Derrick expect a Text Message apology from Nicole for calling him out on his lies

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

BB16-2014-09-03 10-09-03-881

10:08AM House guests get woken up Nicole surveys the backyard nothing of note.

10:12AM Production – “Cody, Derrick Caleb are told to change their batteries in their activity trackers.”
Derrick tells Frankie off camera “Just a heads up 11:30 – 11:45 lockdown”
Frankie – thank you

BB16-2014-09-03 10-18-45-879

10:17AM Derrick, Christine in the backyard
Caleb been told 3 times now from production to turn the bedroom lights on.
Derrick tells her about the lockdown
Derrick – one more day homie
Christine – than the game starts again

BB16-2014-09-03 10-26-24-826
10:24am Nicole getting ready to rock out some time in the sun

BB16-2014-09-03 11-06-19-731
10:40am Derrick and Nicole Backyard
(Derrick lies/manipulates Nicole throughout this entire conversation makes her feel bad and eventfully works an apology out of her. after this conversation Nicole runs around apologizing to Derrick for doubting him)
Derrick saying they have one more night to go as a have nots.
Derrick tells her he’s getting the feeling that a lot of things that go on in the house are solely based on who is working that day
feeds cut..
Nicole says Frankie is pulling Caleb around like he’s his puppet, Derrick has Victoria. It all makes sense now why this house is so tight.
Nicole – Me leaving the house doesn’t help Caleb at all.. I want to believe you tried to get Frankie on the block. you could have maybe said that so I didn’t go talk to Caleb.
Nicole – I trusted you.. I feel like everything I tell you goes back to Cody that is why I slept yesterday
Derrick look at me real quick.. I’m going to tell you straight up if that is what you feel you are going to look really dumb on Camera.. look at me quick.. you are going to look really dumb on Camera if you think 90% of what you do is true”
Derrick says he did attempt to get someone else on the block. Nicole is the minority and people are just trying to get as far as they can there is no final 4.
Derrick says you make a big move you fail you go home. Nicole mentions that Frankie/Christine approached her and Hayden about a final 4 deal she assumes they approached Derrick and Hayden.
Derrick says that Frankie/Christine came to him individually and asked him for a deal “Everybody does”
Nicole knows that Zach was right there is a final four in the house and it’s tight.
Derrick says that doesn’t make sense. “I get where you are coming from because you are trying to put the pieces together but honestly Nicole that isn’t the case
Nicole starts to cry says she’s sorry his feelings are hurt but her’s are extremely hurt. Nobody in the house has reached out to her it’s obvious there is a tight bound with the rest of the house she says all the other season where people use weak players near the end of the game.
Derrick lies straight up “you will see that is not the case..”
Derrick – you are going to go home on Thursday you’ll see enough and be like dang-it.. I expect a text message apology… That theory way off” (Derrick is telling her he doesn’t have any final 4 deal and expect a apology from Nicole after the show)
Nicole – well that’s the only thing that makes sense
Derrick – it makes sense for me to go run and tell cody.. how does that make sense.
Nicole says that Cody is going up to Victoria kissing his butt and the only reason for that to happen is Derrick is telling Cody that Victoria is targeting him.
Derrick – that’s too deep man.. Victoria is not coming after me.. ugh.. I see what you are doing here..
Derrick tells her if he tries to save her he will ruin his entire game.
Derrick – I’m really offended that you don’t think for a second.. I’m the only person other than Victoria that spends time with you”
Derrick says everyone wants to get as far as they can they see a person that is weak that doesn’t win competitions and it’s easy week for them. Derick denies any tight group working together.
Nicole says it’s so obvious the smart thing to do this week would be to take out a strong player but that didn’t happen.
Derrick – you will see..
Nicole this has been a slow death.
Derrick – I don’t want you connect dots that don’t exists.
Derrick – By no means I was up in the HOH campaigning for you by NO MEANS but I did tell them the pros of keeping you.
Nicole – I do appreciate that
Derrick – do you though
Victoria has nothing to lose by hanging out with you she’s making it to the end because people thinks they can beat her .. I didn’t see her up stairs campaigning for you
Derrick says nobody is keeping Nicole over Victoria is a bad game move. Nicole agrees adds that she can win comps more than Victoria. Derrick says you need two people to flip not just Derrick.
Derick – I got a f***g daughter
Nicole says she respect Derrick’s game
Derrick – I don’t go out of my way to piss people off. Derrick claims to never have thrown Nicole under the bus.
Nicole says Donny thinks that Derrick was the reason that Hayden went home
Frankie – Donny isn’t as bright as I thought he was
Nicole – when Donny went home he wanted me to go after Frankie, Christine and You
Derrick – perfect.. that backfired on you I know the guy didn’t like me from the start
Derrick claims to have not screwed Donny, Nicole, Hayden over tells her they don’t know who he is and won’t until they come out of the house.
Derrick – there’s a reason I made this show and it’s not because i’m a villain.. I’m the guy that won’t jeopardize my families name for 1/2 a million dollars.
Derrick – there’s on thing I know from being in here for that long people develop opinions and it’s very hard to change them.
Derrick claims to not have used his wife and daughter in his game says he never swore on them. (Lie)
Derrick – I have a clear conscious I made a good effort.. I don’t owe yo a fuc*ing thing.
Nicole – I just hope you friggin win this game..
Derrick cannot wait for her to see the show especially this week, says this will make TV and he’ll have a DR session about it, “what that’s my thank you”
Derrick – I thought you were working with Hayden and Donny and you where.

11:09 Christine joins them. they are getting some food at 2pm

BB16-2014-09-03 11-30-21-826

11:30am Derrick and Nicole
Nicole – You promise you forgive me
Derrick – I promise i’m not mad at you anymore.
Nicole apologizes for calling Derrick out on the lies says he’s not as bad person.. (LOL OMG)
Nicole – I feel super bad Derrick.. I’m going to look like the biggest a-HOLE

BB16-2014-09-03 11-40-21-050
11:40am groan

11:43AM Victoria and Nicole
In the kitchen Victoria is telling Nicole that Derrick was working to get someone else on the block other than her.
Nicole thinks she’s going to look like a a$$ for doubting Derrick.
Victoria – I hope Derrick makes it far

11:36pm Derrick and Nicole
Derrick says in two weeks he wants a apology for her. tells her they are going to edit her to look like a A-Hole

11:47am bathroom Derrick, Nicole and Victoria
The have nots room has to be cleared out by 2. they are speculating why

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An apology. That will be that day Derrick.


My hope is Derrick gets voted out. What a piece of garbage


If you think Derrick is piece of garbage for lying convincingly in Big Brother, I think you’re watching the wrong show…

No Class

It’s not the lying, he took it to far to make her feel like she was going to look stupid on TV, when he knows she is on to him, these male’s (not even going to call them Men) in this house are so degrading to these Women, making them feel stupid so they can feel good about themselves, bunch of losers.


Derrick is an undercover police officer of course he is good at manipulating people into his way of thinking(wouldn’t be a very good undercover if not). Then again I think people get way to invested in these people to form a reasonable thought when it comes to the game of BB. Do you think Dr. Will became the best player ever by making sure people’s feelings weren’t hurt?


In this day and age, Dr. Will would be vilified for his actions, too, but he happens to be one of the 2 greatest players ever to play this GAME. The only real difference is, Will played his game and lied with panache.

Derrick’s only issue is that he’s done so well in hiding his actions from the houseguests that it might be difficult for him to convince everyone (mainly Frankie, Caleb, Christine and Cody) that he actually was pulling the strings from the start. Donny might be Derrick’s savior in that regard since he was onto Derrick for quite some time.

End of the day, people need to remember that this is just a game. You can’t beg for a great, entertaining season and, in the same breath, say you wish the nice, truthful people who play a straight up game would go farther. Those things don’t go hand-in-hand and you can’t have it both ways. Some of the best players ever were deceitful liars in the game, and that’s OK. Derrick is lying his butt off, but he’s proven to be one of the only people this season who knows how to play the game and he’s playing a pretty strong game. Period.


Derrick sometimes takes it too far trying to act innocent. I doubt he is fooling anyone in the house. Nicole didn’t deserve him trying to make her feel stupid. Apology? That went too far. There is game and there is losing perspective. Derrick is losing perspective, that might cost him. Throwing a wrench in every time someone wants Frankie out will bite him in the end. He is so locked into the final four that he isn’t flexible. Not good. I was all Derrick but still think he is leaving a big hole for others to drop him through.


You can play this game, play well and not be a douche. Derrick is a douche and a bully. He’s full of himself but the last laugh will be on him when he doesn’t make it to the end.


Well I would say that anyone who calls themselves Playa is a douche but thats just an observation!

I love Derrick!

I hope he wins! He’s playing the BEST game!

Bob M

He’s playing the best game on his wife. That poor woman must have to put up with his BS every day. I bet she sees him for what he is on tv and realizes that he is making a fool out of her with Victoria. Derrick better be looking for an apartment soon.


I completely agree with you. It’s so irritating listening to the “so-called FANS” bit*h about how much they want Derrick gone. I feel like, if you can’t admit to the FACT that Derrick is playing this game 100x better than any other HG, than you’re not truly a fan of BB. You don’t have to like him, I’m not saying that, but if you really like and know the show then you’d be able to admit that he’s doing a d*mn good job. It reminds me of season 14 with Dan. He was hands down the BEST player, yet people got on here week after week talkin crap about him. Don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does. I’d just like to know from the people that bash Derrick, who they think is a better player?? Even Frankie, as much as he’s hated, he’s still doing a decent job at the game. I myself don’t care too much for him, definitely don’t want him to make it to the end, but I’m able to say he’s doing a good job. It’s almost like people are incapable of stating facts. They just dislike someone so much they can’t admit that they’re actually doing a good job. In my opinion, Christine-sucks, Cody-has no balls, Nicole-is going home, Frankie- Doing a decent job, Caleb-Is to worried about his image outside the house and is manipulated by everyone else, Victoria-What has she done????Exactly, NOTHING! So who of them people are playing a better game than Derrick? Just curious. I’d like to see Derrick or Caleb win:)

**One last thing, this post basically shows you how good Derrick really is. He’s completely changed Nicole’s mind about something she was right about to her apologizing to him in ONE conversation. He’s constantly playing the game. The other day he went and planted seeds to Caleb and Frankie about how much Victoria likes them. When she really doesn’t and didn’t say that. But telling them that makes them feel more comfortable about wanting to keep her around longer. Bc Derrick knows they are all going to want her gone and he can’t allow that. He wants to take her to the end.


Couldn’t have said it better, Willow. 100% truth. Don’t have to like him, but as a fan, his game play is to be respected.


Is that you Victoria? You’ll get to see that Derrick has a pig snout, pig face, nothing but pig talk comes out of him, and if he weren’t a pig, he’d be a tow truck driver, (although, at this point, I should apologize to tow truck drivers everywhere).

TGIO- thank god it's over

Just think, once the show is over no one is going to even know who Derrick is.


He’s gonna have 500g you think he cares if people remember him?

Eure ka!

I really want to root for Derrick because he is the best game player (and let’s be honest, who are the alternatives?), but he makes it impossible when he bullies first Victoria yesterday and then Nicole today. It’s extremely ugly behavior and I can’t see how it’s necessary for his game.


Derrick tries to have this “nice guy” persona but as the days tick on his true personality is coming through and it is nasty! He has a very twisted way about him. I find him very distasteful.


he’s “five-o” people……i’ve had enough experience with them to see how they bully and intimidate…. he is a “pig” in every sense of the word


look at derrick, trying to get the jury votes by making nicole feel guilty. the pig is working hard.


He is working hard. He can’t have Nicole go back to the jury pissed at him so he manipulated her into feeling bad for ever doubting him. It isn’t pretty but it’s working for him, and he’s the only one really working the game besides Frankie. When it comes down to it I want to see a player win and would rather see Derrick win than Frankie.


it is working for him and he will likely win the show if he makes it to the end.. however forcing someone to believe you at this point is dangerous.. if she goes to jury house there is zack to confirm all her suspicions.. so these guilt trips could backfire.


You are so on spot there. I think you would be a good BB HG.


I cant believe any of these people are getting 1/2 a Million $. That’s insane when you think of how hard you work for not near that much in life. I’d rather see anyone win other than Derrick now. He’s disgusting

Oink oink pig nose

I would really hate to see the pig win the money when i think of all the tickets this pr’ck has most definitely written people.


You don’t even know the guy and you’re calling him names? Listen up HE’S PLAYING A GAME. I agree with the poster a few spots above that the majority of you can’t be BBFans. You sound like crazed bullies (anonymous of course) with all the hate spewed at the house guests FOR PLAYING A GAME, and some of you like those types of people who think everything should be fair and equal so that no one gets their feelings hurt or offended.

Derrick is playing a great game, both socially and strategically. If he makes it to the end, he should win hands down and deserves it. Donny was a nice guy – but he decided to play his game and not the one everyone else was playing and it cost him his game. Get over it. He’s gone, Nicole is going next.

Derrick FTW

Derricks convo with Nicole was pure poetry. True inspiration for someone that wants to be a master BB player. Own that sh*t.


Derrick is doing his famous mind f**k on Nicole. Don’t worry folks, she is going back to the jury house soon and Donny, Hayden, Jocasta will debrief her. By the time she votes, she’ll be well armed. He is very lucky to have such young, knuckleheads to work with. Can you honestly tell me that he could have pulled his crap on Will, Boogie or Dan? Oh hell no!


Unreal. Nicole WILL look like an a-hole but only because she stupidly fell for Derrick’s bs once again. Donny is in fact the only one with a brain to have played the game.


I can’t stand these stupid stupid people anymore! And I’m just reading about it. I don’t even watch the show.

Nicole is going to cry for a month after she watches the show. How ignorant and stupid can this ‘super fan’ be.? This is ridiculous


I agree, as a “super-fan” she really is not reading people well at all. But I can’t help but think that much of Nicole’s ignorance is actually just her naivete and her inability to comprehend how well and how easily people can lie because her mind does not work like that. She can’t think outside of how she would play the game because she is a (basically) nice person with integrity, unlike everyone else left in the house. Remember, she is left in a house full of people who truly can’t fathom how Donny could be so well-loved and win AFP. Nicole is the only one who got it and told them “he has a good heart.”

I really hate to see Nicole, especially on this note, with Derrick mind-f*cking right until the very end.


*edit* I really hate to see Nicole go, especially with Derrick mind-f*cking her right until the very end.

Kathie from Canada

So sad she can no longer hear Hayden’s last words in her ear before she came back in about Derrick and Cody. How quickly they forget. He’ll be pissed. Goodbye romance. lol


And that’s why Nicole coming back into the house would be a complete waste of time and she would turn right back into the dipshit we thought she was.

The Truth

Donny might have had a brain, but he didn’t start playing the game until the week he was evicted.

Derrick has a brain and has been playing since Day 1.


THATS IT! If there were still avatars Donny could’ve been the Wizards of Oz’s Scarecrow….what a world..what world…


Worst season ever!

Team Veronica

There can only one twisted outcome to this completely twisted season of mind bending twists –

Victoria coasts to F3. Infuriated beyond belief she goes into Beast Mode and crushes the final HOH.
When asked to select which HG to take to F2, neither choice is Derrick so she politely self evicts and claims the final jury seat next to Derrick.
Having been completely outBeasted by a useless female, Caleb shamefully also self evicts & takes his place on Frankie’s lap as the 10th member of jury.
The unanimous winner feels compelled to call Julie out and demand a recount because the vote doesn’t add up to what he counted on his fingers.
The recount just pisses him off so he challenges Julie to a street fight.

& other than that I pretty much hate this bunch of twisty fktards w/o Nicole.


Sad to see people only figure out the house right before they leave… Donny and then Nicole… and they don’t even get a chance to blow things up because of Derrick


Donny has had Derrick figured out for weeks, but he has been alone for weeks. He tried multiple weeks to get people on board, but everyone kept running back to Derrick. What sucks is Donny and Nicole could have been running the house at this point in the game. It all goes back to that HoH when Donny and Nicole both won and Jocosta went home. That was the beginning of the end for them. I hate how one of these remainders is going to win the money.


Derrick you will never be in the category of Donny. To even say he didn’t know what was going on just infuriates me. I can’t wait till you go home and watch these episodes and see how much Donny knew. I hope when you grow up you can be half the person Donny is. I know it’s a game and it’s evident you have to deceive in this game but don’t ever say your close or better than any past houseguest. You are in your own little world. A nothing. A winless nothing I hope.


Derrick is like other successful BB Players …. he is never not playing the game and is always thinking about what is good for his game. I am sure Dan said this. Derek is playing a fantastic game and he got really lucky that he was put into the house with so not so smart players, who think they are smart. About the Donnie thing …. he knew he had to get rid of him because Derek knew Donnie was onto him. And come on people … they are all lying as all BB players do to get further in the game. You think it would be good for Derek’s game if he was honest with Nicole ? (not). Derek is the only one who is playing for jury votes … again the not so smart hg’s he is playing with haven’t even considered this. Derek has been playing this angle since before they were evicted.


The problem is is that these people ARE NOT lying!! You say everybody lies in big brother, which should be the case, but these ignorant bimbos say things like ” I want to plan an honest game”. “I didn’t want to lie in this house. It’s not who I am”. “My mother told me not to lie”. It’s so stupid!

So instead of making up really good lies and leading people down paths to confuse them or make them trust them, they become little bitchy schoolgirls and just talk about who they hate and don’t hate and their feelings and a bunch of crying. It’s so so sad to see


Derrick knows donny knew, hence why donny isn’t there anymore.

I love Derrick!

Donny was a boring old man who knew what he was getting into when he applied to be on the show. Then he comes on the show and complains that he has nothing in common with the other HGs and then plays the sympathy card for being the poor old man. He’s clearly smart because he got all of America to love him, but he sucked at this game and he was totally pathetic. Im glad he didn’t win. Give him AF so I can stop listening to you all talk about how wonderful he is….he did NOTHING in this game. Yes, he won some comps, when it counted…but what did HE do to impact the game? Nothing. They are all lame and boring and have no balls…but Donny is just as bad.

Hey Clueless

41 is NOT AN OLD MAN, these other twenty somethings have been manipulated by their hormones and people pumping their heads that they are loved, which is not even true. Donny was just to smart and mature to fall for that load of crap.

The Beard

Wow you are clueless, so because he (Donny) didn’t wanna act like some juvenile delinquent and disgrace his family or his beliefs for a damn game show he is sad?You are right now I wish he would have bashed everybody in the house and get in on every dumbass conversation these immature kids had he didn’t play the game.I hope that you make it to high school cause you still have so much to learn.Looking for sympathy my ass, being genuine and decent are two things your blinders prevented you from seeing in him.#you don’t get it

derricks nostrils

Nicole is dumber than I thought.


I have to believe Hayden filled in Nicole while in the jury house to be careful of Derrick. He had to of told her about the alliances. Told her to play his game. Almost given in to him that he us always right. She us up against the wall right now. You don’t think she may be trying to stay in the game by playing his cards. She’s way too smart


There is a distinct difference between being intelligent and being book smart. Nicole is book smart.


No, he is just that good at mind manipulation. Especially with these young, basically sheltered girls. Making them doubt themselves, making them feel stupid. What he is doing is tantamount to a man luring a girl to a van with candy. Only his objective is money. And he is enjoying this control which really disgusts me. This guy gives all cops a bad image. You must watch BBAD & feeds to see this guy in action.


And she is a nurse? Scary. I am a nurse and every nurse I work with is wondering how she got through nursing school. Will she be able to reconize a life threating drug reaction or other emergency situation? Tbe most important trait for a nurse to have is common sense and she has absolutely zero as far as I can see.


Nicole is a Fu*** idiot OMG.

Derrick is an a-hole

Derrick is the worst. He thinks he is the best player, it’s gotten to his head.


The only thing derrick is thinking is “thank you BB for putting so many morons in the house with me”!

I love Derrick!

He IS the best player.

here's the thing....

I know many of you won’t like this, but the fact that he can manipulate someone into apologizing to him (after they correctly call him out) contributes to the great game that he’s playing. you may not like him, you may despise him even …. but he is a great manipulator. you blame the other guests for not putting him up, but that’s only because you sit behind the comfort of reading simon & dawgs updates (which are amazing, by the way – thanks S&D!) and knowing the truth behind the manipulations. putting aside my personal feelings towards derrick, he is playing the best game of the house. as many have stated prior – this is not a popularity or moral game. and if it were – 99% of the current viewers wouldn’t be viewers anymore.


Derrick can lie as good as any of them. I wonder when the show is over if HE will apologize to Nicole for flat out lying to her face and making HER apologize to him. I know it’s a game but to lie so good you can make someone apologize to you borders on scary to me. I wonder if he lies this way in real life, it seems to come so easy for him.


Can you name one past BB winner who did not lie to someone’s face? Sometimes I wonder what show you guys think you are watching? I might not like most of the house guest but to act like they are a bad person for lying is really dumb. If you don’t like to see people getting lied to without getting “scared” you might want to find another show to watch.


He is a cop so that should answer your question.

Mister E

He is (or was) a undercover cop. He has been trained to lie and deceive people this way. He has a (IMO) unfair advantage because of this. I guess when he gets out he will not be in the undercover business anymore because he has shown his face on national TV with everyone knowing he is a cop.

FrankietheFake and OfficerPigFace

I’ve wondered the same thing half way through the season when I noticed that Derrick was lying and manipulating everyone without a so much as a chink in his armor. My guess his wife must be just as bad as he is or she has no clue what he does on a daily basis. He could be cheating on her, he could be a bad cop stealing drugs and planting them on people, he could have done a few bad things to people and lied to other people. he could be a rapist or just as bad as Frankie. it sends chills down my spine. I wouldn’t want to associate with him.


it doesnt send chills down your spine..
its just that he is not the person you wanted to win the game.


OR.. he could be a good guy playing a good game trying to win 500 K- thats too easy though isn’t it. Lets just insult the guys character and how he is outside of the house- you are just as bad as you say he is


I’ve had similar thoughts about Derprick and his marriage partner and their relationship and the amount of deception between them. The way Derprick goes on and on and on about his money troubles and his obvious obsessing about getting his hands on as much money as possible while playing this game, I wonder if he has a double life on the outside. He talks about needing money so urgently, it’s as if he’s got some Loan Shark Mafia types waiting for him to get out so they can collect on some debt. Something about Derprick does not add up.


Derrick was an undercover police officer, he was trained and paid to tell lies, be manipulative and deceitful!


I agree Mimi. I wonder if Derrick’s wife is uncomfortable with how well and how easily he lies. I know if I were his wife it might make me question a few things.


That’s a good interesting point. To be successful on the show you have to lie convincingly and you have to do it effortlessly. Derek is very good at lying on the flip of the switch. If you noticed Caleb is terrible at lying. Everybody knows when he is. And then he goes and spurts of the truth anyway.

From a non-game personal level it would be a bit unsettling to be married to somebody who can lie so easily and effortlessly. It’s like you’re watching firsthand how their mind works and then start questioning things they’ve told you in past, or made you feel guilty over, or things they may lie about in future.


derrick’s wife “i guess my ass really is fat”

Chief Piggums

Why is he even doing this? Whys he going out of his way to be an asshole and lie? He could’ve left well enough alone but this is pathological. Is he worried about her flipping the jury house? He’s just awful.


Why is Derrick doing this? Because he’s a sociopath. Seriously the guy has issues!


Derrick is a professional liar. He’s a cop he’s trained to lie. He probably lies just as much in his incident reports and on the witness stand when giving testimony. Hey Derrick no conscience I bet about the innocent people you helped put away. Got to meet your quota.


Seriously- just becuase someone lies in a GAME gives you no reason to say he lies in his job. that is just beyond stupid. He even said he is a different person in the house which 90% of the big brother winners are.


once a cop always a cop can we say liars


What a f*cking liar. He has never said one thing that was truthful while in the house. Maybe his life will be miserable when the game is done from all the crap he’ll get. I know it’s a game but he takes it to a whole different level. F*ck him, lying narc.


On the contrary if you read that conversation closely he is telling the truth almost the whole time.

He just knows how to shade the truth to his advantage.


But he’s the guy that won’t jeopardize his family’s name for 1/2 a million dollars. LOL!!!!!!! But, he’ll look like a scumbag piece of shit for it.

I hate Derrick's smug pig face!

I’ll laugh my ass off if Derrick gets 3rd place. Someone anyone needs to knock this smug asshole down a peg.


Nicole don’t belive it Donny was nice to you everyday
derrick being nice to you now cause he want your vote
I hope you don’t go to jury in talk to hyden an Donny about voting for derrick at the end
all see the patern derrick don’t want nobody alone with the person who going to get evected
only he can be along with them before they go so they can give him the votes

when jocasta was going home who was always last one with her derrick
same with zack and Donny
now Nicole
if Christina or anybody beside derrick going home he will be with them too why do you think he wanted to be on slop I wish he lose the game

Nicole the savior

Yea right! All of u people who couldn’t wait for her to return, For What? She is the dumbest of them all. She still believe in Derek. Nicole knows that he played her but she is so use to life and people loving her and kissing her ass. She won’t accept the fact that nobody in the house want to save her . She frustrates me to no end. Her since of entitlement


I can’t stand Derek.Hope Nicole sees through him.


Nicole – anyone and everyone on the show from BB1, that ever says: you will see on the tapes/after the show that I am telling you the truth” is a liar. Its the game. Everyone lies, some just do it better.

Mt Feet

I was so on Derrick’s train until this week, do you think in real life, when there’s “good cop-bad cop”, he is bad cop!! Hoping he doesn’t make it to F2!!!!

Skerry Sherry

Nicole’s so naive it’s skerry. I chalk it up to a lack of life experience…being young and living in a hamlet of 50 people can do that to a person. Derrick’s just doing his job to win the $500,000. I don’t think you can fault him for that.

Who cares

This season is done for me. Usually there is at least one person left in the house by this time that I want to win . There is absolutely not one person in that house who I want to win, Nicole included.

pants on fire

Wow…I really think that Derrick doesn’t even believe his own lies!! I know he is trying to set up jury votes with his BS…but this will all come out if he wins. I guess money does outweigh integrity. When Nicole does see how everything went down and how much Derrick was involved in it…I think Nic’s apology will be a Brittany soccer kick right to his pig testies!!


This season instead of calling it Big brother should be called Derrick and his Puppets~ got to give to derrick though, he really should be the one to win this game and even though I wanted Donny to win, just wasn’t in the cards for him. Derrick is the Puppet Master!


WHAT!?!?!?!? Someone is lying in the BB house? I sure hope production steps in and puts a end to this right now!!!!!


if there ever be a season where fans can vote the people who they want to play the game this is my list
women men
Janelle frank
racheal eve d
both Danielle boogie
Britney jeff
elssia Donny
Jordan ian terry
Nicole brendon


Wow! Does he manipulate his wife the same way?

Oh yes

He is manipulating himself right out if 500000! Nicole is going to explode his game to the jury so even if he does make final 2 , he won’t win.


Nicole was just not meant to play this game. She tried though or did she?


You guys its a GAME anf lying is one of the strategies to win- Look back to season 2 or 7 with will and boogie- they did crap like that all the time. its called manipulation, and derrick is damn good at it- the fact that he said that and turned her being suspicious to her appologizing is amazing. That is how you win, people saying hes horrible and stuff- he is playing the game, he even told people hes a different person outside the house. Start looking at his actual game moves. Ya being nice is awesome, but how many times has anyone who played teh game with no lying or anything won. Donny is a prime example the people who play with their heart are awesome, but rarely win. Derrick is awesome at this game and that just prooves it. He owes no one an appology for his lies, they are the ones that fell for it, its a game where you play for yourself and you need to go into it and be ready not to trust people and expect to be lied to!. so many people on this site would be the houseguests that make the bitter jury up in the end. LOOK AT GAME PLAY not pesonal thoughts on people! its a contest of who wins the game, not who wins the loyalty prize, or the truth prize, or nicest person.


I’ve watched all the big brothers and know that the object is to lie and deceive if necessary which hopefully gets you to the end to win the big bucks. Derrick is playing a very good game by doing these things, if he wins he deserves it! I don’t think it’s his fault that they buy his crap and that poor Vanessa is going to learn a hard life lesson. Like Caleb said it is big brother not best friends.


LOL! Like Caleb said? Then why is the moron doing what his “friends” tell him to do instead of actually making a move in this game?

Never liked Nicole

Can you say fruit loop dingus?

Just sayin'

Derrick is an undercover cop, lying is his job 24/7. This big brother game is like nothing to him, he lies so much that he actually starts to believe some of his own lies. He seems like a sociopath the way he can manipulate all these people and feel nothing for them.


Nicole – I feel super bad Derrick.. I’m going to look like the biggest a-HOLE

Actually you’re going to look like the stupidest person ever,.along with Victoria.


This is the worst BB season to date….everything is so predictable and the players think they are playing the game. (yawn!). To play this game right and be a good player means making big moves and this little circle of 5 that think they are playing the game are badly mistaken…..those 5 appear to be playing scared, yes scared. Totally afraid to make a big move…for what I’m not sure. Some continue to say, “it’s a game” at which point I laugh because they are no where near playing like its a game. It’s more like lets keep all the strong players until the end because we are all friends. They think they are playing like the “Brigade” , no where close. Too Stupid to see that with the competitions, anyone can win and anything can happen, so yes let’s leave all the strong people in here so that my chances of winning are lessened. Can’t wait until they all start tearing each other down. Should be comical. BB houseguest, if some of you are truly Super Fans…..why would you believe anybody left in this house? I’m questioning how big of a fan you really are or at least what you have taken from the seasons past. Not much apparently! Ridiculous!

I love Derrick!

That dude is playing the BEST game in the house! If he wins, he will be better than Dan!!!


Dan’s entire house wasn’t a group of morons.


I love Derrick. He’s a liar and a manipulator but at least he’s not vile and cruel like the rest of the players. He’s a cop and it shows. I’m amazed by the way he can change his personality to match who hes talking to, I don’t care what anyone says. He’s GREAT at this game. I hope he wins. This site is just full of haters.


What are you watching? He’s said some pretty nasty things behind people’s back that has nothing to do with game.


never liked derrick, but now i just plain hate the man,his head is so far up his own ass it.s sickening.he thinks he has the game wrapped up i hope it blows up in his ugly face

Nicole is NOT an idiot

Nicole is a decent human being who is trusting, and maybe a little naive. She isn’t’ an idiot, she isn’t dumb, she is just trusting. Derrick is the liar. He is the one to blame.


She actually repeated several times that she knew there was an alliance and that she knew what was going on and he just kept beating her down, worse each time, until she finally stopped. I think Donny was the only guy this season who respects women. The rest didn’t treat the ladies like human beings but like dogs they would kick just for the fun of it or an object to be used for their own gain.


I swear to god, Derrick must have found a can of Dan’s mist under his bed, because some of this stuff is unreal.


derrick is a fuc#ing a##hole i hate him

Zing Sting

But what a player!!


The thing that makes Derrick brilliant at this game is that in that whole conversation, although he is deceiving Nicole he almost never tells an actual lie.

“Derrick says he did attempt to get someone else on the block.” — True, he tried to get Frankie up.

“People are just trying to get as far as they can there is no final 4.” — True. There’s multiple alliances but no real “final four.”

“By no means I was up in the HOH campaigning for you by NO MEANS but I did tell them the pros of keeping you.” — True.

“Derrick claims to never have thrown Nicole under the bus.” — True — Derrick has never accused Nicole of anything, all he ever talks about her is her being a threat and strong competitor.

Even when she accuses him directly of working closely with Cody, he works to deflect the question rather than explicitly deny it.

He is a remarkable game player. Amazing to watch.


How about that whole Nicole is the biggest liar in the house. He’s just an ass, no way around it. The reason nobody is really chumming up to Nicole is that order of no closed door policy and pretty much you spend any time with her you’re the next target unless you’re Victoria.

Let’s think about this: Brittney and Amber said they had Derrick’s vote and Nicole knew that they didn’t. That operation “Brittney” Nicole was also privy to.

I don’t think Derrick that great of a player and I’m baffled how people fall for the constant so-and-so is a beast and I can’t win next to them. I’m only good for 2nd place BS.


Scary to know he’s a cop and lies and manipulates – but then again nowadays majority do – I want Victoria to win just so they all feel stupid! Imagine their faces when they realize the rest of jury would pick her because of their actions lol


i cant wait to see the looks on there faces when they find out he is a cop this whole time.

Give him credit

Derrick turning it up a notch to work on jury votes. What he just did to Nicole is absolutely ridiculous! However, if Nicole and everyone else is gonna let him, then he’s doing the right thing. He didn’t threaten her or scare her, just manipulated her which is basically how you win this game. This season has been a bust, but I think it’s more the show running its course. These guys basically know what competition is coming, when a double eviction is coming and more… no strategy at all anymore and BB had ZERO twists this year. (Yelling holla is not a twist… its dumb).


Ya gotta hand it to Derrick, he could sell sand in the desert. Although, lying to Nicole and making her believe it, is like kicking a puppy. Which is why, even though his game is spot on, he is disliked. Most people don’t like a puppy-kicker.


Just when you think Derrick can’t get anymore devious, then WHAM! He’s really getting desperate to win & to secure those jury votes. It’s sickening.


I’m guessing they no longer require philosphy classes/critical thinking in college any more. That may explain why some of these HGs are so easily swayed by obvious lies. She should have said Derrick you are either an anomaly or a liar. I’m going to go with liar. No way you made it this far without ever being nominated unless you are running with an alliance that has power. Plain and simple. I’ll apologize AFTER the season is over if I’m wrong.

I love Derrick!

Are you even watching the live feeds? DePrick is working with mindless babies. Better than Dan? OMG. I just hope you were just being sarcastic. What a joke!!!!!!!!


Derrick thinks he’s playing a great game, and I guess he kinda is since he’s gotten this far without going on the block and his ability to manipulate….I just dislike him because he single-handedly made this the most boring predictable season ever.

Retired Teacher

Okay, I take back what I last posted. I’d said that – even though he disgusts me – I still could see having Derrick win over anyone else, but reading this made me SICK that he could make Nicole feel so badly for doubting him. That was going overboard. Playing the game, sticking to his lies is one thing, but making HER feel guilty & saying she needed to apologize was just plain cruel. He’s been playing Vic the same way. Yes, I know he’s given her special attention, and she seems like an immature clingy girl who just needs those hugs & special daddy-type attention, but he’s used her & played with her emotions so much, she’ll have to have therapy. I’m disgusted that he’s doing this as a cop, too. It really does make you wonder what kind of personality he has when he’s dealing with the public. He just keeps getting nastier & more defensive as his charade is being broken. I have NO idea who I want to win this idiotic season at this point. Without some kind of magic, I guess it would be down to hoping Vic, Cody, or Caleb (in that order) win – Vic being my first choice. UGH!
Awful, AWFUL season!


Like it or not, the conversation between Derrick and Nicole is exactly the reason he is going to win this season. He manages to turn these situations into an advantage for him.


I wonder what all the “derrick haters” who say he is playing a horrible game would say if things were different: Derrick played the EXACT same game he is playing now but one of his alliances members was Donny, and instead of Victoria Derrick was “mean and manipulative” towards Frankie.. I have a feeling views would be different


omg I didn’t think it was possible but Derprick continues to see how low he can really go. His conversation with Nicole was so hard to watch. What a low life!


I have lost all respect for Nicole; at this point she has nothing to lose, let it rip…do not apologize. If Nicole can’t see(by now) that Derrick is the head of the snake…she is fooling herself. I do not understand why she doesn’t call all of them out on their lies, and be dang if Derrick, Christine, or Frankie would get my vote. (for the 500K) Heck, as much as I dislike Victoria,I would vote for her before those three scumbags. What a joke Caleb is…thinking he has a great chance at winning America’s Favorite…not a chance…scumbagcowboy!


I agree with you Hundo Percent! Nicole is so incredible stoopid. Rather than being dejected about being rejected a second time, she needs to understand that she holds a powerful vote and voice in the Jury House and at this point, she should be dangling her valuable jury vote in front of their big, ugly noses and enlarged nostrils like a golden carrot. Nicole should be making them crap in their pants worrying about what she is going to say and do when she returns to the Jury House with more knowledge, ammunition and information the second time around. She really is the Froot Loop Dingus to end all Froot Loop Dinguses.


“11:40: groan”
Lmao. Love it!