“did you hear about the [Alliance] name.. It’s Black and Saints.. I didn’t bring it up I swear”

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Bruno and his hot tub boys

10:51am Sindy and Jackie

10:55pm Kevin and Bruno

12:57pm Ika and Gary Kitchen
Gary – KAren will vote, Dre will vote
Ika – KAren will go tell them we forced her to do this.. you know Karen
Gary – LIsten to me Karen is scared and doesn’t want to play Neda’s game..
Ika – I don’t want to play Neda’s game
Gary – I’m not playing her game
Ika wonders why everyone is scared of Neda
Gary says they aren’t scared of Neda that’s why they are voting for Cass to stay.
Gary – trust me I feel good about this..
Gary – when I think about it and how strong she is she needs to go
Ik a- and how wicked she is
Gary – Lets not play stupid we’re already targets.. it’s one side against the other side

Gary – we’re in the numbers this side.. lets make it hot.. they’re going to gag
Ika – they’re going to gag
Gary – Neda didn’t think about it.. we have the numbers
They agree they’ll have to tell Cassandra to “Calm the f*** down”
Ika is worried that they can’t control CAssandra. Asks Gary to make sure he keeps her under control.
Gary is going to tell her straight up they are keeping Cassandra in the house only on a few conditions. she needs to calm the hell down, don’t talk shit about anybody inside the group, and learn the tea.
Gary – I am going to go to Karen, Will and Dre and say we’re keeping CAss.. She out number she’s on our team.. the house is divided.
Ika says once that is confirmed she’ll talk to demetres.
Gary – You’re only job is to work Demetres.. you have all day take your time.

(So looks like they are going to keep Cassandra now.. Tomorrow should be interesting)

Karen and Cassandra hot tub

Neda and Kevin HOH (Black and Saints is Neda’s clothing line)
Kevin says Jackie trust Bruno and Kevin.
Neda – she’s sketchy
Kevin – super sketchy
Kevin – Gary speaks so loudly when he speaks game
Neda – Jackie is all over the place..
Neda says Dre is pulling Jackie back in
Kevin – I doubt I have her
Neda – she’ll go after you guys
Neda says if something crazy happens tomorrow and saves Cassandra she’ll put up Gary.
Neda says it will be perfect if they can get rid of Gary, Dre and Jackie.
Neda mentions how Jackie has stopped talking game to her.
Kevin – Bruno told me that Ika confronted Jackie.
Neda – the whole point was for me to tell Emily and then Emily to be like oh ya you should bring in Ika and Demetres.
Neda – Ika f***d it up (huh)
Kevin – would be awesome if Emily and Dillon won
Neda – they want to go hard on Dre
Kevin says Dillon and EMily are “so onboard” to work with them.
Neda – did you hear about the name.. It’s black and Saints.. I didn’t bring it up I swear
Neda says the other options that was brought up was p$nis in your @nus
Kevin agrees that was a stupid name he’s not going from the diaper alliance to that.
Kevin thinks Black and Saints it awesome “No more a$$ no more bums”
Neda – don’t tell Ika, Demetres’s of Sindy about the name it’ll sketch them out.

1:06pm Ika and Demetres
Ika- I hate Jackie
Dre joins them
Ika – I hate water ..


Best of BBCAN5.

4:30pm Feeds have been down for a bit…

6:10pm Karen and Gary
Karen – I hate Jackie
Karen – Who do we believe more Neda or CAss or neither because Cass went in and said lets get rid of JAckie and Karen.
Gary says it doesn’t matter what they do Demetres is not budging the plan is out the window. (to save Cassandra)
Karen – so he’s with the guys
Gary – yes.. it’s bad for me especially because I went out on a limb just now.
Karen – what did you say to Demetres
Gary – I’m annoyed with myself.. I’m just playing devils advocate..
Gary adds that Demetres told him he’s thinking about it but Gary felt like Demetres is not budging.

6:10pm Ika and Dre Bathroom
Dre says imagine if they all say “YA YA we’re voting for her to stay” and they don’t leaving just him.
Ika says That Cassandra is working really hard
Ika – I don’t think Demetres is.. if Demetres changing his mind I’ll vote for her to stay.

6:30pm Karen, Dre, Gary and Ika Ika tells Gary Demetres mind is not made up.
Ika leaves.
Karen – Demetres and Ika are not with us 100%
Gary thinks Demetres will join the other side and take Ika with him

7:55pm KAren and Neda Bathroom

Ika tells Bruno that the other side is working on her and Demetres to try and save Cassandra. (If Ika is telling Bruno this there is no saving Cassandra.. )

Bruno and Neda

8:36pm Ika and Bruno HOH. Ika – what you need to know is that Gary mentioned your name and Kevin’s name. They think that you, Neda, Emily, Dillon and Kevin are in an alliance. Bruno – like Neda told you .. the fake 5? Ika – yeah. Bruno – but they think that? Ika – yeah.

9:50pm Ika and Demetres HOH

10:34pm Karen and Demetres
Karen says Cassandra is going home it’s only William, Dre and Gary pushing to save her.
Karen says they can’t afford to be on the wrong side of the vote this week.

Karen to Ika – Do you want to keep her? Tell me the truth. Ika – between you and me if we do that we’re putting a target on our backs and I don’t want to do that. Karen – thank you! Ika – they keep telling me that you’re on board and that you want to do it. Karen – Let me tell you something. You guys are trusting Dre. Dre just went and talked to Jackie. Then Jackie goes and tells f**king Neda. And Neda comes and tells me. And Gary is trusting f**King Dre and Dre is selling us down the river. You can’t blow up on her. Ika – I promise I won’t. Karen – You guys are trusting Dre.. and Dre went and talked to Jackie and then Jackie goes and tells F8*king Neda. Dre is selling us down the river. She went to Jackie and said that we are campaigning .. and you know that’s not happening.

12:40am Cassandra and Demetres Kitchen

12:40am Gary and Ika Storage room. Gary – people are treating me differently and like Jackie is treating me weird. And like Dre isn’t looking at me and its like weird! Do you know what I mean. I trust my gut and my gut always tells me.. Ika – I need to talk to Demetres and ask him what’s going on. Gary – things have shifted …like Dre’s not getting the blame for the Cass thing and like me. Ika – I am telling you I haven’t heard your name when it comes to campaigning. I’ve only heard about Dre. Gary – something’s fishy.. even Williams fishy. Dre’s fishy, Jackie’s fishy.. somethings going on in my gut. Gary – Cass is going home. Ika – so we don’t have Dre? Gary – do you want her to stay? Ika – I thought that’s what you wanted to do. I thought that’s why we’re down here. Gary – Cass could give her first unborn child… Demetres isn’t budging. Ika – when we were upstairs he was like we have the votes … I don’t care whatever. Gary – I don’t want to keep her. Ika – are you sure.. because then you’re going to blame me if something goes wrong. Gary – Karen doesn’t want to keep her. As much as I like Cassandra, I know you’re there more for me than she is. And I need to show Neda while she is still in power and the queen that I will be loyal to her and give up my right hand man for her. And this move will give her ego a boost. William is voting out Cass. Karen is voting out Cass. I’m voting out Cass. Ika – okay then we’re voting out Cass. Gary – I’m done! I’m not dealing with this bullsh*t! And I’m not saving her a$$. She hasn’t been in a position to show me that she would save my a$$. And I go off of action. Ika – are we solid without her? Gary – we never will be, we’re the underdogs. We’ll be Karen, Gary, Ika, Demetres, Will, Dre.. us 6. We’re a smaller number but we’ll be good.

12:44am Storage room Gary and Ika
They’re voting Cassandra out.. Gary – I’m done. I’m done! She needs to go. She’s too much .. just go! GO! Ika – In my heart I felt like she should go and then after speaking to you, you made me believe in keeping her. You made me work Demetres all day and now you’re telling me we’re not keeping her. Gary – it was a lesson because now we know Demetres is a ride or die. Ika – that’s true. Gary – and I learned that Karen is a ride or die. Will and Dre are flip flip flippity flops… just like Jackie. I think maybe you should plant a seed (to Demetres) that maybe it should be Cass. And Gary actually is on board. Ika – god I just did all that f**king work.. you are a mess. Gary – you, me and him by the pool. You break it to him and then I’ll act like .. we’ll break it down like it was your idea. Don’t make it seem like I influenced you. You need to look like the strong person. Like Gary no. Because I already campaigned, I’ll look stupid if I changed my mind. You just need to be like Gary honestly .. and I’ll be like okay, she has to go.

CAssandra comes in to talk to Gary. Gary tells her the only person that is 100% is him. CAssandra thinks she has more votes than that..

This next clip happened last night. I thought it was Emily but that’s Gary near Dillon. .. LOL lots of material for the Kraken hour 🙂

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Guy From Canada

Yes keep Cass to keep it interesting! She is useless as A player going too hard, comp incompetent and unable to take advice of others but if they do keep her, in a fractured half of the house, it will cause turmoil and keep it interesting indeed. I am by no means a Cass fan, but I am a fan of flipping the house when people wake up and play the numbers game. Thanks for the updates, looking forward to tomorrow and what happens and time to have the feeds running while I do house renos ?


That last video of Dillon and Gary was Dillon shielding Gary from cameras because Gary didn’t want to be seen smoking on camera. Don’t make it something it’s not.

uhh no

smarten up and listen to what’s going on… gary’s touching dillion’s cock and pushing his ass into dillion’s penis.


Then go back to the feeds and watch the convo before they went into the hot tub room. Gary asked him to shield him from the cameras because he doesn’t want to be seen smoking. I know most people want to see a gay showmance or anything sexual to happen between two gay people, but this isn’t what happened. Don’t accuse two people of engaging in a sexual activity when it didn’t happen. This is the kind of shit that has the potential to ruin people’s lives.

u must be deaf dumb and blind

so, being gay ruins people’s lives? Again, smarten up we’re in the 21 century.
Anybody can see if they use all of their senses that gary is clearly grabbing and rubbing up against dillions cock.


Quit trying to read between the lines. Accusing someone of engaging in sexual activity when they didn’t has the potential to ruin peoples lives if you accuse someone of it when it didn’t happen. I know you want someone’s “COCK” to be in Gary’s hands, but it wasn’t Dillon’s.

the only shame is your stupidity

I don’t want to see a man’s COCK in another man’s hands ever, it’s not my thing.
You must be deaf dumb and stupid if you can’t see or HEAR what’s actually going on.
BTW being gay doesn’t ruin somebody’s life in Canada in the 21 century. It might ruin their after life, but certainly not this one.


Again, you keep reading between the lines looking for something that’s not there.


again, you’re deaf dumb blind and stupid

sunny dee

that’s what i figured, and wondered why does he want to hide he’s smoking? why not just not smoke at all


Well the Gary/Dillon video was awkward to watch, lol, wtf

Silver Slipper

Neda wasn’t savvy in her last season and the never , ending whining the last few years “that she should’ve won- Jon played her game and she’s the best of the best”. Is wayyyy-over exaggerated.

No doll, you played and you lost – simple.

As for this season; somehow she’s a goddess that needs a real – reality check. Why Canada voted her to stay until Jury is beyond me. I love Canada but it should’ve went to someone else, hands down.

She has too much power and to little of a mind to see she is showing her true colors this season and how upity she really is. ” Negative Neda “, it will be a nice reality check to all you’ve talked down about, in past seasons , to fellow housguests – present and most importantly to Jon when he won fair and square. It was the game and he played it as he rightfully should’ve. When your voted out and see how stomping your feet n tantrums won’t bring you a win. Will be all the blank check you need to get over yourself.

I didn’t like her then and don’t like her now. It’s her quality as a person that most disturbs me. The intitlement , spoonfed girl needs to be shown finesse comes from within…. and even persay she did win…. again it’s because she was kept safe until jury. The girl who has been serenaded all this time – needs to step down from her throne as her reign of power over being the supposed best -is now over. She was never that clever… as Ive thought before.

There is a way to win and roll to the end. (Which is unique to everyone’s own mind & game strategy).

I wish her all the best , so please don’t think I am hating but only sharing the obvious…. I like someone who owns their shit – says it how it is and gives credit where credit is due. I have yet to see her ever do that.

Own it girl and you will have true respect but the blame game is over….. we now see what kind of player you really are . Hiding behind a shield (a person or the horse you rode in on) with a finger pointed at everyone else but yourself – I will however support her entrepreneur clothing line as that is her passion. That I respect. Just not the endless snubs, snottiness, arrogance and plain ignorance. Sorry for sharing but I needed it to be said.

She just needs to learn everyone is a winner… and that it’s okay to lose – your shit, your cool, your heart and even a game. Much luv sista but it’s time to step up with equality or start stepping the bleep down pretty lady xx

Start by apologizing that actually works if you mean it

sunny dee

she got further in her season because she didn’t blab around to everyone about everyone else. I’m not sure who she hasn’t told a list of targets to, or who her list of targets is targeting. before pretty sure she didn’t talk targets and who is or isn’t going to do stuff to anyone other than jon. why she thinks going with an alliance with a clear side and so revealing is a better move this time around is beyond me, other than her safety of course. but by the time she isn’t safe, she’ll have burned a few bridges who might just consider her pointing her fingers at them makes her a target herself.

i’m surprised how docile CindywithanS is


Neda floated through 3/4’s of the season. She didn’t make any moves until after SABRINA had emptied the house and the house turned on SABRINA. You seem to have a selective memory.

Good Grief eh

Without Canada’s intervention, Neda would not have made it as far as she did in her season. I said it before and I’ll say it again, her infamy needs to have an asterisk attached to it. Without Canada’s help, she likely would only have been known as background furniture.


yet neda and ika is going everyone but cass getting blames for the exact samething

another name

Is everyone in the house playing the same game? Many of them yes. Is Cassandra the only one that is playing multiple angles? No. Is Cassandra the only one that has made a known eviction threat to the current hoh? Yes. Did Cass name multiple allies as possible targets this week to an hoh she isn’t working with? Yes.
So… why is there so much controversy? Cassandra said she wanted to back door a player that later became hoh, and the hoh is aware of the comment. That should be the end of the drama. In terms of game it makes sense.
Is it because Neda got that stupid homecoming queen immunity power? Bbcanada does something stupid like that during the first week of every season: some viewer vote that skews the game. If Cass had that immunity and somehow found herself in the hoh through some deal with the devil, she’d be targeting Neda too.
Neda got Cass on the block before Cass could get Neda on the block. In my opinion that’s sort of how this game works, if you disregard the twists and mysterious boxes rising out of the floor, and ninjas releasing the eels.


so does ika how that any different

another name

i’m sorry, i don’t understand the context of the comment Frodo.
The point of my comment was a house guest that has made it known that they’d target another house guest that later becomes hoh should expect to be on the block: and that viewers should expect it as well.
As an aside to my comment: the hoh rants and the havenot cave rants are silly, juvenile and to be perfectly honest, to be completely expected. Neither Cass nor Neda were angelic in their seasons. In season four Cass played victim to turn other house guests against her enemies to create a mob mentality of dislike, and in season two Neda was a member of Ika’s mean girl group that targeted their vitriol against Heather. Sure Neda was more strategic after the Canada HOH house flip twist, but she started the game being one of the catty girls with Ika. Why is anyone surprised?


Neda Sucks!!! She’s very neurotic and emotional I think she just plays the role like she’s some happy little Pessimists but really and truly she’s deadly and she has a lot of anger and hate inside of her I really hope they get rid of her soon as they can