Do we have the Numbers? “I confirmed it today … Godfrey you owe us big time” -Sindy

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 16-24-30-791

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 16-24-55-793

7:24pm More acrobats with Pili and Friends

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 16-27-00-229

She tries to balance Kevin but fails..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 16-29-38-497

Bobby and Sarah some dancing they are planning out a “Routine”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 16-35-32-195

Ashleigh joins them to teach the “Octopus”

Sindy with a s

7:40pm Bruno, Sindy, Sarah, Godfrey

Talking about having the votes to keep Godfrey.
Bruno to sindy – You can vote
Sindy – We don’t know that
Sarah – just by chance Arisa will tell us right away
Sindy – Godfrey you up.. you can hear us.. pretend you are sleeping.. I think I can still vote.. Cause they haven’t told me they told me I couldn’t compete in POV and they told me I couldn’t be a replacement nominee.. So I should be able to vote.
Bruno – we need to make sure we have the numbers though
Sindy – we do.. we do .. Brittnee is down
Sarah – I confirmed it today .. just a couple hours ago.
Sindy – Godfrey you owe us big time
Bruno – ya massages..
Godfrey – Of course.
Sindy – the thing is i’m going to hate you for a couple days cause I have to be upset for JP leaving… I’m going to attack Zach
God – you do what you gotta do.. I’m coming after Zach and I told him
Brittnee joins them .. They start wondering what if Zach, Kevin, AShleigh and Pili will know who voted for who.
Sarah thinks they will figure it out.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 17-09-21-155

8:10pm Zach and Jordan
Speculating what the HOH Competition will be. Jordan doesn’t think it will be overly physical. They wonder if it could be a double eviction. They’re surprised produciton hasn’t locked them down yet to build the competition apparatus.
Jordan – I just want to eat food I can’t wait till tomorrow night
Zach – it’s going to be depressing sitting out during an HOH comp…
Jordan – you just gotta pray
They are surprised how many people are left in the house. Jordan thinks this week and next week will be double eviction.

Sindy telling Brittnee she has a vote

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-21 17-36-08-734

8:36pm Hot Tub Sarah and Ashleigh
Asheligh – it’s going to be so weird with Godfrey gone..
Sarah – it sucks every week man
Ashleigh tells her that Godfrey was talking to Kevin and he told him his targets are Zach and Ashleigh .. Zashleigh. Godfrey also said he doesn’t care about winning just wants revenge.
There some speculation on how the game is going to work for the remaining 6 weeks. There’s 12 people left!
Sarah – Am I missing the math on this.. Thats a double eviction every week
They chat about who will take the pawn spot after this week.
Ashleigh – “I totally see Sindy replacing the pawn spot now that God’s gone and I’m OK with that”

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-21 17-39-55-970

8:50pm backyard chit chat..

9:04pm Roof leaking again… Feeds cut




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Hurry Kevin and Ash go tell JP the plan so all those rats like cindy, sara, britt, bob, bruno and god can get called out then jp can know he can’t trust anyone in this game but the fortress that is all he has got left now, please jp stay get rid of sindy next week


Your Kevin threw his number 1 ally under the bus Johnny and he just looks out for himself. He also has the worst showmance of big brother history.. in all countries, I hope your kevin goes out after the conceited JP. See ya!


Johnny never was anything to Kevin, and who you are rooting for Sara the one who says she is going to do one thing then does another, who also sold johnny out, everyone threw johnny in front of the bus with that tennis comp, so don’t only blame kevin, blame bruno the fool for putting him up. God is too stupid going to everyone telling everything, Ash just told Sara that God told Kevin, so now Sara will back out. Jp and Kevin is going no where they are the only reason anyone watches. Have you seen the poll up top, Kevin has been #1 for weeks since the show started.


You’re a fool, even if the plan gets out they still have the numbers to get JP out.
And don’t worry, you’re little b*tch Kevin won’t be far behind him 😀
Hopefully lol


As much as I like this plan and I was JP to go God is doing such a horrible job. Campaigning to Kevin… Telling him everything, telling him WHO is going to keep him… Buddy the votes not till tomorrow night, he could easily spill all this and make all those people switch back their votes. Plus how do you not know the couples are working together by now you dolt. He’s working with Zach.


Better to get to counting moron! You think they are gonna let Cindy vote when she could not be nominated or a replacement? 4-4 Zack breaks the tie. Bruno and Bobby bail last minute as does Sarah and B. 8-0 GOD is evicted.
Thought folks would have learned seasons ago that production loves drama. If they want JP gone simply let Cin vote which would be totally unethical. But it is productions play pen after all. I wouldn’t throw your party just yet. I’d love a 4-4 vote and Cindy not being told til after the other 8 have voted and it’s 4-4 that would be epic but so unfair.


You are totally right man, I can tell by comments who has watch BB and who hasn’t, you definitely have. You are more my style, these idiots haven’t learn by now, production wants them to talk days about evicting JP, and like you said it wouldn’t be fair to let Cindy with an S vote because she couldn’t be nominated, production don’t want JP to go just yet.


Yes Scindy CAN VOTE! The only reason she has immunity is because she earned it by solving part 2 of her return comp! If she failed at the questions in the vault she would have returned with no immunity. She earned the right to vote and immunity…remember if she failed the fault questions they said “she would have to rely on her charm” therefore she likely would have been a replacement nominee at the veto ceremony and been a sitting duck. She can indeed vote tonight to evict The dummy JP. Lol she earned it!


Even with the numbers, this cast is too scared to vote Jp out now it is too early to hear them tell it. Sara, Bruno and Bobby will back out of the plan with God going home to do what he does best, sleep, then Sindy out next week to go back to her pageants, and then maybe the blood bath might start. Bruno and Bobby has been the one chop shop all the way, they are more loyal than the others, they know they have a better chance to go with Zach, Ash and Willow. If they piss those 3 off and go with SBS, Sarah is just gonna turn on him next week to get him out.


um hello the 5 agreed to boot JP, and your Kevin is not part of it, in fact he heard God’s plea, and decided to ignore it.. he should have ran to JP
mwahahahahahah JP is getting evicted, and Kevin will look AGAIN like an idiot live tomorrow ahahahaah


Since SSB don’t really with work with Bru and Bobby: if Bru and Bobby are smart, they should pretend to agree with SSB to vote for JP, and then vote for Godfrey. Once God is evicted, the target will be on SSB. It would be more fun to watch the dynamics among these 3 groups of people.


Watch Arisa tell Sindy at the last minute that she won’t be allowed to vote.


This makes me so happy, BB please let Sindy vote! Let something exciting finally happen in this game! If this happens I can not wait to see everyones reaction it is gonna be B-E-A-utiful.


“Jordan – you just gotta pray”


If this happens it will be the biggest BB blindside since what? Dan evicting Shane at F4?


You forgot Week 2 of BB15 when Nick was evicted… now THAT was a blindside. But it was early in the game though. And that was a so-so season.


Honestly it would be unfair is sindy does not get to vote. Imagine if she failed her task, she’ll be the replacement nominee and nine houseguests would be voting.


Honestly it would be unfair if Sindy was let back into the house after just being handed the info on every alliance she’d never have figured out by herself, thereby flipping the entire house. Oh. Wait…


It’s not unfair because even though she had extra information, she also only had a 1 in 5 chance of getting back in. So you basically should divide that information advantage by 5.


Black and Bru will turn on the SSB wayyy before JP will turn against the SSB


I think JP is only loyal to Zach and everyone else is expendable. But you might have a point.


Doesn’t matter they need to vote JP out to keep the numbers more even otherwise the diaper alliance can just bulldoze right through the rest of them. With JP gone there is a greater chance for one of them to win HOH because Zach can’t play and put two more of the diaper alliance up and that makes both sides of the house fairly even. Then it becomes all out war bring on the games.


If Allison was allowed to vote last season, than Sindy should be allowed to vote. And I am sure they would have said something by now if she was not able to vote.

About the flip, I will believe it when I actually see it happen tomorrow evening. Prepare yourselves of the mentality than JP is staying, so yall wont disappoint yourselves.


Ash is spending time with Bobby today after finding out zach is the new target. Really?? Get your own game going girl….don’t rely on the guys.


Because it is her only strategy, and she wants to have some power over some of the guys in the house. Zach also wants her to manipulate Bobby.


Still not a good move. And she hadn’t talked to Zach when she started working Bobby.


Holy shit if this goes through, this is going to be fricking awesome. PLEASE HAPPEN! EVICT JP!


I hoping jordan he is going all over the place. I hope is evicted. He is no ian terry or derrick or even dr will. I hope this blow on zach

another name

whether godfrey or Jordan go home the battle lines are drawn. two things that could wreck the blindside: cindy can’t vote or bobby can’t betray Ashleigh. making the guy that seems to have the retention ability of a toddler your swing vote… sleep with one eye open.


Relax people. Who cares who will be evicted? Sometimes losing an alliance member will give you some kind of advantage, not always the bad new. A good player has to learn how to adapt with any environment. I only care who will survive next Thursday double eviction. and who will get the secret power. The secret power is the big game changer. I do not know why you guys always want your favorite controls the house.

Team deluded- It's the fortress, baby!

If this blindside works… Man, this is going to be EPIC!!!
This will teach Zach a valuable lesson in BB- If you do not want a person to go home, do not put them on the block, period! LOLL


Well looks like the tides have turned again and Jordan might actually go. I’m not gonna get my hopes up yet though, plans in Big Brother can change by the hour. But if he does the looks on their shocked faces LOL. Zach and Jordan deserve it for being so cocky, and being aligned with everyone.

I kinda want Kevin, Sarah, and Godfrey (if he stays) to team up and take out the rest of the Chop Shop. I didn’t know what to think of Godfrey for the first few weeks but now that he is fighting to stay he is kinda growing on me.


No way. Godfrey needs to stick with Bruno. That’s where it’s at!


Instead of worrying about who is evicted? They should spend more time to study the video the producer showed them earlier. They might ask them about the video. If they cannot win HOH, no way they can keep their alliance strong.


Its a big vote though….if it works…this could very well draw the line in the sand….so of course they are worrying about the vote…


Honestly, I think it comes down to who production likes more in the house right now – Jordan or Godfrey? To be honest, I kind of wish it was a smaller player in the diaper alliance like Ashleigh or Pilar, with the other side blindsiding the dominant alliance without taking out a major player. As much as people hate on Jordan, I don’t think anyone can say that they would rather see useless players like Ashleigh or Pilar float on by for a couple more weeks, whereas Jordan is actually someone who would, and has been, playing the game.


Right on, I feel the same way, no one has even played half of what Jordan has played. Everyone wants to root for someone like Pilly, Ash, Britt, Willow, Bobby, God to go to the end,they haven’t did anything, only repeating what they have heard others say, yes if they got rid of Jp, Sara, Bruno and Zach are the only ones really playing right now. I thought kEv would play hard but he is waiting listening on the side lines waiting to swoop in and out play them all.


I 100% agree with you, it comes down to “who does production want to stay more”. But this also means “who does production want to BE EVICTED UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES”. And that’s clearly JP, since this is a big story to sell: he told his N°1 ally “put me up!”, his N°1 ally could have taken him off the block but didn’t, they KNOW he’s safe, and then boom! He gets evicted.
Production is salivating for this to happen, for BBCanada to have their own Marcellas or Lawon story.
The fact that this wouldn’t even have been close to happening without Sindy being given all the info on the house before getting back in is something only the few informed BB fans will remember.
R.I.P., spirit of Big Brother.
(p.s.: I can’t stand JP and would have loved to see him get evicted soon, but I just can’t stand the way things are being manipulated right now.)


As much as i want to be excited, the worst you can do is expect the best is going to happen. I’m still not going to believe that JP is going yet, until i actually see it.


The tides are turning. I’m not sure where they’ll take SSB, but these women deserve so much respect. They are the only ones actually making BIG moves in a house full of guys all acting like they have the biggest pair.

For their gameplay I truly wish SSB the best of luck and hope these ladies go hard and far in the game.




Ya she earned it with earning the immunity and not having to rely on “her charm”
I am afraid that Sarah will back out? You?


Brittnee just told Bobby that Zach’s original plan was to backdoor him or Bruno. He said “well then my decision is made”. Brittnee, Sarah, Bruno and Bobby all put their hands in to vote out JP with Sindy. Complete game changer….I love it!


The sleeping giant can now go to sleep his work is done…Say what you want about God if he stays, this blindside will go down in history…


It’s funny seeing Jordan making plans for the next week without knowing the thunder strike will catch him by surprise tomorrow 🙂


IMO the best part of Bruno, Bobby,Brit and Sarah shaking on voting out JP… was it all happen while Zach was watching a movie on Shomi


Well, they better bring in a stretcher, because JP won’t be walking out of there under his own steam. He won’t be able to believe the results. I personally can’t wait. After all his bashing of everyone in the house and calling them all idiots and stupid people, this will go down in the history books as one of the stupidest moves a player has ever made…..and I for one, am just loving it. They will have to scrape the egg off his face in order to interview him.


Peter will throw more egg in his face


How could JP throw the POV competition being on the block and as a BB superfan is beyond understanding


BB101 Don’t get cocky. Don’t tell your target your plans. Don’t volunteer to be a pawn. Don’t make different alliances with everyone in the house. Don’t make yourself a threat to others. Don’t underestimate the other HGs or BB.

Jason Lee

First of all Cindy with a S earned her right to be back in the house she didn’t play for HOH she played for coming back she also had to complete a comp that would let herself be void from being nominated she could of just as easily lost and be sent back out again so I think she has the right to vote as well as others. So get your ducks straight I think she will vote .


Godfrey is going to stay because it would make for better TV if JP got evicted. Long live BB.