Demetres – “My target is going to be Dillon”

Karen won the Head of Household competition and nominated Mark and Demetres
Bruno won the Power of Veto and didn’t use it.
Mark was evicted by a vote of 7 – 6
Demetres won the Head of Household
Neda won the time warp making her safe until Jury (Surprise surprise a vet won)
Have Nots = Emily, Cassandra, Ika and Cindy with a S

A summary of the weeks critical spoilers will be posted here.

Looks like Demetres is going to nominate Dillon and Emily. Ika and her crew have a plan to try and backdoor Cassandra but seem to be happy if Dillon goes. Ika is playing awfully hard.. Some of the videos audio is out of sync with the video. still working out the kinks.

If you’re outside of Canada you’ll need a VPN to watch. Feeds are free and the VPN is cheap.

Morning Spoilers

Morning before nominations there was a conversation Between Demetres and Bruno. Bruno goes on to explain why he flipped his vote from Mark to Demetres. Blames it on Cassandra coming to him telling him the vote flipped. Bruno says he’s looking for a Bobby this season and Demetres reminds him of Bobby. Say “I was just sleeping” then everyone started to panic when the house flipped. Demetres says this week is going to be less stressful than last week. He says if he goes back on what he said it’ll look bad for him.
Bruno says he doesn’t trust Cassandra or Dallas “Worth shit”

Demetres – “My target is going to be Dillon”

Ika joins them.. Talk continues about putting Dillon and Emily up with the target being Dillon. Demetres says he doesn’t “hate” Dillon it’s just a game.
Bruno tells Demetres he’s playing for him, “I play hard” Unless it’s endurance then he’s screwed.

After Bruno leaves. Ika starts in on Cassandra saying that she was downstairs saying “I’m going to get Demetres to backdoor Bruno”
Demetres – That doesn’t help me at all”
Demetres mentions that Karen is trying to get him to put up Dallas and Bruno
Ika says the people that would come after Demetres are Dillon, Dallas, Jackie, Emil.
Demetres – if that’s it that’s not bad

Ika says she doesn’t trust Kevin, “I think Kevin and Bruno are working together”
Ika – If I were you this week I would stay with Dillon and Emily
Ika says Dillon, Emily and Dallas are all working together with Cassandra ”Secretly”

Demetres and Kevin bury the hatchet one more time. Demetres tells him there was a lot of “Shit” that went down yesterday. he’s got options. Kevin identifies himself as a “physical guy” and tells him if Demetres keeps him safe he will look after him further down the line.

11:46am Have not room is shown.. And assigned the vets search the nooks and crannies for a secret twist.

11:57am Demetres and Dallas CAm 1-2

Dillon and Emily in the have nots
Emily says Demetres is going to put her up as the pawn.
Dillon – Pawns got home..

Cassandra, Jackie and Emily
Counting Votes. Karen joins them. They talk about how Karen’s HOH went down and how the house flipped from getting Demetres out to Mark being evicted. Karen

Dallas, Ika, Cassandra and Kevin
Dallas saying that Karen is stressing her out.. Starts painting a target on karen.

Jackie and Karen argue over the house flipping. Karen says the house went crazy yesterday, ‘Ika was yelling at me”
Karen calls Jackie “Red” says that people in the house were telling her that she was trying to flip the house. Jackie presses her on who it was. Karen claims to not remember.
Jackie – I don’t know where you are getting this that’s not true.
Karen – when we play the tape back…
Jackie – Oh my god I don’t want to talk to you get away from me. F***

Ika, Neda
Ika says cassandra can go f*** herself she only trusts Neda and Cindy with a S. They agree Dre is great.
They agree Cindy with a S has “Loose lips” but they trust each other.
Neda – I think we’re doing OK
Ika – we’re doing ok it’s only week 1
Ika – I’m playing the best
Ika – I sucked the first time.. this time I’m better at getting people to like me a bit more
Neda – You’re smart and you have a good gut feeling..

Jackie, Ika, Cassandra Storage room
Jackie is pissed “That stupid F****G b1tch.. I hate Karen.. Does she not have a straight mind is she insane.. I’m shaking”
William and Dee join them.
Jackie says Karen “That B1tch” is trying to spread lies that she was going around trying to flip the house.

Jackie heads up to the HOH where a bunch of houseguests are hanging out.
Jackie – I just yelled at Karen.. she’s trying to say I was in the HOH and I was going to vote with the house and she telling me straight to my face I was voting with the house.. I never ONCE said I was voting with the house. I said I was waiting for Demetres to come talk to me.. She likes No you are lieing.. NO i’m not freaking lying. I told everyone in the house I was voting for mark to stay cause I liked him
Jackie to Demetres – Not that I don’t like you.. we had something going
Jackie – Oh my God.. Karen.. I don’t get it. I don’t like being called a liar.

BBCAN5 Timewarp Results
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Oil Field Jared

Is it just me or is Cass playing way too hard too soon?


Yes, Yes, Yes………….this girl is all over the place. She came in with an awful attitude. Not likeable at all this season. She is nothing so far without Tim there to calm her the hell down. She just won’t stop, and she really doesn’t know these new people very well, and the returnees know HER too well. Ika, Sindy and Neda for sure have her number, and are letting everyone Cass has wanted to get out know about it.


Lmao @ the name “Oil Field Jared.”


those time warp percentages look shady…why the eff would anyone vote for Kevin…let alone give him 2nd place?


Kevin was pretty popular his season so I’m not surprised at all


ika ruin every1 game they should used the pov!

tortise and hairw

cass and gary


who part the french connection simon or dawg?


that i thought so to!damn i wish knew what there sayn right now dxmn frernch talk right now


ya iknow i know last year they wouldnt allow nick and phil talk french


ya im just uploadn 1st episodehere on my dailymotion account here to