Vanessa to Audrey “Da thinks you are going up.. She’s not the only one”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 14-53-17-941
Nothing much going on..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 15-00-53-239

2:55pm Jeff, Liz and James hammock
Jeff says If James gets HOH Liz will try to crawl in his bed.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 15-10-11-971

3:05pm Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa says Audrey and Clay are pretending to not like each other.. “Gets me to thinking.. why did they want that alliance with us they have the other one..”
Vanessa wonders if their alliance is secondary.
Austin – Do you think they’re more loyal to James and Meg
Vanessa says they will find out if Meg goes up.
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 15-11-30-816
3:11pm Liz and Austin
Talking about the POV being tomorrow morning. They think Meg is going up. Liz was talking to Sheli in the HOH and Sheli seemed truthful. They agree if Meg doesn’t go up they’ll know where Sheli stands. Sheli did tell Liz she’s not going to be nominated but Shelli hasn’t talked to Meg yet.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 15-14-36-811

3:14pm James new look

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 15-20-05-589
3:16pm Meg and Clay
Meg says she talked to jason and he’s way ok with Da going. Clay suggests Meg talk to Sheli.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 15-39-16-672
3:38pm Vanessa, Jason, Da’Vonne
Vanessa – they should have a scale
Jason – if they had a scale we would all lose our damn minds..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 16-02-40-859

4:00pm Clay ringing the HOH door bell but no one answers.. we waits for a moment but it never opens..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 16-13-15-563

4:09pm Bathroom Audrey, Clay and Vanessa
Sounds like Clay said something that bothered Shelli he seems worried she’s upset. Clay leaves.
Audrey says Austin is worried about going up as the pawn.
Vanessa – No one wants to go up as the pawn
Vanessa – Day thinks you are going up.. She’s not the only one that thinks that
Audrey – Ohh I think so to.. I don’t know why people are telling her that..
Feeds go to fish.. when they come back LIz is with them. Chit chat begins..
Austin walks by, Liz tells them he asked him if he played pool and he said No I read books in my spare time.

Audrey says she went to school for geology but never finished. Her plan was to work her way up the corporate oil and gas machines. “infiltrate the system and find a better means of free resources for everyone, Climb up the ladder and take out one of the legs”
(LOL ohh shit)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 16-23-16-690

4:20pm HOH Shelli, Clay and Austin
Austin says he’s been biting his tongue with James.
Shelli – I’m going to talk to Meg
Clay telling them about his conversation with Meg where she said she’s not coming up to the HOH to talk to Shelli because she doesn’t want to look suspicious.
Clay I told her why be suspicious
Shelli points out that last week Meg had no problems hanging out in the HOH
Austin – do yo guys trust JAmes
Clay – he’s up in the air
Austin says James lied straight to his face, shook his hand and swore to him he wasn’t putting Jace up. Austin points out this was 30 minutes before the Veto Ceremony, “He broke his word as a man.. week 1”
Austin – Everything he does irritates me all the girls sh1t .. Been biting my tongue
They agree James isn’t trying to be offensive.
Clay originally did trust James.
Austin – I never talk game too much to Meg.
Clay says Meg will never want to win HOH because she’s trying to stay cool with everyone.
Shelli agrees points out Meg had no reason to win POV last week yet Meg keeps playing up how pissed she is for not winning it. Shelli is wishing she would just stop the ruse.
Austin mentions Jason and Meg are getting close Jason will latch onto Meg once Day leaves.
Austin points out that Jeff hangs out with everybody

Austin leaves.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 16-38-53-218

4:38pm Jason, Clay, Austin, Audrey, Steve, Liz, Jackie
Clay says they were joking.. throwing shots at each other he called her “a withering body” now she’s mad at him. Tells them when he went up there the door was locked so he thought she was puissed but she weas really in shower. They talked about it and are cool.
They start talking about Jeff saying he only dates blondes that are 5 years younger.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-05 16-58-24-451

4:55pm James still rocking his new look
Megs in the room with him. He’s a bit concerned about going up. James tells her he’s not going to Axe her or Jeff untill final 3

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Tried to post this earlier but never saw it show up. I’m new to this, so sorry for the potential double post. Anyway…

WARNING: Lots of unpopular Audrey love ahead: I know I’m in the minority here, but I love Audrey and can’t understand why she’s SO low in the poll. Yes, she started off batshit crazy – but it made for excellent drama/tv. And I actually think she completely turned her game around since then. She did the “lay in bed” thing that was obnoxious, but it at least served the purpose of having her lay low, got her some sympathy, and now she’s slowly been integrating herself back into the game. She was way too ambitious the first week and played way too hard and way too fast, but I like where she is right now and it seemed that she learned her lesson (at least a little bit).

Also – I’m glad to see her opening up more and actually having personal conversations with the other house guests. I initially wondered if being transgender was the reason that it was hard for her to open up to people about her life and get “personal” with the others. I’m sure that’s something she had a hard time doing her entire life, so it would make sense why she was only talking game all the time. But it’s good to see she’s adapting…. Now, if she can just make it a couple more weeks and she picks a few people to really prove her loyalty to (Shelli, Austin, Vanessa, etc.), I think she could turn this around.

Okay. I’m ready for the thumbs down and trash talk…. :))))))

Doran Martell

Honestly I thought because of her journey in life that she would have a good number of personal conversations with people. Also, in reference to the popularity pole, people who do the same stuff over and over again, like devin, kinda tends to drive people crazy. Some love it and some don’t. Welcome to the site tho.


I don’t like Audrey but I understand why you might like her. In other hand I don’t understand why people like Jonny Mac´s, Steves and Austin´s. This people are boring. For fans of this 3 i high recommended re-watch season 16 you gonna love it!!!

Eric CA

I kinda like Audrey as a person as a player she played to hard too fast.. she is digging her way out slowly and the good news is the people who really did not like Audrey are getting lower and lower in the houses opinions. I have quite a few transgender friends and sometimes when they get social it gets awkward. I think she is pretty far along on her transition so she is probably not as affected by the hormones as some… yet on occasion I see a bit of the hormone behaviors coming out.
There are really bigger targets in the house than Audrey. Personally I tend to get more irritated by wasted HoH’s like this week… Audrey, Da’Vonne, Liz, Steve or Meg are a waste of an opportunity. Personally if they wanted a target Jeff or Austin is a much better choice. On many levels if Jeff was to leave it would be the best thing for all of the Houseguests game… If Austin left… he has few actual ally and the backlash would be minimal. He probably has only another week or two left in his game or hopefully 2-3 weeks of game left in home. He for sure needs to win all of the next 5 POV and at least 2 HoH’s or Austins game is over… unfortunately because I like Austin… He has actually been more respectful to people in the game than the people who seem to hate him. He talks game strategically and the only two he really dislikes is Jeff and James most of his points about them are valid. Jeff is an a-hole and James is a bit of a weasel.


You can tell awd parents never told her no..also she a liar and pretty bad at it I think she should be gone girl…lol


I wish the Diary Room sessions were available online. Johnny’s DR sessions are awesome.

Doran Martell

Oh yea I’m watching CBS right now and Day’s DR sessions are crazy. She certainly didn’t like seeing Shellie and Becky’s HOH rooms, I know that.


Da is going to be sent home because she is a whiner that has to have her own way. What a stupid BOB strategy, too. She’s not a team player, for sure, so won’t last in this game. Audrey, hopefully, will be next. After that Clay. I like all the other house guests this year.


yeah, pretty hard to say shelli is only playing emotionally with that edit. clearly da was going to gun for shelli based on those dr sessions, and it’s good for shelli’s game to get da out.


Lol how do you know???

Doran Martell

Because she looked into the camera in the dr and told us lol. And her voice over. I’m watching the ep right now, you may not be tho.


Watching CBS, the clips they showed of his DR sessions have me laughing hard.


Jmac’s voice is so euphoric.


Johnny Mac reminds me of Bobcat Goldthwait


THAT’S IT! I couldn’t think of his name.

Mystery Van

Looks like Shaggy, too. I’d love to hear him more. I don’t even care what he’s saying.


I LOVED JohnnyMac’s DRs on tonight’s show. He’s funny, and sounds like the cookie monster swallowed the kid on Family Guy, same volume level too. And Jason slayed me; I want to change my name to “Dr. Square-all”.


I don’t understand why people like Austin or Vanessa IN THE GAME? I don’t see anything only float and bitching about everyone and everything.

Someone give me some light about?

Where they stand in the game?

They have some strategy?

Doran Martell

They’re both kinda vulnerable so they’re trying to feel out who they can trust more. Obviously james and Jeff are not on Austin’s good list. Vanessa basically is in the same position. I don’t think they have bitter enemies or are fist choice, except for maybe Jeff targeting austin. I’ve been trying to catch up some myself, maybe someone else can break it down better.


They know it’s a long game
They are trying to stay mellow till the dust settles
You see what is happening with Da’s blowup … now there is an excuse to get her out.
Same with Jace … played to hard to soon … should of just been mellow n chilled out
Ppl r looking for any reason to vote someone out … if not … they act like
dumba$$ Jeff and make crap up, like telling everyone that Vanessa is Americas player
oh how I dislike Jeff more n more everyday


Clay is such a dumbass. sweet lord.

JESUS CHRIST: The Original Master Of Cool

Yes, JESUS is sweet…but why do you think Clay is such a da?

Eric CA

Jeff was a jerk on Amazing Race… so was Jackie… they tried to take someones passports so they could not go further… they played a bit of dirty pool on that game… also Jeff and her are really close and were very attracted to each on the show.. so he is lying about the blonde thing too as a way to distract people from him and Jackie being connected.


Sheli is up Clays ass……… And day got caught in the Audrey cross firers.


Production is really trying to wait out the POV ceremony as long as possible.They are thinking of the best people to put up and as soon as they do then the ceremony will ANNOYING


as far as I can recall the POV ceremony has always been on Monday’s for the houseguest. But I am not 100% sure.


yeah, kinda weird how quick all the comps were at the beginning of the week, but i thought pov on monday was pretty standard (though it was sunday last week). i think production wants to figure out a way to save da which just isn’t gonna happen if shelli puts up meg.


Skeleton crew for the 4th of July weekend
That’s why all the comps were expedited this week
I thought BB should of gave them a BBQ
today to celebrate … better late than not


Audrey turns out to be quit the activist
Good for her …
I’m all for taking out the oil companies and having free energy too

another name

I find it pretty much impossible to believe anything that Audrey says. that said… good for her for expressing her activist leanings. having expressed them before getting her foot in the door within the industry isn’t really the smartest way to launch her objective, but good for her.
I think I accidentally took an extra sarcasm vitamin. sorry.

Eric CA

Smart Audrey Professional Homosexual and Transgender plays really well. There are gay and Trans Celebs that have a little bit of fame and then become spokes personas, speakers or “advocates” for a specific cause. They get paid by magazines, Events, conferences and pride Events. Lots of travel and a nice amount of money. If she is using this as a spring board to that she is extremely smart and probably someone to watch in the game.


I don’t like jeff but I think hes playing pretty good I expected him to have a much bigger target because of the amazing race. I lost all respect for Johnny mac I was hoping he didn’t really thrown the comp but now knowing he did he’s a pussy and a dumb ass if they pawned you your obviously expendable why not save yourself


Like I said so many times johny mac is a fucking sheep floater and have nothing to bring to the table. I’m kind of shock why so many people like him…but I’m glad they all gonna be disappointed veryyyy soon LOOOL
People don’t like jeff are vanessas austins and steves fans …


How is JohnMac a floater when he won two comps to save himself in 2 weeks. Explain please? He is on the block twice in 2 weeks.


Exactly. Someone needs to look up the term “floater” before they attempt to use it as an insult. Lol


Well just finished watching CBS’s version of BB. Should be called BB in Wonderland.
The way CBS edits, Pathetic!!!

Kate L

Becky was actually in tears when talking about audrey insinuating that she was making racist comments. CBS didnt touch that with a 10ft pole on tonight’s episode. That’s why I say that you get soooo much more out of what’s really going on in the house from this site or watching the feeds.


Liz/Julia need to get it together?
Did anyone else notice that Liz/Julia had the exact same talk with Sheli
today and yesterday (It was decided yesterday Liz is staying and Meg is going up)
just a little red flag I noticed
More power to them … It would be very hard to pull off
Hope they succeed


There’s so much time between the comps and Shelli/Clay tend to say the same things a million times to the same people. I watched Afterdark on FF and it was 2 hours of them in bed having a 10 minute conversation over and over.

another name

looking at short game it’s a good idea from shelli’s perspective to get rid of da. shelli believes da is targeting her and targeting clay. I can buy that.
long game, what are the ramifications? shelli has back stabbed becky. shelli has promised meg safety, and is now going back on her word. shelli is saving Audrey. from other houseguests’ perspective saving Audrey means aligned with Audrey. breaking your word to five people in the house (becky, meg, james, Jason and Jackie) seems like an awful lot of enemy making for week two, especially to keep someone that you know has lied to you, and has proven she will play both sides and is truly only loyal to herself.
Imo, getting rid of someone you believe is targeting you is a great idea, but breaking your word to multiple people, and creating multiple enemies in order to do so at the beginning of the game is pretty short sighted.


yeah, shelli didn’t play this great. she should have been way more careful not to break her word to people, but the move to get out da is still correct and she still has a number of people who won’t be targeting her and may even be willing to work with her (austin, vanessa, liz, steve, jmac). most of the house should still be targeting audrey which may buy her time but she moved up from off the radar to plan b should that not work out.

another name

given how the hg’s have been strategizing so far, it isn’t a big stretch to think that if any one of the five wins hoh, shelli and clay will be put up on the block at some point in the week if only to weaken Audrey’s chances of staying, or to actually become the primary target in order to isolate the manipulation contagion that Audrey seems to spread.
consider this: clay and shelli become the nominees after pov because some how Audrey is safe. it’s a pretty big what if, but bears consideration. how’s shelli looking in the event? the guys will vote out the girl of the pair in most early game case scenarios historically. the girls will vote out shelli because she actively lied to them.
this is why I think shelli is failing to grasp the concept of long game. she’s only considering the short term goal of what happens during her own hoh, not what will happen when she is unable to play for hoh on Thursday.


i don’t know. austin, liz, vanessa, steve, and jmac are in desperate need of allies and picking up shelli and clay is good for their game. any one of these can use steve/jmac and jason (jason’s game becoming very interesting should da go) as pawns while targeting audrey and not upset the rest of the house. heck, clay’s dumb enough to volunteer as a pawn even.

meanwhile the way jeff is playing he should absolutely be the target of this side of the house but you make a lot of enemies by doing so (and i already think he’s in austin liz and vanessa’s sights). so while shelli and clay have potential as pawns, and pawns do frequently go home, they really shouldn’t be any of the five’s target which, admittedly mostly short-term for now, is good for shelli.


Johnny Mac winning veto was probably the worst thing that could have happened to Shelli’s game. If Day won then Audrey would go up and many wouldn’t realize just how much a target Day was. Now Shelli’s talked her way into a corner and she’s going to screw over a fair number of people and make herself and Clay much larger targets and show how little their word means in this game. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the veto doesn’t get used. I’m assuming JMac isn’t a moron and will save himself.

She needed to not make so many promises.


Well said. We always complain when HoH speak with the other house guests before nominations. Shelli did stand out this week be doing what she wanted to do and not follow the rest of the house. Good for her. But I do think she did it for “her man-child” Clay.

another name

hey tomasa. the stumbling block I hit when considering how shelli has played her hoh is that she is counting on her alliance to back her up and to keep her safe in the coming week. this would be a no-brainer in most cases. that’s what alliances are for. but there is a quid pro quo to be paid for an alliance to back an hoh.
the hoh has to consider what is best for the alliance not their own individual game. shelli did agree that Audrey was a threat to the alliance before she became hoh. shelli targets da because she believes da is after shelli and clay. da isn’t a threat to the alliance, only to the individual games. she’s relying on the alliance she ignored to protect her after getting rid of a personal threat. given the fluidity of the alliance structures in the past week, that is a risk that shouldn’t be taken in week two. that’s a week five or six risk. she’s isolated herself from five people by lying to them. how many of the remaining eight are going to put their neck on the line to save someone that doesn’t care about their interests? for some reason, i’m seeing battle of the block in shelli’s immediate future.


i also feel shelli has to consider whether that alliance is good for her game or not, and frankly it isn’t. the alliance is huge and she’s probably in the 8th or 9th spot behind jeff, james, meg, jason, da, becky, and jackie. the fact that the alliance likes jason and by extension da is HUGE, and means she needs to get out and try her luck with the rest of the house. audrey’s a total loose cannon but it’s possible shelli can work with her so long as she tells audrey nothing and keeps the rest of the house even more hostile, she did some great work pulling in jmac, steve’s still a free agent, and this move has the potential to earn the trust of austin/vanessa/liz. depending how she plays with austin/vanessa/liz she’s either 4th and 5th with them or can get a four-five person alliance going with jmac, audrey, and/or steve which can then flip on the trio once the other houseguests are out. i really don’t hate shelli’s move here (just how she went about it), and think going with the house would have completely screwed her game.

another name

in a way you are hitting the nail of my point on the head. first consideration: which alliance is she actually aligned with. case can be made for both. until she backs out of the backdoor plan. so… who is she actually left with?
Austin liz and vanessa? since everyone groups them as a single entity, where does shelli and clay stand? bottom of that pecking order.
Audrey? depending on how the wind blows and what’s best for Audrey, that’s what you’ll get. doesn’t sound like a stable alliance. makes shelli and clay a target.
james Jason meg becky and jackie? nope you just kept them out of the loop or backstabbed them. she drew a line by excluding them from her process.
jeff? seems far more game loyal to the dudes, and only loyal to the women if it will get him some. add to that he’s playing both sides. if each side thinks they bring jeff to the table, what are the chances he’ll act against the next hoh?
steve and john? how useful are they actually going to be when each has the strategy of trying to stay off the radar and in good graces? honestly, I think they’ll follow the wishes of each hoh until jury. truthfully, each is being courted harder by the Austin tribe. that puts shelli and clay on the bottom of that group again.
the inherent problem? both alliances actually wanted Audrey gone to some extent. keeping her lessens shelli’s position in the house. sure she’s showing she’s loyal to Audrey, at the expense of the wishes of the large alliance and the small alliance.
still thinking her hoh will create more problems for her. she was worried about one person targeting her. she made five enemies to get that one target out. since when is target of five preferable to target of one?


You know what I dont even care. I’m liking the dramatic part of Audrey spices the game up. I think she might be a genius if she can get through the next couple votes.

It literally made me nautious how most of the episode was about clay and shellz. And in that nautiousnes it hit me how well audrey might be playing. I wish she would admit to being a villan this would be a lot easier to handle emotionally. I cannot justify why i like her but im intrigued.

The Oracle

Few things to point out.
I don’t think Audrey’s absolutely horrible move is getting as much credit as it deserves. She must not have ever watched Bigbrother. Make up an entire alliance then go warn the person you threw under the bus to 5 others that people are talking about it. Honestly blows my mind the stupidity. I don’t even think there was an end goal. People are saying she over played.. that isn’t even playing lmao thats just suicide.
Second – As much as people say Clay is boring he’s making the exact right game move this week and Shelli is smart enough to see it through. Sure DA is entertaining but she has no emotional control and unfortunately didn’t make up or win. I like Clay because I like players who see the game for what it is and make the best moves as I imagine doing. Keeping Audrey is a no brainer.. even if she thinks she’s “putting on a show” to convince them and be the puppet master manipulator, the reality is that if they save her she is with them and obviously will target the other side of the house. This early the game is all about numbers and if you keep the numbers on your side you coast until final 6 or 7, pickup the weak/lone wolves and use them to your advantage rather then easy eliminations.. in which case you lose.


I 100% agree with you. Clay got JohnMac on his side this week is his big achievement. JohnMac is really smart. I think JohnMac is good at comp. I think JohnMac just pretended to be weak for the first half of the game. JohnMac wins comp whenever he needs to. Clay is lucky to have JohnMac on his side, not only for a vote but also has a potential to win comps. Clay is a threat to everyone but he is playing well to have many people on his side. This is not easy in BB history.


Audrey is brainless. There is no way she’d be able to find a “free” alternative to oil. Where great discoveries are found, they quickly become monetized. Activist is a word meaning dumb a$$ loser who sits in their parents basement and has a myopic view of the world. Audrey is easily the most politically opportunistic contestant in the history of this show. It is repugnant. CBS shame on you!


Yea the political agenda’s of major networks and hollywood are being pushed pretty hard on the public. I mean they always have been. But I agree with you, Caitlyn Jenner got an award for courage at the espn awards. She beat out a 17 yr old female basketball player that died of leukemia. I mean come on.


Really???! How sad…


Yea man


The randomness of Audrey’s ‘game’ the first two weeks has been entertaining to watch. She is playing the role of saboteur without being paid for it. If I had to describe her game ‘strategy’, I would call it “Random Chaos”. She creates the 8 person super-alliance, then destroys it all in the same week, hilarious, and inadvertently blows-up Da’s game in the process. I hope Da’ can find a way to stay this week ( maybe Kathy (Grod) will help with that idea ) , here’s hoping for many more house meetings in the weeks ahead.