Danielle says she was misted and that’s why she gave him the veto. Dan says what is the mist? I never misted you!

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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11:50am – 12:15pm Danielle says what happened to the sweet Dan I knew in the first few weeks. Dan says that was back when 11 people were trying to kill us; no one is trying to kill us now. Dan re-enacts Danielle yelling at him. Dan imitates Danielle and says was all the antics necessary?! They discuss what Dan said to her during the eviction of Shane. Danielle says giving me the head of the karate kid doll was not giving me the heads up on what was going to happen. Dan says yes it was. Dan gives the definition of antics: any move or maneuver that gets us farther in the game whether colourful or otherwise. Danielle says that if she gets home and finds out he lied to her or has done other than what he has said he’s done… she will not forgive him. Dan says well you’re saying that after the fact so there is nothing I can do about that now. Danielle tells Dan that he told her early in the game that he would only be disappointed in her if she lied to him. Dan says that he would be. Danielle asks him why there is a different standard for him than there is for her. Dan tells her that she never made that statement to him. Danielle talks about the veto she won and used on him. Danielle says that she was misted and that’s why she gave him the power of veto. Dan says what is the mist, I never misted you. Danielle says what will hurt me the most is if you said you could control me. Dan laughs. Danielle asks why are you laughing, did you say that. Dan says no, I just thought you would say something else like that I dragged you through the game. Dan says that she knew she would be loyal so he didn’t have to control her. Dan and Danielle head inside to make lunch. Ian finally gets up because Big Brother tells him to change his battery


12:45pm Dan is in the kitchen making a tuna bagel, Danielle is eating her foot loops and Ian is in the bathroom. Ian joins them in the kitchen and then heads outside to swing in the hammock. Danielle heads into the bathroom and comments that the game is making her face break out.


12:55pm – 1:20pm Danielle heads out into the backyard to suntan by the pool. Dan and Ian are in the bathroom. Dan comments that this is the second to last full day. Ian says oh my god yeah, because Wednesday isn’t a full day. Dan heads out side and throws one of his salsa balls at Danielle. She says oh my god. Danielle asks if Dan has seen the basketball. Dan says I haven’t seen it in years. Dan is in the pool trying to get on the large blow up ball. He is trying to ride it for 10 seconds. Danielle watches from the side lines and counts the seconds he is able to remain on top of it. He makes it to 7 seconds. Danielle then tries to show him how it’s done. She tries twice and only lasts a couple seconds. Big Brother then tells Dan to stop that! Dan then grabs the blow up alligator and jumps on it. Big Brother tells him to stop that! Dan goes to spray Danielle with the hose. She tells him she will cut him. Dan gets the snorkel and tries sneaking up on Danielle.


1:20pm – 1:30pm Dan climbs inside the basketball hoop and says shark cage. He then floats around with his head under water and breathing through the snorkel. After a while of floating, Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back we find out that Big Brother was concerned for his safety. Danielle tells Dan that they called his name three times and when he didn’t answer or come up she got worried and went to him. Dan laughs.


1:35pm – 1:45pm Dan continues to float around the pool with the snorkel. He floats beside Danielle and she sticks her finger in the blow hole. Then she starts to cup water with her hand and pour it into the snorkel. Big Brother cuts the feeds and when they come back Dan comments that he will comply but that was his least warranted stop that.

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“Danielle is eating her foot loops”

I guess you really are what you eat.


Apparently I copy-pasted a type 🙂


damnit! *typo

..isn’t it ironic..


Absolutely! and I would love to tell her to close her mouth! I hate to hear her eat about as much as I hate to hear her talk!


The girl eats 400 bowls of Fruit Loops per day. . . . . but it’s THE GAME that’s making her face break out!!!! Okay. . . . . . . .See, ya’ll thought it was something else!!! <3

PignellePizzaFace Danielle

Danielle is one dumb ho.
She knows she is fucked if Ian wins.

Ultimate Dan move – throw final HOH and win.

I Aian't Nobody's Mama

I don’t see any scenario where Iandoesn’t win the game. What do you think Simon/Dawg??

Misted & Twisted

Hahaha… that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all season 🙂

Your site is awesome guys!!


We all know Dan the Man is gonna win the whole shabang.


I pray you are wrong …go ian


Nooooo! I hope Ian wins the last HOH! I’m honestly really annoyed now that Ian turned out to be a republican but out of all of these three I hope Ian wins. He’s the lesser of three evils

the one

so is this true


LMAO… it will never happen.


Yes, I hope your prediction is correct I want double D at the end. lol


I sure would like to know what kind of concealer that Danielle uses to cover up all those holes she digs in her face.


I called my cousin and said the same thing to her… she bust out laughing and said she’d just said the same thing to her husband! lol

Honey Boo Boo Child

It’s make up that professional M/U artists use on sets,

She’s getting it from the DR.

When she gets home, she can use putty to fill in those craters!


Danielle and Brittney were talking in the bathroom earlier in the season and Danielle told her she uses Merle Norman. I used the same stuff when I was in my 20’s and it truly is a miracle concealer. It hides everything, including tatoos.

Go Ian !!!!

She uses MAC Makeup. LOL

to shauna

i wonder what you look like. dani is pretty with and with out makeup cannyou say that. those that hate on others do it because you hate yourself.


Aw, we found the one Danielle fan. Yes she was pretty with or without makeup in the beginning until she started pick holes in her face. With makeup she looks the same, without, she looks like she has leprosy.


I’d say it’s more like with makeup and without zits


She’s not ugly but far from ‘pretty’ and that’s only on the outside! She’s 100% repulsively ugly on the inside! Nobody would give her a hard time or even mention her looks if she was a nice person but she’s so conceited for no reason (+CRAZY) that people can’t help picking on her


I just wanted to say thanks to Simon & Dawg because I haven’t yet, and with the season about to end I didn’t want to forget. This site is awesome and got me through the leaner weeks of the season without actually having to sit and listen to Danielle’s grating delusions. I’d also like to thank Gavin and RS for being cartoon characters.


LOL….I remember when Brit was going home and she told Dani to not trust Dan he will cut your throat. Dans getting his knife ready.


I don’t think the game is making her face break out it is all the mist dan has sprayed on her face


It’s all the fruit loops, ganga!


If Danielle doesn’t make it to the final 2, she at least deserves a standing ovation for FINALLY figuring Dan out. Even Ian is too closed-minded to notice Dan’s antics. I used to really like Ian but, as much as I would hate to admit it, Dan or Danielle deserve to win. Ian hid behind everybody and “organized” Boogie and Frank’s eviction. Please Ian, you are no villain so hop off that heroes vs. Villain crap.




Crazy talk. If Ian trusted Dan why do you think he was so sure he was going home, and so shocked at Shane getting evicted instead of him when Dan (his supposed renegade alliance) had the vote to evict him. I think that’s a pretty obvious tell that he doesn’t really trust Dan. It’s also why he’s not going to throw the 3rd HoH.


Ian was sure he was going home because he did not know Dani was going to use the veto on Dan. Just minutes passed from the time Dani used the veto and Dan evicted Shane. At that point, Ian was in shock that Dani even used the veto on Dan. So, when Ian says he was sure he was being evicted, I think he is sincere. He didn’t have time to process anything between the veto being used and the eviction.

Three's Company

No doubt the DR misted her

Yet Another Anonymous

I’m really curious about something…
Danielle keeps talking about this “vengeance” she’s going to get on Ian by tainting the Jury. My question is, what is this vengeance?? What could she possibly say to the jury about Ian that would sway their votes (in all of about 3 minutes, IF the producers allow her to speak during the break)?? What does she have to say? That Ian didn’t take her to the F2? Yeah, and so? That Ian said bad things about each of the Jury members? A few unkind words by Ian sure isn’t going to weaken the JH’s bitterness towards Dan. That Ian didn’t have a F2 with HER, but had F2 with Dan for weeks? That will just continue to seal the case against Dan, not Ian. Really, what could she possibly say that would cause the whole Jury to change their vote. NOTHING, that’s what.
Her plan for vengeance is about as meaningful as her telling the DR she was going to get revenge on Dan….and then turned around and threw the first part of the HOH to him.
What did she call herself? A dumbass? That might be the most truthful thing she’s said in the past 3 months.


everyone seems to be forgetting that for the most part, everything she has been spewing out verbally at Ian is what Dan told her to do! he told her to act mad, her told her to threaten Ian w jury votes…. all her crap towards Ian for the most part is what Dan “coached” her to do because he somehow got her to believe that she would scare Ian into not taking Dan……when in reality he used her mental weakness and dependence on him to secure Ian not taking Dani because of her verbal abuse…
so the evil bastard gets Dani to pound the nails into her coffin whilst enjoying Ian being tortured at the same time……

come ON Ian and Danielle u got two days to get your heads OUT of the mist!!!!!!


i agree 100% danielle just need to talk to ian without yelling at him and tell him that dan was the one who told her to yell at him and hopefully they finally notice and send dan home and let dani and ian be the final 2 and let dan be in the jury for the first time.


Yeah but she is also telling Dan about her vengeance. So it isn’t just Dan telling her to say all that. So she truly thinks that Ian has some how wronged her by winning and I guess not taking her to the final 2 even though he has never said he wouldn’t. She is just a nutbag.


that is true too and ian never told her that he wasnt going to take here and im not sitcking up for dani she has said mean things to ian but being locked in a house for 3 month people can let their emotions get to them and none of us know what she is like in her own life and just are assuming that she is just a crazy person in real life


“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me three times, I’m a dumbass.” -LOL-Last night’s episode sorta pissed me off. The narrator lied, “And who will win the 1/3 HOH competition??” and then “Tune in Wednesday” at the end, okay we know who won already but I still wanted to see it. Two days.

cristine weaver

I just can’t stand Dan anymore, he is such a liar and backstabber, I hope and pray to god that he does not win….Danielle unfortunatley has done everything Dan has asked her to do….I guess when he lies thats ok..what a jerk!!! I would never want him teaching my kids…


Agree. Dan plays a sociopath in this game, questioning of its not too far off from his own life since he does it do naturally.

big brother lover

If you are going to pray to someone, you should know that God is always capitalized. I wouldn’t want YOU teaching MY children. I certainly wouldn’t want you to teach my kids. Where I live kids are young goats. Children are what God gives us as gifts!


So true. Great response.

Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole

Ha…I’d rather have a friggen goat. . And by the way everyone knows that God is super busy right now with football the precious children will just have to starve, die of cancer, be beaten by their parents etc..’till He’s done helping Dan win BB and helpingTebow on the Jets.

Frank's Dirty Rug


And also, how can you claim to be a lover of this game…and be so annoyed at someone like Dan who played it so well? Newsflash, Jeff and Jordan style players are not the type of people meant to play Big Brother and win. Their pretty faces are just suppose to garner ratings, and rope gullible viewers into rooting for them.


Well I hope for the sake of humanity that God ignores you and sticks to the more pressing issue in this world like war and hunger.


Oh my….I so agree with you. If Chelsea has a backbone at all, she will escape the mist someday. I would not what him near m kids either. I know it is a “game” , but it is just WAY too was for him to be evil. Scary.


Well I like Dan. However, if he wins the next HOH and does not take Dani to the end. He will no longer be in my good graces and I won’t like him anymore! I will then be able to break out of Dan’s mist!


Danielle didn’t feel bad when she screwed everyone else at their shot of a half million ! Screw her ! Karma will come back to kick you in the butt and she is now feeling it’s effects ! ! ! Go cry in your fruit loops ! ! ! ! She’s another one that feels she’s “entitled” to it ! ! ! What a jerk she is ! ! !

f u dan

dan is the one walking around acting like he is the only one entitled to win the money. dan has turned into jack nicholson from the shining. here’ s “danny”
he completly gone around the bend. we saw him change from jeckel to hide we saw him completly turn psycho in less than three months this man is not acting is really is insane have you seen his eyes they dont lie eyes are windows to the soul.

f u dan

when is chelsea going to wake up. none can act like that and not get off on doing same to his wife your still in honeymoonnstage when u lose that deary the fog will lift u will see youve married a twisted sick man who is delusional and for u to stick behind his actions says alot about you. like attracts like so dan and chelsea make great team mr and mrs demonic twisted sister wake up chelsea monica did and she is innmuch better place for it.

Old Lady

Danielle is really a good example of what we all want in our healthcare providers……I just saying

Honey Boo Boo Child

That’s what you’ll get under Romney-care!


Anything has got to be better than Obamacare!!


amen to that


2nd AMEN to that.

Frank's Dirty Rug

say a couple of geniuses who likely never read one page of the bill…and who probably believe Death Panels are a real thing…


She seems to be the kind of nurse we’ll hear about on the news after she gives some lethal injections to her patients… I hope nobody hires her to take care of people ever again – frightening!!


What is the mist.

Misted & Twisted


Who wants to bet “the mist” will be the title of Dans next ebook?



Yeah Danielle! Good Job for trusting Dan! When are you going to learn that you can’t trust him?

Honey Boo Boo Child

Shane can take Danielle to a local motel 6

Then ride her Psy Gangham Syle

And leave two bits on the night stand before

he head for Vermont to see the doctor and

ask what the yellow/green drainage downstairs is.


Geez! Danielle, When are you going to wake up? Dan is repulsive liar!


Danielle lied from the very beginning, day 1! She thought telling everyone that she was a kindergarten teacher would be better than telling everyone the truth. She made it very clear that lying is acceptible.

Honey Boo Boo Child

Number eight poster is a troll!!!

(Got your number; Ha, Ha, LOL!)


America vote for joe to win the 25,000 he deserves it he sacrificed himself just to protect shane he put shane before himself …. Joe is a legendary big brother player Joe and Shane was the best alliance since Chilltown they dominated the house….Joe for Big Brother Allstars….. Joe Half chef and Half big brother Legend

Honey Boo Boo Child

Sorry bud, but the person who sacrificed the most this BB season is Jodi!

Vote for Jodi for America’s Favorite, she deserves the 25k.


Lol hahaa jodi


Thank you Joes Wife


Joe sacrificed millions of his unborn children to the kleenex god every night in the BB house. He deserves everyone’s vote.

I says, I

Catholics don’t eat fish on Fridays during lent…it’s not Friday, nor is it lent.

I’m kind of surprised at all the KKK…uh..I mean anti-Catholic bigotry on this site.


Are you saying anyone against Catholics are KKK or am I just misunderstanding you….because that is about as ignorant as the comment you were making fun of.

Aqua Bernie

What is wrong with you? You’re so wrong! Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!!!

BB Watcher14

I think you’re a little confused. Catholics can eat fish. They don’t eat animal meat on Fridays during lent (before Easter), but they can eat fish on Fridays during lent. So, you are, in fact, completely wrong.

big brother lover

Obviously this “person ” is an idiot. I really don’t know why anyone would think he would know anything about religion. If he did, he would know what he said was totally wrong and was an awful thing to say about anyone. I will tell him just this…You don’t say things like that and not expect karma. If this is his thinking, we should get the straight jacket and banish him from ever watching BB again. Obviously, he is not stable enough to watch it.


Catholics eat fish all the time. I think you’re thinking of not eating meat during Lent, in which case they eat, you guessed it, fish. Catholic churches sponsor fish dinners all the time, especially during that time of year. He may be breaking Catholic rules, but that’s not one.


Catholics can so eat fish they eat fish every friday during lent

DAWG for America's Favorite!

Did anyone else notice that Danielle told Dan on BBAD that she had to go home and have surgery to find out if she has cancer or not? SERIOUSLY????? your that desperate. Dan didn’t even blink an eye or acknowledge it, or pretty much anything else she had to say. He just laughed at everything.

I have noticed lies here and there, but to lie about something like this is pretty low. Her and Dan are a perfect couple, to bad he is married.

I hope Ian wins.


I hope Ian wins also I did not like dan at all but with how bad Danielle has been acting I do not want her to make it to the final 2

f u dan

if chelsea has one brain cell dan wont be married for long. i dont think she does

Oh No You Didn't

I pray for the hate to leave your godless soul.


My vote goes to Frank! He the man who fight his life!


What a surprise!!! Isn’t this the Frank who you guaranteed was going to win his way to the final, therefore causing me to bet in Vegas that he wouldn’t because your predictions are always wrong?? Btw, thanks for the info the past couple of seasons, I’m banking big bucks betting against your predictions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!




Joe would win hand down if it a masterbating contest.


Hands down.. his pants!



Lol @ hand down


Haha… “hands down.” Nice.


“Catholics aren’t supposed to eat fish” Are you Catholic? The Catholic rule is to eat fish on Fridays so not supposed to eat meat on Fridays. Catholics are certainly allowed to eat fish.

Nicole N.

Now that Shane is gone she is all over Dan. Girl he’s married, although he doesn’t really stop her I think he enjoys leading her on and teasing her just for kicks. Its also hard to know what Dan’s gonna do. I feel like he does feel bad for Danielle even if just a little because shes so crazy. His comment what can he do now about her being mad at him for using her indicates that once there out of there he may never talk to her again lol but by his choice.


Shane and Dan are going to need restraining orders after the game

Judas 2 me,

Today Danielle told Dan that they were like Thelma & Louise (haha). He said why, does one kill the other at the end. HaHaHa.


It is one thing to say things about the hg, but when you start saying things about their family you have taken it too far. Grow up and get your tongue under control.


kids not smart at all, have heard him say all sorts of stuff that makes no sense. he goes to very avg school. this so called genius doesnt go to harvard or anything close. the kid is actually kind of dumb, thats prolly his big secret hes unsuccessfully keeping from everyone


Yeah, it’s really hard to conceal that your dumb, but you’re doing an awesome job. Bet you fool everyone.


I’m not an English teacher. And I’m definitely not against making fun of the houseguests either. But if you are gonna insult Ian’s intelligence, try to write at a 6th grade level at least. I’m guessing that you might say “all sorts of stuff that makes no sense” pretty often.


If that happens, you’ll be third.


when dan mists himself, does he make noises like joe???


You need to study up on your knowledge of the catholic faith as you proved you knew nothing about it by your remarks…..and as far as calling Dan’s wife a whore, who can follow him to the hell you’ve banished him to, makes me think….hmmmm…if you feel this way about people on a television program, I wonder what you think k of your friends in true reality??? However, people such as yourself, wouldn’t have any friends.

MU Tigers

Simon/Dawg, any truth to the rumor that Dan’s favorite band from the 80’s is Mr Mister?

Carol & Steve

very funny!


My vote for America favorite houseguest goes to Frank.

Ians Beer

Sent you upstanding guys a donation and a big thanks for providing this site free :()

It’s interesting how this site evolves like the game of BB, over the period of the summer. I’ve noticed that many of the wackadoodles and thumpers appear on the website towards the end of the BB season…what’s up with that? lol. Can you post the link again where the BB Canada commentary will be?

Carol & Steve

cool – can’t wait for BB Canada. I know I’ll only get to find out what’s going on from here. 🙂


WOW the whole “fish-gate” debate… love this site!!!


Trying for the third time to not get an error message;) Has anyone seen this blog entry compliation of Danielle’s autobiography? OMG, this is either the funniest or most tragic thing I’ve ever read here. I’ve had trouble pasting the link here, so if this doesn’t work, I’m tempted to paste the whole blog entry here, it’s so mind-blowing.


LMAO good stuff and right on point!


Thank you, Eripaul. I laughed so hard..guiltily, in a way though. And, the photos. Mamma Mia……..

The part about Trey was absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately for Dani, when she calls Dan on his lies, he’s going to have an ocean’s worth of ammo to come back to her on.

Oh, hang on. First she’ll never admit they’re lies, but if she does have to come clean, it will be about game play. ??????????

Danielle is the person, who murders both her parents..and then cries that now she’s an orphan………


Good God!!!!! Hell, just Google ‘the-autobiography-of-danielle-murphree-a-compilation-of-her-own-words’. I give up on posting a link, I’m such an old fart, LOL!;)


I think Dan is going to take Danielle. He’ ll say she did a lot on her own, but ultimately was protected ( carried) by the strongest comp player (Shane) and the most experienced/successful coach (Dan). And he can say he was determined to carry her to the final two, to show his skill in playing the game.


MIST: 1). A phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air, sometimes called fog. 2) a light steady rain often referred to as drizzle. 3). A very powerful, almost mystical aura and or occurance surrounding Big Brother contestant Dan Gheesling. This powerful mist is mind controlling and used by Dan to influence the mental thoughts and resultant actions of fellow contestants in the Big Brother game. Dan is currently using his “mist” to control the actions of Ian “Quack Head”Terry and Danielle “Zit Picker” Murphree to further his plans to get to final 2 of the game at which point he will release the mist to the seven jury members whereby he wins their votes to become BB14 winner of $500,000 and the title of Two Time Winner!! Following his win, Dan can be seen at hotel banquet rooms and small convention centers around the US where for a ticket price of $100.00 Dan will speak for one hour on how to develop and utilize the mist in your everyday life. Book early….limited seating available.


So many good laughs today….that pic with Dani sticking her finger in the hole of the snorkel is priceless!!! Then there is the whole “catholics don’t eat fish thread that is cracking my ass up!!!!! You guys are too damn funny…..Lets talk about religion more….or maybe politics…….Lets talk about how crazy Mormons are…….BAM! that oughta start a fight! People will say some crazy sh&t on the internet, no doubt!!! THings they don’t usually have the guts to say out loud (yah, you know who you are!!)


c’mon! I love a good fight, but lets pick on someone else! Here: I will start: Mormons pray for a list of dead souls to “convert” them. so yah, when you die, even if you are catholic, the mormons can “turn” you! When mormons get married, they get their genitals touched!!!! If a woman wants to get into heaven, her husband, who knows her secret name, must bring her…..guess she doesn’t rate without a man. should I go on, or is this sufficient to start a good fight?


I’m really hoping Ian wins the final HOH and decides to take Danielle! The look on Dan’s face would be priceless! I believe that would also get Ian the jury votes to win BB14


Danielle says that she was misted and that’s why she gave him the power of veto. Dan says what is the mist…” Where and who did she get the “misted” idea/term/reference from? I didn’t know the house guests were aware of it? Anyone???


Danielle still on her poor me, I’m helpless, used, so loyal he didn’t have to control her….. not forgive him….finds out he lied (in a game)… blah blah blah on and on.. be sweet to me….plead to be picked for final 2….Who is MISTING who here. For sure, from the remarks, the Christian Dan haters..


At first, the thought of Danielle winning any money made me cringe but now I’m kinda hoping that she wins second place. I believe the winnings could pay for the substantial amount of therapy that she truly needs. GO IAN!!


People, people,people if u r a bb fan, u gotta stop acting like this is real life,come on what would u do for a half million?
God will forgive Dan for his sins. But u must realize this is a GAME. Dan played it very good win or lose liar or not.


I loved Dan’s game until what he did to Shane and Danielle. Dan is an a**hole. If he wins part 3 HOH and doesn’t take Danielle I hope he doesn’t get 1 vote and I can only hope that Dan’s wife sees that MONEY is the most important thing to Dan. He puts it before God and before family. I wish Ian would win part 3 HOH and take Danielle. He would win all jury votes except Shane. He’s an idiot if he takes Dan.

Frank's Dirty Rug

“I loved Dan until he broke up Shane and Danielle…I mean come on, couples should have all the power in this game, and once you enter into a shomance no one should vote against you, disagree with either of you, or attempt to split you up. If they do, they are monsters, and their significant others deserve to be harassed back in the real world and given death threats.”
-Sentiments of countless, idiotic, Big Brother “fans”


I feel exactly that same way….if only Danielle tells Ian, “Ian, if you keep me, you will be the greatest one who was able to take Dan out and you will be big time and known all around BB land !!!” that would get Ian’s ears flapping and he might just go for it !! so Dan is out and the 2 newbies go for the win ! how nice to watch Dans shocked face when ian picks Danielle (just don’t pick her pimples hehe..just kidding, I like her and feel really sorry for her)…she has a good heart…yes her voice is irritating and so are her eyebrows 🙂 but over all she’s very caring and has trusted Dan fully and followed blindly….Dan just did her wrong……only way Dan can redeem himself now is to win the 3rd HOH and take Danielle with him !


oops another comment got posted before mine so this was in response to post #38 🙂 thanks

Dark Angel

The game is about who played it best, he played with his head and not his heart. The last time he played with his heart. He’s in the house to play with the other hg mind and to see who last the longest.

Dark Angel

What is wrong with people, this damn game is not about religion, so f…… what he used that at as move to stay in the house, he’s still in the damn house, that’s all he was trying to do. Get up off the religion stuff. It’s two things people can’t agree on politics and religion. Let’s just see who wins final two and move on please, noone will agree on religion.

the truth of the matter is

Danielle is unreal, She preaches about honesty and how she has played such an amazing game, and pretty much carried Dan, Shane and Ian the whole way. The fact of the matter is that Danielle is emotionally and mentally unstable, She definitely is not a Charge Nurse as she claims to be. Which is just another lie out of her mouth, oh yes and now she may have Cancer. If anyone watched BBAD last night, I was frightened about how truly unstable she is. She sat there grilling Dan and begging for compliments. If I was Dan’s wife I may want to consider getting a restraining order out on Danielle. Now that Shane is out of the house she wants Dan to be all sweet to her. She was acting crazy psycho on him last night. “Dan, how come your not coaching me anymore”? What the hell is she talking about? I wouldn’t take her to the final 2, They should have evicted her crazy ass weeks ago. As for Dan, Well, He may have played dirty, but there are no rules in the game saying you have to play honest and sweet. He may have played using everyone to get to the end, but like it or not, He played it off pretty brilliantly. Danielle is an ass for actually believing that he was gonna vote to save Shane, when just the week before he wanted him out. She is absolutely right, she is a dumb ass. I am really tired of her trying to play as a victim. Grow up already. As for Ian, Ian is a whack job, And he is one of the least I liked in this season, but I actually kind of felt sorry for him in the way Danielle is treating him. Threatening him with the votes and so on, Danielle likes to dish out the insults but sure can’t take them in return.