Christine “I had a dream I didn’t want to have. It was about Tim & he was so cute. Now I’m all sad.”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 11-31-16-816
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11:30am Donny, Christine and Nicole are sitting on the backyard couch talking. Christine says half of the house will literally have slept for 12 hours. How do they do that? Some went to bed at 11:30/12am. Christine says I had a dream I didn’t want to have .. it was about Tim and he was so cute. Now I’m all sad. He was fixing a car we had stolen. She says she had dreams about people tweeting how they didn’t want her to win the Domino Competition even though I wasn’t ever in that competition. Christine says now I’m going to have to add all my followers on twitter. Nicole asks you have it set so you have to add each follower? Christine says yes. She says Tim looked so good and when he saw me he picked me up and he was dirty from fixing the car but I didn’t care. After a long silence Donny says this is the first summer I have been stung or gotten poison Ivy. Big Brother calls for an indoor lock down. Donny talks to Nicole about he should wear for the eviction tomorrow. Donny says he might just wear his Harvard shirt and visor. Donny goes to lay down saying there’s no sense in being up if no one else is. Nicole start packing her bag.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 12-04-25-603

12:35pm – 1:45pm Nicole finishes packing and sits on the couch in silence. All the other house guests are sleeping. Nicole says Live Feedsters everybody’s sleeping but me, it sucks! Nicole heads back to bed. All the house guests are sleeping..

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 12-31-08-324

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Now Christine starts to think of her HUSBAND Tim. So much guilt. So little time.


What a character this chick is. Yea I dream everyday of stolen cars and fixing them. Worst part is she decided to let all the BB fans know she is a doofus.


Knowing her conscious personality was enough for me. I didn’t need to know about her dreams as well. Now I feel like I know two of her. Yick.


Christine is one of the top 3 most repellant house guests ever!! She has absolutely NO redeeming qualities.


I’ve been perplexed: how does Christine use flirting as game play? I understand flirting if you’re Amber or Brittany, but Christine should’ve gone into the game with cleaning and cooking and listening and laughing (or cackling) as her game play. Just saying.


Well I’m guessing Cody must be must be moving on. Goodbye Christine hello Nicole. Oh and when all else fails there is always Victoria.


Don’t forget Frankie. Lol

Kathie from canada

Maybe she senses Cody is losing interest in her so its time to pretend she is in the game. Wondering if Derrick would want to oust Christine and have Nicole take her place. Cody might get more focused as well so they could dump Frankie.


Sound like Christine may be going off the rails. Maybe her eyes are opening at last? No probably she will remain in her own little cesspool.


Christine’s over active libido about Cody ruined her game and trying to work the other HG’s/viewers into feeling sorry for Tim is NOT going to work for her. Derrick has her on his radar after she outed him for avoiding her so she knows he will make her the next target to go to jury. How dare she call out the PUPPET MASTER!! Cody knows he is a target because she is a vote for him and dangerous for his game until she is in jury. He will set her up to be put on the block by someone else and charm his way into a jury vote if he makes it to F2. She knows by backstabbing Nicole on national tv is a no vote for her. Victoria has no clue what her name is and will vote her out because she HAS to please Derrick. She knows Caleb just wants her gone so it will be all guys going to F4. She knows the jig is up with Frankie and he is cutting her loose because her loyalties are only with Cody. Donny is way too smart to give her his vote in or out of the house. The viewers are sick and tired of her playing house with Cody while saying Tim is her dream man. She will never get America’s favorite for her behavior under the covers with Cody. So, she will probably have spent 3 months to get a stipend and leave with a sad face explaining to Tim, her minister/wife, friends, family, public in line at the coffee shop she will go back to work at – that it was all a GAME!! What a waste of time for her when she could have played the game much differently and walked out with her head held high with $500,000/$50,000 to make a difference in her and Tim’s life.


Am I reading this correct that Crustine is a felon guilty of grand theft auto??? Wow, how low did BB have to sink to get these things on the show this season. I read that Christine, Cody, Caleb, Frankie and Derrick where making fun of Donny’s disabled brother? Is this true? If it is where is CBS/BB outrage over this like when Chen went nuts last year over the rice comment? Wow, so CBS/BB only picks when to be outraged over something and guess picking on disabled people is fine. Chen never got outraged over the other racial comments only when the comment was anti asian. Sorry, but picking on the disabled is a million times more offensive then the other!!!! Derrick should lose his job for making derogatory comments about the disabled and hope the jerk does, and hope Frankie’s family ends up suffering repercussions also. That house is just filled with the most hateful and dispicable people. Cannot watch any longer!


She said it was a DREAM not that they had actually stolen a car. I’ve never heard or read anything about anyone making fun of Donny’s brother, I’ve heard Caleb talking about how cool it is that he’s able to do so much on his own. And making fun of a disabled person is far worse than racism? I think they’re both equally horrible.

Michael from Canada

They were talking about how Donny said that his brother disassembled a computer into hundreds of parts, and put it back together, and Frankie said sarcastically “I guess he’s magic too”. But nobody else said anything bad.

Losing Interest

You can’t feel guilt if you have no morals. Can they not find enough people that wants to be on the show, so they take anyone?


Hey Caleb, how about cleaning the kitchen and throwing salt down where the ants are coming in (take it back to the best and dehydrate) instead of spraying poison where you cook and eat. Why doesn’t BB fine them every day the house is dirty. They should have a chore chart like little kids. Between the ants and Derrick talking about the nasty shared shower, I can’t even I age how nasty the house it. I wonder if they have even washed the sheets all summer?!

Even Donny has given up on the game and is headed back to bed. I don’t blame you Donny, it’s boring as hell for us on the outside, I can’t imagine what it is like for you inside the house, esteically with who is left. I’m bummed Donny is going home, but I’ll watch to see his exit interview with Julie and the I’m 100% done with watching the show. Team Fear The Beard!

I hope Nicle was the HOH this week so some of the are sweating and start to throw each other under the bus. Christine is already doing that with Derrick. Time for them to implode. If Nicole doesn’t win HOH or POV, it will be a boring repeat of the past few weeks.


Diatomaceous Earth… Kills ants and they do not come back… Powder.


Better yet, I think there should be have not punishments for not cleaning up after themselves!


A complete ploy on Christine’s part as she’s finally realized that America and her husband have been watching everything that’s going on in the house and she knows how bad she looks right now.


100% agree. But the best was Donny’s one liner. Lol.


Did she just say she’s going to have to add all of her followers on twitter?! Blahahahaaaa!!!!


Right? Even the fans of the edited show who have access to a computer and know how to use it enough to have a twitter account won’t be able to ignore all the bad publicity she has created for herself. I feel as though her only fans are ones who don’t use the Internet.


Her G’ma and Great Aunts

Michael from Canada

She’s gonna have less followers than she had before she signed up for BB.


Amen! Only miscreants would follower her.


Christine is disgusting. No doubt.
And her husband is just embarrassing.
How he defends her…I don’t know whether to laugh or cry for him. He’s said she’s petting Cody for game play so much that he actually believes it. It’s embarassing. I guess if that’s what helps you to sleep at night…
He’s either dumb or in denial. Maybe both.


I think she was a sheltered, inexperienced girl who got married too young…..(remember her conversation with Nicole, her husband hadn’t seen her breasts before they were married) and this is her first time away from home and family and she’s walking down the “I like this attention” path that Cody is taking her down. She’s in for a big surprise when she goes back to Arizona.


I don’t understand how Tim didn’t see her breastfeeding either. In the beginning of the season she said Tim was opposite of her past men. She said she was a “chubby chaser”….


Not breast feeding…stupid auto correct phone…..breast!


what about when she said she lets her preacher’s wife shaves her V-JAY-JAY. I bet her preacher just about passed out at the pulpit. I do not think her flirting with Cody is game play. She is actually in love with that dude. Tim has got to be so humiliated. I feel sorry him. I would love to know how they are going to act at the after party. Tim deserves better than her…


The comment about the preacher passing out at the pulpit is hilarious. Can you see him trying to explain Christine’s comment to the members of the church? And, somehow I don’t think the preacher’s wife appreciates Christine telling America on national tv that she shaves her V. Christine has absolutely NO filter.


Probably denial and tring to save face. If he sticks with her after behaving like this and falling in love with another man, then he deserves her skanky a$$.

Detroit Girl

Actually, the funniest thing that could happen is for that rat to leave her husband and move to NJ to follow Cody. In the real world, Cody rejects her and she transferred Starbucks for no reason. That would be karma.
Hopefully, she’ll take part of her stipend and downsize her nose to fit her face.


Have not watched or followed for a couple days, is the Team America plan to keep Donny still a go or did it fizzle out like all the other deals that have happened in the past?

Retired Teacher

LOL! I came to read the boards to find out the exact same thing – is Donny leaving? Done deal? Sorry, guys, even the spoilers about what they’re doing are boring! These people (minus Zach) are DEFINITELY not entertaining – { yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn }

Zing Sting

It’s as dead as this season. Frankie, as usual, got his way and did BB Broadway


boy people are gettin ripped off from the live feeds..


Production has to be panicked. This show is even causing the HGs to just want to sleep. Do something !
I loved this show. What happened!


So many people to “claim” they have cancelled feeds mid-year.. This has to have some effect.


I would love to be a fly on the wall as she explains her relationship with Cody to her husband, I know I wouldn’t want to be in her position. I don’t understand how she can justify her interaction with him and not think her husband would want explanations. Again, this season has just had me yawning from Opening Episode thru right now, I would almost rather watch paint dry.


I had this dream about Tim, he was so cute. He was holding my hair while I fellated Cody. I really miss him.


Way too funny!!!


Not to rag on her poor husband anymore that he has already been but…by the looks of him, he might be down for the hair holding.

Skerry Sherry

Time is short for Mean ‘stine in the Big Brother house and she’s verry skerred because of her behaviour.


Last I checked, Disgustine’s twitter followers was about 100. If it goes any higher than a thousand, there’s no hope for humanity.


Must have a few bucks saved up to be able to pay 100 people!!!Can vultures get a twitter account? (now they would see her as their queen) !!!

Zing Sting

Yawn yawn yawn… Soooooo boring and sooooooo predictable! Come on people, shake the house up. Grow some lemons for God’s sake!!!


Chrisenstein is sooo scarrry!! I think she might find me tie me down and rub me to death.


So Crustine doesn’t wanna dream about her Hubby? Makes sense to me…

BB16 is the worst season ever

Christine I F##king hate dreams, Twitter followers, sleeping past 6 hours, and foods that begin with the letter Q


Alright, here is what I want to happen.
Cody needs to get a Pandora’s Box (like right NOW!) before his HOH is over. When he opens it, I want Cody to be locked up in the HOH room with Christine’s husband, Tim, with clips of Christine and Cody on loop.
Meanwhile, there will be a diamond POV comp so that Donny & Nicole have one last chance to save themselves!

Although, I highly doubt Tim would do anything…..I have seen some of his youtube videos and his twitter and he doesn’t seem to be the confrontational type.

This season is pretty lame at this point. That’s all.


“…..and now I feel sad.”
Too late for that !
You make us all sad.


Saw this video on Vine: My feelings about the houseguests this season.

Not that anonymous

All we need now is to see a video of a dog peeing on the screen as Victoria graces us with her presence


A must see !


Exactly! Thanks, I needed that.




I just read Frankie’s blog… I read something kind of funny. How he had a story about when he met his sister when he was 8 years old… Isn’t he 31 & she is 21? We just can’t seem to escape the lies from this guy!!!!


He lied about his age to everyone in the house when he first introducted himself (saying he was 28), so if he’s lying in the blog I guess he’s trying to fool America as well…


She is his “half” sister. And he’ll say anything to get attention.


Frankie = Christine = Morlity: less than 0. Such ugly human beings!!

fingers crossed

i hope something happens between today & tomorrow to keep Donny. everyone one else besides Nicole is so nasty & disgusting. Donny is the only person with morals. I know his family & girlfriend are proud of him. best person ever. its a shame that so many people I talk to aren’t going to watch it anymore, when Donny walks out the door. big brothers ratings are going to take a plunge worst cast ever. they make us all sick. the team America now will be sickening way to go production.


Maybe it was his morals keeping him from getting farther in this game. Perhaps a game like Big Brother was a good idea for him after all.


Don’t worry, you have’nt seen the last of Donny, AR already has an available ad campaign, ‘Fear the Beard”.


I can’t wait until the finale after Derrick wins the $500k, stands up, faces his minions and tells them ‘he’s really a cop’. And Derrick, what the heck…….clear your throat!!!!


And Cody will do a “snot” snort


*****Meaning they will look like the fools that they are****

Bring Back Psych&Chuck

I wish CBS would take a vote to put someone back in the house. They would get $25,000. They wouldn’t have a vote, and couldn’t be evicted. Their sole purpose would be to just annoy people. I would vote for Zach.

Losing Interest

I agree. Or give it to Donnie and every time he makes one mad give him money but give Donnie the golden power of veto.


BEST IDEA EVER! I would LOVE Zack to come back!


Where does the vote stand?? Were Frankie and Derrick able to flip the house and get Nicole out?


Hey Simon, Dawg, anyone/everyone;
Who is more delusional? Caleb or Danielle Murphy (bb14)?


zzzzzzzzzzzzz could these people be anymore boring. Why are they sleeping all day?

Just Me

Maybe they should check the house for Carbon Monoxide. I’ve never seen a year where the contestants all sleep so much!!
B O R I N G!!!!!!!!!
WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Losing Interest

We all dream about our husbands working on a car we stole (not). Is she just telling off on her self?

Michael from Canada

The stolen car symbolizes her guilty conscience, with Tim being the poor sap that has to deal with it.


SHAME ON YOU CBS!!!!! SHAME ON YOU BIG BROTHER!!!!! This whole season was just a waste, it should have been called the Freaky Frankie show!!!! I just wasted weeks looking at this train wreak.

SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Evey year I hear how aweful the new cast is, over & over. The next statement is inevitably how I/we/they will never watch Big Brother again… Yet here we are, another season just about wrapped and it’s the same posts. Please, for the love of Mama J’s God, put up or shut up.

Detroit Girl

We’ve all seen Cody blowing hot air about how he’s going to take down, Donny, Caleb, etc. Tim is on Twitter talking about he’s going to let Cody have it at the finale after party, but he doesn’t seem confrontational, at all.

Does anyone else have this image of these two mean-mugging each other, walking around in a circle waiting for the other to swing? Meanwhile, the other HGs and guests just stand there and laugh at how ridiculous they both are. Ratine is on the sidelines mentally cheering for Cody and happy her dream of two guys fighting over her came true.

She knows after this summer, she will never be part of the cool group at church, club, or anywhere else. Her MILF dreams will never be realized and she’ll pray her kids’ noses fit their faces.


“I’m so sad about Tim.. Cody come hold me” – squidward


Christine + baseball bat to her face = Pleasure!


They was talking earlier about a half of box of rubbers was gone. Yep, he is tiired of her now, hit it and quit it!


Codys karma -He goes home and relizes Derrick forgot to give him his balls back. Victora’s karma-She has to watch viedo’s of the show until she understands she never played the game. Christines Karma -She leaves Tim for Cody only to find out Cody is now living happily ever with Frankie. Frankie’s Karma- Arriana accepting a grammy someone says where is Frankie she says FRANKIE WHO? Derrick’s Karma – At home counting his prize money hears a noise turns to see VICTORIA Standing there with that blank look in her eyes and that crazy smile on her face.



Phyllis, This is one of the MOST POIGNANT comments I’ve read! : )


phyllis, my friend, that was beautiful. I’m not sure if ur psychic, or u actually time travel, but it’s obvious that u possess a very special talent…bcuz theez events hav not occurred yet, but they will. They hav to.