Dan says just please don’t send death threats to my wife because I voted out Jeff 2.0

First HOH Dan Second HOH ?
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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1:45pm – 2:20pm Dan is in the arcade room talking to himself. Dan starts talking about the jury. He says that Ashley, I didn’t really do anything bad to her, I didn’t really talk to her in the game. He says that with Britney I basically stabbed her in the back with the funeral so she’s going to be mad at me. He asks if he has any shot at Britney’s vote? He then says possibly. Dan wonders how he can get Britney’s vote? Dan says that Britney might vote personally. Dan then starts talking about Frank. He says I have lied to Frank’s face twice. Then he says probably more than that and stabbed him in the back. Dan says that Frank might not want to vote for Danielle over me. Dan says that Frank doesn’t want a girl to win. He says that if he stroke Frank’s ego then he may get Ashley’s vote too. Dan then starts talking about Joe not liking him in the game. Dan says that Joe will tell Jenn that Danielle was playing her the whole time and had no intention of taking her to the final two but that Dan did. Dan says that now he has to get Danielle in the final two and wonders how to do it. Dan says that he has got to finish this game off. He says I have come way too far not to make it to the final two. Dan says man, I had to play a ruthless game this summer, but it’s what I had to do to get to the end. He mentions that Chelsea works a very, very catholic school and they probably don’t agree with me lying and backstabbing people. He says just please don’t send death threats to my wife because I voted out Jeff 2.0 (Shane). Dan says that he can’t believe he talked both Ian and Danielle down from that HOH comp. Dan says America please vote for Ian as your favourite house guest! Dan tells the camera ..someone please tweet Memphis Garett a photo of Spencer Pratt, tell him its from Dan. He says he will be so pissed!

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2:30pm – 2:45pm Danielle continues to sleep. Ian comes to join Dan in the arcade room. Dan brings up how upset Danielle was getting. Dan says it’s a game. Dan says that he wants to be the one to cut her. Ian says I am not throwing it to you. Dan says no I am not asking for that. Dan says we are the final three, you shouldn’t be crying because you miss Shane. Ian starts talking about Danielle all upset last night. Dan asks what did she tell you. Ian says that she wants your head on a platter. Ian says that if she wins the last HOH, then Danielle and I will be tied for HOH’s and POV’s. Ian says that she is a better person than I am though, I can say I founded the Quack Pack though. Ian says that if Frank votes for Danielle then he will go down as one of the most bitter jurors in history. Ian says that if I win the final HOH, I will take you, just like if you win it you will take me right? Dan says yeah. Ian says and I would win it, you have scum bagged everyone in the jury. Dan says what, say that again? Ian says you scum bagged everyone in the jury. Dan asks say you win the last HOH and vote out Danielle, do you think I could get her vote? Ian says no. Dan says so even if I win and vote her out, I won’t get her vote will I? Ian says no. Dan says so I can’t get her vote either way. Dan says if you win or even if you don’t win the last HOH you are good. Ian starts talking about how set he would be if he won the half a million. He says that he would be pretty set, he could buy a decent house, one that would be all his even if he f**ked up in life. Dan says but you won’t. Ian says yeah I know. Ian says even the $50,000 woudl go a long way to pay off student loans. Ian then leaves to go read his HOH letters. Dan lays in the arcade room staring at the wall.


2:45pm – 3pm Ian heads into the kitchen and cleans the table. He goes over to the memory wall and says f**k killer season. He then sits down at the kitchen table and reads his HOH letter. Ian starts rocking back and forth as he reads his letters. Meanwhile in the arcade room, Dan starts to fall asleep.

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Dan you have no morals no decency no discretion no self-respect or dignity you are the lowest of the low, your job must be to spread ignorance. You are living proof that man can live without a brain. You are a useless piece of sh!t, you can’t crush people like this and humiliate them and make them regret what they did for the rest of their life,

KARMA is a bitch it will get you,



Gavin God is forgiving and he’s watching you…


You must be a big Spencer Pratt fan.


We should all storm the embassy now huh.


Uhhhh… and you aren’t a hypocrite how? Wow, some people on this site need to take a minute and comprehend the irony of the horrible things they are saying about people who they don’t know, are on TV and how they have lied, are “fat”, have zits, etc etc etc. Look in the mirror and then realize that it’s a TV SHOW. To the people that say Dan is going to hell, blah blah blah, or Danielle is fat, or Shane’s an idiot you are no better than the comments you are making.


While I don’t agree with people saying that Dan is going to hell I don’t have any problems with people cracking jokes on the houseguests, within reason. It is a show and each one of them agreed to have cameras on them 24 hours a day until the show is over so if they had any brains what so ever they would know that people would be making these types of comments, heck I’m sure CBS loves it. The more controversy the better the rating. I do however do not agree with personal threats and/or commending someone to hell.


Well said.

BB14 > BB13

jokes are one thing but taking it so seriously is another

disgusted with bible thumpers

In reading this comment first i think your right then i’m thinking Dan would be one of them people being the first to say someones actions will send them to hell, me myself don;t believe in the same hell as everyone else and i dont; believe in the bible , i think it;s just a nother book out there written by someone who wanted to scare people into controling them. but for those who do believe in the bible live by it have faith in it. should not get to pick and choose how they percieve it people like dan hide behind it carry it around like a security blanket, true bb is a game with lies deciet backstabbing, but the only thing i will ever agree with frank on is swearing on the bible people u love is crossing a line of integrity, which for no price should ever be compromised because it’s to hard to get and to hard to get it back once it;s gone., and if don’t give a crap it dan lied about finale two with frank or that it was raining out. placing hand on bible swearing on it and your family is right up there with thou shall not kill, or covent thy nieghbors wife. thumping your nose at a book of faith you live by is sac religious. that is why people are upset not because of just a lie. and look into dans eyes they tell all they tell of a man who has deciet in his life, to think he would only act this way in a game is crap ,your true self shows in a person it’s not something well hidden . maybe dan living his life of holiness, is what made him cross to dark side he was taught for so long to do right by his religion that the first opertunity he got to act like his real self he did, and best case he was able to say i was acting for the game, no dan the dark side has been pushed down too long , it came out with a vengance and after tasting it , you were hooked it was more fun to be evel then good. problem with that the line was crossed and now u get back. your going to have to live with what youve done to danielle, and others but most of all your wife chelsea will never look at you in the same bright lite she did before , she will always get a glimer of the darkness comeing thru, and that definatly wasn’t worth any amount of money. was it really worth it, Dan,


I’m sure Dan will rush to confession as soon as he gets out and that will resolve the hell issue, in his head anyway. The way he played this game is the way he is period. I didn’t see other past winners play as ruthlessly as Dan has……….he has not one bit of honor or compassion………..SO PLEASE stop going on about game separation from life………He played who he is………..you are deceiving yourself if you think othewise………..He definitely should not be teaching children……….and that’s my opinion for sure……….He might steal the food off their plates if he had to in a famine……why not………he said he has to do what he has to do to help his family………That’s what he said……..how he is in the game is basically who he is in real life………You don’t do the kind of things he did and say “actually I am a great guy”……….who needs him writing books………..this first rate sociopath……….keep him away from your children, young daugters and etc…………I can’t unerstand anyone defending him…..


In all honesty, I think God has bigger problems then worrying about Dan lying to people in a game, there is a clear seperation between BB and real life, how long have you watched Big brother, and has anyone ever won without lying to people, maybe Jordan from BB11,but Jeff lied for her, but other than that I can’t think of any. And how he acts in the game does not represent how he acts around when he is working or with his Wife, who he seems extremely faithful to. Dan is a scumbag in Big Brother, but so was Boogie, Rachael and definitely Dr. Will, who all won big brother. Dan, has played one hell of a game, and deserves to win, but most likely the bitter jury will feel otherwise.


you are right all these players played dirty.. dan is in a postion to teach kids, thats whats wrong with our education system to day , teachers don’t care aka dan… Dan would act like this on the out side you can tell . just read his body language. he is a dud and I hope he gets fired from his Job, Ia m sure some were in his contract it talks about charatcer

disgusted with bible thumpers

Isn’t is sad that Dan is example of who we have remodling our children and we wonder why kids are in such trouble these days. We have liars, child molesters,pedifiles,ex jailmates, teaching our kids.St mary’s will stand behind this guy at all cost. they always protect their own, just like the priest who molest the alter boys. the church always stands behind them. In a way Dan’s disgusting actions were probly only taught to him by the same faith and religion who taught him. It doesn’t make him off the hook though, he is grown man and should know better, would he and chelsea be ok with there children being roled modeled after a person like him. and the parents what to they tell the kids who go to school with him, and the players who play football, lieing and cheating are ok. and hey throwing football games are ok to it fits their needs. just like everyone else but the quarter back playes clean game and finding out the quarterback threw the game for his personal gain. does that make it ok. really it;s ok because they quarterback was just playing a game. even though the others were playing too, his needs came first. the quarterback needed money so he had to do what was best for his, and not the team. ‘danny boy do you tell them that . yes a different game but concept same. you don’t stab people in back for selfish needs.


Anonymous comments about Dan being the same in and outside of the house reminds me of Rachel from BB12 and BB13. The HG (and fans) hated Rachel while she was in the house, especially Ragan Fox; but once they got out her and him became the best of friends. In fact, she is friends now with most of the HG from her season and they all say that she is TOTALLY different on the outside. Same with Jerri Manthey from Survivor season two. She was cast as the BIGGEST B*TCH but all of the survivors said that she was actually really, really sweet. So my point is this, you can’t assume that these people are who they are portraited to be on T.V. and yes, it’s a T.V. show so HG are going to be edited for the best ratings not to show their “true” selves.


100% with you!!!

disgusted with bible thumpers

U r right Dan will go straight to confession to fogive his sins.but before that he will right them a nice check of donations to help them forgive him.I don’t think people are as mad at the it’s a game line or in bb you lie cheat steal whatever it takes to win game. comments there more upset and furious with people like Dan who use their religion to hide behind.I personaly don’t believe in the bible / but those who do and live by it. go to church. and teach at a school they have their faith in. should hold to it all the time not just when it suites them.

as the season went on Dan’s personality seemed to change and not for the better their is something in his eyes that read dilusional,and dark.and that is something you can’t act eyes are the true window to the soul it’s what we read when we look at people it’s how we know if someone is happy or sad . You can’t fake what is in your soul and ‘Dan’s soul has definatly turned to the dark side. it was if the game was taking over his soul like Heath Ledger from the batman movie. and Dan loves his batman movies Must also tell us something about him. People don’t change their stripes that much to play a game. he got lost somewhere inbetween his real life and his game life. those that excuss his behavior for bb are also the same has Dan birds of a feather flock together like atracts like. evil atracts evil. twisted atracts twisted that is why he latched himself to Dani he saw she had a weakness and used it .and pushed her to brink. and I don’t find it funny either he really did a job on her and she will take a long time to recover and some of u think it’s funny or she deserves it. Do children deserve to be molested because an evil person latched on to them. does a person who’s been raped deserve it because they happen to cross paths with a rapist. does a person deserve to be killed because they were in wrong place at wrong time wilh a killer. NO. and it’s same thing a predator [Dan] preyed on Dani and others in the house and mind, body. and soul. raped them. and it’s not funny, If Dani was your daughter would you say what Dan did was ok it was a game. Games are meant to be fun, and yes you have to cheat sometimes to win but at what cost , Do u really think Dan’s family has been ok with his behavior, of course they are going to back him up, but when he’s home in the privacy of their living room, he will have to answere hard questions, ecspecially if there family is as religious at them claim. And chelsea next time you have that feeling that Dan is not telling you the whole truth about where he was or what took so long, or why this or that, she going to have a hard time believing him from now on, he’s broken a trust you don’t break ina marriage, swearing on your wife family, bible, how much credit will she give him none if she is smart. she’s is the one married to him, now if she keeps buying his lies, that is on her becaused she has seen a true side to dan she never saw before, she wont admit it but she has been publicly humilliated by her husband so no people life is always life you don’t turn it off for a game you are who you are always you can’t hide your eyes forever people will see right thru you, and Dan Gheesling America saw the window to your soul and it’s dark in there.


You took the words right out of my mouth. The personal comments people make about the house guests morals, appearance, intelligence, etc. are unbelievable. This is a TV show, people really need to get a grip on themselves…

Bill from Orange Beach

Gavin, using such hash words and ending it with “God is watching you”. Wow. You have some issues. Don’t you?


You’re pathetic if you can’t separate a game from real life. Bet you threw a tantrum every time you lost a game as a kid, or blamed someone else.


The game and real life is one and the same.


Sure, and so is pro wrestling and soap operas.


Glad you agree.

The Girl

@ Anonymous, you are totally entitled to your opinion! What you are saying seems to stoke a nerve on a lot if the viewers here because what you are saying is true.
I’m glad you never backed down on whatnyou are saying… Cause what you are saying is the truth.
Dan took it to another level and all this “Its just a game” argument has gotten rather old.
It’s not just a game, it’s real life to the people in the house.
Lol, Dan probably conned Chelsey into marrying him.
I’m sure this game has revealed a side of him she never knew I.e. Dan trivializing the religion he claims to believe in.
Ps: I’m not catholic or anything like that… But wring is wrong.

MU Tigers



Again with the slippery slope argument of checking morals at the BB door and defending doing so by saying “it’s not real life.” That’s lessez-faire to pick and choose when to apply those principles. I do not have a problem with how Dan is playing the game but I wouldn’t defend his character, either.

BB14 > BB13

The great ones will always have haters

Dan the man

That’s why us normal people think bible thumpers are freaking morons. You give them a bad name, idiot !


Your right God is watching, He is watching everyone. Remember hate the sin, love the sinner. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone, and judge not lest ye be judged. People this is a game, you cannot get on your high horse and spout good moral, values and ethics and then write down filth and pat yourself on the back and say gee what a good person.


I am so tired of this shit. I have no energy to type a paragraph for those with serious anti-gameplayer issues. “Keep it classy” Gavin and look in the mirror.


Gavin has a right to an opinion, just like everybody else. You’re just highlighting his statement by giving him hundreds of responses. I would say, though that Dan fans doth protest too much.


Oh, come ON!! And out of these HUNDREDS of replies you target the one that’s not even that bad. Why, RS, why? I was trying to express my thoughts in the best non-smartass way-But sometimes I can’t help it when I want to get a point across and most of the time I’m just playing around, but why shouldn’t Gavin’s comment be highlighted?? It ‘s numero uno and fucking ridiculous.


Wow, it was actually pretty random, but your outrage is duly noted although entirely irrational.


Oh my God-This is so petty! No outrage here-It just irritates me after seeing it over and over. The comment itself is irrational. Many like them don’t surprise me anymore, but I don’t care if there’s 1,064,274 replies-Mine will be included. I too have an opinion and if Gavin is calling attention to himself I’ll give it to him.

MU Tigers

Cry us a river Gavin. Dan is worth more than you will ever be. he’s done more with his life than you ever will. You’re an angry pathetic little nothing. Dan used and discarded your player before they could do it to him. Get over it LOSER!! Quit being a whiny lil bitch.


*giggle* at commending to hell…hope nobody is condemning him to hell…lololololololol….funny stuff.

So Sad

I wander what Dan plans to do once BB is over. Who would want him teaching or coaching their children. On second thought, i guess there are many people who want to win at any cost and don’t care about sportmanship. Maybe we are more morally bankrupt than I want to admit.


I don’t remember, which of my commandments was
“Thow shall not backdoor or lie on a made for TV reality show based on deception”?

Dan is the f’n man.
Epic blindside of Shane and Danielle.
Poor Danielle won’t see her imaginary boyfriend for 6 days (and then never again after he heads for the hills).
I hate when people don’t understand the game and take it so personal.

Dannie Boy Rocks

God has spoken. Dan’s mist will soon protect him from being condemned by man kind. Oh Big Brother, please set Dan free. He has not forsaken thee.


I’m pretty sure the point of the game is to win, not to make friends. You don’t know Dan outside of the house or how is in life, nor do I. It is ridiculous how people are acing about him playing the game. Just like Britney said in Jury, he is playing a smart game, he has made it to the final three, probably final two, so he clearly has brains. Also, I’m sorry, but most of these people did it to themselves. They knew he turned on lots of people, and yet they STILL believed him and let him do his thing! What’s funny is it wasn’t even ALL him, he couldn’t get these people out by himself. He is a genius when it comes to this game, and most people are upset that he out played their favorite player.


OMG Get a grip!!! Its a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


God is watching your psychotic ass. It’s a game. Get a life jackass. Dan’s a well-loved and respected teacher, brother, son, and husband. He will go on and live his life to the fullest.


God is great and he forgives! I would never swear on a bible and lie but last time I checked this is a game where you have to lie, cheat an stab people in the back. Shoot dans not in the game to make friends and help others win half a million. He’s playing the game and doing it well. The best player of big brother history.


#1 – Dan has, inside this game, used religion in the exact same fashion as every political or spiritual leader has for the last several hundred years. That is to say he has used it to gain power via controlling people. So if what you say about Dan burning in hell is correct he will be in good company. I’d love to see the dead Popes covered in mist.

#2 – I love this site, but the Christian fanatics are finally just about ruining it for me. You don’t seem to realize that extremist Christians are just as repugnant as extremist Muslims. And yes, I realize that many of you have been so heavily indoctrinated, that you have no hope of ever seeing the world differently from the whacked-out version your church programmed you to see. I’ve bit my tongue long enough, but will restrain myself from saying more this season. Next year, however, when you lot start you tired old crap up again, I will take every opportunity to counter you with the simple truth that the only one out there watching us on this rather smallish blue-green planet is dawg on the live feeds. So tone it down a bit.

Thank you again, to Dawg and Simon, who will hopefully not feel the need to edit this overly much…


I think there are more Dan fanatics than religious fanatics on this site. I am neither, but it’s just one opinion. Everyone should relax and allow for all opinions..


Wow really need to get some perspective…IT’S A GAME!!!! Not to mention that every single person going into that house knows how this game is played and knows what they ultimately could be facing. Really don’t think he is going to mess anyone up for life since evey one of the HG have a life to go back to.


New poll which BB14 houseguest has the largest Cat following
a) Frank
b) Daneille
c) Janelle
d) Shane


Im gonna say B) Danielle….Probably


Haha crazy cat ladies are the ones who started stalking Danielle after she backdoored Janelle . Crazy cat ladies love Dan and Jani. They hate Dani.



Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

dawg has my vote, and I think he’ll win this one finally

Carol & Steve

another vote for Dawg! LOL!! Not sure he’ll be happy though! :)


Was just thinking earlier today the cat ladies are back in full force. LOL


simon do you know how many US households have cats??……millions


I have owned 1-4 cats my entire life and I have a big brother blog..



Simon, I’m guessing Janelle, simply because she’s been on BB 3 times, and probably has befriended/networked/connected with more total folks as a result


I agree.. I believe Janelle may have started the cat people empire. I should probably make a infographic about it tonight.. :)

(* just to clear things up I use the term Cat People not to single out JeJo or Janelle fans. Cat people are a subset of Big BRother fans who are extra enthusiastic about certain Big Brother players and become unusually aggressive when that player of theirs does not win. Cat people also enjoy keeping cats in large numbers. )


You should have listed IAN in that group of Cat People… the people that support IAN are so nuts they think Dan is going straight to reality TV hell. Now that is bonkers!!

Meow Meow

I don’t think that group is exclusively Ian’s followers. Seems that Dan gets all sorts of crazy folks worked up…some still lurking online weeks after the object of their affection/stalking have been evicted.

Ian is getting a lot of crazy cat people just because they’re running out of players to support (and let’s face it, Danielle is a crazy cat person who is temporarily without out her cats).


I have a few myself………does that explain my passion for the game and intensity when someon crosses the line or is it “my line” in BB……….anyway I vote for dawg most times………..yeah Dawg for the win……….you guys have done an incredible job with this blog and we BB fanatics are very appreciative………


It’s not about owning cats. It’s an archetype. You don’t even have to own cats or be female to be a crazy cat lady.


You mean I rescued a kitten at the start of BB for nothing. And I didn’t even name him Dan.


LOL, Lurker

BB14 > BB13

I say Frank

A Poll Dawg Can Win?

Simon, in honor of a stellar joint effort by you and Dawg on OBB again this season, Dawg absolutely HAS to win a poll before finale night. How ’bout this?

Your personal all-time favorite BB U.S. houseguest with a first name that includes the letter “G”:

-” Chicken George” Boswell (BB1 & BB7)

– Gerry Lancaster (BB3)

– Maggie Ausburn (BB6)

– Angie Swindell (BB10)

– Ragan Fox (BB12)

– Dawg

DAWG FTW!!!!!!!!


HAHAH great idea.. i’ll slap up a new poll this weekend.. a poll Dawg has to win.


Ian is the new crazy cat lady favorite, which, I think will bug him when he gets out. I know I wouldn’t want those fans.

Head of Household

HANDS DOWN Janelle.|
Go on any Janelle evicted video on youtube this season, its so full of cats I can barely watch without sneazing!

Out of those four, however:
1) Janelle
2) Frank
3) Danielle

Head of Household

I forgot to add Shane, but he’s obviously 4th. ha


Who knows but Dan has pissed off all 4!!!




HAHAHA, lol, Frank for sure.

Danny Boy

Dan is talking to you crazy people on here about the threatening nonsense.


Wow Dan has got that jury twisted lmao.He’s worried about Britney’s vote and that’s probably the only vote he has


Yep, Brit was sayin she thought he was playing a great game…..However I just watched Shane’s interview with Jeff and he said he will never speak to dan again…..much less vote for him in f2…..But Jenn’s interview was great! She may not have played that great of a bb game….but I think she’s a pretty cool person


Where did you see the interview. I can’t find it.


Shanes a follower. Every decision he made in the house was because Of Brit or Dani. I don’t understand why some people that play BB get salty. Shane is just mad because Dan got him, before he had they chance to get Dan. he’s been saying all season he wanted Dan/coaches out. He gets to the jury house Brit will work on him and unless Dan is up agaisnt Dani Shane will vote for Dan. Everyone in that jury house is a possible vote for Dan accept Frank, and that’s because he can’t get over his own arrogance of believing he was the only one there that deserved to win because he was a true fan.

MU Tigers

Don’t forget Sara, it was his dream.

Distant Observer

Do you have a link for he Shane’s interview . I can’t find it anywhere? thx


From the little time they have showed the jury house, Brittany definitey feels Dan played a great game. That is part of what she and Frank were arguing about.


Frank is mad because he feels he’s the best player. He and Dani should have had a deal. They both were more concerned about their crush with Boogie and Shane that they were more mad about them being evicted then winning the game.


hahahh jeff 2.0 no shane is nothing like jeff lol

does anyone know if dan still kept in contact with keesha?


Dan was talking earlier this season about how there was really only one person that he couldn’t get back in contact with after his season. I want to say it was Keesha, but I don’t remember exactly. It would probably help if I had watched season 10 and knew the relationships between people. The only one I know is that Memphis and Dan were best buddies and went all the way to the final two.


I’m almost positive he said it was Renny.


It was renny that will not talk to him


Yes, he said Renny would not return his calls. Does anyone know why or remember what he did that would cause her to break all ties with him?


I agree, Shane has more in common with the house’s door-knob than Jeff.


Dani: Shane, Joe, Frank, Ashley.

Dan: Brit, Ian, Jenn

Dani is going to win.


Danni won a few comps & HOH. However, she did exactly what Dan told her to do the entire game. When he wanted her to put him off the block and Shane on the block, she specifically said “I am going to have to think about it”. Well, she did, she made her own decision, took down Dan, put up Shane, and that is why Shane went out of the house. Dan is running Dani’s game. Either way, she wouldn’t have ever heard from Shane again, anyways. He just wasn’t into her, he was trying to lead her around too.


As upset as Dani is, it is obvious to me that Dan did the right thing to vote out Shane. I seriously think she would have blind sided Dan because of her feelings for Shane. Remember when she & Shane were rolling around and kissing the the HOH bed saying “final two, final two”? Dan did the right thing. I think she would have screwed Dan. Dan FTW!!!


Simon and Dawg, excellent work, wonderful season! I thank the both of you so much!!

A Poll Dawg Can Win?

Laura, I think six of your seven predictions are “etched-in-stone” correct. I thought Danielle would be a shoo-in winner over Dan, but you correctly show that it’s much closer. But Frank’s vote? Just not sure yet. My first thought was, like you, a slam dunk for him to vote for Danielle. But I’ve read that, rightly or wrongly, Frank might’ve picked up some of Boogie’s “anti-girl-for-the-win” sentiment along the way (which would be a shame.) Frank also knows Boogie respected Dan and his gameplay. Frank also now knows Dan wasn’t responsible for Boogie’s exit – Ian was. And yeah, Dan did turn on Frank the week after Frank’s “funeral save.” But in his interview with Jeff, Frank said he had absolutely no regrets about having Jenn use her POV on Dan, and then trying to work with Dan. Because besides Jenn, he had “no one else to roll with.” He said he was already in trouble, game-wise, and had to gamble. And Frank knows full well he was gonna go for Dan himself, the very next week. Frank never had any real connection with Danielle (except for the failed, last-minute “move/sweet talk” he tried on her.) Gun to my head? I’ll agree with you. Frank gives Danielle the 500K. Pre-sppech, I’d say it’s 60%-40%. But can Dan’s “Finale Night Mist” close the gap, and maybe flip-flop Frank? We’ll see.

Gavin is an idiot

This site should block Gavin because he is a clown!!!

boogie sucks

I agree


Agreed, they are some seriously outrageous views on here that don’t need to be shared.

MU Tigers

Simon, we vote to evict Gavin.


My vote is for Gavin to stay. Anyone that gets Dan fans riled up is ok by me.

boogie sucks

Some of you people are retarded. It is a game Gavin. You must have such a wonderful life that you are on here non stop. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry Sandusky

I hope my sweet little Ian wins :))))

Jury was not part of my dream

That was so wrong…but so funny.

Head of Household



i hope so too ..and i hope he isnt stupid and throws how part 2 and 3

boogie sucks

Shane is such a tool by the way. He is probably pissed that Danielle was the one hitting on him and not Dan!!! Real men don’t wear clothes like that. Just saying

Aqua Bernie

Grow up Boogie Sucks, Shane is secure with is himself. I think he looks handsome in pink and purple, Good for him! Bet you can’t say the same!

BB14 > BB13



Dan = the best Big Brother player of all time!!! All you douchbag haters need a new show to watch, because Big Brother is a game based on cheating, lying, and manipulating!!!

Count Boogula

Dan is a great player but I don’t think he is the best because he feels the need to swear in order for someone to believe him but Dr. Will would only use his words and not swear on anything to manipulate people. Even if Dan wins this season I will think Dr. Will is still the best, most of it has to do with the fact that I believe in both Dan’s seasons he was up against complete morons.


Not Dans fault. I am sure he will get a shot at win number 3 the next time we get an All Stars cast.

The Man

If he keeps Ian…. it is conceivable that Dan wins.

Ian would get Frank, Ashley and Joe

Dan would get Britney, Jenn and possibly Danielle…and Dani could very well get Shane if she has a moment enough to talk it over.

But I really do not see Dan doing better than second……and it sucks someone like Dani will probably win t his game.

However her zits ought to win America’s Player


Y wouldn’t Britney vote for Ian????


Yeah Right!!! Shane will never vote for DAN!!


That would only work if Ian takes Dan… if Dan stabs Dani in the back and takes Ian he will loose ALL quack pack votes.

If Dan takes Dani the quack pack will vote for Dani and so will Jenn hence Dani wins

If Dani takes Ian, Ian wins

If Dani takes Dan, Dan may win.

I think the only way Dan can win is if he is taken and not if he wins the last HOH. He is 1 or 2 votes away from winning against both but he someone takes him he will gain the vote of the other person in the house and if its Dani she can get Shane and if its Ian he can get Ashley or Brit.


Dan beats either one in the final. Dan pissed off the jury in season 10 as well yet still won 7-0. He will smooth things over when they jury asks questions, Ian will probably be hyperventilating trying to answer and Dani be more worried about how she looks for Shane to think straight.

Team Willie

Willie for America’s favorite!!!!


Dans trying to win. Ians trying to win. Danielles trying to get aboyfriend. Good for Dan for voting out shane who doesnt deserve any money for his gameplay.


Is danielle going to make final 2? I hope so ;33


Dani has to tell Ian that he’ll be a hero to the jury, and to America if he takes her instead of Dan because of all the crap Dan pulled. She has to play to his ego at this point, but it doesn’t look like she’s doing that.


When’s the next HOH comp b/w Dani and Ian? TIA.

Mike Boogie's Ghost

How is Jodi getting more votes than Jenn in the poll?…Sure, Jenn didn’t play the game very well, but she comes across as a very likeable person…Jodi over Jenn? Seriously?


Some of these comments are funny.People on here think if Dan goes against Danielle in the final2 he won’t get any jury votes.Everyone thought(including me)Britney would be pissed at Dan.Yet she’s defending him,by reminding these butt hurt jury members(Frank&when Shane comes there,she’ll do the same to him)that this is a game and Dan is playing the best game.Oh,and he’s a great speaker and he’ll mist these people one last time.You know,the way he did to them when they were still in the house.All Dan needs to do now,is get Danielle and his self to convince Ian to throw the 2nd part HOH to Danielle.Which shouldn’t be difficult.I mean Dan did just mist Ian into throwing the 1HOH.Lol.Go Dan!


This sucks bc at the end of the game he played the opposite of Dans last season and still got to the final three lol I miss the other jury house members they were more rational about things like did he get to the end or not? Did he do a better job than you he didn’t cheat or anything. I can’t stand sour losers. Now Danielle’s ungreatfull butt getting the money with basically Dan telling her what to do this whole summer while stalking Shane.

Mike Boogie's Ghost

It will never happen, in a million years, but my dream scenario is to have an all-star season with the Renegades(Dan/Memphis), Chilltown(Dr. Will/Boogie), and some Brigade members involved(most likely Hayden/Lane)…


ian, it’s a little too soon to be counting money. and, ian, it’s really too soon to be telling dan his win is hopeless…


hahaha, I’m liking Ian more and more


Note to the Dan-haters:

The Big Brother Show was never intended to be a tutorial on ethics. It is impossible to survive in the game without lying. If you disapprove of the very premise of the show, you probably should be watching something that better conforms to your personal sense of sportsmanship and fair play and/or what you think should be sacred. Who would be watching if everyone agreed upfront on who “deserves” the money and simply gave it to them? That’s not even a game show and you could be done in one episode. The whole idea behind the game is to convince people to let you move forward to the end, even though it is not in their vested interest to do so. If you can’t get past the necessity to mislead, misdirect, betray the trust of strangers, and then ask them to reward your gameplay/ treachery ( if you’re a hater), this is not the show for you, much less your children, whom some of you seem worried will be corrupted by Dan. (Really???) Change the channel.



Roisin Dubh

Ian is one dumb bastard. I wouldn’t even be talking about jury right now. You cut your own throat dummy.


dan’s played a dirty game. the “its just a game” saying is over rated. How you play the game definitely leaks into real life because it is a reflection of who you are as a person. Dan is relentless and ruthless. That is why he is quite successful. shane doesn’t have much of a back bone and that is why his business is failing. If you are a liar and you come into the game not lying, then that is completely unrealistic.


How do you know Dan’s business is successful and Shane’s is failing? You work for the IRS?


I don’t understand why everyone thinks Dan is the best BB player. He is playing the same game as Russell did in survivor, its for 2nd place. I do understand lying is part of the game, but having a final 2 or 3 deal with all of the jury members is not a good strategy. I think the only good move he has made was getting rid of Brit, everything after that including the funeral was uncalled for.

(And I think his discussion with frank would have gotten rid of brit with or without the funeral)

Mike Boogie's Ghost

I agree, I’ve said before Dan only beats crazies(season 10) and morons(season 14)…I still rank Dr. Will and Mike as 1-2, with Dan a distant 3rd…I have no doubt Mike would’ve played better game if he thought he was eventually going to enter the game as a player, he never wanted to be a player this year…

Roisin Dubh

I say Will’s the greatest because of his speech in the finale. He didn’t kiss ass and didn’t give a F**k and they still gave it to him. 2nd is Evel cause he bullied the win out of them, Then Boogie given his reputation. Dan’s good, but he’s using a recycled playbook and didn’t bring anything new to the game.

Mike Boogie's Ghost

I’m an Evil Dick fan, but he had a lot of factors working in his favor with Eric Stein as America’s Player and Danielle…The ED VS Dustin eviction is an epic moment in BB history because becasue Eric would’ve voted out ED if he could, but America was the swing vote in that eviction–Evil Dick still played a great game…


Everyone thinks Dan is the best because he is the best!! FACT!!!


then why are you even watching the show, or commenting on a blog? you’ve already decided, so any further comment is a waste of your time.

The Justin

I don’t understand why everyone thinks Dan is the best BB player. He is playing the same game as Russell did in survivor, its for 2nd place. I do understand lying is part of the game, but having a final 2 or 3 deal with all of the jury members is not a good strategy. I think the only good move he has made was getting rid of Brit, everything after that including the funeral was uncalled for.

(And I think his discussion with frank would have gotten rid of brit with or without the funeral)

mandy leigh toronto

I completely understand this is a game. Lying, backstabbing is part of it and what makes it fun to watch. I am not a religous person BUT I think its pretty sad how Dan is with the bible. As im not religous i would bring the bible and pretend to read and that it means something and then swear on it when i need something but i dont idol the bible either as im not religous.
Dan goes on and on how religous he is. He is catholic and his wife teaches at a catholic school. The bible obviously means a great deal to him but he doesnt blink a eye at using it and gods word to swear on. His hypocrocy is evident. To me that shows he really doesnt care about it. Im not a fanatic or whatever everyone else calls people on here but Dan lives his life by the bible but then spits on it. Just tell the truth dan that it is a scam and it helped you win and then i would say you played the best game. Im sure dan knows his God knows its just a game and he doesnt mind the book that thousands of died over is his game plan.


Ian keeps saying how he wont throw the competition to Danielle or Dan.

Dan’s misting isn’t working on him.

Shane's white K-Swiss sneakers

not only did Danielle throw the HOH last night to Dan, stupid Ian threw the HOH to Dan first last night.


Ian wasn’t going to win it anyway. He hit the wall pretty awkwardly and was basically drowning every time they dunked him. Dan did well on the “rope hitting the wall” endurance on his season.


As much as I have enjoyed seeing Dan a second time around, I’m hoping the show will return to it’s roots:

Fill the house with a bunch of people who don’t know each other and with whom the viewers have no familiarity. Let them just go for it; and let us get acquainted with some fresh personalities.

nomistjustgame says

for those of you who condemn Dan for his moves, might I remind you that Frank not only cheated once but TWICE and got disqualified for the second one. So when Frank claims to have played an honest game, he needs to revue those episodes. Dan has played an excellent game of chess. Always staying two to three moves ahead of everyone else in the house. Even going so far as to have back up plans in case his first line of action doesnt work. Ian is smart, but still to trusting. As far as getting Boogie out, Boogie asked Ian who he would play as, villan or hero. Ian told him villan. If Boogie is so smart why didnt he catch the hint Ian was giving him. Ian knew that as far as Boogie and Frank were concerned he was expendable. As for Shane, if he is silly enough to let Danielle put him up as a pawn (in a game that is known for sending pawns home) he has no one to blame but himself. I am not a Danielle fan, but I have to give her kodos for getting 2 guys to carry her in the game as far as they have. My problem with Danielle is that she needs to own up to her role in Dan’s actions and evictions. Every time he pulls something on her (for both their benefits) she gets mad at him then turns around and forgives him and then plays along with it. If she isnt going to turn on him for his actions then that makes her just as guilty as he is for continueing to sport him. I think Dan and Ian have played the best game of chess in the house this whole summer. THIS IS ONLY A GAME! If we are going to equate peoples actions inside the house with how they are outside of the house then that makes Frank a cheater inside and outside of the house. This game is set up so that people go to the house knowing (or should know) that how you play the game is not how you live your life outside of the house. I am for Dan and Ian for the win. There was no mist used, just bad game play.


Well said

Mike Boogie's Ghost

I mostly agree with your post, it’s BB, and I don’t have major issues with the game Dan has played…However, Dan, in real life, centers his life around the bible and on his religion…I’m not a religious person, but he’s just going to fuel the notion that very devout religious tend to be hypocrites…Just my personal experience, but I’ve encountered many religious people who will rationalize some of their very/shady actions with in the context of their faith…I will almost guarantee that Dan will somehow find(if not already) some vague passage in the bible that justifies his actions…He also has confession with catholcism…


To some extent I agree with your comment. There have been alot of shady characters throughout history hiding behind religion. And I dont see that changing anytime soon. However, I will give Dan credit for continually admitting to the cameras that he is sure that Chelsea and others at home will probably disaprove of how he has played the game. As far as his church goes, I am sure that they will reap the rewards if he wins the game. Dan knows that he is playing fast and loose with his faith. Since that is a choice he has to live with, I for one, will not judge him for it. The only harm I see Dan doing is harm to himself. If he feels the means are a justification for the end results (for the betterment of his family, his words not mine) then I will not hold it against him. Given the nature of the game even religious people can be tempted.

disgusted with bible thumpers

that is why dan spends so much time reading his precious bible he is looking for justification for his repulsive actions he has placed upon others in the house. the bible to me is just another book, for some it’s good reading for others they live their life by it, like dan and his family, his precious chelsea, when you have a faith you live by and work by and you use it when it suites you and conviently turn the words around for when you thump your nose at it , it’s a moral issue and your crossing the line, bb is a game yes there is lies, deciet , backstabing,. but to use people personal feelings of their faith and swearing on it shaking hands on it that different then just playing game. for those who don’t realize that there is something wrong with you, dans eyes said it all this yr and you can’t lie or fake what is behind your eyes they are the window to your soul, they tell all, when we read someone we look at their eyes, not there mouth, they eyes tell if your sad, happy, crying, sick, and they tell if your of a dark soul or a white soul, dan had more moments of dark then white,he also has signs of being illusional. which is scary, he was like heathe ledger in batman were he couldn’t come out of the role he was playing in the game.he truly went to the dark side. and it;s hard to come back when you do so. and for his family to say they support his actionsl. well number one what else would they say, but if they truely believe that it’s a no wonder why he is the way he is. the difference between dan, and someone like shane ,frank, brit,joe, will,ian,.jenn.they have a conscience and want to be able to live with their actions when they go home,.. dan does’t have one. just saying u will go to confession for three hours when u get home says he thinks he can do what ever he wants and all will be forgiven , and by the way what gives a priest the right to forgive for god in confessionl. he has no more right than u or i another problem with religion they give their power to someone who has no right to do so,but because a man says he loves god puts on a blck robe says your forgiven for your sins and wala your forgiven . so hey go around do as u will to people and all will be forgiven if you go to confessional. what a crock of sht. but it gives people like dan their justification to hurt others. and for those who say dan will have to live with what he’s done or answere for it, what does he care that is why he is such a turd, he does’t care, he will do what he wants to further himself for himself,


Yes! Excellent comment


Definitely-Great points.


Frank didn’t cheat with the chip bb didn’t like the way it was flumes and wanted a do over second he talk out loud it didn’t help him at all.frank played a pretty clean game compared to Dan. Plus everyone one was a was after him from day one.


What I observed and heard was the other houseguests commenting on Frank palming the houseguest choice chip when he didnt get it the first time. And if I recall correctly Boogie (while outside lounging) even asked Frank about it and Frank admittted it. That is cheating. From what I understand production came out and said that the reason they didnt call Frank on it is because ultimately it made no difference on the out come of who won the competition. As far as the second time, perception has alot to do with how we see something go down. I believe at that time Britney had come on board with Frank to get Dan out. If memory serves me correctly the compettion was that if you gave an answer you had to wait a certain length of time before you could answser again. Frank gave a wrong answer and so had to wait before he could answer again. At that point he leaned forward and gave the answer out load (next to Britney). Since Britney was on board for getting Dan out, by her getting the answer correct Frank would have had somebody in HOH who he could work with.

disgusted with bible thumpers

/that is not what happened they only have one chance to answere a question, britt buzzed in first she got fumbled up didn’t know the answere and frank whispered the answere to her a clear violation bb couldn’t cover up this time so they had no choice but to disqualify frank. and for the first three times he cheated and didn’t get caught both frank and boogie were heard on after dark and live feeds admitting they cheated. and bb was trying their best at the time to keep frank and boogie in the game so they overlooked it, because it wasn’t as blatant as the comp with brit.and as for frank thinking he was the only one who played clean grow up frankie go home watch yourself and admit to yourself you were just as bad as the rest except for dan he crossed the line to the dark side and wont be returning. so at least frank can say that for himself he crossed the line but not to the dark side that is the only nice thing i will say about him.

Captain Idiot

capt idiot isnt even close to bein like Jeff, shane has one phrase “that’s crazy.” he is yet to master the English language


caught a little of After Dark last night and yet again Ian and Danielle talk about Frank. Both of them were being hypocrites of what they said about Frank. Danielle saying I never lied to anyone and Ian goes what about frank lol.. Danielle said that’s different he deserved it (hypocrite, lying is lying lol). While Ian says frank was an idiot for wearing the spirit-tard outfit (umm hypocrite much Ian.. Didn’t you wear a dog costume and had to be treated like a dog cause you gave your hawaii trip to Jenn! haha). Out of the three house guests remaining and putting Bias aside, I would want Dan or Ian to win. Danielle I can’t see winning against Ian cause people in the jury will say she was Dan’s puppet and did what Dan told her (which is true). Ian at least played a little more away from his coach. I know Dan could win but he’s hated by almost all the Jury so $50,000 is all he’s gettting unless its Danielle with him in final two. For america’s favorite prize Ian or Frank should get it but I could see Brit or Janelle getting it. Out of those four who else deserves it, Jodi lol


“Dan says just please don’t send death threats to my wife because I voted out Jeff 2.0”

Cat People are watching that statement thinking of things to say, when they make the threats, but its not for Shane’s Fans


not from Shane’s Fans*


Dan has nothing to worry about, the crazies are the ones who love him. I’m not saying ALL Dan fans are crazy cat ladies, but crazy cat ladies are almost all Dan fans.


let me correct you the “crazies” are calling him Satan, Hitler, saying he will rot in hell, ect in long winded comments of bullshit, taking the game way too personally because they’re still upset he took out their beloved idiot carrot out .


That’s true, Frank does command a faction of cat lady fans, but I don’t think Shane does.


…and Devil Worshiper and sociopath and demon and the crazies calling him a lying satanic bastard and a non-human-These names are out of control.

Jack of VA

Exactly, Ill WILL, the only “crazies” are the ones that can’t handle a damn game show. Shane’s little whiny ass with Julie last night crying, “Dan’s a dirty player!” Uh no, you just can’t play the game, idiot. You’re sitting there telling Dani, who you have no clue is being manipulated by Dan, uh, you know, the same guy that wanted you out two weeks ago, to do whatever she needs to do and if that means put you up, then put you up, and his lame excuse to trust Dan, “Ohh, uh, when I shake someone’s hand and look them in the eyes…” Have you not watched/heard/understood Big Brother Shane? Oh, haha, right: You haven’t. You bought one season and didn’t even finish it. Maybe production shouldn’t waste our time with people who know NOTHING about the game.

Powerhouse for the $25K

JOE FOR THE WIN, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma Gray

I don’t want Dani anywhere close to the money. I don’t like her playing the victim. It’s always ( He broke my heart ) I hope the jury finds out she’s been playing everybody.


Dan needs to keep misting the road block(Ian)to throw the competition,and he needs to keep thinking of things for Danielle to say that will convince Ian to throw the part2 HOH.It’s not impossible that Ian will throw part2 HOH.Dan just convinced Ian to throw the 1st part of the HOH.So,Dan can do this.He just have to keep misting him and Danielle needs to keep acting like she can’t stand Dan and wants to be the one that screws over Dan,by taking Ian to the final2.Which in reality Dan is taking Danielle to final2 and Danielle is taking Dan to final2.But Ian doesn’t need to know about that.But they(Dan&Danielle)need to get to work on Ian,because the 2nd part of the HOH is tomorrow.If Danielle wins the HOH tomorrow it’s a wrap for Ian.Danielle is 100% taking Dan.She’s misted,but so was everyone else in the game.Lol.Go Dan!


Come on Dani wake up dont throw this next HOH and send that boy packing:)


I don’t want Dan to win as he has played a fantasic game i don’t agree with he toyed with everyone. As many as you said its just a game, well the way Dan has played with everyones emotions just discusses me. You can’t treat people that way and think it’s just a game. He will not make a lot of friends outside the house once this is over. You can win this game with dignaty and dan has 0 of that. I don’t care about the lying,
Everyone did that but theyway Dan played with everyones emotions just isn’t right. I personally don’t know how he can live with himself.


Fucking leave Dan’s family, friends, and wife alone dip-shits. It’s a game. Get a life psycho’s. GO DAN! GO IAN! :)

I am that I am

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.
This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.
But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”


Big Brother is just a game. By the way, I am excited that my faithful worshipper Dan seems to be doing very well this season, thus saith the Lord.


theres no way in HELL shane is jeff 2.0
jeff was actually a good player, you cant compare shane to jeff


I agree, Shane did nothing in this game as far as big moves or thinking outside the box. I realize he won comps, etc., however, he never actually engaged in the game. Jeff, on the other hand, was willing to think and plan ahead. Unfortunately, this game is not geared for playing above board. So Jeff was doomed from the beginning. I know alot of people will bring up Jordan winning. The fact is, if Rachel and Jeff hadnt looked out for her she wouldnt have made it to the end.

So Sad

It is just a game but the best player and winner will be the one that gets to the end and gets the most votes.

It will not matter at all why the votes are cast .

I think Dan may be playing for second place.

bambie buns





100% RIGHT

Frank had this game in the bag, all this dumb fuck had to do was let Dan be evicted and WIN everything afterwords, his winning 500k was pretty much a LOCK, because everyone in Jury would’ve voted for him based on him being a beast in comps while being a underdog every week, him and Shane would’ve won everything back to back protecting each other along the way, but they are both stupid.

If Frank and Shane got called back for another Duo Big brother their Alliance should be called The Deededee’s because they will fall for just about anything.

So Sad

Shane deserved to be sent packing. He did not put effort to have Dani keep him off the block. He could have at least said to Dani “I don’t trust Dan, If you use the veto on him and he evicts me, how will I be able to trust you. You should want me evict Ian and get blood on my hands in case we make it to the final two together.”

Probally would not have mattered and he knew she wanted him out.


Even I have to admit that due to Dan’s manipulations, he may win this. Everyone must realize that they were the ones who made the mistakes. Shane, putting your himself on the block was a boner. There was no way he would have left if he hadn’t done that (this week). Everyone in the jury house, with the exception of Ashley, let themselves be put into the position they are in. With all of the opportunities to evict Dan, no one went with their gut and voted him out. They are there by their own hand. They bought into his manipulations and now they are in jury. I can only hope that Ian beats Dan and takes Danielle. If you don’t trust someone so close to the end, why keep them around?


I amend my post. I meant to say that agreeing to be the replacement nominee was not the smartest choice. He should have fought harder to keep the noms the same. i still think he was a bonehead at that moment.

Benedict XVI

Dan will feel god’s wrath for betraying the second coming of Christ–Frank!!!

So Sad

Dan needs Ian’s vote.

Dan has a final two deal with Ian. If Dan breaks his deal he loses Ian’s vote.

Dan has to let Dani evict Ian. Maybe she will take out Dan instead.

If I were her I would be more afraid of what Dan would say at the finals than facing off against Ian..

She need 4 votes. Shane is a sure vote. Jenn is a sure vote. Frank has a gruge againt Ian. Ian put Ashley on the block and she will probally vote with Frank anyway. Plus Dan respects game play so much he would never hold such a move againt her (right) .

I am pulling for Ian to win but I don’t think he has a lock againt Dani..




I believe that you don’t have to play like Dan to win. According to his theory its ok to rob a bank because he and his wife need money. Its not always about the end but the journey. Jordan proofed that you can keep your humanity and win the game. Rachael told everyone what she was doing up front and won the game.