Ameerah “Taylor was like I don’t think they’ll put up two black people.” “I mean at least they’ll know its not a race driven season.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your ranks in before midnight


11:10am HOH room. Daniel and Nicole.
Nicole – Like Ameerah comes into the room and starts telling us about the Paloma thing. I was like what the f**k is happening.. I’ve been gone for 30 minutes. Like why are you guys doing this to me. I am about to have a heart attack. Daniel – well imagine me coming out of the backyard. I was like what?! How?! I wasn’t gone that long you know. Daniel – I see what you’re saying.. I think we wait to see who wins HOH because I think that Ameerah might come through after proving herself. She might be like f**k that. Nicole – definitely get her on board with that idea. In her mind I can almost guarantee she does not view “Perch” (Pooch) and Turner as a threat. Because I know she wants to go girl power. Daniel – oh dope.. maybe find this out right before the HOH comp and literally be like Ameerah we should talk about this in case she wins it. Be like I have this idea.. Nicole – I know that she wants to protect you. I definitely don’t want to say anything to her about a final two. Daniel – no, .. be like moving forward.. Nicole – I’ll be like what we talked about the other day .. lets go. Lets put this together. Daniel – my goal is or thought is if you mention it before the HOH and then if she wins .. because she is a bada$$ .. like you said that before she got power. Instead of hey I have this idea .. and she’s like oh because I have power now?! Then if she loses you still come up with an idea like hey lets look out for Daniel and that is that. But if she wins same thing lets talk to Daniel and in that moment and then slowly build it. Nicole – yeah, and then the other pitch for that on the Paloma side .. like she might be our little sister but she might not be anyone else’s little sister for the boys. And how we can play it to Ameerah is like hey lets keep Paloma in the mix because she has it in with the guys. And in Ameerah’s head she will be thinking well those are the guys I want to get out.. Daniel – and we can kind of persuade her to get them out eventually. I think we have some dope little plans going on.

Nicole – absolutely. This makes me think if I do get HOH, who I would put up… like based on some of the stuff we’ve had to deal with this week. I would not be able to put up Indy. Daniel – yeah I don’t care. You do your thing. I appreciate Brittany saying stuff but they’re already talking like “This girl has a big mouth”. Daniel – who Brittany? No.. She is not keeping it down? Nicole – she is keeping it down. She is not having open conversations with everybody but she is having one on one conversations with everyone. Daniel – that is tough. I’ll take any information she gives but also if people are finding out .. they’re not going to give her anything. Nicole – so if I was to put anyone else up .. if I were to put up a guy I would put up Kyle because today is the first day that he has asked me to talk. I am not putting two females, no f**king way! Its not happening. I am f**king stoked that we’re a ride or die. We are in this till the end like we are going.. I don’t have a single doubt in my mind that we are going to make it. This is a marathon. Daniel – oh we are going to get those vetos hard! Nicole – we’re going to get things done, we’re going to get people take care of. Its just going to be a bada$$ summer! We are going to rock it out! Daniel – absolutely and that is why I was almost going to keep Taylor because I have to think of my game ultimately and because we were connecting ..I was like she is going to go after some people and I am going to let her blow sh*t up. Nicole – and now with all the drama going on .. because I am probably the only friend of hers in the house.. like true friend amongst everyone down there ..but then I started thinking about it.. why am I going to align myself with someone that nobody likes?! When I can get the same results when I align myself with Ameerah. Daniel – yeah! Nicole – Ameerah has connections with all the girls in the house. And she is like lets go. Nicole – I love this house .. I think next week is going to be more difficult. Daniel – every week is going to get more difficult.

12pm Backyard – workouts

Bathroom. Kyle and Michael.
They talk about what it will be like Michael – it will be so interesting to see what people say in the dairy room. Kyle – be nice to me dude. Like I actually hate cats… I’ve been faking it! I am just nervous to watch the season. Michael – I think it will depend on how it goes like if you win you’ll want to watch it but if you get backstabbed you might not want to.

12:22pm Bedroom. Ameerah and Taylor.
Ameerah – like we’ve all been through so much just to get here especially the last 4 weeks. I wouldn’t want it to be me but at least I could go see my dog. I miss my dog so friggin much! I don’t know who’s going up.. I don’t think he knows whos going up. Taylor – I don’t think he knows who’s going up. I think he woke up this morning and was like .. can’t decide. Ameerah – so we can just keep talking with him and hope for the best. Taylor – yeah I think I had a good conversation with him yesterday. Ameerah – yeah I haven’t had a bad conversation with him. They said they had good conversations with him too. I wonder how Terrance and Michael’s conversations were with him before they went up. Taylor – I like Michael. They talk about him being on slop and winning the veto to take himself off the block. Michael and Indy join them.

12:40pm Bedroom. Ameerah and Michael.
Ameerah – basically like how I stand for what’s going to happen like trying to get information.. basically trying to see if its going to be me (Taylor). Like it is so weird to have those conversations when you know its them. I just want to be like yeah girl it is you! She’s like how do you feel and I was like I am not going to vote out Terrance. …just so that she knows that’s where I stood before she gets voted out. She is feeling it like she is going to get voted out. but she was like I don’t think they will put up two black people the first week and I was like yeah girl. Michael – I know I thought about that too. Ameerah – I thought that too. And Pooch said that too he didn’t even notice. Kyle joins them. Ameerah tells him about her talk with Taylor. Kyle – I think she can feel the distance in the house. Ameerah – and she was like I don’t think they would put up two black people right?! F**k, I mean .. yeah its happening. Kyle – I mean this is going to be bad! I am not excited for that. Ameerah – I think things are about to blow up! When they say her name I think she is going to have a sh*t show! It is what it is ..its just how it played out. I mean at least they’ll know its not a race driven season. Michael – I just want to make sure if we are doing this its because of game and not just like this is how she talks and we’re not understanding because that’s not our background. Like was it a joke that came across .. I want to make sure its not. Ameerah – I think its too late now. Alyssa – yeah that ship has sailed. Ameerah – she came to talk to me now .. like too little too late. Alyssa – at the end of the day she is a strong competitor and she’s not in our alliance.

12:50pm Ameerah and Jasmine.
Ameerah talks to Jasmine about how Taylor asked you don’t think they will put up two black people right? Jasmine – yeah! Me and Monte talked last night about P (Paloma) and I told him I feel like America is going to hate us for that (putting up Taylor). But at the same time we can’t protect someone that blatantly comes out so early in the game like that. Honestly I am all for the movement but at the end of the day and I am so happy BB23 was able to make that happen but at the same time I was just not vibing with her when she came in this game. I had my feelings about her. I think I told P I feel like she is lying. It makes me very happy that she was one of my targets and I don’t have to get any blood on my hands. Ameerah – the rest of us have gotten really close and Taylor hasn’t gotten close with anybody. Jasmine – she does not f**king talk to me. Ameerah – I don’t understand why!? Taylor walks in. Taylor – are you talking about boys? Ameerah – yeah we’re talking about boys. Jasmine – we’re always talking about boys. Taylor leaves. Indy joins them.

1:34pm Bedroom. Nicole and Alyssa.
Alyssa – I feel like she (Taylor) is going to be really blindsided. Nicole – oh for sure! Alyssa – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.. Nicole – ahh.. its going to be really scary! Alyssa – it makes me feel so uncomfortable because I don’t want to misjudge. Nicole – whenever thing happened I went to Terrance.. like mom and dad of the house and I went to him .. do you know there is no one in the house that don’t like Taylor.. and his face was priceless.. and I started laughing like we’re old and dumb and just don’t know. Alyssa – its nerve wracking but I got you. If I was to win next week by the grace of god, I got you. I want strong girls on my side. Nicole – thank you and you are not someone I am going after. Alyssa – its going to be crazy tonight like a big shift in energy so we just have to be prepared for that.

2:09pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:18pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the kitten cams.. The backyard swimsuit photo shoot is taking place this afternoon so the feeds will be blocked for a bit..

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)

Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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what a bunch of clueless winches!


Don’t be fooled. The only one clueless in the house is Taylor. All of the other girls as well as some of the guys are protecting Paloma. Good thing I’m not in there. I’d tell Taylor that she has been named a liar by Paloma and she’s going to be the first one out! I’d love to see the fallout from that!

david bb22

Dear God, I wish I could quit watching Big Brother. Poor Taylor.


With my Hommie Paloma I’m getting Dope Sabrina level vibes


I’m considering pre building the shrines so they’re ready on Thursday.

The Beef

Too early to break out the Kraken yet? 😉


How the hell is she so low in the ranking. Am I the only one giving her 5 on this site?

un autre nom

How is Terrance number 2?
Game play?
He volunteered to throw veto… as a nominee.


He’s playing 5D chess. Imagine him getting dragged to final 2?

un autre nom

So… a repeat of last bbus season? At least i haven’t nicknamed him yet.


Everyone views her from a different angle. It would be one thing if she was being strategic in her moves against Taylor; however it seems to me that she has more personal than strategic motivations. If Taylor is not saved by this twist, I do want Taylor to have a chance to get back into the game just to see some of the houseguests do damage control. I don’t see Paloma’s Goodbye message as being reserved in consideration of the fact that Taylor could reappear


Best case Terrance gets evicted. Having Taylor in the house will add a layer of Drama (And Hotness) every season needs.

The guys should clue in that keeping Taylor will keep the girl’s girls occupied.


Lol. Good thing that I am not swayed by Taylor’s looks. Chances are at at some point this season I may start a sentence with “It is a good thing Joe is good looking because he…” I anticipate only a few of the guys will come to realize the mistake of Taylor being evicted


Daniel is wasting his HOH to nominate Taylor knowing that she would be the target for most of the HGs next week. He can’t play in the next HOH, so he nominates the only person that most other HGs would nominate for eviction next week?


There’s probably mostly women voting and we all see Paloma for the fake she is. Open your eyes, Simon!


I am! She is def entertaining.

The Beef

Jasmine, who knows that Paloma is lying about putting up the strong men, has no problem calling out Taylor, supposedly for the same offense, telling Ameerah “I think I told P I feel like she is lying.”, when in reality she knows she isn’t, and so does Ameerah. But neither one of them cares because she’s not aligned with either of them, and those two lying to each other and the others serves their own purpose of getting someone out of the game that they want out, so that makes it okay.

But Taylor’s a liar so she has to go. Even if she isn’t. Gotcha.

If this was later in the game and Taylor was going to jury, this might, MIGHT be addressed when the truth finally comes out and she is vindicated, but since it’s happening in week one, she’ll probably never get the apologies that she has coming her way from all concerned. The only question in my mind right now is if she makes it all the way to Thursday night’s eviction episode without self-evicting, when it becomes clear she’s going to be voted out anyway.

un autre nom

As the entire house comes to the sober realization that Taylorgate is a bunch of hooey… but she’s not a member of their alliance so who cares…. oi.
Yeah, they are doing the swimsuit shoot today. Perfect time for one of those infamous production notes meetings to head off the shitstorm and possible tmz coming their way. Remember Season 21 when they had Production notes meetings about racist language? Everyone walked around with a safety word just in case someone started being trash in their choice of words. Actually, season 21 had 4 production notes meetings before week 3. They happen. At least nobody is walking around actively talking about being an addict going through withdrawal… yet.
Get ready for the parade of justifications. All I’m saying.

I’m back to thinking my original backstage pass theory. Not a third nominee. a post vote challenge of some kind between the ‘evicted’ houseguest and one of the two backstagers unsaved. With votes going until Thursday and lack of clarity, it’s the theory that makes sense so far.

I have an admission to make. I’m not really feeling Jasmine. I don’t really like her. Okay. I said it. I don’t gut instinct nope list hate her. I just make the milk has gone sour face when she talks without realizing i’ve made a face for a second. I have no clue why.
So that takes us to 5. 5 out of 16 houseguests that make me make faces or roll eyes or stick out my tongue when i see them walk into a room and start talking. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


So agree with you about ole’ Jasmin. Ugh. Try to fit in mega floater. Yep, a couple more seem to make me cringe.


I wonder if anyone has tried calling/messaging CBS asking about the animals shown during breaks in the live feeds. That cat is so damn cute!!!


As of now, I’m voting for the cat for AFP.