Derrick says your impersonation of Amber was very provocative. It was pretty good!

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 13-43-03-113
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1:45pm – 2pm In the kitchen – Derrick tells Cody you can have your own conversation with Caleb but he definitely thinks he could smoke us in the finals. Victoria joins them from the backyard. She tells Derrick how Christine was asking where you were. It pisses me off!! Derrick says I love it when you get jealous. Victoria says no, I’m not! That’s not even what I’m getting at. Victoria says I hate you (Christine)! Go be up Cody’s a$$! Go be up each others a$$es! I literally feel like the third wheel when its him (Cody) and Christine. They’re so weird together. Victoria explains how Christine said you haven’t been awake for HOH photo’s since you were HOH. Victoria asks why is she mentioning you every two seconds?!!! Why are you always on her mind?! She doesn’t ask where’s Caleb! Why is it only you. Derrick says I don’t know I’m a popular guy! You can’t have me all to yourself Victoria! Derrick talks about how Victoria’s impersonation of Amber was very provocative. Victoria asks was it really bad? Derrick says it was pretty good! You were pushing your boobs up over your bra. Derrick says they were asking me about in the DR and I was like damn girl. Victoria asks did my legs look skinny? Derrick says no one was looking at your legs. Victoria asks did my hair look good? Derrick says no one was looking at your hair.

In the bathroom – Victoria asks I’m allowed to bash people on the show right? Derrick says yeah you just can’t bash people not on the show that haven’t signed releases. Victoria says okay good.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 13-54-47-473

2pm – 2:10pm Out in the backyard – Cody is talking to Nicole. He says that if he wins the 500K he will put 10K down in the casino. If you’ve got money you might as well blow it. Cody says he’s going to jump in the pool. Big Brother says there’s no jumping in the pool. Cody does a cannon ball into the pool. Big Brother says there is absolutely no jumping in the pool!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 13-59-09-140

2:20pm – 2:35pm Cody and Christine start splashing each other in the pool. Christine yells at Derrick .. you don’t have to put a shirt on to go inside you know!

2:50pm – 3:10pm Derrick, Cody, Christine, Nicole, Donny and Victoria sit around and in the hot tub. Derrick comments that he’s shaving off his beard tomorrow. Frankie wakes up and asks Cody if he got his camera? Cody says yeah I got it hours ago. Frankie’s sad he missed it. Cody says I took a picture of you sleeping. They all sit around the hot tub in silence. They chat about random things. Caleb wakes up and joins them.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 14-47-07-647

BB16-2014-08-26 15-22-43-240

3:22pm Hot tub time..
Talking about the “play” CHristine and Frankie don’t think POW or Joey will have a issue with their impersonations.
Christine points out that POW really did try to get into COdy’s pants.

BB16-2014-08-26 15-25-44-007

3:25pm Lockdown called,
Caleb points out that Victoria had one bathing suit on now she’s just changed into something new.. “you got your hands full with that one derrick”

Below are the pictures of Victoria changing out of her Blue swimsuit into her black yoga pants.

BB16-2014-08-26 15-29-21-734
3:29pm FIREROOM Derrick, Victoria and Cody
Cody is complaining at how messy Frankie is, Says there is never a clean cup because he uses them all up. HE knows it’s Frankie cause they always are half filled with water down milk.
Derrick agrees points out in the FIRE ROOM all the dirty things Frankie Leaves laying around,

BB16-2014-08-26 15-35-54-128

3:35pm Kitchen Frankie and Christine
Frankie says Nicole it feels like Nicole has campaigned to everyone but them

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Cody the bad ass

Jumps in the pool even when they tell him no! He crushed it.


That’s not bad ass, that stupid immaturity. Cody is an immature fool who thinks he is more than he is. Christine sucking behind him only makes him feel superior. He is a very immature person.

Feeling salty

Not sure what I am going to enjoy more:
1. Derrick being confronted by Brittany about him thinking she wanted him.(in your dreams)
2. Derrick having to hide in his basement as Victoria stakes out his home ( I hope they don’t have pet rabbits)
3. Derrick having to explain 1 and 2 to his wife. ( she ain’t going to fall for his double talk)

Door Knob

Derrick never said Britany wanted him. He said Brittany wanted Cody.


I believe the quote was out of context and missing a comma and quote and was referring to Cody… Derrick said, “He didn’t hookup with Brittany and she definitely wanted him to smash her! She did, she was in bed with him. She was ready” when Derrick, Frankie, and Caleb were questioning if Cody might be gay.

She's a Mom

Why would Derrick say that? Brittany is a mom who never did anything while in the house that would bring disrespect on her children. Typical Derrick, assuming he knows what a woman wants. Sad. What a vile man to slander Brittany that way. He acts like a frat boy.


He never said that dummy. Learn to read and understand context.


As I recall Brittary did disrespect her kids when she said I have three F-N kids and when she said she has to drink to be around her kids, if that isn’t disrespect what is? Plus she wasn’t a divorced woman she was still married, and she was running after a kid, plus sleeping with two of them, yeah she was a real sweetheart.

She's a Mom

You are just as vile as Derrick. I hope you don’t have any daughters. You are a poor role model for them talking about women that way .


You’re messed up. So guys can’t even home around anymore and have guy talk. You should go join up with joey and the feminists who want to cut off all men’s balls. You’re annoying. Everything he said about Brit was true. Instead of defending Brit maybe you should stop and think that her behavior wasn’t all that great. Doesn’t matter if she’s a mom or not. She’s still a women and was interested in Cody. And btw She chose to have kids while she was a kid and now she’s in the position she is in bc of it. Derrick didn’t say anything wrong.


How is he a poor role model? And who are you to say if a commenter is a good father Or not. I’d say you sound like a bad mother. He speaks the truth. Brit did say she needs alcohol dealing with 3 kids. Which is sickening to say. She should be ashamed. Maybe she shouldn’t have had 3 kids starting so young. And he didn’t say anything bad about women. He mentioned the comment she made, the fact that she wasn’t fully divorced and that she is chasing after younger men. Umm so bc he mentioned factual things it makes him hateful towards women? If anything I’d say he’s a good role model for his daughters (if he has any) bc he doesn’t sound like he’d would want his daughters to act like that. You’re a strange bird for somehow manipulating his words to think he comment was in anyway hateful to women. Sorry he doesn’t approve of Brits action like you apparently do!


Did you even read the fricking update ? Don’t say things you know nothing about. Derrick was referring to Cody and that was in response to all the guys talking about how Cody should have hooked up with Brit. It wasn’t just Derrick surmising stuff out of thin air. And I hate to tell you this but she’s no saint and I’m pretty sure Brit would have gladly hooked up with Cody if she weren’t worried about cameras. If you recall that one day when Cody and Brit slept in the same bed frankie was egging Cody on to have sex with her. Cody said he doesn’t want to do that but it kinda seemed like Brit was hoping for something to happen. That’s what Derrick was referring to. I like Brit but she’s definitely on the trashy side. She’s 29 with three different kids from two different men. She started having kids at 17/18. And btw she was at a bb recap hosted by Rachel and Brendan and they had special guest Paul calafiore, Cody’s brother. There are now quite a few videos of them getting pretty cozy at the event. I guess she didn’t get Cody so she’s happy to go for his brother (who is as bug a dumbie and manwhore as Cody) .


Judgmental much? What a gossipy character you are….. For sure you are the perfect one if you can afford to judge Brittany for everything she did and does in her life. I suggest to mind your business and go on with your life. Do you know her from outside bb16, or you spent time to run investigation on her this summer?


Everything said in that post is the truth so how is it gossip. I like Britney and have always defended her but it’s disgusting ganging up on Derrick for saying Cody should have hooked up with her. Guys talk like that. It’s so hypocritical to call him out for something like that when she’s the one who presented herself like that. Lol and if you fail to notice everyone judges everyone on these posts: and people made some pretty nasty comments about her in the beginning and her character but I guess now people are changing their tune. I just don’t like how Derrick is getting a had rap over this instead of Cody who was actually contemplating hooking up with her or frankie who encouraged it. It’s ridiculous. Don’t gang up on someone just bc you don’t like them.

Shut up already

Wow Anonymous….. and the other 8 screen names you created in this thread to look like you have support for being a douche. You are just a gift to the ladies in your life I’m sure. Lucky them turd. You should take Cody and Derrick to a strip club when this is over and talk about how misunderstood you all are.

Double standard

So let me get this straight. Derrick was talking smack about Brittany and claiming she wanted to sleep with Cody and he and Cody were high-fiving each other as how all the women want them. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised becuase of the way Derrick has treated Victoria and the way Cody has treated all the women in the house. Those two really have seriously high opinions of themself. I guess I don’t understand how saying that about Brittany helps their game at all. It seems very catty and full of bravado. And if you remember how offended they all were about Devin’s treatment of Amber earlier on and how they all were talking about how you dont’ treat women like that. I guess its’ ok when Derrick does it.
I think its pretty revealing that I have never heard Donny talk that way about anyone in the house oustide of joking around. Donny is a class act and I am glad he doesn’t stoop down to Derricks level. Cody is just a young kid, he can still learn to treat women with respect. But Derrick is a 30 year old married man with a young little girl. You think Derrick should know better but I guess he must not have think that when he was talking about Brittany, he was talking about someones daughter and someones mother. I don’t think Derrick would like it very much if someones spoke about his little girl in that way. Well, on second thougtht consdering the way Derrick has disrpescted his wife in this game while he caresses Victoria, maybe he doesn’t respect women at all.
Its all kind of icky when you think about it.


That was his “big move”. He going to call BB out later on.


I wonder if Cody’s going to ask Derrick for his pe nis back after the game is over or Is Derrick just gonna keep it?


He may give back his pen1s, but he’s keeping his balls!


I really wish his big move this week was to side with Disgustine, Donny, and Nicole. He could’ve got out one of the other strong players this week (endurance strong) and his numbers would’ve been 4 against 3 after the person left. And he would probably still have his alliance with Derrik. And one less person to win an endurance comp and nominate him.

Sheldon Cooper

Even I know, that’s sarcasm at its finest.


ya he is a real bad ass, the pool isnt that deep, jerk off could hurt himself, hence no jumping in the pool.

Cody Is A Vote For Pedro...

How come every time I read something that Cody says,
my mind hears it in the voice of Napolean Dynamite ??


…and he’s totally gonna call them out too. But maybe tomorrow. Or next week. But he’s totally gonna do it.


Maybe Helen is his BB idol! “It’s sill too early in the game!”

krush groove

He’s gonna crush Vegas next. Drop 10K at the tables, just crushing it.


Ice bucket challenge.


Wow, Victoria….. jealous much?


Derrick treats her like a little girl . She runs to him like he is her Daddy. I know Derrick is playing a role but he may have to answer to his wife for some of his conversations. I don’t think he is leading Victoria on but he is pulling her along with false assumptions. She isn’t the smartest bulb. There are and were a few of those dim bulbs this year. Easy numbers for the players. No competition.


VapidVic has been highly sexual with Derprick. I think after the show Mrs. Derprick is going to have to give that girl a smack down. And I bet she won’t wuss out like NoBallsCody.


Victoria needs a smack but so does Derrick, what’s up with him smack talking Christine for her behavior with Cody and then laying around letting Victoria rub his leg which she was clearly enjoying ….. Pretty easy to shuffle over and avoid it and she’s so stupid it wouldn’t even register… Hypocrite much?

Double standard

Derrick is the one who is married. Its actually worse that he is massaging Victoria.


Donny said this about Victoria the week Amber was evicted: After Amber’s gone, Victoria is going to start looking pretty good.

I enjoy Donny’s snark. I think he has some good one liners and would probably make a good zinbot.


It would be nice if they created a show called, Drinking coffee with Donny, where it could just be him sitting on the couch giving his one liners and observations in between sips. He could have guests too so it could stay fresh. They put that on the air and I will watch it every night.


I don’t think Donny would like that. I think it should be A Walk With Donny. Have him walk around different towns and cities, talk with people, give his witty observations. Oh my that’s the job Fakie wants!

Murphy's Law

LOVIN’ the idea of Drinking Coffee With Donny!!!!! That was brilliant!!


My favorite one liner from Donny was when Cody told him he was going to miss Nicole after they get out of the house. He told Cody that he will probably find a married woman to play with in NJ. I am going to miss him. Funny man!!


Someone needs to make a compilation video of Donny’s one liners. He has some great ones.


I agree, Arby. Donnie is a very funny, quick-witted man. I have laughed out loud at some of his lines. They just roll out so easily. Unfortunately, unless you come to this site or watch the feeds, the average audience doesn’t know that. They just see him as the nice man. What a waste. He would have made great t.v. given the chance. Instead we are stuck with these silly-ass gropey fooligans!

Another Anonymous

This is so boring. This is like watching a football game that is 50-0 and the team you hate is winning. The only hope for this season is a twist so Donny and Nicole stay. Considering the previous twists of this season that twist is unlikely. This. Season. BLOWS.


Actually it’s like your team is down 50 to 0 and the referees call foul against your team but the instant replay shows otherwise. And you see penalty after penalty on the winning side but the refs just seem to go blind.


Not really comparable. To get to 50-0, there had to be some action. With this BB HGs, there is no action.

I don’t remember all HGs all getting to stay in bed until 3 or 4pm. I always remembered it as BB gets them up and they have to stay up? Maybe my brain is starting to go to sleep, searching for action.


They let them sleep so they are up late for BBAD……..more money for CBS.


Then they have no excuse for this being the most boring BBAD I’ve ever seen.

TA Sucks

Please Victoria STFU!


But see, this is Victoria’s idea of game talk. She has no idea what she’s talking about, but thinks she’s a good gamer this way. “Did my legs look good? Did my hair look good?” Good Lord, help us!


The funny part of that conversation was Derrick kept telling her nobody was looking at her legs, hair or whatever. She didn’t appear to pick up that they were only looking at her b–bs. She is about as dingy and narcissistic as they get. Also, Derrick appears to be starting to realize he is playing a game and Victoria may not. She is showing her green eyed jealous monster side. He is telling her she can not have him to herself. It may be too late. She is on a mission and he is her man. All the other women better back off. He better nip her lust in the bud soon or his WIFEY will.

Double Standard

i am not so sure that Derrick is JUST playing a game anymore. I think he likes the attention as much as Vic likes giving it out. He’s got a big ego and doesn’t like it when it is challenged by anyone in the house. Who knows, its probably a mix of gameplay and lecherous enjoyment at the same time. Either way he’s a married man , just like Chrisitne is married: they both are disgusting for violating their vows for money.

Bunch of Idiots

“Cody is talking to Nicole. He says that if he wins the 500K he will put 10K down in the casino. If you’ve got money you might as well blow it. ”

This makes me sick. Think of all the people that could be helped with 10k. I’m sick of these self-absorbed idiots.


If Cody is in the F2 and Nic is in the jury, I hope her question brings this up. That would be hysterical.


Stupid is – as stupid does…..


Did you ever hear of past HGs reading online comments? For example did Amanda or Aaryn ever realize how despised they were?

I am hoping a few of these HGs gain some self-awareness in the next few months


While Amanda was in the house they told her she shouldn’t read anything about herself online for a least a year…bet THAT didn’t happen. I’m sure Aaryn had to take it in small doses but she already knew she was hated so no surprise there.

Derprick has figured out that he’s the bad guy this season and it is worrying him. He keeps giving shout outs to Joker’s where they remember him and he said to the camera that he hopes he’s high up on the Joker’s poll. Today he is still below PowPow and Devin.

The Bible

Yep – he’s Dan from season BB14 – and if he brings the wrong player to the end (that is, if he gets there) he just may blow it like Dan did.


Victoria and Christine are DISGUSTING. Victoria should get off Derrick D*ick and go fuck with someone single. Christine who looks like the evil witch of the west is always riding Cody’s D. Her husband is something else too for defending her. Embarrassing ugh!!!!


Completely disgusted with Christine and Victoria too. That being said I am retiring the word “Disgusting” from my vocabulary. Overused and Distorted this season.


Well, BBored, there is always: appalled, dismayed, sickened, aghast, repulsed, nauseated…take your pick. lol


That’s a very terrifying picture of Vic’s eyes. They were already scary to begin with.


Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that Cody thinks “If you have money you might as well blow it”


Imbecile. Real smart thing to say to a possible jury member who will cast a vote for the winner.


Agree with Boom. Cody’s business degree from Temple sure is paying off.


And what else would a business school graduate think should be done with the money. After all he bragged about his 92 IQ.


I literally want to literally punch most of them literally in the face. Literally.


There it is! I told you! Do you see what this show is doing to us?


I’m still waiting for someone to literally throw someone else under the bus. That’ll be good TV.


So funny….better entertainment than that tired group in the BB house.


Ugh, please don’t give Cody the money. He obviously doesn’t need it or knows what to do with it by that statement alone.


Derrick is a piece of work first the way he did mama J in fankie’s so call play, then his comment about Brittany a mother of three, the way he tried to Gaslighting Nicole last night now this with Vic. Karma is going to be a bitch

Door Knob

Karma doesn’t exist. And if it did, that’s not how it works.

Door Knob

Derricks karma is up Codys as&

Door Knob

Fake Door Knob above.

Door Lever

You’re both difficult to handle.


Which is why I go by Anonymous.


This was funny as hell the little back & forth you poster’s had, that was pretty damn funny. The sad part is that this was more funny & entertaining than the players this season. It’s a damn shame that I have had more chuckles & entertainment from this site & comments section than the actual players this season. Hell, I am almost positive there is more qualified players in the comment section this yr than all the Hg’s combined(minus Derrick & Donny).


Lol damn Derrick for playing the game how dare he! Damn him for participating in the bb play and making fun of evicted HGs like everyone else! Damn him for saying Brit wanted to have sex with Cody which she clearly did!

Door Knob



Victoria truly is vile and delusional. Go luck girl, I expect you’ll get a very rude awakening very soon.


I think you’re the one who is vile and delusional.

Oh No You Di'n''t

George, you stole my user name to make that comment. Loser.


I HATE all these people (besides Donny and Nicole). They are all so obnoxious, delusional, and mean-spirited. Where the heck did they find them? Derrick may be playing well but he is just so gross. I shutter to think of ever having to deal with him as a cop.

Detonate 'Em

Easy to avoid him, Ugh…just stay out of Rhode Island. But if you did ever have to deal with him as a cop, tell him how great he is and how he is better than Dan Gheesling at playing Big Brother, and all will be well. (You can beg for forgiveness for lying in your prayers at night.)


Not a Victoria fan in the least, but I have to say, she looks much better when she smiles.


Her eyes freak me out. She always make them big and darts them back and forth like she’s up to something or disturbed. Sometimes they get even bigger mid thought process which is even scarier.

Mary Mary

I think she’s medicated.


LMAO I’m still laughing at Anonymous’s description of victoria’s demented eyes.


Your comments are truly sick.


Settle down, Rose.


Victoria is one messed up chick. Physically and mentally. I couldn’t imagine a day in the life of the mind of victoria. Scary. Can’t stand her vacant staring and loud eating.


Geeze…..I was hoping it was an “act” but I guess not!

Pink haired turdlet

Spot on observation. Her stare is very vacant and when she speaks it is very slow and deliberate, like she really is just not all that quick. She acts dumb but even has the “look” of a dumb person.

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

Hey Simon & Dawg, love the photo you put up of Victoria covering up the two dozen bristly black hairs on her areolas with her two hands, hope they don’t get dandruff on them.

Feeling Salty

Derrick thinks everyone wants him. The only thing bigger that Derrick’s ego is Frankies hol3.


Derrick doesn;t think everyone wants him (smh) he was saying Brittney wanted cody!

Straight Guy

Frankie has colon and intestinal prolapse due to his nocturnal activities, it is common with people in his community.

When someone in the BB house is talking about a HG’s competition streaks, Frankie checks his Depends.


“Frankie says Nicole it feels like Nicole has campaigned to everyone but them”

What’s he trying to do? Back her into acorner? Intimidate her? He knows she’s aware she doesn’t need Frankie’s vote. But he wants her to show her cards or beg. He has such a powertrip every day of his life

I'm Torn

Not sure who I despise more. The vile houseguests, or the illiterate commenters in here.

Torn up

It’s simple enough to avoid both, if you’re THAT bothered.

Just Torn

LOL – well said Torn up


I just think it’s ironic seeing vile people passing so much judgment on vile people. The show is not the only thing that lacks intelligent thought sometimes.

Lady Violet

Maybe you should stick with PBS. You might be more comfortable with Downton Abbey.

Dowager Countess

Who Are all these vile individuals?


I wasn’t really commenting on the comments above, just in general. I find it amusing when (some) people react to something that offends them by being offensive (or trying to be 🙂 There is a difference between having an opinion and throwing around insults and only one of those things requires rational thought.


Derrick will say he is just playing the game,but last night he went over the top, playing with her hair and looking at her the way he was, and letting her massage him, manipulation is one thing, leading her on is another, I hope his wife was watching, I bet she won’t fall for his mist! This is just a sad season,other married people have played and WON,without making Their spouses look stupid! Wow

Teacher is right!

Derrick has crossed the line. Talking game is one thing, but touching and being touched is another. He knows it’s wrong. Cheating has many forms. It is ANYTHING you wouldn’t do with your spouse in the room.

You're both right...

Hope Derricks wife is home with some guy rubbing her legs and giving her a back massage. Bet his sorry a$$ wouldn’t appreciate that.


The main difference between Derr/Vic and Cody/Chris is that it is obvious that Derr has very little respect for Vic and would never give her the time of day outside of this house. Whereas Chris is super attracted and infatuated with Cody. To me touching another girl/guy in the manner Derr does to Vic isn’t really crossing a line… appropriate? probably not but they have been locked in a house with these people so long, I just don’t think it is in a sexual manner.


Well tell that to Victoria. I don’t think that he would give her the time of day outside the house either…but, it’s getting too touchy, feely right now with his wife, her family and friends and little daughter Tenley watching. Look at Daddy massaging that nice lady. Put yourself in her shoes. That has to be hurtful and humiliating. I hope his wife never signed a pre-nup. He’ll probably win with this bunch of losers.


Agreed! Same thing I keep saying

DJ Expect the Expected

So I was trying to come up with one of those funny post putting a title of a song to the remaining HG’s, but could only come up with on for Donny, Good Ole Boys(Dukes of Hazard theme) and Cody would be Mr Roboto from Styx. Yea I’m a bit old school rock.
What songs would you put this bunch.


Victoria – Barbie Girl by Aqua
Derrick – Old MacDonald had a pig …
Skanktine – Toxic by Britney Spears
Vagody – Lick it lollipop by Rupaul
Fakie – Superstar by Rupaul
Caleb – Rhinestone Cowboy


A few odd the top of my head
I’m too sexy- the way both frankie and Caleb see themselves
Don’t stand so close to me- Derrick to victoria. Ironically sung by the police!
Like a virgin or material girl- victoria
Bitch- Christine
Don’t worry, be happy- nicole (just bc she’s kinda bubbly)
sweet home Alabama- Donny ( I know he’s NC but this song gives me the good ol southern boy feeling like Donny
Every breath you take- Caleb to amber
Fame- frankie

pants on fire

For everyone that has been evicted by the hands of the bomb squad/detonators…Another one bites the dust!!


Donny-“A country Boy Can Survive”-Hank williams Jr.
Cody-“I’m Too Sexy”-Right Said Fred (I grew up in the 90’s & Cody is about as shallow as this song)
Caleb-“Ocean Front Property(in Arizona)”-George Strait( Caleb would strike as being dumb enough to buy some in true BeastMode fashion)
Christine-“I’m A Creep”-Radiohead or “I’m A Loser Baby(So Why Dont You Kill Me)”-Beck. Christine has so many options to choose from it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
Derrick-“Bad Boys(Cops theme song)”-Inner Circle
Frankie-Tiny dancer”-Elton John or “Hanging Tough”-New Kids On The Block( for some reason this strikes me as his theme song, dont know why actually).
Nicole-“Christmas Dont Be Late”- Alvin & The Chipmunks
Victoria-” Like a Virgin”-Madonna or for the old school cats “you’re So Vain”- Carly Simon


Derrick is not my favorite player at all. I really think his over the top rudeness is an act. I think he is staying in character so he doesn’t slip up.

On another note as a regular watcher since season 1 I totally agree this is the worst season EVER! Season 1 was better. GNatalie from a few years ago was easier to watch than this gang of asshats. I feel bad for Donny but he really could try and fit in a little. Not change completely but look at Derrick. He saw how to assimilate and now is in pretty good with the popular kids. Rant over


If he lets Frankie spoon and grab his ass he’ll be halfway there. There isn’t any way to fit in when you simply don’t. He gets accused of things when when tries to talk game with these morons or make jokes. These people are low rent and Derrick is street so he probably has the ability to fit in from the lowest common denomniator due to his training, lucky him this year with this group of demented pea brains and naive spineless women and Cody.


BB should have Pandora’s Box with 10 K sitting there for Cody so he can go to the casino. Nicole and Donny would be in separate rooms and each get veto they can use anytime but none of the 3 can tell anyone what happened. Talk about an explosion on Thursday.


Donny should never change who he is to fit in with this horrible group of people. Why should he lower himself to their level. We love him because of the beautiful person he is. And his one liners are the best.


All this admiration for Donny is bizarre. Why don’t you just admit it. Your irrational love for him is purely down to him being an underdog. In reality Donny is one seriously awful Big Brother player.

He has a terrible social game. Goes to bed when everyone is up and gets up when everyone is sleep. The only reason he is still in the game is because of Team America. He has won a few comps but without question he would have been evicted weeks ago.

He’s been stunningly wrong about who was controlling the house. He stupidly fell into the trap of believing that Caleb and Devin were dictating things in the house just because they were both HoH and therefore more high profile and making the most noise. That’s serious low grade thinking on his part. Like a child attracted to a shiny noisy object.

Devin even told him about the Bomb Squad and who was part of it. What idiot learns about a mega hostile alliance and literally goes back to sleep and forgets about it. Derrick, Cody, Zach and Frankie unquestionably have been the ones wielding the power in the house for most of the season but dopey Donny was so fixated with Caleb and Devin … and then later Frankie. Remember he was told by Devin that Derrick, Cody and Zach were part of the tyranny and yet pathetically continued to believe that these three guys were innocent and could be trusted. When Donny started talking strategy with Zach about week 3, I almost fell off my chair laughing at how dumb Donny was in believing that Zach had nothing to do with what was going on in the house.

And he stupidly burned a bridge with Devin who admitted that he had made a mistake about him and then idiotically sided with Zach, Cody and Derrick. Where did that get him? A permanent outcast. Remember those crucial 24hrs after Zach first blew up the Bomb Squad. He chose the wrong side. Desperately wanted Zach to stay even though he knew Pow Pow wasn’t part of the tyranny and Zach was. What a plonker.

Time Keeper

Yep, that all happened when? Oh, first few weeks into the game – move along….

Hey AntonyG

You can’t even spell your own name right…STFU!


Ummm Victorias impersonation of amber was terrible. She failed miserably at trying to be sexy. The on,y thing she knows how to do is show her boobs. I can’t believe this girl actually thinks she’s attractive. She’s so incredibly annoying, insecure, and immature. I can’t wait for her to be gone but of course I’m sure she’ll be final 2. Derrick stop trying to stroke her ego to keep her attached to you! And why is she so obsessed with Derrick. I think she has daddy issues.

new to BB 14

Donny IS being evicted Thursday night!!

And its a good thing for Donny(I am all about team Donny fearthebeard) but for donnys sanity and life its best to get him out now. Donny has been a target since week 1(remember he was on the block with paolo and they lost and were(everyone) set to vote him out first. Donnys social game has been on its just hes 12-20 yrs older then every other HG. Hard to relate for an older chap(even though hes NOT old IMHO). Donny has played the best he can on competitions and socially but for his sanity he is best to walk out that door head held high integrity in tack and have a chat with Mrs Les Moonves aka Julie Chen.
I do believe Donny will be the ultimate winner!! He may not get the 500k he may not even get the 25k Americas fav. At best he walks out the door with 20k from the teamamerica changes and the money he gets for making it to the jury. That’s just shy of 40k not bad for a summer most people in this country work 6 days a week 365 a year barely making 40k. Donny will return to North Carolina can probably get a few speaking engagements for a year or two for a few thousand per engagement. And hes got an awesome family and a hot girlfriend.

So that being said Donny Thompson the true winner of Big Brother 16 you rocked it dude in a house full of self absorbed immature brats.


Frankie’s sad he missed camera time like he isn’t used to the paparazzi fighting for pictures of him everyday. oh wait……


Imagine a Victoria and Christine finale, the horror!!!

Ruh Roh

Imagine the ratings…

Murphy's Law

Derdick has crossed the marital lines with his lusty thoughts of Victoria’s tits…and…stoking her her with that stick last night!! The worthy demise of this experiment lies in: (A) the clashing of male egos and (2) the extreme jealousy between the chicks over Cody’s body & attention!<<>>


First of all how do you know what derricks thoughts are. Did he says he’s looking at her boobs. He’s just trying to stroke her ego. Secondly is why these girls are so into Cody. He’s so dumb . If be afraid my iq would go down of I were in a room with him too long. And I don’t find him that great looking. Great body but goofy face. Doesn’t do it for me.

Donny's girlfriend is beautiful!

Watched Big Bother Palooza with Jesse from last season. Kristine-Donny’s girl, Liza and recently departed Amber were Skyping. She showed pictures of her and Donny. He looks nothing like the show with that long beard. He looks very handsome. They make a good looking couple. Check it out! He looks much younger without it.


Apparently there was an indoor lock down and building in the backyard. If this is something to keep BOTH Nicole and Donny i will be happy. If this somehow saves only Donny and causes Nicole to be evicted I will be angry. I just feel like Donny wont be able to take apart the detonators. Nicole on the other hand I think can.


It’s time like this when I miss the smokers… lockdown drove them to do crazy things..


Okay they just had all the houseguests do the ice bucket challenge.


production I think Nicole is a great person inside in out I can tell when she talks to Donny
but for the fans please please please please please save save save save save Donny

Mary Mary

There’s beginning to be more humor, conflict, drama and action in these comments than there’s been on BB16 all summer. We put on a more entertaining show than Frankie, and with less eye makeup.

lemon balls

Welcome to the derrick says show.. Special gueat Star Ariana’s brother..


AntonyG – I totally agree with you re your perception of Donny. It takes a real man to admit and apologize for misjudging someone (Devin) but it also takes a real man to ACCEPT that apology and move on (Donny). Donny harboured his resentment for Devin thus losing a valuable opponent in his corner. I have no sympathy for Donny…..he’s a sly old fox and deserves the treatment he’s getting! Creepy old bastard!


Lol ummmm he actually forgave Devon. Get your story straight. But he would be dumb to trust him again at that point. Come on now


So far, nothing about the activity trackers. Probably something production could pull out of their *sses if need be to save someone, when the need requires it. C’mon, save Donny!


I wonder if production is going to show the awful play. God i hope not

Pink haired turdlet

They should show it……I need to lose a few pounds and it will be a puek inducing moment watching Frankie prance and preen all over the place thinking he is such a creative genius. What a buffoon.


derrick is just as sleazy as cody,telling vic she did a good job impersonating amber with her boobs.she asked about her legs and hair and he said no one was looking ,only at her boobs .just as sleazy as cody.can,t stand to look at his pig snot self ugggghhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all damn loser except for donny and nicole


Go Frankie! Win it all!

Oh No You Di'n't

Can’t think of another user name, George? I guess it’s easier to hide behind someone else’s.


Lets not forget Nicole and Christine were once besties. Nicole was just as much of sh*t talker early in the game as Christine. How quickly everyone forgets.

That play

Though Nicole would throw in the occassional snide little remark, Christine was always the ring leader of the bash people brigade…and the thing that strikes me about Christine…besides her ridiculous attempts to commit adultery on National TV, is how she claims to be a Christian, but talks about hating people all the time. Joke is on her, because America hates her.

That one girl

Vanessa or whatever that one irrelevant girls name is, she is actually starting to think she is a force in this game. I have seen delusional before, but she takes it to another level. The only reason you are still there is because everybody is eyeing the end, and you wouldn’t beat a single one of them. Hell, Jody, who spent two hours in the house back in season 14 would beat her.

That play

Who was Frankie trying to be? There was no Consuela in the house…and for somebody who made their way to broadway, he is a terrible actor.


He is mocking his family’s Columbian house keeper. I can’t fathom what is in store for him from his family when this is over. And to think Zack still really, really likes him. But Frankie has done nothing but talk trash about him: Zach only slept, offered love and consolation then cried with him on his grandfather’s death, seemed like he wanted Zach in “that way” but not now, gained a few pounds, has a wired toe, was uncontrollable and impulsive, upstaged him, under bullied compared to him, had open lover’s quarrels (I literally cringed!) taking Frankie down a path of falling in love but in Frankie’s style, having to reject it.

Frankie hides behind every persona. Zach got into his heart and Frankie turned and ran scared. Zach abandoned his straight out the house life in what has to be one of the biggest self realization moments on live TV to be rejected and hurt. I’m sure Zach returns to straight frat boy when this is done. But I can’t see better in Frankie when he can’t accept the best for him when it was in front of him.

Frankie: Who had your back and loved you with heart and soul to hand their game to you on day 2? Zach. When you shred the truth of who your sister is, who wanted you? Everyone. And you think Everyone relay likes you when you “completed” Zach at hello?

Get real! I hope Zach never has to see your condom laced and lube strewn apartment. Really, you are proud of that?


So when is Cody going to call Frankie out about making messes all over the house? We know it’s coming,right?




Or the next day after that!

Codys Balls

When he finds me.


Hey BB- Please let Donny shave his beard soon, or at least for finale. He is really attractive without it. Looks good with his lady Kristine. And much younger.

Girldragon Slayer

1] Cody – Seriously, Cody went from messing with Super-hot Amber to Super-icky Christine? And for the life of me, I can NOT understand why is it that if he knows that Derrick would wins it if he makes it to F2, why won’t he do anything about it? Oh wait, he’s a putty. Plus, on a sub-conscious level, he knows what Derrick is about because whatever BS Cody had said of Donny is actually true of Derrick, “He’s sliding by” “He’s a schemer” “He’s a liar” BS about Donny but all true about Derrick. He’ll end up in the corporate world, caving in to his new boss, Amanda Zuckerman.

2] Derrick – Typical double standard for a undercover cop. Lie lie lie and then have the nerve to get upset with Frankie for not being upfront about who he is?!?! I do wonder if he’s truly the artful manipulator/puppet-master like he is if he’s with around people who has more of a backbone with brains than this group. This group right now is way too sorry and way too easy to roll over, with the notable exception of Donny and perhaps Nicole. He’ll get the 500k and then get a desk job since his cover is blown.

3] Frankie – I despise Frankie. His constant talk of sex and his constant mugging of the camera especially when he’s casting his vote (vomitting) is a major turn-off for me. His manipulation of Caleb is complete now Amber’s gone and his “revealtion” (never heard of his sister til I started watching this show this season). I laugh when Caleb had asked Frankie if he was even gay. His back-stabbing of his best friend in the house, Zach, is going to come back and bite him on the azz (oh wait, that what he wants). He’ll get a hosting gig and then flame-bombed that.

4] Caleb – His lack of grey matter overrides everything that he does and the scary thing is that he knows that he isn’t the brightest crayon in the box and yet still have an massive ego. Bomb Squad been over since Devin had left and he still hasn’t have a clue about the missing memo? Love to see his face when he finally realize that fact. His stalkish behaviour toward Amber should have turned him out of the house by BB production, imo. His lust for beautiful girls seem to know no boundaries. We’ll hear about his upcoming arrest soon.

5] Nicole – Ok I admit, her voice is like fingernails on the chalkboard to me but she seem to be the only one of the group left with any balls (sorry, Donny, I do love you and am rooting for you but you’ve started playing the game the way it should be way too late). I just can’t see her winning the 500k tho. Her and Hayden will make a very cute couple.

6] Victoria – another clueless wonderkund. Again, for the life of me, if everyone can see that Derrick most likely is going to be taking Victoria to the end with him, if he gets to the end that is, why won’t anyone put her on the block? wtf? She’ll get the 50k and have to use all of it for legal fees because she won’t leave Derrick alone.

7] Donny – very likeable and would love to see him win just to see the look on the group idiotic faces. But let face it, if production won’t give him the coup d’eat (did I spelled that right) or even the dpov, he’s a goner. But of all people still there, his future looks the brightest. Nothing but green grass and his beautiful girlfriend.

8] Christine – her behaviour with Cody, in the light of the fact that she’s married, is very moronic especially when it’s being viewed by millions. “Oh Tim, don’t worry, I’m just trying to win the 500K so I gotta do what I gotta do” “Oh Christine, don’t worry, I”m just trying to save my dignity so I gotta do what I gotta do, here’s the divorce papers” Karma is going to be a bitch toward that one.

Am I missing anyone?


Summed it up perfectly!!!


Anyone ever wonder how Cody, Brittany, Amber, Caleb, etc all went in there with no bf or gf? I bet they were all were seeing someone. They’re good looking ppl, I find it Hard to believe they went in there single…


That’s such a silly comment. I always get asked that same thing when I don’t have a bf and I just don’t understand the thought behind the questions. How does being attractive really correlate with having a bf/gf. Ironically the two least attractive people in the house are the married ones- Christine and Derrick. I mean yeah at times it is easier to get asked out or what not as an attractive female but doesn’t mean you’re getting asked out by the right people. If you’re not in a serious relationship or married then you can’t be dating someone every day of every year. They are obviously “in between ” relationships and maybe don’t care much for having a relationship at this point in their lives. People can’t be expected to be constantly dating someone.

I can think of a few specific reasons why for each one though:
Cody: has said he’s a commitmentphobe . Also seems to only like married women.
Brit- has 3 kids from 2 different men and was still technically married at the start of the show. Prob best she takes a break from men for a while.
Caleb- prob has too many restraining order for stalking to get into another relationship anytime soon.
Amber- has stated before she just got out of a relationship that left some scars and doesn’t want to get into another anytime soon.

I’m done with that rant now.