Jackie – “I’m more comfortable with my legs open”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 23-04-18-959

11:00pm Backyard Random conversations. For a while Jace was complaining about Becky “Shushing” him.
Jackie – “I’m more comfortable with my legs open”
Explains it’s because she’s a dancer.

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Meg and Audrey pretend they have microphones and while in front of the camera introduce James.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 23-06-06-962

James proposes to Taylor Swift says he’s in love with her. Looks like he’s made her a Big Brother Ring.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 23-13-15-112

11:12pm Steve and Liz
Talking about school.. Getting to know each other.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 23-17-12-875

11:17pm Jeff and Austin pool
Talking about winning HOH and getting rid of DA. Jeff calls her the puppetmaster. Austin leaves and Liz joins Jeff for a game.

Jeff tells her he was talking to Clay earlier today and their games are lined up. Says they have to get rid of the puppet master.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 23-33-04-310

11:31pm Austin, James and Jace
They are telling James they have a core of votes they can do whatever James wants to do.
James says Jackie is staying.
JAce tells them their core are the strongest players in the house (5 alive)
James tells them he’s like the bank right now and Austin/Jace are coming to him for a loan but they have no collateral and James doesn’t have their credit score.
Jace says he has their word.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 23-49-03-086

11:43pm HOH James, Jason and DA
James rehashes his conversation with Austin and Jace. Says they are trying to get Jason put up
Jason caught Vanessa and Clay whispering.
DA – This veto ceremony is going to be FIRE .. Greatest blindside ever
Jason calls it the greatest blindside “Going down in history they going to remember James BB17”
Audrey joins them. They wonder if Austin/Jace have JohnnyMac or Steve. They don’t think they do.

James doesn’t want to be the villain but he’s going to use the Jace and Justin phrase when he selects Jace as the replacement nominee.
“Long hair don’t care tattoos every where Jace sit your butt in that chair”
James leaves.. Audrey says Austin told her he had a conversation with James about getting the votes to backdoor DA. Jason and DA heard that from James already.

Becky joins them game talk ends.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 23-56-30-442

11:56pm Storage room Meg, Jeff and James
James fills them in that Austin. Jace are still trying to get Jason Bsckdoored.
Meg saying Becky, Jackie and Vanessa have something going on. Meg thinks Becky is the leader of the girls alliance. Jeff scoffs at Vanessa says she’s crying this entire game. Meg and Jeff agree Becky has got to go.
Meg leaves.
Jeff – I know you guys hate LIz but if I win HOH i’m getting rid of Austin
James doesn’t care the alliance has his back.
Jeff – It’s going to be a backdoor
James – we’ll b@ckdoor all season long

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 00-02-12-179

12:02am James, DA and Jason

Wondering if Jackie is in a girls alliance.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 00-06-50-477

12:07am Jackie and Jeff

JAckie says she will tell him game information from now on he;s the only person she trusts in the house. Jackie assures him she’s not in a girls alliance with Becky, “I don’t even talk to Becky.. I talk to JAson and James since day one.. I talk to Audrey a ton”
Jackie says Audrey talks sh1t about DA/Jason she never wants to be around during those conversations.

Jeff says Audrey is going around the house making up Drama. She’s planting seeds with people “She’s very manipulative.. She’s maneuvering everyone like pawns”
Jackie doesn’t like it at all.
Jeff adds that Audrey is using them all to get teh people she wants out so non of the blood is on her hands. Jeff needs to talk to Clay he trusts Audrey. They agree Audrey is a much more dangerous player than everyone thinks.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 00-15-56-863

12:16am Vanessa and Austin
Austin says Liz is a lone in this game she needs to start talking to her. Austin is trusting Audrey more and more it seem like but everyone in the house is telling him she’s talking a lot. He feels like he has to. Vanessa tells him she’s a good person and can keep a secret.

JAce and Liz join them. Jace is going off about Becky shushing him. Austin tells him to calm down, says Becky wants to apologize to him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-28 00-31-14-456

12:27am Jeff and Meg HOH
Jeff doesn’t care about Becky’s alliance at most she has 1 or 2 people.
Jeff says he’s trying to figure Audrey out.
Meg says everyone is in their group.
Jeff mentions that in Front of Jackie Audrey was talking ah1t about two people in their alliance
Meg says everyone in their alliance are going to turn on each other in a couple weeks.
Meg says Audrey is playing the whole house right now. “Not making alliances but planting seeds with everyone”
Jeff finds Audrey sketchy every time he hears about Drama it’s coming from Audrey.
Jeff thinks Audrey is making things up about Austin to keep him and Austin at odds.
Jeff – Who’s the bigger threat Audrey or DAY and why does clay trust Audrey so much.
Meg says they need to play Clay a bit to make him see what Audrey is doing.
Jeff tells her Jackie is loyal to them they need her. Adds that he’s the only person Jackie trusts.
Jeff warns her about Audrey tells her to watch what she says.
Meg says she’s been cutting herself off with Audrey, She knows her and Clay have a thing
Jeff is going through the things Audrey says about Austin and it’s very suspicious
Meg – her name comes with with everything.. I do want to trust her but she’s planting seeds with everyone
Jeff – how can we use her shady ways to benefit us.. lets let her get blood on her hands.
Meg warns him about Day and Jason says they observe everything that is going on in the house.

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I can’t help but laugh at how wrong all these HG are if they think Da is running the whole show (she and Jason are definitely paying attention to the going ons in the house, but their not running things yet). Audrey is obviously running everything and people seem(ed) to be on to it, but now they all think Da is a puppet master? Granted Jason and James seem closer to Da, but Audrey literally talks to everyone (or has at least tried). Jason and Da have talked about BD Aubrey next week, and if they can pull it off I think they should. It would be interesting to see the house without Aubrey pulling all the strings.

From the way HG have been talking tonight either Aubrey or Da might be leaving next week, and if one has to go I’d rather it be Aubrey (even though I admire Floaters).

It’s really interesting because I thought Austin and Vanessa would be smarter than they’re playing, but they seem to be falling for Audrey’s mist. She’s still working hard to create fractions in the house and make sure she’s good with everybody so she can Float each week to who’s in power and let people take each other out so her hands are clean at the end. It’s a strong Floater game. Ironically modern players misconstrue what Floaters actually are (they aren’t Do-Nothings/Non-Game Entities). People have forgotten about Jun, James, Alison, Erika BB7, Andy, Shelly, etc. People underestimate, and never realize how dangerous true Floaters can be. There can tear alliances and the house apart.


Sorry, thought I had typed my name in.
On a side note, it’s nice to see Jeff and Meg are discussing Aubrey finally. The only person before Aubrey that could play all sides without people comparing notes was Andy. But Andy wasn’t nearly as threating in personality as Aubrey is.


I do not consider Audrey a floater. Right now her game is 150% social


I’d would say Audrey fits the definition of a floater. She’s joined multiple alliances, none of which she actually seems loyal too. She talks game to everyone to ensure she has all her bases covered. She’s also told multiple people she’s their “ride or die” (a Floater tactic). All week she’s been lying to turning HG against each other so that their are fractions in the house. Because she talks game to everyone, and is in the MOST alliances in the house, she can Float between these fractions while other players take each other out. In theory, this would leave her hands mostly clean come end game, and take her very far in the game depending on how well she could kept it up.

And social game does tend to be a Floater’s trump card (though obviously other player types can be good a social game). Whether Floaters are good at comps doesn’t really matter, because if their doing their job as a Floater right (like Audrey is for now) they shouldn’t have to win any comps, and thus never tip off their multiple “alliances” that they aren’t so loyal. Strategy/intelligence are also strong skills of a Floater, and you can tell by looking in her eyes that Audrey is almost ALWAYS thinking game, or how she can manipulate a situation into her favor.

It’s a hard strategy to play, and not everyone has the skill set to do it well.


Perfectly said. It appears as though Jeff is starting to catch on about Audrey and her misting. Dawg and Simon are you tired of writing the Audry yet because it seems to be all about her.


Thanks Tomasa! I don’t think Dawg and Simon have much choice though because Audrey (I just realized I was putting Aubrey a couple times) is literally everywhere and talking to so many people. It’s hard for her not to pop up so much.

But I have to give credit where credit is due, and that girl can mist.

Frigidaire Salesman

The light goes off on the rare occasion Jackie closes her legs


‘I’m more comfortable with my legs open’ should never be said on national television by a female, lol.


Jackie opened her legs to Jeff and given him light on Audrey! That Eureeka moment! :))))

Haha, i can almost predict that this season will be different than last year, even if the BOB continues, there are different cliques in the house already that can immediately pair up when needed. The high rollers [Meg, Jason, Jeff, James, Davonne, Jackie] are one solid group, the cool kids [Jace, Austin, Liz] with not so cool members [Clay, Shelly, Vanessa], the outsiders [Becky, Steve, John Mac] and ultimate floater Audrey. In comparison to last year, this season I can see the importance of winning HOH since the players are more focused on targeting a key player rather than floaters. Also last year the non members of the big alliance laughed at Bomb Squad and did not regroup while this year non members are automatically drawn together.

Meet The Parents

I know Mom, it’s weird but Jackie’s more comfortable laying on the couch with her legs like that. Dad seems to like her though.


Curious…. If Jace is put up for renom, how may HG’s want him out and will vote that way?


Hey DeAnne1233, I think it’s easier to count who’s said they wouldn’t want to see him go to help keep things in order of where people stand. Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz, Vanessa (I think) is five. If they could find two more people like Steve and Johnny Mac then they would have the 7 to evict Jackie over Jace. 7-6 would have to be the vote because we have 13 voters week 1.


Side note: why is BBAD now on POP? It didn’t work out with showtime or tvguide network and now we get 2 hours of BBAD instead of 3? That blows!


pretty sure the tvguide changed its name to POP and just kept BBAD on board. I believe that some nights they will still have 3 hours of BBAD if I understand correctly

sunny dee

i still get it on slice, the network that originally aired BBCAN fwiw. don’t know if you can access it or not, if in the US. http://www.slice.ca/video/after-dark-june-28-part-1/video.html?v=472589891757&p=1&s=da#video


Annoymos u couldn’t have said it better. I feel Aubrey is truly behind everyone thinking day is the the puppet master. And day no this. Aubrey is planted seeds whenever and however it benefits her. I knew there was something about Aubrey when she was so fast to not have day back when clay said he wanted to put day up in the hoh rm. And she agreed but would rather bckdr day. After starting an alliance and befriending day. Aubrey is going to ice her self out. I’m not sure I like her. Her personality sucks!

Jay A

So when Jackie decides to close her legs for a moment count that as another shot lol I’m glad Jeff realizes that Audrey is a threat and shared that info with meg. Though I see know why Da and Jason can be threats since there observing what’s going on in the house. I’d rather have those people on my side to be honest but it is still to early to see where their heads at