Donny “Everybody is going to go home and peoples families are going to be like why did you gang up on the poor old man.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-16 10-05-57-316
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9:30am – 10:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return Donny and Cody are in the kitchen eating breakfast. Zach joins them. Donny says good morning Zachary! Zach says good morning Donny. Cody heads back to bed. Donny asks if I won head of household… whos the two biggest anti-Donnies. Zach says definitely Christine.. she is the biggest. I don’t know who the second would be. It would be between Cody, Caleb Frankie and Derrick. Donny says says that’s good. I’ll dwell on it. Everybody is going to go home and peoples families are going to be like why did you gang up on the poor old man. I mean there’s been a lot of negative things in this house but why that good old man? But then they’ll forget about it. Zach says or they won’t if you go home with the 500K! Donny says its an insurmountable obstacle. I can’t win against everyone, every time! They’re going to catch up with me eventually and there’s too many of them. Zach says there are only 4 more Thursdays.. you already got through this one so you’ve only got 3 more and then your at the final week. Zach tells Donny if I will HOH you’re not going up. Donny says same here. Zach says bigger fish to fry! Donny says if it got down to their final 5 what are they going to do just see where the chips fall. There’s nothing we can do about it now, there’s not enough of us. Zach says if you win the veto today, that’s one of them down. Donny says Cody shafted us didn’t he. Zach says yeah. Donny says I scare the pants off them when I come through here without my contacts in when I go to the bathroom. They think I’m up to something. They think I’m reading minds. I’m just a normal person, A good hearted person! It looks like they’re going to use a person that’s by himself to get their friends out.. have they never watched the show before? Donny asks who makes most of the decisions? Who’s the head? Zach says Frankie! Frankie for sure. Donny says hopefully things go as planned this week. I’ll still be their target next week. If somehow you can make it Zach, you will have my vote! Zach says thank you. Donny says maybe they will want to use you to get their friends out because your the next closest to them. Donny says Nicole and I were talking about not wanting to give the money to them and then we both looked at each other laughed and said Zach.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-16 10-15-20-023

10:10am – 10:15am Donny says its just too easy for them to send home Victoria. They can’t get me out this week. I’m hoping they don’t go after you. They won’t want to give her up because she’s weak in competitions .. so that they can win Head of Households. Donny says don’t say nothing because who knows they might. And they might think you’ll stay around to win HOH to beat me. They might keep you! We hope so! I’ll try my best. Just don’t say nothing about me. Zach says I won’t, I swear to god. Donny says no matter how you get ever.. Zach says don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Donny and Zach head back to bed. All of the house geusts are sleeping.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-16 10-24-57-420

11:15am Its a quiet big brother house this morning..

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-16 11-13-09-284

12pm – 12:10pm Caleb comes out of the diary room and asks Cody if he’s awake? Big Brother says good morning house guests please report to the head of household bedroom. Chrisitine asks what? Caleb says they said to report to the HOH bedroom. Does that mean sloo? or Table Change? They said not to go back to bed because they have something up their sleeve soon. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

(Its likely for Zing-Bot to come into the house to ZING the house guests and then start the Power Of Veto Competition.)

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-16 12-07-01-426

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Donny Aint Nice

I hope Zach isnt falling for Donny BS. He needs to stick with the people who fed his BB life mainly my BAE Cody.

Cody could take Zach to the final 3. If Zach flips on the BAE Cody then Donny and Zach will be the most hated ppl in America when they get out and they will be booed wherever they go in life lol.

I hope Cody punches Zach in the face if he tries to flip on him, and then gets Donny evicted so that Donny can cry and walk out to a bunch of boos for his interview with Julie next week with tear in his eyes.


Uhhh you’re joking, right?


Tryna set a record for most thumbs down or nah?

You ain't nice either

You son of a ……?

Zach attack

All I could hear when I read this was Rick Astley, “never gonna give you up”

Lil' Sebastian

I’m pretty sure they are just going to give the $500K to whoever gets Cody out because he’s such a petulant, whiny child and production is probably pissed because they were not expecting a grown man to act like that.


Thank goodness for the LFers. Became they don’t show Cody in that shiny life on the show. I wld NVR even know he was like that. Wow

Donny is Nice

Why you need to hate on Donny he’s such a good guy. He’s got no BS, he’s just trying to survive in this game! Yes he is emotional but cut him some slack, don’t be so mean to good ol’ Donny boy


I’m almost scared to ask, but what does BAE stand for?
I agree on your views on Donny’s BS.
I like the guy, but “your family will like you for working with me” is getting old. So many people he’s told he’d vote for if they made it to F2 as well… So much about being so honest.
I feel for Donny since he’s had to fight the majority by himself since day 2 – Devin was actually the root for all his problems, since Donny thought the Double D’s was real, and therefore didn’t search for any more alliance partners…
Still, he should STOP using HG’s families as what “he has to offer” to potential allies…

Zankie LQ

BAE is the Danish word for p00p.
I was gone for a few, and thought of catching up with this website for what I missed. I had to cheat and fast forward to this post to make sure this is still BB16 as in Big Brother Season 16 – Not Ariana’s Brother who acts like he’s 16.
I hope there will be a Zach-Donny-Hayden alliance next week.

Slang At It's Worst

It stands for Before Anyone Else. Boyfriends, girlfriends, or someone you want to be in that status.


Thanks! 🙂


Troll alert


your a _ucking idiot!!!! no thumbs up and 41 thumbs down!!!! you have 1 brain cell scumbag!!!!


Are you watching the same show & reading the comments that we are? Donny is Fan Favorite. There will be no boos for Donny!


Hmmmmmmmm, jealous much? LOL!!!


You are delusional. Cody is a wimp and Donny is a champ. He will get the loudest cheers ever!!!!!!!!

Obnoxious Much

The troll is strong with this one.

You’re not giving up though so I’ll give you that but it’s WAY too obvious.


Are we in the twilight zone? Lol
CODY GETS NO LOVE from anyone!!



::singing:: I love to go-a-trolling over the mountain track, and as I go I love to sing, how fun is talking smack. La da da da de dah dah dah……


Uh, that was an insult, peeps.


Yeah that’s smart.. Zach not teaming up with Donny. Its not like the other house guest are already scheming to get Zach out. Oh wait they are already doing that!

Why do you think that Donny and Zach would be hated for flipping on Cody? I think America would root for them. I am not being catty but seriously what has Cody done? Literally? All I see him doing is fingering the girls (hair) and talking about how he would do this and that but ultimately he dose nothing. He is all talk and no game. The only way he has gotten as far as he has is because of derrick.

Yeah he’s really going to hit someone, just like he was going to backdoor Caleb. If he gets to the end I am going to puke. He is an Alison Irwin 2.0.


I have been waiting for someone else to express that exact same view for weeks! And if it is him and Derrick in the final 2, I hope the Jury really give it to him for being such a huge floater


OMG, did anyone else hear last night when they were talking about Production helping Donny to win BOB. I know that we all said Production helped Frankie win, but wow when you hear the actual house guests comment that even they know that Production is helping players cheat amazed me. I guess it is fine with the UGLY FIVE for Production to help Frankie cheat but oh lord Production is not suppose to help anyone else in their UGLY minds. LOL at least we all know it really is rigged now and the words came out of the players playing the Big Brother’s mouth and not just speculation anymore but facts that can no longer be denied. If you want to rewind it because you did not hear it rewind last nights TVGN that was on from 12 to 2 and hear it yourself. EYE OPENING!


What production has done is make it a level playing field for an individual to win instead of a team. They did this because of all the throwing of the BOB comps. Frankie and Donnie still had to win, so they deserved it.


You’re an idiot. They are commenting that they heard people cheering in the walls and yelling go Donny when he win. It’s all speculation that production “rigged” it started by Caleb bc he’s ashamed to admit that don’t one fair and square against him. Caleb thinks he’s amazing and hates when a 42 year old man schools him in competitions. It’s funny bc Caleb isn’t even very good at comps. Caleb started a thing that production gave Donny an ear piece that directed him to the bones. That’s such bs and no one is buying it. The only thing production did do to get the desired results they wanted was to get on Christine’s case about her cheating and trying to throw the comp. but that’s all.


What show are you watching??!!


Um Cody is completely useless he has done absolutely nothing. He won 1 HoH which he just did what he was told so really was just a puppet. Other than that one HoH he’s just laid around with girls. Also Zach would probably make it farther with Donny than with his alliance. They were already talking about backdooring him so working with Donny wouldn’t be a bad idea for his game and hey Cody will hopefully be out the door this week. He’s such a waste of space.


What in the actual f*ck are you talking about? Are we watching the same show here??

Good Grief

I hope you are 12 using the stupid slang “BAE”. If not, is it that hard to spell out crush or people and add an apostrophe to ain’t?

My Man Zack Attack

Cody take Zack to the final 3……..ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! Cody wants Zack out. Sometimes I wonder just what some people are watching. I hope Donny wins POV and nominations stay the same and Cody gets evicted.


You do know that Bae stands for A PILE OF POOP right? Lol……

Cough, Derrick!

Donny knows Derrick makes all the decisions. Was he testing Zack?


I am not 100% convinced Donny is sure on that. Those questions to Zach were genuine. He wanted to know the low down.


I think he was just Zach’s views on who was running things. I’m pretty sure he knows it’s Derrick though- Derrick lies to him poorly & he knows they tried to get Frankie out last week. Does Zach really think it’s Frankie or is he deflecting – he must know.


I agree with you that Donny knows who’s the top cop (no pun intended) and it’s not Frankie. I think he was trying to see where Zach’s head is, as in does he know it’s Derrick and will admit it or will he continue to feed me BS like everyone else?

As far as Zach’s response that its Frankie, I think that’s just part of his payback package to Frankie for his betrayal. Zach ultimately wants to see Frankie go, and if planting seeds along the way to make that happens will help, he’s going to do it.


Not sure what show you are watching.. Donny is a great guy!!!! Derrick is playing a good game, but master manipulator… I hope Donny wins the POV because it will not be used… GO DONNY GO!!!!!


Agree, and hope it is a special pov where donny would want to use it if it included him putting up replacement nominee, derrick, it would be perfect. Come on production ,you guys supposedly helped frankie, and donny, now help out the viewer and give us a special pov, to take derrick out. Honestly frankie knows derrick has victoria in back pocket, why would he not put her up or him , if he has too.


Be careful Zach. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. He has very hard time keeping his mouth shut.

Once again Derrick slips by without his name getting brought up as the ring leader.


Which hand are you talking about? Donny or all the ones trying o get him out this week?

You Ain't Nice

Are you Adolf Hitler?


Cody PUNCHES Zach!!! LOL oh thats a good one. All of a sudden Cody grows a pair??

I think you meant Cody slaps him with his handbag.


That’s a lot of thumbs down


Are you insane? -_- I guess you’re just another dumb girl who just watches the show because of hot guys in the show -_- i bet you don’t even watch big brother before. Donny is the nicest guy in the house and i htink you have a problem …


Cody take Zack to the final three? Hahahahahah
Sorry I had to wipe the tears from my eyes.
Cody couldn’t take a poodle for a walk around the block. He’d need to win something first, and we all know, that ain’t happening.

Team Amber!!!

Its hard to feel bad for anyone at this point. Donny didn’t care when the house ganged up on Amber, Britney, and Joey


Valid point but I’m not sure Donny was privy to the level of mischief Bomb Squad/Detonators were involved in to get Amber out. Most of it was just mean-spirited and unnecessary. I think all Donny knew was that were targeting someone other than him and he wasn’t going to make waves.


Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine, Donnie Aint Nice. Your a fucking asshole and a stupid one at that!


Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine, Donnie aint nice. Your a fucking asshole and an idiot too!


Donny all the way!


You are stupid!


YES!! PLEASE WORK TOGETHER ZACH AND DONNY! Hopefully zach doesnt get backdoored this week


Hope these two work together… hope Hayden comes back.

Derrick cried bcz he realized Donny is a favorite. NOW I’M LOVING BB16!!



He couldn’t seriously have thought people would like him, could he? Not just because Donny is looking like a nice guy, but because America voted Donny into TA and Derrick has done nothing but try to get the whole house against him to get him out of the house since day one. does derrick think the $5000 will increase to 7500 if donny isn’t there when the tasks are successful? does he seriously think the tasks will continue if he is instrumental in getting Donny out, or if Frankie was?

He thinks he knows donny sees thru him? Ya think,D? Didn’t you just swear on the food in your daughter’s mouth that you would never go against TA, and you were not putting Donny up, and then hours later, the noms are named, and who did you put up?

And i said before will say it again, Christine is damn lucky to be paired with Donny. Given the options, she would for sure be going up instead of Victoria. Derrick is sad about Victoria because she is a vote and loses, he can’t say the same about Christine who is aligned more with Cody. That’s another of his mistakes.


As much as I like Hayden, I would rather Nicole come back because she realized to o late who the head was and I think her and Donny can take over the house with Zach, and try to pull Vic in. Hayden may come back and align with the guys. Even if he align with Donny, that’s just the two of them and he will be on the block with Donny and one of them will be right back out the door. Nicole knows more information than Hayden, and can come back and tell Zach that Frankie wasn’t the only one wanting him out. She can call out Derrick in front of Victoria. Derrick keep saying if it’s a buy back what if Hayden comes, back, but the entire house would hate it if Nicole came back, because between her and Donny, they are really good at winning comps and can keep each other safe. And right now if they are in sequester, and not together (Nicole, Jocasta, and Hayden) Nicole can’t talk to Hayden and tell him what’s been going on in the house. Either way even if they are together, I would rather Nicole come back, because I think it would shake the house up more with her and Donny and not Hayden and Donny. The other side would get Hayden out really quick, because unless he’s been throwing comps he isn’t good at winning. He comes close, but he doesn’t win. Nicole is proven to win and so is Donny. Again, I think her and Donny will go far and take out the other side a lot better.


Nicole is too easily manipulated by Derrick. If she comes back, she would go after Frankie and not the real ring leader.


I don’t think so. I think she will Derrick. conversation that night before eviction when they were at the coffee table playing jenga. Donny was telling her everything (again) and she said she wished she and Hayden had listen to Donny much sooner, and that she “NOW” realizes who the leader is. Then Donny asked her what does Victoria think and she said she still doesn’t believe it, and that when she gets out and see for herself her and Donny made a joke that she would still believe Derrick wasn’t in an alliance. She may have been naïve, but I don’t’ think she would be coming back. Just my opinion. I think she is more likely to work with Donny then Hayden would be. I think Hayden would side with the guys, because he figures they have the numbers. he like Nicole want to get Frankie out. Derrick nor Cody were the people Hayden wanted to get out. he want to get out Christine and Frankie. So if that is what you’re basing the reason on for Nicole not coming back, Hayden is no better, because he never once said he want to get Derrick out, and he doesn’t know Derrick is the head, he believes it’s Frankie. And if he comes back and Derrick starts telling Hayden about Frankie already has money because of his sister, Hayden will believe him and target Frankie not Derrick. Again it is my opinion, but Nicole would be better for Donny coming back over Hayden.

Roisen Dubh

Nicole’s a dingbat. If she came back into the house, she would go running back to Derrick again. She’s proven over and over and over that she’s a dingbat.


Dingbat? Don’t you mean Fruit Loop Dingus? 😉


Wrong. Hayden is the better option. He states in his interview he realized taht Derrick is the ringleader and if he goes back in he would want to get him out and work with Donny. He is good at comps and not easily manipulated. Nicole on the other hand is easily manipulated and still didn’t get that Derrick is the ringleader even after Donny insisted on it. On her exit interview she said she thinks Christine and Frankie are in control. She still doesn’t see it. And she cares too much what people think. Donny , zack, hayden final three!


It’s clear from her interviews she still has no idea what’s going on – she thinks Derrick is wonderful & Frankie is the snake. Plus she can’t convince anyone of anything – she has no credibility thanks to Derrick (she’s a pathological liar according to him) & she is very convincing when she speaks. Hayden has more chance of convincing Victoria, but at this point, I don’t think anyone will sway her from Derrick who she clearly has a “schoolgirl” crush on,


While I hope for the same thing, it will be VERY tough for Zach to align with Donny. At least THIS week. Donny wants (and SHOULD want) the noms to stay the same. Of course that means the only play is NOT to use the veto. Zach knows this, but he will try hard to win the veto to secure his own safety. He will not throw the veto! Nor should he. If/when Zach wins the veto, he will then HAVE to go safe route and use it. This would/will “out him” with Donny. If he wins the veto and does NOT use it, he will be “outed” with the rest of the house. The only way I see Zach hooking up with Donny (this week) is if Donny wins the veto. He would be safe AND he could vote with the house. No one would be the wiser. Then make the BIG move next week. Fingers crossed.

The Veto Says

Zach is not playing for me this week.

Thinking Ahead

It would be better for a weak link like Victoria to be evicted this round of HOH because she could not compete/win against Hayden, Nicole or Jocasta in returning back in the house… Not that BMC or Cody have really won or done anything in competitions thus far.. But their strength on endurance could be more a challenge and hinderance for Hayden to win!


There is no “if/when Zach wins the veto” ….he didn’t get picked!


While I understand your logic, Zach was not chosen to play in the veto competition. He has no opportunity to save himself by using the veto. Zach is unfortunately at the mercy of the powers that be, namely Frankie and the the devil on his shoulder — Derrick — whispering anti-Zach sentiments into Frankie’s ear whenever he can. The only way Zach is truly safe is if Donny wins the veto, because he wouldn’t use it. The nominations would stay the same, and Zach would have proof once again of Donny’s loyalty as an ally.

Capt obvious

Your theory is flawed. Zach isn’t even competing in the veto.


My two faves. You guys gotta team up for sure!




Zanny for F2!


Loving how dawg is fourth on the list due to lack of options left. I hope Donny wins Veto, doesnt use it then Cody goes to jury. Then i hope Hayden goes from evicted to HOH by winning the endurance wall comp that is sure to follow. Then Hayden, Zach, and Donny form an alliance and take out Derrick that week and make it to the final 3.

A man can dream right.


I wish they’d take out Derrick this week – he wouldn’t win any endurance or physical comp to get back in.

Zonny Attack!

The seed has been planted! Donny win POV keep noms the same and Zach Donny and Buyback team up to flip the script!!!!


Yes – that would be great.

Also, I think this was such a smart, subtle way for Donny to get information. I think he partly cried earlier b/c he knew that Derrick and Frankie were lying to him when they said they wanted him in the house, but, of course, he couldn’t be sure. Zach has just helped him to know for sure that those guys are not really with him in any way.


Awww Donny! We’re all so proud of you! And I’m glad you made a Friend with our 2nd favorite – Zach! Hopefully the 2 of them will remain in the house as long as possible!


Good job, Donny! Get into Zach’s head!! Leave little seeds of paranoia of where he stands in their alliance. ‘Cuz you’re right. Without Donny and Zach together, neither stands a chance. Donny is no dummy.


I guess Donny is not so dumb after all. Let’s hope he can shake things up more.

Can't sot watching bb

Cody needs to learn to blow his nose and not suck it……he ‘s so gross..(.if you watch after dark, you’ll know what I mean). Go DONNY !!!


OMG – Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have felt like I’m the only one who has noticed this or maybe who gets grossed out by it. Has no one (hello mom and dad) pointed out to Cody what the act of draining your sinus’s (sp?) down the back of your throat and then swallowing is. Your eating your own snot. Good God – I have ended relationships because of this – it’s disgusting. All these females that have talked about how cute he is – are you kidding me? It doesn’t matter what you look like – I wouldn’t be able to run fast enough. How could any woman imagine kissing that mouth.


Ok-you made me laugh out loud sitting by myself!
Now you know why his is so stupid…the snot has taken over his brain!


Aw man if Donny became the next HOH and the Pandora’s Box was there – man Derrick would flip his lid and poop in it. I hope Donny does get to be HOH w/Pandora’s Box.

Last night I watched part of BBAD – Frankie and Derrick were supposed to tell Donny they are all he has and they need to work together – I’m paraphrasing.

Team Donny and Team Zach Final 2


Go Donny, you can do it. It’s a bunch of wussies in that house especially Kotex Cody and Derprick. I’m sure they will be sending in Hayden soon to help you, so hold on. Hope Zach does not get backdoored because Derprick will throw his momma under the bus before he let Princess cried leave.


GOOOO Donny! Zach I hope you’re listening! Donny is on your side..stick with him and keep your mouth shut to the others!!!

Dan Is The GOAT of BB

Awww poor House guests are sad that they are getting OWNED by a 42 year old man who has no allies left in the house! How do you like those apples you chumps? And BTW Donny = Ozzy from SURVIVOR…… Everybody time he needs to win he delivers! Talk about the heart of a CHAMPION!


Yeah except Ozzy was a total douche.


Crossin my fingers & toes that Donny wins the veto today! Hopefully Zach starts taking Donny serious and keeps his trap shut long enuf to team up. Best scenario Hayden comes back and this 3-some rides through the storm together! DONNY FTW – FEARTHEBEARDBUGS


Comon Donny! Get Zach to work with you!

thank you production for listening

you obviously told Donny to work with Zach, good for you. and told him to tell Zach to shutup. good for Donny

but can we please somehow give Zach a power so he doesn’t go home this week, OR, actually, I think the BEST move for BB would be one of those non evictions. make it like Zach is voted out. he then knows each and every POS in that house. then we hear the noise, and Zach stays. if that happens, Zach will be on an ATTACK of epic levels we have never seen


Donny and Zach bonded in the HN room. Donny kept boosting Zach’s spirits even as he was losing his. Zach knows Donny’s smart and he knows the others are after him again. Remember they wanted him to volunteer to go up with Donny and throw the comp? And Donny doesn’t really tell him anything he just asks the right questions so Zach can answer them himself. So if anyone asks the most Zach could blurt out would be Donny said everyone’s families are going to be asking why did you pick on that old man. They both know Zach’s weakness so Donny makes sure he isn’t going to do something to mess Zach’s game as well as his.


The problem is Zach gets in Zach’s own way. He should keep the conversation with Donny private and mull it over.Hopefully he’ll seriously consider working with Donny, who is indeed a marked man. He really cannot win them all from now until finale day and Zach’s name is always bandied about as a nom within Bomb Squad/Detonators. A potential win-win for them both if they team up.


Where’s the plane with the banner when you need it?
Imagine how paranoid they would get if they flew the plane over the house like in the early seasons…lol

what is better

than a final 2 deal with #FEARTHEBEARD and #WILDCARD ?

nothing. nothing is better.


Zach and Donny for final two! Please bbgods! The only people I can look at without cringing

doing zach like this is wrong

production needs to convince the rest of the house somehow in the DR that keeping Victoria helps DERRICK not them. voting out Zach helps NO ONE.

arggggh. its so unfair to do a guy like this. Zach didn’t screw these guys over. yet you want to totally backdoor him to the point where he doesn’t get to play in BOB, POV? really? that is some BS.


Hopefully Zach stays safe, Hayden comes back and the three of them can take care of the rest. I love it that Derrick and Christine realize how hated they are out here. Everyone loves an underdog.

as of now

24 percent Zach, 3 percent Cody

suck it, Weenie


Zach is definitely in jeopardy. He should turn on Derrick & Cody. Derrick will get in Frankie’s ear and Zach will probably going up. Derrick isn’t going to want to get rid of the weakest person in the house who he has wrapped around his little finger.


How are we so sure that if Hayden comes back that he’ll want to work with Donny & Zach? We’ve seen it all before.. The person that comes back will usually kiss up to those in control so that they won’t be out again. It’s the truth.


Hayden has started working with Donny before he got evicted. They even said they saw Hayden talking with Donny so he has to go. And Nic will tell them what happened when she gets there so you can bet Hayden will go to Donny to find out what’s been happening.


Donny should just ask Zach to not put him up if he becomes HOH. In return he would not use the POV if he wins it this week He has to be careful with how much he tells any other useless slobs in the the house.


They already did.


Last nights rapping with Caleb and Zach was hilarious. They both are very quick witted. Rapping on the fly.

as of now

Zach is the only one really nice to Donny. the rest are mean and gang up on the poor guy. Zach constantly gives him credit, calls him a beast, and its not done in a malicious way. he actually talks to him, even though it just pisses off derrick if you spend 5 minutes talking to Donny, you must be overthrowing the enormous house alliance.


When Zach was the target only Donny would talk with him. Zach began to understand what Donny had been going thru the whole time. Donny said something about the others ignoring him and Zach said and I used to be one of them. I think Zach may have grown up and its thanks to Donny.

as of now


What twist?

Julie mentioned that this was the season of twists thanks to twistos.. But what twists have there been? I mean there was BOB and TA, but nothing really to make this season being the twisted season ever. I’d rather have them bring back DPOV or pandoras box or even cout d’etat! Anything pls. LOL


How can Frankie put so much trust in Derrick? He must know Derrick is lying to Donny about keeping TA members safe. Why would he not question Derrick doing the same thing to him especially now that Frankie knows they all wanted him out last week. He needs to remember how scared he was feeling last week. Derrick has been hounding into everyone’s head they will not win against Frankie. (I think they would) Someone needs to bring that up. It amazes me how none of HG’s even bring up any concern over Derrick. Just that simple fact should make one concerned!

Derrick is great at playing all the HG’s and getting no blood on his hands but he is so hard to root for! I really lost respect when he went to vote and said “Sorry America but Donny made it clear he would not do this.” and blamed the TA task not going through on Donny (couple weeks back when TA was supposed to vote the wrong way so it would not be unanimous. I really didn’t see either of the other members trying to change his mind because I don’t think anyone wanted to do the task and Donny was an easy “escape goat”) Then last week he goes to pick up Nicole’s bag for her to try to play nice as she walks out because of him. I just feel he tries too hard to get America to like him and comes off fake.


I agree, that ‘blame Donny for the TA task refusal’ is what pushed me over to the side of disliking Derrick. At first Derrick seemed like a decent down to earth guy, but as time went on some cockiness was coming out. But I still didn’t actively dislike him until he made that manipulative comment about Donny during the live eviction. As a cop he may be trained in these tactics which are working in the house, but come on, did he really think that most of America would not see right through his attempt to manipulate us against Donny? If his cop instincts were as good as he thinks, he would have realized that people would love Donny regardless of the TA tasks. It was really distasteful to hear Derrick attempt to be America’s hero by throwing Donny under the bus, esp b/c it’s clear that Derrick would never sacrifice his own game for anything, including TA. And Derrick has repeatedly made that Donny TA task reference, not just a one time slip up.


Donny needs to flat out ask Zach to be an alliance.

Donny needs to ask the kid if he has any interest in winning either 500 or 50K He needs to explain to Zach that both on them have zero chance at even sniffing at the final 3 the way things stand now, Zach needs to think,

They have nothing to lose bt forming a late alliance since they both will be out the door fast the way things stand now,

The two of them need to grab hold of whoever comes out of the sequester house and make a final 3 alliance (hopefully it will be Hayden since he knows what is going on and will not be afraid to take on the others)

Zach needs to shut his freaking mouth for 2 weeks, do some sabotage and they may be able to get the power away from Derrick and his band of lemmings.


I love how observant Donny has been throughout this game. I hope he wins the veto and keeps the noms the same. He’s played an honest game and is a comp beast!

He’s playing a quiet and stealth game. If all goes well, hayden returns and they both team up with Zach and put into action the BeardAttack. Time to dethrone king derrick and his queen Frankie and their misted blind minions Christine, Cody, BMC and finally the naive fool Victoria.

Nothing better than a combo BeardAttack and ZachAttack at the same time. Zap zap pow pow. LOL.


Zack and Donny. <3


What does “BAE” mean?

Zankie LQ

BAE is the Danish word for p00p.
“Donny Aint Nice” is actually being MEAN to Cody. And he successfully caused fans of this website to go on overdrive.
It’s hilarious.


Its not baby, its “before anything else” bae for short.


Donny neeeeeeeeds to win POV!!!!

I think it will take some convincing for Frankie to nominate Zach instead of Victoria though. Other people have ties with her, Frankie doesn’t at all. If Derrick was still HOH, Zach would be a dead man walking, but that’s not the case. Zach doesn’t really trust Frankie, but I think he knows he has to for the moment because his options within the Bomb Squad are limited. He and Frankie are going to be the first targets and I HOPE that they realize this. I would even be down for a Zach/Donny/Frankie alliance.


So it looks like a competition will decide who comes back into the house. Unless the person who wins also becomes the 1st solo HOH, I do not see much changing if Hayden comes back since Nicole would be telling him the wrong people to be way of.


Meant to be wary of

Roisen Dubh

Hayden knows the deal. If he comes back, he’s going after Derrick and Cody.


Hayden isn’t dumb – he always had to tell Nicole what to do so I don’t think he’ll agree with her – it’s more likely that he would set her straight.

Jesus & Nem

In Zachs head Donny’s planting seeds that will hatch.. sparking the flames in his brain like a match…to Frankies dirty game……


Bae means baby


It’s actually in Donny’s best interest to make sure Victoria goes home this week. If the Nom’s stay the same, Both Cody or Caleb would be a strong contender to re-enter the game immediately. If Victoria goes, it gives Hayden a much better chance to come back and go after Derrick and Cody as he stated in his exit interview. The HOH / Buy back comp will most likely be the wall again this year.

But of course, Donny doesnt have that info so he might not use the POV if he wins.


I see the point. I’d still like to see one of them go though.


If the veto is not used I think NoBallsCody is going. Only Derprick and VapidVic are vested in NoBalls. Fakie controls CrazedCaleb and Ratine so it would be Zach and Donny as the swing votes. Zach knows NoBalls wants him gone and Donny knows it would leave Derprick one man down.

echo 1

Most don’t realize its not about alliances, less and less now. Its about who can I stand next two in the final 2 that will get me the 500K Donny nope, Derrick Hell no, any combination of the rest is a shoe in. Key is too get Derrick and Donny out. (would like Donny to win the 500K) Just saying this is about the money now not anything else. But I doubt these people are capable of thinking that far ahead. just an opinion


Fakie knows. He was counting jury votes last night and suddenly realized that not one person in the jury would vote for him and he needs 5 to win. That may be the one thing that saves Zach this week is if Fakie puts him up and out he’ll never get Zach’s vote so that would be 4 votes for anyone else. One more and Fakie can’t win and he knows this.


Cody reminds me of McCrae from last yr. Hasn’t he only one one thing–an HOH? All he does is lay around and let girls play with his hair. Where’s his sense of boundaries, cuddling with a married woman? In his intro he kissed his father on the lips. What man does that?


The whole house of full of crazies. I love Frankie, but his sister being famous does not matter. Christine…I don’t care if she has a massive crush on Cody, she is pretty much worthless. Beast Mode-I have yet to see Beast Mode, at least he’s acting normal now that his Queen is gone. Zack. He annoys me, but at least he is for the most part honest. Derrick-UGH. I do not understand how NO ONE in that house can see that he rules the house. He finally won a comp, woooooow. I think if Cody was not around Christine or Derrick, he may be reasonable. With that being said, it’s to the point where they have to start making big moves. The detonators need to start at Derrick and Frankie, and maybe, just maybe they will have a chance. But, no one (except Donny and maybe Zack) has enough guts to actually do it. Sad.

Derrick's Mind Control

Dream team, Zach & Donny= “ZONNY” , One of these 2 need to win POV. Derrick will instruct Vapid Vic to use the veto on Codeen if she wins; Ratine will use the veto on him as well. WE KNOW THEY WANT TO BD ZACH!!


What Donny should have said is why did they gang up on the girls and the old man. Interesting how Man Voice Christine is left with the guys. Maybe the Man Voice thing worked for her with them.


Zach and Donny alliance wouldn’t be a bad thing, the whole house is after them, so if they can make it through this week and win HOHs.. I know how utterly useless Victoria is, but if they’d don’t get her out this week, she’ll float to the final 2 without ever having to earn a thing in this house… BOBs and POV she won was because of someone else..


So awesome to see Donny talking game…with Zach! Let’s hope Zach don’t go run his mouth. This veto is pivotal for both their games.


There seems to be a schizophrenic mindset in that house – on the one hand while Victoria is sitting in another room, they’re all getting steamed at the thought of her staying longer than them.
Then they switch to ‘it’s a waste to get rid of Victoria on this HOH’.
I don’t get it, get ride of this useless ‘gameplayer’ while they have a chance. I wouldn’t be able to stand the thought of giving the money (2nd prize) to a useless tool who thinks the only alliance in the house is her and Derrick’s. She’s not at summer camp, she’s at daycare and is a ‘special needs’ child.

the only bad part of cody on the block

is he gets to play in a veto comp

they should cancel it to piss him off. keep noms the same, that is a twist. sorry, we aren’t playing veto. cody you are going to jury


Zach should know that Frankie isn’t THE person making the decisions in the house. And for those giving me the thumbs down on the meaning of “bae”; sorry that it is you that is wrong. Bae IS STREET SLANG FOR BABY. It is used in several songs that are popular now. As in, “he/she is my bae”…..


I don’t think Zach said Derrick, because Derrick is one of house guests he some what still trust. So he didn’t completely want to throw him under the bus.


The urban dictionary has 58 definitions for “bae” including; before everything else; short slang for babe or baby; and the Danish word for poop amongst others!


The urban dictionary has 58 definitions for bae including; before anything else; street slang for babe or baby; and the Danish word for poop amongst others.


Opps didn’t mean to post twice. First one was gone for a bit.