Derrick “Victoria is more concerned about what to wear than making sure she has the votes.”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 12-09-45-251

12pm In the living room the house guests are talking about last season with all the racist comments. Caleb asks less drama than last season. Derrick says more tasteful. Christine asks do you think ours has viewer discretion advised? Frankie says yes! Caleb says yes. Christine asks why? Frankie says because there’s a homosexual in the house. Once its on it’s on because legally once it starts they have it on. Frankie says all the drama was over at this point. Derrick says there will be people that love us and hate us. Caleb says I think the people that will hate me are the animal activists. Derrick agrees but says the people that are all about that will defend you. They talk about the people that will hate them. Nicole says you can’t let the hate affect you. Christine says just don’t read it. Tim will be my moderator. Caleb says he can’t wait to get on twitter. Derrick says he’s sure he already has one. Derrick says I can’t believe we’re all havenot by 2 o’clock (He means off havenot). Out by 2, has to be by two. Caleb says I think solitary confinement. I don’t think they’re going to do nothing today. We would have to be locked down for them to work on that room. (Turning the havenot room into the Wind Room?) Nicole says maybe we get locked down with our food. Caleb says we could be locked in the HOH room. Caleb says maybe a luxury competition. Derrick says I don’t think it could be luxury with a live eviction tomorrow. Whatever it is I think it would be after Thursday.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 12-13-36-312

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12:30pm Up in the HOH – Frankie’s worried about Christine winning HOH. Derrick says just make sure you win it. Control your own fate and keep me off the block Frankie sarcastically says you have been up there so many times. Derrick says its tough, I’m an old man. Caleb says you’re the only person that has never been up on the block. Derrick says so true and I am going to find out at the end of the season if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Either everyone is up in there HOH room thinking what is he going to do or he’s a good guy. I hope its that I’m a good guy. It could be an insult to learn that no one put me up because I’m not a threat. Caleb says no ones take a shot at me either. Derrick says what do you think about the possibility of a past house guest coming in with some IN & OUT Burgers. Frankie says he doesn’t think that would happen. Derrick says what if it was Amanda from last season. She’s a good looking girl. If I was single you should go for that. Caleb says she’s bigger than me. Derrick says she’s not taller, bigger boobs than your head though. Derrick says I think moving forward we’re going to start having some cool stuff. Derrick talks about how Victoria is more concerned about what to wear than making sure she has the votes. She has been useful though. Once Christine’s out we should let her know that she’s going home. We let her know that we had a gentleman’s agreement and unfortunately she has to go.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 12-32-09-694

12:30pm – 1pm In the bathroom – Victoria is talking to Nicole about how much she hates Christine. She is the rudest f**king person and I can’t stand it. I am going to blow up on her. Nicole says she was smirking at Caleb earlier. Victoria and Nicole agree that all Christine does is plant seeds. Nicole tells Victoria that she talked to Derrick and he’s in a good spot. Victoria says yeah we talked about that last night. He said if its a double eviction I should make it through. Nicole and Victoria head to the kitchen table to play with the crafts. Victoria starts writing on her wrist with the paint and Big Brother tells her to stop that. Victoria says she’s been doing it for a week. Nicole tells Victoria that she will study with her to help her with the competitions/dates. Victoria shows Nicole her wrist and asks her if she knows what it says? Nicole says she doesn’t know what it means. Victoria says its who won the HOH’s. Nicole starts running through all the competitions, nominations and evictions with the votes to evict. Nicole has a headache so she goes to lay down.

bandicam 2014-09-03 12-54-41-861

1:15pm Derrick joins Victoria and asks what the hell she’s doing? Trying to memorize things? It’s blatantly obvious. Victoria says I don’t care no ones here. Victoria starts going through the eviction votes with Derrick. Nicole joins them in the kitchen and they continue to study. Derrick comments on how he can hear them building in the backyard.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 13-10-53-427

1:30pm Derrick goes to see if he can get into the storage room. When runs back to the kitchen and tells Nicole that when he tried to open the door he could smell cheese burgers. They go back to the storage room door and Nicole says that she smells it too. Big Brother blocks the live feeds.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 13-30-29-314

1:40pm – 2pm The live feeds return to the house guests eating burgers at the kitchen table. Cody says I was not expecting this. This is a lot of burgers. Christine says its 7 burgers per person. Caleb says there’s a lot of fries too! They cheers to the havenots being over. Derrick offers Nicole to have the first hot shower she says he can have it. Derrick comments on how they told him to make sure all their stuff was out of the havenot room. Derrick says my stomach hurts so bad. Nicole says oh my god I want to puke!

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 13-44-15-312

2:20pm – 2:30pm Victoria and Nicole are laying in bed together. Nicole comments on how everyone is starting to get feisty. She says she is trying to stay away from people because she doesn’t want to get involved in it. The talk about how Frankie isn’t nice. Nicole says I thought he was nice but I take that back. The other day he asked if I wanted to take a photo with by key and then said never mind you don’t have one. Victoria says Cody’s getting really feisty. Nicole says and he’s safe. I have a reason to get feisty. Victoria says I can’t stand Cody. Nicole says I can’t wait until they have to campaign to stay.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 14-22-29-514

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Good job Vic!



She is a vulgar, nasty example of a young woman. Disgusting


Victoria has a foul mouth on her! She’s dropping those f-bombs right and left. She has violent thoughts of hurting the other houseguests. Can’t say that I blame her. Fasten your seat belts folks, after Thursday, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…


She has joked about cutting off her boyfriends dick, if he caught him cheating. But the more I watch her on the feeds. I actually don’t think she was joking. He has a child-like demented mind. It is weird to watch human beings that just aren’t all there and in their own world. She is a very odd girl, no question.

I mean

I don’t want to play BB, but I bet there are like 100 people here who would be more interesting and a better BB player than Victoria, why is she there? must they always have these sheep who are there to simply be slaughtered? I don’t get it.

You must not

“get it” or Understand the game…
Victoria is a great player so far because she is still in the house!
That is the only goal so far…
People on here desperate for BIG MOVES do so for their own entertainment NOT because they are smart moves…
BIG moves for the most part put a target on your back and get you evicted.
Many on here if they did the things they claim they want to see done would be evicted early and not even make it to jury never mind win


I know you are just trying to be funny. And, that was…
She is in the game because she is non-threatening and has no chance of ever winning an HOH or Veto. It’s just sad that she is so stupid to not realize that. She needs additional education and a bar of soap in her mouth


Yeah, Victoria is such a great player.

Derrick has to give her instructions to not to isolate herself, socialize, be charming.

Sole reason she’s in the game is because of Derrick. She wouldn’t be able to muddle through it. But it sure was funny watching her on the ice.

or maybe it's you who doesn't get it.....

If Victoria had planned to make it to the end by being a nonthreatening, clueless character, then you would have a point. In order to be playing a good game, or playing at all, there has to be some intent behind one’s actions. She has absolutely none. She’s blowing in the wind, and the wind just happened to make her useful to Derrick.

Wow you really don't get it

All one has to do is survive…
comical that you add nonsense to what is required.
no intent is required just make it to the final and sway the jury…
that is it…\you can huff and puff and blow my house down but the facts are the only things that matter…
She is playing better than anyone else who left before her and that is it.
Reality sucks sorry bud
I get that it is hard for some to get it…

The Beard

Haha that is funny!Vic is a great player cause she is still there,thats like saying my garbage is art cause I haven’t ran it to the curb yet.I just cant


Amanda probably recommended her and coached her for the interviews, or she is the daughter/niece of a friend of AG. Nepotism at work. These people don’t deserve In & Out-should have just given them MickeyD’s.


it would so interesting to know why she got cast? I suggested before that HGs must have to be tested there they were never on any kind of screwed up meds, prove they can compete and also common sense. We might have a real game if this was the criteria.

If it were any other season Derek would have never never never been able to do what he is doing this season.

Hell No

Sure, because so many people from the past seasons were much smarter then this bunch……Okay then.

It's so easy to just make stuff up

“If it were any other season Derek would have never never never been able to do what he is doing this season.”

You have NO IDEA if that is true… NONE ZERO. IMPOSSIBLE to tell…

Maybe he could, he does it for a living after all and he isn’t DEAD yet so that would infer that he is pretty good at least…

NOTE: not a fan nor am i cheering for him but it is annoying when people just make stuff up to make themselves feel good…
There is no way to know how he would do against other house guests…
there just isn’t…
Even All stars wouldn’t be a fair comparison because part of his effectiveness is that NOBODY KNOWS he is a cop and trained to act this way.
Just saying now go thumbs down go 🙂

I mean

see this is the problem with the girls this year

they are STILL clueless. totally clueless. Victoria, really? Meanwhile the guys are a cohesive unit. not Frankie, but that is his own fault, he had no need to “come clean” about his sister other than to hand them the means to promote her CD. that was all it was about, it was always a plan of his as he admitted.

but the f3 will just be the guys, as Victoria is so annoying I think derrick will keep her as long as he can, but be totally OK with her gone before F3.


I just wonder…will Derrick have enough of a resume to defend his game play if he’s sitting in the final two seat. Now, keep in mind most of the remaining HG’s will be voting. Will they have the wherewithal to appreciate his lack of wins, for him to only say that he outsmarted all of them? Or will it piss them off? Any thoughts?


I hope these clowns dont get a luxury comp!

Rootin for whoever has the gonads to take out Officer Buzz Kill….if it happens to be Frankie then GO FRANKIE!!!

Nicole ????

Is Nicole now staying?


Yah I am trying to find that out. I thought that was a typo or something – omg – is she? Anyone?


Out of everybody left, Derrick deserves the win. I would hate to see Caleb win, we’d all have to leave the planet because his ego would get so big we’d run out of room, same goes for Frankie. I don’t like Cody/Christine all that much, but out of the two I’d rather see Christine get it just cuz she’s going to have a real hard time once she’s out of there (yes, I feel sorry for her, sue me). Victoria would probably think she won a pageant and will get confused when ppl interview her about big brother (but I don’t have a big brother! do you mean derrick?).
Can’t wait for BBCan3 to start!


hi dawg! i just want to know who is going home at this point
thanks 🙂


In order to get better players, the prize money needs to be increased.

$500k doesn’t buy what it used to.


Agreed Doug. I have said for years it should be $1 million.

The Other Doug

It’s all about casting. They’ve got thousands of applicants each season but they still cast people they meet at bars and restaurants because they’re looking for a specific “type” that they think will make good tv.

Even if the prize was $10 million casting will still give us the same houseguests they would have if it was a 1/2 million. Although the players might not be so quick to play for third place like this bunch is…

Eure ka!

Frankie will almost certainly attribute all of the hate he receives post show to homophobia. While that unfortunately may be partially true, the lion’s share of the hate will come from the fact that he is a spiteful, mean, and extremely unlikeable person.


None of the hate that Frankie is receiving or has received is because he is Gay; it is because he is a very repulsive degenerate sick deplorable excuse for a human being who has suggested gang raping a virgin who is drunk on television and watch her bleed, has said he wants to punch Nicole in the mouth who has done nothing to him, got mad at Zach because he would not have sex with him, said horrible things about Donny and wished that Jocasta would go and kill herself after doing his grandfather’s memorial service just to name a very few of the reasons he is and will be hated for a long time to come. Frankie deserves all the horrible Karma life can give him because he is just a vile evil person, but yes he will blame it on homophobia because he is just that STUPID and does not want to see the truth.


Whatever… It is true that homophobia has reared it’s ugly head when it comes to Frankie.. Notice the outrage when he talks about gay sex, yet when the straight men talk about having sex with women, there is not one single complaint from either men or women. That’s just one example.. Another is this double standard when it comes to Frankie’s comments about the straight men who were also drinking that night except for the cop Derrick to sleep with Victoria who was also drunk. Notice hardly any outrage at the straight men who laughed and joked about it? Why is the lions share of outrage against the gay man who we all know wouldn’t go near a woman for sex? There is your answer about why homophobia is evident from viewers and practically non -existent in the house. I think viewers have longed been used to seeing the ugly side of homophobia in the BB house over the past years and now there is no outlet in there being a single homophobic player in the house that they can share sentiment with, we have this segment of the viewers who are blaming Frankie for every single thing that goes wrong in the house. When there is no homophobes to cheer for in the BB house , someone has to take up the mantle.. That’s where the homophobic viewers come in. If you want to rant about men who actually talked about rape then go back to Evil Dick and his comments about raping Jen repeatedly in BB 8.. Evil Dick won BB 8 and is considered well loved despite his physical, and abusive behavior to Jen.. The big difference between Frankie and Evil Dick is that one is gay the other straight. That is another example of hypocritical homophobes who only see and hear what they want.

Fktard Freakie Troll

Blah, blah, blah……………..HOMOPHOBIC!


The only problem with Frankie claiming most of the Hate is Homophobia, is that a lot of the disgust of Frankie is coming from Gay People. I can also say that most of the comments about Frankie are not homophobic at all. I have read the comments on here and other sites and the criticism is about his character, game play, mooching off his Sisters Fame, his being delusional, talentless, snaky etc… Must have nothing to do with his sexual orientation unless you count criticizing him for sexually harassing most of the male house guests and homophobia. If anything he has received a pass doing things that would get a straight male in a crap storm of trouble if he did it to a woman. He may have about 1% of the negative comments he gets are homophobic. Not much different than any other cast member. I actually have read more Homophobic comments about Cody, Caleb and Zach.


Pink Poodle definitely comes acrossed as the gay guy that will always play the homophobe card. You don’t like me? you’re a homphobe, I’m not funny? you’re a homphobe, etc. Nah, I’d like to see someone kick the shit out of you simply because you’re a plague on society.


Anybody who still has their heads buried in the sand about homophobia and how it affects Frankie, only has read that above comment from Ditto. As for other sites such as Jokers, many times there are homophobic remarks such as Frankie is an AIDS infected creep for example to back up what I have said many times.. However this stance that some have taken to not only ignore the homophobia but to flat out deny it exists is partly one of the reasons it has flourished. As for those who have said that Caleb and Cody have been the only victims of homophobic remarks.. It shouldn’t matter who.. It should only matter why it is still happening.. As for for Frankie, being a terrible person, part of that is true I do agree with that.. But there is not doubt whatsoever that there are straight players out of past seasons who have not only said and done far worse than Frankie but have never received so much hatred as Frankie is now getting.. Disguising that homophobia is easy enough to see through, I don’t know why some of you even bother to rationalize it anymore. Keep on agreeing among yourselves though that homophobia is not evident here this season from viewers. With no homophobes in the house to cheer for this season, the homophobic viewers have taken up the mantle instead.


Yes, the hate is not due to him being gay but rather the way he portrays himself. He is a self-indulged, self-serving egotist with a very mean cruel streak that has done his best to promote the every old stereotypical image of a gay man. He should be ashamed but we know it won’t be. I hope the gay community shuns him once he gets out.

Grandee Sucks

He will blame CBS “again”. Oh they edited me bad!


Ignore that hate lol! It is going to be pretty hard for Christine and Frankie to ignore the hate. I would not want to be either of them when they get out of that house.


Think Rehab.

Derrick FTW

I am rather enjoying Derrick pissing off everyone in this blog. Haters going to hate.

Not a Hater

People who are pissed off at Derrick aren’t “haters.” They’re just fed up with his over-the-top manipulations and unjustified superiority attitude. It’s as simple as that!

Hater Detected

His superiority is most definitely justified. He has DOMINATED the game. EVERY decision to evict someone has been by his hand.

Don’t hate Derrick because he’s just that much better than everyone else this season. Hate the other houseguests for not latching onto the fact and doing something about it.

Complain all you want about the weakness of other houseguests. But the Derrick bashing is old. Get over it already, the guy is just better than everyone else this season.


The haters are how you know he’s the best. Same thing happened on Boston Rob’s last season of Survivor.

He controlled the game so well that everyone complained and called it boring.

This has been a great season. If you want to watch people yelling at each other, watch Real Housewives.

i agree

Exactly! People are gonna hate on Derrick and of course it would be good to see him scramble and see what he would do to save himself but Derrick is running the game right now and he’s really not even playing too dirty of a game. People need to understand that nobody has won big brother by staying faithful and honest (except maybe Jordan but she had Jeff rallying votes in the jury). Derrick is an amazing gameplayer


Second your point that he is not even playing a dirty game. That’s been the key to his strategy. He’s never operated out of malice and has never ostracized anyone.

When he talks to other houseguests he is almost always empathetic to their situation and gives them good practical advice to their game. He mostly sticks to the truth, except he withholds certain information.


So glad BB brought burgers in and let Nicole off of HaveNot. Bet the only reason BB did this is because Nicole is the nicest one left in the house and will be going out tomorrow. Any of the others and they wouldn’t have bothered.

Nichole's and Hayden's Sweet Romance

Yeah, Nicole deserves a friendly gesture from Production or anybody else still in the BB House; she’s tried to maintain a sense of purpose since she came back into the game. She wasn’t very successful in what she hoped to accomplish and has been the 1st to admit it. She should hold her head high as she walks out of the BB House for the 2nd time; nobody else earned the right to return. She (and the other HGS) enjoyed the burgers and (hopefully) she’ll enjoy breakfasts made by Hayden and any other side benefits when she’s back in the JH. You, go girl!

Hate Derprick

Deprick stated earlier that if someone talked to his daughter the way that Frank and Caleb talked to Vic, he would punch them. So Derrick – if a man talked to your daughter the way you talked to Nicole this morning, would you say “great job – I’m glad you learned from the best”?

Donny Aint Nice


Speaking truth about a silly girl who DOES only care about how she look in the mirror is a far cry from insulting soomeone personally like Frankie did to Victoria.

You just a Derrick hater obviously, but Derrick is a good man because he is teaming with my BAE Cody who is the best big brother player of all time and will easily win this season because he is the best and on level with Dan and Dr. Will in fact the BAE Cody is even greater than those 2 and all the other houseguests to ever play the game.


if it was a game, i doubt he would care. HE IS PLAYING A GAME like so many other houseguests in the past who have “lied” to win, actually i mean all of them. he wasnt even rude to her- she fell for his lie, if you aren’t “tough” enough to get manipulated and screwed over dont go on the show


Once again, you people need to realize his say certain things to certain people to get inside their head and control them. He will say one thing to someone, while saying the complete opposite to another. He is lying to EVERYONE in the game of BB.


He is well aware of 99% of what is coming out of his mouth is complete utter B.S. That it is why it is so funny.


Derrick is a hypocrite. He’s vile. I no longer even respect his game. It’s like watching am episode of Criminal Minds where the unsub is one if the cops. Actually, it’s exactly like that.

Go Sleep With the Fishes, Frankie

WTF happened to the only could eat fish Freakwad? Announcing everybody had to get used to it that he’s cooking fish everyday? Doesn’t eat meat from dry land? One piece of his fish cost more than the whole batch of burgers combined. How does he not get his ass stomped? I just wanna know.


I must have missed that but I wondered why there was so much fish… I like fish too but not enough to eat it everyday…I would be hating it by now. Seems like everything is about Frankie this year, that’s is part of the reason this year s*cks.


Why do you care how much groceries cost in the BB house? Is the grocery bill coming out of your own household budget or bank account? Is CBS garnisheeing your income to pay for Frankie’s choice of what he wants to eat? More like it’s an excuse to bash Frankie for anything and everything under the sun.

Fktard Freakie Troll

Yep, cause he/she is a fake asshole just like you are, so GFY.


For Frankie to be a vegan he show look like he’s enjoying them in and out burgers but knowing how Frankie likes to make everything about him when somebody ask him I thought you was a long time vegan he’s going to say BB made him eat them or he was going home. lol

Frankie Sucks

I hate Frankie just like everyone else. HE SUCKS.

However, I am a fair hater. I only hate when it is warranted.

You are an unfair hater. You hate just to hate and do so on an irrational level that makes no sense. That makes you even lower than Frankie.

FYI, inn n out burger is perfectly acceptable for a vegan to eat. You just made yourself look dumb with your comment.

Big Brother specifically chose this burger place because it would be acceptable for Frankie and Christine to eat.



how is in and out ok for vegans? your comment makes no sense. he was eating a burger, with meat in it.

Frankie Sucks


You obviously don’t know what being a vegan entails.

Why dont you go do a little research and stop arguing and making yourself look dumb on something you dont even understand.


Don’t worry it’s just stupid Freakie trolls. If they had bothered to check the feeds or Joker’s the idiots would specifically know that even though In n Out has veggie burgers if you desire, Freakie stated he wanted to try their cheeseburgers because he only ever had the regular burger from them before and he did not order the veggie burgers. IT’S NOT VEGAN FOOD, DUMBASS FREAKIE TROLLS.

Not a Hater

Seriously, get a grip! Do you want a burger or maybe a veggie burger?


Sorry bro. Inn n Out burger is TAILORED for vegan eaters.

You kind of just made yourself look dumb for going on that rant. LOL.


Yes, that’s called being an effeminate male and normal for most


Is it possible that Skankie received veggie burgers?
Also, why are snoutboy and Skankie afraid of Nicole winning HOH? I thought she was def going home.


Why was Nicole told she better win HOH tomorrow, did I miss something or was that an error?

Murphy's Law

Here’s to Crustine getting sick from eating fries from vegetable oil & burgers filled with gluten…CHEERS!! Way to go Production…we knew ya’ll didn’t like her either!


Can we switch all the houseguests currently in the house with all the houseguests in the jury house?


I think the final “twist” should be that the winner gets $500 and runner up gets $50.

On another note,,,I don’t think Victoria should EVER be around adults, she’s not mature enough yet.


Why does Frankie say he’s worried about Nicole winning HOH if she’s getting evicted? Confused…


It was a name typo, supposed to say Christine I’m assuming.




I hope there is a vote at the end of tonight’s episode for America to vote which houseguest gets the DPOV or the Coup d’Etat. Nicole would get it and she could send Frankie packing. That would be glorious. I know it’s a long shot, but hey what do you have to lose at this point? This season can kiss my tail. I’ve never seen a more strategically incapable set of houseguests in my life. I’m quitting this season after tonight if nothing happens.

Your're Icecream Stinks

I thought Derrick and Nicole might have been having a Bugs Bunny mirage for a second smelling burgers.

I wonder if Nicole stays, will her and Derrick team up? They really should.


Why does Frankie say he hopes Nicole doesn’t win HOH if she’s leaving? lol Confused


I hope there is a vote at the end of tonight’s episode for America to vote which houseguest gets the DPOV or the Coup d’Etat. Nicole would get it and she could send Frankie packing. That would be glorious. I know it’s a long shot, but hey what do you have to lose at this point? This season can kiss my tail. I’ve never seen a more strategically incapable set of houseguests in my life. I’m quitting this season after tonight if nothing happens.

Art Vandelay

I think some forget all the nasty things said by Nicole about other people. I do like her and just think its funny when the crowd can so easily forget the actions of people they “like now” especially Caleb who everyone thought was a psycho


Why was Frankie worried about Nicole winning HOH?


Why is Frankie worried about Nicole winning HOH?? She can’t win it if she’s going home!


Why is Victoria allowed in the house? She is not even playing the game. Nicole wants to play and knows its a game… not a free vacation.

Frankie has shown himself to be disgusting. He will hide behind the gay thing as to why noone likes him, but that has NOTHING to do with it. He was funny at first and has showed that he is just a rotten, self centered person.


I like Nicole a lot, but disagree that she played a much better game than Victoria.

Victoria allied herself with the most powerful person in the house. Since she can’t win competitions, that was the best game move open to her, and she made it. Hence why she is staying.

Nicole got evicted once, then given a second chance to play, allied herself with the least powerful person in the house. It was an understandable choice, but a poor one, made out of spite and hurt feelings.

Nicole may know more about the game but unfortunately for her, she hasn’t played it very well.


Victoria didnt make the game move to align herself with Derrick,

Derrick chose her because he realized how useless she was and he started being nice to her and taking time out to get to know her. Victoria being as naive as she is started to like him because unlike all the other guys who were paying all their attention to Amber, Britt, and Nicole, Derrick was the one guy giving her attention that she craves.

Hence she is now owned by Derrick for the rest of this game until she rewatches this season and sees she was played all along.

Dont try to make it seem like Victoria has made any strategic moves in this game. Your really reaching right now. Haha.


Victoria did not align herself with the most powerful player in the game. The most powerful player in the game aligned himself with Victoria. Der’s game plan: Day 1 – Mist Victoria. Day 99 – collect $500,000.


Frankie – if killing animals for food is murder, why are you eating In-N-Out?


Not all vegans are nuts who incessantly argue about the way that food comes about. Some simply choose to be vegan for the dietary benefits and don’t pay much attention to the political aspects of veganism.

Besides, Inn n Out burger is actually one of the restaurants who are usually pretty good about all of that stuff anyways. It’s a pretty valid fast food option for vegans.


Frankie said America won’t give Caleb AF money since he murders animals. If you kill animals for food, and he eats meat, IMO at least they get to run free until they die for food as opposed to being raised in a cage etc. being fed antibiotics and other crap. I think we all know Veganism is abstaining from meat and meat byproducts. Frankie has a burger, he is not a Vegan.


That POS Frankie has been eating tube steak for years. Vegan my ass. He is a huge f’ing fraud.


I think Simon/Dawg meant Crustine, not Nicole re: Frankie worrying about her winning HOH.
Production, do not give these ungrateful people a luxury comp, they don’t listen to you re: mics, DR, etc. You shouldn’t have to ask 3 times.

I just dont get all the Derrick hate...

Seriously, why all the Derrick hate? He is playing a fantastic game. Better than either one of Dan’s seasons ago, much better than Andy, that is for sure.

First, let me address the folks that dont like the lying and manipulating. As someone said in another thread: Perhaps Big Brother is not the show for you. OF COURSE they are lying. OF COURSE they are manipulating. The honest people get sent out the door (aka Zach, Donny).

Derrick is playing chess, the rest of them are playing checkers. Derrick is playing (and has been playing) for the end from day 1. And of course that involves some lying, manipulating and back stabbing. From a Big Brother standpoint, he is playing a fantastic game. Now, it is getting down to brass tacks as the numbers dwindle and he is going to have to win a comp or two to stay in the game. But to this point, he has been able to use his alliance to help him through. He hasnt HAD to win because he has been close with the others who ARE winning. Seems like good game play to me.

I see the knocks on this season for being boring, but the reality is that original members of the bomb squad that were left (Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Caleb, Christina) have been able to keep it together (remarkably, to be honest). Remember when Jeff let Natalie and Kevin get in his ear and he turned against Russell and the scientist chick and that got him voted out the next week. Had Jeff kept his head, he very well may have won that season. This alliance has stayed together remarkably well. Nicole, Donny (the most notable ones) have tried, in vain, to separate them, but they havent bit on it. They havent let the paranoia of the game get them off what they are trying to do. Boring TV? Maybe, but it is fun to watch in its own right, people understanding that it might be an individual game, but it takes a team to get to the end.

The other part of the reason they are doing well is because they keep on winning comps. Nicole and Donny BOTH had the chance to pull themselves off (that was the most pathetic Veto competition with both Nicole and Donny and neither of them had the guts to pull the trigger and save themselves). Other seasons had more variety of folks then the one alliance win competitions. This year, by and large, it has been Detonators/Bomb Squad winning comps: ESPECIALLY as it comes down to the end.

Personally, I dont like Frankie and I hope he doesnt win. I like Derrick. I liked Donny. Donny realized he was on the outs, but he couldnt/wouldnt do what it took to get “in”. I think there was a point midway through the season (before Zach) that he could have formed a strong alliance with Derrick and Frankie, but Donny himself wouldnt open up as well. So, Donny played the loner game (at HIS own choice, in my opinion), and eventually loners go home (as I mentioned above, it takes a team to get to the final 4).

I would have LOVED to see Donny stay, that would have shaken things up, but I understand the game play not to. I would have loved to see Frankie go up this week and it would have been a big move by Caleb, but he didnt do it. Caleb, being from the army, is sticking to the plan. The plan is final 4 for the guys. He will take his chances from there.

So, of the 4, I personally think Derrick is playing, and has played the best out of all of them. But they have realized, unlike seasons past, that if they stay together, that give themselves a 25% chance at 500K if they can all make final 4. And that is what they are all there for from the beginning.


Great post. Agree totally.

I know some find the season boring because one alliance has dominated, but they aren’t paying attention to how much work it has taken to keep that alliance together.

Remember the Moving Company from last year? The guys’ alliance that was destroyed after the first week? Even the BB14 cast, packed with veteran All-Stars, couldn’t keep an alliance together for more than two weeks.

The drama has been in watching Derrick and the other guys walk a knife edge to get themselves this far, when any mistake would have blown it all up.They have done the hard work of winning comps, and targeting people intelligently without antagonizing resistance against them.

None of them, except possibly Derrick, would still be in the house if they had not stayed loyal to each other. Great season by a group of very good players.


BB is the blame for the boredom. The BOB twist made it impossible to break up an alliance. If you put up two big threats they were likely to win BOB and put the HOH at risk to be backdoored. There was no way to chip away at the alliance so long at the BOB twist was in play. BB wanted to get rid of floaters and they accomplished that – if defining floaters is anyone not in the Bomb Squad. Stupid twist that blew up in Production’s collective faces. Add in the 3-person TA that was picked before anyone even knew the HG’s and you build in another layer of protection for Derrick and Frankie (and Donnie by default). Just very ill-conceived and is the reason that this season has sucked royally.

brat in N.C

Don’t matter how you play the game a win is a win if you make it to the end even if it was on someone’s back that’s still game play! I hope since Cody,Christine,Caleb and Derrick have been such buttholes to Donny And others they don’t deserve to win they didn’t even care to treat someone nice knowing that they needed that vote ! They’re so sure there going to win I hope that Victoria Wins! Derrick is by far the worst by using a young girls feelings the way he is and by far he’s the biggest liar!! So go Victoria!!!


Ladies and gentlemen.

We have Victoria’s mother gracing her presence here with us today.


Roundup on awards so far (please reply w/ missed ones):

Cody, Christine, Victoria: $0
Zach: Germany trip
Caleb: $5000
Donny: $10000 TA ?
Frankie: $10000 TA ?
Derrick: $10000 TA ? + $5000 HOH

TBD: AF $25K, 2nd place: $50K, 1st place $500K


You missed a few. Here they are bro.

Zach/DONNY – AF $25K,
Whoever survives with Derrick: $50K,
Derrick -1st place $500K


This isn’t the first time that Derrick has commented that BB 15 Amanda is good looking and that he would go for it if he was single. As they say one man’s trash is another’s treasure.


Amanda, yuk. Complete gutter. That bitch is ravaged with STD’s. Didn’t she admit to The Herps last year? No standards Derrick if you’d hook up with that trashbag.

Any mouse

He obviously likes his women on the ” Porky” side.


Definition of vegan (n)

Bing Dictionary
[ véeg?n ]

1.somebody not eating animal products: somebody who does not eat meat, fish, dairy products, or eggs.

Last I was told FISH is an animal.


I don’t recall exactly what Frankie has said about his dietary choices. If he did use the term “vegan,” maybe it is for his elitist/Hollywood cred. Technically, the only thing he can claim is that he is a pescetarian… but I guess he thought the “normal” people in the house wouldn’t understand. So sad.

Zing Sting

How did Derrick know they were getting In N Out burgers!

Pink haired turdlet

Enough already! Big Brother originated in the Netherlands and the reason behind it was to close a group of people OFF to the outside world and kind of watch them go nuts, fight and FORGET they are being watched 24/7. I have never seen such a group talk so much about how they are being “perceived”, what they are going to do fame wise when they get out (plus the incessant talking directly to the cameras in the house). I thought that was what the DR sessions were for! Last night After dark was so mind bendingly boring I couldn’t believe it.
Where are the confrontations? We have had them other years. This is hands down the most deadpan, laziest group ever!

The Beard

Caleb just said Madonna is not that good,he might just be my favorite personality of all time!Daggum right Beast mode,She ain’t no Chris Young boy tell em he would crush her at the end of the day.Madonna who?some ole boy made her famous by painting her portrait,the frick’n Madonna Lisa bet she can’t sing a lick.