pm FIREROOM Victoria and Derrick
Derrick pissed at Zach for pulling him to the side with Nicole. Christine and Cody saw so it looked like he was scheming with them.
Victoria says Nicole told her week three derrick formed an alliance with Nicole and it had a name it was legit. Nicole also told Victoria there was a five person alliance and it had a name
Derrick – this is why she’s going home she’s starting all those rumours
Derrick – I’m F***g done with her dude.. she’s the biggest liar in the house
Derrick starts making fun of Nicole’s attempts of staying in the game. Victoria giggles..
Victoria thinks Christine and Nicole had a final 2 deal more reason for her to send Nicole home.
Derrick – she’s going home 100%
Victoria – Nicole and Zach are working together.. Zach really wants her to stay I guess because he doesn’t have anyone.
Derrick says Nicole wanted to have an alliance with him she had made up some stupid name. All the alliance was more a simple HOH agreement to not backdoor each other.
Derrick – THursday night Caleb, Frankie, Me and you are voting Nicole to go home that;s 4 people.. she’s not staying.. NICOLE IS GOING HOME”
Victoria wants to know why Zach is claiming Nicole going up was his doing.
Derrick says it had something to do with Zach have all the information and going to CHristine. HE only had it because they knew he would spill it so they told him.
Derrick – Zach is a puppet… he’s a f***g puppet
Victoria – He changes his mind every 2 seconds its’ scary
Derick – HE’s a f****g puppet”
Victoria – were you in an alliance with Cody, Hayden, and Nicole .. she said it was an alliance and had a name
Derrick – Wow she had another alliance with another name..
Derrick goes on and on discrediting Nicole telling Victoria about The detonators and The rationales. Victoria just giggles
Derrick says he told her Nicole he’s not voting for her to stay. The only reason Nicole is working on Victoria and Zach is she thinks they are gullible.
Derrick – Now that she needs your vote she’s your best friend.. Cmon man please.. am I just smarter than everyone
Victoria – I get it I just like to play along
Derrick – next she’s going to come to me and say you and her made a final 2 deal.. this is why I wanted everyone to tell her she’s going home so she wouldn’t do that.
Derrick goes on and on about Nicole being a liar the biggest one in the game. Derrick – Donny’s her f***g boy he’s going next week if I have my way”
Victoria – You do know Christine i s liar right
Derrick – yes and Frankie
Victoria – She just needs to be told the truth.. I’m done playing these games with her.
Victoria – Cody is up Christine’s a$$ 24/7 I don’t get it
Derick – She doesn’t have any more power..
Victoria – Why is he up her a$$
Derrick – She a girl
Victoria – She’s married and still they cuddle and do all these things
Derrick – that’s her choice..
Victoria – her and Cody are a twist.. like cousins..
Derrick – they wouldn’t be cuddling..

Victoria – Zach is going to do whatever he can to keep Nicole
Derrick – No hes not
Derrick – doesn’t matter Frankie will never vote to keep her and I’m not and you’re not that’s three.. And Cody isn’t keeping her

BB16-2014-08-13 16-35-26-685

4:38pm A Social media mogul and Christine
Social Media mogul is talking about Social Media and his followers.

BB16-2014-08-13 16-42-53-995

4:43pm Victoria and Nicole
Nicole says she talked to Zach, he said the guys are talking in circles no definites. He didn’t think Nicole talking to Derrick again will help.

BB16-2014-08-13 16-56-27-368

4:57pm indoor lockdown called Donny packs

Where the vote stands.. Nicole is going to jury

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Too bad there isn’t a PGA tournament tonight – at least viewers on the east coat would have something entertaining to watch…


lol Caleb tanning with the bunny slippers on, those must be beyond rank


Caleb is self-conscious about his deformed big toe. he talked about it last week


you heard derrick if he had his way donny going home next week
I hope Donny wins hoh in stay hoh derrick luck gone run out when hyden comes
back think he get 500 thousand an amercia favorite
I don’t think so I know why Frankie America player I know why Donny is but derrick
I don’t know why I never voted for him I thought it will be Donny Frankie Nicole that’s what I thought
then derrick came up I was shock he no dan trying to be but not Donny and Frankie should be the final two in my eyes with Donny winning everything if that’s happen us fans will be happy we call this year redemption from last year production we as your biggest fans of big brother derrick gots to go we all want that too

English Please

WHAT the heck did you just say?!
Translation, please.

Fruit Loop

Your inability to read the comment does not mean it isn’t English. Try reading it in Donny’s accent and it will make more sense. And please don’t insult others’ English here. BB fans are an intelligent people and your “English please” comment makes you seem unintelligent.


Fruit Loop, your name says it all. Your accusation that English Please is unintelligent because he/she requested proper understandable grammar is obnoxious and imbecilic. If you want people to understand what the heck you’re saying in textual conversation, use proper grammar. People like you are what’s wrong with this country. You are in fact, unintelligent.

Fruit Loop

To be clear, my grammar is better than yours. You left out a comma in your last sentence. The assumption that there’s only one English is prescriptive and false, and your demand that only people with good grammar should have the right to make comments on this site is “imbecilic” and conservative. How about we penalize you for your missing comma? It sounds like you’re saying people who have dyslexia, are English language learners, or have reading/writing-related disabilities shouldn’t be allowed to post on public forums, which kind of makes you a modern-day Nazi/Eugenicist. At least 40-something people did understand the comment and agreed with it, so maybe it’s you that’s unintelligent. At the very least, you’re completely unimaginative and frankly, that’s even worse than being unintelligent.


I’m pretty certain this comment was originally written in another language and then copy and pasted into Google Translate.


I don’t know why but it really bugs me that Derrick keeps saying Nicole is the biggest liar in the house. I know he’s just playing the game but there’s something so slimy about HIM calling other people liars


Can”t stand the human pig face anymore.What a pompous asshole !!!His voice and demeanor are real nauseating.A one tool !!!


It’s like a cheater that blames their other half of cheating. If he makes a big deal out of what a liar she is, it takes the attention off of the fact that he’s the one actually lying. I guess he feels threatened enough that he thinks it’s necessary. But you’re right, I think he’s just turned into a slime ball, which is a shame because he was playing a hell of a game with a lot of integrity.


Will Derrick EVER go up?? His DR sessions are so obnoxious. He’s winning and he knows it. Someone needs to slap him down a peg. I really can’t see any of the HG’s putting him up. Ugh


GinaB agree with you, I cant stand derrik, he is such a liar, manipulative a**hole. This people are a bunch of sissies! They should just nominate him and kick him out. He is using everyone and they don’t even know it. I hope if he makes it to the end that he doesn’t receive not even a pitty vote


Watching Frankie announce Ariane Grande is his sister on the cbs episode is slightly disturbing.


Who is Ariana grande?


According to Frankie she is in the same class as Whitney Houston, which made me throw up in my mouth. She isn’t even on Britney Spears level. He is living off his sister and now his game is tainted, any success he has fin the game from this point forward is because he used her name.


Fakie is disturbing!!!


is her name Arieola Grande… or Arianna Venti?


Watching Frankies coming out was even worse then reading it on here. Like he’s making himself a bigger deal then he actually is. He was obviously not that famous. Be honest how many of you actually heard of him before Big Brother.

Just My 2 Cents

After BB15 we had no intention of wasting time on BB16 this summer. BB Australia & BB Canada much better shows. But then the kids, who are big Ariana fans, started seeing commercials with Frankie on them, so here we are again. I must say that BBUS has cleaned up its act a lot since BB15 A Clockwork Orange Edition.

Funny thing is the kids have never been interested in Big Brother before, and they actually thought the name of the show was Big Brother because Frankie is Ariana’s big brother. Haha!

Judging by our household I think CBS made a good ratings move with Frankie even though he is a huge disappointment with loyal BB fans. But no ratings, no show.

Personally I wouldn’t trade Frankie out with anyone from BB15 except maybe Elissa for some more of those Simon/Dawg yoga screen grabs – the only good part of BB15!


Do you really think with Frankie being on BB16 it is a good show for the “kids” to watch? There are nearly as many sexual innuendos coming out of Frankie’s mouth as there was coming out of Amands’s last season. If my girls were pre-teen, this is not the show that would be playing in our home. It’s was bad enough watching all the undercover crap going on in piprior seasons but this season Frankie isn’t even decent enough to hide his activities. Give me a break, if CBS thinks this is good for the “kids” they need a reality check!

Team Beard


I had to look up who Ariana Grande was at the beginning of the season… had no clue! and I think the only reason her song is so popular is because Iggy Azalea is in it.

Never Heard of Ariana Grande

I’m surprised anybody in the house had even heard of her since there are no 12 year old girls there.

Derrick Smells Like BACON!!!!!

[since there are no 12 year old girls there.]

Wait….. are you forgetting Victoria? She was all OMG when Flankie told the house he was Ariana’s brother, she was like OOoooooo Mah GAWD!


Zach diary sessions are making me so emotional… He has a soft side under the “asshole” front he tries to give off. Maybe he is Americas sweetheart ????????????


I love that dude!


In all honesty, I’m having a hard time deciding what to think about Zach’s crying. Like, I believe that a part of that is genuine, but I also feel as if he’s done a lot of theatrical things in order to get attention inside and outside the house. Dude, everyone needs the money. It doesn’t matter what they’re using it for. A couple posts ago, he was comparing Frankie and Derrick’s reasons for the money with his own, says, “I just want to buy a car and move out of my parents house.” Most of us do that, we just get a job rather than go on television game shows. If I had to make car payments, I wouldn’t go to Las Vegas. Grow up, kid.


And that is the difference between Zach being an asshole and Derprick being an asshole.
Zach is a decent, caring person underneath his asshole persona.
Derprick has no soul, no conscience, no moral center – he’s dead inside and is an asshole through and through.
Derprick is a despicable human being. Glad I’m not married to him. I detest him more and more with every diary room session of his that I see. What a piece of shit.


Yea now Nicole says she should just walk out the door. Ya think you fruit loop dingus


Nicole should just take all the info she can to jury… They will probably have bob when the jury member comes back and they will be one of the HOHs


Ooooo…what info does she have. There is nothing she or anyone in the jury house can do.


Forgive me if my memory is hazy, but as I recall , the jury members who would like to get back in the house are sequestered so they do not share info. I also think that I remember during the competition of 4 jury members they were telling each other info during the competition. Maybe it was only the final jury member, since he/she didn’t have time to compare notes with the others. Maybe some of you can clear that up/confirm/deny. Thanks!


Jocasta and Hayden are in the jury house right now. They’ve likely shared all their information to each other (don’t know what info Jocasta had, Hayden was probably the one talking), but Thursday night, Nicole will join them and she will spill everything to them.

If the buyback is with 4 jury members like last season, next week’s evictee will not be able to share information since the buy back will literally be 10 minutes after they got evicted, if that.

So Joccasta/Hayden/Nicole will know all the information that the three of them have since they are in the jury house, not sequester.


The Derrick show. The puppet master, after all this, Derrick should win bb16 for real. All these people are dumb as f**k. Ugh.


I guess that was the best edit they could do for part 1 of the hectic long weekend

Jimmy 64

Sorry this is going to happen but goodbye Nicole .
Hope you or Hayden can get back in and get a little


Poor Nicole 🙁 Its so sad that everybody believes she is the liar….It would be awesome if there is a twist to keep both her and Donny!!!

Never Heard of Ariana Grande

That would be awesome but it will never happen. She’s the cutest girl and this is a bromancing male-bonding kind of season where men dominate the house and the object is to get rid of women as fast as possible. Second, I’m sure AG is saving that kind of twist for Frankie in case he needs it.


Derrick’s conversation with Victoria another reason why I don’t like him….. His arrogance and the fact he makes fun of and bashes people when he’s caught in a truth that he has to discredit. “If I have my way” Derrick, you’ll be out next week!


Everything he said in that convo is to further brainwash Victoria. Whether he believes them or not.

His game play is genius. She is so easily swayed by what he says.


I know his motives for how he is playing and how he handles each person, especially Victoria. I’ll be the first to admit he is playing a good game (actualky, ive said this swveral times) and I hate it! It’s all too easy for him. I wonder if his game would be as good with a lot less gullible group of people.


I swear my iPad does weird $hit!
(Actually, I’ve said this several times) and not the gibberish in paranthesis ^ above.


Not a fan of Derrick, I dislike how he ruins what I call potential good tv moments. whwen Zach decided to keep Nicole Derrick quickly squashed that idea as fast as it had been conceived, and we all know if he had been down with it Nicole would be staying.

But despite my dislike, Derrick deserves to win the game. He’s excellent, he’s running the house, a master manipulator. He has Victoria in his back pocket and it’s working for him, so well done. I ‘d rather see him win over Caleb (who I have to admit I haven’t forgiven him over the whole Amber situation but some have, that’s okay), Frankie and Christine.

This season would have been so good if Frankie and Zach were in one alliance with some people and Cody, Derrick and Caleb were in another alliance and they were battling each other. Anyways, too late for ‘what ifs’.


And Julie says: “It’s so SKEERY!!! Welcome to Ariana’s Big Brother’s show!!” LOL! Seriously, though, I don’t really “hate” any of these players. Disappointed – YES. Definately. But “hate” – NO – It’s just a GAME. Disappointed that Nicole threw Donny under the bus – though I do understand she is just trying to stay in the game. Very disappointed though that Nicole couldn’t see that Derrick is the real ring leader. Especially since she has all the info needed. Just goes to show – (despite all the haters of Derrick) what a damn good game he is playing. Hell, even though you may hate him, can anyone tell me who is playing a better game? And yes – Christine is clearly in love with Cody – but I still kinda feel sorry for her (I know – gonna get a lot of thumbs down on this one) – but she is young, probably bullied & is very insecure. I even feel sorry for Cody & Caleb. We don’t know their backgrounds – Cody has probably had to “use” his looks from an early age & that makes me sad. Caleb is so naive & his obvious insecurities show from his incessant bragging – but I think he is deep down a good & loyal person. I feel the same way about Frankie – he has so many insecurities – he has to overcompensate. But do I think he is evil? No. Zach – well, can’t help but to luv him! He just puts it all out there! Even Victoria has a kind heart – unfortunately – she’s like taking candy from a baby. And then there’s Donny. God, how refreshing – how genuine – how lovely! And for those of you who don’t think he is playing the game – he has won as many comps as anyone. He has tried to tell people the truth – only to have it come back to bite him in the butt! He is playing the best hand he was dealt with – with a bunch of immature kids. He is wise, compassionate & kind. At this point, I can only hope he wins America’s Choice. Because, clearly, Derrick, who we all love to hate – but I still think his is a good person – should win the game. I have many family members who are policemen. And it does kinda saddens me that so many people hate cops. Because they are out there literally risking their lives, (for very little money) to protect all of us. Oh well, may the best man – or woman – win the GAME!


I don’t “hate” anyone either. It’s just a game.

But I do hate the way people play. The thing I don’t like when it comes to Derrick is that I feel as a police officer he’s basically trained to succeed in this game. Why? Because he knows how to lie and manipulate without hesitation. The thing I don’t get is how no one except Donny has figured that out yet (not that I expect the idiot Victoria to figure it out – sorry, but the sad reality is that she is a complete idiot. Hopefully it’s her age, but at 22 it’s difficult for me to conceive.).

The ONLY three people left who I would want to win ANYthing would be Donny, Zach, and Hayden (I know Hayden is technically out, but he’s who I’m pulling for to come back in).

Thor's Sister

I agree with that too. When I say “I hate so and so” there is no hate involved. Its just game talk for BB commenters. Well for me anyway. I don’t even hate anyone in my real life. Hate makes you ugly so no thanks 🙂

I like Derrick and his game play. I think its been pretty good. If I was in the house I would say others are lying too. Of course because you have to deflect the attention off yourself and put doubt in peoples minds about others.
V ^^ I think you summed it up pretty good.


I feel bad for Sack after seeing his DR. He was really hurt.


I forget. Did they even know that was Gilbert Godfrey’s voice?


I hate you Victoria. you are killing Zach’s game by being such a freaking moron.

just give derrick the game, why are we even doing this anymore? Frankie/derrick make final 3. no question. just a question of beast mode or cody.

I’m pretty much done, not because I am unhappy with the winner, but because there is really nothing anyone can do. Zach tries, and it ALL goes back to derrick. no matter what. now “Zach is working with Nicole” and he gets so much BS for “working with Nicole” when those idiots have tried to get him out on multiple occasions. you saved him AFTER you helped put him up. douche bags.


I am hoping the final 4 are Frankie, Zach, Derrick, and Donny. Victoria and Cody are a waste of space.


Totally agree!
Can’t believe I’m saying this but ALISON PLEASE STEP IN!


Maybe it’s the lack of alcohol!!!


Golf? Well I prefer to watch this boringworst/awfull/horrible season than Golf


Go Derrick! You got fans, don’t listen to the haters.

You are owning Big Brother.


Unlike Will and Dan, no one knows he’s in control. He’s pulling the strings from behind a curation no one is looking at.


That is part of his greatness. No one even knows he is the one pulling strings. Except for Cody. Funny thing is Cody thinks he is actally part of the moves. But Derrick starts them.

Derrick Smells Like BACON!!!!!!

This lil’ piggy says……….


fu*k Derrick, with his Chief Wiggum lookin ass.


Who does the house want to stay , Donny or Nicole?


I’m rooting for Donny, but damnit Derrick is GOOD! He has total control over all but Donny. If he wins first place it will be deserved.


I have to give him his props too. But the others should have realized that Derrick is clearly winning/in an alliance because out of 7 weeks, he has NEVER been on the block, and he only won an HOH competition, so he is not that strong in competitions. It is too late for everyone though.


Idk what I like better, “a social media mogul” headline or the post the other day about Zach grabbing Derrick’s kids plate & running out yelling Next Stop Africa! Alot of this is certainly more entertaining than what is going on in the house. So sad because I’ve been a BB fan since season 1, which by the way was the most boring one ever to me! If they hadn’t changed that up for season two, we wouldn’t be at season 16, IMO. Have a great night folks, off to watch the mogul at work. I think tonight is the “big reveal”. Ha ha! Big reveal my a$$. 😉

Spirit of the bunny slippers

We’ve been dead a week.


Dawg or Simon, what did you think of the editing of both blow ups over the weekend? I am thinking I am liking the editing around the Frankie aftermath more than the editing surrounding the mess Zach found himself in.


Kind of. It showed Frankie’s revelations, Zach feeling betrayed (in his DR sessions), Zach being called out, and Nicole going on the block. They showed a brief scene of Caleb telling Christine that Nicole was targeting her before they showed the POV ceremony. It felt like they reduced the time around Zach’s reveal to Victoria and the events that followed down to roughly 5 minutes. Looks like they are showing the football outing tomorrow

joey joe

LOL Simon cant even stand to watch this mess


Hahaha this is crazy, PLEASE get Frankie out of the house


The best part of this season was Zach’s DR session after he hears the truth from Frankie about who he is and what he is playing for. Raw emotion. I was surprised they aired it. It was riveting.


I honestly believe some part of Zach is actually in love with Frankie. I don’t know many people that would be so hurt and upset over an alliance.

Sad Episode LOL

Zach balling over Frankie OMG
Christine all the guys want me IDIOT
Slick ass Derrick LOL
Nicole crying “I don’t even want to be around these people” WAAAAAA! Your fault!
Caleb half ass beastmode
Frankie I have a pop star sister WHO CARES
Victoria little red riding hood
Poor Danny all alone

Frankie who cares

Theres poptart crumbs in my beard

Yes, poor poor Danny.


I bet I have the elimination order down pat (not including the returnee): Nicole, Donny, Victoria, Christine, Caleb, Zach, Frankie (or vice versa with Zach), Cody, Derrick. It is interesting that a guy from the alliance can do whatever he wants, but when it is a girl, she goes home (Amber), which is why Christine will probably go before Caleb (though he is not really in an alliance with them).

I actually……….felt somewhat bad for Zach in today’s episode. I think he was also hinting in his confessional that production is CLEARLY on Frankie’s side. Just when Derrick does not bother me in the episode, I read this post about his conversation with Victoria, ugh.


Derrick has Victoria mesmerized. I do not know how she still trusts him enough to tell him everything. If I could bottle whatever Derrick is using to do it, I would probably be a millionaire.


You are so right about the guys forgiving each other more easier than when it’s the girls. Frankie has done way worse than what Amber did but of course it’s all water under the bridge. These guys have hurt each other more than Amber did but they love each other now.

When are they going to turn on each other so things can finally get good?

Derrick Smells Like BACON!!!!!!

I believe in lying, cheating, conniving others or what ever needs to be to win a BB game, having said that, Derrick just rubs me wrong, he is a slimy PIG! And his infatuation with his wife… (my bad).. Victoria makes me sick!

DONNY FTW!!! Or anyone BUT Derrick!!!

joey joe

Ok First off I didn’t watch tonight’s shoe because I just can’t anymore (get my info from this site) but I did watch the end, Question 1- did they SHOW Frankie saying “Lets go into the living room where there is more cameras”? 2- Did they show I am saying “I am a YOU TUBE mogul and his sister was bigger then Beyoncé”? and last Did i hear the announcer refer to Thursday’s show as ” Bla Bla Bla NFL LIVE? that is so miss leading and should be sued for miss leading the viewer’s and false advertising is there a BB16 fan a lawyer? I would like to file a law suit against the PRODUCERS AND PRODUCTION TEAM!!!!

Larry Dallas

Well the boot was much better IMO.


Notice ALL The people of Color are gone.


That pink piece of shit is still there!!!!


Yes. At least Victoria is the only ethnic one left.


everything is all wonky in the comments. I’m RJ but am logged in as playtone22. Weird.

Cherry Flavored Pez

LMFAO, don’t you hate that. You’re looking all over for your name and it says *Bigfoots Armpit says*- Yet its your words there hahaha. For some reason I am laughing more then I should at that.

Can't stop watching bb

Anyone else sick of Cody snorting his snot nose and swallowing ?


I am sick and tired of everyone saying how Derrick is a puppet master. Derrick has been trained to gain people’s confidence. {Good cop , bad cop} { Dr. Will and Dan played with people who understood the game, and also both played with previous contestants, who understood their game play, and they were still able to pull the wool over their eyes} He is playing with people who do not know how to play the game,{nor are they interested in playing the game} all they are interested in, is TV exposure, hoping that it will lead to their big break in the entertainment field. The money is secondary to them. They can make more money if they can parlay their exposure from BB. What they don’t understand, their chances are next to nil.


Damn, I love Zach. He’s a softy under all that drama causing craziness.

Anyway, those comparing Derrick’s game to Dan and Will (Especially BB King Dr. Will), you’re nuts. Derrick has it lucky that he’s with such idiots. This is what happens when you throw in recruits and young people looking to become big reality TV stars instead of real BB fans fans to play along side people like Derrick. They are completely clueless to what is going on around them. Sure, next to these people Derrick looks like he’s causing a Dan level misting, but it takes real mastermind to convince others to continue to let you pull the strings when you’re enemy number 1 like Dan and Will did in thier respected seasons (especially Will in All-Stars, damn…still my fave season of BB).

If Derrick gets to the final 2, by all means, give him the cash cause damn he deserves it if no ones puts the puzzle pieces together by then. But the way he talks about other peoples lying and scheming like it makes him sick rubs me the wrong way, and I can’t get behind that crap.

Zach and Donny final two, a girl can dream.


I can’t even spell my own nick name. I was too angry after watching that ep 😛


Great edits for christine andy cody. No snot swallowing. No touching yourself. No awkward snuggling. No hyena cackle. No im going to punch _________ in the face. No sitting peeing sitting down for cody.


Nichole is sweet and pretty but god could you imagine living with her and that voice


I’ve heard about the “Zankie” thing all summer on twitter and i’ve basically ignored it. However, these last few days, especially Zach crying over Frankie in the DR makes me wonder if they have been right all summer after all lol. I don’t know many guys that would cry over your alliance/best friend betraying you.

joey joe

the twist will happen next Thursday.. two people are coming back in the house..


My final two- Derrick and Zach.

Donny is already going to win Americas favorite. And the other two are the only ones playing. People can say what they want about Derrick but it’s a game and he may be the only one playing which is why he deserves to win. He’s no where close to Dans mist but after last season, it’s easy to look like a great player.

Zachs been my favorite. He’s good TV, he keeps it entertaining, he plays, he starts drama.

Frankie is unbearable. Please leave next week. Nobody cares about your followers. Being famous on Instagram is like being rich in monopoly!

Cody is nice to look at it but he puts me to sleep. ZzzzzzzZzzzzz

And that’s all who matters in this game

A Nonny Mouse

~Cmon man please.. am I just smarter than everyone~
Well, yes by default because everyone else around has rice pudding between the ears.


I miss Devin.


I really don’t think Derrick will win in the end. He is behind a lot of what goes on in the house but no one knows this so how can he claim it? He is way undercover. If he makes it to final 2 he will still be the guy who won only one HOH and was never on the block.

Axel Foley

Hes deep deep deep undercover.


Victoria agreeing that Zach is a puppet is funny because she is the biggest f*****g puppet in the house. Zach is my favorite, second being Nicole, then Donny, but the others I can’t stand especially Derrick. They all bash Zach and he has been up so many times and is still there so he must be doing something right. Their annoyance and frustration is fear that he could topple Derprick’s regime, even if Zach doesn’t know it himself. If only Donny, Zach, and if Hayden comes back then him too can team up to shake things up BIG TIME. Also got to thinking that what if they let everyone vote, announce the votes for each but the would-be evictee would stay and the two noms would become HOHs. Perfect twist IMO
Perfect F2: Zach and Donny
Zach wins
Donny wins America’s Favorite
Everybody wins


I just have to say it “I HATE DERRICK!!” I tried not to but I had to finally give in.
Wow I feel so much better.


Hey, does anyone know why, Victoria can’t sleep alone? It just seem’s odd. Did she explain why, and I missed it?


I just thought of a truly twisted twist. They go out in the backyard and it is the ZingBot. He insults all of them then says “You’ve chosen the House guests coming back into the game. Nicole and Hayden walk into the yard. Then ZingBot laughs says and two of you are replacing them before the night is over ZINGbot hahahahaha Meet your new HoH’s.
Nicole and Hayden have to nominate two sets of two. There is a PoV if one of them wins they are replaced if Nicole or Hayden they can take one person off then nominate a replacement for eviction. Then the remaining House guests have to vote a team out of the house. Making them the first two jury members.
I would love that…. just to see their smug faces fall.


Honestly the only person who has a legitimate chance of winning in the final 2 over Derrick is Zach