Big Brother Spoilers – Ian tells Danielle her Fan Base is Old Men and Cat Ladies

First HOH Dan Second HOH ?
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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7:10pm Cards

Dan gets out Ian’s volcano set and starts taking it out. Pulls out the instructions and throws them into the kitchen says “Instructions Who needs them”. Ian tells him they should keep the instructions otherwise they will not know the correct amount of water to add to the paper mache.

Dan asks Ian if he wants to build it and Dan will ignite it. Ian wants them to build it together and they can start the eruption together. Ian just doesn’t want Dan to break it. Ian asks Dan if During Big Brother 10 on the first night was Jerry going to sleep in the lounge because he didn’t know where the HOH was suppose to sleep. Dan doesn’t remember all he recalls is Jerry was super worried about where to sleep the first night.

Dan asks Ian if Big Brother offered him a job to be a Diary Room producer would he take it as a career. Ian says Yes it would be fun. Dan starts impersonating what the Diary Room Producers says “OK This is Ian we’re going to get these shots very quick so please no talking.. “ (feeds cuts to fish)

7:40pm Dan: “Lets pull a all-nighter tonight”. Ian says no way he’s going to bed at 10.

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8:00PM Kitchen random talk about beer, the volcano kit and ants in the cereal.

8:13pm Cam 1-4 Living Room Dan, Danielle and Ian
Dan is saying that Britney would get mad of him when he pushed the teddy bears nose in. Danielle says it drove her nuts when Shane walked around with Dozer the stuffed dog on his shoulder. Ian thinks he did it for Camera Time. Ian says he’s not going to sell his teddy bear
Dan: “WHAT .. you are not going to sell it.. what if someone offers you 2 thousand bucks”
Ian smiles, they joke around that Ian is reconsidering.
Dan starts talking about things to keep and things to sell. Dan asks Danielle is she will part with her Bag.

Danielle is adamant about keeping her bag. Dan asks her if it was on Ebay what amount is the minimum she would be happy with. Danielle says her Big Brother 14 Bag would have to sell for 5 grand.

The guys tell her out of the 7 million people that watch this show there is at least 10-20 that have a unhealthy feelings towards her. Danielle cannot believe there is 20 thousand people with blogs out there. Dan corrects her says not 20 thousand blogs 10-20 people. Danielle wonders what they would have on the blog. Dan explains that they will creep her online identity and post pictures of her in her Bikini.

Danielle wonders what type of fans like her. Ian says that Danielle has the cat lady crowd and older men. Dan questions what a cat lady is. Ian’s definition of a cat lady is a older women that has 6 or more cats.

Ian says the young men are probably rooting for Dan, Shane and Ian. Dan laughs asks him why would the guys be rooting for them they would like the girls. Ian thinks people will like the players they can relate to. Danielle laughs says she gets the cat ladies and the old men.

Dan warns them that there will be photographers that contact them after the show is over. “Pretty much all creepers”. He asks Danielle is some bar paid her a thousand dollars and flew her in for one night to party would she do it. Danielle says she would as long as they paid for everything. Dan is positive they will all get those requests.

Dan: “theres a rumour that someone from Big Brother 8 was paid 5 grand to play beer pong.. I don’t really believe it based on the source”
Ian: “I would pay 5 grand not to play beer bong with him”

8:34pm Danielle says she thinks there is a chance of her and Shane getting together after this. Dan asks Ian for a “Number Crunch” on it.
Ian: ‘30% chance of them working out”
Dan: “I’m going to knock off 18% because of distance”
Danielle: “Only 12%”
The Guys tells her they are just being honest


Going over the better of the zing bot zings. “So Joe how does it feel to be the old man in the house ohh wait I didn’t see boogie there.. Zing”
“Danielle after the show Shane will get you a special gift a restraining order”

Danielle asks Ian if Boogie talked about her body ever. Ian doesn’t want to say But Danielle demands it. Ian told Boogie he thought Daneille a$$ looked good and Boogie disagree. Boogie told him “A perfect A$$ is like a shelf Danielle a$$ is wide but it’s not shelfish”

9:24pm Dan asks Danielle if she would play world of warcraft with her boyfriend. She says no unless it was a big deal for him. She says she’s hugely into technology she was able to work her parents VCR before she turned 1.

Dan continues to ask Danielle a series of questions, Would you eat your dogs liver, would you do a autopsy on a family member, would you sell 500K worth of drugs if you would never get caught, If you would smoke drugs,….

9:37pm Ian joins them Danielle asks Dan if there is one thing he could change about this season what would it be. Dan says the patio furniture and the Chess bench. Ian suggests maybe to allow Jodi to actually play. Dan doesn’t think so he’s happy with Jodi leaving because he knew they would but heads.

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Dan is nowhere near what Dr Will Kirby has accomplished; at least he did it with class and integrity without using religion to advance in the game

Shame on you Dan you will always be remembered as Judas who swears on his wife & dead grandfather just to backstab.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

I think everyone is free to express their opinions – that is what I like about this site. I’m not really a fan of Dan’s, and I think the coaches twist was not a very good idea by BB. I do hope that BB will do an all newbie game next year. AND later if they want to do an all-stars then do an ALL all-stars in one of the following seasons.


Gavin man seriously your such a troll dude, Dr.Will probably played a more evil and dirtier game than Dan but who cares that is why Dr.Will is considered the best….get over your self dude….haters gonna hate lol

Gavin has female genitalia

Gavin’s vagina is weeping. MEOW


Hi, my name is Gavin. I am a whiny bitch. I have a micro penis. I hate Dan because he voted out my man crush, Shane. Seriously, I have real feelings for Shane and Dan is the devil for coming in between me and Shane. I love God and Dan will be punished by God. Did I mention that i have a micro penis?


Wow you sound more bitter than Frank haha

Carol & Steve

hahahahaha – old men & cat ladies! ROFL!


Poor Ian, little does he know, that’s his fan base. It’s going to piss him off.


,” said the woman, ashing out her cigarette and rubbing her pussy til it purred.



Mental deficiency?


Oh, you do? I’m sorry, really. I didn’t know you were a ruh-tard.


LOL that was good, ‘I know you are, but what am I?’ Biff, why don’t you quit while you’re way behind. You ain’t catching up anytime soon.

I Love Dan's Mist

So true. Ian is going to be shocked about a lot of things.

I pity that kid. I don’t want him to win, but I don’t want him to go crazy after reading what people have said about him.

I Love Dan's Mist

But first…I wanted Frank to win, but that is obviously long over.

Okay, Shane was playing Danielle so he and his white KSwiss shoes from 1999 needed to go the the Jury.

I am not a Danielle fan, but I don’t think she deserved to be used. I hope she doesn’t pursue Shane after the show. She needs someone who really likes/loves her. Hopefully, she will see that after Dan is finished misting her.

Ian is probably the next to go. I do feel bad for him. People have said some mean stuff on the message boards. It’s obvious that he is different, but I don’t think he or anyone else deserves the mean shit.

Dan is an evil genius. He has truly played the game and deserves to win. The other houseguests should have taken him out a long time ago if they wanted the 500K. BB is a crazy and at times hateful game; they all knew what they were in for except for Shane who went on the show without watching it. Maybe he was busy buying Pouka shells.



Ben D

So when does part of hoh happen??


I can only hope that Big Brother Canada will not cast floaters and maybe actually cast people that watch the game. CBS should be ashamed of the fact that they cast people who have never seen a finale or in Shane’s case a final four. Come on Canada let’s show ’em how it’s done.


Danielle says just 12%?!? Heck that’s better than what she had wth him in the house!!! LOL wait until she sees his diary room comments about not liking her that way!! Her reaction is going to be exactly like it was when he was evicted….mouth wide open eyes wide!!! Poor Danielle! At least she will have trey! Personally I think she is in love with Dan!! I hope thee doesn’t have bunnies!! lOL I’m not usually mean but she has to realize that he never initiated anything with her, I kind of feel bad for her! She should hooked up with Ian her chances would have been at least 75%!! Lol


Danielle cut Shane herself. She even said that Dan had better take her to the final 2 or she’d castrate him with a butter knife.

She’s quite adept at lying. Also Shane said that he was surprised to be on the block. At least he didn’t give himself to someone untrustworthy.

Also, I think that EITHER who took Dan out would win.


Watch Shane’s interview with jeff and his answer when they asked him about his feeling for Danielle

use your head when u talk not the other head downstairs


that interview was hilarious shane with jeff thx for da link. how does shane go from sayin will has nice legs to that hes all wound up for danielle. smh


Can someone tell me where to find BB7 to view online? Can’t seem to make it come up on YouTube without committing to stupid surveys that want my information.

teri b


No luck….copyright claims by CBS. Thanks anyway Simon. Appreciate it.


The user Quirkydude2 has almost all of the BB seasons re-uploaded after YT took down his first account :)


Got it….so cool, thanks KSHACK!!! Any favorite season for you? Suggestions?


My personal favs would be 7, 8, or 10 (7 is prob better if you watched the all-stars on their first seasons).

11 was pretty good, and of the older seasons, I’d say 3, 4, and the first half of 6.


Thanks for your recommendations! I’ve only been watching since 12. I’ve gone back and watched 2 (to see the infamous “”best player of all time Dr. Will”) and one other one I can’t remember.

I mainly prefer the UK version, but I’m interested in seeing some of these as well.

Thanks again,
teri b


Just search youtube “BB7 episode 1 part 1”


Dan thanks for showing the world that Catholic is the false religion, APRESH! Oh wait, child molesting priests already showed us that, nvm.

Big Game Move

That’s honestly the best you could come with??

Lou Bayou

You sir, are a religious bigot! It’s a game Dick weed.

Distant Observer

Are you talking about Coach Dan Sandusky or Father Dan? Lets see, sociopath, narcissist, catholic, coach, great cover by marrying the perfect submissive wife, the great guy facade, and etc, whats missing? oh 2.5 kids. Profilers are you watching? I wouldn’t want my kids around him.

Official Cat Lady

First time poster, long time reader. Thanks for all the hard work Simon and Dawg!

I just wanted to put it out there that not ALL cat ladies love Danielle. She drives me crazy!


Good for you!!

Distant Observer

Next season…Battle of the Chess champ Big Brother fans. Let’s see some ppl who can actually stratigize.
No x players, No freakin predetermined teams, no bringing anyone back!
Oh and new staff with fresh ideas.
Ian for the win! I hope Dan gets evicted next, just because i do not like him, simple as that!
Dan has had an unfair advantage over the newbies.
In competition it is recognized that the game should be a level playing field. In boxing and mma and etc…you do not match up a heavy weight with a light weight fighter. You do not see pro baseball players playing against high school kids, and on and on.
The producer need to use better judgment, I would rather see a house full of more evenly matched players than a bunch of weak ones and a couple strong ones.
Plus they screwed Shane out of his HOH which would of altered the game. They could of simply had one double eviction instead. Looks like loaded dice to me, hey BB ppl catch on to scammers and loose interest and trust. Anyone want to buy a BB bridge on mars?

Newbie wins!

Despite all of the great moves Dan has made this season, he’s playing for 50 grand. There are just too many jury votes against him. Shane, Jenn, Frank, Ashley will never vote for him. And even Joe is suspect. Plus add in Danielle if he doesn’t take her to the end, and it’s a certainty that he takes second place at best.


I beg to differ.
I think Dan will go f2 with Danielle,
And, Win.
All those people in the jury have “experienced” Danielle.
They tolerated her and played buddy buddy – because of her alignment with Dan.


Boogie is so legend. This season wouldve been so much better if Boogie was still in the house


next season i hope they either do just all stars or do all new people and stop with this returning house guest nonsense because the returning house guest always get all the attention and naturally have an advantage in the game


These guys are slick.
Danielle is going to be up all night, revisiting these conversations in her head.
Unless bb ups her meds, she may be ineffective in the competition – especially if its physical.


I think Simon said tomorrow is skill.


yeah no matter what i doubt dan would ever have the votes to win this….too many people would vote personal against him…i think britney and ian are literally the only two people who would vote for him


I hope next season is all newbs, but one cool twist I would like to see is having only 1 veteran return and see if they can survive all the way. They would either have to make alliances quick, or win pov and hoh every other week which would be hard to do!!

I want to thank Simon and Dawg for all the great updates!! You guys have the best BB spoiler site!!

p.s I can’t believe Ian threw that comp to Dan knowing how unfaithful Dan has been all season! I hope he can beat Dani in the 2nd part!


Didn’t they already do that with Jessie once?
And, if I remember it was pretty pathetic.


Well I mean Jessie himself is pretty pathetic! I would like to see someone like Dan, Boogie, Dr.will, Janelle, Rachel, Evel Dick, maybe even Danielle donato… They were more interesting and better players than Jessie!

Karen S

Not all priests are pedophiles, just like all boy scout/girl scout leaders, teachers, coaches or the hundreds of other professions that involve children, should be considered predators.. but everyone should have a watchful eye towards.. drum roll please…. FAMILY MEMBERS! They are the number one source of pedophilia. So please people, while you make your jokes and accusations towards a person playing a game, (even though I don’t agree with the way he’s playing either) I am sure he’s not a pedophile. I really hate the ugly things those of you who say them..are guilty of. It’s just uncalled for.
I wished I was as fat as Danielle, geeky as Ian, trusting as Shane and as smart as Dan.


I think Dan may be far more clever than most people think. If he goes to the finals with Danielle he either wins it all, or takes second and can claim as he keeps saying that he coached her to victory. Remember, Dan is a coach outside of this game and if he wins he’s another half a million ahead. And if he loses and only takes second to Danielle he still wins as now he can advertise himself as the only person to win the game once AND coach the next winner. Think outside the box, folks, or in this case, think outside the house. I have no doubt that Dan is. Pure genius he is. An unscrupulous genius, but a genius all the same.


Ummm, Simon, I just looked at your scoreboard banner and OMFG!!! JennCity IS a beast after all! She took the 2nd, 3rd, and Final HOH from the jury house!
Never mind Dan, JennCity is the best BB player this world has ever seen!!!


“Big Brother Spoilers – Ian tells Danielle her Fan Base is Old Men and Cat Ladies”

I’m Not gonna touch that one.

The jokes write themselves.


To clear my head…

Dan Vs Dani

Ashley: Dani
Britney: Dan
Frank: Dani
Joe: Dani
Jenn: Dan
Shane: Dani
Ian: Dan

Winner: Dani

Dan Vs Ian

Ashley: Ian
Britney: Ian
Frank: Ian
Joe: Ian
Jenn: Dan
Shane: Ian
Danielle: Ian (under the impression she carried Dan)

Winner: Ian

Ian Vs Dani

Ashley: Dani
Britney: Ian
Frank: Dani
Joe: Ian
Jenn: Dani or Ian (if she finds out about the alliance)
Shane: Dani
Dan: Ian (because he was a threat) or Dani (because he coached her there)

Winner: Toss up ???

Bottom line: Do you see Dan’s name next to winner??? Someone tell me I’m wrong. He’ll have to kill it with the Q and A assessment by the JH and even then it’s still personal. Still have hope Ian’ll pull out a win in the next comp.


I may be reading his energy wrong, but Dan seems extremely sexually frustrated. Hoping the next few days go by fast for him so he can get back to his wife! And to add something to this comment that’s game related, I would love to see Dan and Ian at the end together and would be happy for either of them winning. Don’t think Dan could pull it off this season though with all the bitter houseguests.


Why do they always talk about Jodi? Did the houseguests find her annoying? She was only there for a day…how bad could she have been?


actually she was there for a week, Big Brother starts before the 1st live show, not sure when the live feeds start but it’s not immediately when they enter the house


well for the Newbs anyways, Coaches came in during the live show


Here’ is how I see the resumes that Danielle, Ian, and Dan will sell to the jury:

1) Her first HOH took out a legend in Janelle. Yes, Boogie had a bigger hand in convincing Dan and Britney to go along, but at the end of the day she wanted to took Janelle down and she did. (Shane and maybe Britney will be the voice in jury confirming all of this)

2) Dan was dead after the funeral and he came to her and said if she agreed, Jenn would use the veto on Dan. Danielle was assured safety against Dan. She could have said no, but instead chose to take on the risk and keep Dan instead of Britney. That all could have blown up in her face and it only happened because of her social game with Jenn and her desire to save Dan from eviction. (Jenn will be the Juror confirming)

3) She won both the final 4 HOH to ensure her spot in the final 3, then won the veto besting Ian, Dan, and Shane.

4) She can say she consistently treated everybody with respect and kindness, but was enough of a gamer to take out Janelle and risk the wrath of her 3 players and to make the calculated decision that keeping Dan would get her further in the game than Britney.

Now compare that to Ian:

1) He pretended to be with Frank and Mike, but was secretly a Quack Packer. He then told Britney that Mike was targeting her, leading Shane to nominate Mike and his ultimate eviction. (If he tries to take to much credit for evicting Mike or forming the QP, the other QP’s could be annoyed and blow him up.)

2) He then evicted Ashley, Frank, and Jenn. Except for Frank who was everybody’s target, not exactly game changing moves. (and also 3 jurors who trusted him and were betrayed)

3) He had a good relationship with Ashley and Frank before stabbing them in the back and was Britney’s favorite. (I really think Britney has to do a lot to sell him on the social front)

As for Dan:

He has the absolute best resume and can say unequivocally that he has controlled the game since the funeral…but therein lies the problem. Since he has played the house like a puppeteer, that means sacrificed Britney to save himself (will she think he could have thrown Shane or Danielle under the bus instead?) and knifed Frank repeatedly and treated Joe unkindly before tossing him aside and jenn who he promised the end and Shane who he scumbagged.

His best case at the end is to cast aside the mist and just lay out exactly what he did with no spin and hope that his honesty can break through the jurors distaste for what he did to each of them. He needs to admit that Britney was the only one he thought Frank would buy and it was true that she controlled Ian. He should tell Frank that he had to say anything to get Frank on board with him staying, but that he knew one way or another Frank was going to get him or he was going to get Frank, so he took his shot as soon as it arose. He should tell Joe that they never talked game and he got rid of him when all that was left were his allies. He should tell Jenn that he wanted to take her to the final three, but when Ian won HOH and Shane veto, it was no longer in his hands. With Shane he can say that Ian would take him to the end and Shane would not, so he had to improve his odds of making it to the end and eliminate the opportunity for Danielle to pick Shane over him at the end..

If Dan tries to mist even a little bit, it’s over. He has to tell Britney he completely threw her under the bus and tell Frank that he did swear on everything and broke his vow and tell Shane that he did selfishly screw him over. If he tries to downplay it or make it seem like they’re exaggerating the betrayal, he has no shot at winning,


My hope for Dan has soared. ‘His best case at the end is to cast aside the mist and just lay out exactly what he did with no spin and hope that his honesty can break through the jurors distaste for what he did to each of them.’ Very true! If Dan is upfront and just admits to everything he’s done to everyone without making them feel as if it weren’t that bad, he has a shot at taking this. As Britney was singled out as Ian’s closest ally after Dan revealed the QP to Frank-Nah I don’t think she’ll toss that alternative of Danielle and Shane in her place at Dan-He should just explain to them the logic behind his game play-by-play that was beneficial to him and to keeping Danielle beside him. Your posts are so awesome, Bobsky, the details-Like a guide to the season.