Caleb says I’m not dumb by any means.. I’m a situational awareness type of guy.

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players ?

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11:15am – 12pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds because Victoria was laying on the bathroom stall floor. Nicole checked on her and noticed she was all sweaty and called for Derrick to help her.

12pm – 12:30pm When the live feeds came back – Christine, Derrick, Donny, Nicole and Caleb are sitting around the kitchen table chatting about random things. No sign of Victoria. Cody is sleeping in the HOH room. Frankie is sleeping in the fire room. The house guests are talking about drinking and alcohol. Caleb says I have only been drunk out of my mind like 2 or 3 times. Nicole asks if has a big alcohol tolerance. Caleb says I could drink a case and barely have a buzz. He says he stopped drinking before coming in here though. Donny says liquor before beer never fear, beer before liquor never sicker. Nicole and Caleb share stories about their schooling. Caleb says I’m not dumb by any means but when it comes to situation. I’m more of a situational awareness type of guy. I can jump into a situation and kill it. I might not know the information on paper but you put me in the situation and I know it. Christine goes to take a nap in the earth room. Caleb talks about trying out to be a police officer and how he was denied. He explains when they were asking him questions about Iraq he kept saying he didn’t want to talk about it. He says one guy questioned his integrity and Caleb said never question my integrity. I have more integrity than you will ever have. Caleb and Donny tell Nicole about Zing-Bot. She says she’s sorry she missed that. Nicole says I just got up because I thought for sure we were going to have the veto picking but I guess not.

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12:30pmDerrick and Donny go into the storage room. Donny says America has voted on us coming up with our own mission and they will vote on whether or not it is a good enough mission and if completed it. It has to be done my veto meeting. Derrick says I think we can do that all day. Donny says it can be silly if we want. Derrick says I think we can do it. Donny says I was hoping we could come up with some like if America thinks she’s a bigger threat than me .. we could vote on keeping me since America did vote on us being team america together because I am on the block. Derrick says right, right. Donny says but the statement that it has to be completed by veto, I don’t know if I would have to be saved by veto or people would have to collectively get together and say we have the votes to get out Nicole that would be completing it by veto. Derrick says right. If you were able to pull yourself off today then we wouldn’t be able to do that though. Donny says but if we agree that and I pull myself off that would be us completing it. Donny says they put us together they wouldn’t want us to… that would be a feet in itself. Derrick says either way I still want to finish our conversation. Donny says people have talked .. I have talked littler than most people. Derrick says someone got to Cody to get him to put you up. Derrick says as long as you know it wasn’t from me. Donny says I feel like I know who it was and it wasn’t you. Derrick says good, that’s all I care about. Donny says someone told me Hayden wanted me out and that flabbergasted me. Derrick says that’s not true, Hayden wanted you here and had your back. He never dogged you. Derrick says we need to talk to Frankie and all agree on something. Donny asks do you think America wants to get rid of one of us when they voted for us. Donny says unless you and Frankie get drawn and you throw it like go in not guns a blazing. Derrick tells Donny to talk to Frankie.

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12:45pm – 12:50pm In the living room – Derrick talks to Caleb about how if Victoria has an infection in her jaw she could get pulled from the game if it takes longer than a day or two. Derrick says I hope that doesn’t happen though. Derrick says its not a bad thing if she leaves. Caleb says if she does they should take her to the jury house when she get well because she does deserve that. Derrick agrees. And if she does leave then no double eviction on Thursday because then we would be a number down.
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1pm – 1:30pm Caleb says I need to win another HOH. Derrick says from a fans perspective Frankie’s been killing it. Caleb says if I’m there with him he would beat me. I don’t have a sister that is a multi platinum singer. Derrick says but if you get people in the jury that only care about the game that won’t matter. Frankie does have an impressive record though and that’s a compliment to him. Derrick says when you get to the final 3 you win that HOH and take who you can beat. You’re not here to take risks. Caleb says yeah, no I’m not. Derrick says that’s why at the end there’s always someone there without many wins because they won’t win. Who’s going to be dumb enough to take someone who’s a beast and probably not win. Derrick says your not a dumb kid. Caleb says I just need to win another HOH, get my letter and keep my dudes safe. Derrick says I haven’t even been at the top of comps. You’ve won five and been at the top of a lot. I just haven’t played well. Caleb says if I was in the end I would say I did something that was never done before .. I created an 8 person alliance and some of us are still here. Caleb says if I am there with Frankie and he goes first talking about his kids in Africa. I am going to say that I am give a lot to my Dads Charity for wounded veterans. Would you rather give the win to someone who is going to help kids in another country or give to someone that is donating to people that have served your country. I guarantee he hasn’t signed anything saying its all going to charity. He will get the money and then decide how much he wants to give. Derrick tells Caleb again he’s not a dumb kid. Caleb says that Christine knows that if she doesn’t win this HOH she would be going up next week. Derrick and Caleb go back to bed to nap.
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“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Hmm Victoria isn’t there…the Dr giving her Advil isn’t gong to help her at this point. If she has tooth infection that’s becoming an abscess she needs immediate medical attention. That being said if this would remove her from the game then the current noms should be made void and Cody dethroned.


Unfortunately they can treat her and send her right back in the house. Happened on prior. BB’s. God help us.


If she needs immediate dental surgery then it might not be possible for her to recover in time to return.

Cackling Hyena

I must have been gone a long time. I’ve always thought that Victoria’s issue is mental…..not dental. SMH


If her wisdom teeth are impacted she’ll have to have oral surgery. She may be gone from the game and go straight to jury. BB may be very happy about this. Because they extended the season a week they either have to bring back a jury member or cancel the eviction this week. I’m pulling for cancellation. That would give Donny and Nic another chance at HOH on Thursday. Wed show could be a montage of all the times the BS Squad threw or tried to throw comps. America loves both Donny and Nic so it would make for good tv and everyone would watch Thursday for sure.


Or they could just cancel the Double Eviction planned for Thurs and only make it a single like Derrick was speculating. But without a PVO what will BB air on Wed night? Victoria leaving?
I am afraid BB will continue on with PVO and without Victoria playing in POV the chances of Donny or Nicole winning is reduced.


I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a double eviction planned for this Thursday, but I could be wrong.


Not all of America loves Nicole.


There was a precedent set on BB Canada 1 when Gary got injured when a piece of glass got in his eye and was escorted to a hospital with production bringing him there to ensure no outside news got to him.. After he was treated and released from the hospital, production brought him back into the house.. He did speak about it on the live feeds that production was with him at all times in the hospital. Same thing could happen to Victoria as this could be turn out to be a dental emergency.


Is there any profession Caleb doesn’t want to be. I never heard of a honorable discharged veteran not given an opportunity to become a police officer. My neighbor was one. Did his tour and now a prominent officer.


Not every veteran would qualify for police duty. A lot of them come back scarred. Caleb isn’t exactly the most mentally balanced person. It would be irresponsible for the police force to accept him.


I don’t think that was meant how u read that comment. I understand fully some if our veterans have seen horrific things and although I can’t feel their pain I respect them for fighting for our country. I think comment was he tried to apply. Prior comment he said most cops aren’t good guys. Again we all have our opinions.


Actually the issue with the comment was the strong implication that every vet would qualify for police duty, the inference being that Caleb must have lied b/c of course the police force would have accepted him. He may have lied, but not based on erroneous analysis.


I took that as another one of Caleb’s stories. Nothing else.


Your totally right Fay. I should have worded my statement better. I just don’t believe all the stories he tells.


There are far too many messed up former military people who have become cops already. The police welcome those who were dishonorably discharged from the military far too often. You would think that if these people weren’t good enough for the military then red flags would go up, but that’s not the case.. No doubt these are the majority of the cops we keep hearing about in the news who harm or kill people without just cause. You are living in a fools paradise if you think that police departments across the country weed out those with severe behavioral problems.


He said he refused to answer any questions about his time in Iraq even about being a prison guard. Then went off on one of them who questioning his integrity. There would be no way he would be hired. The first think they would think of is that he’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. And second would be what did he do that he refuses to talk about?


Seriously. Would you want Caleb rushing in being your only hope in an emergency?


Heck no, he would stop at every mirror to look at himself before helping me.


He explained why they wouldn’t take him….
Anyone with even a semblance of “situational awareness” WOULD realize and DID realize Caleb if FULL OF SH*T! …..and I doubt he met the height requirement anyway….

Id say he probably maxes out his potential in the garden center of lowes-


::giggling:: oh, that was so mean. ::giggling::


Caleb can always find work as a garden gnome.


Poor Victoria got the floater syndrome from jocasta


Did I miss something or is this just a straight up lie? We voted on it? Missed that! Please someone let me know.


Thanks. Not cool. Boo


Did Donny go to DR this morning? If so what time? If its a lie would DR cover for him saying something like Donny has all the information…that’s not a lie.


Looks like he did go in at 10:32


I’m certain Donny made it up in the aftermath of Victoria’s sweats and wisdom teeth.

Now we need Frankenstein to wake up for Donnt to share with him. Getting good!


I was assuming Donny misspoke or just flat out misunderstood. I think he meant the DR gave him the details of the mission and that America would only vote after they decided on the mission between themselves, if it was worthy.


Donny never misunderstands or misspeaks, he listens, observes and then decides what he will say or do. Could not understand why so many were bashing Donny at the beginning of the season. Donny came into the house with a plan and he has pretty much stayed with it. Yes, double HOH and TA threw him a bit of a curve ball but so far he has managed to strike when necessary. Donny just happens to have a different method of playing BB. Even if he was evicted this week, no one could really criticise his game play when the odds were stacked against him. Donny FTW


Their mission is to create one themselves. Donny went to Derrick to plan that strategy. But it’s still Americas vote to approve


It all makes sense now: With all of the incessant plucking Victoria has been doing since the Super Moon last week and the strange growth happening in her jaw…she’s a WEREWOLF! A werewolf with mange.

empty, like zach's side of the bed

This is so bad yet so funny! I really needed a good laugh after reading some of these updates! Thank so much


thanks for the smile


Oh my that was awesome!! cracked me up, I laughed out loud on that one! luv it


Hmmmmm…..discussion about alcohol. Vic was downing FULL glasses last night. I don’t know if she had eaten at all…prob not, with her teeth. I know that I wouldn’t feel too well today, either. I’m not saying she doesn’t need immediate medical attention, just saying some of this could be self-induced. I guess we’ll see! Here come my down-votes, because I’m, oh, so mean.


She was eating Advil like candy and drinking. Not a good idea. But she has been complaining about them for a few days and even the HGs talked about how swollen her cheeks were yesterday. If they’re impacted then she’ll have to have oral surgery so she may just go straight to jury.




Vic hasn’t been eating because of her teeth. I hope it is mostly alcohol and not infection. Maybe this is what it takes for her to have a doc see her.


Agreed, also. But I have to add that someone on here said it best this week: it’s possible that Victoria has worn tracks in the carpet going in and out of the DR with her constant “needs”. It’s true…and perhaps the very moral of the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Now, if she had only trotted in there 999 times…they might have jumped a little faster.


I love how Donny is trying to get TA to throw the veto as part of the mission. You know TA would earn their money if that worked. He should be obstructive about any other task that doesn’t involve saving him, lol.


And this a fake TA assignment all made up by Donny. Go Donny go!

Holy making game move Batman

Donny making up a lie to get Derrick and Frankie to save him???
Go Donny Go!!!!
You know, until Derrick runs into the diary room and asks if its true and finds out its not…uggh


They could just say Donny has all the information about that. Not a lie and production loves Donny.


Seems iffy that it is a lie. Donny is smart enough to know that would be easily caught when the other two asked production more questions. Derrick and Frankie were commenting about 10k to save Donny. Perhaps production has put ideas in their head or Donny assumed America voted when it was a CBS chosen mission. Just my opinion.


I would like to say first: I apologize for getting everyone hopes up saying that Julie told Nicole that Derrick is a cop. I thought Julie told her but evidentially she didn’t MY BAD, I do not like Fruit Loops but since I made such a boo-boo I’ll sign in as “DINGUS” for a day, Sorry everyone!!!


That’s ok, Lance baby, we all make mistakes!! Nobody’s hating on you…sometimes down votes are just saying “no, that’s not true”. Don’t worry about it! S.


I think they did reference it on the 1st or 2nd eviction but no names were given. So I can understand confusion.


It’s cool. Doesn’t mean I can’t go over there and yell it over the walls! Then they’ll all know. However, knowing how stupid they all are, Derrick would find a way to get them to believe it’s not true so there’s no point.

Captain Obvious

Caleb says he is a situational awareness type of guy. Why doesn’t he see that in this particular situation, America thinks he is simply a douchebag?


Nice to see Nic concerned about Vic enough to check on her and that Derrick was so quick to help when called.


This could work in the big alliance favor, if Vic has to leave. It would eliminate double evict and insure they are intact for the next week. Then they can focus on getting out either Donny or Nicole, whoever is left.


TA Mission- Save Donny and Nicole.

My Dream.

Love BB

Man, Derrick is having a tough week … LMFAO!!!!!!!!! First, his choice to sit next to him in final two may not return to the house (Cody..thank your lucky stars!) & now, the TA mission to save Donny! (I don’t care if it’s real or not…real: great…not real: great gameplay!) Hope Victoria left Derrick her Advil for his headache!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I actually think Derrick already had plans in his head to keep Donny over Nicole. He started planting seeds last night.

Derrick will win sitting next to anyone but Donny or Nicole.


By the feeds from the last few minutes it seems like Derrick is already working on trying to bring Caleb over to his side away from Frankie.


Caleb wont leave Frankie, he is hoping to become famous through Frankie’s sister, Caleb is a delusional idiot who will end up on every reality show he can find, talking about himself.


Skankie “a fan favorite” according to Derrick. Now that is delusional!


You guys are just praying for miracles at this point, kinda amusing. DPOV, coup d’etat, medical issues nullifying hoh and noms, special powers.

I mean seriously. There is a big alliance controlling the house, nothing can stop it.


Haha, you’re damn right…it’s the only thing that would make watching the remainder of this season worthwhile!

Caleb's confusion

Caleb says he isn’t dumb. Did I miss something here? Because he sure seems to have.


I’m really not clear on what Donny is suggesting to be the TA mission. i do get the feeling derrick is spinning it. I also don’t think that he tried hard to not get Donny put up, because after Nicole came back he was all over the idea of the two up. If no one came back, Derrick didn’t want anyone other than Donny to get evicted.

I like the idea of the TA mission to be about making sure America’s alliance actually protects all their members, and not just themselves. derrick will see it as a DR opportunity to say ‘we tried’ when we know by LF that he not only didn’t try, he actively worked against donny. I think it would work out tho since they want nicole out anyway first so it would still look like they are ‘trying’ to keep Donny.


What the fuck is wrong with CBS and or production….How the hell do you have someone visibly having a god damned issue and tell them oh well, not today maybe Monday….Shit how the hell do they just sit there when you have a moron like Frankie telling someone to take 4 advil every 4 hours, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and a god way to eat your stomach lining away…Jesus Christ CBS is incompetent

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

The doctors found that Victoria’s brassiere had crusted up to her tatas. It was from her plucking her bristly 2 dozen hairs from her areolas. The blood and pus concoction looked like Amanda’s yeast infection (from BB15). Looks like Vic’s going to lose her nips to the infection. Maybe they can use her brother’s foreskin to recreate new ones. That would mean Victoria looking in the mirror topless at least 100 times a day in the BB house!


Donny is a GENIUS!!!! Big brother told him about the challenge so Derrick couldn’t hijack it to do something he wants to do. Big brother at the most opportune moment of course handed him the opportunity to save himself, if he could figure out how. He knows he’s going up on the block and has figured out a way to not only 1. Save himself. 2. Earn more money but most importantly of all 3. Get Derrick to work for him to convince people to keep him. He used Derricks greed against him. Is he greedy enough to help keep his arch nemesis Donny or does he want to get rid of Donny bad enough to not go for the challenge? Derrick talked about needing money once to often and Donny found Derricks achillies heel and is using it against him. Even better during this conversation has realized Donny has out smarted him. If Donny pulls this off he deserves to win and if Derrick can get himself out of having to save Donny then he should win. This whole game really has been the Donny and Derrick show. The rest of the cast are just background scenery.


Sorry guys but it is most likely that the only thing that would be affected, if Victoria had to leave the game, is that there would be no 2nd double eviction. I do not see Production saying,because of Victoria, that no one would be evicted this week.


There goes Wiggins misting BMC and BMC is falling for it. SMFH


Caleb says he’s a situational awareness guy. Unless the situation involves a girl you’re into telling you that she’s not into you. Then you’re so unaware you stalk her, wear her clothes, do things for her that she doesn’t ask or want and then claim you’re a good guy looking after her and believing that her parents will love you for stalking their daughter. Where do they find these people???


Or that Derrick is a cop

Roisen Dubh

Yes Caleb, you are a dumb guy. If you were smart, you would’ve seen that you are just a vote to these morons and used that to your advantage.


I do hope Chipmunk Cheeks will be ok as any dental problems can be agonising but the alcohol should have killed any infection. I live on a very small island where one can wait two weeks for an emergency dental appt. I always keep vodka, rum or whatever handy for rinsing my mouth when my teeth hurt.

Love BB

What is this crap about double eviction? I didn’t hear Julie Chen say anything about that on Thursday????


I don’t have feeds so thought it must have been mentioned there. I did not hear it announced last week so have been wondering why so many posts are mentioning de.


production Donny pov win that pov we rooting for you do it for the fans please


If Vic’s parents sued their city because of uneven sidewalks, they’ll for sure try to sue CBS for not taking her tooth problem seriously. The feeds will support her stating she’s in pain and asking for help. Those in the DR are idiots and an oral surgeon should have assessed her quickly as tooth infections can be serious. Plus, this would be an opportune time for her parents to yank her from the game without penalty or send her to jury to curtail future humiliation. I’d be surprised if she returns.


Hey I have a question… if one of the TA members gets voted out (Donny) would TA be disbanned? Or will it be like what they did when Joey was evicted and just pick a new member. If that first is the case than this week could be interesting. Frankie, loves his money and I don’t see Derrick above a couple extra grand. If they think they can keep him around for another week??
So my hope for this week. Victoria is sent to jury because honestly we are two months into this show, and she gets what maybe 10 minutes of screen time a week. Nicole wins POV and takes herself off, Christine is put up as a replacement. Frankie, Derrick and Nicole all then chose to save Donnie and send Christine to jury (I will do a happy dance and start watching this again if Christine goes to jury)..
Or… Donny wins POV, Christine goes up Nicole gets some sort of DPOV and Frankie goes up. Caleb annoys me but not to the Frankie point yet, oh and Victoria still goes to jury.
Please please please CBS, make this happened. The majority of the fans, are not happy with how you have conducted this season. The BOB was the worst idea ever because you literally had one alliance running the entire summer. I would be p*ssed if I was them. The ones outside the alliance (and some within) had no chance from the get.


I know this might sound crazy but I think if Donny were to make a deal with Derrick he might have a chance at being in the final four, I mean I’m sure Derrick would keep him if he knew he would go after Frankie and Caleb . One can hope I just don’t wanna see Donny go….


Derrick says that’s why at the end there’s always someone (LIKE ME CALEB) there without many wins because they won’t win. Who’s going to be dumb (NOT YOU CALEB) enough to take someone who’s a beast and probably not win.
Good job Caleb for not being taken in by Frankie’s sister’s notoriety, questioning how much Frankie would actually give to African school building and saying he would donate to veterans who served our country.


Am I the only person that has hated this kid from day 1. First you had his dad going all creepy kissy on him and the fact that he could be such a man whore that he would actually flirt with the Jim Henson Muppet that is Christine. He talks more caddy crap about people than the caddy femboy Frankie. He looks like he has never worked a day in his life and is easily the shallowest person of a very shallow ( Donny the exception) cast. Zach played at being a douchebag but was actually descent. Cody is complete opposite.


Frankie’s fingers and nails are really disgusting. Every DR session, I can’t look away. Just a skeeved out face while he uses his hands to talk…blechhh