Daniel – “Obviously Taylor is going home” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your ranks in before midnight


12:07 am Nicole and Michael
Nicole says there’s some drama brewing wit the girls. Feeds flip. When we’re back Brittany is with them filling them in on some of the drama. Ameerah says Monte came up to Paloma and asked her why she was trying to get out him and Kyle.
Ameerah – she was like .. what?
Nicole – Paloma asked MOnte who told you that and Monte said TAylor

12:16 am Nicole and Paloma
Paloma is making her Tea she’s trying to get to bed and is running on “one brain cell”
Paloma – I need to talk to you.. I’ve talked to everyone else in this house.
Nicole – Have you been crying
Paloma – I need to talk to you and Daniel you’re the last two people. Hang out in HOH and I’ll come up
Nicole – there’s people up there. Ameerah, Michael and Brittany
Paloma – everyone knows about the situation. There’s a big Situation happening
Nicole – I’ve been gone for 30 minutes
Paloma – everyone knowws what the f*** is happening right now.. So .. Long story short. I’m trying to go to bed.. It all started ready? I’m using my last brain cell to tell you this story
They relocate.

Paloma – ok .. you guys are in the HOH room I’m trying to get my ass to bed. Truthfully. Everyone is coming at me I finally get my ass to bed and Joe and Monte are in here and they’re like it’s serious we need to talk to you.
Paloma – Monte was like BRO Taylor was trying to tell me that like you are trying to get Daniel to put BIG people up. .Monte is like she (Taylor) is telling me some bullshit that I know is F***ing a lie about me (Paloma)
Paloma – Taylor is making up all these lies about me to what extend I don’t know what she is blabbering her mouth on about. Monte was like I know she is lieing and we Daniel to know that she is a lieing bitch. I’m not even afraid of her she’s rubbed so many people the goddamn wrong way.

Nicole – what is she saying
Paloma – she’s saying I’m talking to her telling her we should get Monte..
Nicole asks if Paloma has talked to Taylor
Paloma – I’ve tried to be compassionate towards her.. Bro she is such a b1tch to me. None of the girls are talking to her the girls f***ing hat her she’s stepped on everyone’s toes. She said something rude and snarky to every single girl. It’s blowing up in her face and this is her last final straw to like save herself. She feels like she’s about to be put up or something ..
Paloma – I’ve talked to all the girls. The only person that doesn’t know is Terrance.

Paloma – this btich (Taylor) is saying stuff about me I’m sick of it I have been so compassionate and so kind. I have nothing to lie about in this game. I love you guys.
Paloma starts to get emotional..
Paloma – the girls are f***ing pissed. Everyone is like you need to go tell Daniel to put Taylor up .
Nicole – oh my god I can’t believe this is happening right now
Paloma – I was trying to go to bed dude
Nicole – I’m very shocked
Paloma – I f***ing love MOnte I’m not going to be saying yeah lets put Monte up. I haven’t talked game cause Frankly I don’t know what is happening

Nicole – I can’t believe she’s starting shit like that
Paloma – she lacks so much self awareness. Like Lying to Monte.. of all people you think i’m ready to target Monte.. what the hell
Nicole – I’m just recently finding out all this shit about her. I told jasmine, Listen you guys are all my girls I’m here to protect you guys PERIOD end of story
Paloma – all the girls are hommies.. people connected.
Nicole – I’ll do what I have to do to protect you guys
Paloma continues to get emotional “you guys have been so kind.. I’m going to cry once that b1tch get out of the house. I love you so much.. I love how you don’t believe her bullshit for one second”
Nicole – this is f***ing Bullshit
Paloma leaves to finish making her tea

12:31 am Kyle and ALyssa
Alyssa – I think he’s going to put up Taylor
Kyle – that’s what the whole house wants. I think she feels she’s on the outs even out on the yard and stuff she was acting a little distant.
Kyle – I hope she goes home
Alyssa – yeah She’s a wild card
Kyle – she’s out of control.. this is going to be Crazy
Alyssa – if he puts her up she’s going to be out of control
Kyle – That’s what I told Daniel.. whoever you put up you can trust whoever you want to go home will go home we got you back 100%…
Feeds flip

12:40 am Brittany and Mike
Brittany says it’s safe to assume Taylor is going up. She asks him what is his goal for the next couple days. “You’re in building mode”
Brittany – I am so focused on the win I forget what the win means.. it’s almost like a double win. You have joined an élite group of people that will not be leaving week one BB24. No one wants to leave week one.. that just feels bad.
Brittany – you have moved on to week two.
Mike – once a replacement is named I think More game talk can happen we’ll be out of panic mode
Brittany – Especially if it’s solid and made up that Taylor is going People will start turning their attention to week two and HOH and be like Who could win HOH and am I good with them.
Brittany – me I’m not safe yet but I’ve done the ground work. As much as I can with daniel.

Feeds flip

1:17 am Monte and Nicole
Monte says he was in the bathroom and talked some game with Taylor.
Monte – this happened yesterday morning after brushing our teeth. I was in the bathroom with Taylor talking game. She was just talking right. At the end of the conversation she looks at me dead to my face and is like Hey and by the way Paloma is going around saying that she wants to take out the big targets like the BIG male targets in the house and you should probably talk to her about that. it’s going to impact you.
Monte – I played it off like I was playing dumb but I just.. I was just so confused I talked to Paloma plenty of times.
Monte – I’ve talked to Paloma before and I’ve never gotten that impression so I know that was not true. Then again today in the kitchen I was sitting in here..
Nicole – ok time out .. Terrance and I were up here we looked over the side and you were laughing then Terrance said hey look. I look over and I saw you guys talking.
Monte continues says when he was talking to Taylor today he asked her is he should still follow up with Paloma about her wanting him out. Taylor told him “Definitely”
Monte – so you double down on your lie. I know Paloma never said those words
Nicole – she said Paloma is coming after you?
Monte – She said coming after Male targets.
Nicole – any conversation I’ve had with Paloma has not been about male targets.
Monte – I hate this there’s a strong black woman that I would have loved to get to know more. She’s playing the game dirty. I don’t know what the reasoning is.. .why did you feel the need to do that? If I hadn’t known Paloma I would have gone back and started some shit with her. That would have put me in a compromised position. It was completely out of line.
Nicole – we need to talk to Daniel
Monte – I already talked to Daniel.

2:02 am Monte, Daniel, Paloma and Nicole
Daniel – Obviously Taylor is going home
Monte – alright.. maybe
Daniel – I’m glad she wasn’t outside cause I would have lost my shit.
Monte – I just want you to know BRO you have the entire house literally at your back. There’s NOT blood on your hands for the decision that you feel is right to make in this situation.

Monte – you can take me on my word about this.. not only this but other females have been stepping up saying she’s 9Taylor) been rubbing them the wrong way it’s confirming what I’m saying.
Monte – moving forward I just don’t want to give her the satisfaction of her knowing why she’s up at all she needs to see it in her goodbye messages and see everybody saying exaclty what the consequences of her actions were
Daniel – yeah
Monte- what is she going to do? it’s not worth the breath it’s not worth the energy. She’ll deny deny deny and stir up more nonsense and make up things more unbelievable.

Monte goes on about Taylor “you lied to my face”
Daniel – I just want to be clear I’m putting her up and I want you all in front of Terrance to say you’ll vote her out”
Monte – yeah
Daniel – Which I knew I just want Terrance to know that is the goal moving forward.
Daniel – hopefully I can keep my cool when she lies to me cause I’m going to try to act like hey I heard some shit and I want to clear the air with you. It’s going to be the worst 20 minutes of my life in this house so far.
Daniel – someone like her is just going to try and stir up more shit on purpose
Daniel – she’s 100% going home.. I don’t know if Backstage will affect that at all. It’s a third nominee if it’s the worst case scenario
Monte – I just want to ask you a question if you don’t mind what are you thoughts on when yo do nominate her. Have you thought through that speech?
Daniel – it’s like.. in the last 5 minutes I nominate you Taylor. I know what you did.
Monte – even then she’s going to run around with Paranoia
Paloma says Taylor is already running around with Paranoia.
Monte – she deserves to not be told until she gets the goodbye message
Dante – I have to say something when I put her up as a replacement
Paloma – say the connection is not the same it’s at the bottom of my totem pole .. Or be RAW be raw.. be like Taylor I’m going to be so real I feel like there’s a wall up between us. I’ve broken a wall down with a lot of other people in this house and with you for whatever reason our communication hasn’t gotten like anyone else.

Paloma leaves..
Monte says Taylor is going start talking shit about Daniel.
Nicole says she’s the closest to Taylor in the house and this is the first time she heard about Paloma. Nicole would have thought Taylor would come to her first with the news Paloma is trying to target the guys.

Monte keeps going on about Taylor being told why she’s evicted through their goodbye messages “She doesn’t deserve the right to know.. Go up get evicted unanimous vote walk out of that front door and talk to Julie and have to face the truth that is she lied On Paloma TO ME and thought she could play me for a fool.”

Monte – why me? why would you do that to me? I’m done.
Daniel – you go after the little sister of the group that’s the worst..
Nicole – it’s petty it’s bullshit
Daniel – I heard she went after Jasmine about her like her being a bigger girl.. Super conniving.. low key ..

Daniel – all these snide little comments that are arising

Monte – don’t let her connive you into telling her. DON’T. cause she will

2:37 am Terrance, Nicole, Monte, Turner, POOCH
Monte going over Taylor saying to him Paloma is trying to get a strong Male to go up.
Mont to Terrance – you’re here you’re not going no where. which I’m very happy about. we get to have you for
Turner- shit longer
Monte about Taylor – Everyone has these stories of these horrible encounters and her talking to people a certain way.
Monte thought something was up with Taylor “A little while ago” but shrugged it off as “maybe this girl just doesn’t know hoe to act”
Nicole – this is not a new environment for her.. She was in a seniority
feeds flip to joe brushing his teeth.

4:00 am Turner and POOCH
Congratulating themselves for moving the target to Taylor.
POOCH we’re single handily responsible for starting the backdoor

Turner said he heard a rumour that Taylor was saying Monte is super attractive
POOCH is worried that Kyle or Monte might start something with one of the girls. He thinks it would benefit them in the short run but could be a problem.
Sounds like they want to form another alliance with Alyssa, Paloma and Ameerah.
Turner – Ameerah is on the outside of a lot of things.
Turner – Paloma in the last 36 hours everybody loves her. She’s become mainstream. She’s the talk of the town.

They agree the Oasis is tight.

6:08 am Daniel rearranging outside pillows. The rest of the house is sleeping

6:55 pm Zzzzzz

7:30 am Monte always the first one up

The rest of the house is sleeping.

8:38 am Monte and Daniel
Monte – if I get HOH you don’t have to worry about going on the block or backdoor.. I’ve established that You are going to be here if it’s up to me past next week. I know what you are doing tomorrow and I’m still telling you this I want you to really feel that comfortable and that peace of mind.

Monte – Being HOH this week especially the first one *whispers* having to put up with all this production shit as well *whispers* and not having anybody to use as like a reference point. This has got to be all hell breaking loose in your mind.

Daniel about last night coming out of the Diary room and getting hit with all the Taylor drama “I was fuming dude.. Paloma is so sweet and I can’t imagine anyone being rude to anybody right now but sweet little Paloma.. bah dude that’s not F**Ing cool”
Monte – not cool

Daniel – the only person I would be fearful of based off respect of the game would be Michael because he has a reason to put me up. He could say YO right back at you out of respect. I would hope he wouldn’t use the backdoor. That is my only fear. I am in good standing with everybody else.
Monte – it’s a blessing and a curse Taylor did what she did because like I said any HOH A successful week is getting a unanimous vote. I have no doubt in my mind there is any blood shed for you. The closest person to her was Nicole. Now that Nicole has found out what the deal is and how everybody feels about her. Even how she’s rubbing off on people. How She lied to people that in itself is enough to consider.
Monte – The cherry on top is she lied to me and now these things are coming out that she’s saying all this stuff behind their back.
Daniel – people are more comfortable now.. that’s what life is like dude when someone comes out says this person said these things about me then everyone else comes forward. Same thing in this small world to. People have confidence in numbers.
Daniel – Like I said last night those little things were enough for me to go… They said what to you Jasmine? Like as far as your size and stuff.
Daniel – What the f*** I never once thought about any physicality of any of you and even if you are thinking ab out it why would you say that?
Daniel – we don’t know that Jasmine felt more comfortable saying that because there’s a bigger target on Taylor
Daniel – There’s a common enemy for the first week. Michael is safe and Terrance is now safe.
Monte – she doesn’t deserve the satisfaction of knowing and being able to Scheme
Monte – you have ONE person (Michael) you have to worry about now that you know Taylor is connected to nobody
Daniel bring sup wanting to pull everyone together and tell him it’ll be unanimous.

Daniel – all the talks I had yesterday 99% were all she (Taylor) can go. There was all the things were weren’t aware of Like with Jasmine.
Monte says he would rather someone like Terrance in the house “Good Vibe, positive energy ” than someone like Taylor that is “Spreading lies and rumours”

Monte – being an Afro-Latino Male like.. I know that there’s people watching who I don’t give a f*** what people say cause I know what the truth is. I don’t care if you are brown, White, Purple Freaking INDIGO I don’t care If you are sitting here lying to my face you don’t deserve to be here. Why do this week one.
Monte – I can’t care what people looking at this show are going to think because Maybe they had these expectations about me being a black man not coming after a black women in this house. She’s a person and at the end of the day if she did wrong I’m going to call her out it doesn’t matter what the person looks like. That has been the hardest part with me but I know I can live with it. I know I made the right decision for everybody in this house.

Daniel – I don’t like the look that I have two black people at the end of my week on the block. We know the situation but I don’t know how it’s going to air. That’s fine that’s part of the gig.
Daniel says he’s not proud that at the end of the week there’s two black people on the block but that’s just how it worked out this week.
Monte – There’s nothing but logic, reason and evidence that give you enough reason for that decision. From my perspective for everybody watching this I know I can vouch for you whatever happens after the show. Daniel is a solid dude he didn’t do it like ‘Oh I want to get all the black people out of the house’
Monte – A Brother came to him and told him
Daniel – you gave me the information
they laugh.
Monte – she always rubbed me the wrong way because of the way she spoke to people and the way she spoke to me. I know people have a sarcastic Sorta way of talking and I think that is anxiety driven they are just putting up a shield so people don’t get to know the real them because they are scared of getting hurt I think that’s where it comes from..
Feeds flip to Terrance SNoring .
When we’re back
Monte – I want to give a woman of colour some grace
Feeds flip to Terrance SNoring .
When we’re back.
Monte – it’s so unfortunate because it’s support this narrative that it’s our own people getting in the way of helping us progressing.. It hurts.

Monte – take race out of the question she lied, she made people feel uncomfortable

They hug it out.

9:21 am Terrance and Monte
Monte about Taylor – She lied to my face yesterday and take matters into my own hands and at let plant the seed with Daniel if he was thinking Taylor that’s not a bad idea.
MOnte – all the girls feel the same way. Jasmine she came up to me and said ‘yeah you now I was talking to Taylor and she said that Monte reminds her of one of her Ex’s’ umm.. Pretty much saying that he’s a punk
Monte – once all that stuff started coming out I was thinking this is a blessing in disguise
Monte starts talking about being a Black man in the house having too point out that the black women is not acting right. “it was a real struggle for me at the end of the day I had talked to Paloma and I know where her heads at so I knew it was a bold face lie”
Monte – I can’t sit here and save somebody because they look like me
Terrance that’s right.. that’s not enough anymore. It’s just not enough like I said last night we need to do what needs to be done they did it as a collective and it worked but we need to show we can win as a melting pot that’s the way life should really honestly work we need each other. you know what I’m saying? Collectively we need to advance and go forward.

Monte – I want to make sure nobody in the house gives her any information about what happened.
Terrance – no no
Monte – She don’t deserve it. If you wronged so many people and you lied to my face on Camera.
Terrance – Just to keep the energy and the peace in the house.

Monte – she’s the type if the evidence we’ve seen this far is an indication .. when she finds out, she’s going to try and cause as much of a stir up as possible before she leaves
Terrance – to blow up everything
Monte – she’ll start planting seeds in people’s mind. you can’t believe a word that she says now.

Monte points out that Taylor made up a lie about someone that can’t even be nominated.
Terrance – sweetest girl in the house

10:00 am Nicole and Daniel

Nicole – how are you
Daniel – better
Nicole – dude can I give you a hug.. Dude I thought I was blindsided yesterday. After we heard from Brittany and after like hearing from everybody and seeing things happens I just Feel so bad..
Daniel – for?
Nicole – Paloma and Monte. It just sucks
Daniel suggests that Taylor did this lie because she originally came on Big Brother to play but realized she “can’t hang” so instead of telling people “Please vote me out”
Daniel – If she said Hey guys I can’t Hang I’m ready to go Daniel you want to make a clean week.
Daniel – that would be so respectful and easy (ZOMG)
Daniel – yet again is this someone that wants TV time and to go out with a bang.. OR is it her upbringing. She has kinda a dark past I’m picking up
Nicole – mmhmmm
Daniel – or dark experiences at least
Nicole – mmhmmm
Daniel – I don’t know was it College that she mentioned? Maybe it has something to do with that it’s messed up.. affected her wiring a little bit in communicating and understating perceive and connect.

Daniel – this is just me trying to make sense of it all.. Umm the hardest part for me is. I already told Monte. I’ve been up since 5:50 I’ve been trying to take naps in-between laundry.
Daniel – Monte’s angle of feeling like.. not that it would be..
10:04 am feeds go down.

10:20 am Bros talking about how shitty it is sleeping on the floats in the Have nots room .

10:30 am Indy getting ready for some beach time.

10:42 am Bros lifting

10:45 am Indy and Paloma
talking about the the bikini’s that production wouldn’t let them bring on.
Indy – why they took mine..
Paloma – I don’t think it’s the size sometimes they have to test it on the camera.
Indy -but they gave me the top.. the bright blue
Paloma – it makes no sense.
Indy – I loved them they were so pretty..
Indy admires Paloma’s top “Wheres these from?”
Paloma – this one is from Abercrombie..
Indy I love bathing suites pretty much all of them. (LOL )

10:55 am Paloma, Brittany and Michael
Paloma says she’s losing her voice (AHAHAH same as Frenchie the clown the first week)
Paloma – I’m honestly glad this all happened obviously we need to talk game but a lot of the stress is off.
Mike – Even game aside I know you were having a rough night
Paloma – At first I liked her I thought she was pretty cool. I never thought first person out. It just sucks because girls are bitches.
Paloma – I’m not phased you guys are my family.. you got me. Today no talking..
Paloma – yesterday I couldn’t even swallow .. I couldn’t sleep because my throat was bugging me
Paloma – I need a 24 hour reboot

Paloma about the backstager “I hope it’s a third nominee to be honest”
Paloma says Taylor won’t sense anything “She’s not self aware”
Brittany – that is the problem

Paloma “he just have to be nice to her. I think it will be hardest on Jasmine because she hates her guts”

Paloma – I don’t want her to know she’s going. I want her to think she’s safe
Brittany – that’s the best way to go.

10:56 am That’s a wrap

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)

Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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Lol, Pooch and Turner are like a particular person from last season saying that they are responsible for something that they had the least involvement in…Meanwhile Paloma is going to short circuit out of the game quickly if she goes on like this

Not Jasons Holly

I’m already sick of Paloma. She’s everywhere and into every conversation.

Does the camera never capture Joe, Brittany, or Jasmine? Or are they all smart enough to lay low the first few weeks?


It’s crazy how the mean girls have been on the prowl since day 1!!

un autre nom

You know that part of the intros where houseguests talk about how they’ve been fans of the show since they were kids? That’s not always accurate. In fact, it’s… a lie in some cases.
Recruits are being camoflaged with this alternate universe intro procedure.
Seasons with more than 30% social media recruiting tend to be the more mob mentality seasons. So if more than 5 houseguests are recruits, you can expect the season tone to be bandwagon jumpers.
We know for a FACT three are recruits jumping out of the gate, with a minimum three more that are heavily suspected to be recruits. Every one of the for a fact recruits had long time fan of the show in their intros.
Fasten your seatbelts, and assume crash positions.
We are about to see a season of torches and witchtrials, i fear.

un autre nom

Btw, in a few weeks time, when we are down to the most shit covered of the manure jumpers…. let’s not convince ourselves that the least covered in shit is actually clean.
It’s a season after season thing: as the numbers get down, we as fans start selectively forgetting how they played in order to root for someone. Let’s not do that this year. Let’s remember how they played the game, not just tell ourselves others were worse, so that’s our hero. Accept them from the jump for how they played, and stop with polishing the turds on the bottom of the barrel. I beg of you.

un autre nom

If the house thinks renom is Sunday, and late Saturday night a bombshell is dropped to create a house target….
what do YOU think just happened?
If the person dropping the bomb keeps saying the target shouldn’t be talked to or told why they are being targeted?
Why do YOU think they don’t want you to ask?

Or… grab your torch and join the mob forming on your left.
Every woman knows Paloma has said she wants the big guys out. So, in acting shocked and aghast, they are covering for her and for the women’s alliance that actually doesn’t exist anymore.
The man making the accusation knows Paloma has mentioned getting a big guy out: He was unenthused when she told him Joe was the target leaving week one.
The HOH clutching his pearls and throwing out bullcrap additional manure?
He KNOWS the women are after the muscle guys, and KNOWS that Paloma has named alpha male targets… but has an eye-boner for Paloma and needs a renom that will make the bros soon to forget he exists happy (and isn’t shy about getting creative with rumor to do it).
So… there you have it: Strategically, a target has been created by a person worried one of his alliance could be renom. How that was achieved is repugnant, and bodes poorly for the season from an ethical point of view.

Girl's Girls=Karens

I can’t wait to see their confessionals this week on tv. That will give me more of an idea what’s going on in their heads. I hope they can’t really be this stupid. lol I am also curious to see what type of edit they are going to give the HGs, particularly Paloma and Taylor.

un autre nom

i think the edit will include a man talking about which woman appears to be the biggest threat to male domination of the season. That will be labeled as Taylor.
Think about how they’ve sanitized so many things in past edits.
Paloma said it herself to Alyssa last night in the bathroom (paraphrasing), ‘You’ve got to back me up, she’s coming for me. We were right about Taylor.’
Think about that. Back me up? Support my lie. She’s coming for me? She told him what i said. We were right? Spy for the guys.


Monte being so overly adamant about not telling Taylor anything is so over the top! If these HG’s don’t start really wondering why he’s so insistent then I don’t even know what to say anymore lol.

un autre nom

You have to consider why. There’s multiple reasons.

  1. he thinks she’ll blow up at him, or reveal some of the things Monte said in their conversations (it was never just Taylor talking and Monte silent and innocent).
  2. she’ll actually admit she told monte that paloma said it, and that will take the wind out of sails. The fact is, EVERYONE knows Paloma has shit talked every single person, and named every man as a shield/ally one second, target the next. She’s the whackjob I thought Brittany was going to be.
  3. It’s easier to control the narrative if nobody speaks to the other party.

Nicole knows it’s a witch hunt. Nicole knows the story doesn’t add up completely. Ameerah also knows the story is true, she has been there when Paloma has said it. Ameerah just wants pageant woman out, and Nicole will just go with the flow until the flow changes direction. Daniel wants to buy it, so buys it because rather spineless HOH without a strategy needs a fallguy that has to be a woman. He’s even adding ‘dark past’ and ‘wants to be evicted’ to assuage his guilt because HE knows it’s a witch hunt and he’s carrying a torch.

The reason i wouldn’t last 2 weeks this season:
After veto ceremony, I’d be gathering everyone not on the block, not named Monte or Paloma or Daniel. I’d ask, so if we keep Taylor, they’ll keep going after her? If she wins HOH she’ll go after them not us? Sounds good to me. Buys us at least another week. sign me up for that option, what about you guys? Or would you rather just line up at the door and hand the check to someone else?


She’s the whackjob I thought Brittany was going to be.”
lol my god I feel this!

I’m also disappointed with how this is playing out, mostly due to the reasons you’ve brought up. People knowing where Paloma really falls into this whole scenario and choosing not to call BS on her. I’ve been slow getting into this season/feeds so I may have missed something, but other than just pure mean girl jealousy I do not get the fixation Paloma and other ladies have with her. And had Taylor ever been the one starting conversations about putting up guys? I feel like the conversations she has been in where that’s been discussed, it was brought up to her, not by her. Honestly would love to see this go badly for some people, especially Paloma and Monte.

I also feel like you’re right in thinking Taylor may actually just take the wind out of the sails by just confirming what she said/says. I could see her doing that and just laying out all the receipts with names and dates lol. Kind of why I’d like to see her stay longer.


I totally agree. First, let me say that I don’t like Taylor. She is condescending and snarky and she’s been on my radar from the beginning. However, she doesn’t deserve the steamrolling she is getting. Everyone in the house knows that Paloma is the meaner girl trying to cover her ass by calling Taylor out as a liar. AND Paloma made sure to spread it around that she doesn’t want anything about the issue and Taylor’s demise getting out. She’s not allowed to defend herself?

Beware houseguests…Paloma is not the pukey sweet girl you think she is. She’s stated several times that she has people “wrapped around her finger”. No doubt now she thinks she’s the
Puppet Master Paloma.


I wonder if the houseguests will be told about the remainder of the twist before the veto ceremony or after it


I had a really busy weekend and missed the last day of live feeds. Why is allysa and Paloma ranked so low now. TIA


because Paloma has a big mouth and is stupid and Allyssa is a follower and can’t think for herself….JMO…..I can’t stand Paloma and would hope people can put 2+2 together sooner than later!

The Beef

Maybe because they’re both overplaying mean girl assholes?


I cannot stand pal. She targeted Taylor the second they walked into the house for absolutely no reason other than pure jealousy. This site gives in-depth recaps and play-by-play of everything that happens on camera and there has been absolutely nothing about Taylor making any snarky or inappropriate comments to anyone. Can anyone provide a single example of something that Taylor said that could even be taken the wrong way by someone? Pal insinuates that she has made negative comments about everybody in the house but I literally cannot find a single example of a comment Taylor made about anybody. Pal will be around the entire summer and it’s making me not want to watch this season even though I know that I will because I’m a junkie. Can anybody point to an example of Taylor saying anything about anybody because I literally cannot think of one. I absolutely detest pal and unfortunately there’s appears to be another mean girls season.

un autre nom

Last night while Paloma was telling every member of Girls Girls that she never ever mentioned putting two strong guys on the block…
how did nobody die laughing?
Ameerah shared the vision (until the Mamba’s were created). Jasmine was IN THE ROOM multiple times when Paloma named male targets.
I mean, if Paloma said back me up here or they’re going to figure out we’re after the men, that would be one thing. She’s just out and out fabricating reality, and they are swallowing it.
This is where i throw my hands up.
House guests that Paloma has named names to (have not guy name mentioned as target):
Ameerah, Jasmine, Indy, Britt, Alyssa, Taylor, Monte, Kyle, Michael, Nicole, Daniel.
How is the house buying the never said that line?