Day about Audrey “Bit*h had an IV, a heart monitor, now you’re resurrected! Praise the lord!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Nomination results:

Becky nominated Steve and Jason, She thinks everyone is on board with backdooring Audrey
Shelli nominated Johnny Mac and DAY, She hopes Johnny Mac throws the BOB so she can evict DAY.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 02-27-20-131

2:30am In the bedroom – Jason says we’re the plan B! Day says I don’t trust no one up in this bit*h! Nobody! Jason and Day believe everyone knew what was happening. Jason says no one is going to send Johnny Mac or Steve home over me and you. Day says she told me I was going up right before. Jason asks did she tell you .. you were going up against me? Day says no. James joins them. Jason says we’re the targets. Day says this girl (Audrey) was proved to be a liar … and you don’t trust me!! Jason says we’re the B plan .. if they can’t get Audrey out, they’re going to get one of us out. Day says we’re going to kill this BOB and then get off and get that a$$! Day says they all think I went off on Audrey… she is going to be pissed if I find out I’m being snaked! She’s skipping around the house, laughing, cracking jokes. They picked the wrong two!! Jason says the two big bad wolves are up on the block because we checked her.. I know how this game works you go up in you open your mouth. Becky says I’m not a pawn. ..After everything Audrey did .. what did all that just go out the window!? Day says even if I have to win the BOB by myself I’m going to win it. Jason says Frankie did it. Day says Jace dropped the bomb that there was an 8 person alliance. The thing is it wasn’t even an alliance it was just people that wanted him (Jace) out. Day says notice this bit*h floating around this house! This bit*h had an IV, a heart monitor … now you’re resurrected! Praise the lord!

2:35am In the cabana room – Austin tells Johnny Mac .. I am telling you right now you have my vote! 100%!! Johnny says I appreciate that. Austin says their alliance is going to explode. If Day ends up going home we are going to coast for a long time! I’m going to fight for you. I’m still worried that there could be a plan to backdoor me. If I lose another physical competition I’m not going to be a physical threat. It’s definitely a different vibe in the house. Johnny says I don’t want to get in the middle of this uprising. Austin leaves and Day talks to Johnny. He asks her if she’s okay. She says yeah I’m fine. I expected it. Just communication .. as long as we keep talking we’ll come off the block. Did you know I was going to go up? Johnny says they didn’t want me talking to you. Day says I thought I was the pawn and Audrey was the target but the more I think about it I know I’m the target. Jason’s just a pawn because they know we work together.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 02-32-49-709

2:40pm In the HOH room – Vanessa tells Shelli “You have balls! You have big balls!” Vanessa asks do you think Johnny Mac will do it? Shelli tells Vanessa to tell Johnny “I talked to Shelli and she let me know what the plan was and she is very trustworthy.” Shelli says that Becky’s plan is to backdoor Audrey. Until I was putting in my keys I realized that Becky thinks that’s my plan too. Vanessa says that’s good .. Shelli says anyone who is afraid of Audrey should think that. Its better that way. Trust me. Vanessa says and it could be the backup plan. Since I put up Day she is going to be gunning for me so I have to get her out. Vanessa leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 02-42-45-584

2:50am – 3:10am Clay joins Shelli in the HOH room. Audrey joins them. Audrey asks can I ask 1 question? Shelli says yeah, just one. Just kidding. Audrey asks is there a plan b if Steve or Jason some how throw the competition? Shelli says I don’t think so. Clay says we have to do everything we can to keep Johnny. They wonder if Becky can hear them. Shelli says I’m not talking game tonight. Audrey leaves. Shelli tells Clay I am going to have to tell her not to come up here when no one else is up here. Clay says that he warned Audrey if she says one word to someone she will be walking out that door. Clay says Audrey already lied to me 3 or 4 times. She lied about talking to James. You can’t trust her. Not in this game. Clay says Jeff is working with us here. He is risking her staying for us. If she does stay I will go after her. Audrey’s already lost my trust. Its nothing personal. Shelli says I don’t want to talk game with her EVER! Clay agrees. Shelli says as soon as you doubt someone .. you cant get it back. Clay says all the concerns and suspicion .. and the lies where we’ve caught her red handed. If I lied to you and you caught me you wouldn’t trust me either.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 03-04-17-015
In the living room. Austin tells Audrey .. if Johnny Mac throws it you’re golden. Audrey says I hope it doesn’t come down to who throws it better.

3:20am – 3:40am Jackie joins them. Clay asks are you a little less stressful this week. Jackie says yeah. Shelli says I told her (DaVonne) right before and she is actually acting pretty low key about it .. but I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Becky comes out of her HOH room. Shelli says it is funny how no one is coming up here. Becky says that’s because there was no time. Clay says Day said you won’t catch me up there! Clay says she should seriously pack her bags. Pack them out of here. Jackie says I guess we’ll see what happens in the BOB. Shelli says either way ..Becky told me about the things Audrey said. Jackie says that bothers me that she said that. Jackie says when James was talking to Audrey.. she said Becky said a racist comment. Clay asks what did she say? Jackie says nothing. Becky coming in here said that was her biggest fear. Jackie says Jason bum rushed her in the storage room when the music was on so it wouldn’t be on the live feeds. Jackie says Audrey will use any insecurty to pray on you. For her to go there and push it to that level is not okay. Shelli says that’s a personal attack. Jackie asks for what?! Jackie says she (Audrey) thought about it .. like how can I hurt Becky.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 03-48-24-947
In the bedroom – James tells them about how he drank pee before. Jason says that he was at a party once and these girls pissed in a guys beer and watched him drink it. The guy also shared the beer with two other people they didn’t want to drink it but couldn’t say anything .. like don’t drink that beer! The conversation turns to talking about dating sites. James says he hooked up with 2 girls off a site. Jason says I hope you use protection. James says I don’t like guns. Jason tells the kids watching live feeds to use protection. I’m from the gay world we don’t mess around without protection. James says I got tazered in a night club before and I pee’d myself.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 03-47-02-946

3:55am Shelli says that when she was in finals (to get on the show) when I saw you.. I obviously had a huge crush and obviously because they kept asking me about you in my interviews. So obviously they were making me think about you .. Just like oh he’s hot! And I got to thinking I would really, really, really want to be on big brother so… Big Brother tells her you are not allowed to talk about production. Clay says I referred (in the diary room) to you as my Georgia Peach that no ones taken a bite of. Shelli says if I get dethroned then this whole thing could come back and bite me. SHelli says John will throw it. Shelli says Jason may not try to throw it now because at some point he may not want to part with Day. Vanessa has also talked to John on a personal level. I don’t want him to feel that I am going to hurt him. So Vanessa is going to talk to John tomorrow and say she talked to me about the plan and will tell him he can trust me. Shelli says if doesn’t work out I will have to backdoor Audrey. I just can’t imagine being the one to do it. I want anyone who plays veto to keep my nominations the same. Jason will come gunning for me next week so you have to win HOH. Clay says we just need to get Day out.

Definite votes: Clay, Jeff, Audrey, Vanessa, Austin, John
In between votes: Jackie, Becky, James, Meg, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 03-52-41-111

4:20am – 4:50am Storage room – James and Jeff in the storage room. James says I’m going to stay loyal to the group. Jeff says Clay is so convinced that if he doesn’t get Day out then she will come after him. James says I just want Audrey out. She has just done so much sh*t! It boggles my mind that Audrey is not up on the block. The only way that its certain that she leaves is if Shelli gets dethroned. Jeff says the thing that scares me about Clay is that if we ever got to final 3 .. he would take Shelli over me. James says I don’t want to play Shelli or Clay’s agenda. I think our group could go to the end. I guess we will just deal with it down the road. Jeff says I am just worried that they aren’t going to go throw with getting rid of Audrey. That would be terrifying. James says I don’t trust her. I have to trust Clay and Shelli. They did say we’re in a group now and we’ve got to trust. Day joins them. They tell her they’re worried because Audrey isn’t on the block. Day says well because Jason and I are the targets. Jeff suggests Day go make a deal with Shelli. Jeff says long story short you and John should probably win. James says if everyone in the house voices how much we want Audrey out I think they would switch up their agenda. Day heads to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 04-37-33-836

5am Audrey comes out of the diary room with a clip board and a megaphone. Audrey “RED ALERT ITS TIME FOR THE BATTLE OF THE BLOCK COMPETITION! Get changed and report to the “Ginger Fever” .. Big Brother then blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 04-59-19-787

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 04-59-26-824

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I know I’m not unaccompanied on this, clearly me and plenty other posters have noticed this outline, where people with ethnic backgrounds get scolded over every action they make, but the white’s doesn’t seem to get the same amount of vitriol and repercussion spewed at them. Is that a coincidence or is it just the fact that people won’t tolerate inaccuracy and discourtesy from minorities?


Ummmmm..remember Aaryn? Race card won’t always play.


Black people are the most’re delusional

facts known

Racism-the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.


What ethnicity was Jace? If you look for offense you will find it, even if it is not there.


Gosh and here I thought Audry was the one taking it in the chops. Day had a fight with Shelli’s boy toy so she’s on the block, moral is don’t pick a fight. Don’t see race card here, sorry.


Hopefully it’s not intended to be harmful but it’s just reality, when the environment doesn’t show concern about stereotyping then it’s ok in the BB house and out of it. That’s why America is in an uproar right now.


Oh for the love of Pete. They are NOT targeting Day because of her skin color, she pops off over every little thing. She is obviously a strong personality in the group that DOES NOT include clay, Shelly ect.

She’s a pretty girl and smart but not a good bb player. You don’t go off on people and start fights in the first week….NOT SMART. And just because they want her out doesn’t make the motivation for that race. I mean should any “non-whites” just come on the show and then hand them the money because if they’re voted off its racist? Lol. Come on…


Thank you! Thank you! That has always been the trend on BB and in real life too. Minorities are never given the benefit of the doubt. I’m not saying the cast is racist. I don’t think so but I think it’s about cultural differences and preconceived notions. They might already have a mindset about people that look like Day and when she had a little a drama it just confirmed their theories. Basically, in order for a black person to win BB, they will have to be PERFECT. That’s just how American society is.


Wow I love that Day is not naive and already knows the plan.


Day just may be too smart for them. She can read people.


this season is crazy in a GREAT way!

this weeks #BBTakeover twist is actually excellent. The houseguests either know what they’re doing OR think they do while acting all crazy. Keeping in mind that we’re still in week 2 (of at least the televised show) this much drama was totally unexpected.

Wish they showed a bit more of Da and Audrey on the TV cut cuz they are the most interesting people in the house.

I hope they both stay in the game and stir up the pot.

I also like how good of a job the twins are doing BUT I don’t think they’re the only ones who will switch in and out.

Lastly, it was an EXCELLENT idea to lie that Liz has an OLDER sister. Way to go Liz!


They have a sister who is 10 months older. There is a picture of the 3 of them on Jokers.
They are all beautiful.


well she denied that she has a twin so that’s what I was talking about 😛 You get my point!

In other news I still believe there is more than one alternating pair of twins in the house.


JohnnyMac is looking different on some days…his hair and skin tone change…but, I might just be paranoid! Fun twist! The girls are slightly different because Liz has darker brows by one shade.


I knew it was going to happen once the HOH was won by Shelli. I hope by some miracle that Day and Jason save themselves get out Audry an then send Clay and Shelli packing. Smh bad game move. #JayandDay


Yes plz get clay and Shelli out, I hope day/johnny win, and Audrey and Shelli, sits on the block together, Clay & Shelli said all the reasons to get Audrey out, but they gunning for Day, how did that come into play.

free folk

My two cents on that…because the puma is there for a showmance…and Audrey feeds into that fairy tale like crazy…”I can be a bridesmaid.” And Clay?….He’s not that bright…not even enough that Caleb’s mom would let him in the crayon box.


I hope Becky finds out soon that Shelly isnt planning on backdooring Audrey..then maybe theres a chance that if Day and JohnnyMac wins the BOB then Becky can put Shelli on the block… thatd be awesome


If Becky stays HOH and Sithe Lord Aud wins the veto and uses it, I think Shelli will be out the door.

Frank the Tank

the old cliche: the most twisted summer of the most twisted big brother EVER. Its frustrating that such a potential “game changer” is going to be left solely to chance. However, just like everything in big brother, this twist is probably going to be orchestrated by production. ie, making sure the production-chosen 7th caller receipent is nearest to this mysterious telephone. Give me a break. A social experiment shouldn’t be altered by an outside influence that is focused on a specific outcome fueled by ulterior motives. I feel Audrey will be in this game for a very long time as a way for big brother to gain positive publicity in light of the controversies of the past few seasons. Watch Audrey “win” this weeks twist.


Probably? I wouldn’t be surprised if a certain person was informed of when to hover near the phone and another coincidentally is in the DR when the 7th phone call comes.


Yes, exactly what will happen! …the phone will ring the 7th time just as Audrey happens on by.


I don’t get how Day became a target when Audrey was the one for the last 72 hours. What the hell? Can we have a tie in BoB and then all four nominees will be immuned?




Shelli’s the HOH and DaV is her target because:

1. Shelli/Dav/Audrey were in an alliance. Dav god the ff but didn’t pick Shelli/Audrey (this was a red flag for Shelli)
2. Dav talked to Audrey saying that she was worried about Shelli/Clay’s closeness (rightfully so) and guess what? It got back to Shelli.
3. Shelli/Clay/Jeff were bothered by Dav going into a room when no one was in there. That got blown up by Dav’s approach. (Big Brother is a social game)

And I’m sure there’re many more reasons but I don’t have the live feeds. Shelli’s a strong person/Dav’s a strong person; they clash.

Butters Mom

This is exactly what happened… I’ve seen so many posts suggesting other reasons and this is why Shelli put Da up… Thank you for recapping!


I’m hoping somehow Jason is the one who goes out of all this. He just completely annoys me.

It's big brother

I don’t get everyone loving DAY I can’t stand her Id rather Jason and Audrey stay in the game over her I get you guys love her going off on ppl but shes a tool in her game play hope she’s on the block after veto Cuz she’ll no she’s going home then will see her true personality going off on people


This is another example of stereotyping, just because she’s black doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s loud and will get off. Jason has the same personality as her but why is she only getting the ‘villain’ treatment? I personally like her because she has a BS detector. Also among the people inside the house she is one of the few ones who hasn’t thrown anyone else under the bus, even if she knows that Clay and Shelli are going after her, her targets are Steve, Audrey and Austin, people who are not part of the ‘alliance’.


I would like to first start off with Day was one of my preseason picks. Up until last week I was still rooting for her but then she was on the side with the large alliance so I started going against her because Van (my number 1 pick) was on the outside and Day was telling people not to trust Van.

Now back to your comment about stereotyping. In general, no I don’t think Day is loud… but she is VERY emotional. She started really losing me when she cried because Clay lied to her- this is BB everyone lies, including Day. Also she completely lost her cool with Audrey and basically threw her entire alliance under the bus when that argument happened = too emotional. Also she started crying as soon as she realized Shelli was most likely going to target her.

Day and Jason are very similar, I agree. However, me being a fan for the underdogs I see Day as a much bigger threat to Steve and Van because she is way smarter than Jason. Her intelligence is what makes her a bigger target than Jason, NOT her skin color.

As for the Day BS detector… Day thinks everyone is BSing and with this being BB she is going to look like a genius because often people are BSing her. However her biggest fault is the fact that she really doesn’t have a good BS detector she just automatically believes everyone is lying even when they aren’t. For example her attacking Steve and calling him a rat and speedy Gonzales. If you recall Steve wanted to work with Day not Audrey. Also her thinking Jmac is not a dentist… she is too paranoid and calling everyone a liar that is not in her alliance.
Now with that being said she is definitely someone I would want on my side because she is super loyal to those she does trust. But if she didn’t trust me I would want her out ASAP- this is why Shelli is going after her.


Just shut up!


It’s big brother… All I waist enuf time to say is just shut up. Really!


Sadly racism will always exist until women of all races are treated as equals within their own communities, no matter what race they belong to…or country.


I still don’t see why Shelli, Clay and company hate Day so much, they know Audrey lies all the time so why can’t they get her out?


Its really not that complicated. One they don’t hate Day they just don’t trust her and know that she is going after them. So here is the question, who is the bigger threat to Shelli and Clay’s game?
Audrey? whom EVERYONE in the house knows is a liar and no one trusts her so they won’t believe anything she says AND who if did win hoh next week would NEVER target them OR
Day? whom has A LOT of influence over a lot of key members in the house and if she were to get hoh next week probably would take a shot at Shelli and Clay?

Once again Audrey is a nonthreat in this game because her game is exposed. If only her alliance members knew she was a liar that she would be a huge threat to them… but EVERYONE knows so not a single person trusts what she says, so what damage can she do?


Because Shelly thinks Audrey will “work with her”, and she knows for sure Day won’t.


I bet there doing this all so sick Cuz they want more drama


“Shelli says I’m not talking game tonight. Audrey leaves.”

This is like the story of the season LOL


Clay to Shellie: “We can’t trust her (Aubrey)”
But yet Day is your target this week and not Aubrey. I am so glad Jeff and James are catching on to Clay and Shellie’s crap! If Day goes (crossing fingers she won’t) I hope Jeff/James/Jason target clay and Shellie next week.


This is not a race thing and everytime some pulls the “race card” I honestly think it just perpetuates racism. Yes racism still exists, which is unfortunate. And no you don’t have to make racists comments to have prejudice against another race. I also think being scared to justly go after someone of another race because you are afraid to be called racist is also racist.

Face it, Day was and is targeting Clay and Shelli and they know that. Shelli knows you have to strike first in this game. They also know that Day is smart and does have power over that group of people. Not to mention Day threw them all under the bus with the Audrey/Day blow up. She is explosive and it has nothing to do with race. This is BB and if you want to make it far in the game you have to go after the strongest players that are going after you before they strike.

Jace was a strong physical threat with an explosive personality, which is why they wanted him gone and he is not a black woman. Day is a strong mental/social threat with an explosive personality.

Everyone in the house knows Audrey’s gameplay, which makes her a nonthreat at this point. And also makes her a great person to use for numbers. Props to Shelli for going after someone who is a threat to her game and making a big move rather than wasting her hoh and going after “what the house wants.” Audrey will not target Shelli, ever. She may spread lies, but Shelli is one of the last people she would target so why would Shelli go after her???

I see a lot more sexism on the chats and boards and in the house than I see racism. I am so sick of everyone thinking Clay controls Shelli just because Clay is a guy and Shelli is a girl. Shelli has proven several times that she is smarter than Clay and has held her ground against him Yet people are still claiming this is Clay’s hoh. If that were true it would be Clay on the block next to Day right now, because that is how brilliant he is.


EXACTLY! People like Tim only perpetuate racism. Pulling the race card, when there isn’t anything racist to begin with, only keeps it alive.


This is 2015, Tim. It’s people like you that perpetuate racism. This has NOTHING to do with race. Do you think Becky wants Audrey out because she’s transgender? Nope, you don’t seem to think that. Which is weird because Day may not have caused AS MUCH drama as Audrey, but Day still fought with people and caused drama herself. Over really silly things in the grand scheme of Big Brother. BAD game play. I like Day, but bad game play none the less.

Shelly views Day’s strong personality (in the GROUP THAT SHELLY is not in) as a threat. Yes there is still racism in the world, and not just by white people I might add. BUT that doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING is racist. Jeesh.


Really? I know it would be useless to debate you on your definition of racism. How are you going to write a comment about discrimination but use a term like “queer”?
I’m glad Da is up, if for no other reason, her good bye message to Jace. She seemed to believe she was untouchable. She totally overreacted with Jeff and Clay.


I am southern. Born and raised. And I was raised in the 60s. I know that racism is alive and well in most any culture. Thing is…..I come to this site to keep up with what is happening in the Big Brother house. Not to spew my personal opinions about other things. And not to present myself as a racist or a victim. I wish you could do the same. I. For one am already bored with your race baiting BS.


I am just really happy sweet Steve is safe again this week!