Paloma “Loading is very slow for me tonight.. the server is almost freezing.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your ranks in before midnight


9:35pm HOH room. Paloma and Daniel.
Paloma – You have been through the ringer. I told you yesterday and you were like I don’t think he’s (Michael) that physical. OH Whoa Whoa whoa! Did he show up or did he show up! Daniel – he showed the f**k up and I have mad respect for that. Paloma – Mad respect! Daniel – and he is a superfan. I was like you just show us that you’re not here to f**k around. Ameerah was killing it and she didn’t have to. I have mad respect for her. Ameerah told me that in the comp he said throw it to me, I got you. And she said I’m going for it. Paloma – loading is very slow for me tonight .. the server is almost freezing. What are you thinking. I know you really like Terrance. Daniel – I have to trust my gut with Terrance. I don’t think he is a threat for HOH, veto.. he is a good dude to keep around to knockout whenever you want. Paloma – lets get to who is the replacement, who are you thinking? Daniel – I am just saying who is your go to person and who would not mind if they went home? Paloma – Alyssa is my homie! Daniel – good because I like her too. I don’t think Terrance is a big threat. Paloma – no he’s not. Daniel – real quick I don’t like that you were always thinking that she (Taylor) was always looking for you. Because she is aware that you’re playing her game better. That is what I was getting from that. And no one knows the game you’re playing but her because she is trying to play the same game of observing. Paloma – I have never seen it like that but you are 1000% right. Your analysis of her is something I have never thought of but you’re right.

9:54pm Storage room. Pooch and Kyle.
Pooch tells Kyle that the vote to evict Taylor might be unanimous. We would have it with just Oasis and just one or two people.

10pm – 10:15pm HOH room. Daniel and Paloma.
Daniel – when I am talking to them they have their reasons what they’re fighting for .. her and this other girl. Paloma – wait there is another girl? Tell me who? Daniel – Indy. Paloma – ohhh.. I love her too. Daniel – are you homies with her? We love everyone but can you see yourself working with her? Or is she a complete f**king wildcard for the next three months. Paloma – she is a floater bro! Daniel – what would she do if she won HOH? Do you know what she would do next HOH? Paloma – no f**king clue! Daniel – exactly. Alyssa joins them. Daniel asks Alyssa the same question he’s been asking everyone. Alyssa – Pooch I don’t really care about. Paloma – my bottom is Taylor. She is a big threat and it would be a big move to get her out. Alyssa – she said at the table and said she isn’t afraid to stab you in the front. Daniel – I heard that too. And why would you say that when we weren’t even talking about game. She is probably the top option. Alyssa says she will talk to Ameerah and Indy. Daniel – just one more question, what do you think about Indy? Alyssa – she is a wildcard. I don’t think she is a threat but she is an easier route than Taylor. I think it would be smarter to get Taylor out because Indy would be easier to manipulate.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

10:10pm Bathroom. Turner, Kyle and Pooch.
Pooch – Taylor’s finale dress.. Turner – out of the park!!

10:40pm All the house guests are hanging out. They were told that they will get the backyard tonight but that they should avoid the pool because it has too much chlorine in it.

11:09pm Storage room. Turner and Pooch tell Daniel that they confirmed they have the votes to vote out Taylor. Pooch – Jas and Nicole are very much up for it. I talked to Alyssa and.. Daniel – up for what?! Pooch – Taylor. And I don’t know where your head is at, not forcing it. We had it confirmed 5, 6 but now its 8.

11:18pm The feeds show the backyard before it opens up for the house guests..

11:24pm Bedroom. Joe, Monte and Paloma.
Monte to Paloma – I’ve been trying to tell you this because this was the last straw for me with Taylor. I was in the bathroom with Taylor yesterday and I was just asking her yo what’s game. And she starts talking bla bla bla and then she is like just to let you know Paloma.. I talked to her and she is going after the alpha males .. the big dogs in the house. Paloma – that’s a lie. Monte – I knew it was bullsh*t. I looked at her today and.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Paloma – it sucks when a lie that is so obvious is started. Monte – I don’t know if she said it to anyone else, I just know she said it to me. Paloma – we need to backdoor Taylor. I know Daniel and I know what he is thinking. I am going to be so straight with you .. The PT Squad here.. he is going to put up Taylor or Indy.

11:30pm The house guests finally notice that the backyard is open..

11:45pm – 11:48pm Bathroom. Alyssa and Paloma
Paloma – I literally have no energy left.. I need you guys to go up to bat for me. She (Taylor) is lying. But it just sucks when you’re in this position and someone is trying to attack you. Alyssa – yeah she is trying to do anything she possibly can because she knows.. Paloma – it just sucks! Alyssa – but you can’t even be put up so what is she doing? Alyssa – we knew from the beginning. Paloma – she’s not a girls girl. She lacks self awareness. Alyssa – you have to go to Daniel with sad eyes. Paloma – I don’t have the means to go talk to everyone tonight. I need to win HOH next. I honestly think that my social game is so high. Alyssa – in the end no one is going to believe her bullsh*t. Paloma – this (backstage) set our social game up so high. We’re chillers dude! She solidified her fate. Bye TAYLOR! Alyssa – BYE TAYLOR!

11:50pm Bathroom. Taylor is in the bathroom crying. (She was in the bathroom listening to Alyssa and Paloma bash her) Taylor – oh you’re f**king kidding me!

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)

Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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Girl's Girls=Karens

So many dumb people in the BB house. lol Monty should’ve believed Taylor over Palm Olive.
My upcoming predictions for evictions for the next weeks:

  1. Taylor
  2. Terrence
  3. Monty
  4. Jasmine
  5. Nicole
  6. Ameerah
  7. Joe
  8. Palm Olive

I am not sure who will be next after all the POC are gone. But all I can say is the this is the reason why the Cookout was invented.

Taylor is all alone and crying in the bathroom because she notices that everyone is excluding her. She should try to make friends with Terrance since he’s an outcast too.

The Beef

Those pictures of Taylor crying were hard to look at – at least for me. I can only imagine how alone she feels with the “mean girls” after her, and being inside of that house with no place to go to seek solace.

I also think Daniel is being a bit oblivious as to “the look” of nominating two POC during the very first week of this season, and if he follows through and nominates her, BB Twitter will explode with cries of racism, despite the fact the Cookout very clearly targeted people based on their race last season, and was widely defended by some for doing so.

Taylor may go first this year, but it’s not because she’s black. It’s more because she isolated herself from the other females in the house. I think you’re way off with your other predictions for a myriad of reasons, but the main one is neither Terrance or Taylor (if she is nominated) were put up due to their race.

un autre nom

When everyone wonders about this Monte tells Paloma what Taylor said:

  • Paloma never told Taylor that. They don’t talk game. But Paloma did say it. Refer back to the night one and two. And Monte knows it because Paloma told Monte that she has Daniel wrapped around her finger, and Joe is leaving first.
  • How does Taylor know Paloma was after guys? Britt told Taylor. When Britt tried to pull in outcast Taylor (as she does all the outcasts) she said a lot of words.
  • Monte doesn’t know that Taylor’s info is third hand from Britt. Paloma is trying to say she never said she was going after big guys.

So. Paloma is lying when she said she was never targeting big guys. Hell, Monte knows it. That’s where this is just drama shake up for the sake of drama shake up, and all of his feels uncomfortable about doing this to a sister crap is crap. He didn’t like Taylor talking to him as an equal and not in a deferential tone. His feelings on her spun 180 during a pool table conversation, if i’m not mistaken.

Because they woke up Paloma to tell her all this and wind her up… she’s now gone on Taylor bash like a deranged energizer Bunny. Taylor, in the bathroom has overheard. She’s crying now.

To be clear: Paloma was targeting alpha males. It’s not a lie. She just changed her mind when she jumped into alliances with them. Heck, she’s still targeting men, just not the men in each of her alliances (okay, Pooch and Turner and Daniel she’s mentioned targeting TODAY).

un autre nom

Question I have?
Is Monte making stuff up, and just happens to be making up stuff that is pretty much correct?
I know Taylor talked about her impression of some houseguests, like Paloma to Monte, but Britt conversation, as well as the conversation Taylor had with Nicole? Those are Taylor’s conversations that mention girls targetting big guys. Those happened after Monte and Taylor’s talk that turned Monte off on Taylor. i dunno where this is actually coming from.
I was almost going to say who has been called to d/r before all of this?

Girl's Girls=Karens

Britney had diarrhea of the mouth and told Taylor that Pandemica is targeting strong guys like Monty. Pandemic is lying to Monty and everyone. But for some strange reason the house automatically believes Pandemic and have crucified Taylor for nothing. Monty should’ve just talked directly to Taylor instead of gossiping about her all night like a middle school girl.

un autre nom

Monte, and the house, think veto ceremony is Sunday. Late Saturday night, Monte drops the bomb.
Monte KNOWS Paloma is targeting guys, she TOLD him Joe gotta go this week.
So why? Why did Monte do this?
He wanted to make sure he was in control of setting the house target. THIS is why he’s telling everyone not to even talk to Taylor about it.
Taylor? Tbh, she was a convenient scape goat that ensured Daniel wouldn’t be talked into going after one of the boys as a backdoor.
THAT is why Monte had no intention of talking directly to Taylor, and that’s why he’s telling everyone else not to talk directly about it either.
He has created/spun a narrative that keeps his boys safe so that he can have his bombsquad.

un autre nom

Further background as i go back in my head:
Ameerah has mentioned to Taylor that Paloma is after the big guys.
Paloma DID talk about going after guys in the conversation with Britt, Alyssa and Taylor. It was just after Paloma found out a bunch of guys were in the HOH room. Taylor left the convo rolling her eyes to the camera.
How did Girls’ Girls form? Ameerah and Paloma wanted a big guy evicted this week added to a gathering of the women to combat the likes of Taylor and Nicole (the not our type women).

Just a viewer

Taylor telling Monte she’s not playing a Cookout 2.0 game, has him triggered. I guess he thought he would be the next Xavier.


Oh, how predictable – Daniel’s HOH is such a waste. Sure, you have an opportunity to take out a strong player but INSTEAD, you cave to pressure from the guys who BY THE WAY will never afford you the same leeway or leverage when they are HOH.

And you’re going to put up another person who is tight with both you & your F2 partner and would never put you OTB ahead of most of the house.

What a weak-ass ignoramus Daniel is!


I’m already getting a sick feeling about this season based on how this is playing out.

This should send up major RED FLAGS for Nicole who is supposed to be his F2 partner. But even after she spoke to him & laid out the logic for why it would be dumb to put up Taylor who would protect them & be a shield since all the men/and most of the women would target her ahead of them & he agreed with her – he switched gears on a dime b/c he was just looking for a reason to do what the males wanted.

Monte (sadly) threw Taylor under the bus stating she lied to his face about a female saying “she wanted to target the alphas” (Paloma) but b/c she’s in Mamba he didn’t believe Taylor – – NEWS FLASH MONTE – Taylor was telling you the truth (Pal didn’t tell her directly but she DID say it & Britt was the one who told her)!

He told Paloma tonight about it & it cemented the mean girls jumping on the Taylor oust wagon. When Monte leaves the house & discovers Taylor was telling him the truth I suspect he’s going to get lambasted in social media & it’s sort of deserved b/c this reads very misogynistic – remember it was only a night ago he was telling Kyle how he wasn’t keen for these women to expect to ride their coat tails & not try to win things. Monte (I believe) already knows Paloma is the female Pooch & sees through her knowing he can manipulate that situation. Taylor isn’t gullible & has her own mind so she won’t be as easily influenced & would have to be treated like a peer instead – which obviously he’s not about.

It wouldn’t have taken much for Monte to double-check what Taylor told him – but clearly, he doesn’t want to know the truth. I think there is a fear this season among some of the POC that they’ll be targeted b/c of the Cookout last season – but this is MORE than that (IMHO).

Michael or Britt could speak up to confirm the truth so Paloma’s game gets blown open & force Monte to deal with it on live feeds. Unfortunately, since Michael just came off the block himself & prefers to play with the ladies (who he can easily beat) it’s unlikely he risks sticking his neck out to be even more vulnerable atm which is the smarter game move for him. And as chatty as Britt can be I doubt she’d double-cross Paloma/Ally at this time. Sadly, it’s Taylor who is paying for the liar Paloma & the misogynist Monte all while being painted as a liar & stereotyped by the TOOCH idiots. My heart hurts for Taylor who is getting treated despicably.

She never stood a chance as she gave Daniel MORE THAN ANYONE in their meetings tonight — she told him she would PUBLICLY protect him & make sure he was safe this coming week. Asked him what else he needed from her & pledged loyalty.

He’s such a coward that when she asked him if her name came up he didn’t even have the balls to tell her the truth or tell her she’s going up. Instead, he paused for an eternity before answering and then said: ‘They wish that they could get to know you better…it’s not like “F this person.Actually, it is – b/c you are literally F’ing her.

It wasn’t just Monte – it’s most of the men in the house & I’m not sure why they are so afraid of Taylor – is it simply b/c she’s confident? Or b/c she answered questions honestly like do you think I can brush my teeth/wash my hair in the kitchen sink? (I mean I’m with her – yuck we wash dishes in there!) The hamster I dislike the most (Turner BLECH) went on a rant about her suggesting they set up a chore schedule absolutely trashing her for saying it (cut to this evening when he’s complaining about dirty clothes in the bathroom & dishes in the sink – SHUT UP TURNER you hypocrite).

I’m baffled why they assume she’ll blow up & create a scene & how after less than a week they’ve come to this conclusion. It feels like she’s being stereotyped – not just by the women who’ve lamented her coming from a background in pageants but also Turner & Pooch who are channeling the angry black woman – – and for WHAT REASON? Am I on an island? Did I miss something in the feeds that would’ve given the men this impression? I’m a mature white female, not that it matters but other than Taylor speaking her mind I haven’t found her to be someone that deserves this type of ridicule.

If anything I think Taylor is going to be heartbroken b/c she was aligned with Daniel & Nicole so this will be like being stabbed in the heart by the two people I think she trusted the most. The fact Pooch & Turner are all about Daniel saying the house wanted it & they are keen to stand up & confront her (almost as if they want her to get angry) is disgusting (IMHO).

And before I can finish this post it’s come to pass – Taylor overheard Alyssa/Paloma bashing her so she knows she is the re-nom & will be going home. And now she is in tears. Can anyone blame her?

I’ve watched every season (except that winter one) of BBUS and the majority of the BBCAN seasons & I can’t remember ever feeling this way. Sure, the hamsters look for reasons & small comments they can blow up about others to gain leverage but this, is something much worse than that.

I doubt the twist is going to matter either. Even though the website seems to infer one of the ladies will go OTB “come eviction night one of the three backstage pass holders will be in jeopardy of going home.”

Every poll I’ve seen has Brittany being the person who is safe but even if she went up no one would vote her out. It’s likely Alyssa will be the renom b/c both Daniel & Pooch would put her up ahead of the overplaying intense Paloma. BTW – did anyone catch her telling Ally how she’s constantly running numbers, chess boarding everything?

She’s trying so hard to be this season’s Tiffany — but she’s closer to the female version of Frenchie. I was almost looking forward to her winning HOH for the mess viewers would get to witness. But after what happened this evening & how the entire house is jumping on the bash Taylor wagon I’m losing interest in the season… quickly! It doesn’t feel like gameplay – it feels more like an unwarranted, unfair attack.

Bit of a rant – (my apologies) but tonight did NOT sit well with me at all.

un autre nom

Did you get season 19 mixed with 21 vibes at all?
How the Taylor thing started: Ameerah read the pre-sequester spoilergirl post about a pageant woman being cast and came into the house wanting the pageant woman out. Jasmine has whatever issues Jasmine has and has projected those issues on to the heap. Paloma? I think with the other women Paloma feels like she’s the leader, and the other women let her lead… Taylor doesn’t. That’s the problem there in a nutshell. Taylor hasn’t praised Paloma. Taylor’s intial responsibility? She spent the first night being cold and prickly to the other women, and talking to the men (remember Friday, right after Paloma made the initial Mamba? She immediately told Alyssa that if Monte and Taylor showmance, she’s back dooring Mamba alliance mate Monte? Good times). Taylor failed to bond. That’s on her, and that first impression added to the biases in this cast is pretty insurmountable.
As far as the men are concerned? One part angry black woman syndrome, one part equal footing fear. Monte in particular? He doesn’t want a cookout understanding to be his primary game strategy, but he wants the rest of the black houseguests to have the cookout understanding as their primary game strategy to keep him safe. That’s my read and I’m sticking to it. What is his major issue? He’s afraid Daniel will be talked into taking out a bro, so he conveniently chose last night to drop his bomb because the house believes veto ceremony is Today. The house also believes Pooch has a vote this week.
Again, I wonder, how much of this is from the obvious production manipulation of move in.
From who they chose belonged in which comp, who got the backstage boss, and having a musician *former drummer* in the build a drum puzzle HOH. Commercial break after the reveal that Pooch gets to choose 3 backstagers… and the voting pool this week is predominantly male.
Not one person said, should we get Taylor’s side of this story?
Season 19 added to Season 21 level follow the lemming mob mentality.


Yeah – there are some hints of 15, 19, and 21 but to me, this is the worst, and maybe it was just because of how the conversation between 1:30 & 3:30 PST went down.

I was enraged by Daniel seemingly implying he would’ve done something (physical?) had he not been in the DR.

Monte who I (until last night) felt was a frontrunner & liked -I’ve now lost complete respect for.

He encouraged shunning her, not telling her why she is being nominated & then blasting her in their goodbye messages.

I get everything you’re saying – that he’s doing it to set up his path with the alpha males to the end. But it almost makes it worse that he knows how this is painting Taylor to the house as a liar & he’s giving it his stamp of approval (in fact he’s encouraging it).

He has to look himself in the mirror so he can live with that but I was really, really, really, disturbed by it.

Don’t laugh – but I also wondered if this was production spurring them on to do this in order to expose Paloma so that when the backstage situation is revealed she would end up on the block and be the person they send out. However, I can’t imagine TPTB want her gone b/c her manic overplaying is offering them so much content presently.

I’m just now returning as I elected to stay away from feeds today.

This season has taken a nasty turn with Monte leading the charge to cement his F2 spot dragging his bros along for the ride. Watch him bring Paloma as his F2 so miraculously it gets exposed she WAS LYING the whole time for his easy win.

I’m so disgusted by the behavior of this cast (other than Michael, Brittany & Terrance) the rest are all directly or indirectly tied to this outright setup.

That Taylor and her loved ones will have to witness her being vilified all week via character assassination is outside what I consider acceptable gameplay.

P.S. to add to your Monte theory he also was complaining about the DR trying to push a showmance between him & Taylor this season which perhaps added momentum to spur on this farce.

Girl's Girls=Karens

Very well said! I feel like Taylor and the viewers are being gaslighted by the other HGs. I have been paying close attention to the feeds this season to grasp the understanding behind all the Taylor hate, but it’s just not making sense. There are other socially awkward people in the house that are getting free passes for being a little strange or different. I hate to sound like I am constantly playing the race card because I know that gets annoying but I can’t wrap my head around any other reason why they are judging Taylor so harshly. Some have brought up that the other POC do not like Taylor either but I think it’s a different dynamics. The two other POC are biracial and some biracial people tend to identify more with their white counterparts than black. Then there are two black guys but if anyone knows anything about the black community then they would know that most black guys do not have racial pride or they have selective racial pride when it suits them. I hate to say that but it’s true. So basically Taylor is in a unique situation of misogynoir (misogyny AND anti-blackness). Black women have a unique double whammy of being oppressed or betrayed by black men (ex: Monty, Xavier, Kyland, DF) and they also have no female allies (Paloma, Ally, Jasmine, Ameerah) because women can sometimes get competitive and catty. The other ladies also “other” Taylor. As a result, Taylor is on an island all by herself. Tragic! I was rooting for Taylor but this is just sad and tortuous to watch anymore. I think Taylor should just leave the house. She’s in a no-win situation. I hope she wins the AFP!


This may show my age but when I saw the “Server is almost freezing” statement I was thinking of the D.A.R.Y.L. movie


Ugh This is why I can not stand the mean girl attitude. Beauty on the outside, Ugly inside. You can play this game and be a bit ruthless without being personal or ugly to others. Taylor at least is upfront with a attitude. She probably got her attitude from being bullied by girls like that to begin with. Its why I hung with and got on better with the boys in my youth. Girls would start talking about another girl and being ugly about it and I would just walk away. Hope they get the karma they deserve.