Derrick “We’ll have plenty of time to talk. I’ll be up your a$$ all day.” Christine “I’ll take it!”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 14-13-02-144
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1:55pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests again. Caleb says I’m going to go up and see if my boys awake. Frankie asks who? Caleb says Cody. Frankie says that’s one boy. Caleb finds Cody still passed out and leaves the HOH room. Caleb explains how bad the ants were this morning. Caleb says then I did a raid commercial. Frankie asks RAPE? Caleb says Raid! Frankie laughs and says you to can be raped.

2:10pm – 2:25pm In the kitchen – Donny tells Derrick that he’s tried to talk to Frankie but he is always around someone. Derrick says he hasn’t said much to me either which isn’t good. Donny says I tried to talk to him earlier but he went back to bed. I’ll try and talk to him later today too. Donny says he’s very popular. Derrick agrees. Derrick heads to the bathroom and asks Christine if she is good Christine or bad Christine today? Were you just in a bad mood last night? Christine says yeah. Derrick says we’ll have plenty of time to talk today. I’ll be up your a$$ all day. Christine says I’ll take it! She laughs. They head to the kitchen. Christine comments that last night she said something about her makeup and Cody said but you don’t wear makeup. I said Cody I’m still a girl!!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 14-15-36-327

2:30pm In the bathroom – Donny asks Frankie is there any way to save a member of team america. Frankie says you don’t have to convince me. I’ve been trying. Donny says I’ve been hearing the same ..that I just need to talk to you. Frankie asks from..? Donny says Mmmhhmm. Frankie says the only person we could possible sway is Caleb. Frankie says but to do it you would need to come up with something … like a rabbit in your hat. Like being military or something you know what I mean. Like he wants the truth from you. Donny says I have told the truth. We could come up with a lie. I am the truth. Frankie says I know. Donny says I talked to Derrick and he said to talk to Frankie. I haven’t asked anyone but the two of you because I didn’t want you to think I was campaigning against your or nothing. Frankie says if he comes to me and says we need to keep Donny then I’ll be like great! Donny says I understand its only a game and ya’ll have to do what you have to do. If I leave will I still have your vote? Frankie says I would probably still vote with the house but if you can get the votes then you have my vote. Frankie says just please try. Donny says I will, thank you.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 14-33-46-149

2:40pm In the living room – Donny, Caleb and Nicole are talking. Donny says if I get out on a work day on my way home from the airport I would like to go by my work and talk to my boss man. I had a dream about my boss man last night and how he tried to fire me but couldn’t.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 14-41-29-988

2:50pm In the bathroom – Frankie says to Derrick thanks for sending Donny to me. Frankie laugh and says its okay. He asked if he would still have my vote and I told him no unless he has the votes. I told him to go talk to Caleb but to leave our names out of it. We’ve done all we can do. Derrick agrees.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 14-48-03-287

3pm – 3:15pm At the kitchen table – Derrick, Nicole and Victoria are scrubbing their running shoes with bleach to get out the stains. Donny says he’s going to leave his the way they are because its a conversation piece. Derrick talks about getting a tattoo of the big brother house on his arm with a 16 in it. He says the wants to the house to to be more of a 3D version. Caleb talks about how he wants the Big Brother key on his forearm or calf with BMC (Beast Mode Cowboy) BB16 on it. Victoria asks if someone drinks bleach what would happen? Derrick says it could kill you, I think.

3:15pm – 3:25pm Frankie and Donny are doing the dishes. Frankie asks do you have a suit for the finale? Donny says no. Frankie asks are you just going to wear this. Donny says I had some collared shirts that they snatched up from me. Frankie says so maybe you can wear one of those. Donny says if not I have my Harvard shirt and camouflage shorts. Donny asks is it going to be a double eviction tomorrow? Frankie says its very possible. Donny says maybe we’ll get to play darts or something in a little while. The house guests are cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Frankie tells Donny that he would have to be the one to initiate the conversation with Caleb and that he needs to keep our (Derrick & Frankie’s) names out of it. Donny says he will.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 15-13-59-755

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These house guests are beyond boring. Come on! Do something!!!


Even their dreams are more entertaining than this show. How do I get a live feed to those? Don’t have the technology yet, okay then…


That technology isn’t far away, only the REAL “Big Brother” will be using it, no subscription for us


Would you really want to be in Ratine’s brain?

Another Anonymous

Or worse – Victoria’s.
Look in mirror.
Check hair.
Check makeup.
Change clothes.
Look in mirror.
Change clothes.
Derrick why won’t you talk to me.
Look in mirror.


Maybe next week another play!!!!!!
Frankie in a production of ” Lord of the Flies”
Derrick in “Caligula”

Oh pues

I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it sounds much more entertaining than this crap!


Did America get to choose mission. Did I miss something

Is BB16 over, yet?

God, how I wish I could spray Frankie and Crusty with Raid.


LOL…. piss ants


I hope to God Frankie goes next. I would love to see him or Derrick plead not to evicted as we see Donny doing right now. Bunch of morons who only care about the fame they attend to have after this is all over. You won’t find me looking up these losers. I hope Big Brother knows Donny will be sorely missed. Just hope we see more of the jury house then the BB house.


Can they make it more obvious that they really are not trying to help Donny? Dick heads!


Caleb tells creepy Frankie that he sprayed with Raid….Frankie thinks he said rape. Caleb clarifies the word and says Raid and creepy Frankie tells Caleb he can be raped….Omg….In a workplace that is a threat and sexual harassment. Is that the only way creepy Frankie can get a date?….is someone in production asleep?. Julie must be really proud of this show….it is so far in the gutter and going deeper with each episode. Last year if a houseguest was offensive the network put out a disclaimer saying they didn’t support or approve the comments or actions. Why are they allowing it this season.??? I hope Frankie s sister doesn’t let this creep hang around with her…..she doesn’t need the negative energy which spews off of him.

Jimmy 64

Hey why don’t we beat the crap out of Frankie with one of
Those pool cues the next time he talks in that stupid
irritation British accent. Every time he talks like that I
Want to punch him in the throat.


I hope Cody-Kotex, Disgustine, Derprick, and Fair’s lives after the show are a living hell of misery! They are the lowest of the lowest; and their comeuppance will make them wish they never acted like a bunch of dividends!


I meant dickheads…big fingers get in the way of typing…LOL.


Me too!!!


No, that’s ok. You had it right the first time.

Donny ftw

For the fact that u wish that upon them and calling them names! makes u know better then them!



Michael from Canada

I’ve heard him make rape jokes before. The guy is seriously twisted.


i can’t get over how boring they all are.

i’m so bored that is about all i have to say about it.


Christine comments that last night she said something about her makeup and Cody said but you don’t wear makeup. I said Cody I’m still a girl!!

No amount of lipstick could fix that pig.


Agreed. Even if she had some work done and was the prettiest person in the world, she’d still look like a gross pig to me.


Beauty starts from the inside out……no beauty inside…no beauty outside!

Kathie from Canada

This girl has a screw loose … pardon the pun. 😉


Dawg has a slight edge over Caleb in the top 3 Favourites. 🙂

I am thinking Caleb might lose the America’s Favourite to Dawg at this point.


Gross mental image…


But Cody, I’m still a girl!

See me. Touch me. Feel me.

She is too happy!


Derrick goes undercover as a bartender at ….”The Blue Oyster Bar”, to catch the owner (Frankie The Mogul) in a sexual harassment sting operation. As Caleb and Cody are leaving the bar Derrick sighs, relieved that his former Big Brother 16 housemates didn’t recognize him.
Derrick: And guys, next time don’t bring that thing back with you! (Christine)
Cody: Ok bro!
Caleb: Beast Mode Cowboy out!
Cody: Dude, I totally SMASHED those Shirley Temples! I’m literally smashed!
Derrick: Idiots!
Frankie comes back behind the bar with Derrick.
Frankie: Hey, those guys looked familiar…
Derrick: They said they were on some kinda game show.
Frankie: I was the star of a Reality show a while back, everyone loved me! My sister is famous too. I have millions of fans and followers!
Derrick: Really. I didn’t know that….Hey, stop humping my leg!
Frankie: I’m a media Mogul, my hair is pink, and I wear makeup!
Derrick (looking into the hidden camera): You know what you’re doing is illegal, you can be arrested for sexual harassment?
Frankie: Nobody is going to believe you, my sister is famous and everyone loves me! And…what are you looking at?
Derrick (still looking into the hidden camera): That’s where you’re wrong, because I got you on camera.
Victoria comes in the bar.
Victoria: Derrick, is that you? I’ve been looking all over for you. How do my legs look? How does my hair look?
Frankie: Derrick! That IS you (still humping Derrick’s leg)! What the hell?
Derrick (looking at another hidden camera): Well, I guess I’ve been busted, busting Frankie.
Victoria… Distracted by the mirror behind the bar, forgets about everybody else, and stares at herself.
Frankie….still humping Derrick’s leg.
Derrick….still looking into the camera
Victoria…..sill looking at herself in the mirror

Donny passes by outside and looks in the window.

Donny: Looks like the BB16 House in there!

Retired Teacher

Thanks for the comic relief from the UNCOMICAL job of reading about who’s awake, who’s gone back to sleep, etc. These houseguests sound soooo boring – but I enjoyed your script! I’m sure glad I’ve never subscribed to the feeds. I pity the fools who are still watching this show go even further downhill!


Love it!


Hey Tim. What up young man?..

gag hate these people

Did Christine jusg out herself and is Crustine really a felon guilty of grand theft auto??? Wow, how low did BB have to sink to get these things on the show this season. I read that Christine, Cody, Caleb, Frankie and Derrick where making fun of Donny’s disabled brother? Is this true? If it is where is CBS/BB outrage over this like when Chen went nuts last year over the rice comment? Wow, so CBS/BB only picks when to be outraged over something and guess picking on disabled people is fine. Chen never got outraged over the other racial comments only when the comment was anti asian. Sorry, but picking on the disabled is a million times more offensive then the other!!!! Derrick should lose his job for making derogatory comments about the disabled and hope the jerk does, and hope Frankie’s family ends up suffering repercussions also. That house is just filled with the most hateful and dispicable people. Cannot watch any longer!


When did they make fun of Donny’s brother?


Because no one gives a shit about this cast at this point.


No, she was dreaming that Tim was working on their car that was stolen.
She didn’t steal it, she was the victim.


In her dream she represents the car. And her subconsious is telling her that tim is working on what is stolen trying to make it work again.

Michael from Canada

The car represents her guilty conscience, and that she knows what she’s doing with Cody is wrong. She said it was a car “we had stolen”, but I guarantee it was her that stole it and Tim was just kinda dragged into it.

He was fixing the car, because he’s the one that’s dealing with the repercussions of her actions. The dirt on him is all the shame, embarrassment, and humiliation that he now carries with him; which is visible to the whole country since it’s on national TV. He can’t go out in public looking all dirty and it’s equally embarrassing going out now with all that humiliation.

She didn’t want to have that dream because she understood what it meant. What’s interesting though is that her husband still picked her up when he saw her, even though he’s tainted with “dirt”. So she understands that in spite of everything she’s done, he’s not going to end up leaving her and will just have to deal with it.


I hate these ppl but haven’t heard they did that yet. That’s something last years gang would have done

Have I mentioned how much I hate Fakie?

What a repulsive, vile creature.

As Much As I Hate Derrick

Yeah, I know how you feel.


What goes around and comes around. So all you house guests can vote Donny out. But ya’all won’t be far behind. And when you go home and watch yourself, I hope Donny gets the last laugh. Bunch of losers.


Ughhh…I really thought nothing could be worse than last season. Wow was I wrong! Never have I seen a season with so many unlikable people. Crustine, you say you’re still a girl??..skeery


Derrick tells Donny go talk to Frankie, really? I didn’t know he had all the power in the house. What a bunch of arrogant delusional a$$ h#les!


You’d think Derrick, Caleb, Cody, Frankie, with all their boosting about themselves, would have the gonads to at least tell this really nice guy Donny and TA member he’s going. There’s no
hope. What are they afraid of? They are so prejudice against him that they are not even trying to play for his jury vote. To me just a bunch of ugly brainless white type frat boys. And what is Victoria doing in the game? Very disappointing.


If only. If only they picked another cast mind you keeping Donny


That’s the second picture today of what appears to be Fakie not making it to the bathroom in time. The look of terror on his face is unreal.


Please please find some way to save donnie. He is the only decent person in the house. Let someone deserving finally win


Christine said something about taking Derrick’s Johnson up the rosebud. Isn’t that supposed to be Frangie’s line?

Go Home Frankie

“Caleb says then I did a raid commercial. Frankie asks RAPE? Caleb says Raid! Frankie laughs and says you to can be raped.”

How can he be allowed to behave the way he does after people called out for MUCH less last year?? CBS has to pick a side… can’t be OK for some guests to act like this and not others. This guy is fing scum.


Beyond disgusting. All these daily remarks Frankie makes would be considered sexual harassment if it was anybody but him. Imagine the outrage if this were a guy marking remarks like this to a girl. Frankie is nothing more than an old pervert.

On the other hand

Derrick tells Christine to “saddle up”, tells her he is going to be up “on her ass” all night and shamelessly discusses with Victoria that everyone was looking at her breasts and not her hair or legs when she was pretending to be Amber. Talks trash about Brittany wanting to go to bed with Cody. That’s just as bad as the crap Frankie says but Derrick just happens to be married so maybe it is worse.


Frankie and Derrick are pathetic! If they wanted to save Donny, all they would have to say is: “Victoria we need to keep Donny this week, it is good for our game”. “Nicole is a danger to our game”. It is done deal.
Poor Donny, trying to go to Caleb is a waste of his breath. Derrick and Frankie have him convinced that Donny is a undercover super spy genius, who is just toying with him. But to make matter worse, Caleb gave his words to these people, and he will honor his word, even though he knows it is his down fall. He knows that Zach and Nicole were not lying to him, that he was not in any of the alliances, but he will honor his word and walk out the door. Too bad Donny cannot convince Caleb it is all right to lie, after all this is big brother, lying is part of the game, and these people have done nothing but lie to you the entire game. They are making a fool out of you.
They have no respect for Caleb’s honor, they are using your word against you.
Anyway, Good Luck Donny!


Ironic for Christine to say she would take Derrick being up her ass since she’s about to get fucked over by all the guys…


I hope so but any of them might take as ugly as she. (talking personality wise).

Francisco Ulises Cristfor Kamil de Umberto

Dis kast of hombres and senoritas iz reely bad. Mi thot dat last yeers kast cudnt be any werse but dis yeer it iz mucho werse! And what about Frankie, dat joto wants to rape boys n young men, why iznt he kicked of show!


Yea what he said. Sorta English with espanol derivatives


lets make it hard on derrick and Frankie for team America mIssion by picking the hardest one they could do
derrick and Frankie is a joke we know you voting out Donny but do you got to smile about it
I lost all respect for those two they should of never being on the team Frankie got on cause of his sister
derrick got on I don’t even no why he on our team once Donny go their nomore team watch yall derrick after
the vote derrick go to CAMRA IN say he try but we sill got me and Frankie he a joke him an Frankie wanted Donny out a long time ago im pick a misson that real real hard to do if it like



I mentioned that the other night. Let’s all pick the hardest missions out there then get on FB and Twitter and encourage others to do so. Donny was picked before those other two and they have done nothing all season but try to get all the others to hate him and want to vote him out.


No Donny. No Team America. All money should go to Donny as they are voting him out of the house.

Michael from Canada

It’d be awesome if America started deliberately giving them the hardest tasks, and then they blew up their own games trying to complete them and got themselves evicted. That would be the perfect way for them to go out at this point.

Another Anonymous

The tasks have been so lame we will probably get the choice of A) TA performs a concert or B) TA must convince a houseguest to change her clothes three times in one day. This. Season. BLOWS.

new to BB 14

WTF these A-holes make me sick
WHy do they always want to have a full majority vote FFS!!!!!!!!!
All they need is Derrick,Frankie and Victoria to save Donny and Victoria will bow to whatever Derrick tells her
Screw Calib and Crustine!!!

Lets see some surprised faces on the three C’s(Calib,Cody,Crustine)
Cmon production make it happen!!

double eviction vote out Nicole Thursday night paleeeeze so I can have my summer back and stop watching Big Brother!!
Unless of course they want to follow the jury members around cause that would be a way better show!!


Question: If they evict Derrick, can it only happen during a double-eviction because he is so two-faced?

RancyPants Roxit

Exactly, that’s why it took 5 evictions to get Devin out.


Not watching the show tonight. I definitely will be tomorrow. Will be there to see Donny exit the Hell hole. I wish he could be the winner, but he already is. He will be with nice people in the Jury house instead of these thugs. Be strong Nicole, don’t let them tell you what to do!


I won’t be watching either but for those who cannot decide, Skankie’s kid sister is on America’s Got Talent tonight.

Wisco Duck

The producers thus far have given very good edits to Frankie, Derrick, and even Christine. Unless people watch BBAD or live feeds they probably see nothing wrong with the HGs. However; the people I know who only watch the CBS shows are still 100% pulling for Donny; little do they know the rug is about to be pulled from under them. For the most part I’ve stopped watching BBAD because I find the behavior of most of the HGs to be too disgusting. As for the CBS shows, they’ve only reinforced how the viewers are being played. I’m ashamed that I’ve invested so much of my time in this circus. CAN YOU FOLKS HEAR ME SCREAMING?

I hate DONNY

why does everyone want to save Donny? He’s rude and disgusting I hope he gets evicted


Who is this talking bad about Donny ? Tim? Go rub on a tree.


I will not watch tonight but I will see Donny before he go out the house
this season is a big let down first zack now Donny who next let me guess
Nicole or Victoria if they don’t win

big brother use to be the show I couldn’t waite come on
but the fun has going nobody do what they want
they don’t even vote the way they want big let down

to get back to its great days we think
they should let the fans vote out people

Boreal Bag Lady

omfg I now know this season is worse than I thought because good old Danielle Murphree (remember Dan’s little protege, the delusional, lying, stalking nurse person…) tweeted that “Caleb is growing on me”….Of course he is you stupid bimbo, he’s the male version of you for anyone that remembers what she was like lol…Here’s the link:


Anyone else miss the days of the brigade,guys playing the game with integrity ,and funny, and Dr. Will and Boogie,what fun they were! Dan the married guy, who ruled without rubbing and touching! Man I miss the good old days?

Mr. Clean

Has anyone ever seen Caleb brush his teeth, take a shower or clean ANYTHING!!! I bet he is so rank. Someone needs to pull him to the side and talk to him.


Haven’t seen you take a shower either. How rank are you?

Mr. Clean

I’m not on national TV, nor do I have to share a bed and other personal spaces with people I’ve know for a just few days/weeks/months. I’m also not hoping to become a celebrity superstar in hopes beating women off me with a stick (as Caleb put it). Despite that I still manage to shower at least once per day and brush my teeth 3 times per day . So my rank meter is very low–in fact its non existent .Thanks for asking.




CBS needs to buy Donny a suit!


The Team America Vote is up on the CBS site now.


I just seeing the vote im vote no to the misson derrick and Frankie don’t deserve it
vote no do it for Donny they cant save him so we voting no

BB:Predict the Predictable

I wonder why no one as of yet has voted against the house as a way of creating dissension and paranoia. I mean every week its been unanimous, so that one vote against the majority could really get people second guessing their alliance members. I only bring this up, because Derrick (who thinks he’s Dan Jr.) and Frankie (who thinks he’s the second coming) could easily pin the lone vote against Christine or Caleb, or anyone else they wanted to get rid of.

Its things like this and the lack of exciting gameplays that makes me yearn for what Big Brother once was. I really think that without a theme (like season 4,5,6,8,) or changing the structure of the game with a new element (season 2,3,5,6) BB feels predictable. We can always get whats going to happen, even THE HOUSEGUESTS CAN!!!

I mean at least BBCAN can use the existing format and give us interesting players, twists, and genuinely funny moments, something BBUS sorely lacks.

I’m still holding out hope for this season though. Here’s hoping the dissolution of the detonators becomes a blood bath.


my comments never get posted??? done with this site