Dan says that Ian thinks he has made a bunch of big moves but he hasn’t done s**t!

First HOH Dan Second HOH ?
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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1:30am Danielle and Dan are playing a game of chess. Danielle tells Dan that she thinks her dad might have been so hard on her when she was growing up because she was destined to do something difficult like this. Dan starts talking to Danielle about the face morph competition. Dan tells her about the face morph competition during his season. Danielle tells him that she has been studying the memory wall photos. She tells him that she has a photographic memory. Dan starts giving her pointers on how to complete it within the time limit as it is a timed competition. Danielle says that she always did really good at the face morph competitions when she was watching them on TV. Dan tells Danielle that if Ian knew what was up he wouldn’t have dropped during the first part of the HOH. Dan beats Danielle at the chess game. Danielle mentions that Dan has beaten everybody in the house at chess this summer. They both head downstairs to the bathroom.

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2am Danielle is on the bathroom couch. Dan starts taking a shower. Danielle mentions how much of a mess the bathroom is but that there isn’t much of a reason to clean it since they only have a few days left. Danielle says that she can’t believe they made it to the end. Danielle says that she wouldn’t be sure about doing another season of Big Brother because she could never find a partner like Dan again. Dan asks Danielle if she would come back to the game with Shane? Danielle says that she wouldn’t want to come back with him. Danielle says that in the game she can’t imagine trusting someone as much as she trusts Dan. Dan says that if it weren’t for the coaches twist he wouldn’t have believed he could have found someone to trust as much as he trusted Memphis. Danielle tells Dan that she cares so much for him and that is why she got so mad earlier. Dan tells her she needs to be careful because she can’t play this game emotionally. Dan mentions that he thought Shane was going to hit him when he got evicted. Danielle says that he wouldn’t have done that. Danielle tells Dan that she thinks he may win the game again. Danielle says that she doesn’t think people in the jury house will look at him like a bad guy. Dan isn’t so sure and tells her that it is so difficult to win this game once, let alone win it twice. Danielle says that she prays that the second part of the HOH is the face morph competition. She says that she knows that she can beat Ian at it. Dan says if Ian win it he is going to high five Ian in front of her. Dan tells her to asks why I am so happy? Dan tells her that she has to make Ian think that I got you to trust me again. Dan tells her to tell Ian that if he takes Dan to the final two that Dan will have her vote and she will tell Shane to vote for Dan too. Dan tells Danielle to really be angry. Danielle tells him she can do that, she says that she will make it really awkward in the house.


2:30am – 3:10am Danielle say that’s only if he wins, what if I win? Dan tells her that if she wins they will sneak away to the back room and celebrate. Dan tells Danielle to tell Ian whoever cuts me doesn’t get my vote. Dan wants Ian to throw the final competition to him. Danielle asks if Ian told Dan he would take him? Dan says Ian knows he can beat Ian. Dan says that Ian thinks he has made a bunch of big moves but he hasn’t done s**t. Dan tells Danielle that if Ian beats her tomorrow he will run up to him and tell him we did it and pick up to really sell it. They both end the conversation, Dan heads to bed and Danielle has a shower. When she is finished she goes to the memory wall and studies it. After she studies all the house guests photos she heads to bed.

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8:04AM Sleeping
8:25am No wake up call yet, all the house guests are still sleeping..
9am The final 3 are still sleeping..
9:30am Lights are still out..
10:30am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we will be right back screen to wake up the house guests..

While we wait for the final 3 to wake up, take a look at a photo of the Jury House members taping their deliberation.

Joe, Britney, Shane (left side of photo), Ashley, Frank, Jenn (right side of photo)


10:53am The live feeds come back to show Dan awake in the bathroom. Ian and Danielle are still sleeping. Big Brother tells them to change their batteries, but they don’t move.


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His ego is amazing! Granted he did trick is way into the final 3 but other than that what has he done? Ian gathered info, got rid of several major players, and he has won competions, other than saving himself what has Dan done? He rode the back of others, he floated!


What has he done? He has manipulated every person in the house to do his bidding. He took the slack for Ian as the snitch to keep his alliance in tact…which got him where he is now. Dan may not have won much but he was the little voice inside everyone’s head that did win.


Agree, Sbradford! If Dan’s a floater, he’s the best floater BB’s ever seen;)


I still think Joe was one of the best players to ever play the game. How can anyone deny that?


Personally, I wouldn’t call him one of the best players, but I think the guy understood a hell of alot more that was going on in that house than he’s given credit for. He really did have alot of the other HG’s numbers, and I don’t understand why he didn’t play that angle better.


Joe? What did he do? He yelled a lot and cooked dinner.

Kathie from Canada

Absolutely true!!! And he is still doing it with Danielle and she is so oblivious.


You called Dan a floater? LOL what planet are you from? Pretty much everyone else in that house was a floater Dan played brilliantly Go to the dictionary


I agree Vicky,what has Dan done except swear on others,lie back stab,and ride others coat tails.It’s easy to manipulate people that you are locked in a house with,that equate you with the same person that won the game.Those manipulated trusted Dan.So that’s not so great that you can fool newbies .Boogie,and Janelle would not have been manipulated.Why does everyone have to throw a comp to him?Can he not win on his own?The same as the POV,why did Danielle have to be lied to to get her to use it on him?Dan reminded me a snake when he got in the bed with Dani,and asked her to take him off the block.Is it true that he tried to tell Shane on his way out that Dani had played him the whole summer?Anything to win?SMH


Whatever you think of Dan, he was several steps ahead. And he didn’t ride the coartails, he climbed up the backs and steered the heads. The great place (dr will) didn’t win comps either. Dan proved in his first season that he could win comps when he needed to.
Brilliant gameplay


Love your comment, Anonymous! Climbed up the backs and steered the heads!! LOL!! My sentiments exactly!

BB14 > BB13

meow meow

BB Pathetic season

Dr Will the bb best player ever never won a comp either !!!! Manipulation got him the win & his big ego.. All BB Fans know this for Fact, So yes Dan has been playing a remarkable game.


Are you serious? What has Dan done to deserve this? He has controlled the entire house all season w a great social game


Dan is the man he still getting in Dani’s head they believe anything he say even when eh stabs you in the back they come back to him love Dan to bad he will only get second place.


If Dan floated, then so did Dr. Will. Both seasons. It’s not floating when you can control the house without having to win comps. It’s called puppeteering.


Here’s why Dan should not feel bad for Danielle if Ian wins the last 2 comps. If Danielle had just voted out Shane during the DE then it would have been Dan, Danielle and joe going to the final 3. It would have been Ian and joe on the block Thursday night and Dan would have evicted Ian. Then Dan would have won the first part and Danielle would have been playing joe in the 2nd part. Dan told Danielle not to play emotional in this game but she did. She played with her heart in this game and if she doesn’t make it it will be because she fell for Shane instead of keeping her eyes on the prize. If Ian win BB it will because danielee couldnt cut her fake boyfriend Shane would have never dropped in the first comp if Dan was still up. I don’t even think he would have done it for Danielle. Dan also knew that Danielle would have never cut Shane. So if Danielle was against Shane in the final 3 she would have thrown it to Shane It was the right Dan for move but this 2nd part could have been a lot easier for her to win


Very true, Mike.


Ian better not throw this!!!!!


HELP! I am starting to get so confused reading into all of these conversations. In the quote below, how does that help Dan? Why is he telling Danielle to say all this to Ian b/c you know she will do it and it seems like it would just make a case for Ian to take Danielle. Am I being misted here or what?

“Dan says if Ian win it he is going to high five Ian in front of her. Dan tells her to asks why I am so happy? Dan tells her that she has to make Ian think that I got you to trust me again. Dan tells her to tell Ian that if he takes Dan to the final two that Dan will have her vote and she will tell Shane to vote for Dan too. Dan tells Danielle to really be angry. Danielle tells him she can do that…”

Grandma Gray

He’s telling Dani to threaten Ian that she won’t vote for whomever edicts her. Dan believes he will then throw the third H.O.H to him then he controls who will be evicted. That is only if Ian wins the second H.O.H., therefore, getting blood on Dan’s hands for evicting Dani, because he fully believes Dan is choosing him for final 2.


I think Dan is covering for himself. Because Ian believes himself to be in an alliance with Dan (which who knows might be real for Dan too), Ian would be suspicious if Dan did not celebrate with him after a win. At the same time, Dan is preparing Danielle for when he would celebrate with Ian so that Ian continues to believe they are working together, at the same time Danielle would not be shocked and see this a yet another betrayal by Dan, which it well could be! What if Dan is pretending to Danielle that his “celebration of a part 2 Ian win” will be fake? You just never know with Dan! At this point I am willing to believe he is stringing Dani along. His advice assumes Ian will win part 2 – which Dani herself pointed out. I hope that wakes her up!


The mist seems thicker than ever.


I would hate to be a member of his church. He would have you drinking the koolaid in no time. GO DAN!!


I agree. Dan has had them drinking his kool-aid all summer long. Sure hope Ian is smart enough to know his game is in his hands alone and won’t drink another drop.


It’s not even mist anymore, it’s fog!!


Dan will go down as the greatest player ever, in the gegning Jojo said she was street smart and she will win this game i said she would not because street smart people listen and gets information and not give it out like JoJo. Dan listens to people gathers his information and then reverses it back to them and have then do his work, so you see the greastest thet ever play the game he will back Dani and take Ian to the end and he will win


How is it possible that so many people have made so many dumb moves in one season and more particularly in the last few weeks, all at the prodding of Dan? The man is smart I’ll give him that. And he’s thought several moves ahead with every play he’s made. But I don’t think he’s that smart. I’ve lost count the number of times his body language, his facial expressions and the way he’s chatted with house guests has given away his real intent and motive. Yet this season’s newbie idiots have happily gone along with him as if he were the Pied Piper and they the hapless children of Hamelin, unable to resist following the magical notes of his flute as he led them to their untimely end. What idiots. What complete and utter idiots.

Trey Gorman

It’s as though these people have lost the concept of self interest as a motivating factor somewhere along the way. On the eve of his eviction, Shane brought up to Danielle several times that he was concerned Dan had an F2 with Ian. She responded eact time as though she didn’t believe it was a possibility. There is no rational world in which taking her ride or die ally Shane wasn’t superior for her to taking Ian, and Dan at best seems a wildcard (although he always acts on the basis of what he percieves to be his self interest). Why risk a perfect F3? I think the honest answer is respect for Dan bordering on adoration. Too bad the feeling isn’t mutual. Is there anything more disgusting than his repeated pronouncements (to the effect of) after this game I’ll love and respect you? I really hope, for the sake of her own self respect, she wakes up, wins the last two comps and cuts him dramaticly at the end. But I’m not optimistic.

VA Vet

Ever since Shane got screwed, I’ve been thinking that Danielle has the hots for Dan and it goes way past adoration.

Seems like the only time she starts thinking for herself is when she is mad about something Dan said or did. After Dan sweet talks her she goes right back to swallowing everything Dan feeds her. (no pun intended). I can’t believe she doesn’t consider the negative aspects of some of Dan’s suggestions. Especially after Dan screwed her with the Shane eviction.

Not putting Danielle down—just trying to figure out why she doesn’t follow through with her own game instead of trusting Dan no matter what. I know from personal experience that love is blind and you just don’t comprehend all the red flags until it is too late.

Oh No You Didn't

Dani is one of those women who will always need a man to make her feel validated. She will claim to be making her own decisions but, in fact, will do whatever the man in her life says. Dan is excellent at this because he makes her think it was her idea.


I agree, hopefully she will go back and watch the season after its done. I’m not sure how her life is outside of the house but if it is similiar perhaps she can make some changes in her life to make herself a better more independent person; take it as a learning experience and move forward, not backwards.

Grandma Gray

I absolutely agree, they only listened to his words, when many times his body language and facial expressions were in direct opposition. I believe just they just wanted to believe him. The only person that really tried to figure it all out was Joe. The person everyone laughed at. Now Joe can brag that he knew something wasn’t right, but that doesn’t get him any money


He is simply the “mind screw warrior ” Absolute genious. If Ian wins, he prepared her that he was going to be acting like the renegades did it. And that makes Ian fully convinced. He has them both wrapped around his cerebral cortex.


What is more mind blowing is the people on here crying about his game. They just don’t get it. GO DAN!!!


Ha Ha. Ya, bring the little nerdy kid into your gang only to have him chop his own head off. I always thought it was weird when Dan would talk about Ian being in their gang. His true alliance is with Dani. Dan is one hell of a manipulator.


Things have gotten so convoluted I can’t tell who’s really telling the truth anymore …LOL I just hope Ian wins. Dan has played a great game. But I’m pulling for the kid. Gave him all the fan favorite votes I could.

BB14 > BB13

Dan = Greatest player of all time

VA Vet

Dan=luckiest player of all time.

Lucky to be cast with a group of losers.



Dr. Will = Greatest BB player of all time.

The difference between Dan and Dr. Will?

Dan played a game based on dirty tactics and tricks. Dr. Will, on the other hand, played a game of clean tactics and tricks (He told people he was lying and they believe him!) He manipulated people in a fun way. Dr. Will also didn’t make anyone bitter towards him, unlike Dan.

In addition, Dr. Will did not find the need to lie on the Bible, he was smarter than that.

Dr. Will > Dan.


Oh. Give me a break. Dr. Will never played dirty? Did you watch All Stars? Dr. Will played everyone in the house except Boogie. He played Marcellus, Janelle, Howie, Kaysar, et al.

Roisin Dubh

Dan’s a Will copycat. You guys really need to go back and look at Will’s and Dan’s season. The only difference is Dan is sneaky aboout it.

hotbutton topic

i swear this season has the worst of the worst players.. I re watched some clips from Brit’s season and was laughing so hard. They were funny, had personality, made it fun! This right here….what is this!!! BB, please learn from this, I am sure ratings are down. I am tired of watching how uneven the gameplay is…Dan makes me sick….no actually I take that back…Danni makes me want to throw up from the sockets of my eyes!!

Team Ian…(for lack of a better choice)


stop watching then!!!


Ok, so Dan doesn’t think Ian has done s**t! Well he was instrumental in getting both Boogie and Frank out of the house. He got Ashley out another alli of Frank’s. He has won 3 HOH’s and 2 POV’s. Dan has won 1 HOH and 1 POV. He got rid of Joe, please! Daniella has won 2 HOH’s and 2 POV’s. She at least got rid of Janella (accidentally Shane). Besides riding Daniella’s skirt tail and manipulating her to do your will the biggest thing you did was your funeral. If it comes down to you and Ian I hope Ian wins. The kid truly deserves it!!! Just my opinion…..


All Ian’s and Danis moves were orchestrated by Dan, except maybe Franks eviction.


Revisionist history. Dan had little to do with Boogie’s eviction, that was all Ian. Frank going was predominantly Ian too. Dan’s made some slick moves this year, but let’s not play it like he’s behind everything this season because it’s just not true.


Dan ran this house from day one. He was in stealth mode in the beginning then he ramped up his machinations. He has my admiration and he just cemented the win when he got Frank evicted and the shane eviction was priceless. Team Dan 2012,,,,


I heard Ian say to Dan that he was not going to throw him the final comp. I hope that is still true I just can’t believe that Ian and Danielle are still so misted by Dan even after what Dan just said to Danielle if I was get would be catching on to him after he told me he would celebrate with Ian if he beat her. And I thought Shane was stupid. I want Ian in the final two after that I don’t care which one wins I just don’t think Danielle earned her place as much as Ian. She has been coddled and carried the whole way thru this season, even Jordan was on her own at this part of the game.

Trey Gorman

I think there is a strong possibility that Danielle has finally heard her wake up call and is acting in her own interest. Time will tell.

out with the bibleman

I’m with you there……….I’m praying she vindicates Shane and evicts Dan. I have a feeling she will win the contest today.

out with the bibleman

I agree with you and pray she evicts Dan in the end………that should teach him a lesson……..although I wonder if he gets 100k for bringing her to the end.


Danielle now has a photographic memory and was operating a VCR at age 1. Nice. Also was a child ambassador to China. Was/is a model. Is a nurse. Have I missed anything else she’s done. Oh, she also has a father that groomed her to compete on BB.


You must be Danielle’s mother, father, or sister. Thanks for the mini biography – I’m still rooting for Ian or Dan. So why do you think Danielle was crazy enough to trust Dan? Also, why is she telling Ian straight to his face that she wanted him out? She’s stupid enough to tell Ian that he was supposed to go, not Shane. How do you think that makes Ian feel? So much to think about outside of the fact that she played with a VCR at the age of 1.


SKG, are you slow? kcoc was being sarcastic mentioning all the things Danielle has said.


My last comment was intended for Kcoc.


She was a gymnastics olympian,
She is the real mastermind waiting to play Dan at his own game (??)


She went to pagents when she was little, like Toddlers and Tiaras and Honey Boo Boo. That is probably what messed with her head.


LOL she said she was a gymnast too an a heap of other things.

I’m going to need for Danielle to stop trying to top everyone else and seem like the almighty one.

It’s ridiculous at this point.

Kathie from Canada

On jer faux date with Shane, she referred to the gymnists as ‘tumblers’. Not something that a true gymnist would say IMO.

Wacky NurseBatSh*t

I always thought a tumbler was what you drank a large cocktail from. Add to that the look on the gymnast’s faces when she mentioned the word and you know they don’t see it that way. Of course maybe that’s just ‘southern speak’ for gymnastics (cuz that’s over the 2 syllable limit). But more likely with Ms Delusional it’s just a bunch of bullish*t from a chronic liar.


I was a runnin VCR’s and hookin up cable wire to the TV at age 5, but I’m not a psycho like Dani


Ok I’m finally first to post Hopefully this will be seen I’ve posted a million times


Don’t feel bad, Kelli!:)


My actual post isnt on here LOL


Actually you have the 15th post. And what does it matter since you have nothing of value to post?


Joe, bless your heart, but lighten up a bit, would ya?


What are you the comment police? I didn’t see the point in posting that you were the first comment. Just seemed dumb.


Take a chill pill, Joe.


At this point whoever wins deserves it in my book. They all have pulled there weight and played the game. One of these three deserve the money and Ian, Dan, Boogie or Frank deserve America’s favorite. without them the show would not of been entertainment. By the way who is this Jenn on the poll I don’t recall her being the show. Does she work on this site along with Dawg.


I do give Ian credit for playing the 2nd best game next to Dan I dont want him in the final 2 bc he will beat him Ian loves BB


Actually I’ve been a little disappointed in his game-play the last few weeks but if he makes a major move at the end that might revalidate my belief in him.


I mean Ian has done more than Danielle I had a big post but only this part was posted LOL


I agree, I had rather for Ian to win over Danielle.


Ok Danielle, I am So praying and Hoping that you beat Ian in this competition!!!! – If you have to, Knock Ian’s A Down!!! — say stuff to unravel Ian, so that he will have to go Rock in the hammock during the Comp!


They don’t get to see each other play in face morph.


Wow, you want Dani to knock Ian’s A off, wow…..Talking about trash talk, wow…please say more ….it sounds so dirty and sexy at the same time.

Zingbot Fan

I just wanted to say how surprised i am that this turned out to be such a good season and also how much this site, the best reality site on the web, has enhanced my enjoyment of the season. Thank you for the link to all the past Big Brother seasons too. It has been great watching the past seasons on here.


I think it would be interesting if you could run a couple of polls like your least favorite house guest of BB14 and the greatest player in Big Brother history. Thanks again for your great site and all your hard work. You guys rock!


The irony of him saying this while puppeteering Danielle through the season. If Ian hasn’t made any big moves in this game, Danielle hasn’t been present.

Power of Veto Corleone

I second Hotbutton’s thoughts a few messages up about the lame BB14 cast. The worst ever and no comparison to the British version of BB.
Hate to think the Britts have the market cornered when it comes to intelligent and entertaining contestants.
Too bad there isn’t two seasons of BB like there is with Survivor. That way we wouldn’t have to wait almost a full year to get these morons out of our system.


Sorry I don’t agree this is worst cast, I honestly think there much smarter than BB13, who let the vets slide through until jury, and let rachael win, at least this cast was smart to get Janelle and Boogie out before jury, they were just idiots for trusting Dan, I honestly thoroughly enjoyed this cast, they are nowhere near as bad as BB13.


With Mike on this one. This has been one of the best seasons in my eyes.

Aqua Bernie

Danielle reminds me of the skit on SNL, of the woman who ups everyone all the time. Do you know what i’m talking about?


Kristen Wiig?? Arguably the funniest women on the cast, please don’t compare her to the annoyance Dani.


That skit Aqua’s talking about… OMG! I have to admit there are serious smackings of Danielle in it!


OMG, I remember that skit now, yeah I’ll give you that, that is dani spot on.


LOL!!!! Sad but funny, huh???;)

Jen W

Yes, that’s one of my favorites!!

Aqua Bernie

Well that skit is my favorite more! HAHAHA!!


Omg, ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!! I see you know exactly what we’re all referencing, lol!!!!!:)


Danielle has a photographic memory now, also. Great. Can someone add that to the list of Amazing Danielle Things?


Well don’t forget her IBS and some sort of kidney problem where she can’t drink any brown liquids (wtf! I’ve had a laundry list of intestinal and kidney ailments and have never even heard of “no brown liquids”) and we know, by her “stories” that she’s traveled extensively, she can write prescriptions and the doctor just signs them, she’s a charge nurse and has a ward of patients she alone cares for, in addition to her modeling gigs . . .shall I go on?


I would just like to take a second and address the ‘cat lady’ thing going on here.

I’m a real life ‘Cat Lady’. Have been for over a decade, ever since I started finding homes for abandoned animals, many of them being cats, and my house at any time has its share of cats roaming within my walls. I don’t wear Mrs. Roper Mumus, I have never been on an episode of ‘Hoarders’ (yet), I don’t sit down and share a can of Fancy Feast with my cats during feeding time, and I have a husband who’s alive rather than long dead and mummified amongst the piles of old newspapers in my spare bedroom;)

Since discovering BB and this site season 7, I’ve been coming here when I can, posting my thoughts about all the HG’s, and I’d like to think of myself as an equal opportunity offender rather than an obsessed stalker. I also find this site consistently more fascinating than the show itself, have never named any animal after anyone associated with Big Brother, and when the season ends, I admit I tend to forget about Big Brother until around June of the next year.

So, as you can see, the ‘Cat Lady’ references I’ve seen for a couple or so seasons now don’t exactly sit well with me, and as someone who donates here every year, I have to say that I’m more than a little disappointed…

… That you guys are WAY off! You didn’t even mention the fact that we Cat Ladies have a tendency to take in and poison drifters with arsenic-laced sugar cookies because it makes our hairball-covered lady parts tingle.

LMAO!!!! Seriously, I am an animal rescuer, a ‘Cat Lady’, but I’m also not offended by the use of that term here, just had to have some fun with you:) Love this site, Simon and Dawg rock, and so do you folks who post here:)

Oh No You Didn't

I love you.


Love you, too… almost to the point of seriously being prepared to have your child;) That was inappropriate, wasn’t it?;)

Oh No You Didn't

Not at all. I hope it’s okay if I bring my lesbian lover Maryjane along. She will make us feel very relaxed.




Awesome, you crack me up. I think most people who are into animal rescue are really good people. It’s just the few “crazies” out there that make the rest look bad, like the puppy mills. My last dog was a rescue so I understand and appreciate your hard work!


:), thanks, and you rock, sweetheart:) Honestly, I get a kick out of the Cat Lady references here, and am not bothered by them:)


I knew I liked you. Finally adopted a rescue kitten this year at the start of BB after three tries. It was easier adopting my son!


Lurker, don’t think the wonders of your posts have escaped me:) I knew I liked you, too, and the fact that you call your rescue your ‘son’… uhhh, fabulous bonus!;)


Dang, correction… I’ve been coming here since season 9.

Roisin Dubh

I can’t believe Ian still buys Dan’s BS. He’s already the biggest dumbass in Big Brother history. Who the F**k throws a final comp? Especially one you know he’s really the best at? Dan’s really not playing that great a game, it’s just that these people are incredibly stupid and should have been on to him when Britt got thrown out. I guarentee when he gets out of this house he’s gonna even say those people were beyond stupid. How can he not? Ian, buddy for someone who knows so much about the history of the game, you sure don’t play like it. Get over the fanboy status and get to work. If he gets to F2 I wouldn’t be suprised if he laid down for Dan in front of the jury. But know this Dan fans, even if Dan wins it, a lot of people are gonna say it’s a tainted victory because he had a three week pass to study up on the people this time around without the worry of going on the block. Evel Dick was floating that idea on his show. And if the person standing next to him in F2 even mentions that out loud to the jury, they will get all the newbie votes. The biggest mistake was sending Boogie out early, because he would’ve made sure the jury doesn’t vote personal.


, do you think it would be more exciting if Ian won the second HOH, so
there would be some doubt of who will be in the final two, unlike last year when
everyone knew that Rachel and Porsche would take each other?


In this season of blindsides, wouldn’t it be ironic if Ian or Danielle won the 3rd HOH and topped the season off with the biggest blindside of all by sending Dan to the Jury?

Aqua Bernie

I would love that!


Fingers crossed for that. Dan getting veto’ed and cutting Shane’s throat in front of Dani was the last thing I crossed my fingers for so, here’s hoping for a repeat of the wishing magic.


Yeah! Yeah! and I believe in the easter bunny and santa. Dani and Ian have been under Dan’s control for so long, they have no self will. Dan could tell those two to vote themselves out and they would readily obey. Nope, Dan being evicted won’t happen,but everyone has a dream …..your dream is Dan being voted out ….. sometimes dream do come true; however I rather dream of winning lottery numbers.


Anyone know if today’s competition will be on the feeds?


Frank fans may hate this BUT I still blame Frank for even letting Dan off the hook and NOT evicting him. Just think about it guys he evicted Brit OVER Dan? What? Frank claims to have watched most of the seasons, so you’re telling me based on season 12 and season 10 that Brit was MORE dangerous than Dan? LMAO Frank is a huge idiot and he is the reason why Dan is still in this game. Like powerhouse said when you have someone of that caliber on the block and teed up you evict him every single time. Props to Dan but he would never be in this position if it weren’t for Frank’s stupidity.


Frank is a hot head. His eviction of Brit wasn’t a game move but one of revenge …….. for the pride of Boogie. He couldn’t evict Ian therefore took Brit down. However, once Ian won HOH, Frank wanted Ian to make a game move …..telling Ian that he needed to let bygones be bygones and work with him. Oh Frank, you are not Dan. Frank, Ian wasn’t coming after you. Ian told Brit that he couldn’t backstab you again. You are the one that made Ian come gunning for you. Frank won’t admit that he made a bad move not evicting Dan. On Frank’s tombstone it should read “The not very bright Frank lies here”.




I’m a fan of Frank and even I have to agree that it was a bad move not to evict Dan..I mean I still would have went after Brit but Dan was the larger threat. He should have got Dan out when he had the chance then went after Brit. Either way Frank was still a traget, his cockiness “rubbed” (and I guess tickled) people the wrong way. (unlike Joe who just rubbed himself)


LOL, that Joe comment was funny. You worked it in beautifully.


Hmmm ……. I think there are drugs in the water of the Big Brother house. Shane, Frank, Ian and Dani can’t be this delusional. Shane wasn’t very smart ….. ok he was dumb. However, Shane was smart enough to know that he had the looks to attract women. He used Dani to advance his game. Shane was never genuinely attracted to Dani. Dani, when you have to beg a man to share your bed, that might be a big hint he’s just not into you. When the only time he kisses you is when you win an HOH or POV, and hold all the power, that might be a hint he’s just not into you. Britney advised Shane never volunteer to be a pawn on the block, pawns have a tendency to be voted off. Shane being the male bimbo, bought what Dani was selling. Yes Dani, use the POV on Dan, so my game will be in jeopardy! Oh Shane, in the battle of looks you won, in the battle of wits …… well, lets just say it wasn’t a fair fight.

Dani, lets attempt to examine her actions. You just helped to evict Shane …. for better or worse, you chose Dan over Shane. Dani then says she thinks Shane and her will get together after the show. I hope FDA is launching an investigation, there are some powerful hallucinates in that house. Dani, you then against your own self interest throw an HOH to Dan. A guy that has humiliated you, lied to you, backstabbed you and yet, you place your game in jeopardy to advance Dan’s.

Ian, you are supposed to be the smart one …… you are supposed to be able to put 2 and 2 together ….. but the more I watch, the more I am convinced that you are … well ….. book smart only ….. not that there is anything wrong with that ……. its just that in other areas, you have a Shane IQ. Ask Ian how many miles from earth to Mars and he readily gives you the correct answer.However, Ashley makes out openly with Frank on his hammock, and Ian is the last person to know it. Dan places Ian on the block jeopardizing his game; however Ian instead of placing Dan on the block in return, places Jenn and Shane. Oh Ian, you wanted to come back to Big Brother and play good vs evel. Big Brother will need to make rewrite. Its going to be good, evel, and the delusional. Ian you are going to be in the delusional group.

Roisin Dubh

Don’t be fooled by Dani. She knew Dan was gonna get rid of Shane. She’s just playing up to the cameras. Just like Dan is playing up to the cameras when he talks about jury. I hope they vote personal because these guys made it personal by the way they treated the people on the way out the door and then laughing behind thier backs. What they did to Jenn was despicable. She did nothing to deserve that. They should of had enough respect for her this far in the game to be straight with her. Did nobody watch Dan’s season? He’s doing the exact same thing. Ian’s got a serious mancrush on him. The only good thing that happened was that Shane got a good taste of what his weak little crew were dishing out. Dude wanted to cry.


“Shane got a good taste of what his weak little crew were dishing out. Dude wanted to cry.” I agree, Fans of Frank (dang that sounds like a support group, crap and I’m one of them) has to love the Irony of Shane’s exit. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Shane standing around bashing Frank and how he left the house with his fellow Quack Pack, calling him low class and a poor sport. I find it funny that he got the treatment and exited the house the same way.


So who is Dan taking to the final 2? Ian or Danielle?

With his luck,I know it will be up to him to decide…..


Danielle, for strictly selfish coach, player, and motivational book reasons.


you have a point, I could see Dan trying to make money off the situation.




May be my favorite post and reply this season;) It’s almost kinda beautiful:)

Power of Veto Corleone

Right or wrong, Frank sent Brit packing over Douchebag Dan because he was desperate for a partner and Dan was quick with the bible to promise him final 2.
Love the image that was posted about Pissy Pants looking like a snake when he slithered into Dani’s bead and asssssked her to please take him off the block.
Right on! I also remember the psycho grin and bug-eyed stare he had when he was next to her after his phony baloney funeral and explained his reasons for humiliating her on After Dark. What a creepy douche.

Aqua Bernie

Creepy sounds good for Dan! Last nite when they were wrapping Ian with tp Dan grabbed a belt and looked like he wanted to strangle Ian with it! He comes across like he could be a serial killer, and the sick questions he asks! CRAZY!!


when dani gets out if the house she is going to need one of those master therapists that can completely break her down and break her apart and then rebuild her…only way she will be able to have any kind of psychologically healthy life. I hope she really finds the right person to help her do this.


one of the huge differences between Dan and daniellevis that Dan knows that he is “off” (he has admitted it)…and Danielle has no idea that she is screwed up.


people can get help…they just have to have some self awareness and dani doesn’t…that’s why so many of us are irritated watching her.


I find it embarrasing that DD have to go to such great lengths to manipulate Ian…..why don’t you guys just beat him in the next two comps…why don’t they have enough confidence in themselves to beat him….it’s sad….they are just proving that they are not as great as they think they are or pretend to be.


in our society people only manipulate others when they don’t have True power.


they don’t see it’s a sign of weakness.


Ian Ian….win win win

Ian Ian…win win win!!!


Is it just me or is Ian being a little sh!t!! I never saw him thank Dan for evicting Shane and keeping Ian which was to gain Ian’s trust to bring him to final 2. He seems a little po’d at Dan which I can’t see as an act for Danielle! It’s like he wanted to be kicked out!? I’m not so sure that Ian will bring Dan since he is getting so close to Danielle but then again I could be wrong!? I just think Ian is being a little cocky with Danielle and I don’t know if it’s an act or not?! I guess we know the truth now that Danielle was going to bring Shane to f2 because she genuinely seemed upset that he was booted….on a side note I saw Jeff’s interview with shane and he told Jeff his feelings for Danielle were genuine…?! Hmmmm?!? I could have sworn he said he didn’t like her that way in the dr but then again Shane doesn’t lie?!? Whatever! This was one season that I felt dizzy the whole time, all the side alliances and scheming I couldn’t keep up!! It was a good season, overall!!


The more I think about it, Ian’s best chance to win the $500,000 is to take Dan. If he wins the final HOH and does take Dan, it wouldn’t be such a stupid move and the win would shock them both. My predictions for the votes:

Ashley – Ian (Even though Ian took her out, she seemed to want Dan to come to jury)
Britney – Ian (She likes Dan’s gameplay, but Ian’s her guy.)
Frank – Ian (If he’s still holding that grudge…..)
Joe – Ian (He doesn’t like Dan and said good things about Ian after he was evicted.)
Jenn – Dan (She said in her exit interview that she did think Ian was good, but praised the heck out of Dan.)
Shane – Ian (Dan pulled the blindside on him and he made it clear in the interview that he’s not very fond of him anymore. Like Frank.)
Danielle – Dan (Her coach)

The vote would be more split with Ian vs. Danielle, and even though I hate to say this, Danielle would probably win and that would be tragic now, would it?

And the winner + runner up aren’t eligible for America’s Choice, right? So that would probably go to Britney.


Once again, Dani pulling the victim meltdown. She throws the comp to Dan, now, because she has to play part 2, she does the whole * Woe is me *..all so that she can be enveloped in his mist. That’s her drug. Everytime she * sacrifices * for him, the rigmarole starts up again. I’m so mad at you, Dan. T obsesses over me. My operations, etc.

And, all of this done by her own hand. She’s very self destructive. All she had to do, was keep Shane. Win first comp. Both Dan and Shane would have taken her to F2. But no. Her need for attention and *hearing* how great she is, trumps any kind of game play. I feel rather sorry for her. Because she deludes herself.

Dani mists herself. If she didn’t, she would not have been taken in Dan, who constantly gives her the mist product. I’m sure she now believes that Dan will leave Chelsea, to be with her. Btw, anyone else get the shivers as she stalked Dan around the house, before they used the toilet paper on Ian?

And, Dan has a very dark side. The questions. The putting the big plastic box over Dani and Ian, like a coffin. He seems to be pre-occupied with killings and killers, and death. That Dan is beyond creepy. His eyes say a lot. They look manic, imo. The Game is one thing. However, he has shown what he is, in and out of the house. Be afraid, be very afraid. This guy is not normal. He’s phsycotic.