Cody “What photos should we take?” Christine says we could take ones with your shirt off?

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 12-03-38-818
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11:50am Nicole joins Donny out in the backyard. She complains that she didn’t have a good experience the last time she took the cold shower. Donny suggests she get in and out quick and its not that bad. Nicole says I would 100% rather sleep in this grass (than the havenot ice beds). Nicole heads inside and braves the cold shower. Christine joins her and starts getting ready for the day. Cody comes down from the HOH room and goes into the diary room to get the HOH camera. Donny heads back to bed in the havenot room. Cody heads into the fire room and starts taking photos of himself with sleeping Caleb, Frankie and Victoria. He holds up the HOH boxing belt and takes a photo. He then heads into the bathroom and starts taking photos with Nicole and Christine. Nicole says CODY! We’re not friends if you do that!!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 12-10-34-585

12:15pm – 12:30pm Nicole and Cody head out into the backyard. Nicole goes to take a shower in the backyard to wash her hair. Cody says backyard photo shoot!! Nicole says if you take a photo of me you don’t respect me. Cody says that’s not fair! Cody says WHOA!! Super model! Nicole says you better not take any photos!! Cody says you got to work it! Yeah Work it girl! Cody tells Christine I got a good one! She’s going to hate me. Nicole comes over to look at the photos. Cody says look at your body it looks so rocking! I don’t know why you would be mad at that! Nicole asks did you really take photos of the sleeping people? Cody says yeah, Victoria is going to cut my pen!s off.

12:30pm – 12:55pm Cody and Christine heads into the living room to take photos. Nicole gets called into the diary room. Christine says that’s weird. Nicole asks do they ever call people in when we have the HOH camera? Christine says no. Nicole says maybe its an emergency. Christine wonders what Cody’s HOH twitter questions will be. She says can you please wear less shirts. Cody asks what photos should we take? Christine we could take ones with your shirt off? We could take jumping ones? Cody says yeah lets take jumping ones.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 12-26-05-512

1:15pm In the living room – Derrick and Cody are talking. Derricks says I can tell Nicole doesn’t trust Frankie. She says I know you trust Cody. She asked me what’s the divide in the house. I don’t mind her knowing I trust you. They agree that they think if Nicole wins HOH she is going to go after Frankie and Christine. Cody talks about how annoyed Caleb is with Christine how she won’t let them talk. He said it right in front of Frankie. Derrick says Caleb wants to go to the finals with us because he thinks he would beat us. If it was up to me I would go with you. I wouldn’t trust how the votes would go with him. Derrick says Christine is the biggest rat in the house right now besides Frankie.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 13-14-41-399

1:20pm – 1:40pm Out in the backyard – Nicole and Christine are suntanning and talking. Nicole says people should vote for who played the best game and not for personal reasons. Like if Brittany was in the jury she would not vote for me because of the bed situation. Christine says she told Derrick last night that she feels like she is playing for second place. Nicole says you can’t think like that. Christine tells Nicole ..when I was getting married I told my Mom that I was so excited to show Tim my TA-TAS! Nicole asks wait… he hadn’t seen them before your wedding?! Christine says no. Christine says you missed crabby Christine this last week. Nicole asks do you miss Tim a lot? Christine says MMMmmHmm. Nicole says we’re getting so close. I can tell Derrick’s been missing his family a lot. Frankie’s missing his family. Everyone is. Victoria joins them. (Derrick sent her out to spy / break up their conversation.)

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 13-14-15-853

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Can Christine go up Cody’s ass any higher. Maybe she forgot the outside world. And thinks this is reality now.


For an ugly girl, she thinks she is really Cody’s type. Delusional. If the flirting and romancing was just to win as she put it, then why isn’t she doing the same with the more powerful players?


She really is delusional. She clearly wants him and she’s kidding herself if she considers thus “game”. Yeah Christine, Cody is really falling for you! Get real. But In Her defense I kinda think Cody will do anything with a pulse. I give him credit though bc he seems to be getting annoyed with her the past couple days.


Think someone should slap some reality in her… Oh I forgot reality will come crashing down on her when she walks out the jury house.


Please production or the guys with the bull horn, take these morons down a peg or two. Let them know they aren’t liked. Then we could watch some funny episodes has they ponder that for a while.


Poor poor Tim.:(


HOPEFULLY you are feeling sorry for this clown a little too soon

First off, he’s on twitter continually defending their “relationship”- whereas any respectable person would already have papers filed on this tramp, but just wait….. and hopefully it wont be too long, before these two idiots are in jury together and then NO cameras are on them…. THATS when you can really feel sorry for this schmuck…. when he DOESNT know what their doing, AND when they know they ARENT on camera…. thats when his mind can really start reeling… the devil you dont know can be way worse than the devil you do…

and I haven’t said this yet, bc all along I’ve held onto hope, but this season straight SUCKS….

I just wish we could see reality smash down on these HGs when they go back and read what viewers thought of em… its beyond DISGUSTING that they would even cast members that give two sh!#s how many twitter followers they have…. LOL, like that is some type of new currency in life, or serves as an indication of self worth…. its absolutely preposterous…

stop casting brainless models and start casting players, bc this year, with the exception of donny playing a straight game, has been a JOKE… mixing in one or two walking cliches, with a bunch of models, in no way represents diversity…. get with it CBS!

and PS … I have as much contempt for her idiot husband for defending that harlot as I do for her and every nasty piece of filth that comes spewing out of her disgusting cock pocket
(in case you want to know how i really feel)

Have you seen Tim?

Seriously, his marriage is fine. He is not exactly beating women down with his looks, so hopefully he’s packing heat elsewhere. I still do double takes to make sure he is the man in that (blink and you might mistake it as a lesbianic) relationship.

Cocoa Puffs

Even with the Zingbot zing it doesn’t seem to matter. No game no how would I look like a complete idiot to win that money. So what,she goes back home ( to her church ) and says it wasn’t what it appeared on tv. This girl is clueless as to right and wrong.


The Zingbot zing affected her for about a nano second. Gave her time to shed some crodiile tears for Tim. she’s only got a couple more weeks to act out her mean girl fantasy.

Derricks hand

No, she is as far up Cody’s as8 as she can get because there is no more room : my hand has been up her since week 1.


That was a great comment Derrick’s hand. You are right about that.


If you look closely at Cody now when he opens his mouth you’ll see Christine in there peeking out, she’s that far up his arse.

Pink haired turdlet

I had to turn off my tv last night after watching Christine as she watched Frankie and Cody play pool. She is such a wannabe, laughing hysterically at all their pathetic jokes, trying so hard to be in the “in” crowd, staring at Cody and hanging on his every word. This is not game play, this is obsession on her part and it’s getting really creepy to watch.

Self Respect

What really creeps me out about her is that when Nicole and Cody, who obviously like each other, are cuddling or hugging or holding hands, Christine always shows up and creepily rubs Cody down while he’s rubbing down Nicole.


Does she? Now that’s creepy! Btw, I don’t think Nicole likes him romantically anymore, she comfortable with him but I think she’s all in with Hayden, she just seemlessly fits into the “cool crowd” whereas Christine…

Social Experiment

And the gaslighting continues… My goodness, the conversation between Nicole and Derrick was beyond belief. I guess it is what everyone signs up for and shouldn’t expect anything different. Nicole is sensitive and cannot disengage her emotions – so sure, tell her how hurtful her alleged actions were and how magnanimous it is that she is not being voted out. Yes, it is pure game despite the fact that these ARE human beings and not chess pieces. Oh well, I can’t begrudge the BB fans who enjoy this type of game play.

I don’t know how far a certain married woman will get in this game (sorry but I can’t even bring myself to type the name). There is strong chance she may be taken to the final because of her constant hateful diarrhea of the mouth. The same goes for the “I’m playing the game. I’m still here, aren’t I?” contestant, but taken to the end for different reasons. In the event the married woman is sent to the jury house, I hope they could have a separate isolation wing for her to be alone with the only person that doesn’t get on her nerves, doesn’t disgust her, and the only one, it seems, that she doesn’t absolutely hate. Maybe some reflection will help – or at the very least, she will not be forced to spend time with all the people she distains so much.

Am I the only one who thinks the CBS promo with a DR clip of Donny was done to make him look unkind (to put it mildly)? Some have said he is making nasty/snarky comments, but so much is based on perception. Julie asked the married woman why the BOB comp was so difficult for her. Later that night, the married woman was screaming about Julie asked her why she threw the comp. Maybe some of Donny’s comments are testing the other person’s allegiance. Will they defend the other person? Is there a crack to try to enter? Or perhaps it is to reflect back to them how they are behaving. Sadly, I honesty feel it is absolutely over. Even from the beginning, Derrick would never work as a team with Donny because Derrick determined with Donny, 1st place would be a toss up. Derrick is there to win – not, “oh, if I only get to the jury” or “oh, second place is great.” At this stage, if Donny were to say, “What a lovely blue sky,” certain houseguests would start going behind his back and saying – “EEEWWW. Donny was talking about his [male private parts].” No matter how much they will eventually turn on one another, they will never accept Donny. Even Nicole looks like she has serious doubts at times.

And did a certain brother of a “POP” star have it written into his contract that he must have a certain % of minutes during each and every BBAD episode. It seems one of the HG could set something on fire and scream at the top of his/her lungs and that camera will NOT come off of the “showman.”


I don’t think bb is trying to make Donny look mean. Hell…we all know they’re morons!

Social Experiment

I would love to believe that is true. I am skeptical at this point because last Thursday, CBS made sure to show Donny promising not to vote out Zach and then we see him vote out Zach. No where in that broadcast is there the conversation where Zach told Donny its okay to vote with the house so Donny doesn’t have a bigger target on his back. If I remember correctly, even Julie said before the vote that Donny promised Zach his vote, let’s see how votes (or something similar). Some people who only watch the primetime broadcast have used this to insist Donny is a liar, backstabber, and only “acts” nice.

Derricks deluded

Derrick sussed out early on who would fall for his gas lighting and who wouldn’t . Problem is he thinks he has evicted those who think for themselves and kept the easily manipulated. He miscalculated and now we are going to see that unravel on him. That’s going to bite him in the as$.
Gaslighters like Derrick always overreach and get vindictive and greedy. They begin to believe that they can fool anyone and in the process, delude themselves that they are invincible. My guess is that Caleb knows what’s up and the jury , if Derrick makes it to final 2, won’t award Derrick the prize.


Lol wowww you must not have been watching the season. Caleb has no idea what’s going on and you are giving him too much credit by saying that he has it figured out. That’s ridiculous. Caleb only has half a brain like the rest of derricks posse.

Derrick Deluded...I think this would be you buddy...

I can’t wait to see this all blow up in your face. I don’t think he thinks he has anyone fooled I think that he hopes that he does as would anyone that was playing for $500 thousand dollars. You just sound like all the other jealous people that can’t admit he has played a damn good game. I don’t think Caleb sees anything but Caleb because he is so full of himself, each day he is saying something different because he is so paranoid. Are you a Donny fan and you’re mad because he is going home? We all love Donny and they tried to save him, but they couldn’t.


As it stands right now, I think we all see that Derrick is sitting in the money seat. Who I do and don’t like aside, I kind of agree that Derrick is getting a little too cocky and a little ahead of himself. I think for the most part the rest of them still see the $500K as a long shot with soon to be 6 players left in the game, but Derrick see’s it more as a probability and that could be his downfall. He has the jury votes and I can’t see that there is anyone left (that has a chance of making it that far) that would beat him in F2. However there is still some game to be played and once the rest of the distractions are out of the way, those left standing in F4 – F3 are going to start reevaluating their best chance for the $500K. We’ll have to see how the cards play out.

Derricks deluded

Nice, can’t attack the argument so you attack the person. Just like Derrick. You two could be buddies! And ultimately, Derricks personal attacks against the other houseguests will be his downfall in this game.
Derricks has made some good game moves but in the end, he is not going to win. The jury will not vote for him because this jury is going to vote on things besides game play. So many people on this site think that the jury is going to reward someone solely on gameplay and guess what, they are not going to be solely guided by gameplay this season. In past seasons, the best gamer did not win and the jury looked at other factors in picking the winner. And quite honestly, Derricks gameplay has not been all that great. I think Frankie, as much as I hate him, has played a pretty smart game as well. Donny has not played the best game but in some ways, he has clearly outplayed Derrick. Nobody else has stood up to Derrick like Donny and for that, you have to admire him consdiering how Derrick has ostracized him to the rest of the house.
I agree that Caleb is not the smartest person in the room but you are underestimating him and I think that is what he is counting on. Frankie is playing a pretty hard game right now and he knows that he has to eliminate Derrick before Derrick eliminates him. Its a race to the block for the 2 of them.
I am counting the votes and I don’t see Derrick beating Frankie, Caleb or Cody in the jury if Derrick is combined with any of them in final 2. The only person Derrick would beat in the jury would be Victoria or Christine….and they are not going to make it past final 4.
So although I am resigned to the fact that Donny may not win and I do understand that he could have stepped up his game, I also don’t think that it necessarily follows that Derricks gameplay is going to earn him a win.


I didn’t watch the episode. What did Donny say that was so mean?

Venti double pump

Christine needs to just stop. She works with the public? Can’t imagine she gets many tips with her nasty attitude.
Someone get her a decaf!


Never did comment but gotta now… Christine needs help!!! Hope she gets it as soon as she gets out!!! Married women shouldn’t act this way even for $500k! Guess money can really ruin things…

Detroit Girl

It’s not money. It’s being with a “cool” guy for the first time in her pathetic 23 years of life. Everyone was a bully (Devin) or mean, pretty girl (Amber, Brittany). I hope somebody drop kicks her when she returns to AZ.


This is so hard to read. Christine is getting nastier and nastier. I guess it’s a tie. Freakie, Victurd, and Nastine.


Christine please do everyone a favor and just stop

Valentina Corleone

I’m trying to catch up on what’s happening , so bear with me – one of my friends read that Derrick threatened to slap Victoria? Is that true? Was he joking or did she push him to the breaking point? Said she saw it on Jokers.


he was joking.. he said when they get home and have a talk he’s going to slap her (He wasn’t serious or didn’t say it in serious angry).. She was acting insecure about her position in the game and his loyalty to her.

Valentina Corleone

Grazia, Simon!!

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

I agree with Christine, she should take a photo with Cody and his shirt off. IT SHOULD BE OVER CHRISTINE’S FACE SO THAT PEOPLE DON’T LOSE THEIR LUNCH!


U are so right.I can’t believe she doesn’t come equiped with paper bags.


comment of pic with crustine with balless; crustine looks like an old lady, and that mouth … she does have teeth right …..sure looks like she doesn`t .. and I have seen smaller beaks on buzzard. Guess I got up on the wrong side of the bed… this comment sorry makes me sound like crustine .


simon us fans are not worry we hate Donny going home we think its not write derrick an Frankie should help him but that’s ok we voting no to that broadway in they need to cancel team America cause once Donny leave nobody will want to vote to help them out
in we say this karma is coming they know only one person win right the look on they face when they get evected
this the order I see
Frankie wins the whole game


only one comment to say to you….just like frankturd your English is as pathetic as him.


“only one comment to say to you….just like frankturd your English is as pathetic as him.”

Isn’t this a bit harsh? Perhaps English is that commentator’s second language.
It would be like assuming you intentionally typed “pathetic as him” instead of “pathetic as his [English].” I figure it is simply a typo.

Get over yourself

Hey there Sunshine. How does it feel to be perfect? Did you ever stop to consider that English may not be Anonymous’s first language? Perhaps this individual uses a translator page to assist in posting his/her comments and most of us are well aware how funny or baffling the results can be. Whatever method Anonymous uses to post, why would you criticise someone who obviously enjoys using OBB and is not causing you any harm? You may wish to consider changing your screen name to Christine. Something tells me you have a great deal in common with her.


Ooohhhh, excellent comment!! Wish I had said it myself. Truer words have ever been spoken!! Thank you from all of us.


Ooohhhh, excellent comment!! Wish I had said it myself. Truer words have ever been spoken!! Thank you from all of us.

Mike Williams

Simply put. The worst season ever! Boring and uneventful. Painful to watch on all levels.

You sure?

If I had a nickel…


I an honestly say, I can’t remember the last time I was sooooo bored with BB when it got down to this point. Even though last year was disgusting in the way the houseguests were behaving there was more drama and more entertainment. I haven’t even bothered to sign up for the live feeds as I don’t need to pay someone to put me to sleep. At this point one can pretty well predict how he season will unfold and not much at the rate things are going will change this path. For a season advertised for having all these twists I have yet to really see anything new or very exciting happen, something different or unexpected to really cause the houseguests to start scrambling or having to veer from their game plan. Yes, the BOB was ne and probably would have been much more game changing had an alliance of half the house had not formed right at the beginning. Frankly, I am actually shocked at how many more unexpected twists BB Canada had in comparison maybe BB needs to start looking elsewhere for some better ideas to have something a little more entertaining to watch, isn’t that what reality tv is supposed to be.


Try watching bb canada. im canadian and loved the last season. The twisters were way more better than bb usa. We canada become hoh for one week, we had a hidden room with 3 people in it competing for one person to come into the game also canada was on the jury and we had 1 vote and more.

Poor Vivian

Poor Veronica. Ever since Zach was honest with her and told her the truth about how everyone views her as a dumb bimbo who has no game whatsoever she has been so deperately trying to pretend like she is a master game player and it was her plan all along to play dumb and do nothing.

All Vanessa wants is to be a respected BB player? Why wont the other houseguests and America just respect the BB game of Venus? Why does Crustine always make fun of Virginia’s game? Why wont Derrick open up completely to Viola whenever she wants?

Dont they all know that Verona is the best BB player of this season? I mean Violet made the biggest move of the season yet when she tore up that pink hat!!!! She really showed that she was not a BB contestant to be disrespected.

BB's not the same

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Thank you.


Christine doesn’t seem to understand that Cody doesnt flirt w her BC he likes her he literally is just a really big flirt and flirts w anything w a pulse basically. She constantly disrespects her husband. I get it Cody’s attractive but he’s dumber than a box of rocks and has to flirt w someone I guarantee when no girls are left he would flirt like crazy w Frankie. Christine is a plethora of nasty words I don’t feel like typing out right now. I can’t wait til she realizes how much ppl hate her. She brought it on herself. I understand its a game but all the things she’s done from being a vile hateful person to be all over Cody is not game. This is who she really is. I hope her husband drops her but he’s as attractive as she is so he will prob stay. Also w derrick talking about Britt… Are u effing kidding me?! Britt is a 10– I say 10 BC look at that body after 3 kids. Derrick is like a 3 and looks like a pig. Britt ex husband is hot and so is the guy she’s dating. She would have never tried anything w derrick. He is delusional.

BB's not the same

Cody madeout with his Dad when he left for the house. He just really likes being groped, regardless of how inapropriate.


Gosh, I thought I was the only one who thought that was borderline inappropriate- I guess if they ever do a family member of BB; we’ll probably see Cody’s Dad. Cody’s Dad looks like he’s cut out of the same fame whore cloth as his son.


Lol what are you talking about Derrick was talking about Brit wanting to hook up with Cody. Derrick wasn’t talking about him and Brit hooking up. And I like Brit and think she’s pretty but let’s be real she’s not a 10. Nice body but she isn’t a natural beauty, is a bit trashy, and not that bright. Just saying. And btw I don’t think she has a bf . She was at a bb recap party hosted by Rachel and Brendan and they had Paul, Cody’s brother, as a special guest. Well they have videos online of them getting awfully close. Wonder if Cody will be jealous when he gets out. I think that the calafiore family in general must be a bunch of manwhores.

Donny FTW

I’m very impartial about this I really am only a fan of Donny. However Derrick wasn’t talking about himself. He was talking about Cody. He meant that Cody had a chance to get with her. It was when they were discussing whether Cody was gay or not.


Reality for Christine is about a month away. After the finale, she will face the IRE of the public and possibly her husband. Cody will NOT be there to stroke her EGO for a vote anymore. And, as Donny so wisely said – Cody will probably find another married woman to play with in NJ. She will have to pull up her big girl panties (that she has been trying to get Cody to pull down during BB) and face the ridicule.


Her husband seems to think her groping and rubbing is just fine as long as she wins money. Guess he’s her pimp. The people she needs to worry about are her family, her in-laws, her pastor and his wife, etc.

Power of Veto Corleone

I’m just waiting for the peripheral players to go to jury so the remaining HG’s can turn on each other and tear each other apart. Shouldn’t be long now.

BB's not the same

Christine is in for one heck of a rude awakening after she goes back into the real world. Being on that show may not be worth what she is going to have to deal with and read all over the internet. She is one of the most hated people to ever be in the game. She has of course brought it on herself, but she really should have at least pretented to care about her image.

Mary Mary

I can just hear Christine, a month from now: “I HATE the viewers!”

Production Sucks

Even if Deprick gets to the final two, these house guest are so ignorant, they might not vote for him because they still can’t believe that he was the master manipulator. Total bust Grodner! This cast is hopeless! (Donny and Nicole excluded)


The Frankie You Tube video that someone referenced earlier has been removed.

Production Sucks

That video was awesome! Fakie has totally destroyed his image as a YouTube mogul. The harder he tries to be BB Favorite Houseguest, the more he is hated. And he did it all by himself.

Nana B

Just took a look at week 8 photo booth pictures…most of them will turn your stomach.
All but two (Donny and Nicole) of you…If we could buy you for what you are worth and sell you for what you think you are worth… we could make a big dent in the national debt!


Where did you find the photo booth photos?

Nana B

On the CBS Big Brother site.


Didnt think women could be perverts. But christine is definitely a perv. Im sorry, but no amount of money would have me looking like a desperate s**t. And i hope julie chen calls her out on it when she gets evicted (which should be coming soon…)


Ratine kept Ratine kept ranting about how much she hates Julie. Talk about stupid! Yes go ahead and rant against the host of the show who also happens to be married to the head of CBS. Think CBS will be booking Ratine for any events after the show?


Dawg has Donny said mean things to female in the house and I do not get the feeds.


I thought he was teasing her while trying to learn how to cook tofu.

Is what it is

Donny probably my favorite person in house. I could relate to him the most. However, that does not mean he should win just because he comes across as a decent guy in real life. Big Brother is a game… you need to play it even if it means staying up past your bedtime. Based on that I would have to say Derrick the only one playing game from start to finish (Donny had some pretty good moments but not consistent). Derrick doing exactly what he is supposed to… even thinking ahead to jurors opinions. One of best players of all time. Not his biggest fan personally but who cares about that. It’s about game.


Donny has been playing in stealth mode. The problem is he was out of the loop and not the aggressive type to log an assault earlier when it might have made a difference. He has won when he had to save himself. His problem is he was always an outsider. BB set him up with this group. Frankie (with help from production)and Derrick have orchestrated this game and the HG were too afraid to challenge them. Now it is too late without numbers to make a difference. The dummies are votes and will be expendable. The funniest thing said recently was Frankie convincing Caleb that America loves him and he will be America’s player. That means Caleb won’t be going to the final two. Phoney Frankie’s days are numbered if Derrick can keep his troops in line. Christine needs to go! All she adds is puke factor to the show. HEEE!HEE!HEE! it is sooooooooooo annoying. Not to mention he inappropriate fawning over Cody….This show is a train wreck getting to the end can’t come fast enough!!!!


Crustine is getting crustier & crustier each & everyday!


She has – and Victoria is taking a close second place, Victoria really believes that she is still in the house because of her AWESOME game playing- she could not found herself out open container with a neon light and arrow showing “THIS WAY OUT”. BB please did not cast a space holder next year, the lights in that house do more that she does. Has anyone she her do a dish, clean up or anything EXCEPT cake on her make up, and look in the mirror


And that’s why I truly wish to see Derprick’s face as he walks out the door ahead of VapidVic.


this is just not an interesting season, can they feed cody some Viagra or something and get him ridiculously horny so he and Christine hook up so we can officially name him worst HG ever and have the most explosive moment in finale history?

I know, terrible person, but maybe? I AM JUST SO BORED CBS, I actually want them to bang…but if you could, just tell us about it, we don’t need to see it. actually, block the feeds, fish,


So Dawg/Simon
At this late in the game do you think they’ll have something that will save Donny? or are we at an impossible point?

The Saboteur

I hope Donnie tells the house about team America before he leaves:)


Production steps in to save Donny once again. Yipee


Has any other houseguest ever had such an easy ride to the F2 as Derrik?
He was my pre-season pick as the winner, but I never thought that it would be this easy for him to skate through.
Watching Derrick play without ever having to break a sweat is boring and predictable.
And I hate (as in Chistine) that he tries to play us viewers, thinking that we are all just as stupid as a bunch of punk kids and a famewhore.
And why hasn’t that famewhore realised that even he is coming in 2nd sitting next to Derrik? Instead, even he runs everything that he does through Derrik.
O/T can someone please explain who Chicken George is? I’ve only been watching bb for a few years, so I don’t know who he is but I laugh everytime I read his name.


Chicken George was in BB1 and BB AllStars.


Chicken George was the old HG in the house during his seasons. But back then they didn’t treat him like crap like they do Donny. He was part of the house and everyone liked him.


Wouldn’t it be great if Nicole getting called into the DR was about a DPOV or something??

Brokeback Gayleb

OMG, Chrustine looks exactly like Squidward in that picture! She is lusting after Cotex so bad! Sorry Chrustine’s husband, THIS is way more than gameplay. She almost looks jealous when Nicole is around now.What a friggin tool !


Donnie hasn’t come anywhere near mean or rude. These people are so vicious, I mean the things they say are truly heinous. I thought what he said about cody in the hoh reveal was hilarious. These dudes are wack. Missing Zack.

pants on fire

That last sentence sums it up…Derrick sends Victoria out to spy/break up Nicole and Christines conversation!! Un freakin believable!!


Just read that CBS is showing football on Thurs so hoping Simon/Dawg will provide a link that will work outside of North America!!!!!
It will be sad to see Donny leave but I believe he will enjoy the company of the jurors much more than those in the house. I read somewhere that BB prod had him grow the beard prior to the show. Not sure if true or not but really hope he shaves it for finale night and that JC will tell everyone that D is a groundskeeper with a vast amount of knowledge and life experience, something the other hgs are not acquainted with.


well i have accepted the fact that donny will be going home on thursday,so after his departure i will not look at bb until finale night,can’t stand any of these losers still in the house.except nicole.

They look identical lol

Just saw a picture of Tim and honestly he looks like the mail version of Christine lol


Believe me, I am not being critical when I say that I think you meant to say “MALE” not mail, however mail is appropriate as she always looks postal to me.