Big Brother Spoilers – Dan’s topics, Acid Highs, Molly, Blow and Breast Implants on Ian

First HOH Dan Second HOH ?
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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10:08pm Cam 1-4

Dan asks her if she would ever date Jessie. She thinks he’s attractive but he’s too full of himself. She adds that his muscles are a little too big but he seems like a really good guy. Danielle questions if he’s really like that in real life or if it’s all a act. Dan mentions that Jessie was half the size during BB10 then he is now. Him and Ian agree that having so much muscle isn’t good for endurance competitions.

Ian mentions that Boogie really liked Kara and for some reason Frank thinks they will hook up after the show.
Danielle doesn’t think she’s interested in Boogie she asked Danielle advice on how to shut him down.
Dan: “Can’t knock him for trying” Ian agrees.

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(Danielle appears to be expanding at a rapid rate)

10:20pm Cam 1-4 Dan, Danielle and Ian
Dan says that once Frank came up to him and gave him the tickle monster and it felt really uncomfortable.
Ian: “I felt really uncomfortable a lot of times in this house and tickle monster is one of them.

Dan: “would anyone be opposed to me drinking tonight”
Ian: “Your beer.. no go ahead”
Dan asks Big Brother if they can have some pokemon cards. Danielle Says they won’t do that because it only involves 2 people, they have to include everyone.
Dan: “You can be the prize girl..
Danielle: “What the hell is the prize girl”
Dan: “You flip over the prize cards when I beat Ian’s Charizard”

Table Topics
Dan Asks if there is any place other than the US you would want to live in where would if be. Danielle says Australia because it’s warm and the guys are hot. Ian says Australia is like a bunch of Franks.. he tells Danielle that Australian men are notoriously obnoxious his friend spent time there.

Dan asks Ian if he would gave breast implants for a month for a million dollars.
Ian: “How big”
Dan: “C”
Ian: “Ya.. not going to lie to you”

Dan asks what is more essential to their lifes, burgers or Seinfeld.
Danielle and Ian both say burger

Dan Asks them if for a million dollars they would spend an entire year in the Big BRother house by themselves. Ian isn’t’ sure thinks he would, “Would be like pulling teeth”. Danielle would not.

what drug would you do if it had no negative side effects.. removing weed from the equation

Ian: “some of my friends say.. pretty good.. Acid High I guess I don’t know ”
Danielle: “I don’t like to feel out of my control.. “
Dan: “Thats not a answer”
Danielle: “Blow”

Dan mentions when someone (Mouths their name but we cannot hear what he said.. I think it was Jojo) said they drank “Molly” all the time. Dan tells them that Molly is Ecstasy.
Danielle she says she drinks that a lot..

Dan asks Ian from this season who would be “marry”, “Ding” and push off a cliff. Not including married players.
Ian would marry Kara, Ding Danielle and push Frank off a cliff.
Danielle would Marry Shane, Ding Ian and push Frank off a cliff.

Ian asks them if they could evict one person the first night who would it be. rule is Frank not allowed and they have make it to Jury.
Danielle: Ashley
Dan: Ashley
Ian: Jen or Ashley Probably Ashley.

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11:36pm Cam 1-4 Ian tells them that being a Have Nots and being in the Big Brother House was a party to him.

11:40pm Dan puts the plastic storage bin over Ian. Ian farts, Danielle :”IAN you’ve turned into Frank with your farting” Ian jokes “Never say that Again”

11:45pm Dan about to launch the robot off the balcony
Ian: “Dan I dare you to hit the Button” (Self eviction button)

11:57pm More wrapping Ian up (Image Link)

12:15AM Dan pretending to be a robot.. Danielle is laughing so hard she says her mouth hurts.

12:27AM Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle

Dan says she needs to win the second part and they can sleep the next 3 days and not worry.
Danielle: “If he wasn’t here we would not have had this problem”
Dan and Danielle seem to think the second part of the HOH is tomorrow night and it’s the face morphing comp.

12:31Am Ian is in bed. Dan keeps saying he’s staying up all night. They decide to play chess.

12:36AM Cam 3-4 Chess Dan and Danielle
Danielle is pissed that because Ian is still in the house she is going to get third place. Dan keeps telling her Ian will take her to the final 2. Dan says if Ian wins the next HOH he will act happy and try to convince Ian to throw the final part and then Dan will take Danielle to the end. Dan says she’s going to beat him tomorrow so none if this is going to matter.

Danielle tells him she is getting heated with him, She thinks he’s playing for himself. She cannot logically wrap her head around why Dan took Shane out. He explains to her that she could not logically wrap her head around the funeral at first either.

Danielle tells him if Dan screws him over in the end her dad will kill him. Dan tries to make it clear to her that he will not screw her over he’s never done anything to hurt her game. Danielle feels like Dan just keeps lieing to her and backstabbing her and she’s the sweet girl who takes it.

Dan: “the reason you should have accepted is the final result.. what does getting angry about it do now.. I cannot explain it anymore.. all this getting angry is distracting her from what she should be doing.. she’s got a big competition tomorrow”

Dan: “listen The bottom line I care about you.. and I will never do anything to hurt your game and if it’s worst case scenario I will take care of you”

12:57AM Danielle says she keeps having this nightmare that she’s going to be sent home on Finale night by Dan and she will look like the biggest dumbA$$. Dan says he’s gotten her to take her to the Final 3 she needs to trust him. Danielle mentions that Dan always says he’s gotten her to the end we’ll in reality she was the one winning all the competitions for them this year. Dan reminds her that the game is not about competition it’s a social.

Dan: “This is the difference between me and you.. I have no emotion in this game.. that is why I slept like a baby last night and you are still wearing Shane’s clothes”

Dan wanted to get rid of Shane earlier but Danielle talked him out of it. He points out if he had his way they would be up against a flaoter like Jenn right now. Dan couldn’t sleep for 2 days when he figured out the mistake me met not getting Shane out. When he finally had another shot to get rid of Shane he took it.

1:13AM Danielle says she never had a problem with them taking Shane to final 3. Dan says he did and she never asked him. Dan: “Like I said I have to be in control of this game..” Dan gives her a football story tells her the lesson of the story “When the game is on the line always listen to your coaches”

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MU Tigers

The only thing more disgusting than the mental midget known as Gavin’s posts is watching Danielle eat. While Gavin is a moron of EPIC porportions, Danielle’s chewing of food is equally appalling. And that’s not a shot at her weight, which is definitely more than when she came into the house, it’s a shot at how she grazes her food.

PS Gavin, you’re NOTHING compared to Dan. He could buy and sell your loser ass.

out with the bibleman

what an asshole of a comment……….angry vicious person………hate anyone who disagrees with you I guess………….

William Conder

Many of these comments are hateful, people need something to do to fill a void in their lives, kinda sad. But you can hate anyone you want to, the 1st amendment guarantees it. If you don’t like what others post, don’t read them, and certainly don’t respond!


I don’t know if danielle does “molly considering she was unaware of what it was but she definately does cocaine
If she didn’t she would have called it coke and not blow


That doesn’t even make sense. They were talking about JoJo drinking “molly” not Danielle. And I didn’t even know you drank “acid”. It’s usually on a strip I think. And as for cocaine being called blow and coke…erm good one Sherlock…great deduction cos no tv show or movie has ever called cocaine either.


Molly is ecstacy it was said in this spoiler……they did mentiin acid then they changed topicsd….maybe you should reread the damn article
Also she is a party girl… I don’t know how many stories she has about going to mexico(where the shit flows like water or even further south, so yeah the,mention it movies but I am 99.9% certain she did not call it that due to hearing the name in a showor in a movie as for your name thechosenone. You have more ego than brains and the o,nly thing that was chosen about you was that your mom actually aborted you, and you are just,the living afterbirt


Erm…yeah I tried reading your post and then realized you have no grasp of sentence construction, punctuation or grammar. So you’ve been duly disregarded. NEXT.


You idiot, the only reason you mention sentence structure, grammar or punctuation is because you can’t deal with logic so you throw distraction into the fray to make up for your shallowness. My apologies to all idiots for calling this A@@ one, I wanted to use another word, but it wouldn’t make it to the post if I did!

Go home Delusionelle

She needs to do some blow when she gets out so she’ll quit stomping around like a water buffalo when she walks!


If BB slipped a scale in the bathroom, and Danielle found it & used it, the screaming would be never-ending..

Go home Delusionelle

Just wanted to post a comment before the douche lord Gavin does!

Simon please block this guy- he has totally hijacked your site!!!

Go home Delusionelle

Dammit! Wasnt first- at least we beat Gavin to it though!

MU Tigers

I am a fan of this poster. Simon, I vote to evict Gavin.


Vote lord douche Gavin out.

quack-pack fan

When Dan was talking about drinking ‘Molly’, I think he said Ashley did that but I could be wrong. He mouthed the name.

MU Tigers

(Danielle appears to be expanding at a rapid rate)

Simon/Dawg, I love you guys, so I will say what you won’t.

Danielle has been grazing so much that she looks like she ate all the former HG’s.


Ok….I love Dan but these questions are a bit disturbing coming from someone who coaches and teaches to high school boys! I think he needs to take it down a notch! I know they are bored but it’s really not even interesting and the questions are really disturbing! Come on Dan where is that nice guy we all fell in love with? What happened to you?! I am still rooting for him to win since he worked his a@@ off to get to the end mentally but I can honestly say I would not want to hear my sons teacher talking like that on live tv! If he was at his home with friends socializing its ok but you are on tv with cameras glued to you, time to stop!! Bb needs to give them something to do! This is nuts:0

Sir Peanut

Ugghh!! These are paint dry sessions. Why doesn’t BB give them t-shirts to make, like they did last year.

quack-pack fan

I hope Danielle has $$$ in her savings account to pay for the therapy she will be needing after the show. It’s really a shame that she has behaved so badly and is now delusional. She is a smart girl and seems motivated but emotionally she is a mess. You can’t bring up a subject about the HG without her fishing for compliments about herself. Ian has made a couple of truthful remarks tonight and she got upset so she obviously doesn’t want to hear truthful feedback – just glowing reports of how magnificent she is at playing BB and generally in life.


I can’t agree with you more! She definately has some serious issues that have apparently been needing dire attention for a long time. Being in the BB house has not helped them, but they were clearly there before she came into the game. I have never seen anyone so insecure in my life! I did like her at the beginning of the season, but as time passed and I had to listen to her constantly dragging all of the conversations she was in back to her and who she looks like or how great she is, etc. etc. and her constant eating and chewing in that microphone…I quickly couldn’t stand her. Whining and crying and she is so gullible! Watching the BBAD feeds was getting harder and harder for me every night when as soon as I turned it on, there she was chewing again! Frank was another one that ate a lot but at least it wasn’t all the time like Danielle. He had to eat everyone’s snacks (HOH’s) and didn’t miss any of them it seemed like.
Anyway…here we are left with Dumb Danielle, Dirty Dan, and Ignorant Ian (I call him that because for someone that knows EVERYTHING there is to know about BB, he sure has made some dumb moves this game – he is my fave, though) I think Danielle ought to get her head out of her ass (or Shane’s ass) and grow a pair of balls and tell Ian, “Dan has done me dirty one time too many! This last one was the final straw. Let’s you and I get together and take him out!”. But, alas, she won’t….she would probably never even think of it. I think both Ian and Dan can beat her for the win…So that would be the only shot she has?

out with the bibleman

I’m no fan of Danielle’s but I sure hope she wins in the end and sends Dan home just to shut all you weight obsessive, and she needs shock therapy when she gets out people up………’s so tiresome……….very………….it’s okay, good even for Dan to be a total mean ass in the game……..he’s probably a golden boy at home you all say……….but Danielle is who she is in the house and out of it………OH Brother……….


Yeah, right. I love reading Gavin and RS’s posts. Keep ’em coming!!! It’s like when ETM calls the Howard Stern Show. Can’t miss it!!! Never ban them, Simon (but you already know that)!!!


What’s one word to describe Danielle?



Go home Delusionelle


Bloated Succubus

Where is the “Like” button?

Dan was leading the polls until he mentions on live feed to vote for Ian. Now Ian is slightly ahead.

Britney, Ian, and Dan (not necessarily in that order) made this season for me. The same way that Shelly-the-straightshooter single-handedly made last season entertaining for me.

Team Simon/Dawg for life, yo!

Go home Delusionelle

Did anyone else hear Danielle talking about meeting the Fab 5 the other night in the HOH room? She had the audacity to say that the girls were really nervous because this was probably their first time to have the camera so close to their face because they are usually only taped from afar while they perform. Are you shitting me? Those girls just owned the Olympics and you think they haven’t been interviewed up close or on every show on the talk show circuit? I know she didn’t see the Olympics but it’s just another example of how she thinks whatever she has done is bigger and better than anyone else. All life experiences are unique to Delusionelle. Bitch please- you will never accomplish what those girls did- you will forever be known as the delusional, lying, zit popping, junk food grazing, gay guy stalker that has ever appeared on a reality show. And I’m pretty sure her complexion would clear up if she would wash Dan’s mist off of her face!

I wouldn’t feel the urge to be so critical of her if she would just get over herself and realize that her shit stinks just as much as Frank’s farts do!

chilltown 2.0

Apparently their all obsessed with Frank because he try the whole season.while.none of them did anything until right before he was evicted

Nicole N.

Dan is being really funny tonight I think that he is letting loose a little because he got these dummys to both throw the 1st HOH. I still can’t believe they both threw the 1st HOH to Dan have they not been present during this whole game, Dan has stabbed everyone in the back how do they trust him 100 percent. On top of that don’t they realize that one of them will be stabbed in the back if Dan wins HOH there can be only 2 in the final. I don’t dislike Danielle like a lot of you on here I just think she is really strange and clingy and inmature she obiously has never had a serious boyfriend since she acted like she was in high school with her crush on Shane. She kind of acts in general like she is in high school. She defineatly acts younger than Ian and he is younger than her. I think Dan is secretly laughing because all he really has to do to get to the end is stroke Ian’s ego and play like a child with Danielle and tease with her and give her attention.


Poor Danielle. It’s pretty sad when your gut hangs over the elastic waistband of your sweatpants while you are laying down. She’s gained at least 30 pounds since the beginning of the show. The only thing she’s going to be drinking is insulin, as she eats her way to Type II diabetes. And I don’t say this to be mean–she is seriously putting her health in jeopardy. Some nurse. Goodbye “modeling” career–well, there’s always the plus-size circuit, I guess.


Definitely added poundage to her ass. Shane must have told her he liked big asses on his boyfriends….oops…I mean girlfriends.


I’m still in total awe over Danielle saying she “carried” Dan….I really want to think that her remarks about that were in line with pulling the wool over Ians’ eyes, however, I’m afraid that she is or was actually serious!! Its just hard to believe that she actually feels that way. I still think she has a boil on her ass. “Cispence” said they wouldn’t want to hear their sons teacher talking like that. Got news for ya…your sons have heard (probably said) a lot worse than what you’ve heard Danny Boy say. Also, anyone spending that amount of time in that situation might make anyone say things they normally wouldn’t. I’m ready for HOH part 2 because as another poster remarked…these sure the hell are paint drying sessions for damn sure. GO DAN!!

Nicole N

Danielle isn’t getting it it isr dans best interest to keep her because he would have a hard time winning against ian so please relax danielle she needs some xanex or something she’s really annoying right now she’s mad because dan evicted shane and is so.concentrated on romance w shane she is barely playing the game dans right.

yeppers the sexy beast

I don’t know what Dan’s talking about asking Ian if he’d get boobs for $1,000,000-Doesn’t he mean a reduction?



Well I am not surprised with the amount of vitriol directed at Danielle. I am rather laughing at the fact that so many people loathe someone that actually had a social game (as in getting to be well liked by the rest of the house, which helps in deals). do i think she’s been naive and misted. Oh hell yeah and for that reason she will never win the 500 K. I love Ian but he too has fallen prey to Dan’s mist. And while Dan’s gameplay has been a mastersroke in terms of combining social and strategy this year and if taken to the final 2 or winning the HOH, if somehow Ian or Danielle win that, Danielle should actually put two and two together and realize that the only way she has a remote chance in the game is to take out the person that has not only done her a lot of emotional damage (and for you people that seem to think Danielle is some kind of psycho hose beast, maybe point your fingers at yourselves with your comments, as you’ve never lived a day in that house and thus have no idea how emotionally draining it can be for anyone.) and game negation and take Dan out or really be honest with Ian and get him to take Dan out if he wins the HOH,which still could happen. If Danielle or Ian don’t, it WILL be a slightly bitter jury giving Dan 500,000 for playing a masterful game and in the same process totally scumbagging not only HG’s but his faith and really everything he claims to stand for,including coaching and mentioring with his rather inane and non-effective branding of his name and pitching of his books.

Also for those commenting that shane is gay, watch what he says about Danielle in his interview with Jeff….tends to clear that up.

But alas we’ll have individuals ignoring actual logic and going from a so-called BB fanatic perspective, will trash people based on some image that isn’t 100% of the story about these people…..

Well except for Dan, I did like him and i still think he’ll win hands down if he gets there, but I’ve lost all respect for him over how much he has done to not be commiserate with the values he claims to uphold. And this is not because of “editing” as people are claiming to say…this is because he chose to go that route to win 500k and prove something that means nothing in the grand scheme of things….the best player of BB in the history of the game.

O Pity Me

We’re you on Big Brother?


Wow ok on this if you dont like dan you are a wack job .. Thats bs , I watched the show for years n Dan is just a dirty player who plays on everybody elses emotions and uses lies that he knows that nonone is going to say hes lieing on because the person who would look bad for questioning his faith and he knows this or questioning his love for his wife . Thats his only play and he will say the end justify the means . And then brags,how he sleeps like a baby .Too bad he cant vote cause hes all the votes he can get forgot that part of the game .


Earlier,Ian said he was going to sleep at 10pm.I think Dan was trying to keep him up,so he’ll do worse at the 2nd part of the HOH,than Danielle.But,he should’ve made sure Danielle went to sleep earlier than Ian.She needs to be rested for the part2 HOH.That competition is extremly important for Dan,because obviously Dan will have a easier time winning against Danielle in final 2(there’s so many reasons that he will give the jury members to crown him the winner over her).Also like Dan said,if she wins the part 2 HOH,then they(Dan&Danielle)can just relax until the jury members ask them questions&they give their final speech.I really hope Danielle wins against Ian.I have some hope because the last veto competition(mental) was obviously made for Ian to win,but Danielle won that competition.So,maybe she’ll win this competition.


Gosh I hope Dan and Ian are final two. I wish Dan was leaning more towards taking Ian if he wins final HOH, but it sounds like he’s really sticking with Danielle.. which is dumb. So, I guess I have to root for Ian to win final HOH, cause I think he’s taking Dan.



Danielle definitely would have taken Shane over Dan. Dan did the right thing. I don’t want Danielle to win squat. Dan and Ian played the game.

Power of Veto Corleone

Come on people. Lighten up on the personal attacks on Danielle. Enough is enough already. Please?


I hope Dan’s ego does him in! I can’t believe he is so sure that he is the one who will be picking the final 2. I hope Ian wins and picks Danielle to be final 2! If he sends Dan packing then he will have been the major force in removing 3 of biggest players this season.


I’d vote for either that over came Dan’s ‘Signal’ alien mist and swung him out the door. I think the jury would be quite grateful to Dan in the jury.

Power of Veto Corleone

I’ve been rooting against the Man With the Piss Stained Shorts all season. The guy just rubs me the wrong way, from his sociopathic ways to his bulging crazy eyes.
That aside, what do you think the King of all Douchebags odds are to win the 500K? Obviously it starts at 33%, but does it improve or decrease?


I, too, programmed my family’s VCR … I remember it well … 8 months old I was at the time

Karen N

After hearing Danielle’s comment about “Carrying Dan through the whole game ” to Ian, I really hoped it was a strategic comment meant to effect Ian in case he was the one to choose who to take with him to the final 2, but then reality set in about this crazy liar who would rather choose to hear her own voice making yet another self promotimg, false statement about herself and her greatness in the game while once again not only lying, but believing her lies as soon as her mouth started moving. I really hoped for a second that this time her lying statement to Ian,about Dans need to be carried was part of a moving forward by working Ian UNTIL she basically repeated the same thing to Dan and then I knew for sure,that girl truly believes every one of her lies to be fact! I really hope Dan has caught on and made notes of each of her lies and calls her out pointy by point (directing all of them straight to each voting jury member) then adding that if they still want to vote Danielle the winner, do so so she can use the 500K for the therapy she obviously needs when she goes back to her real like,whatever that is. The thought off her getting the prize Money so she can pay for the many hours of therapy she needs is the only reason I even slightly hope she wins. Shane shouldn’t be mad at Dan for his eviction (or should I say escape from Danielle’s crazy claws), he should probably realize Dan helped him dodge a bullet that was getting lodged deeper and deeper each day he was left fighting off Daniele’s pushy,pathetic advances. I said thi before, GO Ian, GO Dan and please GO Far Far Away Danielle!


OK I know Danielle is a bit annoying at times,but I don’t think that talking about her weight is fair. Saying she gained a few is one thing, but the constant post after post of fat comments is just mean.. Females are very self concious about weight and when she sees this stuff if will be absolutely devastating to her. Ya she gained some weight, alot of people do in the house because they eat out of boredom and they dont get to go anywhere to take up time, but I definitely wouldnt call her “FAT” C’Mon? I just don’t think she deserves to be treated like that.. Anyhow, Ian for the WIN…And his fanbase is not all cat ladys because i know many hot ladies that are crushing on his geeky little ways, he grows on ya….


“Danielle tells him she is getting heated with him, She thinks he’s playing for himself. ”

Noooo, you think? It’s game for half a million, sweetheart, of COURSE he’s playing for himself.


“(Danielle appears to be expanding at a rapid rate) ” ROFL!!