DaVonne “I heard so many rumors about me! I ain’t going down without a fight!”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 01-06-10-509

1am In the havenot room – Becky is apologizing to Jace for shhh’ing him again after she had told him a couple days ago she wouldn’t do that any more. Jace says that others had come to him asking if everything was okay between them. Jace tells her that as a man its really hard to be Shhh’d in group settings. Becky says that she’s so sorry and is trying to stop. I would hate to go home because of shhh’ing. Jace says there are others I want to go home, not you. Becky says I’m going to try so hard to not do it any more. They hug and leave the room. Jace heads to the bathroom to talk to Austin and Vanessa. Vanessa tells him that he handled that really well.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 01-14-52-957

1:10am In the bedroom – James is talking to Liz. Liz says I know we’re cool. James says I can’t take you seriously .. I’m so used to you being fun and bubbly. And now you’re … Whoa bring it back. I’m a little weirded out. Not in a bad way. Just your personality isn’t matching up. (Is James noticing the different personalities of Liz & Julia?) James asks were you in the room the other day? Liz asks ugh when? James says when all that shit went down. Liz says yeah. James asks why am I always brought into it. Liz says I don’t know. Becky joins them and the conversation ends.

In the bathroom – Austin says he thinks they’re going to put up Jason but vote out Jackie to get at them. Austin says I think they’re trying to flip it and get Jackie out. Clay joins them. Jace asks him if he knows what’s going on. Clay says I’m out of the loop honestly. Clay says the only thing I know about is word of a girls alliance. They think Shelli, Jackie and they have the guys me and you (Austin). There are paranoid people spreading it… That James mother-f**ker. Jace asks we’d be able to get the votes to stay right? Clay says I think so. F**k Jeff might be it (Replacement Nom). Jace asks really? Clay says it could be anyone.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 01-26-29-848

In the havenot room – Liz, Austin and Vanessa are talking. Vanessa says that it (Veto Ceremony) has to happen tomorrow. I can’t stand another day of this. Jace and James join them. They talk about Becky shhh’ing Jace. Jace says she apologized and we worked it out. James says he honestly thinks its an OCD thing for her. Jace says this HOH is going to be pivotal because one of our group needs to win it. James says I’m not afraid of the block. Austin agrees and says you can’t be afraid of the block. Austin says okay 24 hour break from game talk.

Up in the HOH room – Becky is talking to DaVonne, Jason, Jeff, and Meg about how she went to Jace and apologized for shhh’ing him. I’m so worried that I’ll go out for shhh’ing. Jeff says he was genuinely pissed off. I genuinely think you were doing everyone a favour by shhh’ing him. Audrey and Jackie join them. Steve joins them. Jason says I think we should all shhh him tomorrow. DaVonne comments that its all about the rumpage these days not about the boobage. Steve comments Rumpage. Jason says the other day I was in the backyard and said I just had a movement. Steve asked me what’s a movement? I said I just took a movement and Steve asked again what’s a movement. AND I yelled I just took a motha-f**king sh*t! You just made me tell everyone in the backyard and on the feeds that I just took a sh*t! They all laugh.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 01-34-09-587

In the bathroom – Clay jokes with Audrey and asks did I have a hand in keeping her (Shelli) off the block? If she truly appreciated it she would smell my armpits right? Audrey says she should lick them. Audrey then says honestly they didn’t care about your opinion.

1:50am In the bathroom – Austin asks Clay is this all a big ruse .. and they’re going to try and take Jason out? Clay asks what?! Someone’s spreading sh*t around the house. Austin says that he thinks Day is trying to switch the votes. She’s telling Audrey all this sh*t. I think she is trying to switch the votes and get Jackie out by starting the all girls alliance thing. I think she’s working with Jason. Austin says Vanessa brought it to my attention. Austin says Vanessa told him that she might not trust Audrey because she told Vanessa that people were saying she was in a girls alliance. I think you and Audrey might be getting played right now. Clay says that makes sense. Austin says I think we need to convince everyone to get Day out.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 01-53-46-145

In the bedroom – Audrey, Jeff, Shelli and Meg are talking. Audrey says I think we should just all have a house meeting and everyone can just confront everyone about their issues. James joins them and Audrey asks who got you all worked up about an all girls alliance. Meg says Jackie and Becky? James also points to Shelli. Shelli asks me?!

2am – 2:15am UP in the HOH room DaVonne and Jackie are talking about how James isn’t going to switch his target. He’s had it since the beginning. They’re trying to get Jason out. DaVonne says keep your communication open with him (James) because at the end of the day its his decision. DaVonne says you should campaign. Jackie says I will but will wait until after the veto Ceremony. DaVonne says says this is just us floating through this week. Jackie says I am just trying to get through this week. I trust you guys though. Audrey joins them and comments on how someone’s starting a rumor about an all girls alliance. Jackie says I am just trying to lay low. DaVonne asks who told James? Audrey says I don’t know. Jackie says I’m not worried because there are a thousand rumors going around. Audrey says and tomorrow there’ll be a new one.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 02-15-19-177

2:20am Havenot room – Davonne says at the end of the day people are playing too hard and too fast! Austin agrees. DaVonne says I heard so many rumors about me, I ain’t going down without a fight! The cameras switch to the kitchen with Audrey and Jackie. Audrey says as soon as I heard it I came to you. Jackie says if he (James) thought it was a problem he would come up to me. Audrey agrees. Jackie says you know its not true so. Audrey says I know. And apparently they all coordinated outfits. Who would be so stupid to do that?! Its laughable. Jackie says at the end of the day its James’s decision.

2:30am In the bedroom – James says it smells like farts in here! Jason says its Meg’s pu$$y! Meg says oh my god!!! James says just for the record I didn’t say anything about your who-ha. James says it must be hard for you girls to shave your who-has. Jason brings him how in BB13 Kalia shaved her vag in the bathtub and there were screen shots of it all over the internet. “It must have been a boring day!”

2:35am Cabana room – James and Jackie are talking. Jackie asks who is trying to start sh*t. James says someone said something about a girls alliance. Jackie asks who’s starting it? James says I think it was Jace.. He was saying something like Becky might be the leader of it. Jackie asks and he said Liz was a part of it? That’s throwing her under the bus too? James says there was so much said at that point I wasn’t really paying attention. Jackie says Audrey said Day said it and that we were all dressed in black today. James says that Jace has been coming up to me with propositions of backdooring people. Jackie says yeah to save himself. Jackie says I don’t know why he would throw me under the bus but obviously he doesn’t know I’m working with you. James says it was told that 3 girls were working together. Becky, You and Vanessa.

Meg, Audrey and Jason head out into the backyard. Meg realizes that the girl alliance rumor all stemmed from something she had said. Meg says lets go squash this right now. Meg and Audrey head into the Cabana room. Meg says wait we’re squashing this right now. Meg says I feel like I was some how involved in this all girls alliance. Earlier I told you about Becky… that my only concern about Becky is that she would get you, and Vanessa .. and the other girls in the group. I just didn’t want any bit of that .. that’s not at all what I was saying. No way was I even throwing you under the bus. Audrey says this is what I think will help all this. What if you call a house meeting. James and Jackie say no. Meg says I think its a bad move. The second that happens it makes it more dramatic than it really is. I only came to talk to all of you because we’re working together.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 02-53-45-116

3am In the kitchen – Jeff asks Vanessa if Austin is sleeping in the havenot room? Vanessa says yes. Jeff says perfect… I might be paying him a visit later tonight. Vanessa asks a good visit or a bad one? Jeff says good one. Vanessa says he has a blindfold on. Jeff says perfect! They comment about Austin playing pranks earlier.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 02-59-08-016

Audrey, Jackie, Meg and James are talking about what will happen after Jace goes up as the replacement nominee. James says he is going to lock himself in the HOH room. They think Liz will distance herself from Jace and Austin. James says he thinks Austin will stick with Jace and go down with him. DaVonne joins them and then Jason. He complains there was a whole carton of broken eggs in the fridge. James says when sh*t goes down Jace is going to throw everyone under the bus. Audrey says I don’t think he would mess with me again.

In the havenot room – Vanessa tells Austin again that Jace is going up & not to trust Clay or Audrey. Austin heads to the bathroom. In the cabana room – They (James, Jason, Meg, Audrey, DaVonne and Jackie) get freaked out when they see Austin pass by the glass door and don’t want to all be seen talking. James jumps up and hides in the photo booth.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 03-18-11-703

3:20am In the bedroom – Clay tells Audrey that Austin told him that Vanessa told Austin that Audrey went to her about the girls alliance. Clay says that Austin told him Vanessa said she didn’t trust Audrey. Audrey tells Shelli and Clay that they can’t trust Vanessa any more. Audrey wonders what they should do with the information. And if they should go tell James. Shell and Clay both tell Audrey not to say or do anything. And that they now know not to trust Vanessa.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 03-25-43-838

3:35am Hot Tub – Jeff, James, Becky, Meg and Jackie are all out by the hot tub talking. They talk about the “Who-ha” comments from earlier about Meg. Meg repeats what she had said about her dad is going to despise Jeff. Meg comments that her Dad is a mayor. They comment on how Jeff can’t move there now. Becky asks if her dad talked to her before she came. Meg says no, he knows I’m an idiot.

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Jay A

Well that title was miss leading I thought Day finally figured out someone (clay and Austin) is planning on backfiring her lol


Has anyone else notice a trend of black people getting treated like they are a master mind when in fact try didn’t do anything! This year they are saying davonne is running shit. Last year everybody was accusing Amber of being the fake at person


It’s just an excuse they use to get them out of the house. I don’t know why black people even sign up because the odds are waaaaay against them. They only put one or two every year and they’re usually one of the first to go with no legitimate reason.


It all started from everyone thinking Libra is a mastermind/bitch in BB10, and continued all the way down to Da’Vonne now. It is tiring.

Eure! ka

Man, that’s not good (for them) if Liz and Julia have markedly different personalities. They need to get on the same page pronto. Too bubbly or not too bubbly, that is the question.


Has anyone else noticed a trend of black people getting blamed! This year it’s davonne “running the house”. Last year everybody thought Amber was the fakery person ever. Bb 15 the literally thought Howard was the master mind behind everything and all he did was read the bible and looking fresh praying to Jesus. And then everyone blamed Candice for EVERYTHING! What is wrong with some people!

What is wrong with you?

Please do not start playing that card here. Knock it off please.


Why not, it’s the truth.


Its true though. I notice this too and I’m white so its not the “race card.”


I don’t think is 100% about them being black… I believe it’s due to the polarization that usually occurs in a group setting (especially when in isolation)
The fact is- these people will look for any excuse to have the herd attack an individual if they stand out.
It’s easier to attack the person that doesn’t blend in as well, and in this case it so happens to be the majorities. (With the exception of BB15 of course. Half of the cast were just vile and uneducated)


Damn, Austin is so far up Clay’s ass and Clay is so far up in Audrey’s. Tomorrow will be “Vanessa’s should be the next one to go day” by Audrey. Hopefully people in opposing groups starts comparing notes on her, she is definitely my Derrick (aka the player that is playing well but I don’t root for because he/she is making the game predictable) this season.


lol you think audrey is playing a good game? Are you stupid?


This was posted before she destroyed her game and called half the house into a house meeting. :))))


Derrick was an extremely better player than Audrey!


4:37 BBT and Audrey is still going at it and waking up other houseguests hahahaha i swear to god,she is nuts.
#Devin2.0 but wayyyyyy worst !


Audrey is definitely touched..but feeds gold! I hope she can stay safe for awhile.


Audrey just woke up Jeff to talk to him in the HOH room and Jeff called her a psycho in front of everybody hahaaha


I have to take back my earlier comments, it not “Tomorrow will be “Vanessa’s should be the next one to go day” by Audrey” it was 30 mins later. :))))) Seriously, Audrey’s paranoia is through the roof! She is giving Sarah not smoking a weed for 60 days for the most out of control housemate a run for the money. Everytime someone mentions her name she will automatically target that person. :)))))


Jeff and Audrey get on my nerves. I wish they would vote Jeff out first. He is the most annoying person in the house. Audrey is just setting herself up. It’s too early for her to be running her mouth to everybody in the house.


I really didn’t respect Jeff at first, but he is growing on me. He is close to figuring out Audrey and her constant chatter about others.


This last two hours Jason and Jeff goes up in my ladder. And as crazy Audrey is, she should definitely reach the jury, she is someone you’ll love to hate yet at the same time is too funny to hate. And here i am thinking that saturday was so boring for the lack of game talk. :)))))


Audrey needs to go. I don’t think I can listen to her all season. She will likely vote against her alliance so she can blame someone else. So predictable.


This may be horrible, but I think people are aware of Audrey, but are afraid of doing anything because of her transgenderism, and it would make them look bad.

Politically Incorrect and Not Ashamed of It

I long for the day when people can surgically remove their tools or add a tool and not expect to be lauded as a hero or feel the need to shout it from the rooftops. Just get it done and go on. There I said it. Now go ahead and fire away at me.


What you should long for is a day where transgender or gay kids can be themselves and not be bullied and not disowned by they religious or closed minded parents, and they would no longer hate themselves and have to commit suicide because of how bad society thinks of them.


I agree with you. It’s a life choice…big woop. Changing your sex doesn’t make you a hero, fighting for this country and our freedoms does; fighting against social and economic disparities does; saving lives does. People are so shallow.


Lol I love that every other picture of Johnny Mac is of him flossing


He is a public service announcement!! lol

Eric CA

Audrey is no puppet master… the puppet master sends other people running around the house. She is also too transparent to fast. James is aiming for the wrong person… take aim at Audrey, she is the one you can’t trust. She has targeted Jace, Austin, Jeff, Vanessa, Da’Vonne, Liz, Becky, Jackie and Meg… do the math dude after you HoH what makes you think she won’t turn on you if she is not the HoH…. worse thing for Audreys game is being HoH.

Who knows maybe Audrey will be the one to go up at the PoV Ceremony she is playing really hard really fast and if she doesn’t I give it 5 minutes before she stabs James in the back because he can’t be HoH and has to sit it out. His power will be over. She will also campaign to get Jackie out…. hard. James is the one that wants Jace out… Audrey’s hit list is different.

Crazy Eye

I want to say to EVERYONE, “I’m more comfortable with my legs open” and no one say back “really?, really?” I want that to be a thing.


Audrey is playing hard too fast. I like her but at this rate she will be gone by the 3rd week


I love that she’s playing the game 100% of the time and probably more than anyone there, but it is going to bite her on the ass at some point. She needs to calm it down for sure.

Someone in another post called Audrey a floater. Please. She’s the opposite of a floater. Shelli’s a floater. I like Shelli a lot.. just saying she’s just kinda hanging out, same with Becky.


Let the best “Andy” win BB17. The seasons shaping up as the battle of the tattle tails. So and so said this….. they become the target. It was happening all evening I get so sick of 6th grade mentality in adults. Shut the F up and don’t become a target. Such a disappointing day game wise. Thursday’s vote a lot will become clearer short term. Or maybe we get a unanimous vote Thursday. Oh by the way Thursday is a long way off and will be for a lot of weeks I figure
PS I already want a double eviction! 😛

Politically Incorrect and Not Ashamed of It

And another thing. That house has more silicone and collagen and botox than a plastic surgeon’s office. I’d love to see less eye candy and more villains. Throw another Hance in there. Ugly as sin but exciting to watch!

Too many J's

Deja Vu? I’ve got the game figured out!! DaVonne just threw out 2 “at the end of the days” in one conversation…she is really beast mode cowboy playing the game again in disguise!!


This season is absolutely bonkers! I have to give casting credit this year around because they brought in a lot of big personalities that clash all the time. The feeds have been absolutely gold so far. I hope the trend continues. I can’t wait to see how this is all edited for the show. CBS should have even higher ratings this season.


I agree. I for one appreciate that the season started off strong. The back and forth is hard to keep up with, but that’s mostly because I don’t know who the players by names just yet.

I like that there are people thinking (rightly or wrongly) for themselves and trying to out maneuver the rest of the cast, even if its too soon for ‘masterminds’. Better than the blob alliance of last year where everybody sat and voted with the house and worried about being famous after they left.


Da is really going to have to hustle next week, probably by going to the head of the snake (Audrey) and placating her if she wants to stay in the house. The fact that some HGs are calling Da the puppetmaster while trusting Audrey only reveals how out of whack they really are in playing this game.The psych-out in this group is strong.