Danielle goes looney : ‘What makes me the maddest about Dan is I carried him the entire way”

First HOH Dan Second HOH ?
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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4:00pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Dan

Ian says it feel like eons ago when Frank left. When looking back at that veto he won it’s “Scary Sh!t”

Danielle wonders if what Dan did last night brought in a lot of ratings. Ian thinks a lot of people watched it. He thinks it will affect how viewers like Dan but it won’t affect the ratings.

Ian: “You want him gone don’t ya”
Danielle: “you have no idea”
Ian: “Holy Sh!T”
Danielle: “You have no idea… you (Dan) just took out my best friend.. my romance.. whatever.. and it wasn’t that you took him out it’s how you took him out”
Ian: “What did he swear on”
Danielle: “Nothing.. he just swore he would keep Shane safe”
Ian: “Cold Blooded”
Danielle wants to win the next round of HOH so bad so she goes up against Dan in the third round and beats him so he can get blindsided. Ian says that he’s happy with winning 50K he certain he won’t win this game he’s only got Joe and Britney’s vote. Frank, AShley and Jenn will never vote for him. Ian: “Shane will obviously vote for you.. and Jenn will never vote for me because I have a penis.. and Frank hates my guts”
Danielle disagrees says that Frank and Ashley will vote for Ian. Ian points out that his goodbye message to Frank won’t help get his vote.
Danielle thinks that dan will have the votes to win because he played such a strong game. Ian agrees but points out it really depends how bitter the jury is this year.

Ian thinks that Shane will get America’s vote. ian heard the cheers shane got when we exited the house and he heard the cheers when the interview was over. “They roared”

Danielle asks him if Ian won he would take Danielle. Ian says he doesn’t think he can win either way. Danielle thinks that Joe will vote for Dan he told her, SHe can also see Jenn vote for him, “They were super close”
Ian points out that there is no easy option in the final 2.

Danielle really plays up her dislike for Dan

Danielle: “If dan wins it and he votes to evict me I will never give him a vote Over my dead body”

Ian says the silence is awkward in the house, he can hear every creak every sound. They are building things in the front of the house and Danielle and Ian can hear the workers voices.

Ian points out that the power is out in the houses kitchen. He’s worried that the food might go bad. Ian heads to the washroom

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Danielle wonders how they are expected to survive with nothing to do. Ian mentions that Boogie told him that during Big Brother 2 the challenges were not elaborate at all they were super simple so the lockdowns were only a couple hours. Ian really wants to get outside hopes they open it up soon.

Danielle says that the Jury is filming their questions today and they are having that “Campfire thing” today. Ian asks her how she knows. ** Feeds Cut***

Ian: “I miss Brit.. I really do”
Ian about Shane: “What a kick in the pills”

Talk starts about Jenn having anger issues. Danielle mentions that Jenn had to get help to control her anger. Ian says Jenn got super salty when he put danielle up as the replacement nominee against Jenn. He mentions that Jenn didn’t win HOH, POV and wasn’t in the Quack PAck so she had to go. He wonders why she felt like she deserved to be in the house over Danielle, Dan and Shane everyone has to go at some point and if you don’t win comps you go home.

Danielle: ‘What makes me the maddest about Dan is I carried him most of the way.. Because I was so close to SHane and Shane didn’t want to hurt me so he kept Dan in the game” Danielle: “I carried him this entire game.. IAn.. and I just saved his ass” Britney always told me He was going to cut me in the end.
(INSANITY OMFG I love it.. )

4:54pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Ian are playing cards while cam 1-2 shows Dan sleeping

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5:30pm Cam 3-4 Living Room Danielle and Ian
Ian: “When they redesigned the house between 6 and 7 it cost 450 thousands dollars.. This house was used since Big Brother 6”. Ian says 2,3,4,5 were all in a one story house.. it was nice but not as elaborate as the newer one they are in. They chat about their favorite rooms, Ian likes the arcade room but thinks the Chess area sucks. Danielle doesn’t mind the Arcade room, she likes the arcade room though. Danielle thinks the Living room is the best one she seen on the show. Ian agrees. She wonders what the electric bill is like for the Big Brother 14 House. Ian is sure thinks around 100-200 a day he then decides it would around 100.
Ian: “I need to watch BB7 after this”
Danielle: “I do?”
Ian: “We both do.. see Boogie and Janelle in action”
Danielle wants Ian to Label People in the Cast this year and tell her who he thinks the viewers like
Jodi – Loud.. (Feeds CUT**)

6:13pm Trivia
6:47pm Trivia

6:51pm Cam 1, 3 Dan and Ian playing cards Ian says the house lost power the camera’s were going crazy, the storage room was closed, fridge was off and the clocks were off.
Cam 2,4 Danielle popping zits

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193 thoughts on “Danielle goes looney : ‘What makes me the maddest about Dan is I carried him the entire way”

  1. Dan you are the worst human being ever , biggest scumbag I have ever seen , you are worthless pig , you can’t play with people’s faith like that , integrity stands for something , genius does not trump feelings, You should be ashamed of yourself ,

    Dan you are a disgrace, remember what goes around comes around and u won’t get away with this

    1. Spare us all Gavin and go get a life!!

      Go Dan or Ian.

      Can you believe that Dani thinks she carried Dan the whole game!! That is the mentality she is dealing with!

      1. Lucky…….I am in agreement with you! Either Dan or Ian however both of them would have
        a much better chance of the $500K if they were up against Danielle. I almost choked when I
        read her remark about “carrying Dan”.

      2. I think she was just playing it out because as Dan sleeps both of them are stuck talking to each other and they have nothing to really talk about but what happened yesterday….Dan and Dani has a F2 and she has to continue how she “won’t” take Dan into F2

      3. Oh my Danielle is just as delusional as Gavin!! She carried Dan bahahahahahahaha!! Used to like Danielle but this girl is NUTS and Ian saying he saved Dan. Has Ian gone nuts to or does he not remember that he is still in this game only thanks to Dan using the veto. I mean I know he was going a little crazy when the power was off and he ran to get Dan to wake up but seriously has everyone lost their memories but Dan and Brit. It was sweet how Dan started doing card tricks and talking to Ian about the decorations of the house to calm poor Ian down. Thought the poor little thing was going to have a full blown heart attack because he was definitely having a major panic attack. I think he would of fallen apart if Dan had not been there to take his mind off of it. He was like a little boy when he went running to wake Dan up to comfort him and convince him it was okay and everything was going to be fine. DANIELLE IS CRAZY!!!!

    2. Seriously this is your like 10th post about hating Dan. Do you really have nothing better to do than post stuff about him every 5 minutes? Grow up. It’s a reality show not real life.

    3. I am reposting this from the last thread so perhaps the ignorant cat person “Gavin” whom it was aimed at might actually see it.

      #1 – Dan has, inside this game, used religion in the exact same fashion as every political or spiritual leader has for the last several hundred years. That is to say he has used it to gain power via controlling people. So if what you say about Dan burning in hell is correct he will be in good company. I’d love to see the dead Popes covered in mist.

      #2 – I love this site, but the Christian fanatics are finally just about ruining it for me. You don’t seem to realize that extremist Christians are just as repugnant as extremist Muslims. And yes, I realize that many of you have been so heavily indoctrinated, that you have no hope of ever seeing the world differently from the whacked-out version your church programmed you to see. I’ve bit my tongue long enough, but will restrain myself from saying more this season. Next year, however, when you lot start you tired old crap up again, I will take every opportunity to counter you with the simple truth that the only one out there watching us on this rather smallish blue-green planet is dawg on the live feeds. So tone it down a bit.

      Thank you again, to Dawg and Simon, who will hopefully not feel the need to edit this overly much…

      1. “Dan has, inside this game, used religion in the exact same fashion as every political or spiritual leader has for the last several hundred years. That is to say he has used it to gain power via controlling people. So if what you say about Dan burning in hell is correct he will be in good company. I’d love to see the dead Popes covered in mist.”


      2. First of all, leave other Christians out of this. Dan is a Roman Cathoilc. The two are 2 completely different beliefs. And 2, Don’t lump all Christians into the same boat. Don’t drink any more of that kool-aid thats got your panties up in such a bunch. geez.

        1. Christian is the lumping (for lack of a better word) term for all religions that believe the Jesus is God’s son. Roman Catholic IS a Christian religion, so therefore the beliefs are the same. Not that all Christians should be lumped together but that’s beside the point.

        2. I hate this belief that Christians and Catholics are 2 different religions. There are like 100 different Christian religions and Catholics are one of them. Learn your facts before spouting more ignorant comments.

          1. If you only knew…..smh.
            Ignorant people are those who don’t know what they are talking about. You get your facts straight. Who taught you that they are the same? Pope John Paul II??
            They are 2 different churches so therefore 2 different beliefs. dumass.

            1. All Catholics are Christians, meaning they believe Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. BUT, not all Christians are Catholic because we do not pray to the virgin Mary or worship her. I do believe Catholics are Christian, they just added some other deities to pray to, saints, where Christians should only pray to God,Jesus and Holy Spirit the Trinity.. Christians are also born again and most Catholics are baptized as infants.

            2. Wow you are the dumb ass. So then Lutheran, United, Baptist, Born Again, Anglican..etc..are all different churches. I guess according to you there is only one Christian Church…HA HA.

            3. Let me clear up a misconception of yours. Roman Catholicism IS a denomination of Christianity. In fact, it was the ONLY canonically accepted denomination in the Western World for 1,500 years, when the Protestant Reformation occurred. Yes, Roman Catholicism does have some core differences with the Protestant Churches (the importance of Church traditions, the belief in the Saints, and the veneration of Mary as Mother of God are three of these doctrinal differences). The Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox Churches – which are also Christian – also have aspects of their faiths that are very different from what Protestant believe, yet all of these Churches are part of Christianity. In fact, it was the Great Western Schism in 1054 AD that cemented the differences between the Eastern (Greek) Christian Church and the Western (Latin) Church. Notice how this happened centuries before the beginnings of Protestantism.

              The Pope is merely the head of the Roman Catholic Church, just as the Archbishop of Canterbury is the head of the Anglican Church, and the Patriarchs lead the Orthodox churches.

              In fact, Roman Catholicism has a specific prayer, the Apostles’ Creed, which sums up its actual doctrinal beliefs. Google it, if you’ve never read it. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. So, to sum up, Roman Catholics are Christians. In fact, they were the only official form of Christianity in the Western World for 15 centuries. Anyone Christian who argues against this is woefully misinformed and needs to do some research on the history of the religion they profess to believe in.

      3. Even though I am a Christian I agree with a lot of what you are saying, maybe because I didn’t grow up in a Christian family and made
        that decision for myself in my 30s so I see both sides. I love watching BB and human behavior and the folks of different faith. The show is a game as many have said and I don’t get why a non-believer is accepted as a good player when they cheat and lie, etc….it sure seems like most don’t have issues then unless of course they don’t like how that person looks (like many critique Dani)…sorta sad eh! And shame on fellow believers as we know it isn’t up to judge!…maybe have discernment about folks but not cast judgement!
        So just try and enjoy the entertainment value and maybe use it to take a good look at yourself …use it for good!!!!

      4. Bravo. You said what needed to be said. Can’t wait till this country moves away from religious “morals” and moves to a truly moral secular society.

      5. Ok well there is a difference we don’t want to blow you up.we don’t start killing people because we get offended by ignorent people like u. May God bless you.

        1. The assassination of abortion clinic workers (usually carried out by religious extremists, and occasionally using explosives) is an act of terror. That is one example. There are others, but this is not the place for it.
          I stand by my belief.

      6. I am a true die hard Southern Baptist Christian and I LOVE DAN and want him to win the entire thing because he deserves it. Unlike the other “professed” Christians I can separate great game play in a GAME from reality. I however do not think any of the negative comments come from true Christian because, unlike these hypocrites who call themselves Christians, Christians know how to forgive and do not condemn others which these fools do not. understand. Please do not lump all Christians in with these phonies!!! If God did not forgive our sins we would all be doomed to hell because like it or not we all sin every day and have to ask for God’s forgiveness which he unlike these phonies gives without a second thought once we ask for it.

      7. Let me start by saying, I have NEVER BEEN A DAN FAN and have desperately wanted to see someone slay the self proclaimed ninja. I just dont get how these houseguests repeatedly get misted. Fool me once shame on you. fool me over and over and over and over again, these stupid HG’a deserve to lose. CBS REALLY NEEDS TO GET SOME BRIGHTER, DEADLIER PEOPLE TO PLAY BECAUSE THIS IS RIDICULOUS, I cringe even saying it but the dragon deserves to be the last one standing. Please Ian use that atomic brain of yours and GUT THAT NINJA. Dan is soooo sure of himself right now, it would haunt him the rest of his life if he lost!!!

      8. Oh thank you so much for the philosopy lesson………..you are just so enlightened and us ignoramouses who are offended by Dan’s sick jerk off behaviour are out of line……….I have watched BB for many seasons and I have never seen anything like Dan’s performance……….and just because religion has been used against people doesn’t make that weasel’s behaviour okay………He’s a major creep……….

    4. Dan is the best player this game has ever seen!!
      Sorry Gavin that you dislike him so much!!
      I bet CBS already has his check ready for him.
      This is absolutely my favorite BB Season!!! (only had to see Rachel on 1 episode!!! LOL – )

    5. Are you Shane, Frank, Jenn or Britney’s relative?? LOL.
      You do know he is a Roman Catholic right? And RC’s lie, cheat, steal, backstab, gossip and kill with no regard whatsoever to God, right?
      Geez. who spit in your coffee this moning. Wow.

    6. Integrity my ass. Screw integrity, Dan played and he played good. They were all there to eliminate each other which is what Dan did. Everybody’s guilty of something in the game, peope bitch about Dan as if he’s the very first player to ever be ruthless or to deceive.
      So Shane got blindsided, big deal. He did it to others but I guess it was okay. In Danielle’s HOHs somebody got evicted, remember Janelle got the embarassing backdoor, but that was okay. Frank foolishly trusted SHANE and every single time Shane screwed him. So Shane got played by his ally, it’s the game.He participated in the blindside of others too, so he’s not innocent. His turn came, he’ll get over it
      Brit got played by Dan but she did it to Janelle and Frank, we all know she was lying to Frank. Frank himself treated people poorly at times, so he had his faults too and as Britney pointed out he himself was not so honest.
      I’m sure there’s many examples of houseguests doing things to each other, I could write an essay. Point is, they’re even. They came to play and that’s what happened.
      They all played each other one time or another, so either they’re all bad people or all good people. Which is it?

      1. I agree with your analysis wholeheartedly, the only thinAL hat bothers me is that it has been pretty obvious how ruthless dan has played. Why have these houseguests fallen pray to something sooooo obvious? EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE EXCEPT FOR SHANE SAW DAN’S PREVIOUS SEASON. So you know he can be a challenge demon when he wants to. You know he won his season seven- zip, so he is an unbelievable social player as well. Beyond that, wouldnt you band together to make sure the one and only remaining coach gets out of the game? HOW UTTERLY RIDICULOUS DO THESE NEWBIES LOOK THAT THEY DIDNT BAND TOGETHER TO MAKE SURE NOT ONLY THAT A PREVIOUS PLAYER DOESN’T win but a PREVIOUS PLAYER/ WINNER manages to get to the end of the game and possibly win? If none of these issues motivated the hg’s to get rid of him then THE FUNERAL SHOULD HAVE. WhenEdan manged to flip the house after he was assigned to the HAIR at that point I am sorry THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT KIND OF BLATANT STUPITDITY!!! This is called stupidity to the 9th power.I love great game play but when you are beating: a whiny danielle, a braindead Britney, a no game jen, a loud mouth delusional chef, an extremely gullable shane, doempressive. I challenge CBS to go out and get house full of very strategic, intelligent, cunning players in one house for a summer and let the viewers sit back and enjoy the fireworks!!!

    7. its called a “game” sorry you have feelings for the mentally disturbed dani, if it wasnt for dan, she would have been gone early in the game.

      1. What evidence do you have that Dani would be out a long time ago without Dan? Was it when he napped for 2 weeks as Kara left instead of Frank? Was it when Dan told Dani that he couldn’t campaign for her over JoJo. which magical moment, was she almost out the door and Dan saved her? Enlighten me.

        1. Um, how about the first episode when Danielle was the reason his team lost the first HoH and it was her fault because she couldn’t climb on a mattress (#irony)? And instead of kicking her out he kicked out Jodi, who did really well in the comp. So, yeah, if not for Dan, Danielle would have watched the ENTIRE season from her windowless room in Vienna. Y’all. Boom. Roasted.

            1. So, according to you, Jodi got a bear. The problem is, you can’t make arguments unless you lie. Where is your integrity? Argue with facts or stop trolling.

              1. OMG. Backing. Away. From. The. Psycho.

                “You shouldn’t argue with morons, Biff. From a distance it’s hard to tell which is which.”

    8. Who are you Gavin?????? You are always the first post on the site for every one of Simon and Dawgs updates. You are always angry and bitter – you were like this last year.. Do we need to worry about you being the psyco stalker guy that threatens Dans family! were you the one that threatened Shellys family!

      You need to step out Gavin and get a life – or realize that all that hate in you will be the karma you bring upon yourself.

      Do you know what Yoga is…. Find it PLEASE>>>>>

    9. The comments for people hating on Dan because he swore on a bible crack me up. You dumb f@#%$ do realize this a GAME! If there was to be no back stabbing, lying, manipulating there wouldn’t be a show because who wants to watch a bunch of people getting along sitting around a house? What is the objective of the show? You idiots do realize the show is to win 500k and to EVICT people not come in and play house and make friends. I’m pretty sure CBS didn’t cast people hoping they would just be “good people” and sit on there ass and become “best buddies”. They cast a few decent athletes, a few nieve/idiots(Danielle, Shane, Ashley, you babies crying on this site would fit here) and some people that have the brains to strategize to knock house guests out. If Dan is to win another 500k he played a brilliant game, and even if not he still made it this far with a target on his back the whole season. If this “un-holy” show and satan”I mean DAN” are too much for you, please please go back to watching American Idol or whatever wholesome show it is that you’re needing in your pathetic lives. American Idol is pretty racy though… You may just need to sit around and read the bible in silence. HAHA UNREAL!!

    10. Gavin, I do agree with you. I realize this is just a game, and this game is based apon lying and deceit. However, Dan’s move to send out Shane was for what? It really hurt his game, nobody in the jury house is gonna feel like that was a great, impressive move, I really think they will despice him more, and he did lose at least one vote on it , if not more. Now Ian is probally doubtful of wanting him in final 2, so what good did his actions do for himself, except make him look like a totally evil person. I think his previous winnings, just made him hungry for more, at any cost! Oh, and those who hate Danielle so much, and have continuosly talked bad about her, well the girl has won a few, and managed to survvie on the block many times. She deserves to win as much as anyone.

      1. Seriously? You really think this hurt Dan’s game? By evicting Shane Dan went from about 50% chance or less of being final 2 to 99% chance of going to final 2. Shane was 100% not going to take him to final two so if he won Dan was definitely not going. Danielle was too close to Shane. If she won it would be a split decision if she would take Dan or Shane. Personally, I think she’d take Shane so that he’d want to date her after the show.

        Keeping Ian, he got both Ian and Danielle to throw the first part of the HOH to him. Shane wouldn’t have thrown it. Ian will take Dan to the final 2 if he wins. Absent Shane, Danielle almost certainly take Dan to final two if she wins. Unless she is that bitter about losing Shane, but I think she knows going up against Ian she’ll probably lose because he made bigger moves in the game and won more comps.

    11. Youre such a loser. It’s a game you idiot! It’s seems as though the only people in the house who get it are Britney, Dan and Ian

    12. I don’t think this show should even be watched by people who get so easily offended. And also, I’m pretty sure god is too busy to care about some dude on big brother so I don’t think Dan will be stuck by lightning and sent to hell anytime soon.

    13. Gavin you are the worst human being ever , biggest scumbag I have ever seen , you are worthless pig , you can’t play with people’s faith like that , integrity stands for something , genius does not trump feelings, You should be ashamed of yourself ,

      Gavin you are a disgrace, remember what goes around comes around and u won’t get away with this

    1. I know what you mean. As a Satanist I can’t even mention my dark lords name on a forum without getting drummed out of it.

  2. She just had a 3,000 calorie breakfast a few hours ago and now she’s eating AGAIN? And I bet she’ll be eating tonight on BBAD. They better end this thing soon or she won’t be able to get through the door.

      1. Really then don’t watch, you wish you looked as good. So what if she eats, lets talk about Ashley you could see the clothes didn’t fit any more. You Danielle haters are a joke. Its a game, she is playing it stil, her and Dan still have a final 2, Dan is playing both of them.

    1. Why give Danielle a hard time about eating and not Ian?? Give her a break. I’m sure if you were on camera 24/7 you would do nothing ppl would be critical of.
      Anyway, I really hope this conversation between Danielle and Ian is their true feelings. I really want Dan out after this last move! I was a fan of his until yesterday.

      1. Why until yesterday? It was smart of him to get out Shane or Ian. He will win against Danielle but iffy against Shane or Ian. Go Dan or Ian!!!

      2. They really can’t help themselves, they’re obsessed with Dani. And, yeah, I would love to see Dan out 3rd, but production probably won’t allow that.

        1. Dan doesn’t need production assistance like others in the past. He’s basically pulled off a Diamond Power of Veto move twice this season without actually getting the DPOV.

    1. Shane commenting on another dude’s legs? yea he’s Gay.. not that there’s anything wrong with that, but MANY wondered why he didn;t fuck dani when she was throwin it at him for weeks.

    2. I spit my drink on my screen when I watched Shane’s interview today. I can’t believe the dude said that on a live broadcast. just, wow! laughed my ass off at that one.

      1. Danielle would have been gone if Dan didn’t know how to brainwash people, and Dan would be gone if he didn’t know how to brainwash Danielle. So it’s all Dan. His victims only snap out of it on the way to the jury house. Watch her exit interview– Jenn still doesn’t realize. She’s still talking about her huge game moves and how Ian sees her as such a huge threat that he HAD to get her out.

  3. Wow!! I wonder if she actually believes this???

    I left a donation. It’s not much but its what I can afford. Thank you so much Simon and Dawg for all you do. You make BB so much more enjoyable.

      1. As much as she complains about Dan, she jumped right back to doing what he wants. He is so horrible that she will throw him the first part of the HOH, That’ll show him. Plus she is telling Ian exactly what he told her to do. I think deep down she knew Shane was out the door. She knew Dan wanted him out…

    1. if he has to make the choice i think its Danielle he will take
      I’m curious if Danielle will take him because she sounds so mad but then she talks to Dan and tells him what she just said to Ian so i guess will just have to see.

      1. I can kind of see it. A-Rod is 6-2, 225 (and thus not built like gazelle), and one of the coolest dudes on earth, but…you know what….no…I don’t see it anymore. Moving on.

      1. please, I just spit milk though my nose I laughed so hard. For Dan it’s all about building relationships and gaining trust…also thinking several steps ahead to prepare for the worst. He didn’t need Danielle to talk Jenn into that, it was part of a larger plan. Plus do you really think Danielle could have made it this far without Dan?

          1. You really have your facts mixed up. Jenn loved Dani, she barely spoke to Dan. There is no way Dan or Frank would convince her without the encouragement of Danielle, larger plan or not. Go back and watch BBAD, the night of the funeral. It should be very enlightening for you.

            1. You my friend are delusional. Dan had Frank convinced who then in turn convinced Jenn. I don’t recall Danielle being in the HOH room when they called Jenn up to talk her in to using it. That’s great you’re a Danielle fan, but Danielle has been Dan’s puppet this entire time. Just look at the other night after the POV. He came up to talk to her and she straight up asked him what she should do. She can’t think for herself at all. I find it really sad actually. Then when she did talk her own strategy with Shane saying they need to put him up to make it look like they aren’t together it blew up in her face. Dan does her thinking for her like the brilliant puppetmaster he is. She would’ve been long gone without him as a shield protecting her

              1. Not a Dani fan and not a Dan fan, just a fan of logic and analysis. Dani convinced Jenn. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have done it. But forget about that. Since you brought it up, what evidence do you have that supports your position that Danielle would have been gone long ago? No one has yet been able to answer this question, but all crazy cat ladies still make that claim.

                1. Its very sad that “a fan of logic and analysis” would convince oneself that Danielle has played a good game. She has no strategy and her only social game was hiding behind Shane and Dan. She also has been Dan’s puppet since day one. What are you going to tell us next, that Custer won Little Bighorn? Defend Danielle if you like but don’t insult our intelligence by saying she played a good game. She is where is at in the game only because Dan knows he can control her…and if by some possible chance she wins its dumb luck, emphasis on the dumb.

  4. Danielle is surely a piece of work. Drama city, thinks everything evolves around her. CBS better have several therapists standing by when she gets out…when she sees everything on the internet that girl is going to go CRAZY! – even more crazy than she is now.

    1. That’s why we all need to stop talking about her in a negative manner. She’s not a bad person, in fact she was my favourite from the beginning. I hope she wins ;]

        1. Well, lets see, Dan did it for $500,000. What’s your motivation? In fact, the messages that people post expose a lot about the poster, but very little about the HG that they’re trashing.

  5. Dani doesn’t eat veggies, she doesn’t eat fish, really nothing healthy. She eats crappy food and she’s a crappy person.

    1. She flew past “big” — on the expressway to morbidly obese. They’ll be forklifting her out of her trailer someday, skin fused to the couch because she hasn’t moved in 2 years…

    2. I wouldn’t consider her being fat at the moment either, then again I like a little padding…the thing that bothers me is how nutty and annoying she acts on the feeds. Kinda like my wife’s grandmother, she couldn’t keep a man until later in life when she married someone deaf and nearly blind.

  6. This is why Dan is the greatest…he played Danielle like a fiddle this whole year. Every decision that she made was completely guided by him and he made her to feel that it was all her decisions.

    Think about what he’s done….he convinced the person who has nominated HIM for eviction to take him off the block and then evicted DAN’S Target that week.
    And he’s done if now TWICE.
    As far as I’m concerned, Frank’s last HOH and Danielle’s HOH were both Dan’s.

    Dan truly understands that to win this game you have to turn off your emotions for a few weeks and be
    underhanded and sneaky.

    It’s like pro wrestling….it’s an act…a persona for the cameras.

    Do I think he’s like this outside the house? No.

    If I wad in jury. I would vote for Dan.
    I like Ian.
    I liked Danielle all year (but her emotions are going to screw her game up).

    When it’s over with, people are going to look back on this season and say:”why was nobody in this house smart enough to get Dan (a former winner mind you) out of this game asap”.

    Even if Dan lose this game I still think that he’s gonna go down as the greatest player ever.

  7. OMG!!!!! Will people PLEASE STOP acting like Dan is Father Gheesling!!!!! It’s a game!!!! Everyone lies in Big Brother……..Dan played a GREAT game!!!!!! Ruthless…… maybe…… BUT…….Love him or hate him, HE’S STILL DAN THE MAN….. :)

  8. You can tell that Ian still holds Boogie in high regards, that’s why he felt like a total douche when he was responsible for Mike’s eviction…Mike held no hard feelings against Ian in his eviction interview with Julie…Contrary to popular belief, I can see Mike/Ian being friends outside the house…Though, Ian most def. hates Frank lol…

  9. I don’t like Danielles game play but the fat jokes are really not necessary. Its a competiton not a beauty pageant. You can see the girl is stressed out thats why she is breaking out and she already has low self esteem so give her a break and keep the comments about game play not personal appearence unless u want to post your perfect photo !

    1. Agree. I wish I were as “fat” as she is. LOL. My only issue with her is she is so insecure and needy… wish I could give her a confidence boost b/c life is so much harder when you care *that* much what others think.


  11. You people really disgust me. You generalize all Roman Catholics as liars cheaters ect… Where do you get this messed up view of us? Does it make you feel better to put down other religions? By the way VOTE JODI!!!!!

    1. Whoa, this consistent posting of religious comment on this otherwise excellent site is worryingly vitriolic, ill-conceived and in many cases utterly without any understanding of Christian denominational differences.

      Help the hosts keep the site on topic by not generalizing on religion and (worse still) misrepresent anyone else’s religious beliefs,

      Comment on the GAME is great and cheers me up no end. I’m a Brit living in the US and the contrast between the 2 games is marked and effectively means they are actually completely different games. The US version, frankly, being much superior entertainment. I’m just pleased for the ‘integrity’ of the US game that it is only the contestants that evict and compete. Audiences cannot be trusted to understand the real GAME dynamics in the context of the experience these BB HGs are going through. Because of that, the GAME is the star and contestants have to really earn their reputation for excellence by GAME play (in whatever format).

      And, with that said, being strategic and not personal, the game being what it is, I think the likely outcome is that Obama will win the election in November.


  12. Danielle is trying to get Ian to say that he will throw part 2 to her. – But Danielle is Over Playing it!!! … Danielle just needs to ASK Ian to throw it! .. Even if he says NO, he will re-thnk it! – Come one Dani, it is getting Late! ….. Or, Dani can tell Ian that she has final 2 with Dan.

  13. Is Danielle serious about carrying Dan or is she just faking Ian out by saying how much she “hates Dan”? I am kinda getting confused on who she is taking if she wins the final HOH is she so mad at Dan she won’t take him or is she actually trying to think clearly and evict Ian. She really should evict Ian I think she has a better chance against Dan at the end because the jury is so bitter. If she is mad it’s stupid this game isn’t about her and Shane’s romance and she shouldn’t be mad at Dan for evicting Shane because he didn’t backstab her he backstabed Shane.

    1. Ian might be the Dustin Hoffman character, “Rainman”, of the BB house, but I don’t think he’s buying what she’s selling at this point…

      1. The true winner who would take $500,000 will be the one that TAKES Dan down……..!!!!! just saying!!!! Go get him killer (IAN)

  14. Didn’t the quack pack carry each other ? Wasn’t it Dan and Boogie in agreement to form the Silent 6 ?? If you ask me Brittney should also get her noted shout out as she was the one that said that the 4 of them should bring in Ian but not tell Ian about the silent six!

    Dani is over acting and is going to screw it up if she is not careful.. There is no way Ian will drop for her if she is trying to take all the credit for them getting to the end. He likes this game way too much.

  15. Dani’s still Dan’s puppet. She’s totally putting on a show for Ian trying to convince him to throw HoH so ‘she can be the one to cut Dan’, exactly like Dan told her to. Hopefully Ian’s smart enough to not fall for it.

  16. so is what Danielle is saying to Ian about hating dan all bullsh*t or is she really going to turn on him if given the chance? Ian is so hung up on alliances, first the QP and now this fake renegades deal. I would like to see Dan come back when there is a house of good players, he just couldnt do the nonsense he is doing with smart players. Imagine the funeral with Dr Will, Boogie, Evel Dick and Jeff S. sitting there. lol. they would tell him to shut the f*ck up then rip his face off and mail it to his wife. dan preys on bozos and clueless players

    1. I could see Dr. Will giving Dan a hug and saying something like “death is a natural part of life, it was good knowing you” or “the good die young”. I wonder how Evel Dick would have reacted.

  17. ugh I am really getting tired of hearing all the still scorned Frank fans and now shane fans talk about Dan being such a horrible person for swearing on the bible and his wife etc. First off, let me say that Dan is not a christian, he is a catholic. I make this distinction not as a christian against a catholic, but as a christian cast out from a catholic. Most catholics (not all- so by no means am I trying to offend anyone) seperate from other religions- even within christianity. Even the rest of us christians are going to hell. Besides all of that though- I could care less what religion he is. I do consider myself to be a christian of strong faith- but I haven’t been to church in years, I lie, I get jealous of my neighbor, etc. I know this does not have anything to do with my standing as a christian because what makes me a true christian is I believe the #1 teaching in most religions- love. God is a loving God, and just God. And personally, I think he would understand Big Brother is a game, and would understand doing what you have to do if it means getting that green that can benefit your family and community and church once the game is over.

    And for those saying that it shows how he is a person outside the game, and wouldn’t let your children be coached by him, blah blah blah. First off- it by no means shows his true character. All it shows is Dan has an ability that is helpful in many situations and professions- including the medical field. He is able to do what any person in the mental health field does in a therapy situation (therapy is not about giving advice for those that haven’t experienced it- a lot of listening to a person and saying specific things that nudge a person to self discovery) He is able to read people- and knows what to do to get a specific reaction. Doesn’t mean he does it in real life- and for those of us who do it in real life, say me as a psychiatric nurse, are not bad people.

    And you don’t want him to coach your kids? Bad parent of the year award. You are either calling your children stupid because they can not tell the difference between a game and real life, and not trusting them to be smart enough to know that certain behaviors are not acceptable in real life. Or bad parent because you haven’t taught them enough to know the difference.

    Either way- I find it hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t do the same if you were smart enough in his situation. It is not greed- he is not being a slimeball in real life. He is doing what he can in a situation that it is actually promoted to lie and manipulate. I think it is funny how some act like they would never do it- let’s be realistic- only people who have never had to work for the things they have would not be doing a little lying to get that much money. Especially if you have loved ones to take care of.

  18. Dans problem is he gets the blood on his hands and everyone hates him, u cant win like that. Dr Will would have the sheep do the work for him. Also, when Dr Will blindsided you it was always with a charming smile and a sly laugh. Will would stab u in the front in a charming way. Dan goes into these creepy tirades that sound sociopathic and ridiculous.

  19. I think she is trying to play Ian all the while hoping Shane doesn’t blame her for his eviction. I think she is mad at Dan but knows she has no right because she was going to take Shane to the end. I really can’t stand her as a player and will be upset if she wins.

  20. Danielle’s Decision on Big Brother 14: Is She Out of Her Mind?

    Michael Russnow

    Screenwriter, former Member WGAW Board of Directors, former U.S. Senate aide

    This season’s version of Big Brother has descended in so many ways this summer. It has always been a group of mostly narcissistic hotheads and wannabes, who get their proverbial 15 minutes of fame and, for the most part, even if they win, are never heard from again.

    But last night’s episode of Big Brother 14 took the cake, most notably in outright slime, which I’m sorry to predict many of you will defend as Dan Gheesling’s brilliant game play. I prefer to look at it as the tremendous stupidity exhibited by Danielle Murphrey and, to a lesser extent Shane Meaney. OK, Shane has never shown himself to be particularly gifted in the smarts department, making one wonder how he won the recent POV competition, requiring the piecing together of a puzzle. But even he showed uncommon idiocy when he accepted without so much as a “Really?” the suggested option proffered by Danielle, orchestrated by Dan, that as the latest POV winner she remove Dan from the block and replace Shane as the nominee.

    It was clear that Danielle was torn between loyalty to Dan and carnal love of Shane. However, in the end she trusted Dan more than the man she wanted to bed. Though she wanted both Dan and Shane in the final three, she had more faith that Dan would be true to his word and in so doing evict sleazy Ian Terry, rather than risk Shane being the turncoat and showing the door to Dan. It was even more amazing, considering that nothing in the season should have led her to believe Dan, because she’d seen him lie over and over, even to the extent of arranging the sudden exit of Britney Haynes.

    I felt it coming, but thought to myself, “No, this can’t be. They must have edited it in this manner, showing Dan wage a futile battle just to make us think the unbelievable might happen.” But it did. And it was even more stupid than I’d felt when Frank Eudy fell for Dan’s gambit, because at that point, as I said in my last article, he was between a rock and a hard place. Desperate for Frank’s support, Dan actually told the truth regarding how others, including Ian, had been plotting against him. So, Frank’s presumed alliance with Britney and Shane was obviously not to be trusted, and with Dan’s “sincere” hand on the bible and swearing on his wife and dead grandfather, he rolled the dice and ultimately lost.

    And just to sidestep for the moment, so many people objected to my support and praise of Frank, citing the live feeds and his supposed horrible behavior. So, I was therefore gratified and pleased to see not only in the private emails at my website but also a good number of people who also watch the live feeds posting comments on HuffPost that took issue with the attacks on Frank, stating they were either total misrepresentations or instances taken out of context to make Frank look bad.

    To those who said Dan only swore on the bible re the “truth” he was telling Frank about what had gone on, not swearing allegiance to their alliance, then why did he repeat his “confession” on TV about how “bad” he felt swearing on the bible and his wife, then going back on his word with Frank? He attributed his dastardly deed, which he “insisted” he was not proud of, to doing anything to win that money for him and his family.

    And it was uncanny watching Britney in the jury house last night with the other evictees as she went back and forth between how horribly she’d been treated by Dan, yet then reversing herself and defending him when Frank agreed with her. Blah, blah, she said. It’s just a game, get over it, whereas Frank, true to form, rejoindered there are ways to play a game. Desperate to win the argument, she actually had the cheek to accuse Frank of back-stabbing her, even as Frank reminded her that it was because he learned (from Dan) she was planning to back-door him a number of times, which was all true, as we saw her pronouncements on TV. No matter, as with many people caught in a lie, self-preservation was the essence of Britney’s mantra, morphing into delusion about her activities.

    But tonight’s game play and the shocked expression on Danielle’s face, not to mention Shane’s exit (a la Frank) straight out of the house can’t make any but the most cynical pleased with Dan’s behavior. That Danielle allowed him to talk with her was unbelievable, even as his voice raced almost unintelligibly insisting he’d actually done it for her, so that she would ultimately win, which was even more despicable to watch, considering we the viewers had heard time immemorial from Dan about his intention to win the $500,000 for himself.

    If Dan is in the final two, and we can expect it to be so if Ian wins HOH, and certainly if Dan gets the nod, it is up to the evicted house guests in the jury house to not fall prey to what has often happened in the past. In other seasons, even when there has been resentment towards a player there has been grudging respect. But Dan has gone too far. Even in the two Survivor seasons where Russell Hantz got into the finals, the jury members never voted him the winner, though one could have appreciated his manipulative escapades and the ingenious manner he so often found the immunity idols hidden in the jungle. But they didn’t and in his third Survivor outing the others voted him out early.

    There’s got to be a point where people say “Enough is enough! No, Dan, you shouldn’t be rewarded.” Especially since he wasn’t so brilliant in all instances. Rather he profited by the other players displaying incredibly stupid behavior. In this regard, I sadly include Frank, though now at this very late point in the competition, for Danielle and Shane to have done what they did has to equate in some manner with the guy on Survivor who gave up his immunity to a girl, who then joined the other women in voting him off the island.

    As I’m often being reminded, Big Brother is a social game more than anything. If so, then Dan committed more fouls and faux pas than can be imagined, and if the others write him a big check then it isn’t because they like him and how can they really admire him? It must be mass hypnosis.

    1. I read that article on the Huffington Post earlier today, I actually agreed with what he said about Brit. As for Dan, well that’s a good debate. “How much is too much” or “where do you cross the line?” I personally don’t like to debate it because I think that’s a question that the person who is making the decision and acting on that decision has to ask themselves. Not everyone lives by the same moral code, does that make them a good person? maybe yes maybe no…also the prize money means different things to different people. Would a person be wrong in being dishonest if it meant having a better life for his or her’s family? Personally I don’t agree with Dan’s tactics but I’m not going to judge him either. (or condemn him to hell)

    2. Read your post in the HP today and am surprised to see it reprinted here. I would just add that Dani, in my opinion, knew that using the veto on Dan – would in fact send Shane packing. In the BB house no one is a saint and all players stretch the truth (like Dan)- and some even cheat (like Frank).

    3. I have difficulty taking anyone seriously who says “I thought for a second I might be wrong, but a couple random people told me I was right so it must be so.”

  21. Doesn’t Dani realize every time she bitches to Ian about Dan sending Shane home, she’s telling Ian it was supposed to be him instead???? lol I hope Ian is smart enough to see that

    1. very good point, I wonder if Dan thought about that when he sent Damielle over to talk to Ian. I’m calling Dan the Chess Master from now on.

    2. lol…no one in that house is smart enough to understand or see thru anything….ian is supposed to be so smart but the kid cant figure out anything. unless hes just keeping it to himself…speak to the feeds at least….he has to know his renegades alliance was a lie unless he is so clueless that he thinks Dan voted out shane because of the renegades…

    3. Jen It is possible that was part of Dan’s plan. I think he is hoping to take Dani to F2 but this play might insure Ian takes Dan – that is – If Ian wins the next 2 comps. Just saying…

  22. I hope Dan loses his teaching and coaching job. How can someone who swears on the Bible and lies so much be hired by a Catholic School.
    He needs to lose his job. I would not want someone to teach or coach my child. He is not a role model!

  23. I feel like I’m gonna need to take a hot shower after this season. I don’t think anyone walks away clean. I really don’t care who ultimately wins cause they ain’t gonna send me a dime. It’s a game ! I love the strategy of it and that’s why I watch.

    PS… Danielle is a beautiful woman and as she matures she will see that. I think she will eventually look back on this experience and laugh at her 23(?) year old self. Dans played the game before and likely knows that his family and friends will still love despite his game play. Good luck to all three of them!

    1. @Kat.Huh?You hope Ian picked up on what?Ian is the one that said,”If you don’t win comps,you go home.”Since,Dan already convinced him to throw the 1st part of the HOH.It’s obvious that Ian isn’t taking his own advice.

  24. Can someone answer a ???? When did the houseguest become role models??? WTF!!!!! Serious???? It’s a game!!!!! It’s NOT that serious!!!!!!

  25. Michael Russnow, I agree with most everything you said in your post but do take issue with one of the points you made. If Danielle really wanted Shane to stay she never would have agreed to put him on the block. She should have argued to Dan that Shane will vote out Ian and the three of them fight it out for the money. I recall Danielle had just gotten Shane in position to get under the covers with her for a little kiss face time. He had resisted her all summer and Dan had bullied her a lot but she chose to take Dan. You’re totally correct in saying her intelligence leaves a lot to be desired. She is playing with raw emotion and Dan abused that in her to his advantage. Good gameplay by Dan? No, just taking advantage of Danielle’s emotions to his favor not caring what her feelings are. I cannot and will not ever respect his game play. It does go beyond ruthless to use a persons mentality at any cost. I know the Dan lovers won’t agree with either of us but so be it. I have my opinions and they theirs which is how it should be without calling each other names. We don’t know each other so relax and let’s see what little is left of BB14. It has been a good season with a ton of ups and downs and ohh’s and awe’s. I hope they all recover soon and assume normalicy in their personal lives.

  26. i find it surprising how many people are hating on his game, I wouldnt call him the greatest player in BB history probably because I find the players who had huge targets on themselves and winning this the best (Dr. Will), now that Dan has a target on his back I wonder if he could even survive, in BB10 he had a small target and was able to use Memphis to help him out on it.

  27. I cant believe Danielle said that Ash gained a lot of weight in the house….& yet people want other people to stop talking about Danielle’s weight! Why should they she bashes all the girls that were in the house every chance she gets. Shes constantly asking Ian “describe all the ppl in the house” ..”What would people say about everybody?” Just so she can get him to say mean things about other people but nice things about her. I’ll never forget when her and Ian were on the hammock and they were talking about the what would America say competition. All the questions she asked were “okay if the question was who looked better in a bikini me or janelle who would they say?”, “okay if they said who was smarter me or britney who would they say?” Why is it all the questions involved her? Im sorry but i dont feel bad at all for Danielle when she gets out the house and reads everything. She thinks she is so better then everyone, and people like that end up screwed in the end. Im not in any way hating on the girl, i just hope when she gets out, and sees how she acted and constantly talked about everyone in a negative way, she changes. One more thing lol, last night on BBAD when she was crying at the table with Ian and said she has never lied to anyone in this game BUT Frank, i laughed. Shes lied to Wil, Janelle, Britney, Jen, Ian, and probably everyone else. Okay everyone lies in the big brother house but if its “just a game” why lie about not lying? and why act like you’re a perfect person. Okay im done have a great night everyone.

    1. Enough said about who should win! The true winner who would take $500,000 will be the one that TAKES Dan down……..

      !!!!! just saying!!!! Go get him killer (IAN)

  28. Its a game! its a game! its a game! Dan will win..and I think the coach in him wants Dani second. Dan, I believe will take pride and credit for her accomplishments in the game and the joy of molding her . And love him or hate him…He zigged and zagged as needed! I gotta say..hes played the best game this season.

  29. All I have to say is I’ve been watching this show since season 1. I can honestly say that since season 10 I haven’t watched a whole season throughout to the end. I usually DVR them and get annoyed and fast forward through. I usually get bored with how production steers it or the houseguests have sucked so bad I couldn’t stand the ones making to the end and yes including Jeff and Jordan. But I can say I’ve watched every single episode and was genuinely into it this season. I really thought the coaching twist was going to suck when the coaches came in like having the vets sucked last year. This season was awesome so I have to give AG and CBS props for this season. And as for Dan, you make for great TV and entertainment sir and from a Big Brother fan of years I thank you. Now go Ian! I still have a soft spot for the underdog even if I think Dan should win. And for those that can’t separate game from real life, I guess I couldn’t either if I didn’t have a real life to attend to when not on this site. Thanks Simon and Dawg. I sincerely love this site and if I wasn’t a broke ass unemployed b*tch I would donate. Hopefully next season

  30. Dan is playing a good game and I don’t think hes a bad person at all.there is people out there who would literlly KILL to get 500k and its a little fked up people would go as far as to say hes gonna burn in hell just because he lied to some people on a game show.And dani needs to suck it up and get over the fact shane is gone. Shes got 1 in 3 chances of winning a half a million now so there is no reason she should even be upset even if she is mad at dan.

  31. Hey bible thumbers, Dan is the only houseguest this summer to read the bible daily. And yes, Ian prayed once to win a competition….
    …When Danielle put Dan on the block she said it “broke her heart.” She shed not one tear….
    …Danielle kept justifing keeping Shane to Dan because Shane told her he would throw the first of the final HOH competitions to her. And she in turn claimed she’d throw it to Dan. What she didn’t tell Dan was that Shane wasn’t going to throw the comp to her until Dan dropped…
    … Ian threw the first comp to Dan. I think Danielle just got tired and or bored and was going to drop anyway. So before she did she gave Dan a story to make him think she was throwing it when she wasn’t…
    ….Danielle and Shane carried Dan…Very funny ha ha ha.. Problem is these two actually believe this train of thought.. Wise decision to break them up so he has only of them to deal with for the final instead of two.. Her attitude could be a prolem for Dan if he buys into her pouting and drama.. sigh
    … The power couple this summer Jenn and Joe worried about wasn’t Danille and Shane… It was the alliance between Dan and Danielle. No one has figured it out yet. Ian and Jenn came close…
    ….The question, if Danielle wins HOH, is if she what she wants more. Revenge for her boy toy leaving or 500k.
    …. In my perfect world the final two would be Dan and Ian.. Hand poor sport Danielle a box of tissue and send her lying behind packing….
    …..Thanks Dawg and Simon for the space to air an opinion…

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