Big Brother 16 Spoilers “I’m sorry (Donny) I have to go with the house majority”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

BB16-2014-08-27 15-46-18-084
The houseguest are cleaning up, COdy who is sleeping.
Frankie and Donny were cleaning the kitchen, THe girls doing the bathroom and
Caleb and Derrick in the rock room.
They are believing it’s double eviction tomorrow so are trying to gather up all their “Props”
Nicole and Christine comment on how gross the floor is in the bathroom.

BB16-2014-08-27 15-42-00-217
3:40pm Have nots room Frankie and Caleb
Frankie says Donny is going to talk to Caleb, “He talked to me earlier.. he said.. I don’t understand why people are keeping her she’s won more HOH’s
Frankie told Donny – “I’m sorry I have to go with the house majority.. that’s all I said.. He asked me if he should campaign I told him sure it wouldn’t hurt.. I don’t know where it’s going to get you.. he’s got a weird way of making me feel bad.
Caleb – Honesty him going home before Victoria sucks cause he’s worked his butt off to be here. but it’s what works best for our alliance.
Frankie – is it weird I feel weird..
Caleb – that guy fought and fought and fought and made it this far because he saved himself the entire time.. you’re only human.

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BB16-2014-08-27 16-13-32-358

4:09pm dinner table.
Frankie talking about the British pound and how the smartest thing London ever did was not go with the Euro and stick with the British Pound. Frankie equates a countries economic success with the value of their currency.
they talk about the indoor lock-down so early Frankie thinks they are just doing it to physiologically mess with them. Frankie adds that he’s feeling more and more there is a double eviction tonight. Vicotira was supposed to go to Greece last year but the trip was cancelled. Frankie mentions how cheap everything is in South Africa and how expensive it is in Europe.


4:23pm Cody wakes up Finds Christine… the rest is in the pictures

BB16-2014-08-27 16-47-16-279
4:36pm Kitchen table Caleb and Derrick
(Looks like Derrick is building transfer of power two)
Caleb – Frankie tell you
Derrick – doesn’t matter at this point
Caleb – he just wants A vote
Derrick – doesn’t make sense though.. he’s telling three different people that
Derrick you are the only one that doesn’t talk sh1t when I’m not in the room.. Is that bad to admit kinda, with 8 people left but, that’s just how I feel”
Caleb – I feel people do for their game.. IN case we don’t win.. at the end of the day that is the way it’s played.. if you don’t win and not Sunk in with someone..

BB16-2014-08-27 17-04-32-276
5:04pm HOh Frankie and Caleb
Talking about all the mental comps. franke – it’s been the hardest mental season ever
They start studying comps and trying to figure out what to study.
Caleb says the “timeline one” is the hardest competitions. Frankie agrees but points out that this year they did it early
Caleb doesn’t think it’s double evict this week
Frankie thinks it could be this week or next week.

BB16-2014-08-27 17-16-49-606
5:12pm Kitchen
Derrick continues to play with the kaboob sticks, making what looks like a cabin. jokes than Donny says one big word and everyone
Nicole – What are you building
Derrick – I’m going to try and build a crane with dental floss.. probably not going to work.. trying to be as neat as possible”
Derrick tells them he wanted to be a architect but after taking a class in highschool and finding out you needed to know math he was dropped it. He completed the course but the magic was gone.
Derrick – “I noticed too late in life that school is important.. I screwed up so bad.. ”

BB16-2014-08-27 17-22-57-825

Where is the vote
Donny is going home.. The house has flipped before on a Wednesday but i’m doubting it will tonight.

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Just watching tonight’s episode never have I wanted two people out more than Derrick and Frankie. And I didn’t see Americas vote on the mission. Who the f— thought this play sucked. Ok CBS you suck for allowing this


Derrick and Frankie are so sickening. I can’t believe that Christine is even lower than Frankhole in the poll of most hated. Her and Frankie are so fake it is tough even watching them.




Anybody know Ellen she has a twitter following of 30 million She could have saved Donny’s ass. Maybe she has pull.

Pinocchio Obama

You know it is a bad season when the biggest move of the season is Victoria tearing up the pink hat.

Arya Stark is a Badass

Now that was funny.

I love Nicole but after watching her in the bathroom when Victoria was in trouble I think she might want to re-think her career choice.


She didn’t want to touch her, so she called for help.. Besides Vitoria was faking it..

River Song

I don’t think Shitoria was faking being sick, but her illness wasn’t from her wisdom teeth. It was from taking too damn many Advil or whatever the hell she took. If I read correctly, she took almost 3x the recommended amount and probably was drinking very little fluids, due to difficulty swallowing. CBS dodged a bullet on that one. She could have wound up in the hospital with liver issues. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Legion of Doom

If she was faking it, she deserves the academy award. She was walking clumsily, with a thousand-yard stare, and not responding coherently to simple, direct questions. If you’ve ever seen someone pass out slowly, or experienced it yourself, you know what happened was real.

It almost assuredly WAS whatever medication she was given. It was probably a somewhat powerful painkiller. On the show, she also says that she should be better “with medicine and eating”, which makes it seem like she hadn’t been eating with the wisdom teeth issues bothering her. Taking too many painkillers on an empty stomach will be bad news for anyone.


I read on another site that her blood sugar was really low and she was dehydrated. That could account for her being confused.

Pinnocchio Obama

I love River Song!

PS And Clara.


That’s a grossly unfair statement to make about Nichole’s career choice. It’s evident from her personality and intelligence she will be an excellent nurse.

Wisco Duck

Go to CBS website and vote NO REWARD!


Just voted……..thank you Wisco Duck for the heads up!!

Big Sister

Go to, register at the BB site if you haven’t already, and vote a maximum of 20 times today and 20 times tomorrow before 10 a. m. I voted NO on the TA mission. That will send them the message that we wanted them to save Donny and not give us that stupid “Broadway show” starring the worst excuse for a House Guest ever!!

Botox Pelosi

I expect this mission to get less votes than a turd. Hopefully they will not only tell Frankie that it failed but that it only got 10% of the vote.

I hope Nicole wins the next HOH just so we can see these people sweat for once.


Apparently CBS/BB has absolutely no problem with degrading, humiliating, insulting and making fun of minorities, blacks, women, and the disabled from tonight’s despicable show from what I am hearing. Wow, Chen makes a big deal out of stupid comments by a 21 year old, but this despicable gay man who is an insult to all gay men everywhere can make horrible comments about women, minorities and the disabled and CBS/BB are so proud of it they show it on Prime Time. Wow, no wonder bullying and murder are so out of control in this country with despicable people like the producers of BB and the houseguests of BB in this world. Sickening just to watch. Hope Karma hits them all in the ass!


Caleb is good at reading people? Mr. Clueless strikes again!


That comment was funny. Donny’s eyes moving from side to side prove how smart he is according to Caleb – the intuitive BMC or should it be just plain BS by C.


WARNING….NFL football Thursday night. Check your local listings


Wow. I can’t believe the favorable edits CBS does for Derrick. Derrick crying like he has a conscience and really wants to save Donny?! Please…… He is the one pushing for them to vote him out. I guess Derrick is winning. Love Donny .


Except that isn’t why he’s crying. He wants Donny gone, yes, but he feels bad because Donny doesn’t deserve to go and he genuinely likes him. Your disdain for Derrick doesn’t change what happened.

Soft Filter

CBS should show the real Derrick that we see on the feeds. The way the edit him is way too favorable. He is 80% o f the time a douche but when he sees the cameras on him or he goes to the DR, he puts on his undercover cop face. Too bad they don’t show him instigating the other houseguests to ignore Donny or talking smack about Brittany or scheming about how he is manipulating Victoria like a silly high school girl.
The only good thing they did tonight was show Frankie for the vacuous person that he is. When they showed him refusing to save Donny in the DR for the TA mission., he was all a twitter with his makeup brush and wouldn’t look at the camera because he knew production was putting him on the spot.
Can’t wait to see these two get evicted and all the nasty things they have said and did come back to them.

No filter

I agree he is playing one of best BB games ever. You are right he should win this season.


I don’t have the feeds and although I’ve never been a Frankie fan I totally get why do many really dislike him after seeing tonight’s episode. He is a ridiculous self centered bafoon. It’s about time CBS pulled its finger out of its a$$ and showed his true colors and I’m not talking rainbows!

Michael from Canada

Frankie wasn’t looking at the camera, because that wasn’t a rehearsed DR moment. There are moments when the HG is acting to the camera, and that’s what’s shown on the episodes, but usually it’s just normal conversation that isn’t intended for TV. And that’s what they showed, to show America the real Frankie. They’re done with giving Frankie the golden edit.


Frankieand Christine are the molst repugnant players. They both have zero morals or hearts. And, sadly, both are ugly as heck.


Don’t care for either Derpig or Fakie, but why the hell would CBS give Derpig a favorable edit !! Frankie’s edit was bad , but well deserved.


Frankie is the biggest piece of shit! So dismissive of anything Donny! Put your makeup down bitch and grow a heart! I want to punt kick him right in the balls! It just worse every week! He seriously has to be one of the most self centered crap bags EVER!

The Vote IS ON

Hey you can go to CBS and vote for the success or failure of Team America BB Brodway play. I voted 20 times for the mission being a hot mess stinker!!!!


Agreed…they should have used Donny’s idea since that would have been more of a “mission”.


Voted NO for the mission, too. I’ve never voted before, but did this time. Pathetic mission.


I voted against it 20 times too. Going to do that again tomorrow…

lemon balls

On no , say it ain’t so !!! Another shut out in the eviction voting …. Is this the unexpected.??? How is it possible they put together the most boring people in one show ???


I hate that my two favorites are on the block but they have to take some blame with that lame Veto comp effort.


That POV comp was just odd.
First you have the schemers scheming their master plan to rig it to their advantage and then that fell through at first then Cody saved it. Then you have Nichole and Donny not unserstanding the game . How could they not have at least tried on the last round to STAY? Both of them FOLDING ensured Cody’s win. They had nothing to lose at that point. I just don’t get how a master BB fan like Nichole didn’t get that. Then, when I think back to her in the previousu HOH comp, she was like a deer in headlights. GIRL NEEDS TO GET WITH IT!!
I give Donny a lot of credit for working hard int he HOH comp and at leasting winning one card in the POV comp. He did word hard.
Sadly, I do have to admit, Nichole and Donny kind of sealed their fate tonight when they showed up to play but didn’t seemed like they didn’t kwow what they were doing.
Would love to see some big suprise at the Live Eviction tomorrow night but I am not holding my breath.


Once Donny realizes he’s going I hope he reveals TA to everyone. That will pucker Frankie’s and Derrick’s asses. Would love to see them squirm out of that one.

Another Anonymous

They are too stupid to believe him. Just like they were too stupid to believe him when he told them all the other things that were true. Just like they didn’t believe the guy with the megaphone who told them about Frankie. These houseguests are dumber than dirt. Or, as Donny would say “They put the dumb in dumbo.”


Go to There is piece on there about Frankie.
They’re killing him.
ex: him saying that women choose to be lesbians and also his kill Jocasta comment.
Even his sister mentions his lack of maturity.

Valentina Corleone

I just read the E! article and all I can say is What. A. Douchebag.

Methinks all the meds he’s taking are making him a wee bit wacko.


Sounds like CBS’s plan to showcase Frankie (in conjunction with his sister’s CD release) has blown up in their faces.


Donny screwed up the TA mission this week. When he read the card it said that the mission had to be completed by the END of the veto ceremony, but when he told Derrick and Frankie, he said it had to be completed BY the veto ceremony. His slight misunderstanding left out other possibilities to “save Donny”…swaying opinion against voting Donny out before the veto, convincing Cody to use the veto on him etc… They were long shots, but Donny missed an opportunity.

Pinocchio Obama

Donny should of told them the mission was to save him and keep Team America intact. It might of worked and it would of saved us from having to watch that lame “talent” show.


The only thing more lame than that talent show is your screen name.

Bumbling Bozo Barack

See what lying gets you?

Royal Order of Rabid Red Rodents

i don’t know what to call that show but it sure would not be talent.


Wow this is the season of the BIG MOVES! Damn these idiots! All season long…it’s what the house wants! Grow a set you pussies!


The detonators are under the impression that winning=making it to the final 5. They don’t seem to understand that they will have to turn on each other….hope they don’t go quietly.


🙁 So sad if Donny goes to jury, just not fair!

Joey Q

I despise Derrick and while I am at it throw Frankie into the mix.

Logans Run

“I’ve never dun nuthin to no body”….DUDE get real already with that pathetic line. You do know its not personal right? Its a game of voting people out. Hes mad because his “im a sad older man” strategy didn’t work. Cant wait to see him go and Frankie right after him.

Carousel Begins

Can’t wait to see your reaction when Derrick gets evicted.


Do you think we could use the Carousel on the Detonators and get rid of them once and for all? We just would have to make sure they don’t get Renewed. Frankie and Derrick can go up first. Love that movie!

Kathie from Canada

I disagree. This is VERY personal towards Donny because of the endless lies leading to hatred by the rest because a certain someone views him as a threat to certain victory. The crap that many have spewed is like a gigantic urban myth.

Donny Sucks!!!

Oh no, Derrick wants to win Big Brother…. anything but that!!!


And those comments they made about Donnys disabled brother it was so disgusting these people r the most heartless,hateful people i have ever seen they should all take a long walk off a short peir


Is rather listen to Donny than watching Victoria pluck her friggin eyebrows or Derrick constantly touching his face or Christine laugh or even Frankie’s face. So no your wrong.


I disagree. Its not personal like Donny is taking it. Most of them like Donny as a person. Wanting someone out because they can maybe win a game over yourself is not a personal attack. Its a game move. Its not like people don’t like him (I mean the gamers not Victoria) that’s why they feel bad to vote him out. If it was personal because they thought he was a jerk, then they wouldn’t feel bad and probably cheer you know.
Its a game and people tell people different things to get a head. I don’t think this cast is bad and most of the stuff has been light weight stuff, nothing crazy like a lot of the past seasons.

Valentina Corleone

And I disagree with your disagreement. It IS personal – they can’t figure Donny out, because he doesn’t join in all the juvenile behavior they persist in displaying. So if someone is different,they shun him, belittle him, talk about him…and while all that is going on, he just keeps doing what he’s doing. So these jackhammers scratch their heads because he’s not reacting. From there they speculate he’s a brilliant savant, a military genius, government agent, Santa Claus’ brother, everything except what he his: a really nice guy who’s a groundskeeper. So simple in it’s truth, they just can’t believe it.


Huh????? Have you watched or read any of the updates or have you just watched the TV show? They constantly make things up about him including, Victoria, Christina and Cody. The hate him just to hate him. Everything he does gets on their nerves but they do the same thing to each other but only laugh about it. They are horrible people and there is no getting around it.


Caleb’s 1st talk with Frankie about Donny this afternoon, makes me almost like Caleb a little more and although Frankie sounds like he cares we know he doesn’t. As for Caleb’s talk with Derrick it makes me like Derrick less. Derrick doesn’t give a crap about how about hard Donny has worked and has no remorse at all that the worked from the very start to make this happen. If I have any vote at all on future TA missions I will vote for the hardest missions and hope they don’t make them.

Just Keeps Getting Worse

I did not think it was possible for me to like Derrick less but, damn, he suprised me tonight and now I like him less than Frankie.
Pretty bad when the Pinky is beating out Stinky.

Cody needs a brain

If they send home Donny, they shouldn’t allow TA to continue.

Captain Cave Man

No Donny , your “mission to save yourself” wouldn’t have worked. Jeez.


And that play really rocked. Wtf are you nuts. It was a mission. Yea that play covered that alright Showing what a freak show Frankie really is. Get a life.


I can’t believe it, but out of the 6 besides Donny and Nicole, I actually like Caleb the most. He’s delusional especially with Amber and thinking he will be America’s favourite, but I think somewhere he truly tries to be someone good and loyal, and I do see him exhibiting these traits out of this game. The rest of the Detonators and Victoria, you really think that they are just as nasty out there in the real world as they are in the game.


Agree. I could not stand him when Amber was in the house (not that it was her fault by any means) but now that she is out he is slightly likeable some of the time. Which is more than i can say for people like Frankie and Christine.
He is very delusional and his ego needs to scale WAY WAY back, but he’s got better character than most of those left!


Me too. I don’t think Caleb is a bad guy. He’s just too full of himself, thinks he the best and thinks he knows and got it all. And he is loyal to a fault. He is the most loyal of them all which is bad for his game. He’s got everyone’s back in the alliance but not the other way round. Caleb is like a robot. When he’s programmed to carry out a task, they won’t stop until it’s accomplished . So since everyone member of the alliance wants Donny out, he’s bent on that. Love Donny.

Michael from Canada

He’s also pretty hilarious; not just unintentionally, but also when he tries to be.

Quite frankly, after Donny goes, I’m #TeamBeastMode all the way.


Come on everyone vote NO let’s have the last laugh on Derrick and Frankie.

Pinocchio Obama

I voted no just because Fakie thought he just won an Emmy.


I would like to have voted yes for Donny to get his $5,000, but Frankie’s show sucked and I do not want to give Frankie and Derrick the satisfaction of getting Donny out and giving those idiots $5,000 to add to their TA pot. I also hope BB lets those 2 yoyos know that TA has ended for this season. They will get plenty of cash if they make it to F2 anyway. I voted NO 20 times and will vote NO again tomorrow. I will make it up to Donny when the vote for AFP comes up.


From the conversation between Derrick and Caleb, it sounds like Caleb wants to give Donny a vote. I actually think Caleb feels bad that Donny is going before Victoria.


Caleb may have his moments of sunshine, they may be few and far between, but they are there. I think he could actually be a spoiler in this game cause we all know he can be stubborn if he believes something is wrong in his heart. Derrick and Frankie better watch out.


Thank God their cleaning up that house. I would be the first HG out week one because I would make some sort of cleaning schedule and people would think I was being bossy lols. Its just gross though.

Frankie being put up would be hilarious and then production would panic.


Ugh ugh ughhhhhhhhhhhh
Oh my goodness, some peoples kids! UGH!


ok everyone time to vot a big NO on team america and show skankie frankie hes just a douche and his arrogance is not worth 5 $ let alone 5000 !


20 no’s from me….slightly guilty to be denying Donny the green but i think he will be fine when he exits that place….



good bye donny

Sorry to see Donny go but he goes to jury with $20,000 (I think) more than Nicole would have if she was evicted tomorrow night.


I was Team Donny but I’m rooting for Nicole or even Victoria before these guys.


Ok. Giving Production a free pass on the Victoria incident. If you go to someone acting more concerned about how you look instead of mentioning how much pain you are in, that person will not be concerned.


Idk why someone whose face was that swollen, who was obviously in pain, and according to Tim’s wife, whose mouth was horrible looking, was more concerned with HOW she looked. Not how sick she might be. Oh well, live hard, die young, and leave a beuti-fool corpse. Or in her case a nice body and strange swollen faced head.
Plus, how did she not know her wisdom teeth were about to erupt? My mouth ached for months before I had them out. All you need is minimal yearly care to have a dentist extrapolate when they will become a problem.


Ughh. It’s not looking good for Donny 🙁
By the way, here’s a fun fact. Victoria has come off the block 4 times, and has never been up for a vote.. if she is secretly good at competitions, she could have actually played a very smart game and do some damage…. but let’s be real, that’s probably not going to happen.

Pinocchio Obama

i was hoping Cody would of shown some balls and put Fakie up. Between wimping out here and not taking one for the team last week I think he has blown his chance of winning the 500K.


You need to have balls in order to use them. Hope Cody goes next, he is such a POS wuss and hate watching him. I would rather see Caleb mr. know it and done it all over Cody. remember during BBAD he asked Nicole how good of a kisser Hayden is!!!!! No man asks how another man kisses, you ask the guy about the girl and then Cody’s response to Hayden being a good kisser was “nice” – what a fool and loser this jackass is


Cody commented on how he went with what the house wanted, but it may come back to bite him. He listened to Derrick AGAIN and will probably go on the block very soon. He needed to make a big move and think for himself. If it is a DE, he may go next week. He is too dangerous with having Christine in his back pocket. It is a numbers game now and Cody/Christine are huge targets. I am curious what Cody will have to say at the finale about his game during BB. He may regret not cutting Derrick loose and playing his own game.


I’m sorry I like donny but he is full of s***. He didn’t care about team america when he declined to do that challenge a few weeks ago. He said he put his own personal game over team america. So what is wrong with derrick and frankie doing the same thing.


Julie Chen said Donny make the right decision in declining that mission


Derrick also did not want to do the team america mission and he then tried to make it look like it was only Donny that wouldn’t do it. Go back and look at the feeds and you will see that Derrick was sweating it because it would have messed up his game. Frankie wanted to do that challenge and felt like they could manipulate the vote and win the money. SO, Frankie was the only won who wanted to win and was faithful to team america but that still doesn’t make me like Frankie and doesn’t change my opinion of Derrick or Donny.


That mission benefited Derrick and Frankie. Do you actually know how the game works. FYI. They all want to win not just Derrick and Frankie.


They want to win?? Ummmmm……..could have fooled me! I don’t see anybody playing except Derrick.


I hope they end TA this week. After that fiasco it should just end…let it die already. Frankie you have no idea what America wants to see.


Frankie is as delusional as it gets. I can’t wait to see his face when and if someone has the balls to take him out. He says America wouldn’t want to see them save Donny. Is he crazy?! America loves Donny and hates him! He will have a nervous breakdown when he gets out and sees how much America hates him.


I hope like hell it’s Double Eviction tomorrow night so one of those Jack asses can go out the door right behind Donny!!!

20 NO votes

Cast for that TA joke

2- more tomorrow


20 NO votes

Woops meant 20 more tomorrow

Donny Sucks!!!

After how Donny basically threw that POV competition away, anyone still pitying him or begging for production to bail him out is a moron. He doesn’t deserve it.


No kiddo they suck. He’s had the cards stacked against him from the beginning and they’ve tried to throw comp after comp only for him to beat them all. Can’t fight them by himself forever. But hell between the TA money, stipends and money he WILL get for America’s favorite player Donny just made more in 3 months than you will make in a year. Stay jealous my friend.


Donny didn’t throw it. Were you watching the same show. Maybe you had “so you think you can dance on. “.

Just Saying

U know if Donny stayed on any of the ones he folded on he would have been eliminated, Cody’s guess was better all the time so can’t really say he threw

If anyone who was on the on the block threw it was Nicole i swear she guessed closest twice but folded instead of staying

like if she just stayed on the last round she would have had nothing to lose as in either she get the card thing n eliminates Cody giving Donny n herself n Donny a better chance to win the Veto or she loses. And we all know if she did stay either Donny or Nicole would have won the Veto cuz Christines n Derricks guesses were horrible


That play was a pathetic joke. I made sure I voted NO to this mission. I want to see the look on Frankie’s face when he finds out this mission FAILED! He so delusional. Looking at his face makes me want to puke.

Kathie from Canada

Derrick said if the mission fails it is all on Frankie. Let’s see if he actually makes F pay for the fiasco. I’m guessing he will not!


3rd season in a row of 0 “Big Moves”… It’s always what the house wants…. New traditon?

mr ed

First time that bathroom floor was cleaned was when Vic was laying on it for her big theatrical production.It was better than Frankie Fuckfaces play!!


Why are you so cruel to Victoria? Do you hate women?


Well Victoria’s not a Woman she’s a mean little girl that is in for a rude awakening when she leaves the house.


It should be once one team member is evicted…there is no more team America.

Zing sting

Blah, blah, blah… Same sh!t different day. Blah, blah, blah…


No one forces you to come on this site. Just get off then you don’t have to worry about the blah blah Duh.

Zing Sting

Whatever, this is my opinion. Blah, blah, blah…

Donny Sucks!!!

At least Frankie didn’t get his usual golden edit tonight. The arrogant asshole he really is was on full display, especially the DR when he was doing his makeup in a dickish fashion as well as when he bragged about his nonexistent counting skills.

Socks on Box

But unfortunatly CBS used all that golden editing on Derrick. I guess that they realized that Derricks antics in the house and on the live feeds was doing a lot of damage to his reputation (truth hurts and the camera doesnt lie). Looks like we are in for a few weeks of watching CBS make the manipulative control freak seem soft and caring. In the end, I don’t think CBS has enough of gold editing dust to cover up Derricks true nature. Stay tuned….

Kathie from Canada

Not to mention his childish hissy fit when he was eliminated in the veto competition. He was like a spoiled petulant little girl.


all 20 to option 2, that BB Broadway was crappy 🙁 sorry Donny

Big Sister

Simon, to me in previous years, you usually seemed to be so impartial. Glad to see you with the rest of us in our displeasure with the way this season is unfolding!

Just Say No 20x Tomorrow Also

I can’t believe they showed any of that crap on the broadcast.
Frankie wouldn’t make a good pimple on an entertainer’s a$$.
Sorry Donny, gotta do it, as far a I’m concerned Frankie owes you that $5k outta his pocket.

Michael from Canada

The fnal score is gonna be a HUGE no. I hope they tell TA what the results were. Or at least America so they can see when they get out.

Irked by the stupidity!

It begins next week…we all know that pigs eat their own. 😀


So now Frankie thinks he’s Christine Lagarde discussing the British Pound vs the Euro? I thought Zach was the one with the Econ degree? How about Cody, after all he claims to have a business degree from a top tier B school? He needs to stick to what he does best,pretending to be relevant to all those who don’t know better.


BB preempted tomorrow night by stupid football,that is soooo not right! Check your local listings! Please Nichole WIN! Donny have fun in jury house, tell Zach Hi, wish you both could be AF!


I was skeptical before, but Victoria was clearly faking it, how u get out of bed walk around the house (in sight if everyone) and just pass out? C’mon now, if she was in that much pain she would’ve never made it out the bedroom… Not like Voctoria was going to win anyways, but she obviously pulled a Jocasta, to get out of POV.

Donny Sucks!!!

“I was skeptical before, but Victoria was clearly faking it, how u get out of bed walk around the house (in sight if everyone) and just pass out?”

Except that’s exactly what Amanda in BB9 did when she fainted from low blood sugar. She was walking around one second and then collapsed in a heap the next.


Because Tooth Aches and Low Blood Sugar is the same thing, right?

I had wisdom teeth come in before, and yes, a lot of pain, but certainly not something that can make u faint.

Princess Victoria was making it bigger than it was for attention, she’s been vying for all season and she got it.. Seems cutting up the pink hat like a 2yd wasn’t enough..


Its very possible they gave her some pain medication. Although, they would never give narcotics unless its signed in triplicate by lawyers, buried by the Vogons and recycled ten times. She may have passed out from an aspirins lol

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Victoria faking her collapse??? Seriously? That house is filthy. The WC is probably raunchier than the rest of the house. That’s the last place anyone would fake a collapse. It’s more likely she collapsed from the stench and filth in that small closed-in room.


Yes Donny did not accept a mission from TA, but not for his personal game, it was because he did not want to wrongfully point blame at another person for something he did. He is better than that.

Donny Sucks!!!

Then he should not have applied for a game show where deception is an integral part of the game.


Deception probably isn’t the issue. It’s when it can be used against you personally where it would be a problem for a discerning intelligent person who has a good read on people’s personalities and what they are capable of doing to use something against you. And you can be cunning and deceptive without being a vile person in the game.

Donny is the Best

Donny has been a winner in this game from the start. Whenever he exits, he is going to be remembered for years to come as a strong player and a legend in BB. These other players from this season, will be long forgotten.
At least when Donny goes home , he has a beautiful girlfriend that he can come home to and someone whom he did not shame on the show like Derrick did to his wife or like Christine has done to her husband. I say that is going to be a lot more important in the long run. Best of luck to the other contestants who do stay but when they get evicted, their lives are going to be much more sorry than Donnys ever will be.


Love, Love, Love Donnie!!!


I can’t believe Cody wimped out. This was prime time for a big move.




Frankie claiming to be so good at counting, and get knocked out FIRST ROUND? PRICELESS… Most entertaining thing all season, by far…

Donny Sucks!!!

Thumbs up if Donny sucks

Thumbs down if Donny sucks

Ignore this if Donny sucks


You Go & suck Frankie’s hairy balls!

I Don't Like Dickhead

You are such a DUMBASS!!! You suck MF!!!


Frankie as a woman is uglier than him as a “man”
Didn’t think that was possible

Laced up

Cody would have made a better woman and he wouldn’t have had to even dress up or tuck.

Capt Obvious

He looked like the female Gremlin.

Momma says

seems like Derrick is smarter than those who are producing Big Brother


Hindsight—too bad the beard and bmc didn’t hook up earlier, could have been a completely different game! Ride or die!!!

Where's Zach?

This show needs zach attack so bad he was entertaining..
Hate devil Derrick
Hate frog Frankie
Hate witchpoo
Hate whatever he is Cody
Hate me me me Caleb
Hate hateful Victoria she tore up my zach’s pink hat
Donnie is ok and Nicole well she is almost as bad as Victoria
Nicole just gave Cody that pov tonite I think she had a good chance of winning if she would have stayed I know 2 times…
Oh how miss zach!!!!


So Production thought it was a grand idea to have TA make up and agree on a task when they know two people are in an alliance and the other member is a target. And they also know that Frankie has a way of manipulating things to work in his benefit which was one reason why Donny passed on a TA challenge. So this was the week to pass the option to them instead of “America” voting? Probably the same people who thought the BOB was a good idea in a game that really has enough challenge without souping it up. Anyway, I’m voting NO. I’m sure Frankie doesn’t give a damn about the money which makes it even more unfair. Too bad they agreed to do it. But I guess Donny wasn’t trying to make it any more difficult after trying to at least save himself.