Big Brother Spoilers Sh!t!ng on a Dream – Franks last Morning in the Big Brother House

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

10:26AM Kitchen Cam 1-2 Frank *indoor lockdown..
Frank is making what appears to be a omelette. Cutting up mushrooms.. Frank is talking to the camera saying that production was making some pretty heavy duty noise outside earlier in the morning.
Looks like Jenn has joined him in the kitchen. She’s eating slop.

Cam 3-4 powerhouse, Dan, Danielle and Shane are still sleeping.

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10:40AM Cam 1-2 Kitchen Jenn and Frank
Frank starts talking about a dream he had. When he went back to his home town nobody wanted to talk to him because he was on Big Brother. Frnak explains that in his dream he was still playing Big BRother but was only home for a day.

Jenn says her she kept waking up thinking that Production was calling her to the Diary Room. Jenn: “I kept hearing Jenn please come to the Diary Room.. Jenn please come to the Diary Room”
Frank: “The dreams in this house are freaky”

Frank says he wishes he could have made breakfast for her to. Jenn appreciates the sentiment . She has the breakfast of champions coffee and a protein shake.

The morning shout outs start.. ugh..

Jenn asks when the lockdown started. Frank says it was around 3. They are wondering what the competition, franks isn’t sure if it will be a crapshoot because usually they let them practice the night before.

Frank comments how all the other players sleep all day. He wants to try and stay on a regular schedule so when he gets out it’s not so much of a shock. Frank mentions how Dan was telling everyone how it will take a month to get back to normal.
Frank hopes the vote goes the way they think it’s going.. Jenn agrees. Frank mentions he saw Danielle up really late last night crying he wonders why.

Dan gets up walks to the bathroom.. Frank starts talking to the camera: “well live feeders today is the big day .. 6th time on the block.. put in as much work as I can.. hopefully not too much work”

Franks says Ian would never sleep in or take naps before now he seems to.
Frank: “I’m pretty uncertain about the vote.. I think they are going to vote my way but you can never be so sure”

Production says over the speakers “Please report to the HOH Bedroom”



11:20AM Feeds just cut to Trivia
12:15pm Still TRIVIA..
12:45pm TRIVIA continues..
1:10pm The live feeds come back from Trivia and Big Brother ends the HOH lock down.
Trivia looks like this (Image Link)

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about people bashing Dan for selling his faith.
so when you are lying to someone in the game, and that person asks if you can swear on the bible, how could you say no to the person. That will end your game. I don’t have a religion, so maybe that’s why I am insensitive about it, anyway I can understand that religious people using god’s name in the game.


Does your belief also go to swearing on your wife’s life and your dead grandfather? Pfft….


I admit, I don’t have the ability to play the game in the BB house, but if I have a chance to play for $500,000, I swear I’ll do anything that I have to.


It’s a game! All bets are off. Dan is the best, hands down. This is a game for money. Come on, people.


First of all, nobody asked Dan to swear on the bible, his wedding ring and his grandfather’s cross (which Dan probably just picked up at the Jesus Store prior to coming). Dan did those things voluntarily and without provocation, which makes it an active transgression.

And, sure, this is a game and anything goes. But doesn’t that make it worse? I don’t know about you, but for me there is something in my DNA which would prohibit me from going out of my way to throw God, my wife and my grandfather under the bus on national TV. Because, like you said, it’s just a game. I’d rather lose honorably than win like that.

So, for you Dan apologists, if the situation was reversed would you still feel good about it? If Frank had come up and swore on the bible and everything else he held dear–knowing the entire time he was lying–would you still excuse it? Would you still call it “shrewd game play?” Of course you wouldn’t. Of course you wouldn’t.


Well Biff, Julie Chen would say “Biff, you’re the first houseguest evicted from Big Brother 15”.




Frank wouldn’t have the balls to do that. Dan is doing this for his wife and children.

dan didn't

Dan swore to the information he was giving about Ian, not to the final 2 deal


Oh Bull Dan is doing this for Dan. And if i was his wife, the ease in which he lies with no remorse would really have to make me stop and think, because bottom line is this….You may not act like you normally would while inside the house but to be as devious and lie like he is well you just don’t pull that out of your hat, you have to have that inside or you couldn’t pull it off for days at a time!


What does she have to stop and think about? Dan lies to the other players in the game, players that are playing the game for themelves like he is.
They’re not related to him, not his brothers, sisters , or cousins. This isn’t real life as everyone knows already. Their relationship is strictly game so let him lie to them, and betray them and do whatever to get ahead while they get evicted.
He’s competing with these people, so let him lie and take them out.
After the game he goes back to the people he loves, so he’ll be different obviously.
People are twisting themselves up into pretzels over this. It’s really funny. I’m sure after this his marriage will still be okay and he’ll still have his job.


If my husband was bringing me home 500k?? I would tell him to use me however he could to get ahead!


Dan had the same chain and cross in BB 10


I don’t think Frank asked Dan to swear on the bible, his wife and some ring he did that himself without being asked. I think that is what happened I could be wrong. I think the number one rule someone should follow if they want to try out for this show and get into the house is never believe someone that swears on the bible or their family because that is a big clue that they are lying, it always seems like that.

Dark Horse

I was not bashing Dan but I’m gonna say how I feel about BB & God…

I think using God’s name in a game like Big Brother is not necessarily saying that you are disrespecting God or your faith…even if someone swears to God that they will not vote for someone, then votes for them…does not make them a bad person…this is a game of lies and deceit.

I think Dan may have taken this overboard with the swearing on the bible [I would swear to God, fingers crossed but not put my hand on a bible] and swearing on his marriage plus swear on his deceased grandfather…

with that, he will vote for Frank to stay. Just to have Ian send him home.


you are not supposed to swear to God or on the bible anyway….

Above all, my brothers, do not swear–not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. Let your “Yes” be yes, and your “No,” no, or you will be condemned.
James 5:12


But I tell you, Do not swear at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne
Matthew 5:34

Dark Horse

I understand Julie.

I am not saying its okay to do…

if I did by chance do that though…my fingers would be crossed and I would repent to God asking for forgiveness and understanding. I would not go a step further and put my hand on the bible like Dan did.

Dan will vote for Frank to stay…and his promise will be kept.

Linda in Texas

Dark Horse,

I know Big Brother is a game and I look forward to it every year.

My religion is parampunt to me.

Shame on anyone asking God for financial gains, by winning a game, win on your own merits.

God hears prayers for peace, healing and the many voices from those truely suffereing

For the most part I agree with you Dark Horse,

Back to Big Brother, who will be evicted tonigh?

Gator girl

Jury vote….Dan realizes this where a Shane, Dani, Jenn, Ian and Joe do not think about the jury votes.


I liken it to someone of supposedly strong faith swearing on the Bible that he was going to be honest and decent to everyone he encounters today before going to work, stealing someone else’s idea, making money off the idea, and then saying “I’m not like this in the real world so it’s OK.” How would that fly if it were anywhere but Big Brother?

I don’t have a problem with what Dan did but trying to justify it through a lens of faith is a dangerous proposition because then you open up the gates to have people pick and choose when their God’s teachings apply.


First and foremost no one asked Dan to swear on his Bible , he choose to swear on the Bible knowing in good faith that he had no intention of upholding his promise. The Bible shows us how to live in ways that please God If you don’t believe in the Bible then you would obviously have no problems swearing on it, however as a christian the Bible clearly states in Numbers 30:2 “When a man makes a vow to the LORD or takes an oath to obligate himself by a pledge, he must not break his word but must do everything he said.”

I get that he’s there to win $500,000 however I think his antics are unnecessary and will effect him outside of the house when he gets home.

Ians virginity

I agree lie at all costs and say whatever you need to too win. If Dan can convince these people he is some choir boy catholic and his word is good, it’s their fault and they should have watched Dan’s season.. lol

That said him doing that and thinking as long as he is sorry for it and goes to confession after is absolutely stupid. Shows the fundamental problem with religion essentially. The bible is unfounded mis-translated jargon. It’s a shame there’s so many southerners in the house, his religious thing REALLLY plays to them.


Religion isn’t even real. So who gives a F?!

Dark Horse

Popping bottles tonight….Frank you $hitted on your own dream.

I bet Boogie is disappointed Frank kept Dan.


LOL….Yeah Frank did sh!t on his own dream big time yo. He got misted.


@Darkhorse.I’m not sure if you should pop bottles just yet,because production have been working over time to save Frank this week.They’ve been giving him hints and had Jenn in the DR for about 45minutes,all because they’re trying to keep Frank.Now,as soon as Frank wakes up,production cut the feeds.Huh?What was that about?I hope they didn’t give him a power to keep him here(they’ll say he had the power for a while.But he couldn’t say anything about it).Or they probably told him to say things to the others about Dan.Which could cause Frank to say.I just want the eviction to be over with already.The closer it gets to Frank leaving the game for good.The more production seems to be trying to get into the other house guests heads,about keeping Frank.

Dark Horse

Now you’re getting me nervous LOL

DR has had a lot to say this season…more so than the last, with vets in the game. There has been a lot of DR talk…and from what I’m hearing youre right, the DR seems to be trying to keep Frank…

I remember last season I was hoping that the DR would somehow save Danielle Donato.


If Dan had went, do you think Frank would have a better shot with Britney in the house? I don’t think so. Plus Britney had Ian, Shane and Danielle behind her 100% and no blood on her hands. It didn’t work out for Frank, but I respect his thought process. He figured Dan had a big target on his back and Dan wasn’t in tight with Ian and Shane. Little did Frank know the whack pack was back!


If Frank had of evicted Dan instead of Briteny then Dan wouldn’t have been around to beat Frank in the POV and he’d be off the block right now and safe for another week.


Shane could have been playing, so you never know he could have beaten Frank in that competition also.


I stand corrected. Skulk has a good point, Frank would have won POV if Dan were gone. Shane could have beaten Frank in a straight race. But I don’t think Shane could figure out OTEV’s clues! Shane is pretty dim.


I agree with Anonymous. Somebody mentioned that yesterday and I immedietly thought what Skulk just said, but then realized if Dan had gone things could have gone different. Shane could have won, or even Britney you never know.
Maybe Frank would be in the same situation he is in now. What if…what if…what if….

Gator girl

Frank talked Jenn into saving Dan because he was misted. However, the mist will no longer be effective when he walks out of the house. Frank will be very upset he saved Dan, when Dan was just using/misting him. I guess I will hope ‘ole Joe can pull it off. Maybe it will be a tie and Ian will have a change of heart.
These people are not who I would pick to be in the end. Dani…..NO, NO!!!! Say it ain’t so Joe!!!

Dark Horse

No I think Frank would have had a better shot in getting Dan out instead of Wil…not his last HOH.


The WHACK PACK!! That’s it.
Frank didn’t stand a chance this week when a Whack Packer took HOH. Sh**, Dan might have taken him out if he had won…
This show got really boring really fast.


it’s gonna be a good morning, good afternoon, good night and a goodbye for Frank tonight.


As much as I hate Mike hopefully they will have an interview with him tonight discussing Frank’s awful decision to keep Dan!

Dark Horse

Oh I would LOVE that…and I bet Boogie is thinking that they should have gotten rid of Dan when Frank mentioned it the first time.


Frank is a huge disappointment to Boogie, he should’ve stayed in the house and Frank gone


No interview with Mike tonight – no time with a double eviction show


If Jenn or Joe win HOH – they put up each other, respectively and Ian.
If a QP wins HOH – Jenn and Joe go up and Ian is a replacement nominee if he doesn’t win veto.

Gator girl

Me too. Simom.


Would love to see Shane or Danielle be the second one evicted tonight. Probably not going to happen but I just cannot stand those two. Im gonna say that a Quack Packer wins HOH, Joe and Jenn get put up, neither will win veto and PH4L will be gone. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!1

Red splotch on Janelle's chest

After Frank’s well-deserved BB boot this evening – my preferred order of hous guest evictions is:
1) Dan – his smarmy, smug, Bilble-quoting ego is beyond nauseating.

2) Danielle – the self-proclamed ‘competition beast’ has done nothing since week four except to never have an unexpressed thought about herself expressed in a whiny, victimized voice that would be more effective than water-boarding if played in loop to get terror suspects to talk

3) Jenn – Jenn City with a population of 1 – is unbearable to watch as she struts around thinking she is a mover and shaker in this game having betcome a big target in the game because she made that destroyed her strategy of an all girls alliance.

4) Joe – he’s a big talking floater but given the other players who can blame him for wanting to pick a side to stay with. He at least came to Shane’s defense when Frank and Boogie were bullying Shane while Britney-I-am-the-one-person-who’s-had-your-back-since-Day-1-Shane hid in the arcade room shaking like a leaf with the other players trying to stay out of the line of fire so she could keep from getting blood on her hands.

5) Shane – he’s good at comp’s but his attempts to strategize are hopeless – he is being manipulated by Dan and Danielle – primarily Dan since Dani is his Daddy-issues-puppet. I think he is book smart but has no social game (which to his credit he admits unlike Frank) – but he seems like a genuinely nice guy and so I want him to get to the Final 2 with my #1 pick:

6) Ian for the win! Yes he can be annoying and has been manipulated by Britney and I was very disappointed when he hooked up with Dan again to keep the QP together – I thiought he was smart and ballsy enough to see Dan through the QP under the bus and would make Dan his #1 or #2 target after Frank.

But his having OCD and still doing so well in the game is extremely impressive. And he’s made big game moves – playing double agent with the QP to get Boogie out and now getting Frank out – which gives him an impressive BB resume. Plus for all his quirks he seems to be a genuinely decent guy – I remember when he teared up when Boogie gave him the 3K prize money – its one of the sweetest moments ever in BB history.

And I am sick of Frank saying how much Ian owes him and Boogie for giving him the 3K and the immunity in week #1 – Boogie had to split the money and Frank was saying give it to Ian and Jenn to keep the team together since Boogie and Frank ignored the other 2 most of the time giving what I am sure Frank saw as chump change compared to the 500K and the money he obviously has outside the house – was a strategic move to keep them loyal – since Boogie and Frank’s day-to-day social game was to treat Ian and Jenn like sh*t.

And of course Boogie protected Ian in week one becuase Frank told him that he was going to be nominated by Willie and so was safe (which didnt turn out to be the case) and Ian’s odd behavior early in the game before people got to know him made Ian a big target and Boogie gave him immunity to increase his own chances at winning the 100K as coach.

So for me its IAN ALL THE WAY – for the win and for America’s Player.

Red splotch on Janelle's chest

correction Frank told Boogie he WASNT going to be nominated by Willie and so was safe


Ian told Dan that he has ADHD and does not take medication for it. I agree with you – I want Ian to Win. Dan has played an awesome game but he already won – let the new kid who has watched since he was 10 yrs. old and really hasn’t played a bad game WIN! GO IAN!


Hell yeah! Ian The Boss (1st place) and Dan The Man (2nd)!!


i want frank gone but i just wish it was danille instead ……….. danille is to needy and clingy she told shane lastnight he has to intiate the cuddling i guess shane refuse all of a sudden shane the bad guy … like EVIL dick said danille is going to need some serious help when she gets out the bbh ..

1/ shane said kera is pretty danille crys and says trey loves her look what she did to him

2/shane said he wanted to hook up with jojo danille throws a fit trey i’m sorry

3/ shane said danille i dont want people target us as team mates because they will vote us out if we are in a showmance . danille crys goes to britney shane doesn’t like me can u talk to him for me . trey and i are goods friends i dont want him to think there is something with shane and i

4/ shane told danille she needs to sleep down stairs not in the hoh tonight danille crys go to dan complain that shane is very mean to her

yes shane see that danille is emotionally unstable so he cuddles with her so she cant mess up his game …. when bb is over shane will avoid her like a plague this girl has issue i just pray the right person wins and send her ass home


you hit the nail on the head with this one ! the girl is psychotic ! ! !

Disgusting Jenn

Can’t wait until tonight to see the look on Frank’s face when he’s told he’s be evicted. Priceless!!!!!! Really hopes he tells everyone what Dan has been doing before he leaves. That will be some good TV. So glad I won’t have to look at him anymore and listening to how arrogant he is. First thing he needs to do is go & get a haircut. Who in their right mind wears their hair like that and is proud of it. Every time he asks how does his hair look I wanted to say like an idiot.


Please let Joe win the next HOH so he can evict Jenn in the double eviction. I’m so sick of looking at her and listening to how smart she is playing the game. Dan’s mist got to Frank & Frank told her to keep Dan. Hope that comes back & bites both of them in the a$$.


it would be great if joe won and put up jenn and danielle

Danielles Forehead Crater

Amen to evicting Lazy Ass Jenn in the double eviction!


Good Riddance, Frank

Time to cue the “I’m not watching the rest of the season if Frank gets evicted” whiners..yea, sure you won’t..same thing you said about Boogie, yet you’re still here..whining away.


People say that every season when when of their favorites get eliminated. It’s annoying but expected and they’d be right back on the boards leaving comments like nothing ever happened.

Oy Vey

This house is gonna be an emotional wreck when all is said and done. Danielle is emotionally not stable at all and will have a meltdown any minute, especially when she goes home and see what people really think of her. Frank is going to go ballistic on live tv, he has serious anger issues. He is a classic bully and deserves exactly what is coming to him I wouldnt tell him I was voting him out. As NO ONE deserves to be bullied, harrassed, threatened, put down etc And when he gets out and see that america does not like him at all, he will have some serious emotional issues to deal with. Shane is a pussy plan and simple. He goes with the flow and is a yes man. Joe , production really needs to tell him to stop playing with himself. SERIOUSLY….what is he going to do when he gets home and finds his kids traumatized , his wife completely horrified and embarrassed. He will need some help too emotionally when he gets home to peoples opinions of him and his hygiene and masterbation. Ian seems to be really isolating and down and even asked to see a shrink. He as well is going to need help when he goes home. This is one very unstable group of people. Dan is playing a game. This is a game. He says to him it is chess, nothing more. He seperates the game from his life and I totally get that. But as well he will leave and go home to alot of hatred and religious persecution. God help them all


Frank needs anger management, Danielle needs a white cell, Joe needs to go to sex rehab with his hand, Shane needs therapy to discover himself, Ian needs a de-ego-sizer-So does Jenn, Dan needs a hallucination where the mini angel and devil are on his shoulders.


I’m really hoping Danielle is either evicted or exorcised tonight.


That is too, too funny ! ! ! Yeah, BB needs to bring in an Exorcist ! ! !

Danielles Forehead Crater

Danielle may be evicted…but I AM STAYING! I am the zit that dont go away! I think I need my own area code.


I’ve just got to know…
What CD did Ian get ???
I’m curious about his taste in music.


Arctic Monkeys


He got an Article Monkey cd.


Speaking to an earlier discussion (above) about swearing on one’s faith, wife, grandfather, etc. I tend to agree with what Boogie said a couple of weeks ago…it’s pointless b/c what’s going to happen to them if you break your word? Nothing. Empty “swearing”, in my opinion. If I was playing, I don’t care what someone swore on, that would not sway me one way or another. (And, if I was in the game, I’d swear on whatever someone wanted me to if it gained me their trust…then, I’d stab’em in the back! Lol Lol Lol)

On a side note: Guess who’s getting married this weekend? Brenchel!!!

Back to BB14 – 1) SOOOO looking forward to Frank going home.

2) Joe is sharper then people have been giving him credit for. A lot of things he’s been picking up on and/or saying the last week are pretty spot-on. He still needs to stop yelling in the DR’s tho (same goes for Dan.)

3) Danielle – her behaviour really embarasses me sometimes…both for and because of her. She gives all women a bad name. I really hope her family/friends keep an eye on her for awhile once she’s out of the house. I really do fear we’ll be reading about her suicide. I hope not…she definitely needs to stay off of the internet (although, with how she is, I don’t think she’ll be able to help herself.)

4) Looking forward to double eviction tonight…hoping Dan makes it thru. :)

Have a great day everyone. :)


I agree about Joe. Just imagine how different this season would have been if Joe and Jenn were able to win an HOH each instead of it just being either Frank or the Quack Pack.

When it comes to swearing I’m like that also. To me it’s just words and it doesn’t really bother me that Dan swore on the bible or his wife. She knows he’s here playing the villain role and she knows how their marriage is, I doubt it will be affected by him swearing on it. It takes bigger things to dissolve a marriage.
I’m not religious, but can understand the points of those that condemn him, this issue is a matter of what you believe, it’s whether you’re religious or not. Me. I don’t care. Some people clearly do.

As for Danielle I don’t have the live feeds and I’ve read a lot of mean negative comments directed at her. I get it everyone has an opinion and can express themselves however they like but alll I can say is I wish her help if she’s really as bad as people say she is. However I cannot hate her for being hung up on Shane…or herself. She’s got her own flaws and most of them will be seen coz she’s being watched 24/7. Heck if someone was watching me 24/7 I’m sure they’d see my flaws too. We all have issues to deal with.

Next HOH, I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ian walk out the door.


How the hell does Danielle give all women a bad name? She’s one delusional emotional sensitive person-There’s much more out there like her. She doesn’t represent every woman. That’s pure stupidity. I am embarrassed by you and Patty.


I really don’t know how any of us are gong to be able to watch the live feeds now…the quack pack is dominating, and the only 2 left SUCK at this game! Maybe Dan will mist everybody and take Jenn and Joe to final 3 lol that would be hilarious. Does anyone have predictions on who will be nominated for the double eviction? Joe is the only one who has broken free of the Mist and thus would put up Dan and another quack packer besides Ian (who he believes he has a final 2 deal with) but he is worse than JennCity so idk if I can rely on Joe to win and shake up this BORING ASS HOUSE!


@IloveBB. But,Joe was never in Dan’s mist.Since the funeral it seems as though Dan could care less if Joe doesn’t like him.So,since Joe was never in Dan’s mist.There’s nothing for Joe to break free from.Now,If Dan decides to mist Joe,he won’t be able to get out of the mist.Unless production goes to work on him.Dan’s mist is that strong.Lol.


Dan never misted Joe, Joe was already delusional with all of his tall stories and if Dan misted him, he would of had to be taken out of the BB house in a straight jacket. So Dan showed him some compassion.


Danielle sure got zitty once she left Alabama.


lots of trivia today is production saving frank


Good bye Frank. It’s been a fun summer watching you use up all your lives but this cat is finally done. See yinz. Enjoy the JH with Ashley.

Ian's Morning Wood



I think brit’s cup could beat him in final 2

VA Vet

Mister mister (Dan) isn’t misting anyone. He’s in a house with a bunch of bozo’s who couldn’t figure out what is really going on if it was spoon fed to them one word at a time.

Just 30 seconds of thought would tell them that Dan spun a web of deceit. The minute Dan started in about Danielle, they all should have asked themselves why was it necessary since one of them was set to be evicted. I could give them 10 more clues that it was all a hoax and it looks like only Joe (Joe of all people —-except Jenn of course) has figured out that something doesn’t add up.

So please, spare me the mist comments. If Boogie or Jannelle were still in the house, Dan would have been exposed in a heartbeat.

Fear the Mist

Janelle? Seriously? I like her, I really do, but the weakest part of her game has always been knowing who to trust and who not to trust. She’d be still obsessed with getting Frank out. Boogie might figure it out, but if Boogie was here without Frank, he could have just as easily trusted Dan as he would have needed someone better than Jenn to work with.

And you, like the rest of us benefit from seeing what is going on from a perspective that the players don’t have. They don’t see DR sessions,or the conversations taking place in other areas of the house. So it’s easy to say this bozo should do this or that, but we have all the facts, they have much less than that to work off. Plus they have the DR putting thoughts into their heads.


If you think Dan meant any of the shit he said on the bible than you’re crazy…period

MANY people including those claiming faith would swear up and down on everything they possibly can think of to get outta trouble or get big money, this doesn’t mean they’re bad people and are going to hell.

Frank being a noob made a fatal mistake for taking Dan seriously. that’s all


Unless jenn spills the beans, Frank will say nothing. So, production can do nothing to save his unruly mop. Even if he did, Dan holds too much sway over his disciples, at this time, and will say he is just lying to save himself.

Frank did this to himself. He’s just going to have to live with it..IF he ever accepts it. Frank was real cocky when he had Boogers, and when he was winning. Now, he’s just smarmy and scared. He was loud and proud, now weak and meek. So what if he had a dream? So does everyone else who wants to be on the show. His sense of entitlement just rubs the wrong way. Ha…someone should remind him..that calling Shane a pussy and a bitch …well, Shane hasn’t forgotten. Frank should realize that he was Booger’s little puppet. Ahh, how the mighty has fallen.

The only one who is not delusional is Joe. The others can’t see the wood for the trees. However, I think Joe will win the next HOH. He’s going to put up Dan and Jen. With Dan leaving.( I’m Rubbing hands with glee.)

Aqua Bernie

Joe needs to put up Dan and Danielle, if he was smart. And if he won HOH!


@Capealadin.Since you said,”Dan holds too much sway over his disciples”.What makes you think If Joe wins HOH and put up Dan&Jenn,that Dan will be evicted over Jenn?That won’t happen,because like you already admitted they are under Dan’s control.Ian,Danielle&Shane won’t evict Dan over Jenn.


In reply. Because I think, (hope) Frank WILL say something when told to get stepping to Jury House, Son, by Ian. Joe will then hope to have Ian’s and Shane’s vote, and Danielle, realizing the game is up, will be the 3rd vote to get Dan out. I think she’ll be made to realize that she has a better chance against Jen than Dan.

Of course, I could be way off base here. it’s prolly wishful thinking. Saying that, I will NOT be sorry to see * Miss I’m so badly treated, I’m soooo aloooone leave*.

shane prefers blondes

Shane was telling Danielle late last night…dont touch me. she said he was a dick.. .. then while they were still sleeping this morning they r spooning?? He may not have felt that creeper harraser creep up to him and sppon hin…idk…but if he is playing stupid games with this crazy not right in the brain chick….if she stalks him after the show…thts his fault…he needs to put his foot down,,,tell her no…


OOH EMM GEE, without Chat the feeds are boring for me.


I be so happy if Frank goes home yo! As many times he has been on the block – somehow BB Production saves him. It is his dream to win this (I guess he wasn’t told up front that is everyone who is also on BB14 dream as well). Sorry Frank – CBS is just not going to fork over the $$ that easy – although they are trying. BB Production wants the classic showdown of Dan and Frank to see which of them is the greatest player. But the one thing that BB production is not realizing is that Ian is just as good as the both. So if Frank stays tonight – I will be finding something else to watch. They can bring Frank back, like they did for the ones last season. Poor Danielle, get ready to be committed to a pysch ward and a restraining order ready to be handed to her. She is one of the worst “poor me – give me my attention” annoying person I have ever seen, Rachel wasn’t even that bad. Maybe Danielle should have learned a couple of things from Rachel – just pout until you almost get your way. Jenncity – what have you done in this game other than think you are one of the best players (wake up – I believe you are still in dreamland). Also, so delusional and senile, I wouldn’t be working on Frank’s votes, the less input you have the better off you are in the game. Joe (the new Ed Bundy of BB), I don’t think anyone wants the visual of hand down the pants. Finally you want to be noticing things, you should been doing that after the coaches came into the game. Sorry bud — get ready to start your cooking show in the jury house, because you are the next one out the door. Shane (OMG) please sit Danielle down and say “you are just friends – grow up.” Ian – you got the game down pat – but you really are not playing it too smart. I say gone next week. Nothing to comment on Dan – he is playing it the way he did on his season but better.

Darranged stalker Danielle

I bet if Shane was a female Danielle the male she would be gone by now… for harrasing and harrasing someone on the show..


wait? shane’s not a female?

Power of Veto Corleone

Dan mist my ass. That dude is a sociopath and it shows from time to time. Once during the POV when Frank opened Pandora’s Box. He turned on the players in a second and was vicious. Last night he grabbed Ian by the throat when Ian mentioned he screwed up saying something to Frank.
Dan quickly pulled back and told Ian he was kidding, but the look on Dan’s face showed how pissed he was. Ian almost shit himself.
Mark these words….Dan is a douchebag and there’s a good chance he’ll be on TMZ some night. Probably for either abusing his wife, or something even more disturbing. That man disgusts me and always has.


I don’t know if you were serious or not, but that was hilarious, Ian really almost shat himself?


I agree, who would use their religion for monetary gain except crazy, psychos explains all the televanglists out there…

Midwest Middie

I agree.
He looks and acts the part.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Sniffles Y’all see how mean Shane was yesterday. One minute he’s nice, next minute he’s a mean ass. What’d I do to deserve this. His words cut me deep. Cut me Mick, Cut me… sorry about that, my inner Sylvester Stallone came out for a second. But as I was saying Shane was mean. And that funeral, can y’all believe that Dan said I was dead to him. then I dream that he meant it. I was such a sad girl. And then Frank is flirting with me, I knew he wanted to hit this. What did Trey do to deserve this, we dated, he did me in the back of his car and then I leave and go on BB. Will Shane ever do me in the back of his car? Is his car nice like Trey’s? What y’all think a girl should do? Are you listening to me? Hello?

PS Trey, I had a great time and have real feelings for you. I hope someone told you on Facebook that I was missing you.


This site is the best at keeping up with what’s going on in the house! No need to water Big Brother After Dark or any other episodes except maybe to see Frank going into the Jury House and gives Brit and Ashley the CD to see what’s going on. Other than that I’ll just wait till finale night to watch. Just watching now is so boring. Last night on BBAD was yet again something about Danielle and Shane lol. Is it wrong to say I kinda want Joe to win now that Frank is gonna go lol


Bye bye frank. So who’s next to follow him in DE tonight?

Shane is gay

I think Joe or Ian. But I really hope is Danielle


I hope it’s Ian.

Frank is going to flip out tonite when he gets that surprise eviction yo.


On the Dan/Religion Topic:

Personally, I don’t agree with how Dan used his faith for financial gains. Faith is about so much more than money. Faith is about much better things than money. His actions were truly an insult to Christianity.

The man made a mistake, but that is his problem. He is responsible for it, not us. I don’t think he is a bad person; I do think he got a little drunk with greed.

However, everyone in the BB house is playing a game and the reward is money. All of the people are doing things that they will probably be ashamed of later. We are all just human and we all reach desperate times. From what I have read, it seems that almost everyone in the house is financially fudged up or close to it. People will do anything for money. Who knows what any of us would do if we were there and had a change to win 500K. As much as we want to say that we aren’t motivated by money, it is a big necessity that dominates our lives in many ways.

Hell, even Honey Boo Boo said that a dolla make her holla!


Okay, fine. But, Dan has ALREADY won &500,000. Give the others a chance. It’s greed, pure and simple. Under the sanctity of the bible, his * loved* ones lives, Wifey and Grandpa.

Look, if he just backstabbed, lied, etc..and hadn’t yet won anything, Fine. He’s a scumbag. And, I have yet to see someone walking around, looking SO SMUG.

Here it is Dan. Do unto others as you will have done to you. Karma’s comin’. Just not soon enough. I’d like to see that Chechire, holier than thou grin wiped off.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he forgets to take his Bible. He’s a sham.


Well said Capealadin.

I agree with you. Karma is definitely going to bite him in the ass.

I don’t think any of those people are going to appreciate the way he has been smug.

What gets me is that he is a teacher/coach at a Catholic school for boys. Those kids are probably watching/idolizing everything he is doing in the BB house. That part is sad and disgusting.

Dan has messed up in the BB house and I think it will affect his outside life greatly. I also don’t think he will win BB14. They will vote him out in the next 2 evictions.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Inspired by a song by Tom Petty, Running Down a Dream

It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down
I had the veto on, I was thrivin’
Days flew by, me and Ian were singin’ Renegade
I was flyin’

Yeah shitin’ on a dream
They’d never would blame it on me
Got em Playin’ in a mist, doin’ whatever it takes
Shitin’ on a dream

I felt so good like anything was possible
I hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes
The last three days and Frank was so gullable
I was always cold, no sunshine

Yeah shitin’ on a dream
They’d never would blame it on me
Got em Playin’ in a mist, doin’ whatever it takes
Shitin’ on a dream

I lived on as Frank went home
I put the hammer down to send home this time
There’s something good waitin’ at the end of this game
I’m pickin’ up whatever’s mine

Fear the Mist

That was supposed to be posted under this name. My bad…

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

So Simon and OBB posters, in all seriousness. Where would Frank saving Dan last week rank in all-time BB bad moves? Or Bad HOH’s? Especially if he goes home tonight like as expected.

Nicky Brand

Not quite as dumb as Marcellas, but dumber than just about everything else.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Even dumber than Lawon last year?

Nicky Brand

Lawon had an excuse. He knew he was going to come back with super powers.

Okay, you’re right. Lawon was dumber than Frank.


I came up with an easy senario for bb to get the Diamond Power of Veto in the house- While they are on trivia, tell the hgs there is a special power hidden somewhere in the house, give each hg 5-10 mins alone downstairs to find it while the others stay in hoh room with the spy cam off. That way no one would know if someone found it or not.


LMFAO if they pulled some bs like that it wouldn’t be fair to anyone in the house… like i said many times this week, if they were going to attempt saving Frnak again, they would’ve done it in the last 2 weeks, the had 2 chances to give him a power to save himself..


Production can only save a player so many time, THEY have to make moves to get themselves further, this is how Rachel won last season, yes production helped her a bit along the way, but it was her winning and finding other ways to keep herself safe, Frank fucked up a “Golden” fuck it “Platinum” opportunity of getting Dan out, and he’s going to jury for it.. period

Frank is going to be a much better player when he gets called back, I know this, and I can’t wait to see him come back..


They should just hint around at what Joe does at night then ask the gang if they are sure Joe washes his hand before he cooks. Group gets disgusted and votes out Joe.


LOL they REALLY would’ve done that already , I’d rather have an enemy in the house then someone who cooks for me and doesn’t wash their hands….

Clearly they wanted people out over their own health


So so true!

“Ring ring – Quack Pack + the other two floaters! It’s Boogie and Frank (Laughing hysterically) – just wanted to let you know that you made the dumbest move in getting Frank out (ROFL hysterically 3 times worst) – QP+2 response why is that? Boogie – well if you knew where Joe’s hands go at any part of the day, you would have voted him out – QP+2 response – what do you mean by that – Frank’s response – well since you voted me out – we got the feeds and saw every time he went to the restroom or sleeping his hands were doing the Al Bundy, except for when he would always make food, he never washed them. Frank’s additional – thank goodness you evicted me in a timely manner, so I could get my antibiotics in time” – CLASSIC


who do you want to go home tonight in the second eviction??
I want Danielle or Jenn out!!
oddly enough, and only because I am forced…I am rooting for team Jhane!!


I Frank goes 1st? hmmm ___________(place name here) I hope they go home next



Power of Veto Corleone

I’m serious. Dan grabbed Ian with both hands around his neck and said….what did you do?
He let go right away but the look on his face was dead serious. Then he gave Ian that Joker Grin and said he was just kidding.
Poor Ian. He almost fainted. There’s a dark side to Dan that comes out from time to time. He’s not normal. Who else would admit to wearing piss stained shorts that he hasn’t washed once in 4 years?
All I know is if he grabbed Danielle by the throat like he did Ian, he would be up on charges. Kidding or not kidding, that’s a sick puppy.
Simon, I know Dan’s your boy and I respect that, but did you see that last night on BBAD? If so, what was your take? Were you okay with it?
Could he have done that to one of the girls in the house?


Sorry PoV Corleone, I was watchn and Dan did not grab Ian by the throat. He did turn toward him a little and ask him what did he do but I didn’t see him put his hands on Ian, If he had done that I think Dan ielle and Shane would have said something or reacted.

Oy Vey

I truly think Franks exit tonight is going to a hell of a show. He is going to go ballistic on live TV

Midwest Middie

I disagree, however I wish he would let the $hit Fly before exiting the show.


I really want to see Danielle and Ian out, those are the two that annoy me the most. Not really happy about Dan swearing on the bible but at least he has been working his butt off to stay in the game.


Wake the hell up and stop drinkig the DAN Koolaid


I’m not a huge Dan fan myself but if Franks leaves then I’m stuck with
Ian and Danielle-both I find annoying and painful to watch
Shane- what do I say about shane, hmm…a person I could see investing in solar-powered flashlight.

Then Jenn, Joe and Dan..Dan I think has just played a better game than Joe or Jenn.


This is big brother. The most deserving person, does not always win, because there aren’t any set rules to follow, nor any way to measure what makes someone the most deserving. In the end, it comes down to whom gets to the final two, and who the jury decides to give the money too. This game can be either played emotional, strategic, or a combination of the two.

In theory, people in the Jury, still have a chance to affect the game, by voting against someone who played a hand in voting them out, but by then, they have cooled down, and are not in the game mind set anymore, so they sometimes respect the strategic, underhand moves that a player had to make.

Every season, we meet a few people who we like, and think they are a good person, so we root for them. Usually it is the underdog. Then what happens? Before you know it, the viewer now has a change of heart, and is rooting for another person, based on that persons choices.

So in conclusion, it is still hard to predict who will win. It seems to be a game of chance, to some extent, when it comes to who has the power. It is all luck, even some of the competitions are really stupid. So this game is part luck, and the other part, emotions.


I wanna see Big Brother on a Boat, then whoever get voted out, get thrown off the ship to swim back to shore… That is my Dream, Don’t shit on it


now that would be classic

Relax peeps

I would love to be present when all these chuckleheads go back and watch this season. I want to be there to see the “man was I stupid” looks on each and everyone of their faces when they realize how much B.S. They fell for.

I hope bb production does something to step in and shake things up. Like evict them all during tonight’s live show, and replace them with 6 more interesting, smart, strategic, less gullible contestants.

Frank, I was rooting for ya, but you have failed to see what’s going on right in front of you!!

Did I miss something? I remember the conversation between Dan and Ian, and I recall Ian saying that he does not have OCD. He said he is ADD and feels something rattling in him.

I understand this is a game, and everyone lies. But Dan has taken it to new extremes… Stop swearing on your bible. I feel bad for his wife who has to put up with his manipulative lying ways. “no honey, I thought picking the playboy playmate would be the best route for my game! It’s what the karate kid would have done!” I can’t wait till his lies catch up to him!

Lastly, if anything, please, please, please get rid of Danielle. Because of her I either have to skip BBAD, or Fast forward past her and read what they were discussing to avoid her voice. I feel bad disliking someone this much. But aside from her being annoying, desperate, and crazy, she is more and more looking like a mean, bitter person. Please bb, do what you can to save this season!


The conversation with Dan and Ian was shown on last night’s show. That’s when Ian said he had ADHD and has something rattling inside him.


Come on, guys, Dan was just joking. Do you really think he would want to strangle lovable Ian?


SMH at the people who think Ian deserves to win this game over Dan. Dan is probably the second best BB player off ALL TIME. He made one of the biggest moves in BB history and right now is playing everybody like it’s nothing. And why be mad that he lied to Frank? This is a GAME. Lying is a part of it. So please STFU about Dan swearing on the bible. It’s just business.


I honestly don’t think Dan can win 1st place, so my second best is the nerd. I’ll be content with whichever. Once the JH (all the people Dan played) assembles and they review clips from the house the light bulbs in their heads might flicker. I don’t think Shane has one.


If Dan even makes it to F2, believe me: It will get personal

Relax peeps

If it was just business, then so be it. But when he walks around the house with his holier than though attitude, and acting like the big brother cardinal then it is hypocritical, and pathetic. I can’t imagine how many hail Mary’s and our father’s st. Mary’s is going to make him do. He could lie and deceive with out getting Christ and religion involved. It almost downgrades his ability to manipulate in my opinion. A good game player and strategist would be able to do so without using something as sacred as Christianity.


or Dawg. Since the live feeds are finally back up.What’s going on with the house guests?Any updates?


A new post is up …not much going on in the house .. they are all getting ready for the live show game talk yet.

Danielles Forehead Crater

Hoping Dan makes it to the final 2…anyone who got where he is, from the position he was in, awesome awesome gameplay! Matters not to me if he used the bible, his wifes name, etc etc etc, what Dan did is nothing short of amazing. Like to see Jen go next, hate to see someone in the final who slept all season and woke up long enough just to win a veto…by DEFAULT no less! She makes me ill.

The feeds got boring as soon as Brit left, if anyone has noticed. Even the Brit haters have to admit that. Plus, once it gets down to 5,6,7 people in the house, thends to get boring, not alot of gametalk.

Dan's piss stained shorts

Way to rock me bro! Just think what I’ll be worth on EBay if you wear me to the F4.
Me and you stinking and misting to the end.