Big Brother Spoilers – Danielle’s Joker face returns

First HOH Dan Second HOH ?
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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3:09 Cam 3-4 Danielle talking to herself in the mirror

3:11 Cam 1-2
Dan and Ian decide to play Jenga, Ian says there is juice on the table they should clean up. Dan : “Jungle Juice Danielle” (impersonating Frank)
Ian does a pretty solid impersonation of Frank
Ian: “Jungle juice Dan and Zebra cake chris.. Shout Out.. On the rag.. “

3:38pm Cam 1-4 Ian and Dan

Dan says he thinks he’s quicker than Danielle.. He has a good chance to beat her tonight. Ian: “I stomped her a$$ on Shamrock”

Dan asks Ian what he is going to do when he wins the 2nd HOH. Ian won’t rub it in or act too excited just to not upset her.

Ian says that Danielle doesn’t think if he wins he will Dan. She’s under the impression that he might Take him bit will probably take her.

Ian says Danielle keeps telling him if he takes dan he won’t get Shane or her vote. Ian: “I’ve accounted for that.. And if I take Daneille I won’t have Danielle or Shanes votes..doesn’t matter either way”

Ian says he was so shocked about Shane going home he thinks it will go down as one of the biggest jaw dropping moment in Big Brother History. Dan disagrees.

They continue to play Jenga while chit chatting. The loose bricks are called “Loosey Goosey”

4:14pm Cam 1-4 Bedroom Dan, Ian and Danielle

Dan says there was one time when renny called him a douchebag. Dan: ‘I laughed but I didn’t know what a douche bag was..” Dan explains that he asked Memphis and keesha what a douche bag was and they never told them they would just laugh. Dan knew that douchebag was a derogatory word for someone being uncool but he didn’t know what a real “Douchebag” was.

4:19pm Cam 1-2 Danielle living room studying..

Cam 1 Ian in the toilet
Cam 2 Dan sleeping
Cam 3-4 Danielle studying in the same room as Dan is sleeping.. She occasionally asks him a question.

5:21pm dan and Danielle are sleeping
Ian is roaming around the house..

5:47pm CAm 1-2 Ian rocks back and forth while the other 2 sleep

6:13pm Ian’s about to snap it’s so boring

6:28pm Ian walks to the bathroom .. says “Damn.. this F****** area stinks.. F****** stinks like A$$holes”

Cam 1-2 Ian in the kitchen studying
Cam 3-4 Danielle and DAn in the bedroom. Dan is sleeping Danielle has just woken up and is studying.

6:46pm Dan gets called to the Diary room.. Goes up to Danielle to give her a hug and tells her “Good luck I believe in you”
Danielle asks him if the HOh will starts soon because he’s the host. Dan thinks it will he heads to the Diary room. Danielle gets up “Ohh Sh!t”

6:52pm Dan comes out of the Diary room “Hey Danielle and Ian it’s time for the second part of the HOh competition. ”


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If Britney made all the moves Dan did this season everyone would be saying she is a genius and it’s all game. But because Dan does not meet the requirements of being the America’s favorite type player ie: Bad gameplay,a lack of intelligence, and consistently losing the actual game of Big Brother. He is an immoral scumbag who deserves to be sent to a fantasy zone called “Hell”. The two best players this games had share a common characteristic when they go into the house they understand , that it is just a game. Will and Dan completely change who they are and do what it takes to win, but when they go home Will is not telling all of his colleague’s he hates them all, and Dan is not playing nomination roulette or hosting funerals with his students. Now this season is coming to an end, and for some of your guy’s own mental health thats good news because you need a brake for a while. Thanks Simon and Dawg for all the work, you will never truly know how much we all appreciate it. Dan FTW, game over lame. Late.


If Britney had Dani, she would have been F3 and Dan would be in jury. Danielle is the one who dictated who went to jury that week.

Capt. Obvious

If it wasn’t for Dan, Dani wouldn’t have been around at that point in the game.

Trey Gorman

One of the many signifigant differences between Will and Judas is that Will did things tounge in cheek with a lightness and an acknowledgement that he was in fact playing a game. He was playful in his attacks and their aftermaths. Judas is more inclined to take the tack of Chairman Mao (it is not enough to defeat your enemy, you must destroy him). One case in point, after delivering Shane’s blindside in the most devestating way possible, he grabs Shane on his way out and whispers “Dani has been betraying you all along, ask Jenn.” Some people (lets for the sake of argument call them normal) find that level of sadism objectionable, even disgusting. But to each his own.

Thermodynamics Doesn't Get Me Hot

I find your comments very insightful with one exception. If Dan said that to Shane on his way out, it was again game play to advance him to the win. Unfortunately, it didn’t do any good because Shane said in his interview with Jeff that he wasn’t sure what Dan said, but he thought it was something about making sure Danielle wins. I commented after Britney was put on the block that I now saw Dan as Dastardly Dan rubbing his hands in glee as Britney lay tied up on the railroad tracks with the train approaching and behind her lay all the other houseguests lined up one by one. You’re right about Dr. Will being totally different. I think of him more like a mischievious joker type. He beats Dan in looks, personality, intelligence, and charm any day of the week.

By the way, what’s up with Dan & his literally thousands of questions. I guess it’s supposed to be his way of connecting with people, but I find it annoying. If I was in the house with him, I’d have to shut him down after question #15 in a row or so and ask him a question….”What’s it to you, Dan? Why the hell do you want to know? What’s with all the questions?”


He didn’t even say that to Frank. He said Nothing personal its just business.


…and yet, Will was sitting in the jury in his 2nd season, and Dan will be in the final 2…

Trey Gorman

The questions are his high function sociopaths way of doing two things, instilling control and breaking down moral boundaries. He places himself in the role of questioner, the authority figure who dictates what should be answered. And while some of the questions are banal or insipid, many place the answerer in the position of violating common decency. His question to Danielle “If you found and married the love of your life who turned out to be an ax murderer would you turn him in” is a prime example. He continues to massage the question until he gets the answer he wants, which of course is no I wouldn’t. And she offers “no matter what I would never break that bond.” He is all smiles, because he knows that, metaphoricly, he is the ax murderer she wouldn’t turn in.


Perhaps you’re right. Maybe Dan is a bad person? Maybe he is a sociopath?

Even so, he played the shit outta this game, and the people in it. He deserves every bit of the 500k for that.


As I did the flashback to Dan and Dani playing chess and her getting angry again about how much of a risky situation she’s in and he kept laughing and laughing, all I could think of was “psychopath”. He’s a weasel. He looks like a weasel, too, with all the moles on his face and receding hairline. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it came to me yesterday who he reminds me of — Mr. Bean. One ugly SOB.

Aqua Bernie

YES YES!! That is it! He’s sick, diabolical. Someone needs to keep an eye on him. Where’s his ex-girlfriend?


It’s a game, not real life! They are bored crazy and asking each other insightful questions. How dare any of you judge any one who is in the house. You have no idea what it is like for them. He is brilliant. He said in the dr he had to play different this year. He even said to Ian and dani last night he would be getting the whole experience because of the way he has had to play. Last time he didn’t get ridiculed because he was “nice”. He was begging people last night not to send death threats to his wife. Some of you are taking this waaaaay to seriously. It is a freaking game!


Spoke too soon thought all the mental morality patients were locked up but apparently they have escaped the asylum yet once again.


“he grabs Shane on his way out and whispers “Dani has been betraying you all along, ask Jenn.” Did Dan really say that to shane?


I find Dan’s questions entertaining.
Way more so than what comes out of either danielle’s or Ian’s mouths otherwise.


To everyone that is trying to say Dan does not deserve to win…..Imagine you are in the final 3 for a game of 500k. Would you want a couple to be there with you, so that you have not shot of being taken to the F2 unless you win a comp, or would you choose to DRASTICALLY improve your chance to win the game. This same reasoning is why Shelley evicted Jeff in BB13. And everybody loves the straight shooter now!!!

Dan for the win!

Capt. Obvious

You mean tongue-in-cheek like the way britney called dan judas? That is unless you think Britney really believed Brendan was a “wise man”. She probably thought only an idiot would take that seriously. I guess she was right.

Or maybe you meant tongue-in-cheek like mocking people with hysterical laughter and sarcastic comments in the jury room. At least Dan has the decency to know that he is being a douche bag. Even if he didn’t know what a douche bag was.

Eric CA

Unfortunately, what Dan said is absolutely true. He did not lie on that occasion. Danielle had been playing Shane a Season long. The whole shocked face was fake. She knew Dan wanted to get Shane out, he was target of Dan’s just a few days earlier, but Shane won the PoV. She knew Shane had every intention to evict Ian not Dan, she knew when she used the PoV on Dan, that Dan was going to evict Shane, even if Dan had lied to her. She knew Shane was the target. She was well aware of all of Dan’s dirty tricks and she went along with them, even the funeral. She talked crap about Shane all season, she had Trey back home. Danielle played Shane.
Danielle on the outside looks like a totally sweet down to Earth girl, yet, she has no compassion for others, she has lied, she uses emotional manipulation, she has blind sided, lied and back stabbed like a pro. She is actually in some respects worse than Dan, because the way she justifies getting people out is by talking Poo Poo about them.


I agree that she knew.

It’s hard too say 100% but she said that she’ do it but Dan had better take her to the final 2, or she’d castrate him with a butter knife. And it took awhile for her to work up to do the crying.

Both Dan and Danielle are unappealing because we’ve seen so much lying from them. It’s also hard to get behind Ian with his little displays and big boy swearing. The really hard part is seeing their qualities in me! Yuk.


Poor Ian is gonna have a stroke if they don’t do something soon. Maybe he could help Danielle pick her zits to pass the time!! <3


haft of his actions are acting, for one remember he said he can only go down the spiral tair case one foot at a time and then you see other times he going down the stairs like most of us do alternatimg steps. So ther are other things ge does that does not support his MALADY


Love Dan the most and I’ll give britney credit they made decision that change everything in this game they were the brain behind the Shane and Dani telling them what moves to make. Think about how the game would have played out it they didn’t listen to them they would be gone by now. Meaning by now shane and Dani would have been picked off so would dan and britney if they didn’t tell the two newbies what moves to make boogie and ppl like Janelle would still be there licking their chops at newbies.


I hope Dan wins because he is at least not afraid to make big moves / play the game. Ian was too worried about his Crap Pack and wasted an HOH on Jenn and Ashley… and was even about to be eliminated yesterday but he didn’t care – as long as his dumn alliance got to the end. WTF. I hope Dan and Danielle are in the F2, but I *KNOW* the producers want Ian and Dan for the F2, so it will happen. Mark my words – I predicted it weeks ago. Danielle is an idiot for not seeing that Shane is clearly gay.


did the producers tell you that? and what is ‘dumn’?


EXCELLENT POST and loved the comparison between Dr. Will and Dan. It is so true. Thanks for you sanity!


Dan has manged to outplay newbies which should be expected since he has more experience playing the game.


Feeds are so intense right now yo…


is this sarcasm lol??

Carol & Steve

It must be hard for you to keep up with all this action! :)

Distant Observer

Wouldn’t it be great if BB did stuff like every so often? Dani stop picking your pimples. Dani that’s the 247th time you looked in the mirror today. Ian, Pokemon talk is boring our viewers. Dan stop making Dani cry or you’ll burn in hell.


what a hoot! especially the part about Danielle.. cause that would make her cry. Dan would just laugh.


I fell for your mist. Stop playing me, I’m an emotional delicate flower.


something about this season reminds me of the movie “cabin in the woods”


Do any of you remember when Dan got his letter and his pictures??? He made some telling remarks then about his family and his wife. He also said that his mother took his sister”s side over something that had to do with the wedding and it caused some type of problems. Also, he remarked about his parents being divorced, and something about them smiling in the picture, I wonder how long his parents have been divorced, I believe when Dan came into the house this time he had some unresolved issues and he is playing with his emotions {Remember his outbursts at Ian and Frank, not like Dan} I think this is why we are not seeing nice Dan, but we are seeing a angry Dan.


Thank you Dr Freud.


Look people Dan played a great game , But i think there upset with hime for swearing on the bibkle, wife and the cross. i could care less who wins but when a person of faith thinks its ok to lie then he get what he gets. That whats wrong with christian they want to preach whats right when they should look in the mirror


Miles- please don’t make blanket statements about a group of people. If you happen to not like Christians, then that’s your issue, but it’s completely ridiculous to make such a harsh statement about any group of people. Yes, there are people that do not like Dan’s tactics to get himself ahead, however that in no way justifies your comment.


…and your comment is actually pretty hypocritical.


pete’ssake ; your right i do hate people that hide behide there faith to justified there action. And most christisan + muslim = HATE. If those people believe in what the read thry would understanf the ture meaning of LOVE


the Ultimate Coaches twist would be to have ONE more vote between houseguests on bringing the coaches Back in. This would mean that the two coaches with remaining players would come in to coach the final two newbies in the game- if their player wins, they get $100,000, the original prize. For this to happen, at least one of the houseguest would have to push the button to bring the coaches back in. Dan wouldnt push it because he’s thinking he’s going to win $500,000. Ian might not push it because he wants to go to final two with Dan, and this would force him to go up against Danielle. Danielle might push it thinking she is garanteing Dan will get $100,000 ( she thinks he’ll come in second to her) but she may not want to go up against Ian. Ian may push it thinking be could win $100,000 for Britney, but go home with $50,000 himself.


*I meant Boogey, not Britney (Ian’s coach)


Is the 2nd part of the HOH tonight?


Yes it is.

Although Dan + Danielle are currently sleeping while Ian is rocking in the kitchen. Not sure when exactly it is.

Aqua Bernie

Why can’t BB give Ian a rocking chair?

Distant Observer

Really BB……get Ian one of those indoor swinging chairs……all things considered…….go Ian
BB has been skimping this year……..a bunch of dollar store toys and a couple bucks for pandoras box…really bb …cheap a$$es

Aqua Bernie



hmm, I wish they would then it would be like “cabin in the woods” meets “Batman” meets “Psycho”. I think I watch too many movies.


DO you remember what happened to the old hammock? enough said

Jen W

So is watching Danielle on the feeds worse than watching Rachel?

Aqua Bernie

Oh yes!!


nah, Rachael was boring, the dumb stuff Dani says is hilarious.


No way. The sound of Rachel’s voice made me want to shoot her.


no way, i think people forget how bad rachel was.


Well I sure haven’t forgotten how bad Rachel was!!! I vowed if they brought her back in the house to stay, I’d turn it off and I would have!! But thank goodness, they didn’t make us stomach that one again!!! YAYYYYYY!!!! <3


I’m with you! Will not watch brendon or Rachel on anything. They are pathetic.

Distant Observer

At least Ian got a little taste of Rachel this season….what did he say? oh ya..”I think I’m going to puke”


Dan is a turd.

I am finally agree with Frank on something, “Dan is a bad man”.There is game play ….. and I understand game play. I don’t have any problem with Dan lying, swearing on a bible or swearing on Chelsea. I do have a problem with Dan interjecting other people love ones into the game and he knows nothing about their relationship. For Dan to say that Brittany probably leads her husband around, where did this come from? So you had two strong women like Brit and Janelle playing with the boys, that didn’t believe Dan’s bull. Note I said strong women, not demented women like Dani.

Dan is also starting to make a lot of mean comments and then say he’s just joking. Dan’s comment about he’s stemming like Ian wasn’t funny. Ian also didn’t think it was funny.

So I guess as long as I say it with a smile, I can say anything like Dan. Dan, Chelsea must be battered women, LOL! Dan, Chelsa must love scumbags like you …..LOL. Dan you are an immoral person and I hope you gag on any money that you win ….. LOL. Oh boy, thanks Dan for showing me this passive aggressive stuff . This is a lot of fun

Aqua Bernie

I think Dan is an A**! and I think he’s getting meaner!


I would like to know if Dan has a job to go back to! Because I wouldn’t want him to teach my kids. It’s hard enough to teach the right from wrong and to be kind others without wacthing your teacher act the way he has acted.


Calm down, bro.

Dan is the GOAT.


Hey John Doe or would u rather be called Bro …. there is nothing to calm down about. Like Jenn City use to say …. I keep it real. Dan is an immoral person who is a borderline sociopath. Sorry if the truth about your boy hurts; however, I find his jokes and comments to be in very bad taste. He needs to get some of his own medicine back at him. Hey Dan, I bet Chelsea is sleeping with Boogie right now …. LOL!


I wish they would get those 2 outside for a comp already

Captain Idiot

haha remy called dan a douche bag, thats funny….


IAN PLEASE win this please

Barbara Kosar

are they playing right now ?

bb fan

how does jodi have more votes than joe, ash, wil, or jenn?


I’m pretty sure they are sympathy votes.


What is a douche bag?


Douche Bag is a Hot water bottle old people use.

Jeff Schroeder is a Douche Bag too


Ill Will…you are crazy! Jeff is the furthest thing from a douchebag…don’t be a hater!

Barbara Kosar

Hey Jeff is one of the nicest guys, don’t be haten!


How old are you ILL WILL? Younger than 30 I imagine because an actual Douche Bag is NOT a hot water bottle used by old people, although it certainly could be used that way. Its actual purpose required attaching a long thin rubber tube that had a nozzle on one end the bag was filled with warm vinegar water and the nozzle was then inserted into (hold on Ill Will, it’s gonna get dirty in here)a woman’s vagina and cleansed it. This was obviously before Summer’s Eve and clearly before your time!

Aqua Bernie

Nicely put Joyful!


Oh Ill, you are too funny, but wrong, I know cause I invented it, no, I mean my Dad did. That’s why I’m a millionaire, no that’s not enough, I miscounted, I’m actually a zillionaire, which is why I have so much time to make these ridiculous comments.
Anyway, that thing is something you fill with a fluid to cleanse the vagina or anal cavity. Proper use in a sentence would be “Danielle uses her douche bag every time she has her salad tossed.”

Grandma Gray

A douchebag can also be use to receive an enema.


It’s one thing to play the game, with lying and cheating. Quite another to take a sadistic pleasure in doing so. Dan is going to final 2. But, he’s not able to stop himself inflicting pain and insults. He has no empathy at all. A really rotten person. Through and through. Dan’s comments, when leaving the house to Shane.

Shane was devastated. He had been with Dani and Dan from the beginning. He never made a final 2 with anyone, but Dani. Then, as he’s leaving, feeling destroyed, Dan rushes up to twist the knife. Sadistic psycho. As a coach, shouldn’t he understand loss?

Nope. He follows up his hardness, laughing at Shane and the Titanic scenario. Etc. So unnecessary. Pointless, except he is so high on himself, so full of greed, that he doesn’t even bother to think of other people’s feelings.

I’d like to feel happy for a deserving winner. Dani at least has won a good amount of competitions. As has Ian. Dan has only shown what a loser he is in LIFE.

I hope Ian wins. In spite of his problems. In fact, in spite of them, he comes across a a decent human being. I wish Shane hadn’t been so naive. He will learn from this though. Although, he was scared of being hurt when he came into the Game. What happened to him, may just lock him down. It’s a shame.

AND< please put up a spoiler alert when showing those pics of Dani. :)


could not agree more….have you ever really looked at Dan’s eyes, they are quite evil looking. Game wise he’s a genius but, his enjoyment of all the hurt he has caused Dani really shows his true nature. He will win 2nd place and I hope he enjoys the $50K. Nobody played a better game than Dan but, I still think he enjoys the hur the causes a little to much.

To all you Dan lovers, I realize it’s only a game and not real life so I’m not hating on Dan, it’s just obvious the man gets a little to much pleasure out of backstabbing people…..just my opinion…


If those are your thoughts on Dan, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Evel Dick, who played far more sadistically than Dan ever has.


Oh my the patients have escaped from the looney bin? Get real a sociopath. You need to look up the definition of a sociopath because Dan is nothing like that. It is a GAME so why are people taking it so freaking serious. Call the guys with the nets for some of these people!!!


My wife thinks that when Dan sounds like one of those guys from the late night infomerciasl, you know like the ones that sell those overpriced knives that “supposedly” cut through steel.


sorry “infomercials”

Nicole N.

I am sure big brother wants Ian to win because they like him but maybe Danielle can pull an upset and beat him. They seem evenly matched competition wise. I don’t like Ian that much but at least he has wised up from the other day and won’t throw this competition. Why anyone would throw the last HOH any part is beyond me but both of these idiots did in the first HOH. Who would not want to guentee a spot in the final HOH.


This is a GAME. Dan has played an excellent GAME and deserves to win. Ian second and Danielle zip!!


Sorry, there is no room for reason here among all the moral crusaders, bible thumpers, high-horses,and crazies.


These so called “bible thumpers” and morality hypocites that post almost make me ashamed to be a Christian when they use religion and Christ as a mean to demoralize and actually demonize Dan. They are sick, sick, sick people and hope they all go to Church tomorrow because when I go I will be praying for these nut cases.


Hey Lynda ….. I mean Dan’s sister in-law. Its only a game, but there is something called common decency that most people have as part of human nature. Dan is just an immoral person. Good game play, terrible person. I bet Chelsea is trying to escape Dan, just like Katie Holmes escaped Tom Cruise. Run Chelsea run!


OMG seeing Danielle in the mirror is chilling, and I’m dead serious.

Honey Boo Boo Child

Douche bag is Danielle, and the specimens she collects

Quite a variety of fauna and flora!


capealadin, i totally agree with you… i wish it would be Ian and Danni final two and would soo love to see Dans exit … as Clint Eastwood said “Make My Day!!”


Why can’t they go into HOH room.

Distant Observer

Dans F2 Speech. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me buy my book i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i let me coach your children i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i buy my book i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i swear on the bible i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i me me me me me me Trust Me!


Please! Let’s hope Ian wins, takes Dan and egotistical delusional Danielle leaves! She can go to jury and spend hours gazing at herself in the mirror and tell everyone how sweet and honest she is. Oh yeah and whine and cling on Shane while slurping and crunching fruit loops.

Grandma Gray

You forgot, she’ll continuously say, THEY BROKE MY HEART!!!


there have been several moments that dan has shown his true nature. if it all were truly just game play, he wouldn’t get so happy when discussing with dani other hg downfall and distress from his actions.

when he talks about how he stuck it to people, he grins, laughs, then pats himself on the back while smiling. it’s not game play, it’s psychopathy.


Hope..and Distant observer….So right. As the season progressed, I was pulling for different players. Frank was a sure bet, I thought. Yeah, I didn’t like his braggadacio, and his * I’ve given 3 years of my life *, or his bullying, aping Boogers. Even so, he was the best at the comps, I thought. The cheating? I didn’t really catch that. I grew to be quite fond of Joe. I think a nice person in real life.

I wanted a newbie to win. The coaches, after all, had a 3-4 hiatus. Got to know the inside scoop. They had a huge edge.

Now, should Dani go out in 3rd, well, she will be the author of her own demise.She could have been sure of at least 2nd. It was greed, in her own way. She did Dan’s bidding, counting on extra votes in the jury house. Also, putting her trust in Dan. ( A bit of a crush? Yep).

The thing with Dani is..she happily saw Shane going, because she’s sure of him. Dan keeps her on edge. She doesn’t respect anyone who shows her affection. She goes for the * bad boys*. Then she can wallow in her misery. Blame it all on how nice she is, how she’s been taken advantage of etc. Inside, Dani is not a nice person. VERY low self esteem.

So, now. Ian for the win. The lessor of the two evils. I use that word fairly lightly. Dan, for sure. Dani? Just a messed up young woman.

Out of all the players, Dani will have the most regrets. She had this HOH. I think Ian will take it down. Even if she makes it to final 2, she’s no match for Dan. His * speech* to the jury will crush her. Quite a bit depends on just what is being told to the other jury members. Jenn will be pivotal here. If she tells everyone, that Dani was selling Shane, Brittany out..well.

Hmm. Dan telling Dani * No matter what, I’ll take care of you*. Goody, Dani. If you go out 3rd, Dan’s sending you a cheque for $10,000. A couple of dollars to the Church, some to the school. Conscience? Clear. Why? Because, in Dan’s World, money takes care of everything.

Yes. We’d all most likely go through, do a lot, for half a mil. However, I’m going to still believe that most people are decent. It’s Dan’s enjoyment of hurting people, that makes me uncomfortable. His laughter, is totally inappropriate, in dealing with his objectives. Look up narcissistic, anti-social behaviour. Dan gets so many checks, it’ll make your head spin. He’s one sorry excuse for humanity. It’s a brilliant game, if you are a cold, selfish, money grubbing psycho.

It’s quite another, to be sadistic, a knife twisting horror. We all may enjoy horror flics, but would anyone of us want to be in those situations, for real/ And, Dan has shown he’s EVIL. For real. THAT’S what’s so stomach churning. Im my opinion.


i think dan has been acting the whole time. sometimes he would say mean things but i don’t think he means it. i mean, why would he tell dani to tell ian these things that could possibly get her to the finals with ian. i have a feeling dan is playing thhis game 100% for himself but i just don’t get him…

Distant Observer

We will all refer to sociopath Dan as “Ted” (Bundy) now.
Ted thought he was smart enough to fool the Jury too.
a typical narcissist


Okay to compare Dan to Ted Bundy really does tell me how sick and twisted some of the people that post on here are. Hate to say it but the posters on here are sick in the head and just vile, evil individuals an need a lot of mental help. You people are sick and crazy is the only word that comes to mind. It is a game and hope that God heals your sick evil hearts.


Yeah, like you’re some kind of Mr. Psychology know it all and not the inbred, 480 lb recluse you are, whose illusion of reality is when people are playing a game they must play by the Little League Baseball Pledge ‘i will play fair, strive to win but win or lose I will always do my best”.


I would be perfectly fine with a Danielle and Ian Final 2. It would be amazing if Ian won the final HoH and voted to evict ANOTHER Big Brother great! I’ve been rooting for Ian since the beginning. I think it would be a tough final 2 for the both of them! And I bet Dan would vote Ian to win ;) I would love ONE MORE shocked Danielle moment hahaha


Pic 3 – MAGNUM! It’s sooooo beautiful… LOL

Aqua Bernie

What I can’t figure out is why in the world would Ian or Dani want to take Dan, when he has already won once? And also why is Dani calling Ian names when Ian did’nt do anything to her? Dan is the one who keeps sh***ing on her all the time. Yet she has this sick love for Dan.

the one

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Boogie oogie



I think she is speaking in tongues, we better borrow Dan’s bible.


what good would dan’s bible do? it has to be cursed.


we’ll get to see if ian pulled this off on bbad tonight…


I think… (short version) Dan met his wife in a dumpster


Dan’s speech before voting Shane out was near Genius. He told Danielle to stop looking at her hands and look up, implying she was ashamed of something, then he talked about his 4th book to be written about the student becoming a master, implying heavily that Danielle was behind Shane’s demise. I think because of that Shane is now questioning whether it was Dan or Dani that really wanted him out which may or may not change his mind about his final vote (assuming he would have voted for Danielle to win if him leaving was all Dan’s fault. If he thinks she was in on it, he may vote to give the only to Dan because her betrayal would be worse.) He even told Jeff in his exit interview that he’s now questioning whether Dani knew he was leaving and that was the plan all along. Keep in mind that Dan was feeding Danielle what to say to Shane to get him to accept being put up as the pawn instead of taking with him directly which would cause Shane to think this was only Dan’s betrayal. Anyway, kudos to Dan for playing the HG like chess pieces.


I havn’t seen Shane’s interview yet but I’ve seen the other ones, good stuff. I think Jeff is doing an awesome job. I’ll try to check out Shane’s interview later tonight.


He’s hilarious (Shane and his Puka shells) but the only 2 interviews I could watch in their entirety was with Wil and Britney (awesome, the two of them played off of each other from a comedy standpoint). Everyone else was pretty much like chalk on a chalkboard (Ashley’s cluelessness, Joe’s boisterousness, Jenn’s rock god complex, Frank’s rapid eye blinks, etc). Boogie’s interview was pretty good but couldn’t sit through all of it due to the repetition.


Ah listen to the interview Shane had with Julie. He knows this was Dan. Shane said he had no ill will to Dani, as far as Dan … that’s something different.


I think he will think differently about her if he watches the season when he goes home. She may have had feelings for him but she was also playing him.


The interview with Jeff was the next morning (after Julie’s) because Shane said he’d been up all night thinking of how exactly he got voted out. Was it just Dan or did Dani have something to do with it. Dan’s speech started to sink in after some of his anger faded.


He actually told Danielle to look at her hands and then look up. I think he was referring to him having all the blood
on his hands…just sayin…


Good point that I had not thought of. Dan hasn’t explained why he said that but it sure could benefit him if he gave Shane the impression that Danielle has become a master munipulator who appears to have no blood on her hands as she hasn’t quite been given the credit she deserves for playing HG emotionally.


and to you Danielle I say…………………………
“YOU CANT SIT WITH US!!” made famous by Gretchen Wieners.

Ians Beer

lol!! That made me smile, thx :()


i waiting for bbad to come on i hope ian wins this …. if ians wins this danille will be so angry with dan we could see more tears tonight lol


In a perfect world, Danielle will win the Final HoH, suddenly become normal, realize Dan is a dirty player, and vote to evict him. Then somehow convince the jury that it was all an act and that she was the true manipulator as she manipulated the master manipulator, Dan. But will that really happen? NO! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS.

the truth of the matter is

Although Dan may have lied and manipulated everyone in the house, I have to admit, he did a damn good job getting himself to the final 3. Danielle makes me laugh about how she is a saint in this game and how she is so honest and loyal, yet the truth of the matter is, Danielle tells everyone that shes a school teacher in the beginning of the show, then tells everyone she is a Nurse. Well, The truth of the matter is, Danielle is NOT a Nurse. No less a Charge Nurse as she claims, I work in the medical field, and I can tell you right now, A charge nurse makes up to 90k a year, Im so sure everyone would give that up for a 1 in 14 chance of winning 500k, You don’t just quit a job like that. And you sure don’t go from being a cashier to Charge Nurse within 1 year. She lied about that too. In fact,, everything about Danielle is fake as hell. Would you want Danielle taking care of you when shes having an emotional breakdown every other day? I would be quite shocked if she actually won the game. Ian, What is wrong with this guy? He is weird as hell. He definitely is not dealing with a full deck. He has the weirdest crazy eyes. He stares at everyone in a psychotic way. He is another delusional individual. I would say Dan’s chances of winning this game up against those 2 unstable cases is pretty good.


If Ian wins, things are going to get ugly in the house, and it won’t ALL be an act. If Dani finishes 3rd in all of this, Dan has a snowball’s chance in hell at winning the $500K….if he survives to compete against Ian in F2.


Come on Ian! You got this brooooooo please pull through!


Dan for the win!!! YES!!!!!!


IAN let’s go Win it i’m stressed

Eric CA

I have to be honest, Dan is a cut throat, backstabbing, liar and ruthless. At the same time so is Danielle, except at times when Danielle did it she was also vindictive. She knew before the PoV was used on Dan, that Shane would be the evicted house guest. The shocked face is completely fake…. she practices that look in the mirror. Ian calls himself evil but he is the only authentically good person in that house right now. He has done things in that house that are underhanded and disloyal, the difference is he has had actual regrets in doing them. That is why he says that he is team evil.
Danielle is in some ways worse than Dan.


I agree 100 percent – she knew Shane was heading out the door when she used the veto on Dan – and yes, Ian is playing well – I hope this comp is over soon so he can enjoy his hammock.


Ian won Part 2 of HOH!




They just came back in the house and Danielle and Ian are fighting and she is threatning Ian!!!!!


Ian won!


IAN WON HOH PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think it’s time to crown Dan the “Hannibal Lecter” of Big Brother… and I mean that as a compliment.


Ian won part two woo hoo


Looks like Ian won part 2 HOH and Dan celebrated in front of Dani, she is PISSED! BBAD SHOULD BE AWESOME


Ian won