Danielle says Ian said what a dumba$$ for you to listen to Jenn & Joe the two biggest floaters in the house to get rid of a couple.

First HOH Dan Second HOH ?
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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11:10am – 11:45am Danielle wakes up and joins Dan in the bathroom. Danielle says that she is ready for this to be over. Dan says yeah, I will never be back. Danielle asks never? Dan says it would have to have teams of three. Dan says that he has a lot of memories in this house. Dan remembers when he and Danielle were whispering and Kara walked by. They start talking about Britney. Dan comments on how he feels bad for her husband because she probably leads him around on a leash. Dan says that he’s a nice guy too. They talk about Ian and how she is only two years older than he is and she is so much more mature. Dan goes to the washroom. Danielle asks why are they still building? What is this? Dan tells her that he has seen elaborate morph competition sets before. Danielle starts studying the past events of the house. Dan points out features of the house guest faces to Danielle. Dan wonders if it might be at night. Dan tells Danielle about a competition from season 7 where they had to use a laser and a mirror to match house guests up in the proper order. Danielle tells Dan that she wants the morph comp. Dan asks Danielle if she is okay. She says that she is stressing out. Danielle tells Dan what Ian said last night, she says he said what a dumba$$ for you to listen to Jenn and Joe the two biggest floaters in the house to get rid of a couple. Danielle says he is just trying to make sure I pick him.

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11:50am – 12pm Dan tells the internet to please make a photo of Danielle and Shane on the Titanic with Shane falling over the edge and me in the back ground with the veto around my neck. Danielle tells Dan he is horrible. Dan says please make a photo of Danielle’s and Shane’s face on the movie cover of Betrayal with me dropping the veto in on it. Danielle says I didn’t betray anyone.


12pm – 12:15pm Danielle says that she is innocent, she has a hallow over her head. Dan says that she isn’t innocent she might have a hallow around her head but it has two red horns sticking through it. Dan tells her that she acts like she has two pair off suit, when really she is holding four aces. Danielle doesn’t know what he means. Dan tries to explain that she acts like she has the worst hand when really she is holding the best hand. Danielle is still confused. Danielle tells Dan that she is getting offended by what he is saying. She asks him if he means she has a good poker face. Dan says that she has fooled people into thinking she is one thing when she is really another. Danielle asks Dan if he really thinks she pretends to be a nice person. Dan says no but I think you are capable of Dan like things. Danielle agrees. Dan and Danielle move into the living room. When Danielle starts talking about Trey all four cams switch to Ian sleeping under the covers with his snake and bear.
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12:20pm – 12:35pm Danielle tells Dan that she doesn’t think that she could ever come back in here. Danielle asks him if he really wouldn’t come back. Dan says this is his last time, it’s a grind. Imagine living half a year in here. Dan and Danielle discuss Dan’s speech to send Shane home. Danielle talks about the point at which she knew and her reation. Dan says that at first Shane’s face was blank and then when he was walking out he was PISSED! Dan says nothing personal, just business. Danielle asks what do you think Trey is thinking right now, he is probably over it after watching that date and stuff. Dan asks Danielle what the chances are that her and Shane will be together after the show is over if he reacts well to being evicted? Danielle says 30%. Dan asks what if he doesn’t react well to all of this. Danielle says 5%. Danielle says that she cares more about Dan in the game. Dan says so Shane was expendable. Danielle says that she can’t let those words come out of her mouth. Danielle wonders how different her life will be after. Dan says that it will be different for the first couple months. Dan says that he is going to catch a lot of flak this time, I will get the full big brother experience. I didn’t get any flak the first time.
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12:50pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds, when they come back Dan and Ian are in the kitchen looking at all the ants. Dan starts spraying all around the fridge. Dan says “You can run but you can’t hide!” Ian says that he thinks he knows where they are coming from, the mound beside the hot tub. Dan says we should defecate on it.


1:10pm Dan and Danielle continue to clean and sterilize the kitchen while Ian watches from the table.

1:30pm Dan and Danielle continue to clean while Ian takes a shower.


1:45pm Ian finishes his shower and comes through the kitchen. Dan asks him if he minds getting his s**t out of here. Ian says sorry. Dan says its no problem. Ian picks up his big brother bag by the door and takes it to the bedroom. Dan says the kitchen is so clean you could eat off it. Dan and Danielle finish cleaning and sit down at the table to play a game of cards.


2:15pm Ian comments that he was freaking out this morning when they woke them up because he was chubbing. Dan asks what does that mean? Danielle says morning wood. Dan says oh. Ian says he wasn’t too worried though because he would use the Joe technique, lift and tuck.


The live feeds are insane right now .. i cant keep up .. spark the feeds man .. best of the season happening RIGHT NOW!

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2:50pm – 2:57pm Dan goes to eat something from the fridge. Danielle asks him why he is eating that when he knows they are getting burgers. Dan says we might not even get them till 4pm. Dan asks Ian what they said about the burgers. Ian says In and Out. Dan goes to check the storage room. Dan comes out with burgers from In & Out. He says we got games too! Dan says 5 burgers for 3 people BOOM! Dan says thanks big brother! Dan says it tastes like liquid sex! Dan says big brother if you were big sister I would thank you in a special way… but you’re not. Dan tells Danielle to hurry up because he wants eat. Dan tells Danielle this is like Ian without his hammock, not being able to eat. Ian says I don’t appreciate the joke Dan. Dan says what its like your stemming, I can’t wait to eat it. They all take a bite together. Ian says man I need to move to LA just for this food. Dan says that once In & Out is in his system he is the nicest person.



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154 thoughts on “Danielle says Ian said what a dumba$$ for you to listen to Jenn & Joe the two biggest floaters in the house to get rid of a couple.

    1. you all should do flashback when dani says this morning that she didnt betray Shane and see her facial expressions….it’s so telling….her face shows her smile of guilt…it’s worth a look.

      1. Wow Arthur…are we striking a nerve? Sorry to state the obvious but she DOES pick at her face and it is nasty. And I am not quite sure why she has to or wants to look in the mirror a million times…it’s a pretty site. There Arthur…want to say something “nice” about my comment!

  1. Wow , Dani will probally take it real hard when dan takes ian to the end, this will be something and then JANELLE WILL BE REVENGED, ALL ALL TH PERSONS INVOLVED IN HER EVIVTION DAN GOT RID OF THEM.

    1. If Danielle’s HOH was run by Dan, which everyone seems to think, then it was Dan who backdoored Janelle, and lied to her. So, how is that revenge for Jani when he was the one most responsible?

      1. Well, actually for once the janelle thing wasn’t dan’s idea and even though dani wants to take credit for it it really wasn’t hers either. Boogie convinced dani to put her up and they had to convince dan which took some work if memory serves me.

        1. Dani was trying to get Dan to allow her to put Janelle up about 15 minutes after she won HOH. Boogie pitched it, but it took no convincing. Once Dani knew she had the support, only Dan could have stopped it..

      1. also since danielle has pretty much been his partner in crime for most of his moves he will also be able to shift some of the blame on her

  2. i hope shane do get that restraing order against danille … i always knew deep down behind all the tears the open mouth that she wanted dan to send shane to jury … i dont care what she says about not betraying shane ……. if she wanted ian gone shane could have voted him out … danille veto dan intentionally for blood to be on dans hand so she would not have to choose between those two ….. …… ……..danille jedi tricks wont work i’m imune …… all she had to do was tell shane vote out ian danille wanted shane gone

  3. ” Dan tells the internet to please make a photo of Danielle and Shane on the Titanic with Shane falling over the edge and me in the back ground with the veto around my neck. Danielle tells Dan he is horrible. Dan says please make a photo of Danielle’s and Shane’s face on the movie cover of Betrayal with me dropping the veto in on it. Danielle says I didn’t betray anyone.

    Ill make both, gimme some time

    1. Dan is the skeevy kind of guy who would have pushed past women and children to get in the Titanic’s life boat later claiming he tripped and fell into it and then write a book about coaching a row boat crew.

      1. What Dan said to Shane as he walked out the door, ‘She’s been playing you the whole time … ask Jenn’, makes him one of the skeeviest of all time. Shane didn’t hear it, but that was low. I loved it, and it was great TV, but Dan has no shame.

      2. So funny and so true………..he would definitely throw anyone to the wolves to save himself……..I heard his wife is very happy the way he is playing the game so I guess he has alot of support for his creepiness.

      3. I’m a damn fan and this comment had me dying of laughter. I can just see it now, “I was just pushing past the women and children to make it look like we didn’t have a final boat deal, I swear Rose I was gonna take you the whole time” The book comment was too good!

      1. It was Danielle and Dan talking and Danielle saying she’s innocent in all Dan’s tactics but then she smiles and Dan tells her she is capable of doing anything Dan did too. It has from Simon’s 12:00 – 12:15 update above.

  4. The only thing that can save this season is for Danielle to win the final HOH and tell Dan “your work in here is done – the student has learned everything she can from her coach and it’s now time for you to join the jury”.

      1. Wrong – Dani wins against Ian but has NO chance against Dan.

        If she evicts Dan she gets votes from Shane, Jenn, Frank (still steaming from being duped by Dan and will give Dani credit for being a giant killer and finally out-playing Dan) and,Ashley (she’ll go along with Frank) – that’s 4 votes and a win.

        AND it’s almost certain that Dan would vote for Dani to do damage control of the bad image he’s created for himself this season since he would look like a very poor loser to not vote for his closest ally because she outplayed him when he always says people should vote for the best player – and by defintion that would have to be Dani because according to Dan’s ego only the best player could beat him. And Joe and Brit would likely vote for Dani since she outplayed the mist-master – so Dani has at least 4 votes against Ian which is a win and it could even be 7-0 to match Dan’s vote in BB10.

    1. I think you mean HOLLOW…not HALLOW. It’s probably not a good idea to correct someone’s spelling or grammar unless you can get it right yourself.

      1. @Cali Soldier – You’re joking right? You do understand they were talking about her being an Angel, thus “Halo” (Hay-low), right? Wow. Talk about hollow. Stupid is as stupid does.

        1. Yeah guy, I know what a halo is. My point is that the definition for hollow was given when the word was misspelled as hallow. The definition for hallow is to honor as holy. You can keep running off at the mouth but you’re only going to continue to make yourself look uneducated.

          1. Lighten up cupcake! Not everyone is a genius like you (*sarcasm*). What you were responding to was unclear. I thought you were correcting her use of “Halo” not trying to define a third word. I stand corrected and chastised. (And I’m not a guy…genius)

            1. You know, they say fighting on the internet is like racing in the Special Olympics…even if you win, you’re still retarded. So congratulations! I didn’t come looking for an argument, but I didn’t think it was appropriate for someone to be criticizing the misspelling of halo. Then, I get your ignorant behind coming up in the rear and getting stupid with me. So yes, stupid is as stupid does. That is all. I’m out…

  5. Did anyone notice last nite when they were wrapping Ian with TP, Dan picked up a belt and looked like he was going to strangle Ian? Dan does some creepy stuff and the weird questions he asks. His creepy looks make him look like a serial killer.

    1. He is a classic high functioning sociopath. The complete lack of remorse or empathy (indeed pleasure) in the face intense pain, the need to control the people and situations around him, and the miriad pointlessly sadistic acts (not wanting to show his hand on Shane’s eviction till the name came out). Unfortunately, Danielle, the neurotic with a daddy complex, can’t get enough of the controlling attention he is oh so willing to bestow. The two of them together make me want to vomit.

      1. That is the best observation yet! I think that is a true. I also think she has a desire for Father figure/Married man/Dan.

        1. She does crave the S&M behavior. The meaner Dan is, the more she likes it. Dan gets off on doing damage. It’s not all about”game” he looks completely content when he can cause pain. He says he plays without emotion, but he looks for ways to twist the knife- so that is emotional. Actually his only strategy is lying.

        2. Maybe they should all just do it. Better ye,t Dan and Danielle should do it in front of Ian, and let Ian be in the corner pleasuring himself just watching Dan give Danielle the little girl spanking she wants and needs. Then, at that special moment for Dan, let Ian assist.

          What’s say we get the REAL freaks out????? Ian would absolutely love it and have something to talk about the rest of his days. Talk about a BIG Brother experience……

          Danielle would be completely satisfied knowing her afflictions. Dan would finally get his final f**kin* of the houseguests in, and Ian would be able to stem off that shit for years to come.

          It’s a win, win, win!!!

      2. Ditto Trey…………it’s really infuriating and I just hope she is pretending or she is one very warped human being……..not to mention so shallow you could fill her up with enough dough to make a cake for three hundred people…………..

      3. I think Dan has a little of “Dexter” in him…………in a Sociopathic way ! ! ! No empathy…..No sympathy…….Just sayin’ ! ! !

        1. Stop insulting Dexter…at least he has morals and a code of conduct…….new season of Dexter in a couple weeks…..should be interesting…what will Deb do?

    2. Who else thinks about choping peoples heads off with an axe on a monthly basis? Dan is wacked in more ways than one. Stay tuned..Ted Bundy 2.0
      The next show Dan will be on is the 6 oclock news.

  6. dan is in a good position. wouldn’t you take him to the F2, thinking he won’t get the votes. I think Dan has a good chance against Danielle but not against Ian. Wasn’t he the underdog. Stupid Frank the first week convinced Boogie to save Ian cause he and Willie had a deal. That didn’t work out. All of the “what ifs”. The game depends on your relationship at the time who wins the HOH. What really bothers about me is no matter what position, even a good one, Danielle is not happy. I don’t get it.

    1. If I were Ian or Dani, I would cut Dan, and say that I scumbagged the greatest player of all time, where’s my check. I would never take Dan, because you never know what he will say, and Ian and Dani would be a pretty straight forward F2.

      1. Exactly, Dan has snowed most of the jury house at one point or another, it’s not unreasonable to expect he’d do it again on finale night if he was in final 2.

        1. I think Dan is a decided underdog, but he knows how to sell and Ian and Danielle don’t have a clue.

          Ian will exaggerate his accomplishments in the game and take too much credit for things others had a hand in. His ego has been inflated by the game and people telling him what they know he wants to hear. His best case for the jury is to say very little and punctuate everything with “just ask Britney”. If he wins it will be thanks to Britney’s lobbying efforts with the jury.

          Danielle is too self-conscious and too self-absorbed in her image. Rather than take credit for risky moves that saved Dan and evicted Britney, she will be the sweet, victim she’s played the whole season. Her best case to the jury is to talk about her comp record and remind everybody that they like her. She would have greatly benefited by sending Dan to the jury to work for her and be able to blame it on Shane, but that ship has sailed.

          Dan needs to come clean on all the wrongs he committed against each juror. He should not apologize, rather acknowledge everything they are already thinking about him. This will seem like a mea culpa to the jury, allowing them to set aside some of the bitterness, and as they soften emotionally, they’re also hearing every single one of his game accomplishments. It’s a delicate balance, but Dan can do it because he knows how to sell. He then closes with having to do play in a way he didn’t want, because he was a coach and a former winner, but it was the only way that would get him to the end.

          Dan’s biggest problem is the composition of the jury. This is why in seasons past, often strong players would target the “floaters”, weeding out the lesser players early to keep them out of the jury. If Janelle, Wil, and Mike were sitting in the jury (and had all been scumbagged by Dan) rather than Ashley, Joe, and Jenn, I think they would set aside the anger and give Dan the win because he played harder and better than anybody else. But Joe, Jenn, and Ashley have no sophistication with regards to the game. And Dan likely went too far with Frank, to reel back in what should have been a sure vote from Frank (hate him if you want, but he loves and understands the game better than anybody in the jury). These 4 votes alone give Ian or Danielle the win. Britney is not a great player and will vote personally (remember Lane over Hayden) likely for her pet Ian or her best friend in the house, Danielle. Shane is a neophyte and if his conversation with Jeff is any indication, he will not give a vote to Dan under any circumstances. Oddly enough, Ian and Danielle would be guaranteed votes for him, but only one will vote and won’t get to the chance to impact the other jurors.

          If I were placing bets, I’d say the favorite is Danielle, followed by Ian, and then Dan…but what do I know, anything could happen.

          1. I can’t argue about the rest, but Brit will vote for Dan at this point did you see te jury house video, and what did Shane say to Jeff??

            1. Shane actually came off as more angry with Dan, than Frank did. He was very strong in denouncing Dan…stronger than he ever seemed in the house.

              I saw that argument a little differently. I think Britney and Frank’s argument was over her defending Dan turning on Frank, by any means necessary. I read it much more that she hates Frank more than she hates Dan…but that doesn’t make me think she will vote for him over Ian or Danielle. Keep in mind they weren’t deliberating, rather Frank was newly arrived and I would imagine running down Dan’s game. She thinks Frank is arrogant and that was her trying to knock him down. Now had Dan taken Frank to the end, then he would have been certain to get Britney’s vote.

              Britney was the same person this time that she was first time around, only so much more paranoid. Dan will never get her vote over Ian and his only hope to get it over Danielle is if Jenn/Frank reveal that her eviction happened because Danielle agreed to it. But who knows if that will even come out

          2. Bobsky, I don’t fault Britney at ALL voting for Lane on BB12 Finale night. You say she “voted emotionally.”They were SUPER tight all season, and if Lane (who never won anything at all in his season) had ever been in a position to get Britney through one more week (to the final 3), I’m certain Lane would’ve bailed on either Hayden or Enzo, Brigade or not, and taken Britney along to the final two with him, He told Brit as much privately, after the alliance was finally revealed to her (them not wanting to blindside her on her upcoming eviction), and I believe Lane. That’s the same as saying that Shane voted for Danielle “emotionally” on Wednesday, should that play out. Being close allies with a finalist is a very common reason to vote for them. To me, the absolute stunner of the BB12 vote was that both Rachel (the inventor of the “Floaters Grab A Life Vest” phrase) & Brendon voted for Lane (the ULTIMATE floater) over Hayden, making it a much-closer-than-expected 4-3 Hayden win. That was CRAZY-A*S out of character for Rachel!
            As for Finale Night speech HG tactics, Bobsky, I TOTALLY disagree with you. Except for the “questions from the jury” part, which IS a “why did you do ______ to _______?” rehash/defend specific BB14 actions/events part of the event, the “BB trial” portion then ends. It’s no longer logic-based. Fact-finding is totally irrelevant. Things shift to a more broad, general, personal, emotion-based level. Re-living their shared time and experiences in the house. The relationships. Many of these people will now keep in touch, for years to come. Think back. Except for Dan’s “You’re dead to me” gameplay strategy words said to Danielle at the end, the rest of Dan’s “funeral night” speech was spent with him complimenting each and every HG, as best he could. There was a LOT of “finale night” sentiment in the first 70% of Dan’s “funeral”. THAT’S what Finale Night IS gonna be from Dan. More of the same. He’ll remind them all that it IS just a game, that he simply tried his very best to get as far as he could in it, like all of them did. And that the nature of BB, especially at the end, forces players to pick and choose who stays/goes, among their closest allies, which sucks. But that’s BB; there’s only one winner. And if he has angered or offended anyone along the way this summer, I sincerely apologize for that. I meant nothing personal – it was simply BB strategy and gameplay. That’s as specific as Dan (or Danielle/Ian) should get. Otherwise, they should do nothing except “dwell on the positive,” regarding the other HGs, and their shared good times in the house. It’s really a celebratory time. All the HGs are back (except Mr. DQ!) “Small grudges” held by the jury members usually fade away by now, and many vote on “best gameplay.” Deep grudges don’t, however, and that almost always means someone specific doesn’t get a vote. Other times, a jury vote simply comes down to “the lesser of two evils.” Bobsky, at this point, all the HGs are TOTALLY burned out on gameplay. Aside from the jury questions, it’s gonna be nothing but one big piece of unfinished business (the vote.) And then, a 500K/50K/25K winners celebration, a big party, a love-fest, a reunion with family and loved ones, and a wrap on 11 weeks alone together in a crazy house! Have a good weekend, my friend!

  7. NASA can study moon landings by focusing on Danielle’s crater filled face. If she keeps picking it, she will look like a piece of swiss cheese.

    1. Dude, Dani’s got some serious self-esteem and body issues. The way she picks at her face is just scary. It she wasn’t doing that she would for sure be a cutter.

  8. I just wanted to say how surprised i am that this turned out to be such a good season and also how much this site, the best reality site on the web, has enhanced my enjoyment of the season. Thank you for the link to all the past Big Brother seasons too. It has been great watching the past seasons on here.


    I think it would be interesting if you could run a couple of polls like your least favorite house guest of BB14 and the greatest player in Big Brother history. Thanks again for your great site and all your hard work. You guys rock!

  9. Desperate plea to Shane’s sister:

    Please, please, warn Shane to stay away from mentally deficient, sociopath Danielle!

    Can you imagine if Shane married Danielle?

    On their honeymoon night, Danielle would ask Shane, if I divorced you, do you think Trey would take me back?

    And then she would say:

    Let’s go to that BB bash, I want to meet Hayden so bad.

    Later when Shane would ask for some nookie, she would say, “Not now, I’m picking my zits”.

    Danielle is loco, crazy, demented, psychotic!

    Shane’s sister, please tell your brother not to mess with her!

    1. She basically said in her interview that she is permanently misted.
      She is the perfect wife for Dan to dominate, control, manipulate, and use to his whim.

    1. If Dan went against Dani in F2….
      Shane- I think we all know his opinion of Dan
      Frank – would never vote for Dan
      Ashly – under Franks influence, would not vote for Dan
      Joe – wants a newbie to win, will not vote for Dan
      4 voes for Dani
      Done deal
      Dan’s only chance is to take Ian and that’s iffy at best…50/50 leaning towards Ian… lol
      Dan’s choices…..His new Book or an iffy chance to win it? time will tell
      Ian vs Dani F2
      Ian would get
      Frank, Ashley, Joe, n Brits votes

      Future prediction
      Dani wins….Dan Mist her to investing it all in his new book……Dan pays himself a $475,000 salary……They have no contract….
      Dani gets hit with a huge IRS bill……..Dani goes to Dan wanting her money back…….Dan says sorry its all ready gone, Dan invested in gold n silver for himself and in a new internet porno company….Dan tells Dani that he is doing it for her own good…trust me…….Dan offers her a job on his new internet porno site……Dani looses it and becomes suicidal….Dan follows her around waiting to get it on video so he can sell it. As he is following her around he draws the attention of the police…..they pick him up for questioning, as routine they run his dna and find several hits for unsolved murders in Michigan. Coming out of the court house free after misting the jury…he’s walking down the courthouse steps with his big a$$ slimy smiley grin and phyco bug eyes, Dani’s dad shoots him between the eyes….good riddance …. Dani writes a book and gets a Lifetime movie about it…..becomes rich and accidentally od’s on sedatives…Then Shane collects on the $500,000 life insurance policy he had on her while they briefly dated. So who won BB?

  10. OMG Now I know!!!
    Dan is an INTERNET FREAK who has “ZERO” life just like all of us…
    Boogie said it once “I am not a freak like him, you know. I actually have a life, a real one…
    I thought it was just his BS or something

    God all of us are so pathetic aren’t we? By We I also include Dan&Ian…

      1. I laughed when I saw the ? for last evicted houseguest…because I really did forget she was there most of the time…especially during her last “week.” I’d be watching BBAD thinking, “Something doesn’t seem right. I’m watching the Quack Pack, but something’s off. Oh Yeah! Where’s Jenn. I forgot she was even there.” Lol

        She seems like a nice enough person, but man was she ever invisible this year. And, I could never understand her reasoning at getting so “salty” whenever she was put on the block. I mean, c’mon! Even Dr. Wil, Dan and Evel Dick know if you want to win that means you’re going to mostly likely be put on the block at least once. Sheesh!

        A ? for Jenn is very appropriate. If you had put up the pics to represent the HG’s again this year, Simon, I was going to suggest The Invisible Woman for Jenn! ;)

  11. where Dan is lacking in his game is he gets people to hate him. Dr Will had the ability get other players to develop a love/hate relationship with him and even after he stabbed them in the front and got them bounced from the house he did it with enough charm that he could still play on that bit of love and respect they all had for Dr Will. Dan sends people home with a creepy speach, blood all over him and the evictee hates him. Surely this will be his downfall in a 7-0 or 6-1 loss this yr

    1. Yep, the vote’s gonna be personal because those idiot wack packers made it personal. Reap the whirlwind dummies, REAP IT!!!!

  12. I’m starting to believe (no, wait, I’m convinced) that Dan and Dani are having a hands-off sexual relationship where Dan is the controlling figure and Dani will happily oblige whatever Dan asks. In fact, I would not be surprised if Dan and Dani hook up later and begin either a killing spree or become notorious bank robbers where each time they have to hit a larger bank to get a bigger high.

    But, if they ever get caught, Dan will blame it on Dani, she will go to prison for the rest of her life while Dan goes scott-free. When Dani gets interviewed by the FBI profile team she keeps asking whether her and Dan will ever be together again. When they revisit Dani in “Sing Sing” she will have a straight jacket and the “Silence of the Lambs” mask on and she will be continually grinning and her eyebrows will have an even higher arch (like the Joker) making her even more demented. Dan will visit her in year 10 and tell her she’s ugly and instead of being mad at him for 1 day she will instead be mad for 2 days. After she gets over it, she breaks out of “Sing Sing” and finds Dan shacked up with Shane – finally putting her over the edge…but Dan’s misting powers puts her on a new mission

    … stayed tuned

    1. You know it’s his relationship with Danielle that I find most troubling.

      Danielle has told him about her dad’s alcoholism and how he terrorized her family as a child. Dan exploited this and positioned himself as her surrogate Dad, ensuring she will do anything in hopes of gaining his approval, and like her father, Dan can abuse her anyway he pleases and she will always run back for his approval.

      At various points this season, he has told Danielle the following with regards to Shane, with what Danielle heard in parenthesis: Shane does not care about you (nobody will ever love me), that you two have something real beyond the house (we’re going to end up married), that she should do whatever it takes to be close with him (she should make out with him or do anything to please him), that she has him wrapped around her finger (he’s in love with me).

      With Danielle, Dan has just gone so far beyond “playing a game” and has veered into a dysfunctional/psycho-sexual/manipulation. Maybe I’m alone, but $270K is not worth engaging in depravity. But neither would I do porn or be an ambulance chaser for that amount of money either, so I’m not judging Dan anymore than I do porn stars or personal injury lawyers. It’s just something I find personally distasteful and would not do myself.

      1. you are absolutely right…everyone talks about a physical game and a social game but Dan plays psychologically….he’s been playing a psychological game from the beginning.

  13. Dan and Danielle are really getting on my nerves and I can’t stand reading their conversations anymore, two of the biggest hypocrites/liars are going to win money, ugh, wish I could go have a chat with Ian and fill him in on everything. I bet production wants a Dan/Dani final two, hope Ian wins Americas favourite, that kid deserves something for having to put up with those two.

  14. I believe Dan will take Dani to final 2, if given the chance, demonstrating how great a coach he has been. His next order of business will be to turn the jurors against her by revealing to everyone that she was a willing participant in everyone’s eviction.

    1. Aye, why you think he told Shane what he did on the way out the door, lol, vote for Dan. What I want to have happen is that wins last HoH and cuts Danielle, that would be too epic. I really really hope he does it, LOL.

  15. Did anybody here Danielle say she was “really good friends” with AJ McCarron last night? I”m just curious if he knows that.

  16. Beware fellow citizens – Dan is giving us a preview of what America will look like under President Romney.

  17. i think dan is misting hiself yo,cuase he gots to be crazy if he thinks he can win,joe could beat him at the end at this point,that jury wouldnt piss on him if he was on fire,especially after shane walks in,cmon ian your 2 wins away dont be a tard and throw it tard,lol

    1. Firstly don’t be so sure the jury tends to think differently then when they left the house and most of the winners in bb history where players that was hated while in the game so i wouldn’t base it on that. As for Shane I wouldn’t put much stock into that yes dan screwed over shane in away but dan never had any deals with shane dani did. Shane also had screwed over a lot of the players sitting in the jury like frank so they maybe a little happy to see him brittany is even mellowing to dan. Shane did his own double dealings in the house but i find it funny how he is so pissed at dan but it wasn’t even 24 hours earlier when dani and shane were plotting to get rid of dan after the got Ian out dan only beat him to the punch. Dan must have a plan for all this when he gets to the final two he has thought already a few steps a head throughout this season so i would expect he has one more plan to get the jury to vote for him

    2. Dan will beat Danielle 10 times out of 10 – in making his case to the jury he will bloody her up so much he will convince them her game was as dirty as his – the only difference being that he was the brains and she was his pathetic puppet controlling every aspect of her game – even convincing her to do things that clearly werent in her best interests – Exhibit A – voting out her showmance and a guarentee of going to the final 2 with Shane or Dan. When the jury sees Danielle and Dan as both playing dirty they will be left with the choice of voting for brains or no brains – brains wins.

  18. I think if Ian wins the second part of HOH he will win the third and win the game.The final Q&A is tailored for Ian,and I cant imagine him losing it if he gets there.Then if he was to cut Dan that would probably cement him a 7-0 vote unless Shane votes for Danielle,but if he believes she was playing him the whole time i don’t think he will.If he doesn’t cut Dan I still see him winning by a vote of 5-2

    1. Not necessarily the final comp is q&a about statements the jury would say dan may have the upper hand here he is way more observant of the othe HG’S and he always listening to them and having conversations where ian is better at memory comps, or remembering about order of things anything his memory would allow him but in this comp he has to know the hg well enough to know how they would answer a question

  19. Does anyone remember when Dan pushed away his girlfriend at the Finale after he won last time? Now I get it :( She was expendable now that he won the $500,000. He said when he walked out that he knew it was over. This was his excuse to the other House Guests who had seen him push her aside when they watched that season’s Finale. Sooooooo, he decided it was over after he won, didn’t tell her, just shoved her aside at the Finale and THAT folks is his REAL LIFE from his own lips.
    I agree with Distant Observer’s (19.1) post in a reply about Chelsea:
    Distant Observer says:
    September 15, 2012 at 2:04 pm
    She basically said in her interview that she is permanently misted.
    She is the perfect wife for Dan to dominate, control, manipulate, and use to his whim.

    1. I’m pretty sure earlier in this season Dan said he knew it was over with Monica shortly before he even entered the BB10 house…so, his pushing her aside on finale night was probably b/c he’d known for a long time it was over. Which would also mean a lot of his “I just want to see my girlfriend” lines in BB10 were just acting.

    2. Wow, Dan can’t even break up with a girl without everyone finding some diabolical plan that because he won the money I know this might be a stretch for you but may just may he was all that into her. What you never broke up with some you didn’t like?

    3. We don’t actually know what he said because you couldn’t hear him shane told julie he wasn’t listening and i believe dan told danielle that he told shane to get everyone to vote for her but that could be just another lie dan was telling danielle to passifie and show he only wants to get dani to the end so she can win.

  20. Simon, most of today’s posters on here seem “raging angry”. (Maybe it’s just “Waiting for HOH Part 2” anxiety!) To help diffuse it, is there any way that you and Dawg can buy us all an “In & Out Burger?” I’ll even make another OBB donation! Dan just said that even HE becomes super nice after he eats one, so it’s bound to cheer up the “grumpys” on here today! :)

  21. Dan threw Danielle under the bus to Shane big surprize lol but it didn’t work because Shane didn’t hear it. Dan is playing for himself 100%. I think he likes Danielle okay but if he thought she could beat him he would cut her also lucky for her I think he thinks he has a better chance against her at the end. I do not think if Ian wins Dan will tell him to take Danielle, she is dumb if she falls for that line, he probably is setting up some kind of plan already if that happens to make sure Ian will take him. Because $50,000 to Dan is better than 3rd place nothing.

  22. Did Cory do the interview with Chelsea yet? Is there a link somewhere for it? I apologize if it was already posted and I missed it, but if someone could provide the link again, please. :) I’d really love to see what questions were chosen and what the answers are. Thank you. :)

  23. Frank said he’d vote for who ever burned him the most, I really don’t see Dan losing in the final, he has too much on everyone. All he has to do is be honest and use his most potent mist yet. Say he didn’t like doing it, but it was necessary for him to advance in the game, and after you all play the game again because you’re all great players and get asked back, you will see you have to change tactics the 2nd go round. Just fluff there ego’s up lol.

    1. Frank also said that Dan swore to him on the bible and as a religious person is offended and is dirty beyond game play.Now weather he did or not makes no difference since Frank took it that way.I would be willing to bet $ that Dan doesn’t get Frank or Shane’s vote,and that’s if he makes to the final 2.If Ian wins today Dan is most likely done.There’s no way he beats Ian in a Q&A

      1. I want Ian to win but, The way Ian has been playing lately worries me…..He needs to quit quackin and play the freakin game.

  24. Ian says he needs to move to L.A. just for the food? The kid goes to Tulane University for cryin out loud. The big easy is full of great food.

  25. does willie get to come back for the finale or is CBS done with him? i would assume he does not get to come back. really wouldnt want to see that uneducated trashy redneck sitting on the side panel.

  26. has it been determined, for sure, what Dan said to Shane as Shane was exiting the house? I’ve heard two conflicting versions:

    1. He told Shane to make sure everyone votes for Danielle (in the final two).
    2. He told Shane that Danielle was playing him the whole time.

    Is it all just speculation, or does someone actually have the audio on that? Leave it to Shane to not be listening. What else is new?

    1. We don’t know what he actually said because he was turned away from the camera shane told julie he wasn’t listening and dan told dani that he told him to get everyone to vote for her but i doubt that is true it is probably a manipulation so she thinks he is just trying to help her win

    2. He told Shane that Danielle was playing him the whole time, ask Jenn.
      I can’t add the link, but it happens at 6:28 on the YouTube by Quirkydude2, bb14 ep 28 part 4

    3. ‘She’s been playing you the whole time … ask Jenn’. If you watch the episode, you can clearly make it out, but Shane didn’t hear it. Dan might as well have said pick up a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk on your way to jury.

  27. Strictly for your entertainment, BB fans:

    Dan sleeping while Ian and Danielle feed each other lines of dialogue, provided by the sleeping Dan, to convince each other that they both hate Dan. Ahhhh…The mist, the mist- be wary of it- Dan will speak and you will hear a chorus of angels…ROFL

  28. pretty sure dan said that he told shane “nothing personal, just business” in a creepy tone then shane kinda shoved him away when dan tried to embrace him

  29. Thank you all for trying to clarify things re: what Dan said to Shane upon the latter’s exit. It makes me wonder, if Dan really did say, “She’s been playing you the whole time,” maybe Shane’s pride wouldn’t allow him to repeat it to Julie, especially when he was already feeling stunned and embarassed.

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