Dan tells Danielle that Joe is a mohawk rat from Kentucky, he’s a f***ing liar!

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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2am Joe is out in the backyard by himself with his feet in the hot tub. Ian is up in the HOH room listening to his cd with the lights off. Danielle gets up from trying to sleep in the kicks bedroom and heads out into the backyard. Joe asks Danielle what’s wrong? Danielle says that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Danielle goes and gets into the hammock. She is upset. Joe comes over to find out what is wrong. Danielle tells Joe that Shane commented about seeing Memphis standing next to Danielle at the finale. She says that it reminded her about the comment Dan had made telling her that she was dead to Dan. Danielle says that the comment still hurts her and she is tired of people having to tell Shane to be nice to her. Danielle says that she wonders if he is a mama’s boy. She says that he is inconsiderate. She says that he acts like a boy when she wants a man. Joe tells Danielle that what Dan said to her was cruel, it wasn’t right. He says that feels Dan is sorry about it though. Danielle says that when she thinks that he really means it, it hurts more. Joe comments that Dan said to Danielle that she was dead to him in this game only. Joe says that it’s a very serious game to Dan. Danielle says she doesn’t give 2 f**ks. Joe laughs. Dan wakes up from the kicks room and heads towards the bathroom. When he sees them in the backyard he comes out to see why they are still awake. Danielle tells him she is upset. Dan comes out to see what’s wrong.

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2:15am Dan joins Danielle in the hammock and they talk. Dan asks her if she told Shane why she was upset and she says no she told him she was missing her family. Danielle tells Dan that she is upset over the whole funeral thing. Danielle tells Dan she had a dream about it and in her dream Dan wasn’t acting. Dan tells Danielle that she is probably one of the only people he will stay in touch with after this is all over. Dan explains that that was part of his gameplay and he had to do it. Dan stops and says let me just ask you one thing, are you on your period? Danielle says no! Danielle tells Dan that he had no idea how upset it made her. She wonders if even a part of it was true. Dan says that he didn’t mean any of it and asks why he would do that to his only ally in the house. Dan says that if he was Danielle, he may feel the same way too but says that the only way to get to the end is if you trust someone 1000%. He says that there is no one else that he trusts in this game or that he has shared information about his life with. Danielle says that although that situation makes her sad, she would never double cross him. She says that it just breaks her heart. Dan says that no one else needs to know that we didn’t really have an issue though. Danielle agrees that it’s good from a game standpoint but as a person, she’s emotional. Dan jokingly asks her if she is really emotional? Danielle laughs. Danielle says that it upset her beyond the game that Dan questioned her. Danielle tells Dan that Shane is such a d**k. She says that his words have been cutting her.

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2:20am Joe gets ready in the bathroom and heads to bed. Joe tells Shane that Danielle is upset in the backyard. Shane asks if it was something Dan said or he said? Joe says something Dan said but that she is also upset at you. Shane says freaking females and estrogen, she is so emotional! He says it’s so stupid, whatever I’m not worried about it! They talk about how Danielle needs to move on from the whole funeral thing. Shane tells Joe that Dan told them that Memphis will hopefully be at the finale. Shane says that he made a comment about not letting Danielle and Memphis stand next to each other. Shane says that it was just a joke. He says that he hates dealing with girls. Shane says that he is over it and going to sleep. Shane and Joe say goodnight.


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2:30am Dan continues to talk to Danielle and tells her about his relationship with Renny from his season. Danielle tells Dan that if she and Shane were in the real world and he did this to her she would have dropped him a long time ago. Dan says that Britney saw that Shane was a d**k to you. Danielle says that Britney used to point that out to her. Danielle starts talking about Trey and asks what did he do to deserve this? Danielle says that she left him back at home. She says that they left as friends but says that they had dated a few times, and then now he has to see her on the show with Shane. Dan asks what his full name is? Daneille tells him. Dan says that someone should send Trey Gorman a message on Facebook and tell him that Danielle misses him and she is just waiting to stab Shane in the back and come home $500,000 richer. Danielle asks Dan if he thinks Shane is a nice guy outside of the house, and if he will magically start treating her better when they leave the house? Dan says maybe they will hook up once or twice but he says that he doesn’t see them developing any real relationship. Danielle says that she appreciates the honesty. Danielle tells Dan that he is the reason she has the huge zit on her face! Danielle says that Jenn thinks that I trust her more than you. Dan tells Danielle that she just needs to make Jenn feel secure because her insurance policy is going home. Dan tells Danielle that she should make sure Jenn thinks she would take her to the final two over Dan so she feels more comfortable in the alliance. Dan says they need to make Jenn believe she is gaining two teammates instead of losing one.

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2:45am Danielle tells Dan that Joe thinks he has a final two deal with Ian. She says that Ian never talks to her about deals beyond the quack pack final four. Dan says that he thinks Ian would keep Danielle over Shane because he thinks that he can beat Danielle in the end. Dan tells Danielle that he was worried that Frank would pull a fast one and tell Danielle that Dan told him everything about them faking a fight so that Danielle would tell him stuff. Danielle says that Frank tried to pull the flirtmance card on her. She tells Dan what Frank said about having a huge crush on Danielle and if she hadn’t gotten so close to Shane week one he would have made a move. Danielle tells Dan that she knew if Shane heard her crying in the bed, he wouldn’t even care. Dan tells Danielle that everything that’s his in this game is hers. Danielle says that she was just worried that he really did get hurt. Danielle says that Joe even brought up the funeral and said that Dan was brutal in the funeral and that Dan told him that it was about the POV. Dan says that Joe is a f***ing liar because he is lying about stories. Dan says that Joe told him that the funeral was a genius move and that Shane told him that Dan was mad about the POV. Dan says that Joe is a mohawk rat from Kentucky, he’s a f***ing liar. Danielle wonders how much longer they can keep Joe around. Dan tells her they keep him around because they can beat him at competitions. Dan heads inside to go to bed.


3am Danielle is lying in the hammock by herself and talking. She wonders why is Shane so mean to her? She says I’m not even clingy. She says that he acts sweet for a short amount of time and then acts like a mean a**. She says that he really treats me like I’m nothing. She says and then for Trey, one of my good friends, there was chemistry and we only went on two dates. She says for him to see me come on here and think there’s some showmance with Shane really breaks my heart. I don’t have to lose something good to know what I had and I mean that with Trey. Danielle asks who is the real Shane? She says is it too much to ask to want someone to be nice to me? She says whatever I’m going to bed! She then gets up and goes inside to bed.


6am All the house guests are still sleeping..

8:20AM Cam 1-2 powerhouse
Everyone still sleeping
Frank is the first up getting a morning coffee.. Feeds cut straight to trivia. :(

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OMG! Danielle is such a psycho!

Dark Horse

I’m starting to think psycho is putting it lightly…


First time commenting, so thanks for the sites guys. I love how you keep getting shots of Joe at night lol. I feel kind of bad for Danielle. She really just needs to relax more and stop caring what people think of her, otherwise she is going to keep looking clingy.


omg Dani is so annoying!!!!! Please stop trying to play victim and get attention from every guy. She seriously is a high maintenance emotional wreck! I would rather see her leave over anyone else in the house . I hope she watches this season back and realizes how immature, annoying, clingy ,insecure and did I mention annoying ? She is . I actually did like her in the beginning until the feeds gave her more face time and you seen how she is.

Fleur de Lis

Man… I would be sooooo embarrassed to be Joe’s wife. He freakin plays with himself too much! And the fact that he doesn’t even attempt to hide it with all the cameras is amazing!!

I just want to slap Danielle. She needs to give up on Shane and give him the cold shoulder. Stand up dammit, be a woman and not a cry baby girl. She gives the rest of us a bad name.

Nicky Brand

What was the worst tactical move of BB14 so far?

1) Janelle’s worthless players helping vote her out when she’s the only one of them who would have won comps. They lost their protection and paid the price soon afterward. Only the one who stuck with her is still there. Considering Janelle had just saved Will by winning the coaches comp, it made even less sense, and they apparently had nothing to gain and everything to lose by voting her out.

2) The Quack Pack allowing themselves to be distracted by Boogie & Frank and going after Janelle instead of Frank when Danielle had HOH and won POV. They could have been rid of him a long time ago and not suffered through all those comp defeats he put on them, causing them to lose a member. Then again, considering Janelle won 8 comps in All-Stars, she might have done the same thing to them.

3) Frank sparing Dan and going after Britney instead, leading directly to Dan’s win over Frank in the finals of the Otev comp, which looks like it will send him home. I vote for this one. BB mistakes don’t get much bigger than this.

4) BB reversing the veto order, causing Ian not to be able to spare Britney. If she had, Frank would have had to nominate Shane instead and either him or Danielle would have gone home. Doesn’t Britney make for better TV than those two?

Those are my picks. Any others?

Dan's part time bible


Nice to know that you know the difference between strategy and tactical moves. Dan is the only one in the house that has used strategy. Frank has tried.

The biggest problem in the house right now is that Dan has a final two deal with (I think) everyone in the house. That needs to be exposed. Problem is, that everyone believes in their final two with Dan so nobody wants to risk that to ask others if they also have one.

The biggest tactical error was during the dual veto, in my opinion.
Frank should have told Ian he needs to take Danielle off the block so Frank could put Joe up. He could have threatened that if Ian didn’t do that, he would get Jenn to take Danielle down and put up Britney. When Ian took Danielle down, Frank should have put Britney up. Frank should have subtly suggested that it was Ian’s idea.

This would have thrown Ian and his credibility under the bus and forced the quack pack to pick a player to save between Dan and Britney. The quack pack would have likely imploded at that point because both Britney and Dan would have thrown each other under the bus to get votes, exposing all the back deals. Frank could have possibly picked up Ian as an ally because the quack pack would have no longer trust him.

Nicky Brand

That might have been a good play for Frank. The problem is that he just made the play Dan suggested (which was designed to help Dan, not him), rather than taking the info and formulating a plan that actually helped him.

I agree that Dan’s the only one that can be credited for actually having a real strategy. Dan has taught all future BB players how to play the game, if they are taking notes.

Never win comps unless you have to.
Definitely never win HOH. You just make enemies that way. Let others do the dirty week, that way you can blame it on them later.
Be a part of every alliance and don’t tattle on them like Ian does. Just keep them in your pocket.
When it gets toward the end, have a F2 deal with everyone.
Only stab when you know it will be fatal. Like this week with Frank.

That’s how you screw people over and still win jury 7-0.


Ian telling Boogie ‘you’re not going to like what you see’ on the live show, giving Boogie ammo to throw at Ian’s game, as Boogie walked out the door.

Ian’s currently making a tactical mistake by trying to keep QP together, and Shane is making a tactical mistake by not laying down the pipe and making himself #1 in Dani’s mind. He’s got to treat her like she’s $500,000. Shane’s not a very good strategist either.

Nicky Brand

Definitely agree about Shane. He needs Danielle to eventually choose him over Dan, and he could accomplish that so easily. Why he doesn’t give in to her for 500,000G’s is beyond me. You’re right, he’s not much of a thinker. Especially now that his brain got evicted last Thursday.


I’d agree that these rank high … a couple of smaller tactical errors:

1) The quack pack not being more supportive of Dan when he was on the block. He knew they didn’t have his back, so he started gaming big time, leading to the funeral speech.

2) Britney not realizing that Danielle being “dead to Dan” was a hoax.

3) Britney not keeping Shane closer and over-investing in Danielle.

4) Everyone ignoring Jenn.


5) Jenn ignoring Jenn.

Nicky Brand

Yes, Britney not keeping Shane close after the reset killed her. At the time, I guess it was hard for her to forsee that he’d eventually own all Joe’s votes and that it would come down to him whether she stayed or not. I really think being married killed her. If she could have rolled around and made out with Shane, she could have easily beaten Dani out. She was at a disadvantage because she couldn’t.


The way I see things is that NO ONE THIS SEASON HAS ANY LOYALTY!!!!!!!
Every week everyone changes their mind and switches who they are playing the game
I don’t think the game has been played worse, ever! Even if your lying, don’t keep
jumping from team to team. I can’t believe that no one has caught on in the house either.
Everyone has a F2 deal with everyone else and no one thinks that anyone else is doing
the same damn thing.
Even the veteran Dan has a F2 with everyone….it’s amazing that no one has figured this
game out this year. It’s crazy…and frustrating to watch, especially on the live feeds, they
just don’t get it…
.And BB influence is driving me crazy too….they need to stay out of all
the crap and let the players play their own dumb game. Quit trying to save Frank,who
is probably the one player who most of america does not like.
Maybe if Boogie wasn’t there he would not have been such a jerk most of the summer,
and not have made so many enemies, but Mike had him do so much of his dirty work that
Frank just became more and more of a jerk as the days went by. He’s been a better
player since Mike’s demise but too little too late.
I don’t even know who really deserves to win this game. Maybe Ian or Jenn. But I would
hate to have to say who this week. May the best player continue……
I feel it’s the worst BB Season ever…..They need to quit putting past players in the game
and just let new players play the game. Every since Jessie came back 4 or 5 years ago they
have brought back someone from the past every year. Enough already….either have an
All Stars game or keep past players out and the BB influence for them to win out of the game
as well.
Ok I’ve said my peace, sorry for the book…….

Boogie's Huge Forehead

I agree with most of your picks, particularly the decision to evict the harmless and fun-to-watch Britney, but I can’t blame Janelle’s team for turning on her in her eviction vote. Ashley and Wil had zero chance to save her, so why should they attach concentric circles to their backs? On principle? The only reason she got any votes was that Joe wasn’t clued in. If he’d known she was out the door (as everyone else in the house knew), he’d have voted against her, too.


Number one worst move was keeping Danielle over JoJo they could have gotten both a coach and player out of the game.

Dan's part time bible

In retrospect, very true. Could have been a 2 for 1 eviction.
The other coaches should have pushed harder to make this happen because it would have been in their best interest to have Dan go at that time because their odds of $100k would ahve been 1 in 3 instead of 1 in 4.

Chalk it up to Dan’s mist.


As of now,are Dan&Jenn still going to throw Frank a vote?Isn’t it best for Dan’s game to make it a tie,with Ian breaking the tie and sending Frank to jury?I mean at least then Dan might have a better chance at getting Frank’s vote, when Dan is in the final2.So,what’s Dan planning on doing with the vote today?


The photos of Joe…Ewwww!

Danielle, I have a movie/book recomendation for you: He’s Just Not That Into You.

I know this is just a game, but Dan acts like a jerk. I don’t care for him or his mist.

Also, The Quack Pack is the most idiotic alliance name ever. Anything would have been better.

Midwest Middie

Thanks for the Updates.
This year I haven’t had the time to “hang around” my favorite BB spot to post comments, but I
do read OBB daily.
IMO, BB14 is a bust, however I’m not a fan of BB bringing former house guests back into the game with Newbies.
OBB should get paid for this site by BB.
: )

All the best …….

Shut up Delusionelle

The huge zit on Danielle’s forehead is saying “Bitch- I’m not up here because of Dan! I’m up here because you shovel food into your face like a warthog! It just breaks my heart that you would think I exist because of Dan’s funeral. You can’t credit him for my existence. But you can however blame him for the fact that I’m getting bigger by the hour because you are too stupid to wash his mist off of your face! You think I’m bad? Wait until the boils show up here in the next few days!!”



1) No one causes you to have pimples, especially that third eye in the middle of your forehead. Stop picking — it’s 3 times larger than it needs to be.
2) You’re not sad at Dan because of the funeral comments. You’re upset at what other people think about you because they don’t know the backstory.
3) You are becoming a mean girl. No amount of suffering you’ve experienced in the past should justify this.
4) You are clingy & needy and this is the worst combination. There are clingers who are givers and then there’s you: an energy drain.
4.5) Shane is not mean. He’s being amazingly nice.
5) You have been learning from Dan and you’re managing to keep a poker face, but I wouldn’t vote for you.
6) Your best move is to make a final two deal between you & your pimple.
7) Aside from that, you should vote out Dan because he’s gonna win if you’re sitting together.
8) You win against: Shane, Joe & Jen. You lose against: Dan & Ian (Frank is already on his way out, but he would win too.)
9) Stop whining and crying.
10) Poor Trey.


wow took the words out of my mouth this girl is so annoying it makes me hate BBAD lately

Mrs Wilson

Seriously good stuff


Yahoo agree with you! She needs to get the hell out SOONER than later!


Danielle, you are the EPITOME of CLINGY! I really wish they would have voted you out, so we wouldn’t have to constantly hear you cry about that stupid funeral. Ugh! BTW, nobody sees you and Shane as a “SHOWMANCE.” It’s being shown as FATAL ATTRACTION! When you get out, there will be 2 restraining orders, one from Trey and the other from Shane.


You know I think it should be 3 restraining orders, Shane, Trey and with some of her comments tonight Dan may need one too. She is scary, thank god BB doesn’t have any bunnies there.

I assume production hasn’t told Joe that the whole world can see him at night…..

Dark Horse

I think a little of the problem lies with the DR…

Danielle said that they told her she is being portayed as a sweet girl…oh boy she’s gonna bug when she watches the season.

The DR wanted Shane & Danielle to be this season’s showmance…Shane pretty much refused so now Danielle is looking like a crazy bat-$hit fatal attraction psycho stalker…

I have to believe that or it just means that this chick is…one flew over the cuckoo’s nest CRAZY!


Didn’t you see her the night of Wil’s birthday? Some drinks and one kiss from Shane (which he was forced to do) and she was freaking out to Britney about Shane!

Remember that woman who was driving, while wearing depends undergarments so she wouldn’t have to stop, to go kill that astronaut’s wife so she could be with him. Yeah, that’s Danielle!


Christ that b**** is nuts. I know its a game but you were play mean to
Me so I must cry. Shut the f*** up and lose you dumb sh**. Shane I’d
Immature. No he does not want a showmance. He told you so. Shut up.
Go home.


LOL, looks like One Eyed Joe is at it again!

Old Lady

Oh my!! This girl is truly disturbed. She has serious self-esteem issues. This season should have been “Big Brother 14: House of Misfits”.

Aqua Bernie

YES!! lol

Frank's Dirty Rug

Out the door tonight! Hope Jenn or Danielle follows me!


I’m with you….I can’t stand Danielle still crying over what Dan said 2 or 3 weeks ago, Does’nt she know that Dan is married. She is so annoying, and needy. Shane just may give up and ask to be evicted, just to get away from her, when he weighs the pros and cons, let me see: I can stick this out and maybe win $500,000, or I can leave now and not have to see crybaby, needy, wannabe fat Danielle all in my face , the choice is clear..I’m leaving. Yes I need the money, but i need my sanity more. Thanks BB for the stalker experience


If that thing on Danielle’s forehead gets any bigger, I think it’ll officially qualify as a houseguest, and might just win this thing!

Seriously, is she growing a second head, or a third eye or something?


Danielle has the power of Zito

Dark Horse



So funny comments make up for the horrible show lately Danielle you pimple might win this after all


Joe is hilarious, I like him better than Jenn/Shane/Danielle/Dan, those night shots of him make me laugh every time….plus he seems to know what’s going on in the house with Dan/Danielle, the mist hasn’t blinded him yet, hopefully Ian will clue in too.
I still don’t have a favourite but Joe and Ian for a final two would be the best in my opinion.

Nicky Brand

I know what you’re doing, Dawg. You’re trying to diminish Joe’s runaway popularity with these photos of a frustrated guy alone with himself in the dark. It’s not going to work. Joe’s legions of fans will never be corrupted by your propoganda. Team Powerhouse mania will continue to sweep through North America and cannot be stopped!


TPH4L 24/7

Nicky Brand

Yes! Team Powerhouse’s BB legend will continue to grow (much like his member when his hand is on it).


Some people are going to stick to “UrineHands Joe” like goo…no matter what.

Dark Horse

I just hope he wakes up and starts cooking…bypass that sink in the bathroom once again.

I bet half of the chicks evicted from the house found out they are pregnant with Joe’s baby. LOL I kid I kid…

…but I do remember some of the girls [Janelle & ?] complaining of an upset stomach, only after he cooked though.


I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


is is just me or I felt like Dan’s changing a lot lately…
he throws a lof of swearings, and dirty words and especially the F words towards the other houseguests, especially on Frank and Joe

as much as I hate Frank, I am not gonna do that to him if I was Dan. It’s just not right. Their family might be watching.
“f***ing mohawk rat from kentucky”. that was a personal attack on someone’s appearance. I can’t take it…


I agree, I find it hard to believe that St Marys is okay with his behavior .I could be wrong, but I do not remember him swearing on Bibles and crosses during season 10


Ugly of Dan to say it but really if you can’t take it than don’t watch the live feed and really how can you possibly take the kind of comments people post on here.


that’s not the point. but it’s just not Dan that we know. Remember when JoJo is about to be evicted, and Boogie and Janelle picked on her all the time, and Dan was like “you don’t have to shit on their face. They’re leaving so be it.”

and this is definetely not Dan that I watched in season 10. I can’t even count how many F words dan has thorwn for the past couple weeks


Just like the personal attacks on the other house guests’ appearance on here? What makes it okay for us to call a sensitive girl a fat ugly pig when she’s obviously not and to be hypocritical when they (house guests) do it to others? You can’t have it both ways. If you have something to say about someone inside or out for any particular reason, even simply, you just don’t like them, don’t call others on it-Not saying you do, but that’s how it appears with some people.


thank you for pointing that out…
this is exactly what I am talking about


But you were OK with Frank calling Jenn “dirty brown water” and Boogie saying he was going to Michigan to F%$ Dan’s wife? Personally, I think he’s tired of baby-sitting Danielle and her emotional neediness and goes that far to appease her.


who calls her that oh my god!!!
that’s awful
LOL you’re probably right on babysitting Danielle

Dan is THE MAN

Frank called Jenn “dirty brown water trash”. What a great guy!

shane prefers blondes

Danielle is realllly delusional…she think …really believes Shane is the one that pursues her…not her pursuing him… hello dumb fool…zing bot..remember even bb new you were the chaser..and stalker.


Why would Dan take Danielle to the finals when he probably wont beat her? I think the only two people in the house he could beat are Joe and Jenn.

(Ian, Brit, ,Joe ,Jenn &Shane would most likely vote for Danielle)

shane prefers blondes

I agree…I think hes way too smart and will cut her sorry ass 3rd…he will take Joe or jenn..

shane prefers blondes

i agree Danielle just keeps whining and whining until she gets her way with Shane…i remeber one time Shane said for her to sleep downstairs…and she through a big fit and almost cried…so yea thia stalker nows how to manipulate men…


If Ian,Shane,Jenn&Britney all vote for Danielle to win over Dan,then they’ll go down as the biggest butt hurt jury members in Big Brother history(they’ll be worse than season3 jury members,who voted for Lisa to win over Danielle Reyes.Everyone knows that Danielle was the best player and she was robbed of the first place prize).Dan will tell the jury the truth.Since day1,every move Danielle made was orders that Dan gave her.Danielle was his puppet.Danielle deserves credit for convincing the other house guests of what Dan wants.But Dan was in control of her and almost everyone else in the game.He is the best player and if he makes it to final2,Dan deserves to win this game again.


So the coach should get all the player’s credit? So that means Peyton Manning is nothing, he just had good coaches. Btw, Dani has called several audibles along the way, so it wasn’t all Dan.

Britney Sucks!!!

Big Brother and football are two totally different games clown!! Everything Danielle has done is because of Dan using her as a puppet!! She would jump off a cliff if Dan asked because he has totally mind f$#%ed her!!


Well, she has certainly dragged Dan along, but that has less to do with Dan and more to do with whatever psychotic fantasy that she’s living out.


I disagree, I think Dan beats Danielle in the final 2. In BB10 Dan royally screwed over Jerry, Ollie and Michelle and they all voted for him to win and as long as people aren’t voting personally, Dan would beat Danielle. Joe is really the only vote that Dan doesn’t have a good shot at.

Ian is very rational and loves the game of Big Brother. At the end of the day I think he would vote for who played the best game which would be Dan. Frank ditto and Ashley would probably vote with Frank. Shane isn’t really emotionally attached to Danielle and could easily be swayed. Britney seemed to be over Dan’s actions to her the last few days in the house and Ian would probably be telling her to vote for Dan as well.


Dan needs the QP in the jury for him to win and he needs Jenn or Joes help watch he will throw things their way now so it doesnt make him look bad to thew jury


I disagree. I think the other HGs would consider that Danielle made it to the end by hanging onto Dan. In my opinion, the only competition Dan would have is Ian.


You know, the whole Danielle’s behavior thing isn’t even really funny to me anymore. It’s too messed up to be anything but sad and concerning. I can completely see this girl getting home after finale night, immediately going to look up online how hot and amazing and popular she was, reading the reality, then doing something horrible to herself. BB’s supposed to do a fairly thorough psychiatric evaluation… I’m just kinda wondering about now if that actually happened with this girl.

Old lady

I agree with you. I also am beginning to worry about the stability of some of the other hg and if CBS is concerned at all. Are ratings more important than human life and dignity?


I agree…I am worried about her seeing the comments people are making about her weight. Considering she admits she was anorexic before. I worry she will really crack.


She’ll be fine. They’ll debrief her, tell her that the online community is small, and backdooring Jani, and backstabbing Britney were not popular, so avoid going online for several months.


That may be so, but she requires constant attention and affirmation….. she’ll be on-line in 2 seconds.

the one

denille cry over supid shit so she like shen then when shen do her wrong she like trey if i w trey or shen i will not go out with her she give you too much problems but she is pretty in sexy though i will sleep with her but reletionship with her no to much to dell with


“the one” as in try and find the one word spelled correctly in the sentence.

Dan is THE MAN

Haha Antman!


This person must have a phobia of the letter “A”– it’s missing in every word it should be in???


I was thinking maybe they’re from The Islands? I always read TheOne’s posts with a Jamaican accent lol.

phantom of the house

Danielle is not completely at fault for her delusions. I mean, Shane uses her as an ally for his game, has kissed her a couple of times and then stated not wanting a relationship in the house, but continues to cuddle with her. Okay, dumbass. I wish you would’ve figured that out before you, um, kissed a woman who obviously has low self-esteem issues. I can sure as hell stand self-centered stalker Dani more than mindless idiotic Shane. He just needs to go down on Joe (because we all know he wants to) take his money and go,

Hate to be Joes family

A bunch of Backstabbing, Flip Flopping, Traders, and Liars!
Is this BB14 or the 2012 Election?

Aqua Bernie

When is Shane mean to this girl? He makes little jokes, but nothing to even bat an eye to. Danielle is cray cray. I now want her gone next. I don’t know how Jenn deals with her. In fact I don’t know how Brit dealt with her. Her voice alone i would kick her a** out. They kept her over Kara? Now she was a cool chick.

the one

denille got to go she will give shne 500 thousend dollors to go out with her denille get your self in the gme in send den in shen home for your insnty could be fix in stop beeing so emotion over den in shen you the women send them home if i ws shen i would of hit it long time in sey i wish for it every time you will be smiling every time

Another BB Fan

Please use the letter A,

It is very hard to understand what you are writting without the use of commas or periods.

Aqua Bernie

English please!

Dan is THE MAN

I say we all pitch in and buy “the one” some punctuation.


SMH @ the attention getter it’s all about “ME ME ME” Danielle. there needs to be a new drinking game every time the name “Trey” is said on BB 14.


.I guess I shouldv’e adress this question to you or Dawg from the get go(in order to have a better chance of my question being answered).Is Dan still going to give Frank a vote to stay,In order to make it a tie with Ian being the tie breaker and sending Frank to jury?That’s what’s best for Dan’s game.


When I went to bed last night at 2am I got the feeling that Dan was voting to keep Frank.

*He wants Frank gone though so if his vote is needed he’ll evict Frank. I would say that Frank has a 0 percent chance of surviving tonight.


I think it may be time for BB Production to remind Joe about the camera’s, and that they have night vision capabilities.
Treating himself as an amusement park every night is his business, but not when others can see it via the cameras.
It would be fun to see his face when they tell him.


I love this season. Cannot wait for Frank to be evicted. I don’t care who goes to the JH in the double elimination. Just want Frank out of here.


Me too. Hopefully they show a good amount of JH.


I wish Frank could stay but nooooo the crack pack want to be cool and get the upper hand and the HAHAHA on Frank like little fucking kids! But that is ok if he goes and I can’t believe I am going to say this….I hope Joe wins that Hoh tonight if he does and he put up Dan against someone else and Dan goes I will find a new found respect for the man! But if he puts up Dan and Jenn…that would mean Jenn is going cause the shitty ass crack pack controls the house. Grr!

Junior Sucks!!!

Your a tool!!

mohawk rat in a sewer

Don’t be so surprised at Dan-The man said himself he’ll do anything to win. I believe him. Now just wait for all the fireworks tonight.


I agree with most of the comments on here, it seems that Danielle is throwing herself a pity party every single day. I really wished they would have kept Kara over her. Danielle isn’t even fun to make fun of anymore, just plain sad really.


It was never “fun”. At least not to me. I worry for her. The girl is very sensitive and emotional and unable to handle words that others would simply shrug off. Obviously she’s been made fun of before, otherwise she wouldn’t care what people think of her, but she cares too much. It’s scary, but this isn’t a joke. I really do believe Dani won’t make it much farther in this game at this rate. Shane will snap and divide himself from her and Dan or someone will walk in on her with a blade in her hand and blood on the floor. Dan will feel the utmost guilt, hold a virgil, but still continue the game. Jenn will sob for the woman she could never have. Ian will rock back and forth until he passes out. Joe will harden at the sight of her body on the stretcher wheeling past him. Shane will pull at his hair and stand there with his mouth open saying, “What’s going on? What’s going on?” It will be a gloomy day. Danielle will survive and be admitted into a mental facility. Shane will say in an interview after he’s evicted he always knew she was a nutjob, but is glad she is receiving help. Two days later he’s files for a restraining order.


And that’s IF everything goes well…


looks like powerhouse just rubbed one out


let’s just hope he’s not using any “special sauce” when he cooks,


I’d really like to see Danielle be the second evicted tonight. So waht she won 2 comps., she is a floater too. Just part of an alliance where Dan makes all the moves for her. I would not vote for this chick to win over anybody in the Final 2. At least PH and ? talk strategy and try to play for themselves. Danielle just says “somebody needs to go” and she sits on her ass. No wonder you applied to be on a dating show because you certainly don’t fit in here. Shane does’n’t want you and neither does Trey. Instead of crying about your relationship problems, you should have focused on this game for a chance to win half a million bucks. If she wins this season, (especially if they vote for her to win over DAN) I am going to go apeshit. This would be a way worse winner than Jordan from BB11. Not even close really.


danielle gets upset dan hits her with the mist now everything is ok


I really like Danielle.. But, Danielle yo and this trey ony had 2 dates – yet you call him your Fiance!!!? .. Come ON Danielle, get a grip! … I think Danielle is getting depressed cause she knows the end of BB is near. She is really afraid of being apart from Dan! – I am pretty sure that Dan knows that Shane does Not like Girls/women!


Danielle does not refer to Trey as her fiance. She is talking about a completely different guy when she talks about her fiance. She has never said the name of the guy but she also said that their families referred to them as “fiances” but did not answer Dan when he asked if this guy actually proposed to her. Obviously another one of her delusions.


Frank….you better wake up…..it’s almost 10 am and it’s your last day in the house….you better get packing!!


Oh my gosh! What is wrong with Danielle! I feel sorry for her. This is the most emotional girl I have ever seen and such a liar!!!! The fact that she is going on about Trey, and I had seen in the live feeds where she said her and Trey were “married”, well not really just practically married, then he was just a friend and she was trying so so hard with Shane and now she misses Trey and he’s the love of her life…This girl needs to stop being so desperate! She is grasping for any attention possible and she needs to drop the Dan broke my heart thing. It is driving me up the wall. It is a game and you have said mean things about other people and backstabbed. I think she is just as cocky as Frank but a million times more annoying and I cannot stand her being in the house. I wish America was allowed to vote a houseguest out because I believe it would be her. I try to be sympathetic but I just can’t handle her anymore. The girl needs to go!!!!


I agree with the above poster. Danielle will come undone when she reads what people REALLY thought about her. I mean, think about it. She CRACKS over the slightest imagined little thing. It’s disconcerting to see how she behaves. With NO idea . It seems she really believes that people are feeling bad for her…and..in her words..that everyone thinks * she’s sweet*. She gives new meaning to Femme Fatale. I cringe for her.

Uffa. And Frank last night. Trying to get her vote. Cringeworthy. It was such a creepout. I understand he has to fight to stay, but UGH!.

Dan? The worst. As a human being. Yes, he has succeeded in the game so far, but as a person he is a cold, manipulative, money hungry grubber. All in the name of Chelsea and the bible. No, it’s all about him. He just get’s off on thinking he’s the 2nd coming of Christ. A disgrace.

However, it’s easy for him. This crowd he’s living with are so scared of getting booted, they can’t see further than their own paranoia. No-one gived Joe any respect, so his words fall on deaf ears.

Shane is a decent person, but unfortunately, he just doesn’t know enough about how the game is played. It should be Shane, Ian and Joe as final three. With Shane and Joe final 2, if Shane wants to win. Ian is adorable, in his way. Smart kid….and he’s overcome a lot. I give him kudos.


The game is Big Brother clown!!! It’s not make nice with everyone. This game is about lieing, cheating, and being a cutthroat!!! If you don’t like that than watch something else.

the one

i hope joe win hoh this will be good for him in shen send den or denille home


I hope they give the House guests a luxury comp. Jenn really needs some different clothes. I find my focus on how she looks, rather than what she’s saying.

Joe? Well, he’s easy to spot, because he’s always in that same T-shirt. I think he broke that finger doing something else. :)


Danielle or NurseBatSh*t has a serious set of issues. First where does she get this holier than thou attitude. Everyone is supposed to like her, over the top like her. But yet Frank, who is going home, isn’t entitled to any respect or courtesy from her.

Let’s face it the main reason everyone wants him to go is because he just kept winning…making him very dangerous in this game. But then NurseBatSh*t refers to him as a douche bag, an a$$hole, and many more less than flattering remarks; let alone her total distain for him whenever he approaches her. You know, NurseBatSh*t, if you want him to keep his distance it’s real simple; just tell him that he’s a major threat to you winning the game and therefore you absolutely need to vote for him to leave and nothing can change your mind. I’m sure he’d thank you for your honesty and stop trying to plead for your vote.

Frank supposedly told her that he’d have been interested in her had Shane and her not gotten so close. Now isn’t that a compliment, isn’t that saying I find you attractive or interesting? So Frank didn’t pursue it, why? Because he respected what might be happening between her and Shane…that makes Frank a bad guy? That’s just WACKO NurseBatSh*t

But this isn’t all about Frank, if he’s there or not and she conducts herself in the manner she has been she’ll still be what she is…and we all know she will. It’s just a matter of who’s next, will it be Joe or Jenn, could even be Ian. She’s already taking shots at Shane and let’s just see what happens when the time comes and maybe Dan slits her throat…my guess is she won’t leave it as “Nicely done Dan, that was a big move and awesome game play”

Best I can tell, without any reasons to back it up from her stand point, NurseBatSh*t just likes to vilify people. This is the girl that said; “I hate Janelle, I hate her” again based on what? Now she repeatedly calls Frank a douche bag and more. She has always found a person that she can trash and do so without a kind word. Yet her biggest fear is what others think of her or say about her, thus the constant: “What did they say about me?” (talk about do unto others & throwing things in glass houses…she’s the poster child). The other night she commented on how sad she was that she was “the only woman in the house” Just have to wonder if she said that right to Jenn’s face, how Jenn might label her. If I had to guess, I’d go with the ‘C’ word. Or maybe she’d class it up and just tell her to “Suck It”

Turns out that while she’s “throwing stones” calling others liars she’s being a total one herself. First she comes in to the house as a “Kindergarten teacher” OK I’ll give her a break as that was her game play. But when she decides to come clean on that, to those she feels are deserving she comes out as an RN (the highest level of nursing). Turns out she’s only certified as an LPN. A Licensed practical nurse (LPN) is the term used to refer to a nurse who cares for “people who are sick, injured, convalescent, or disabled under the direction of registered nurses and physicians.” By the way, that hospital she claims to work at on her LinkedIn page is Glen Haven Tuscaloosa, Alabama. But as it turns out that’s no hospital, it’s a a nursing home/rehabilitation center. So it seems she does like to elevated herself beyond reality and yet at the same time cut those around her down so it make her feel better than all. I’d sure hate to be living out my life with her kind of “care”

You can verify this at:


Plug in: Danielle Murphree

Also at:


We know Shane isn’t the sharpest hammer in the bag (that’s how he’d probably think that metaphor goes). But he tries to get along with her the best he can. Never have I heard a real derogatory comment from him about her, even behind her back. But how does she act? Let’s see, she wants him to pursue her (probably more for self esteem). But constantly talks about how she doesn’t like him because he won’t act the way she wants. Then “Father Dan” in their asides has encouraged her to stay close with Shane and foster the relationship…mostly for game play (as much his as hers). So in order to possibly win $500K what does NurseBatSh*t do? She jumps into bed with Shane (whom see now refers to as a D*CK). Now I could have a misguided perception of this, but when someone jumps into bed with someone solely for money we usually call them a WHORE. But maybe we should cut her some slack and just call her a High Class Call Girl, problem is I’ve just never seen any ‘class’ from her.

This girl is a total nightmare and if Trey Gorman has seen any of this let’s hope he’s smart enough to stay far away when she returns because any relationship with this girl is a lose, lose situation to the MAX.

But like any train wreck, it seems we just can’t look away…so please, Please, PLEASE someone just send her away pronto so we can cringe less and watch game play not clouded by a psycho nut job’s set of issues.

Aqua Bernie

Nicely said!


Funny! It generally takes a 4 year college education to become a kindergarten teacher whereas only a 1 year training course is required to become certified as a LPN……..




Holy shit. You are waaay too obsessed with this woman. Right now you are seriously scaring me. First you call her a c#nt, now a whore? For lying? For laying in a bed with another person and doing absolutely nothing? To explain why this is incredibly stupid, 1) that 500k isn’t even Shane’s (and won’t be), 2) So how exactly would he give it to her?? I don’t understand-You can’t stand her if she’s all over Shane and you don’t like her when she’s not. Which one is it? You really should look into taking an evaluation for Briarcliff-You and Dani can both stay there because I definitely get the impression you’re as batsh#t crazy as she is. For a person that thinks they’re better than another, you sure as hell go through desperate lengths to prove it-A lot of research you did there, haha. Please get over your Danielle obsession and leave it alone. As stated above, it’s not funny. It’s pathetic.

And FYI, I hate to break it to you, but Frank isn’t an angel. He’s an arrogant dick to even have considered himself the greatest player in the house, he’s a fool to take his enemy off the block and create his own demise, and he’s Since Dan has taken Dani under his wing and ‘shown her the way’, I suppose he isn’t at fault for the puppet strings tied to the QP’s wrists. Dani’s an emotional delusional train wreck, but she isn’t a c#nt or a whore. How offensive. How would you like it if I called you that? Not so much? If she bothers you that much, turn it off. It’s not rocket science. This is getting out of hand.

Dan is the true beast of this season. And he will win.


Obsessed…no, just my opinion (which mirrors others) of her. Scaring you? Well Happy Halloween. Tagging her wasn’t about her just lying…it’s her whole attitude and approach. How she’s holier than thou (sure you’ll say I am too…you’re welcome to). Guess you missed all the Dan is pimping out Dani comments from the other day, but hey shortly thereafter Dani is changing her bed and is in bed with Shane. Never said Shane would give her the $500K, just that her actions were designed so she might grab the prize…into bed to get the $$$$. I could care less if she’s with or without Shane, just make up your mind…which is something she can’t figure out how to do. If you want to foot the bill I’m fine with a Briarcliff visit, in fact bring Dani along and as I may have mentioned I’d be happy to have all the results shared…I just know I won’t be the one saying: “what do you think they’ll say about me” as we leave. I went to desperate lengths? Took me about 5 minutes to find the facts I shared, I don’t consider that a lot of research. I always thought people liked a fact rather than conjecture. As far as leaving pathetic Danielle alone, I’m just joining the conversation with my observations. Which not everyone seems to have concerns with.

I never referred to Frank as an angel, nobody in that house is perfect (by design). He blew it with Dan, no doubt. Dan has a whole other set of issues and I’ve spoken to them too as have many others…we all went to Sunday school over it. I will give you this, is Dani truly a whore, nah…but see definitely hopped in bed with someone she totally runs hot and cold over and she did so shortly after Dan said it would be best for her game and also after Dan played “you should kiss her / you should kiss him” with Shane & Danielle in the bathroom. Call it what you want. For that matter call me what you want, no worries. If I offended you, I’ll even say I’m sorry. But for your sensibilities maybe you should just pass my posts by, after all you could just go with “there’s that poster I think is an a$$hole” and save yourself the time and energy. No rocket science needed for that. Best wishes.

Danielle's Zit

im telling ya Shane likes men,


Danielle makes me sick. I feel zero compassion or concern for her as she talks horribly about people behind their backs yet anyone makes a comment to her teasing and joking with her and she gets upset. Then she keeps obsessing over the funeral she knows was fake, all for attention.


I am not danielle hating just asking.

has shane shown even the slightest interest in her since she won hoh?

seems he has basically ignored that aspect of their “relationship” and are friends if even that. she talks about it, but I never see or hear of him showing emotion about anything. shane is my biggest disappointment, as he won early, then just wasnt strong enough to take down frank, and sort of just has floated his way after those first couple comps. Not even w/ strategy, but seems more like riding dan’s coatails.

Im team frank, but there has been no way for him to win this game for weeks now. people question his moves, but he really had little choice. he gave you guys dan instead of brit late in the game, be thankful for that, or the final 4 would be scary bad.

cant wait to see the worst alliance name ever that I refuse to say, start turning on each other. ian will cry in a corner, shane will cry on a couch, danielle will cry in the bathroom, and dan will smile with his bible.


Shane did actually make a play for her (kissed her on the neck) but she didn’t realize that was what he was doing; he figured she wasn’t really interested and backed off. This whole discussion went on the other night with Dan playing match-maker. How do you not think a guy kissing you on the neck is a come on?? I’m not THAT old!!!!! She has some serious issues.


Shane says: “He says that he hates dealing with girls.” LMAO – We know already!!! He is such a “boy” He may or may not be gay, but he’s not a man.

Shane is gay

He likes to deal with men LOL


does Joe masturbate every night? Danielle needs serious professional help


its now looking like about a 87% chance shane is gay and 13% he is bi but prefers men.


or Dawg.Do they normally cut the feeds to trivia this early on the day of eviction?


this year they cut the feeds more than usual on Thursdays