Da’Vonne’s reply to Audrey’s plan “No b1tch I’m still not working with you”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 20-03-35-643

8:00pm Jace, Vanessa and Austin
Jace telling them about the plan to flip the house. he talked to James and he might be buying it. Jace wants them to know unless they are 100% with the votes they are not to vote for him.
Jace says he’s guaranteeing JAce’s safety and he’s going to honour that
Austin – there’s bigger fish to fry
Jace – this game is quick.. it’s wasn’t just me,, it was Audrey .. I am forever indebted to her
Austin says audrey flips on people all the time she might do it again.
Jace – It’s a long shot let’s not get excited yet

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 20-07-52-814

8:05pm HOH James, JAce
Jace – I need (Votes) Steve, JohnnyMac, Jason and Day.
James – I would have to talk to Day and them.. everything has to be under wraps don’t call house meetings
Jace – I can secure three or four votes.
James – you try to secure votes right now it’ll rile people up and Jeff could get into it.
James says he’s going to run it by James and Day in a minute then he’ll talk
Jace – I’m your gun

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 20-11-58-550

8:10pm HOH James, Jason and Day
James – as you all can see people have been coming here sectrley.. I’ve been hit by a bomb
James – Audrey was saying that.. her only card she has left is to say what Jace has been telling her about Jeff
James says Jeff told Jace about the song. “What benefit does he have telling jace about the song”
Audrey’s told him Jeff thought he was going to be nominated he didn’t know for sure JAce was getting backdoored.
Jason and DAY think Audrey is targeting Jeff now and making things up again.
James – what I’m getting from Jace and Audrey.. Jeff and Jace got in it a little bit in the comic book room.. Jeff said I had no loyalties to you
James explains JAce is telling him he’s the target after next week that a lot of people in the house have been talking about it.
Day and Jason haven’t heard anything about James being a target. They comment on how James had the best HOH in History.

James says Audrey wants an alliance with the three of them.
Jason agrees nobody would believe it but they can’t trust Audrey
DAY – you be careful with her james
DAY points out that Audrey and Jace have been spending a lot of time together they probably cooked this plan up.
Day – it’s too late to save jace..
Jason says if he wins HOH next week Audrey is a target for him. They stress to James the house isn’t targeting him JAce is making it up.

DAY mentions how Audrey’s face lite up when they came into the HOH room she thought they were going to go with the plan “no b1tch I’m still not working with you.. like I said if she wins HOH i’ll play the game but immediately after She’s done.. she’s done”
Day – you be careful around Steve he’s a legit rat for her
Jason – even if Jeff was the leak that’s no reason to get rid of jackie
James agrees says Jace is still going home in the meantime he’ll just tell everyone what they want to hear.
(So house isn’t flipping)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 20-35-50-987

8:32pm HOH James and Jace
James tells him that Day and jason don’t know where the group. They didn’t want to talk game but it sounds like they don’t want to go along with it.
Jace asks him if he can get Steve and JohnnyMac or clay and Shelli.
They agree there’s no way to get Becky’s vote. Jace says if he can get Clay and Sheli in a room they could talk to them.
James – People aren’t going to flip without a valid reason..
James – Alright man we’ll see what we can work out..
they leave the room.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 20-44-38-747

They are doing a performance tonight, like a dance routine, magic show etc etc. Clay and Shelli are going to dance.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 21-28-11-969

Liz and Jeff working on their cheers
Becky and JOHNNYMAC are working on a Dental commercial
“Today we’re going to tell you how to tell your date they have bad breath”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 21-16-19-308

9:15pm Jeff, Liz and Judas
Practicing their cheer

Houseguests getting ready for the prom or eating.

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Ariana Grande stinks!

James is a bit disappointing here. So naive, gullible and easy… Thank God Da’Vonne was there to talk some sense into that man!



Am I the only one who just can’t get into this season. . . . . . . it all seems weirder than normal. <3


I love this season so far, but I’m afraid bad choices will throw the gameplay through the window… I mean: I don’t want the sh!tstirrers out. Audrey and her 23 personalities need to stay, and I’d love to see a game more free of alliances for a change. You see: there are alliances in the house, but they are so fickle that in the end I’d not mind if people fought over stuff that doesn’t involve the people who are actually up for eviction. If you take a closer look, the fack Jace or Jackie is leaving is a background story, because the whole house fights with Audrey and makes up with here and then they turn on each other with suspicions non-stop! I’m loving this mess…


I would like to see a house where the HoH knows he really doesn’t hold all the power.the only power he has is to nominate and the house votes out. I would like to see the hg vote for who is best for their game and not with the house.

Doran Martell

Oh they are certainly a weird group, but I think they’re interesting. Def not as much chemistry as the bb16 cast had. A lot more hight strung as well, should be fun to watch. They’ve been together two weeks and they’re already at each other’s throats

The Hammer

I like this season. No re-treads from past years, no scumbags like Derek and Frankie, and that goofy dentist guy makes me laugh every time he’s onscreen. I’m more optimistic about this season than any since The Brigade year cause it has SUCKED ever since then, last year was the worst ever!!


Thank you SO MUCH for calling Derek a scumbag! I have rarely read something truer about him! That whole “you’re taking food out of my daughter’s mouth” speech (ugh!) and his sick comments about Victoria are still very fresh in my mind. I’d never wish on his daughter the things he did towards Victoria… but life is a funny thing: he was given a daughter and let’s see how he deals with this situation given that he’s such a chauvinist.

I have already heard some sexist comments coming from Jeff… I really wish CBS kept it more real, and showed all their nastiness during the episodes just like they were forced to do on BB 15.

Big brother fan

Hi 🙂




Can’t stand Jeff… he gives me bad vibes… I see a bit of MovingCompany guys in him + a bit of Cody + a lot of BS coming from an ego of a hasbeen high school jock (the worst kind of hasbeens!).


didn’t like Jeff on Amazing Race, and like him even less on BB

OnlineBB Lover

Day is smart and not easily fooled. I like it. She has serious potential.


Noooo Day Steve wanted to work with you… I’m sad that Day, Jason, and James aren’t solidifying a final 3. Day hasn’t even solidified a final 2 with Jason. I hope she is just bidding her time.


Jeff’s flirting on after dark is unbearable


Anything related to Jeff is embarrassing…


The prom is a welcome distraction from the constant scheming (well Audrey/Jace and Austin/Jeff are still working).

Austin/Jason was funny, though I though Jason was about to fly over Austin’s head lol!
“Stefan” looks adorable.
Day/Vanessa were super cute together.
JohnnyMac and Becky were freaking hilarious. “Have you ever counted shoulders before?” XD


I love the first week of BB before the first eviction. It’s a time for everyone to get to know each other. My favorite night was in season 12 when they played “big booty”!! Brendan was so uncoordinated at the game, and even though he was the #1 target of the other HG’s, everyone put game aside and had a great time that night. (And this was days before him and Rachel got together). Typically this is when everyone creates bonds of friendship that determine who they will align with in the coming weeks.

Apparently, Audrey didn’t watch the live feeds in past seasons, because she played the gossip and intimidation games before she had real true partners to count on. So tonight, instead of participating in a fun bonding experience she continued her tactic of isolation and martyrdom by sitting in bed all day.

But she is not done yet, because she is still scheming tonight trying to create wedges between people. And it’ll work in the short term, but it’s not going to last long if her only true ally in the game is the BB Takeover twist.


This prom/talent show is sooo cute and looks like a lot of fun!
It’s nice to see everyone (save Jace) drop the game for a minute and just lighten up and be themselves.
I don’t recall seeing Audrey though…


she is too busy having a pity party for herself, she burned too hot too fast. But she will get through it, a new threat will appear and besides the producers will convince the other players to play nice with her..she is their (producers) cash cow so she has to stay.


I’m sooooo glad you mentioned the producers’ roles in who gets to stay. Last year it was so contrived to have the uber-gay Frankie on the show during the time her album was to be released. BB knew casting him would bring in all the Ariana (hate that bitch, btw…and her bro) fans. Frankie could have been evicted multiple times last season but (clearly) the producers talked those who wanted him out, to let him live another day. I swear, IF Frankie shows up on this season for a cameo or more, I will cease and desist in watching BB. Just my shiny two cents.


jeff and megan won prom!

Jay A

Again this is why I’m rooting for Day she saw through the Sith Lord with crazy eyes plan , I mean come on why save someone who will most likely come after you once they are in a position of power. I wouldn’t be surprised if Audrey targeted day again after ruining her plan


sighn thwem up to colgate!

Jake K.



The only way I would be happy if Audrey wasn’t evicted or won HOH for next week is if she used it to BD Jeff. He’s unbearable. I’m not even a huge Liz fan, but feel bad she (and Julia) has to pretend to be interested in Jeff when she was clearly more interested in Jace (and he wanted to kiss Liz). The last thing I would want to see is a Jeff/Jackie/Austin/Liz/Shelli/Clay alliance form and make it to the end.

Audrey avoiding the prom was awkward. At least Jace made an appearance, and was nice for a change rather than an arrogant bully. Maybe what Vanessa said is starting to sink in. I do admire that he’s trying everything he can to stay right up until the eviction. That’s all you can do in that situation.

A couple of other people have commented on this, but I am also curious why James/Jason/Da’Vonne haven’t solidified a final 3. I suspect Jason/Da’Vonne are trying to wait a few weeks to make official alliances/deals though. They should keep James close. He’s loyal to the people he trust, and is gullible and naïve enough to fall for almost anything.

Liz's Grandpa

Liz made me nervous in that dress at “prom.” So thankful for her sake there wasn’t a “wardrobe malfunction.”


Jeff is worse than Jace. I can’t wait until he gets evicted.


once Jackie watches this first week of BB, I bet she will be glad she and Jeff are only friends. He creeps me out and it would be hard for me to interact with him if I was in the house with him.




Who thinks Becky and Johnny Mac are a cuter couple than Shelli and Clay???


Ok I now want to beat them all to death with a hammer EXCEPT Vanessa, Steve and Johnny. Must be good cast cuz most seasons I only have one person at most I don’t want to beat to death.


Agreed !!! I can’t get into it … No one is playing smart .. I like brains and chill .. They are babies !!


i thought davonne said , “im still not working wichoo”