Clay “You’re a cradle robber” Shelli “I haven’t robbed anything. BB’s not the only game I’m playing”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 00-46-05-486

12:45am Johnny Mac comes by the bedroom and says Audrey! Give me a hug! Audrey starts to cry and says It’s really not a good time! Johnny Mac says Okay! I’ll catch you later! Johnny leaves. Shelli climb in bed with Audrey and asks what’s wrong? AUdrey whispers something. Shelli says you know you can talk to the psychologist. Big Brother then switches the camera to the kitchen. Everyone is cleaning up from the dinner.

1am Jace talks to Austin. Jace says it sucks when the whole house is against you. That and I’ve found out they’ve been making fun of my the whole time. Has that ever happened so fast before? Austin says yeah, I think but I forget the context. I don’t think the first week before though. Austin heads the living room. Austin tells Clay if he gets Audrey they could just count the 7 people and know it was us. I don’t think he’s going to do it. It puts me in to big of a target spot. It’s just too risky. Clay agrees. Austin says if he goes I don’t blend in but it makes it a bit easier to blend in.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 00-47-32-946

1am In the havenot room – Jace says f**k these people! They’ve been planning on backdooring me since day 2. Jace says I just don’t know what I’m going out to.. I don’t know how the world is going to perceive me. Vanessa says at least you put on a good fight you know. Jace says I really did but I don’t know if its going to air. I did like four days of solid trying everything. Vanessa says you were like okay I’m going to go from this angle now. Jace says Liz was like you’re so bi-polar. Now i’ve just kind of accepted these people don’t want me here. I thought Clay wanted me here but he’s been on board with backdooring me the whole time. I’m blowing him up. Or maybe I shouldn’t if I come back then he’ll be gunning for me.

In the Cabana room – Shelli and Clay are talking. Clay tells her about Jace’s plan to pull people into a room at 5am. Clay says that Jeff and Jace have been getting into it all day. Clay says that Jeff told Jace he’s been acting like a little bit*h. Jace joins them and tells them he’s going to apologize to everyone in his speech tomorrow. Jace says I don’t know if they’re going to sequester the first 4 out or not… I really hope they don’t. I hope to get out quick before July 4th so I can get home and celebrate it with my family.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 01-10-56-105

Up in the HOH room. Jeff says that he’s tired of Jace conspiring. Jason says Jace said I’m going to tell you everything tomorrow. Meg asks everything what?!!? There’s nothing left to say!!? Jeff says I told Liz I don’t care for it to mean any thing but can you just kiss me when Jace is on the way out. They comment on how Audrey said she’s going to throw confetti tomorrow. Jeff asks where is she going to get that?! James says I’m afraid to be in a room with her. He words are so powerful. Jeff says We need to get rid of her. James says she uses big words like empirical and scrupulous. I need a dictionary to keep up with her. Jeff says she’s trying to out word you. Jeff says Jace legitimately made Clay feel like the biggest piece of sh*t ever. Jackie and Becky join them. Becky says I am super kind, forgiving and genuine person but I won’t go around her because she’s willing to trash my life and my family life. Thats a huge personal attack on my life. Jason comments on as soon as he heard Audrey made the comment I had to find Becky. (Audrey started saying Becky made racial commets) Becky says You don’t throw that around. I’m not the next Aaryn (Greis).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 01-15-08-802

In the bedroom – Steve talks to Audrey. Audrey says earlier I approached James about an alliance. With Day and Jason because no one would expect it. James came down here and took Day and Jason from their rooms. Audrey says if it falls through and they exploit me then there were a ton of witnesses of me staying right here. If it backfires and they exploit me, I can make a scene about them trying to exploit me. Steve says so you’re going to push the target on those three. Audrey says if I have to. Steve says you still have to fight tomorrow. Its good to have a plan B. Steve says people see you as alone right now. You’re playing like Dan Gheesling season 10 week 1. Audrey says yeah that was my plan. Steve asks do you want to throw tomorrow to keep the target off your back? Audrey says no. The best case scenario is if you and I win HOH together. I would want to backdoor Jeff. He is the one that got Vanessa all worked up about me. He is the one that got Day worked up, who got Vanessa worked up. Steve asks so you’re saying Jeff is the puppet master? Audrey says yup.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 01-30-35-217
1:35am Jace, Shelli, Austin and Clay are in the cabana room talking. Jace says she (Audrey) isn’t as bad as people are making her seem. Jace says you need to take him (James) out just to avenge me! Austin says I wouldn’t want to put James up on the block because he can fight too good. I would put Day on the block. She isn’t going to win sh*t. Jace says F**king James needs to be backdoored. Austin says he would need to be backdoored just because I can’t trust him. I just want to separate Jason and Day. Jason would then be a free agent. Jace says I think Jason is way cooler than her too. Shelli says yes I love Jason. Austin says Jason can be worked with Day can’t be. She’s too explosive. Jace says she’s f**king bad. Audrey’s been telling me some mean sh*t Day’s been saying about me.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 01-45-15-889

In the cabana room – Shelli asks Jace be honest with me .. who told you about the song? Jace says Jeff. Clay asks really? Jace says Jeff said it to me, he’s lying. It was before the veto meeting. Shelli asks wait what.. how did he tell you about it before the pov and then you were surprised about being put up. Shelli asks I’m trying to figure out if Audrey’s put this in your head or not. Jace says either way it doesn’t matter, I’m going home. Shelli says it doesn’t sound believable because you were so surprised and you ran around like crazy after.. You’re lying right now. Jace says that’s the truth and I’m not going back on what I said. Jace says either way Jeff is going around saying he doesn’t trust you (Clay) and he’s been testing you. Jace says I have a theory that Jeff and Jackie are working together more than they let on and that if they make it past a certain point they’re going to make more money. Jace leaves. Shelli tells Clay that Audrey told me that Jace told her that Jeff told him the song .. that’s why I don’t believe it. Jace comes back and says that people are already trying to distance themselves from me. Clay says don’t worry about it. Jace says the whole house is upstairs. It’s going to be so hard to watch and not be able to help you guys. Jace says it just doesn’t make sense that they picked two random people from the amazing race. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Shelli talks about how Brendan & Rachel / Jeff & Jordan went on the Amazing race and now they’re doing the same.

Did you ever think you would ever be with a 23 year old? I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be with a 33 year old. That’s a big difference on my end. Clay says you’re kind of a cradle robber. Shelli says I know. I haven’t robbed anything. I’m just being nice to you ..I’m good at it. Big Brother’s not the only game I’m playing.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 02-06-25-425
1:50am – 2:20am UP in the HOH room. Austin, Meg, James, Jackie, Jason and Liz. They talk about how Jace had to go. Liz says he’s a big target and I understand it. How he has been acting like last night is just not cool. James says I’m glad it worked out perfectly. Meg says I sense its like a new start for everyone. Austin comments I heard they wake us up at 6am on the first HOH. Don’t quote me on it but that what I heard. They make us clean and do a run through. They talk about how Clay is way too young for Shelli. Liz says he’s my age. And guys are less mature too. Steve joins them.

2:25am Bathroom. Jace tells Austin that Shellie/Clay grilled me on who told me the song and I told them it was Jeff. I just want you to know I’ve got your back. You’re the only one that’s had my back. I’m going home any ways. Jace says I can’t believe Liz turned her back on me. Austin says she’s just scared. She’s trying to make friends with the girls.

Up in the HOH room – James talks about his reasoning for putting up Jace. I saw Jace as a competitor. I didn’t want to go up against him. He’s a beast! He’ll run through a brick wall. Things just happened, Jace assumed stuff, then Audrey got in there .. it was just a big mess.

3:10am Cabana room – Jace tells Clay and Shelli that he’s not even that horny. I’m normally horny 100% of the time but I guess this house has turned off my s*x drive. Put me into figure sh*t out Jace, you need to save yourself. Clay says whatever you’re taking, please give that to me. Jesus Lord! Making a tent, pitching a tent. I’ve been thinking about it I’m not going to f**k a bunch of random girls when I get out I just kind of want to find a girlfriend. Clay says I can’t wait to get out of here to have 1 night stands every single night. Jace says maybe 19 year old Jace would try to capitalize on the fun that could come from this but I just want to find a nice girl. Clay says I can’t wait to find a nice girl. Clay leaves. Jace talks to Shelli about her and Clay. He tells her it works, I dated a 30 year old before and it works.

3am – 4am Bathroom – Steve talks to Meg, James and Jeff are talking. Steve says that he’s been in a lot of situations where he’s been rejected in social situations. He says coming here to where it brings people so close together I was expecting the same thing but to my surprise its been the complete opposite. Steve says the moral of the story is that if I ever do anything inappropriate or upsetting to you please just tell me because I won’t pick up on the cues. Meg asks Steve about his last relationship. Steve says my longest was 2 months. I would love a serious relationship. I’m sick of being single. Jeff says I have 7 years relationship experience. Steve says I have 4 and a half months. Jeff heads to the kitchen. Jeff tells James that they’ve been trying to talk to Steve more because people haven’t really tried to connect with him. I feel bad. Steve joins them. James asks Steve so why did they call you the “pu$$y thrasher”. Steve says because it was the farthest from the truth. Everyone got a name as a pledge. Its quite ironic. Steve asks do you think it will be unanimous (vote). Jeff says yes. I think next week will be unanimous too (Audrey). Steve says well that’s if she’s still up there .. there’s HOH, BOB, veto and BB Takeover. Steve says that I want Jace to go because Jace has left the realm of this being a game and Jackie has not. They tells Steve the he’s sharing a bed with Liz. James says you lucky dog! Steve says this will be a first for me. I don’t intend on utilizing it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 03-07-32-745

4:05am James says this is why I want to work with Clay but not with Shelli. I mean we have no idea what they’re talking about. Jeff suggests they go hang out in the bathroom to light a fire under them. Make them feel uncomfortable about talking game. Jeff says he is such a little .. he is the epitome of a dirt bag. James thinks that Audrey is listening to them talking so they feed her some lies. James says I trust Audrey, Clay and Shelli. Jeff says I’m not too worried about Shelli and Clay. James says I talked to Audrey today and I’m kind of feeling what she’s feeling right now. She kind of made her proposition and it seems real good. I think I can trust her. I might have to do that. I will talk to you later about it. I hope she .. honestly .. you and Audrey are the only ones that can do anything about it. I hope you and Audrey win HOH. James and Jeff head to the kitchen. James then crawls on the floor to the cabana room to try and listen in on Shelli & Jace’s conversation. James overhears Jace campaigning. Jace and Shelli come out and Jace heads to bed in the havenot room.

4:20am – 5:10am Shelli, James and Jeff talk in the cabana room. Jeff asks her if Jace was campaigning. Jeff says I want to give him a fair shot to campaign. Clay joins them. Clay tells them they were just listening to him and trying to pick him up. They talk about the nomination song. Jeff says he didn’t tell Jace. Shelli tells Jeff that Jace said you told him about the song before the pov ceremony. Jeff says Audrey just has to go because she’s so manipulative. They start rehashing all the Audrey drama again. James tells them about how Audrey tried to make an alliance with him. James says Audrey didn’t want Clay in the alliance because then he would want to bring in Shelli. Jeff says she is F**king crazy, like bat sh*t crazy. Jeff says why would someone who’s been a victim of bullying come in here and use bullying as her main tactic. Jeff says instead of scheming around the house now she wants people to come visit her at her office.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-02 04-20-16-945

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Damn what drugs are they feeding everyone in the diary room
this season? These people are off the rails

Jay A

It’s heroine if you watch BB 17 saga by former house guest wil , it all explains it lol


Again, let us pray that Jeff doesn’t score the showmance he is going for with Liz. Liz may be just dumb enough to think it would help her and that he could take her farther in game. There is no way we can stomach Jeff King Pathetic Loser getting probably the hottest chick in the house. Hot strictly body wise. Face, personality, intelligence and anything but body she is far hot. Jeff gotta go. Jackie even gives him dirty looks now.


I have to say, major props to Shelli for figuring out that Jace was lying to them about the “Jeff told Jace about the song” story, asking the right questions and not letting go.
I really warmed to Shelli and Clay. They got dragged into also playing the “Audrey type of game” by Audrey, and it seems now they’re finally free of her. I’m glad they had this last talk with Jeff and James where James told them that she wanted to have a new alliance without them and that she did throw Clay under the bus (so far, I don’t think anyone has told him that before).
I hope Shelli will now be cured of that likeable (in normal life) but damaging (in BB) and infuriating (as a viewer) need to spend so much time alone whispering with Audrey.
I hope this made Jeff reconsider his decision to turn away from Clay.


So I guess it’s official and Jace is going out that door tomorrow.

Free Folk

i’m cautious at first but do usually have SOMEONE I want to pick as a favorite by now….haven’t got a clue this season and that erks me.


It was midseason last year before I settled on a favorite. I was too busy being irritated by most of them to choose. This season it is easy for me. I love the underdog….so Steve is my early pick. I spent most of last season frustrated that they didn’t see Frankie’s true colors.

Shaking my head

Did I read that right? JAMES says he trusts Audrey? Please tell me that was a typo error or I need new glasses! How clueless can one person be?


James trusts her in term of if she wins HOH today, she probably will not put him on the block because she has another 3 personal enemies to fry. Now I think Audrey is playing her game so personal, not logical anymore.


He thought Audrey was listening to the conversation so he played to her and started feeding her some lies. No he does not trust Audrey.


Go back & read that again. James & Jeff were saying good things about Audrey because they wanted to mess with her. They knew she was listening in the other room.


Audrey was listening to them talk, so that is why he said it. To save his game if she gets HoH.


I wish Austin wouldn’t trust Jeff so much:/


Really Audrey??? Being a complete but job only gets you to week two or three. You could have redeem yourself but after tonight you are a lot of peoples target. And James you made a big move to soon and now I’m sure after this HOH a lot of people will be after youyou. Clay get your head in the game and get from Shelli you don’t want to be linked to someone this early in the game. Day lose the emotion but I love that you can tell when someone is lying to you and your aren’t afraid to blow up someone ls game at the right moment . Jason you are so far playing an awesome game but remember you don’t want to be link to Day play your own game. My favorite now is John Mc who I think Is playing the best game


This girls this season are the only ones with real brains and insight. Day- smart and rational as far as figuring out lies and the motivation of why they are being told, Jason will be lost without her. Shelli- very perceptive and also rational, able to pick up that it wouldn’t make sense for Jeff to have told Jace before the pov ceremony, Clay would be lost without her. Austin is probably the worst as far as reading people and as a result is messing up Vanessa’s game, he would know nothing without her. Meg also very smart and keeps both James and Jeff on the right track. Jeff is slowly screwing up his game due to his inability to keep his mouth shut and his jealousy over Liz and Austin, which I believe is his real reason for hating and not trusting Austin. So once again I give absolutely no credit to these boys.

About Day, I don’t think she can spot a liar as well as everyone seems to think she can. She just thinks everyone is always lying and in this season it is mostly the case. But a couple examples, Vanessa hasn’t lied to her, Steve wanted to work with her and she thinks he is a rat for Audrey (false), and Johnny Mac not being a dentist.

As far as Johnny Mac goes I am holding out judgement until he actually starts playing. I agree he is in the best position in the house but he hasn’t really played the game yet (which I admit is in a way playing). He has a lot of information because everyone trusts him, but we will see how smart he is by what he does with this information.


Very well said and I agree completely! Everyone loves Johnny Mac but I too am waiting to see how he plays bc I don’t think he has yet. Shelli is smarter than the other HGs give her credit for and Day just thinks everyone is lying which is partly true. I may be the only one who thinks this, but I feel like she overreacted to the whole Clay/Jeff situation. I would’ve been curious as to why day was walking into rooms where no one was if I was clay. Maybe I didn’t catch the whole thing but I just hope day tones it down a bit or she’ll be gone sooner rather than later for causing too much drama.


What’s up with Steve? Is he really going to work with Audrey, or is he just covering his bases in case she has power next week? Not being able to watch the feeds sucks. I missed BBCA3 and thought that at least the US BB was coming, but instead there is no BB feeds for me this year. Can someone please clarify what is up with Steve and Audrey?


I am in Toronto and I have the feeds. You need to get a VPN and a American Express gift card.


Liz looked beautiful last night.

Thanks for the updates, especially this season that has been crazy.

The most game talking and drama that I’ve seen in the first week of Big Brother


Thanks! yeah it was a fun first week lets hope it continues 🙂


Love this season so far. I don’t know it there has been another season where everyone played so fast. It’s usually a big alliance taking over the house. I thought BBC was good last year but this is epic. Wonder how Derick would have done with this cast? He lucked out last year. The week will be awesome if Audrey wins it!!!


I wouldn’t trust Jeff or Audrey as much as I could throw them. Jace’s whinning is annoying. He has no game play other people have been in the same position Jace and come up with a plan to not get voted off (Dan) just face it your not a good player Jace!


Jace is honestly one of the most annoying people I’ve ever seen on Big Brother but with that being said the house would be even more dramatic if he stayed a little bit longer