Danielle tells Ian that she couldn’t sleep last night because she had nightmares of Shane being evicted.

First HOH Dan Second HOH ?
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE


8am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds come back, Danielle wakes up and tells Ian that she couldn’t sleep last night because she had nightmares of Shane being evicted. Danielle gets up and heads to the storage room to change her mic. She then goes to the bathroom where Dan is brushing his teeth. Dan hugs her. Dan heads into the kitchen to make his breakfast and to clean up. Ian gets up and joins Danielle in the bathroom to shower. Dan heads into the stereo room to grab some of his things. Ian comments on how he really wishes they would let them use the washer and dryer. Dan tells him to spray his clothes with a spray to make them smell better.
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9am – 9:20am Big Brother then tells them they are on an HOH lock down. Once the house guests head up to the HOH room big brother switches the live feeds to the we will be right back screen.

9:30am TRIVIA…

9:50am – 10am The TRIVIA continues but a feed leak reveals that Big Brother has given the final 3 a breakfast. Dan says it looks so good! The live feed leak is only for a couple seconds and then it goes back to TRIVIA..



11am The TRIVIA Continues..

11:20am The live feeds still aren’t back from their breakfast ..

11:35am – 11:40amThe live feeds come back from TRIVIA.. Ian says that was pretty good. Dan asks did you enjoy that experience? Ian says oh yeah. Ian comments that there will be no yard today. Dan says that he thinks he will probably just go hibernate today. Ian says that he figures he will do the same. Dan says 100 bucks we don’t eat the leftover food. Ian and Dan are cleaning up the kitchen. Danielle is no where to be seen.


11:45am – 11:50am Danielle is sitting on the living room couch while Dan and Ian clean up from the brunch. Danielle tells Dan that Ian is starting to really irritate her. Dan asks why? Danielle says that she started to say something and he kept talking over her. Danielle says if he wins this thing… Ian comes out of the diary room and joins Danielle on the couch.


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11:55am – 12:05pm Dan tells Ian and Danielle that it will take them 30 days to get back to their normal lives and not wake up in a panic wondering where their mic is or why the lights aren’t on. Dan says that other things that are weird are email, phones, news. He says you forget what a lot of things feel like … like kissing your wife. Dan says Ian you know what that feels like right. Ian says I wish I had a wife. Dan tells Ian he needs to sew his wild oats. Ian says he doesn’t have a lot of oats to sew. Dan asks Ian if he won would take a year off school. Ian says he doesn’t know, he would look into it. Dan asks what if you won the $50,000? Ian says he would probably pay off his student loans. Then he says that the interest rates are so low that it might not even be wise to pay off his loans. Dan and Ian talk about how they can hear BB taking down the HOH comp in the backyard. Danielle comes back out of the diary room and joins them on the couch. They all sit in silence.


12:35pm Dan and Ian are sleeping on the couch..

1:15pm Ian, Danielle and Dan are in the kicks room. Danielle is reading her two HOH letters from her mom and dad. Dan is asking her questions about them. After a few questions they are all lying there in silence.


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383 thoughts on “Danielle tells Ian that she couldn’t sleep last night because she had nightmares of Shane being evicted.

    1. he was really good in BB 10. this season was brilliant! you can not play this game better to this point than him.

      no matter what..he will leave the game with a smile. everybody knows he was/is the best player this season. and after all of that he will be a complete “normal” person in the real world. because he is able to see difference between a game (that requests lying and startegical non personal moves) and the real world.

      1. Leave with a smile?

        The guy is an extremely dirty player. He’s capable of selling his soul to win BB. He places his hand on the bible, then double-crosses people.

        Can you imagine him under oath in the courts?

        He’s a scumbag of the highest order.

        I’ll say this, though…he would make a great citizen in Hitler’s Germany!

        1. So you are now comparing Dan to Hitler? Now I know you are easily the sorriest POS God ever put life into. You need a check up from the neck up. What’s next loser? You gonna send Dan death threats. You are a loser of the highest order.

          1. Come on peeps get a life. This is a GAME and Dan in my opinion has played a Great GAME!!!! This is BB 14 so people have to realize you have to lie, cheat and do whatever you have to do to win this GAME. This is not a Game of trusting and being truthful as we’ve seen in the past 13 seasons. Dan is doing what he needs to do to get himself furhter in this Game. In no way is he a Bad person but he is Great at this Game. Look at where all of the players are sitting right now after supposedly playing a truthful and trusting game AT HOME or in the JURY House. So my hat goes off to dan for getting to where he is by playing a flawless GAME! Dan deserves to win!!

        2. To Nelson says,
          you are discusting to say anything like that you complain about dan’s morials well where are yours to actually even say anything about the natzi or refer to a player on that level makes my skin crawl. You get all high and mighty about dan swearing on the bible which i do not agree with him doing but you clearly have no respect for what the significance of that time means or is it that only the catholic religion is allowed to not be disrespected. Hitler was a horrible and horrific time in history and to disrepect the people who died at his hand makes me sick. For you to even compare dan’s actions in a game to that I don’t know how you look at yourself in the mirror. Forget Dan’s actions you just one uped him YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

        3. Come on Nelson…. it’s a game not real life. Swearing under oath and playing in the BB game is completly different… what don’t you get? Hitler.. really?

          1. Sounds as if Nelson is in some serious need of some mental help. It is a game for goodness sakes and it you cannot define reality television from someone in real life you do not need to be watching BB!! Dan has played a masterful game and wish the jury would not be so bitter because he deserves to win it all!!!

        4. From what I have read and seen, Dan has never lied when swearing on the Bible. He swore on the Bible that what he was about to tell Frank concerning the alliance with Ian was true, and it was, He said that he would not put Frank up, and he didn’t, Ian did. Dan did what was necessary to get himself of the block by getting Jenn to use the Veto on him…BRILLIANT. Not only did he save himself, but Danielle as well. He has sworn on his wife and lied, but in a game…I feel assure that in the REAL WORLD, Dan would take that more seriously. To those that find Dan voting to evict Shane a shocker, apparently forgot that the purpose of the game is to make it to the final two. Why then, as a player, would someone ever, consider leaving a couple together in the final three!!! Makes NO since at all!!! Dan has played a flawless game…But I am team Ian!!! Go Ian!

          1. I get that this is a game with a half million at stake, but to the people say it’s a game and not real life… when is a situation in real life where you would need to swear on your wife?

        5. Hi! I don’t post very often, but I needed to respond. The name of this game is big brother, not moral tales. But let me put this in perspective. They have all been playing with Dan all season. He swore on the bible about the quack pack. They saw in his season AND in this season that he says whatever he needs to to accomplish his ends. And yet they voluntarily went and put Shane in jeopardy. They can’t blame him if they held the bait right under is nose so he took it!!

          Now, comparing playing a part in a reality (yeah right) series to Hitler who killed millions is completely out of line.

        6. Seriously, calling Dan a Nazi? Give us a fucking break. It’s a game. A game where lying is a necessity. There’s half a million dollars at stake only 1 person gets that money, and another gets 1/10th of that. Shane was not going to be taking Dan to the final two, guaranteed. Ian will. Danielle will. It would be completely stupid of him to keep Shane. At this point, it’s 99% he gets final two, with only a slight chance that Danielle wins, holds a grudge about Shane and takes Ian, which is highly unlikely. If Shane stayed, his chances would have been more like 50% because Shane wouldn’t take him, and Danielle had split loyalties and could just as easily taken Shane over Dan if she won.

          IMO, Dan is easily the best player in the history of the game. As a past winner, he should have been one of the first people out after the reset. Yet he’s pulled off the kind of magic that others could only do when production steps in and gives them a coup d’etat or diamond power of veto.

        7. You are a perfect example of how pathetic some Big Brother Fans are becoming … it’s a GAME nothing they do on this game is what they do in real life….. STOP taking everything they do so seriously.

          And you fuckers get mad at what I post? are you kidding?? You’ll never hear me calling anyone Satan, or Hitler, NOW I might call them “whores”, but anyone who has sex on camera pretty much is whoring themselves out for the audience.

        8. Ugh! It drives me crazy when people bring up his swearing on the bible…
          Yes he did that. He told Frank that he swears on the bible that “what [he is] about to tell [him] is 100% the truth” And it was. Ian double crossed him.
          H swore on the bible that he would not nominate Frank… which he didn’t.

          I honestly don’t understand what everyones problem is. Frank has even said, on more then one occasion, “The only alliance that matters is the one you made first”

          God, grow up.

    2. He’s the “lowest of the low” because he’s doing what he has to so that he can win $500k for the second time? Dude, wake up. It’s a game and Dan’s working his ass off to win. This isn’t about being nice and keeping promises…it’s about ACTING nice and MAKING promises.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been pulling for Ian to win since week 1…so I hope Dan doesn’t win this game. But stop hating on this guy because he’s playing the best game so far. He’s an expert at BB and he’s using that to his advantage.

      It’s just a game, dude…I think you may need to turn off your TV and live feeds for a season or 2 until you can realize this.

      1. In reading some of these comments today..I’m wondering…Are there bets out on the houseguests or something?!…

        I watch the show for pure enjoyment…I could never imagine being so upset with the outcome of Big Brother….not even the evited houseguests are acting this way.

        I hope Ian can make it to final 2, I’m scared to think of what would happen if it’s a Dan/Dani F2.

      2. Yes, it is a game. But people please, Dan is the reason the world is the way it it. People love evil. Dan , in my opinion is a low down dirty bas—- and people like him are the cause of the reasons people commit crimes. Sure, he wants to win, and yes he is playing the game, but he went too far. Yes, all of them , Danielle, Shane, Ian, Jenn,Britney & Fank were fooled by Dan and he played them all like a fiddle, but what I don’t understand is Why in the world would anyone of them vote for him to win, except for his muppet puppet Danielle. All of the former houseguest were STUPID, (except for Britney and Joe) in my opinion. They was aware, but had no backing…DAN ALREADY WON ONCE,Why did they spend their summer there, that is a question they will all have to comes to terms with. Especially Frank and Shane…so trusting, so stupid, so unrealistic. It seems like thet were all there to make sure that DAN won, and not them. They were not playing to win, and so they lost. I just think that this was the follow the leader season, no surprises, like it was scripted or something. How can so many people be so blind, no one spoke to the other , they just all believed , in DAN. who was turning the knife deeper and deeper into each one of them.. They are the saddest bunch of houseguests to ever be in the big brother house….

        1. Thank you, thank you,thank you for saving me from
          having to type it all out-AMEN brothers and sisters!
          (that was was for you Dan-I am not a believer….oh
          sorry-neither are you!)

          1. Those who are judging Dan’s game play and then questioning his religious beliefs….GET A LIFE! You have totally taken this reality game show too seriously. Why would anyone be away from their family if they weren’t going to play the game hard? I like several of the players this year, Brit, Dan, Janelle, Ian, and I wouldn’t be made at anyone of them if they tricked anyone to get a head. I wanted Janele to finally have her day, but when she got voted out…I didn’t hate anyone. Why????? Because its a game! Get a life!

        2. So you would rather have someone win $500,000 that didn’t strategize and lie a few times? I don’t understand how anyone can compare someone in a GAME of Big Brother to real life? I bet you any money that in real life he really is a good guy. He had one of the biggest targets on his back from the start – he’s already won once and he’s a coach. Do you honestly think that if he played the same game and didn’t do every single thing he did he would be standing at the end? Obviously not. People need to get a grip and stop ripping on someone character on TV! It’s all for entertainment value if you listen to anything he has to say. I am a Dan fan and I don’t really care who wins as I like all three of them for different reasons but Dan has played by far the best and entertaining game. That’s all it is.

        3. But people please, Dan is the reason the world is the way it it.

          So all these problems in the world that existed before Dan was even born are his fault? I thought CaptainWedgie was the most ignorant person I had ever encountered, but you proved me wrong. You have took that distinction and ran with it. If you can’t seperate a game show and reality, you have serious issues. Perhaps this game isn’t for you. The best at this game, Dr Will, Evel Dick and Dan do whatever it takes to win this game. They check their feelings at the door. What’s really sad, those that are actually playing this game (you know the ones that could actually win the money and are actually in the house) are handling their evictions with more class and grace than their fans are. I take it back, that’s not sad, that’s completely pathetic. And you could be the poster child for those fans.

        4. Seriously some of the people posting on her must have some type of mental disability or something to take it so personal. IT IS A GAME and in what universe is the world the way it is because Dan is playing a game on Big Brother. Some people really do not need to be able to watch television if they cannot separate real life from reality television. Dan never swore on the bible except that what he was telling was the truth and as for the others big deal. Guarantee all of us even the Dan haters have sworn on something at some time in our lives and every player that has ever played this game has lied except of course for Frank who says he was honest and loyal and a God Loving Person. Now those statements from frank are perhaps the biggest lies told this season. HAHAHA!

        5. He went too far by evicting someone that he told was safe? Have you been watching this show? Every single person in that house (except Jodi and Kara I suppose) told someone on the block they were safe and then voted to evict them.

          Learn to separate TV from reality. You act like these people died.

      3. “I am going to enter the BB game and never lie or do anything that a good person should do”……..said many a LOSER in BB!!!!!!! WELL LA – DE – FREAKIN’ DAH!!!! Sometimes I like to watch just too see the goody-two-shoes fall when they realize (on their way out the door) that they just wanted to be on tv, not to win this game.

    3. Totally entitled to your opinion, but I’m also entitled to say that I think this man may be the best BB player of all time. Boogie himself said ‘This is the Big Brother house; you can bounce checks’. I applaud the passion and moral fiber of all the people offended by Dan, but at the same time, I really kind of wish you guys would direct that amazing passion in other directions, ’cause Lord knows, there’s some very real, non-reality show crap going on right now in this world we should all be a little more upset about.

      1. Not singling this one person out, but posts like this worry me. I remember Shelley last year still being in the house/jury house while her family was getting death threats. Really? Death threats? Her children and husband had to go through hell because of a game? Apparently Dan’s in for the same thing for awhile. I just think it’s fascinating and scary at the same time.

        1. @ Eripaul, Dark horse, ‘Sk’…all well said!!

          @ Simon and Dawg…thanks for all the hard job guys! Will be making another donation before this season wraps up.

        2. Agreed. I think it’s stupid for people to piss and moan about how Dan has played the game, when the game is to lie, and cheat, and do everything in your ability to manipulate the other players. It’s the premise of the show that they’re watching. Don’t stand on your self righteous soap box and proclaim how terrible of a person Dan is. The point of the show and the point of people watching the show are the psychological aspects that come along with playing the game. It just so happens that Dan can, and does indeed show little to no remorse for others, and I don’t think any other person would if it meant 500,000 dollars. The moment you take feelings into this house, is the moment you lose. Dan has proved this not once, but twice now.

        3. You’re absolutely right that what Shelly and her family had to endure was a tragedy…but it is exhibit A in the reality of reality television. Big Brother does not occur in a vacuum. Yes, we see that every cast has people pigeonholed into certain roles (the nerd, the sexpot, the pretty boy, etc), but these are who they are in real life. Dan is Dan, he’s not Michael playing Dan on a scripted television show. Anybody who thinks they can play themselves on a reality TV and everybody will just shrug and say “Well, it’s just a TV shoe” or “Come on, it’s just a game” is either lying to themselves or supremely naive. The second you agree to go on reality TV, you are agreeing to let the portrayal of yourself on that show ultimately define you as a person for millions of people. That is the reality of the real world.

          Now having said that, Dan has done a lot of things this season that I just would not have done. But that’s me, that’s the type of person I am and I don’t expect anybody to meet my personal standards. Dan has to live with the consequences of his performance and any accompanying fallout. He knew this going in as a veteran of the show, so if he has trouble at his school or people at his church view him differently, then he has nobody to blame but himself. But as fans of the show, we all need to respect that the consequences are his…not mine…and not yours.

          None of us know Dan or have any connection to him beyond this show, so come Wednesday night, we should all leave him alone. We have no right to involve ourselves any further into his life beyond the context of watching him on the show. So if Dan can live with how he has played, then every single fan should be able to live with it as well.

          1. BOBSKY, you win my favorite poster of the season
            award! You, of everyone , brings the most to the table here.
            Intelligent, concise but well thought out, and probing. I told
            you I thought you should go on BB but now I think you are
            too smart to expose yourself and your life FOREVER for this
            “scripted” drama driven show. Thanks for this season!

            1. You are way too kind. I’m really happy I was able to add anything to your enjoyment of this season, no matter how small. Thank you!

      2. well said Eripaul!! Dan is a warrior….I know the outfits are corney but I think they help him stay in his warrior mindset…he is a master at this game….some of the other houseguests were fine but none of them came in to play as a true warrior….the things going on inside the house and with the people who post here AND what is going on in the world is all a mirror for each other…there is so much great things to learn from it….that’s why so many people get so riled up….thanks for your poest Eripaul.

      3. ’cause Lord knows, there’s some very real, non-reality show crap going on right now in this world we should all be a little more upset about.’

        ^^^ VERY TRUE!!^^^

        We need to rememeber that and stop taking the GAME of Big Brother so personally.

      4. Well said Eripaul. It’s crazy how upset people can get over a game show, yet don’t have the same passion when it comes to something happening in the real world or their own country that they should be legitimately upset over. Good to see posts like yours.

      5. Not shit. All these people will get their stipend money, they got to spend the summer playing a game and they got their 15 minutes of fame. No one died. It’s not like they are being blown up with drones or having their homes repossessed by banks that don’t even have the loan. Have some perspective.

    4. Why? It’s just a game. Everyone knew going into the game the goal was to win money. And what some people will do for it may not be what you, I, or others may do for it, but be honest,, look who he’s playing agaisnt? A bunch of floaters, whiners, and liars just like him. I don’t think most of them act that way in their personal life, they are doing what they have to do to win. And besides Dan can’t do anymore to them then they allow. They are the ones that fall for his antics. He’s not forcing anyone to do anything, He merely speaks and they listen.

    5. Get over it!! Shane was evicted just as the other 11 people were in this season! That is what the game is about getting people out of the game!! Dont watch the game if you dont like what its about!! GEEZ!!

      1. I was a fan of Dans but his play this year is immoral. Last time he played he was worried about his image as a teacher at a catholic school, what happened to that. I infer stand this is a game but he has swore on a bible and wife. That to me is just over the top. The reason so many are mad is he had a deal and not only screwed SHane but screwed DAniel over also cu we all have seen who IAn will take ! So no he was not lookin out for DAniel and hopefully she will see this. I truly don’t think anyone will give him the money!

    6. Thank you Gavin….finally somebody else sees how disgusting he is….I know it’s a game and they are there to win but, there has to be a limit to how low a person will go. If Dan’s wife thinks he will not pull underhanded things in their marriage she is going to be very saddend to find out she married a person that is out only for himself. He would drive over his own mother for a dollar. Enjoy 2nd place Dan, you gave up your integrity for it.

      1. Dan has said several times that he is playing for his wife and himself, and that he hopes his family is looking out for his wife. To bring his wife into this makes you no better than what you’re saying about Dan. You are agreeing to Dan being low, but you never stated low to what? What did he do that was so low? Played a GAME, this is not real life. As you and everyone else with eyes can see this show is not for people like you and Danielle a player. If you want someone to be nice and cater to you then BB is not the game for you. I thought Brittany said it best and she got GOT both seasons she played, “This is just a game”. If she can be in that situation and get over it, why can’t the viewers wo only get snippets of what’s really going on.

        1. Thats what I’m wondering…the houseguests realize this is a game…

          it like people have something vested in Big Brother…to me, it’s just a great live reality show of lying & deceit.

          1. Has anyone here ever been outraged because someone bluffed and won a hand in the World Series of Poker? Are they branded a scumbag liar for it? This mentality is unbelievably immature and delusional.

        2. Very glad I do not think like you, thankfully I know how people should be treated in real life…maybe you’re used to this kind of behaviour. I agree it’s only a game and if you don’t scheme and lie you’ll not last long but, I also feel that real life behaviour shows through and he has proven time and again how “lowlife” he really is. As for his wife she’s doing interviews and bragging about her sainted husbands game play, so mentioning her doesn’t bother me in the least. I would never threaten anybody I only mentioned she take notice.

          Of course this is one persons opinion, so lets not get to angry…..after all it ‘s only a game

          1. Wow!! I play a lot of board games and there is one where the goal is to screw the other players. My friend (also named Dan by the way) is the best at this game. He gets us each time. Now he is absolutely not like this in real life, but is playing a role to win a game. Implying real life standards to a reality show is a dangerous precedent. Judge not lest ye be judged…

          2. I’m glad you noticed it. LIKE your first line says REAL LIFE. This isn’t REAL LIFE IT’S A GAME. So you’re right you don’t think like me, because I know the difference you however, don’t

      1. Satan with $500 g’s, three books, a job, a stipend and about to get paid for 1st or 2nd place. What do all his haters have, besides a bad attitude and people that take this game way more serious than it really is?

      2. You are a sad sad little man. So butthurt over a game show. My guess, for two months this is your life, or at least the highlight of your life. So sad…SMH

        1. I agree he really is a sad little man that must be a really miserable human in real life that he cannot separate television from real life and to call Dan those horrible names. It is a game and your hate is like a cancer growing inside of you. Seriously he is playing a game to win $500,000 and you are just really getting very nasty.

      3. Dan played the game. I think a lot of you forget that the game is to manipulate, lie and get others to believe in you in order to win. He played the game flawlessly. Was it morally right? No for many but for many morals are checked at the door when money is involved. This has been BB since day one. It’s a game with not so many morally correct rules at all. Saying he is evil or Satan or just a dirty person because he played the way he did is really just wrong in my eyes. He played to win and in BB, lying and running over people has always been the premise of the show. Even if he doesn’t win the $500K, he won in the eyes of most BB fans who gets the game.

        1. Here’s one. Have any of you people who hate Dan so much played a video game like Grand Theft Auto? Or how about Call of Duty? Do you go on a crime spree or shoot people as a result? Are you not able to separate that from reality either?

      4. Get over it! Haha! Dan played the best game and this is not real life people, it’s a game! He outplayed everyone, he did what he did to win the moneyyyy! This is temporary, when he walks out that house, he is back to normal life and be friends with most of the people he played with.

      5. Come on…SATAN!! Really??? Its a reality show!! Its TV its partly scripted by the producers to the hand picked players!! MY GOSH!! Get a grip!! Its a show!! Shane got evicted just like everyone else did but Dan is SATAN!! that is funny!! I dont get it…people its a show, no one died, no one was murdered…Shane was evicted and thats that!! It is what it is!! Dan is playing hard and is the only won that is thinking ahead, he even admitted having blood up to his elbows because of how he played, but that is what he is doing playing a GAME!! Get over it…Satan, PLEASE!! unbelievable!! Its a REALITY SHOW people!!

      6. People need to get a GRIP!!! Dan didnt murder anyone, didnt rape anyone, didnt rob a bank, run for President and lie to the entire nation….He is playing a REALITY show called BIG BROTHER where you lie and scheme to get to the top! Was his antics crazy yes but PULEAZE get over the fact that its a game!! Dont watch it if you dont like how its played I dont watch Hockey because of how they beat each other up on the ice but I dont talk about them being SATAN or JUDAS because they played a cut throart game!! Same thing…but people this is NOT reality, they have microphones on, cameras following them, production telling them things. Its a pretend world for entertainment and a person getting a grand prize which is taxed the hell out of! I think enough is enough with the Dan bashing!! I also think Danielles looks and weight should be off topic too, its not called for either! Lets not forget Danielle is partly responsible for sending Shane home, Dan told her in the HOH bed he didnt trust Shane and saved him before for Danielle. She knew!! That is all…

      7. People need to get a GRIP!!! Dan didnt murder anyone, didnt rape anyone, didnt rob a bank, run for President and lie to the entire nation….He is playing a REALITY show called BIG BROTHER where you lie and scheme to get to the top! Was his antics crazy yes but PULEAZE get over the fact that its a game!! Dont watch it if you dont like how its played I dont watch Hockey because of how they beat each other up on the ice but I dont talk about them being SATAN or JUDAS because they played a cut throart game!! Same thing…but people this is NOT reality, they have microphones on, cameras following them, production telling them things. Its a pretend world for entertainment and a person getting a grand prize which is taxed the hell out of! I think enough is enough with the Dan bashing!! I also think Danielles looks and weight should be off topic too, its not called for either! Lets not forget Danielle is partly responsible for sending Shane home, Dan told her in the HOH bed he didnt trust Shane and saved him before for Danielle. She knew!! That is all…

    7. I agree, he has gone way beyond the game this year. All the people voting for him obviously have not seen the live feeds to really hear how things have been going down in the house. There is game play and then there is the game that Dan has played this year. He’s way too desperate and manipulitive.
      I supported his game play in past seasons, as GAME, but this year he crossed the line.
      He has used Danielle’s personal weaknesses against her, and her need for a positive father figure to his advantage. She is so desperate to please him that she has been blinded by her knowledge of the game. She has questioned it every time but continues to try to please him. He knows that and he uses that….
      Not to mention, he has lied to practicaly everyone in the game this year. Swearing here and there and everywhere…He being Catholic see this as ok because when he gets out he will go to confession and will be forgiven for all the sins he caused while playing a so called game…..
      I love the Big Brother Game and I have respected all who have played a great game and have even lied, but Dan has just gone way too far this year. This game is more that you see on CBS that has been edited to reflect the light that they want the fans to see, but if have the 24 hour feeds you see things as they really are and are really going down. Dan is way out of line, and it’s sad that he has gotten so many fan votes as favorites.
      I have already sent him a message on his facebook fan page, right or wrong his game to me goes way beyond this game…..I will never be a Dan Gheesling fan again…I know I’m just one vote and I don’t mean too much in the grand scope of things, I just wish that more fans had the feeds to see how he’s really been playing and not CBS’s version

      1. No offense, but I think Karma’s list of who to visit and when has a hell of alot more important entries on it than a reality show competitor who swore on a few things falsely in order to win a game.

      2. For everyone that is so religous. God also said Judge not ye be judged. He is a just and forgiving God. Read your bibles all you saints and then judge Dan. NO SIN IS MEASURED. It’s all EQUAL. SIN IS SIN in the eyes of God. Being people want to criticize his antics because of religous reasons, Only God knows his heart. Like him or don’t like him, but just a word to you GOD SAYS HOW CAN YOU LOVE ME WHOM YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN, BUT NOT LOVE A MAN WHOM YOU HAVE SEEN? GET OVER IT IT’S JUST A GAME PEOPLE. You all are going to need medication after watching BB if you don’t realize it’s a game.

        1. Stands and applaudes Sara. Some of these posters better hope that God doesn’t judge them as harshly as they judge their fellow man.

        2. Very well said Sara! It’s a game, it’s a show.. when the game is over, it’s done! And people, do not compare him to Russel from survivor or even Evil Dick, he DID NOT attack anyone personally! Yes he lied and manipulated but NEVER attack anyone. So there you go… DAN for the win!!!

          1. Read your bible again. It clearly states ANYONE WHO ASKS FOR FORGIVENESS IN MY NAME SHALL BE FORGIVEN. Who knows what a person that commits suicide might ask for before they take their last breath. The mind and hearing is the last to go. The Bible Also Says NO SIN IS MEASURED, it did not include or exclude anything. FYI it also says the WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH. We’re all going to die so what does that make us. SINNERS, I have yet to hear of a man/woman living forever.

            1. No you need to read your bible again don’t just ramble on about sh*t you know nothing about there are mortal sins that are unforgiveable suicide is one of them all you need do is look in the back and it will direct you to the verse though i doubt you have a bible.We can wax intilectual about BB all day but the bible you will lose my friend

      3. All the quackers have been playing “Dan BB10”.

        Dan had to step it up,… And, he has delivered.

        Don’t knock him for his creativity.

        If you could have seen it coming the houseguests might have too.

        They have fired and missed everytime with him.

        They have loved and hated and admired his game all season.

        If he gets there, f2, how can he not win?

      4. Dan has played the game…in case anyone has missed the definition: You need to stop taking this so seriously, it’s not like you’re getting the money.
        a (1) : activity engaged in for diversion or amusement : play (2) : the equipment for a game
        b : often derisive or mocking jesting : fun, sport
        a : a procedure or strategy for gaining an end : tactic
        b : an illegal or shady scheme or maneuver : racket
        a (1) : a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other (2) : a division of a larger contest (3) : the number of points necessary to win (4) : points scored in certain card games (as in all fours) by a player whose cards count up the highest (5) : the manner of playing in a contest (6) : the set of rules governing a game (7) : a particular aspect or phase of play in a game or sport
        b plural : organized athletics
        c (1) : a field of gainful activity : line (2) : any activity undertaken or regarded as a contest involving rivalry, strategy, or struggle ; also : the course or period of such an activity (3) : area of expertise : specialty 3
        a (1) : animals under pursuit or taken in hunting; especially : wild animals hunted for sport or food (2) : the flesh of game animals
        b archaic : pluck
        c : a target or object especially of ridicule or attack —often used in the phrase fair game

    8. I have been a fan since BB4 Ex-Factor…and all I can say is…

      it’s the name of the game.

      I was not a Dan fan, as in rooting for him to win again this season BUT I have to say…he has played an amazing game.

      This season has been exciting for me, whether or not if my fav was evicted…even last night’s episode…a blindside with the final 4, priceless!

    9. I think Dan has won this again. If either if them take him to the end then he will win the game along with Americas Favorite once more.

    10. I am sure he playing this last HOH to win it. Why screw yourself when it counts? He is going to play this HOH to win it and I have no doubt that he will throw it or have any intent to lose it.

    11. For everyone who hates Dan because of the game he is playing, wake up. This is a game for $500,000. I know I would do anything I had to do to win this game. I might like all the people in the house but when it comes down to winning you have to do what you have to do to win. I want Ian to win, but Dan is the best player ever.

    12. Oh get over it! Your just pissed because Dan is going to WIN!
      It’s called Big Brother Reality show. Aka not real life. Dan played the best game, he had to do whatever possible to win the game. Stop bitching and complaining already! You must be a bible thumper or Shane’s friend lololol

    13. Gavin you have to come down son! Its a game, nothing personal. With all your whinning “go to hell Dan” people may think you’re a loser with nothing else going for you. Hahaha!

    14. Baaaaaaaahahahahaha. Still don’t understand why people are so made at Dan. Is it because he played “your” player and is actually playing the game. I think people lose site that this is a game and you’re playing for $500K….this isn’t a little $1000 prize. Everyone gets mad when the house is boring – now big moves are being made and people are still ticked. The houseguests are not your friends and family….only ONE person can win.

    15. Dan has now made the best two moves in BB history! He is right with Dr Will at this point! And to the people yelling about how awful he is remember he has stayed loyal to Danielle the whole time – even if he had to do a few awful moves to do that he is still with her He deserves this It’s not his fault that this season he played with a bunch of idiots Seriously? Hello Frank

      1. Totally agree. He has been a coach through and through. He got rid of Shane for the simple fact that Dani had NO chance of winning if they both made it to F2.

    16. You are actually angry with Dan because he played people that were going to play him? You are actually angry with Dan because he upped his game against Boogie (the egotistical-liar), Frank (the stank creeper), Danielle (the pathological lying psycho), Shane (the “was going to pretend to be gay” that sweet talks the psycho when he’s in danger of leaving the house), Ian (the idiot savant). You are actually angry at Dan for playing a game based on lies, deceit and manipulation? Are you retarded?

    17. You are actually angry with Dan because he played people that were going to play him? You are actually angry with Dan because he upped his game against Boogie (the egotistical-liar), Frank (the stank creeper), Danielle (the pathological lying psycho), Shane (the “was going to pretend to be gay” that sweet talks the psycho when he’s in danger of leaving the house), Ian (the idiot savant). You are actually angry at Dan for playing a game based on lies, deceit and manipulation? Are you retarded?

    18. If Danielle can just come to her senses enough to take Ian to the Final 2, I believe EVERY jury member would give her $500,000 just for backdooring Dan and NOT taking him to final 2!!! That’s what I think!! <3

      1. You got it!! I seriously hope that both Danielle and Ian rethink their deals with him!! If the 2 of them stick together instead either would have a way better chance to win.
        Dan thinks he’s good to go as as deals with both of them, but now has to explain himself. It has nothing to do with the “blood is on my hands” thing he’s saying to Danielle on the live feeds to try to get her to the final 2. Wonder what load he’s feeding Ian.
        PERSONALLY, If either of them actually take Dan to the finals, he deserves to win!!

      2. I like Dan, I hope he wins; but I agree. That is exactly what she should do, I’ll applaud her if she does. It would be her best move, but I don’t think she’ll do it.

    19. I personally think Dan played this season much better than season 10. You people crack me up saying hes going to go to hell and hes Satan. Last time I checked God is an heaven and he makes the decision not you heathens. Second Dan honestly doesnt care what people think of him as long as his wife, friends and family still thinks highly of him he could care less what people on twitter,facebook, or blogs say. he’ll be laughing at you idiots all the way to the bank. Even Julie herself gave the man his props. Quit being salty just because he lied oh well name one person who hasn’t lied in his house go ahead I’ll wait…… Everyone has lied Dan was just able to turn the knife on people before they could do it to him. Dani is too blame for shanes eviction because she used the POV when it really was unnecessary. Dan saw an opportunity and he took it. This is not lets all be friends its called big brother a game of cut throat,lying,backstabbing and in franks case cheating. If you were in that house you wouldn’t last a day. To bring his personal life in it is just down and dirty. What benefit does Dan have to lie to his wife, in the house he’s doing it for money its a natural human instinct to be greedy no matter who you are. You people are so judgmental it makes you no better than Dan lying if you hate the man so much quit watching the show or watch the show and get the hell over it. Quit acting like youre so high and mighty which I doubt you are.You guys are also acting like Dan is the only person in BB history to blindside someone it has happened in previous ITS A GAME and the house changes people while they’re there but they act like somebody totally different when they’re outside the house.

    20. I understand it’s a game and you have to do what you have to do, but Dan’s strategy was using God and the Bible to manipulate people, and using their religious faith to his own advantage. If somebody I saw as religious was using the bible to convince me of something, then I would trust it to be true, which is why all these other houseguests fell for it. A true christian wouldn’t use God as their wingman in a game of deceiving people for money. Everybody talks about how dumb the houseguests are for believing him but it’s such a fine line when it comes to religion and we’re taught to believe that swearing on the bible and God is something meant to be true. If he hadn’t used the bible he wouldn’t have had any better strategy than the other houseguests, which just shows he’s not really the greatest BB player of all time, just the low down scummiest of them all.

      1. Ok. But they saw him do this before and yet they still went with it. He is THAT good. Or they are THAT bad. Probably both. But I for one think his game play is brilliant.

      2. You mad bro?

        News flash, it won’t matter how you regard Dan. Those that matter will call him among the best to ever play the game.

        A good christian wouldn’t be judging others. Ooops, guess your not a good christian either.

    21. Some people take this game way too seriously. It is a game and I love Dan and last nights episode was a hoot to watch. Loved every minute of it and without Dan this season would of been a total bore.

    22. Mike Boogie to Ian: “This is Big Brother, you can bounce checks here!”…Frank laughs in agreement.

      Dan is a great player…one of the best in Big Brother history!

      Dan/Danielle – F2

    1. Looks like Dan is now trying to coach Dani into lying to Ian that she will take Ian to F2.

      If Ian believes her, then Ian deserves to lose. Ian should do everything in his power to Win the last 2 parts of the HOH OR it is over for Ian.

      Dan and Dani are definetly taking eachother to F2 if they win HOH.

    1. It’s a game and Dan’s game play made him this far! Love it or hate it.. He was the only one in the house who actually played the game and he fought to stay in the game. He deserve the 500k in my opinion!

      1. what nonsense plenty of people played the game……….he’s the only sociopath in the game………..no conscience whatsoever……….Creepdom personified….

      1. I love Britney!…we’ll see Frank back for All-Stars, I’m sure

        Ashley…well Ashley likes to blow bubbles…and now that Frank is in jury she can blow him…

        Who said that…I didn’t ;)

    2. Yeah i loved how Frank finally put big mouth Britney on hush as she stormed out of the room butt hurt by the truth of her cheating on her husband

        1. Before they were married.Even if i hadn’t already known this it should of still been obvious since no one gets that upset over an example not completely directed at them unless it’s true.

            1. @unclerog33 all frank did was prove yet again what a bitter little boy he is, britney called him out on his so called honest gameplay and he couldn’t take it so he had to sink down low to sewer level with his response. she also proved that she actually knows the game by giving dan props for what he did but frank is still butthurt as you like to say over dan playing him for the big fool that he his, that was priceless the look on his face when julie told him he was evicted and the only person he hugged was jenn they all talked about how he left and that he left with no class.

    3. Here’s the thing: Frank and Britney are both right and that in a nutshell is the real “social game”.

      Britney would be willing to do what Dan has done if she had thought to do it or was capable of doing it, so for her Dan is playing a good game, while Frank would not be willing to go to Dan’s lengths to win and as a result finds him to be the least deserving of those still in the house.

      That is what is really meant by a social game. Your behavior must be acceptable to the other HG’s and that behavior encompasses that within the confines of “gameplay” as much as it covers whether your nice to people or if you kiss ass. So Britney is not morally objectionable for voting for Dan anymore than Frank is bitter for not voting for him. That is the balance a social game requires if you want to win. It means you need to go far enough to survive and make it to the end, without offending so many people with your methods that they simply cannot vote for you.

      It is all about one’s personal standards. Just like Britney will consider voting for Dan, his defenders here do not feel as though Dan has done anything wrong. That’s their own personal standard. And much like Frank, there are those who feel Dan has behaved reprehensibly. That is their standard.

      The reality is that neither side is right or wrong, because again, it is our PERSONAL standard. A PERSONAL standard we should try not to force upon others, which is what the Dan bashers and the Dan apologists are trying to do in almost every other post.

  1. Ugh. This girl thinks she’s suffering now? Like I’ve said before, wait until she gets out and reads up on herself, which we all know she’s going to do asap. It is not going to be pretty.

    1. I really hope they do a where is Daniell now next season, because I want to know what she thinks of herself after seeing her self on tv? I hope she makes some serious changes, because I don’t care how many degrees she has or how much money she makes, no woman will want her for a daughter in law.

  2. Is Danielle mentally challenged. I mean seriously, NIGHTMARES over Shane’s eviction. She cried almost all night like the guy died tragically. She is crazy over a guy she has only and barely known for 69 days. She has yet to cry over her family members whom she hasn’t seen in over 2 months. OH, and what happened to TREY? Anyone’s certain she’s a nurse and not a PATIENT? And why would her dad rip her a new one over Dan, if anything he should rip her a new for her behaviour the entire time she’s been in the house. She has some serious issues. Everything with her is someone (female) not liking her, and why Shane is so mean to her. This is a game did she come to BB to find a guy or win money? With her you never know, I believe she would take the man. A sad situation I really hope her dad pays close attention to his daughter on the show because I really believe listening to her talk about her father he has a lot to do with her self esteem issues and men. She just needs to grow up and get over it. She is forever whining and crying.

    1. “This is a game did she come to BB to find a guy or win money?”

      Don’t forget that she was cast on BB but didn’t apply for BB….she applied for some dating show

        1. Yes…but I think most of us realzied that Danielle is a storyteller…

          I do think she did try for The Bachelor…but anything else Trey, family, her past stories etc…I need receipts!…I do not beleive a lot of what she says.

          1. I completely believe and agree with your comments.

            I’m sorry, but it is so pathetic to apply for, muchless go on a dating show on television….good lord what a pathetic move, and that goes for men and women who have gone on and will continue to go on as long as that crap is still casting and selling advertising.

    2. Danielle is pandering for the cameras. Pure and simple.
      Last night, right before her bawling spell, she asked Ian if Showtime started yet.
      It was her most pathetic drama scene to date.
      She has been vying for America’s vote most of the season.
      Production has given her good edits, (you gotta give credit to the technician(s) who splices that yarn together).

  3. I could be wrong but I think Dan vs Danielle or Dan vs Ian Dan could be playing for second place $50,000-taxes-everything he broke while being in the house=karma If Dan wins the final part and takes Danielle, Ian would be pissed because he promised to him. I think Dan’s moves hurt him in the game with jury votes.

    1. If Dan is in final two he wins the game. And he never would believe Brittany would be his champion on the jury. If he takes Danielle I’m not too sure because the women in jury really did want a woman to win and may vote for Danielle because of that reason (ONLY). I think he can beat Ian because no one in jury takes him seriously or thinks he is the mastermind behind any of what he did. They believe it’s all Dan. Like Brit said last night Dan played the best game. I would like to see Ian and Dan in final 2 and watch Frank have to vote for one of them.

    2. He could mist the jury. But against Dan, Danielle could get: Shane, Jenn, Frank, Ashley, maybe Joe. Dan would get Britney and Ian. Ian against Dan, Ian gets Britney, Frank, Shane, Ashley, probably Joe, Dan would get Danielle and Jenn. But Dan has been rehearsing his final 2 speech since the reset, so get ready for the misting of the century.

  4. Dan deserves to win the game. The dude has absolutely no heart what so ever. I could not have done that to either Shane (seems like a good dude) or to Danielle. If I was Danielle I would take Ian to the final 2 even if it means losing, just to spite the him. That’s why I’m not on the show.

    1. And that is why you wouldn’t win! This is a game, not real life and Dan is mature/wise/sane enough to remember that. They will all be friends afterwards and give Dan his respect for being such a great player.

    1. They got served a big breakfast and it is being filmed to show on tv. I bet they have to reminise about all the players in the house.

  5. Dan would be very screw if he got evicted by his student Danielle. How sweet is it? A teacher screw by a student.

        1. And the facts are Dan is better than Frank, better than Boogie, better than Shane. And he’s been instrumental in sending them all out the door. This is Dan’s house, the rest are just his visitors until he deems their stay is over.

            1. Frank was TOTALLY OWNED by DAN. Dan made Frank his hand puppet. He told Frank what to do, what to think and then sent his ass quaking, I mean packing. QuackPack owns your players. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA It’s hilarious to see how much better Dan is than the players you root for. Yes, you are an annoying a-hole and I love that your favs are sucking ass this year.

    1. If Danielle took Ian to the Final 2, I believe SHE would win $500,000 JUST for getting rid of this season’s mastermind!!!! Think about it, who wouldn’t reward HER for getting rid of Dan?????

  6. I love this season (yes I’ve said that before). Such a great rebound from last season’s mess. Great game-playing all around.

    I hope Dan wins only because he has been the best game player from the 3 left. If it comes down to Danielle and Dan in the final HOH competition, we know they’re taking each other. There is no way Dan wouldn’t want to bring his player along.

  7. Ever since his funeral, everybody in the house has done exactly what Dan has wanted them to, including the people aligned against him. He is not only playing his game, but he’s playing everybody else’s game for them. They even drop comps to him when he tells them to. And after each round, all the other players just sit around astounded at what he’s done. Then they immediately put their trust in him again. What a truly masterful performance.

    Things aren’t looking so good for Dan at the JH, though. From what we saw last night, it looks like Ashley & Frank are sure to vote against him, and Joe seems to be leaning that way, too. I doubt there’s any way he gets Shane’s vote. There are at least 3 sure votes against him. I think Dan needs to lose the last HOH, so he gets no more blood on his hands. They’re both taking him anyway.

    I wonder if Dan would be surprised Britney is his sole advocate in the JH, considering she was his victim. I agree with her that it should be about who played the best game, not who eliminated you or hurt your feelings.

    As much as I’ve admired his play, I think this now has to be Dan’s last time in the BB house. His game has been so dirty (and I don’t mean that as an insult) and he has stabbed so many friends that I don’t believe any future players would ever trust him again, and he would be target #1 in any game.

    Dr. Will & Jordan Lloyd both had 1st & 4th place finishes, but Dan has now officially beaten that record. And Dr. Will’s opposition was arguably tougher, but remember that BB14’s players showed Boogie & Janelle the door much quicker than the All-Stars ever did.

    1. Don’t underestimate the power of ego in the final jury vote. To have the game go to Danielle or Ian(who I would like to see get the 500k) means the jury were just flat beaten, whereas if Dan takes it all the way they were beaten by (argueably) the best BB player ever, end of story. Being beaten by the best is a no shame situation, and that will play heavily on the jurors.

    1. and Dan said on the show last night that now the QP had to start eating their own ducks!…..you know you all have to remember that the QP all agreed that they would play together till the end and then knew they would have to go after each other…people seem to have forgotten their agreement.

  8. If the jury doesn’t vote for Dan to win they will go down as the worst jury ever, and none of the it’s members that vote aginst Dan for the win will be asked back to play again!! He has played the best Big Brother game ever!!!

    1. Shane will spill the beans on Dan when he gets to the Jury House…. Dan won’t get the Jury vote over Ian…but would get the Jury vote over
      Danielle…..thats my take !

      1. The only one in Jury that doesnt know whats going on is Ashley and she will vote with Frank. All the others are aware of the group – Joe suspected it long ago.. But Shane will be suprised when Jenn tells her that Dani was playing him about pretending to be mad at Dan. That Dani was aware all the time and Jenn and Frank were in on it.

    2. I agree. I think Frank is the most likely to vote emotionally and not for who played the best game. And if so, he shouldn’t be invited back for an All Stars season. And while I like Frank, he’s a border line All Star to me. He’s a good player as long as he has someone thinking for him. Once Boogie was gone, he was far too easily manipulated.

      1. Yeah Frank was a good competitor, but I could see him not being invited back after the whole cheating debacle when they were picking for the POV comp (forget what week it was). Seems like BB is very protective when anyone mentions cheating. I think that would have been the perfect response from Britney when he started playing “Suzie High Horse” about how Dan is so evil and couldn’t be trusted, instead she got upset and stormed off.

        there are so many ways to get ahead in this game, lie, backstab, showmance, etc. Frank was caught cheating! You have to cheat at a reality gameshow? Really?!?! And its not like he was caught cheating during a comp, it was for choosing players. I would put money that Boogie told him that he could get away with it, Frank isn’t that smart to come up with the idea himself.

          1. BB will never show anything related to cheating, even accusations (although there have been a couple of times it has come up, but they just don’t go in depth about it).

            (From the 2nd hand or 3rd hand accounts I have read) Apparently, when they were picking players for a POV comp, Frank palmed one of the chips when he was called out for looking in the bag, he had to re-pick but I’m pretty sure he still had the chip in his hand.

            anyone else have more info on this?

            1. Maybe they consider in that one competition (don’t remember which one) they weren’t allowed to help each other and Frank said something and got disqualified.

      2. “He’s a good player as long as he has someone thinking for him.”

        Perfect definition for Frank this season…

        If he’s invited back he’s going to need someone to give him advice 24/7

    3. While Dan has played an amazing game I think Ian’s social game has been almost as good,and his comp game far and away better than Dan’s

    4. Worst jury ever was last season when some people actually thought Porsche deserved some votes. That was a HORRIBLE final 3 last season with only Rachel deserving to be there. Baconman nor Porsche deserved that final 3 spot. Did nothing at all the whole season. It was horrible that Adam, Daniele and crap, can’t remember who that other person was but it’s horrible they voted for Porsche because they were “friends” and didn’t think about the game.

      1. To me, it isn’t so much that he backstabbed and played dirty. He is manipulating a young woman with SIGNIFICANT mental health issues with no apparent concern on how she will survive once she is outside the BB house? He knows she isn’t stable and continues to play mind games with her…people, that is not ok in ANY circumstances. He appears to be a devout Christian, yet will use the Bible to swear promises he is not going to keep. This is not okay! There are people out there who do not renounce God under threat of torture or death but Da continuously shows what a good Christian he is be committing known, purposeful blasphemy for money….never a good reason. I understand it’s a game, I understand gameplay and the need to manipulate but he has gone wayyyyyy too far. I don’t hate him but I don’t give him credit for lying on the Bible…any of them could have done that and it would have saved them but even the most naive of the hg knew that wouldn’t be acceptable or tolerated. This was to a group that knew how to play the game, and he did. It’s more dumb luck that he’s standing on top than a testament to his greatness. Wake up! What if a hg murdered another player…would you honestly say its just a game. What if it were your daughter he was playing these mind games with, knowing how fragile she I’d? Still just a game? Great gameplay? I think not. There are repercussions to his actions and he will suffer them when he comes out. All I can say is CBS better provide psychiatric services to Danielle because she could be the first real life casualty….

        1. Ummmm, was this response meant for me because I don’t see how your response relates to what I said.

          If my adult daughter decides to play this game, I would not be able to stop her since it’s her own decision. You know going in what type of game Big Brother is and the likelihood that someone like Dan would be in the game. There are people who has played this game I disliked but I know each season, there is a good chance you’d get a Mike Boogie or Evel Dick or Janelle or Rachel. It’s something that comes along with the game and it’s up to you to adjust your predetermined game plan to make sure you survive to the end. Ian did a great job of that as has Dan.

          Last season final 3 had two of the worst players in BB history. Did nothing the whole season (yes Adam won a couple of POVs) and two of them were almost rewards the win. Thankfully they voted for Rachel (hate her all you want but she deserved it last season) or it would have been the biggest mistake in BB’s history.

        2. “There are repercussions to his actions and he will suffer them when he comes out.”

          from who? Cat People? who made threats to Shelly’s family? yea you could be right, a lot of mentally disturbed people who watch big brother and take everything they do seriously. I fear for Dan’s life when he gets out.

        3. There are repercussions to his actions and he will suffer them when he comes out.

          Like what? Are you going to resort to death threats? Calling his place of employment? His church? How pathetic are you? You crazy cat people should all be locked up in padded cells. I am glad to see that all of the HG’s handle their evictions better than some of their fans do. I can’t fathom getting so upset over something that has NOTHING to do with me. Seriously, that is beyond pathetic.

  9. I understand this is just a game and all. Lying, backstabbing, manipulating all part of the game. I get it. I get it. With that being said, I am now watching BBAD and Danielle is in the room crying because….lets see Dan her “coach” , supposed closest ally, just blindsided her yet again for his own gain, and sent Shane packing. What disturbs me is he walks by all smirky and smug, and says “whats the matter?”

    SERIOUSLY GUY?????? He shows not an ounce of compassion for the fact that she is upset. He says he cares about her, yet he has no idea what her problem is????? This is not game play in my opinion. The move was game play, the lack of feelings, thats just messed up. Ian showed her more compassion, and I don’t think that was easy for him, but at least he tried, and the other option was him to leave.

    Dani and Ian need to wake the F up and get Dan out. Team up guys……..get out of the mist, stop drinking the koolaid.

    1. Danielle said later that the reason she was in there crying is because she thought her chances of making final two were now less. She also said she felt she was now playing for Jani’s f”king third place. Then she called Ian a little f”ker, plotted his demise with Dan and they talked about how to con him into giving the wrong answers in a comp. After that she spent some time lying to Ian. Doesn’t sound like a poor victim to me.

  10. The show was epic last night!!! I never really cared for Danielle and I thought Shane was okay, and I do feel sorry for him, but Dan was awesome. I believe Dan is going to take Danielle, but I am not so sure about Danielle taking him. She is thinking about Shane and not the money. I have been watching this show from the very first season and I would love to try this game; although, I think I would probably be the first one out. I know how the game works and it is about lies and getting through to the next week. I would be upset with Dan, but I would definitely give him the vote.

    Good luck to Dan, Ian, and Danielle.

    1. I hope Dan wins it all. For some reason people forget what Big Brother is all about. Dan is a mastermind and deserves this win. Part of the game is manipulation and all these Dan haters forget that. It isn’t Nice Big Brother. I am TEAM DAN!

  11. OH COME ON…people its a game! Shane got voted out just like Jenn, Britney, Frank, Ashley, Joe and everyone else why are people acting so bent out of shape about Shane getting the boot! Dan is playing in my mind like a coach I think that is the one thing that he loves and lives for and that getting Danielle to the end gives him bragging rights that he coached the winning player! Get over it, Shane was evicted just as the other 11 people were! Dan is playing a game that he is brilliant at always thinking one step ahead of the rest, he must be exhausted from over thinking. But come on…get over it Shane got evicted I don’t see it any different as the other players that got evicted. To think this was the WORST eviction is crazy many would say Franks was because he was told he was safe just as Jenn was. Yes Shane was a NICE guy bu…t he wasnt even playing the game strategically he was always asking what happens next? He was suppose to be eye candy! I don’t feel bad at all and think that everyone is OVERREACTING to his eviction! Get over it, its a game called BIg Brother if you don’t like what this game is about…lieing, and schemeing to get to the end then don’t watch it! Its not church! I am Christian and don’t agree with everything Dan has done but he carried danniele to the finals, I do think he cares about her! Go on with the hate on Dan but you watch the show knowing DAMN well its about lieing and scheming and what Dan did is what they do all season long….EVICTED a person named Shane! Danielle and Shane were just as bad because they wanted Dan to evict Ian so that his blood would be on his hands but they are the good guys right? PLEASE! I hope Dan and Danielle are Final 2 and she wins and he gets 2nd I think he would rather win as a coach! JMO! Get over it….

  12. Dan will make it to the final two, what will determine whether he wins the 500k or 50k, is the sentiments in the Jury House.

    Right now the Jury House appears to not respect Dan, and all this work, as brilliant as one calls it, could be in vain. For some people, swearing on the Bible, be it a game or not, crosses the line, especially from someone who is a Bible Teacher. The rationale is “Its only a game”, so since it is a game, should you be able to rape another victim, should you be able to physically threat another victim, could you kill another player, its only a game! Yes those seem like extreme scenarios, but for some swearing on the Bible is just as extreme. Personally, I do not think much of the Bible, not my religious background, but even I could see the disrespect that occurred when he did that.

    Shane, Frank and Ashley will not vote for Dan. Britney, in her exit interview with Jeff, said she would pick Ian, Danielle and then Dan, though, she appears to be a person who appreciates the game, and I think after seeing how everyones own demise is a result of them allowing Dan to mist them, then they all deserved to go home.

    Dan has only been able to achieve such great game play, because the players left were all stupid and had no knowledge of the game. Why would Shane allow himself to go up, and have Danielle use the POV, and why would Danielle use the POV? Anyone who knows how to play the game, knows these are red flaggs. Why would Frank remove Dan off the block, knowing his potential, cause of the bible swearing? Why wouldnt Jenn reveal to Ian, what she knew? Why would Ian, now see how much of a threat Dan is, instead of making an allience with him? The only person that was left that caught on to this was Britney, which is why he wanted her out, and even when she was revealing Dan to them, they all stood silent and confused. In the end, they do not deserve to win.

    1. agree!! all those points you just made go to show DAN IS THE ONLY ONE PLAYING THE GAME!!!!!

      i keep picturing Boogie and Janelle watching from home, you know they love it! =)

    1. I’m not a Danielle fan but no way is she an idiot. She wouldn’t of won that final VETO competition if she was an idiot. That was a very tough puzzle.

  13. Some thoughts on Dan and why I think he went too far yesterday…

    Dan’s involvement in the Janelle eviction – all game – even gave Janelle a chance to save herself

    Dan’s involvement in Boogie’s eviction – Boogie has been around the block TWICE and should have seen this coming – his arrogance prevented him from accepting what was obvious – also, he knows better than to remove himself from the other HGs ultimately ruining social game. Add to that, Boogie was a douche.

    Dan’s manipulation of Frank – Frank had been targeted before. He knew Dan wanted him out. His arrogance led him down the path to his own destruction. (And Dan did not swear to F2 on the bible). There was no real trust here.

    Dan’s throwing Brit under the bus – Brit has been around the block – she knows how the game is played. She knows what kind of player Dan is. She did betray Shane with Ian. She did drop Dan and try to make alliance with Frank. She was in alliance only because it offered her protection – not out of any loyalty to anyone.

    Dan’s eviction of Shane – Shane had done nothing but protect Dan – he took heat the week Boogie & Frank were nominated (even if he did throw brit under the bus he never outed Ian or Dan). Sure Shane was stupid to agree to be on the block – but really – his agreement wasn’t needed. Shane was true to his alliance 100% and protected Dani. Shane’s eviction on its own is not what bothers me – it is the involvement of Dani in accomplishing it.

    Dan and Dani – Here is where Dan crossed the line. I can accept all of the above as game moves – some kind of dirty, but still game. Dan came into the game as a coach…a mentor to Dani. He established himself as such and gained her full trust. He used details he learned about her during this time as her coach. He even continued to coach her after the reset. Their relationship was not a mere game alliance. His “funeral”, while genius, was extremely hurtful to Dani, but I was willing to forgive that since it appeared he was doing it to save their alliance. His actions forced her into an alliance she did not really want to be in – but she went with it for HIS sake. He used her loyalty to him to get her to use the veto on him – even though he knew he was safe (regardless of what he said to her). He swore to her Shane was safe. He swore to Shane he was safe. Because of this, Dani swore to Shane he was safe. This move was evil, pre-meditated and hurtful. His BS explanation that he is her coach trying to get her to the end…PULEASE.
    Greed blinded him to the fact that, unlike his deception of Frank and Brit – this was going to be taken as personal. He was already on thin ice with his funeral antics and this should secure him no better than 2nd place.

    It is my hope that Dani and Ian can form some sort of last minute alliance and take each other to F2. Dani’s parting words to Dan should be “you are a Judas and you are dead to me”.

    1. i agree with all your points….but there were only 4 left…… sure SHane was super loyal, but there was nowhere left to go with that. he got too close to Danielle and she was going to take him over Dan so he had to prevent it… he warned Danielle last week during the DE, so it is on her somewhat….

    2. I’m following you up to a point – Dani did not have to use the veto on Dan – and I will suggest that she knew (at some level) that doing so meant that Shane was out the door – I think they both blindsided Shane – Dan with eyes wide open and Dani with one eye shut. Just food for thought….

    3. Right on and perfectly well said and explained……..I also rooted very often for Dan….but his last couple of moves made me realize that he is a wack job of a human being and vicious…………absolutely no conscience at all………..I don’t believe the end justifies the means………and even if he wins I am really hoping that there will be a clamoring for him to be fired and his reputation will be ruined……….What he did to Shane and Danielle was cruel and completely unjustified……….

      1. There is NO WAY ON EARTH that Dan gets fired from his real life job for something that was done on a reality TV show. I don’t care if he does teach at a catholic school, this is not real life people, it is just a GAME. His reputation is going to be that he is the greatest player in Big Brother history. He has absolutely run a clinic this season on how to manipulate people and deserves the big money.

        1. There are a few former houseguests who will argue that point with you. Most recently, Rachel talked about how she could not get a job after BB12 once they found out she was “that” Rachel. BB shows to what lengths you are willing to go to achieve a prize. It will place a seed of doubt in the minds of people that you could so heartlessly deceive a young woman who is obviously loyal to a fault. It is a sad life lesson for Dani – one to add to the many I think she has already had to learn and one that may screw her up even more. I, for one, would think twice about doing business with Dan. I would absolutely seek legal counsel before agreeing to ANYTHING with him.

          1. i understand that you aren’t going to come out of the BB house completely unscathed, but I don’t see him losing his job over it. being hired for a new job is something completely different than remaining at your current job.

            and really, is it a surprise that people wouldn’t want to hire Rachel? She could possibly be the most annoying person on the planet. I know I would probably quit if I had to listen to her voice 40 hours a week

    4. Dan backstabbing Shane, would of come as no surprise for anyone who knows how to play the game. Dan using the logic of “coach”, would be obvious bullshit to anyone who knows the game. The thing is, Dan got lucky to have such an idiot player, as Danielle. Even if you see, from the very beginning Dan wanted to play with Kara, that was his strong player, and he got stuck with Danielle, which proved to be his best alliance, because she followed him, and did everything and anything for him, she even went as far as to way that she would of gone home for him, well you might not go home for him, but you are going to give him 500k!

      When Dan ask Danielle to put Shane up, that should of been her first Red Flagg. If Dans real motives were to get Danielle to the Final two, then she would see that her guarantee to the final two would come from either Dan, or Shane, keeping Ian benefits him, not her. Why she doesn’t see this? He used the rationale of voting, that all she needed was a fourth vote, well…If Shane was Up against Danielle, wouldnt Dan be that 4th vote she needs?

      Even when Danielle confronted dan and told her that Ian said he was taking Dan to the final two, dan told her, NO HE DIDNT, and she just shut up, as if she believed that Ian did not tell her that, and he created it.

      In the end The only reason that Dan was able to accomplish this type of game play, was because he was really three players, he was Shane, Danielle and Dan, he controlled their votes, and moves, and ideas. This he managed to do through manipulation and strategic mind games, they allowed themselves to be used, because they trusted Dan knows the games, but what they don’t realize is that Dan knows how to WIN the game, for himself, not for someone else.

  14. Did not originally want to see a previous winner win again but you have to admit Dan is playing and has played these houseguests and deserves to win it all…..kinda like in sports I hate to see a repeat winner take the superbowl or world series but when they out play the competition hey tip your hat and congrats to them……

  15. Wish people would remember that it’s just a game and it’s Big Brother, not real life! Back when Dan was on the block and Ian hand the gold veto, Brittany told Dani that if she won the POV she was not going to use the veto to save Dan. Dani knew that he would not be saved and still told him to throw the POV. ian is the one that warned Dan that he wasnt going to use it either

    1. Whether it’ a game or not there is no reason to be that ruthless and dirty a player…………I can’t remember anyone as rotten as Dan……..and using the Catholic faith and being a Christian to stab people in the back is as bad as you can get…………Sorry you don’t see that………..I worry that there are so many people on here who think it’s just fine to win at an cost whatsoever…………It’s NOT!!!!

  16. Dan the Douche is a sociopath and as such has a huge advantage over the weak cast that BB assembled.
    CBS knew what it was doing. They brought Douchebag in and Boogie hoping they would align and take these people apart one-by-one for the viewers entertainment.
    They never would have bullied their way and gotten people to fall for their BS with a moderately intelligent cast.
    They threw in a few antagonists like Frank and Brit who would be able to give them some competition, but Douche was like a shark in a tank with wounded guppies. How could he not win against players like Ashley, Dani, Shane and Jen? They fell for his bullshit and shed tears during his funeral.
    I have no bad feelings about how he played the game. I could care less. It’s no money in my pocket.
    But he shows his true colors each and every day and is a dangerous person. I fear for those close to him and am sure he surrounds himself with people he can easily dominate.
    He has a violent temper that he can control most of the time, but he is a selfish person with no empathy for other people. He even admitted he has no feelings for people in the game no matter what he does to them and said he doesn’t know why. That’s classic sociopathic behavior. Game or no game, most people will have some personal feelings for others in such a situation they are in. He makes it look too easy and no doubt has been this way his entire life.
    I have no doubt people will hear the truth about him in bits and pieces in the coming years.
    Prepare yourself Geesling fans. It won’t be pretty.
    That said, he is what he is. King Douchebag of Reality TV. That should be the title of his next cheesie book.
    “The Man Who Wears Piss Stained Shorts”…..that have never been washed in over 4 years is another good choice.

    1. Your the DOUCHE!!! Dan is the MAN!!! Go cry on your big fat pillow, because you just witnessed the best player in Big Brother history construct his masterpiece CLOWN!!!

    2. Meant love what “Power of Veto COrleone” said …………not the douchebag who responded………..I think all those douchebags are quick to recognize one another…….and they have a desperate need to defend one another………I guess Dan will have the douchebag brigade on his side………

      1. And clown’s will always defend clown’s CLOWN!!! If being the best at something is being a douche than Dan is the biggest duchebag ever!! You clowns need to go watch another show!

  17. You can love dan or hate dan but he has played an incredible game weather he wins or not. In all of bb history no player has gotten another player to throw the first part of the hoh and he not only got one player to so it he got two brilliant. I can’t believe everyone is taking dan’s moves so personal it is a game see it for what it is a game move. It is so pathetic people are bringing his family into the game is about getting to the end any way you can. Every single person who walked out has lied and manipulated they all seem to be ok if they do it to others but suddenly are mad when it is done to them. All i can say is get over it don’t hate the player hate the game this is what the game is

  18. coaching is in Dan’s blood no matter what. he’s just trying to bring dani (his player) to the finale. It is not his fault if the jury will award to him the 500k. Give Danielle some credits too, maybe that’s her game –to play dumb and naive, it worked for her.

  19. Dr Will. Best player ever. He made you laugh, have fun, hanging on every word he said. This BB and Dan ( who I think was a good player) was very stressful to watch, because I think he took it beyond being a game. Like Dani said last night makes you question your moral judgement and how far you will go to win money. Good point Frank made ” so you cheat on your husband and it’s ok “. Something to that effect. For game sake would it be ok. The point made is no matter hou call it a game each have even viewers a moral line they will not pass. I found it interesting that Britt got so mad when when Frank said that. And got up and said “you had to bring my Husband in it”. See that was he moral line not to pass, for others it was the Bible.

    1. That’s really all Frank was trying to do. It was just a Hypothetical question. He never said that Brit slept well, he just asked would that be crossing the line. If he had said “when you cheat on your husband” then that would have been an insult. Brit on the other hand just stormed out of the room like a two year old, I think it was because she knew that Frank had a point. Granted he shouldn’t have been yelling it at the time, he and Brits communication skills need some major fine tuning.

      As for Dan, I don’t agree with his tactics but I’m still rooting for him. I just feel the rest of the group doesn’t deserve the money, they have been tricked by Dan numerous times and they have no real strategy …atleast Dan has been playing the game and has a strategy.

      On a side not out of all the house guests I could Ian and Frank (after he calms down) reviewing the season and seeing what they did wrong and what to improve on if asked back for a future season. For one getting a threat like Dan out of the game early in the game or atleast when they have the chance.

    2. Look if Dan slept with Dani to win the game I think Frank has a point. But he didn’t. When Frank hits him with the Bible swearing Dan will say exactly what everyone on here has said. “I swore that I was telling you the truth about the QP alliance, not that we had a deal.” At any rate, I don’t think Dan can win because the jury is filled with people that don’t understand the game as is this board apparently

  20. If the Jury votes for Dan it will be the most forgiving (and dumbest) Jury ever. Who on the Jury has Dan not lied to?

    Part of playing the game is getting the votes, not just making it to the finals.

    1. Dan not only swore on the Bible, he swore an oath on his marriage. It would appear that neither are sacred to him.

      What is? The money maybe.

      1. Dan has final two deal with both Ian and Dani. One will be going to the Jury freshly wounded by his betrayal.

        Frank – Knife in back by Dan
        Shane – knife in back by Dan
        Brittney – Thrown under bus by Dan

    2. Big Brother = lying to people clown!!! That’s the game!!! Maybe you should go watch Susie Home maker instead if you don’t like it!!!

  21. Season 10 was my first season of BB.

    I seem to be the only one that remembers Dan as being very much a liar and backstabber then as he is this season (only he got to hide it behind the act as America’s Player) and it’s why I love his game play.

    It’s why when I first saw Ian, I thought this kid reminds me a lot of Dan and if he make it pass the first 3 weeks he have a good shot at this (I said the same thing about Jodi to, I still believe if she survived more then 4 hours, she had a great shot at the money). Ian seemed to play on the small, weak role that will do anything you say until I need to stab you in the back that Dan had in season 10 and Ian showed it when he plotted to get Boogie out (a good move at the right time).

    Dan not only met me expectations for this season but far exceeding them. The only thing I could fault Dan on is using a bible (or any religious item) to swear on to further himself. I’m not all that religious but I’m sure it struck a nerve with people.

    That said, money is the root of all evil, you’re either all in or you’re in the Jury.

    I’m just stuck between wanting Ian to win the big money and Dan actually getting the money.

    Dani…she just doesn’t seem to learn, even with the knife still deeply lodge in her back and sticking out her chest….or maybe it’s some genius game play, who knows. She is a student of Dan’s after all.

    1. Dan was cutthroat in BB10. I don’t think he’d deny it. The biggest difference is that year he was able to arange for Memphis Garrett to get a lot of the blame from other players, which is why he won a 7-0 jury vote. This year, most of the blood is on his own hands. Jury will be a lot trickier. He will have to appeal to them to take their duties seriously, put personal feelings aside, and vote for the best player.

      I’ve been pulling for Ian ever since Britney lost, but Dan is miles away the best player.

  22. Money makes people say and do ugly things. Some people would turn on their brothers for $100 imagine the turn for the money these people are playing for. I’d never want to be in a position where I would willing betray my morals and convictions for a chance at a big payout. Id like to think I’m above the underhanded dealings I have watched these people in the house do without batting an eye…but who knows, temptation is called temptation for a reason. I actually feel for all these people , when they see for themselves and hear from friends , family and strangers how the things that they said of did played to the audience…I think some therapy will be in order. Yeah, it’s “just a game” but these are real people with real feelings and real lives and real people who love them. In the end..money changes everything and not always for the better. Would I ever put myself in a position where my morals, convictions and integrity would be tested to such an extent? You bet your ass, NOT! I don’t think it would be worth any amount of money to me. I hope the show provides some therapy for these folks and protection. People inside the house are acting crazy but people outside will be acting even crazier. God Bless the lot of them…good luck with reintegration into the real world.

  23. The game is being played exactly as it’s meant to be played. If people did not lie, scheme, and backstab each other it would be an awfully boring game, with no twists and turns that we all stay glued to our computers and t.v to see. If the game was played the way many of you say it should be played, be honest how long would would you watch such a boring and predictable show?

  24. To those who say:

    Dan’s done Dani wrong.
    Huh??? He’s taken her to the final three!

    It’s unfair that Dan’s playing an emotional twit.
    You enter the game by choice, once you walk through that door it’s game on. If she’s so unstable, BB shouldn’t have allowed her in. Blame them.

    Dan shouldn’t win again, he has money.
    So you all know the financial status of the other players? Dani got the best surgeon and the best implants and probably a brow lift, she must have money. Frank is unemployed yet is a party animal, how does he manage that? Boogie has his restaurant empire. Shane makes only $400/wk from working nonstop? That’s what he reports to the IRS maybe or doesn’t include profits from flipping a house or occasional modeling assignment. We really don’t know who needs it and doesn’t and shouldn’t factor it in. it’s about best game play.

    Dan’s wrong for swearing on the bible and wife.
    Think you are all hypocrites. If you were in this GAME and could smell the money, you’d lie and swear on anything for your family. I’m sure Dan had long discussions with his wife about what would be acceptable and not acceptable. He would not risk his marriage for any amount of money.

    @Eripaul…enjoyed and agreed with your earlier posts. My thoughts exactly.

  25. Would like to get some feed back on, Why did Dan when he made his eviction speech tell Dami you looking in your hands look at me. Wow he is cold hearted dude. He knew what he aw going to do, and he made he look a him. Wow is all I can say. Hat dude scares me. I would not have cared if she looked at me because I would have know the pain it aw going to cause. For him he was like a serial killer who want to see the face of his victim. That’s why he took a 50 min. Shower. Lol he was gratified by what he had some, he went for the kill. I just hope and prey that he takes Dani to the final 2, I was not a fan of hers. But seeing the tourture he put her through she deserves the 500.

  26. You say Dani is so innocent and gullible. I just can’t understand if she is so distraught over Dan evicting Shane. Why would she throw the first H.O.H to him . I would have thought she would have wanted payback.

  27. Giving all your power to a man…..such a good teachable moment for all the young girls and women watching.
    It’s “only a game” did Dan have to take away all her dignity.
    She had a moment “my dad is going to be so proud of me” and Dan took that away from her.
    I hope the money is worth it.

    1. Dan didn’t take it away she GAVE it away…..people are responsible for themselves…stop the victim mentality…our worl is drowning in it…we are not victims…neither is Danielle…..she did what she did it epwas her choice….if you don’t want to get manipulated in life become a strong person…it is your responsibility.

    2. Danielle isn’t so innocent yes she won alot but dan has pointed her in the right direction from who to cozy up to to who to get rid of so the only thing i see here is that dan got all the blood on his hands but dani was right there with him and she always stayed the path he set. Yes getting shane out for her was hard but i am sure dan was aftraid that after everything dani wouldn’t cut shane and why would he take that risk. I think she is upset about shane but i also think she is upset that she doesn’t have that guaranted final 2. It wasn’t even 24 hours ago where shane and dani was plotting dan’s demise the moment Ian walked out they were gunning for him (weather dani was going to be true to dan or shane we will never know) but dan didn’t do all this so shane could take him out. He knew he had ian ready to take him to the final 2 and with shane out of the picture he guaranted himself that spot. I am not sure if he really thinks he can win again but he wants to at least get to the end it is funny how shane was talking about how dan played a dirty game but he didn’t play a very clean game he turned on brit, lied to janelle, boogie, frank and was plotting with dani to let dan get ian’s blood on his hands getting rid of him and then they will take him out. The fact he did it first just makes shane a hypocite! at least brit gives credit where credit is due frank and shane are just poor sports

    3. Dan did exactly what Dani knew he would do. No surprises. She is playing to the cameras. Her expression was so fake, wide eyes and open mouth, classic, rehearsed. Her stated reason doesn’t hold water. I believe that she is upset that Shane is gone, but she engineered it as being best for her game.

  28. Britney was my favorite player and she was a victim of one of Dan’s moves, so I have no stake in defending Dan, but when I see people claiming Dan is a horrible person in his real life because of what he’s done in the game, I couldn’t disagree more strongly.

    It would be wrong for an ultimate fighter or boxer to beat people up out in the street or for football players to tackle people, but in the cage or on the field, it’s expected. It would be wrong for Dan to lie to people and break promises outside the BB house, but the show’s very concept that only one person gets the money pretty much requires that you deceive people. Part of the skill of BB is to figure out when people are lying and when they’re telling you the truth.

    Shane is feeling betrayed by Dan, but remember that he was conspiring with Danielle to cut Dan out at F3. Dan beat him to the punch. That’s the game. How many of us wouldn’t have cut out the one person who wouldn’t take us to F2?

    And I totally disagree with the analogy Frank used to Britney when she was defending Dan. If Britney had cheated on her husband and had sex with someone in the BB house to further her game, that would have been a betrayal of her own spouse. Surely that’s a lot worse than teling a BB player they’re safe and then voting them out.

  29. I for one have no problem how Dan has played the game this year on a moral level(because it is just a game).I do however think the extremes he has went to are going to cost him a win.When I think of the jury this year I think of a bitter group who’s moral’s have been offended by one man Dan.I believe their not going to vote for him either because they hold a grudge or because he already won,and i don’t blame them that is also part of the game.If someone wants to vote in retaliation i say more power to them,and if they want to vote on game play that’s ok too

    1. Come on the odds of him actually winning regardless of how he played the game has always been slim dan knew if he didn’t get to the end with a coach that won he would never win so to say he wouldn’t have the votes he never did regardless. The only way i see him winning which is very slim if they base it on gameplay but i think dan really just wanted to say he won this game twice the odds have always been against him.

      1. I don’t agree i think had he given Frank a vote and made Ian evict him he would have Frank’s vote.Which in turn most likely would also give him Ashley’s vote(mark my words they will vote the same)If he would have evicted Ian instead of Shane he would also most likely of had Ian’s vote as long as he was able to win the final HOH.That’s 3 votes give him Britney’s and there you have it,but he just wanted to guarantee he got at least 50 g’s

  30. Please explain to me wh
    why everyone is feeling so bad for Danielle and Shane?? All she had to do last night was leave the noms the same. They were not voting Dan out, why take him off the block?? The was Dan’s brilliant move. All she had to say is Shane can vote out Ian, you are just a pawn, BUT NO…………………..Danielle had to make one more stupid move. GO Dan you deserve it ALL!

    1. I agree. Would Danielle be crying if Shane double crossed Dan? It coudl have easily happened that way if she left the noms the same. Shane did not carry Danielle to the final 3… Dan did.

      1. Dani won HOH to make it to the final three, she was not carried at least this round. Dan just put her on the block. She thinks it was as a pawn, but I think that Dan would have been happier if Jenn had stayed. Dan wanted to get rid of Shane but did not have the votes. Dan said that he kept Shane for Dani but the truth is he did not have the votes to evict. Ian shut him done when he approached him about keeping Jenn.

      2. Dani just wanted her cake and eat it to it is not like dan has not been pulling stuff like this all summer she should have know he would do something like this. Dan did what he had to do shane and dani were planning his demise less then 24 hours before dan just beat shane to the punch.

  31. I guess I am a terrible person just like Dan… I played Monopoly last week with my family, and forced my own mother to bankruptcy! I was thinking it was just a game at the time… but not after reading these comments, I realize that I am Judas just like Dan…. I feel terrible now!

    1. Mikie Boy, Simon & Dawg should put your post at the top of the OBB website. Best comment I’ve EVER seen on here – an absolutely perfect analogy, that puts the BB game in its proper perspective. Why do 90%+ of posters think BB/Reality TV is real life? People voluntarily choose to play BB, just like your family chose to play Monopoly (except that the BB prize money is real!!) Hey, if folks don’t want to experience both the good and the bad of what BB entails, fine. Then don’t sign up to go into the house! But if you do, then be prepared to “expect the unexpected”, and don’t complain when EXACTLY that happens to you!

    1. This may not be the case. But they are not voting for the best person, they are voting with emotions. Doesnt take away that Dan is the best player to EVER play the game. If Janelle, Boggie etc were this good, they woud still be in the game like Dan.

      1. Put Dr Will and Dan in the same game and see who comes out on top, my moneys on Dr Will , think back how many times he was on the block and nver got evicted . Dan this year nver had to face that possibility this year.

    2. They would never be asked back to All Stars if they didn’t vote for Dan though!! He played the best game ever and deserves a 7-0 vote, and anyone that votes against him is a clown!!!

      1. Making it to the finals doesn’t make you the winner. You have to get the votes. Dan has not appeared to be concerned with this aspect of the game.

        Let us keep watching to the end before we jump to conclusions.

        Dan’s treatment of the Jury members so far as not impressed me. I think that he has made too many moves againt too many members of the Jury and plans on making one more. He has a final two deal with both Ian and Dani. If Shane had sent Ian to Jury that is a maybe vote in Dan’s column instead of a sure vote againt from Shane.

        It appears that he is playing for second, place but sandby for another twist from Dan before the end. Ian and Dani better watch out for the bus that hit Brittney.

    3. maybe maybe not if dan takes dani to the finale and they figure out that dan and dani have been working together then he may still have a chance. Do not think dan does not have a plan to over come that then you all are crazy the reason dan wants dani in the f2 isn’t because he wants her to win it is because he has the most aminition against her dani she has been in on everything since day 1. The whole funneral thing where they now hate each other big lie which dan knows this is what makes dan a great player he already knows what he do to make the jury hate her.

  32. Danielle made a selfish move last night – she didn’t want blood on her or Shane’s hands in Ian’s eviction. That’s the sole reason she took Dan off the block, so he could do the dirty work. Her selfishness is what caused Shane to go. Hopefully some of her tears are attributed to her own guilt.

  33. If Dan had started off as a player instead of a coach, I would totally give him props. However he had 4 weeks of safety, then manipulated a 23 year old girl who has never played this game before…..He hasn’t played this game, all he’s done is made other people play it for him. He’s very smug and that’s the reasons I don’t believe he deserves to win. If he was my husband, I would be ashamed, appalled and pissed off. It’s very obvious that he has manipulated Danielle to the point of her being somewhat in love with him or a crush or something. It’s just like an abusive relationship where a man repeatedly abuses a woman then apologizes and it happens over and over. So here dan is with a somewhat mentally challenged Ian, that mumbles to himself and rocks back and forth, and an emotionally broken totally manipulated 23 year old girl…..Good job dan, you didn’t wanna actually play the game with people who could challenge u, just people who you could manipulate and mentally abuse….now give this person $500,000 …..makes me sick

    1. WOW… calling someone with OCD “somewhat menatlly challenged”, and blaming Dan for production puting a nieve 23 year old girl, who appiled for a dating show, but got Big Brother…. Your wife/husband must be ashamed, appalled and pissed off.

      I feel bad that the person you wanted to win, didnt, but Dan is the best player ever

    2. WHAT? Dan didn’t pick the other players or force them to play. He worked with what was given. There’s no room for bleeding hearts in this game, it’s cut throat competition. Complain to Big Brother about their pathetic choices instead of blaming Dan. And both Ian and Dani are very smart, just not end-game focused like Dan is.

    3. If you think about dan couldve been evicted on like day 20 when his last player was dani against jojo they couldve gotten dan out he really on had two weeks of safety

    4. Ian actually ended up being more adept than I thought he would be. He is just naive about some forms of human behavior and is too much of a super fan with being hung up on wanting an alliance to make it to the end. But I think Ian played the game he wanted overall so he’s not mentally challenged. He had no problem voting out Boogie or Frank. Danielle is 23 not 13. So it was her choice to keep the coach and student relationship not unlike Frank was doing, instead of using her own strategy. Besides, she’s benefited greatly with Dan in the game. I’m not convinced her social game would have been as good without his influence the whole time.

  34. I wish I could see the conversation in the jury house when Shane tells them about what happened:

    Shane: “Dan screwed me”

    Britney: “Me too”

    Joe: “Me three”

    Frank: “Me four Bubba”


      1. I actually think the best thing for Dan, would be to win the final HOH and get the blood on his hands for evicting Ian. Basically the entire jury would be there because of Dan. I think that each jury member will be less likely to take Dan’s actions personally, when everyone else in the jury had the same thing happen to them. I think it’s much easier for a single betrayal to be taken personally than the same thing happening to everyone.

  35. O.M.G.! All this bashing on Dan, Danielle, Britney, Frank, all the house guest is so repulsive. This is basically a game. So many complaints and this one and that one. For those who are complaining about Dan, let’s see if you can get on BB and win the $500k. I bet you will lie, cheat, steal, and sell your first and last born child to get to the money. Wake up and stop being delusional and senile. IT’S a GAME. If you don’t like the outcome – then don’t watch it. Point Blank and to the point.

  36. I have to say this has been one of the best seasons of all time, and I am thankful to have a chance to watch this year. I will be proud for whoever wins the game. I like them all and respect them for doing the best they can to stay in the game. I want Ian to win, mostly because I am a proud nerd and I always vote for other under dogs like me. Dan, I loved how he didn’t let his emotions get in the way and I am proud of him for playin such an awesome game. He kept this season entertaining for sure. Dani, I think she is a strong lady and she reminds me a friend that passed away recently. I think she is a beautiful, caring lady. It makes me upset when I hear negative remarks about her. I believe I am fat and waaaaay more ugly than her. If i ever.made it into bb house, I probably would be torn apart because of all thes judgmental people.

    Thank you Dawg and ummm well the other guy ;) for this awesome job on this website. I will be back next season, I promise. You guys put alot of bb time in out of your daily lives. Thank you.

  37. I’m not buying the storyline that CBS is selling that Dan has played so much better than anyone else. All three contestants left have played a great game.

    The quack pack alliance was dominant force in the game — four of it members made the final four — and the lynchpin/mastermind of that alliance was Ian (along with Britney). Ian also managed to forge several close relationships with jury members along the way, in Ashley and Britney.

    For Danielle’s part, although she’s been an emotional wreck (just like Rachel was), she has also won some of the most critical competitions of the season, just like Rachel did. She won the crucial endurance comp following the merge, the final four head of household AND the final four POV. She’s also made the fewest enemies in the jury, which is a critical part of the game, like it or not.

    All three would be deserving winners, and for my money, Danielle is the favorite at this point with Ian a close second.

  38. First I gotta say I have always been a Dan Fan, and I remain one now.

    I am not sure if Dan is just too smart for them or they are all just dumb. Ok lets think about this, Frank tooK chum baths, avocado dips, and (In my opinion the stupidest move of the season prior to Danielle taking Dan off the block) agreed to sit out 2 HOH’S. He then lucked out and Jenn won veto while she had to accept eating slop for the rest of the season. He had Dan dead to rights.

    So what does Little Franknannie do? He talks Jenn into removing Dan from the block lol, (Or should I say Dan convinced Frank to convince Jenn to take Dan off the block)

    Now lets talk about Danielle, she makes a smart move and nominates Ian & Dan, she wants Dan & Shane in final 2 because it is best for her, to have Dan & Shane cause both will take her.

    Now Dan knows, Ian & Danielle will take him but not Shane, Shane will take Danielle, so Dan talks Danielle into removing Dan from the block so he has Ian’s blood on his hands and Shane doesn’t have to get Ian Mad at him. Now I am sorry, a little stop and think for yourself, and you would figure out that Shane being gone only benefits Dan.

    She did what Dan wanted she went along like a sheep to slaughter and then she wants to cry for 3 hours on BBAD & Drive us all crazy.

    Now she cried for hours and hours on BBAD, so what does she do, she can’t trust Dan anymore she is so upset with him, so she drops in the first leg of the final HOH and lets Dan win lol (I see a pattern of stupidity forming here)

    She has no one but herself to blame for Shane’s eviction, she knew Shane would have voted Ian out so it’s her fault he is gone not Dan’s. I mean 4 times he has kicked her in the tush and she got upset with him because he did the exact opposite of what he told her he was going to do, yet she still trusted him more than Shane. (Dumb meter going off the chart!)

    Now I see, Dan has told her, (Again TOLD, because this girl is incapable of thinking for herself), to try and get Ian to throw the next comp to her, lol Now I really don’t think Ian is as dumb as she is. But anyhow, I see her swearing she will serve Dans head on a platter, I am not sure if this is part of her plan Dan gave her or if she means it.

    If Danielle wants to redeem herself and hold any semblance of a true player, she would need to win the final HOH and send Dan to jury house and then she would win over Ian, because she finally made the biggest move all season, thinking for herself and sending the greatest BB player to jury house.

    Finally, please lets all remember, this is a game, he probably told his wife before he went in he would swear on anything including her if he had to, and for $500,000, I am certain his wife said curse me good!

    Lets face it, Big Brother is a game of lying manipulating and backstabbing, In real life I am a kind hearted person that wouldn’t hurt a fly, but my entertainment I like is violent bloody horror movies, the opposite of what I am really like.

    So Dan is a good person outside and inside the BB House he gets to be bad, it’s a game, he is allowed, it is what BB is.

    I truly like Dan, but for shock value and great TV, It would be incredible if Danielle won and sent Dan to jury house, lol But I am not sure she can think that far ahead without asking Dan.

    Tune in Wednesday and see if student serves up the teacher or if she follows along like a drone yet again>

    Go DAN !

    1. Actually Ian is just as dumb he throw the first part of the hoh to dan but everything dani was telling ian was what dan told her to tell him word by word to convince him to throw it to him even telling him she knows what the jury will say in the last comp. Dani will never cut dan she has come this far with him i don’t see it happening but it is impressive they both started out together and will more then likely end together

  39. 1) Dan swore on the bible that what he was telling Frank about Ian was true.. why doesnt anyone see this. Sure, he shook hands that he was in an alliance and that he’d take certain people to the end… but thats it. You dont win this game without lieing, I dont care who you are… the degrees of lieing is is where the integrity comes into play, and frankly I have no problem in what Dan has done.
    2) Swearing on the bible and shanking hands aside – isnt there a form of deception in EVERY game/sport? Football – “we’re lining up to punt – I swear we’re punting, so you should get into punt defense…. oh wait – its a fake!!! we’re running it for the first down” … they send scouts to other teams games in the high school level all the way up to professional level to study the other teams plays so they can find ways to counteract those plays.. thats not a form of decpetion? Basketball – setting back picks, using ball “fakes”, playing possum on defense… baseball, “STEALING” second base… “im not going to run… im going to stand here on the base until you pitch the ball, only once its hit, then ill run… i SWEAR!!!”…. There are set rules or guidelines in the sports to prevent from “cheating” (Performance enhancing drugs, ect) but as long as youre playing within the rules of the game, its all ok in these specific sports….I know this seems like a silly analogy – but in truth, games or sports is about using deception to find an advantage to WIN… in a game like Big Brother where there are NO RULES, why should we fault a player who is within the confines of the sport/game because it plays to YOUR so called integerity??
    Maybe im going to get super flamed for the rediculousness of this post, but I feel like its a point that everyone should at least consider when blasting Dan’s integerity.

  40. My husband sons and grandkids can’t fathom how “addicted” I am to this show. For me Dan is the best player of this season. Don’t believe his lies, manipulations, backstabbing is how he is in the outside world. How would you play it when you are cooped in that house dealing with people you don’t know who will lie and backstab the first chance the get? Dan’ s strategies are brilliant. He knows how to play this game his haters are mad cuz their favorites didn’t have the Dan mist and brains.

  41. I really don’t think Dan has played a better game than Ian.Big players that Ian is responsible for being evicted Frank and Boogie.Big players Dan is responsible for being evicted Britney and Shane.Obviously Ian has won more competitions,and has probably played a better social game since he has been behind in the know of almost all the evictions,and still won’t have any jury members bitter with him.Dan’s victory comes in the manipulation department

    1. Dan is the only one that had a real end game strategy. Ian’s strategy seemed to end with getting the quack pack to the final four. Dan used the quack pack to hs advantage, the rest of the group including Ian were just pawn for Dan to move around the chess board positioning him where he needed to be to finish in the top two. Ian made a big mistake not putting Dan up last time he was HOH where as Dan found a way out of every bad postion he has been in and even used those situations to take out potential threats. I’m actually disappointed with Ian’s gameplay unless he has some type of big plan he’s been keeping quiet about.

      Of course I still rather for Ian to win than Danielle, she’s just nuts.

  42. If Danielle wins part 2 of HOH i think she wins the game. This looks like a very bitter jury and while Dan has played a great game, it was a very dirty game very similar to Russel Hance from survivor. I think Russel only got like 1 jury vote. The jury could always surprise me and vote for who played best, but i doubt it.

    1. come on people this is dan the guy who managed to get the person that hated him the most in this game to save him. Do you not think that dan has a plan for all that if he makes it to the final 2 he definetly has a trick up his sleeve and a way to throw dani under the bus she won’t see coming there is no way dan hasn’t figured all this out already. You forget that dani knew alot of what dan was up to and she has lied in this game to so all dan has to do to even the playing field is to expose her

      1. I think Danielle gets Shane and Jenn’s votes hands down. Frank hates Dan and Ashley will probably do what Frank does. I just don’t see Dan winning against either Ian or Danielle.

  43. Come on people… Shane and Danille both were playing each other and were about to ditch Dan. If Shane had won Final HOH he would have done what he always did and taken Dan as that would have been his best chance to win.. Shane always did what he thought was best for his personal game. Yes, dump pathetic weeping Danille. That is why he used the veto on himself knowing she might be put on the block. This after promising her he would never do that…If at the final three he took Dan over her she would have been really, really hurt. Dan saved her from that pain. Again, yes Shane would have taken Dan. Go back through the feeds and see where Shane was in a panic when He thought Dan was leaving… All the players were playing. Dan was simple the best so far.
    All the losers would have taken Dan because he is hated and that’s their best chance to win against him. And he set himself up as the bad guy to help Danille.
    All all these moral comments. What planet are these people from. It’s like getting upset when hockey players bump each other. Get real….

  44. I still can’t believe people think Dan is the best to ever play the game.These people must have only been watching since season 10.I can’t fathom that anyone who has seen season 2 or 7 would think he is the best.Dan knows who the best is just ask him and he would say Dr will

    1. Not true i did see will’s season and is one of the best and up until this season i would have agreed with you (and even now it is very close) but i still have to say dan is better sorry! the moves he makes i don’t even know if will could have pulled it off

  45. SO tired of the Dan haters bringing up the swearing on the Bible or his low down moves or how he could never teach their children.
    He doesn’t teach your children and I am quite sure that others realize this is fantasy and a game…a game where you have to break the rules and do things that are not normally a part of your everyday routine. Tell me that you are so upstanding you do not lie and are a pillar of morals, values and a role model for all you meet.
    Different situations call for different measures…if Dan played his Season 10 game, he would have been gone and he said it to Britney: I want to play the game.
    The swearing on the Bible…people swear on family members, lives and things that are so much more tangible in this game. I do believe in a Higher Power and not sure if I would go so far as to do that, but then again…people swear to God when they know they are lying or have no intentions of honoring a deal. Which is worse…swearing to God or swearing on the WORD of God? And who are any of us to judge Dan’s moves or motives?
    Cutthroat moves…that is what this game is about. Don’t hate on Dan because he stays at least two steps ahead of the others…Britney and Ian were ready to throw him under the bus and he beat them to it; Shane and Danielle had already plotted Dan’s demise…he beat them to it. Shane calling Dan a dirty player is based on what? Hurt feelings…that’s it. I am quite sure Shane and Danielle did not tell Dan to his face that they were taking him to Final 3 and cutting him…they were going to backstab him first and he got the jump on that.
    Shane got evicted because of his own stupidity and blind faith in a woman who cannot even play her own game.
    I do want Dan to win because he always plays an excellent game and is not afraid to get his hands bloody.

  46. So i know people are thinking either Dan or Dr. Wil are the best players of all time, but who do you think are the best female players of all time: Jun Song, Danielle Reyes, Rachel Reilly? let me know.

    1. Very interesting question for me i think Danielle Reyes is the best female of all time.Had she been able to win a comp or 2 she might be considered the best player period.It’s a shame that in season 3 everyone was able to go home and see her DR sessions which is why i think she lost.Rachael is the opposite a competition beast that is always hated by the whole house.Then you have Janelle who i might consider the best if she wasn’t the only 3 time loser

  47. the mist is almost over yo final 2 dan vs danielle, dan trys to mist the jury but the jurys like suck on these nuts dan,danielle wins 500gs dan gets 50 and a exorcism,ian goes back to tulane and gets some cooochie, revenge of the nerds style,

  48. This talk about Dan selling his soul etc is stupid. People that can’t distinguish between a game on television and real life shouldn’t watch. Everyone in the house has lied. How is it that YOU are to say which lie is acceptable and which isn’t??? Yes, Dan is a dirty player….but he is GOOD. If he would have come in and played the same game as last time it would have been boring tv and everyone would have figured him out. He is brilliant. He pulled off being a COACH in the final AND he is still misting!!!!! Do you really think Dan sees his civic duties the same as television? It is ridiculous. And if everyone in the house told the truth and accted with all their “real life” scruples…..how boring would this show be???!!

  49. Dan did not take it to far – Dani is playing it up.!! She is bummed that she now only has Dan as a choice to go to F2 with and that Dan has Dani and Ian to go to F2 with. She is a willing participant in the lies each time.. Did you not watch her on BBAD last night jump right back into lying and talking shit about Ian? First she says she never lied to him except Frank, and then she lied. Not to mention the lie about the whole funeral thing that she was playing them.. You all need to get a grip or go back outside and join the real world.

    So the question is what has Ian done that makes him the one that should have gone home yesterday! Oh yeah – he has been on Dans side for a while also. He was also on Danis side. They were all in the same alliance. But he too is in the way of Dan winning the 500K. He is in the way of Dani winning the 500K. And they are both in Ians way. The bottom line is that all of them want to win and there is only ONE winner!!!!!!!

    This site clearly allows those that watch to voice their favorites and smack talk about the others. But the hate – words about ones family- judging them in their real life – COME ON!!! Get over it.

    The team you picked isn’t making it to the Superbowl! Either jump on the bandwagon of one of the remaining or stop watching.

  50. Yes the game is played by lieing to people, but there is a line between lieing and really going too far. I didn’t care for Dan’s gameplay the first time around. To say his wife was sick and he needed money for her treatment. This year I like him even less. Danielle I hate to say is from my home state and I wanted to root for her to win but she has played a terrible game. She has played DAN’S game. She has followed every instruction and not played her own game. After all the times he deceived her SHE STILL BELIEVES IN DAN……… I won’t say she is stupid but SHE PLAYED STUPID ……. this last HOH puting her trust in Dan one more time really cost her the HALF A MILLION DOLLARS…. SHE MIGHT AS WELL WRITE HIS NAME ON THE CHECK NOW……. it will play out one of two ways either he will backstab her and take Ian to the final two or he will take her and surely WIN. She willingly gave up her chance to win; I PRAY THAT HE TAKES IAN AND HE BEATS DAN AT THE COMPS. AND THE VOTE. At this rate I hope that Ian or Danielle win. Ian preferably. Dan has played a dirty game. He didn’t honor his word to his own alliance. He continually told Danielle one thing and did another. I can understand lieing to those outside your alliance but not to your alliance. They are stupid to trust anything he has to say. So yes he played a smart game as to say he DUPED everyone. He had a final two deal with everyone in the house. And they all believed him, He may win but I still will not like or respect his game. Swearing on the BIBLE??? but yet he teaches and coaches at a catholic school. hmmmmm maybe they should think twice about keeping him on their staff. That to me shows that his students or team players shouldn’t look up to him in any way. The way you play is a reflection on your character. He may be a master of the game but he definately has an UGLY CHARACTER. There is a line that you must not cross even on BB. I don’t agree with how he plays the game.

    1. That was Matt Hoffman that said his wife was sick not Dan.

      Sorry you feel the way you do, However Dan did not swear on anything to Frank about their deal, he swore that he was telling the truth about Ian planning Boogies Eviction, and that was the truth. After the convo on that passed, Frank said “Final 2” and reached for Dan’s hand he he shook it. But never swore on anything for that deal.

      Dan was just too good a player for these guys, maybe next year they will have a more intellectual group that is able to see through heavy Mists!

      1. Who cares what Dan swore on if he wants to use the bible as a game piece that’s his choice,but yes he swore on the bible once you swear on the bible all you say is still under the oath of the bible till the entire conversation with that person is over or anyone else who might be in that room(though there was no one else)It is the same as in court when answering questions from the prosecution you are still under oath when the defense then questions you or if you even get called back to the stand after getting.Like i said though who f*****G cares.I’m in church every Sunday and if someone told me lie on this bible to stay out of jail or for a half million bet that ass i would

  51. If you want to look at poor examples as players, look at guys like Willie, not Dan.

    Dan is a good example of doing what you need to in order to succeed. The moves he’s made have not been malicious, he hasn’t been headhunting people. He hasn’t been taunting, aggressive, or throwing it in people’s faces as they leave. He’s making strategic moves to keep himself in the game. Playing the perfect nice guy will not win this game.

    And anyone who thinks that people who are successful in business aren’t manipulating, sneaky, and playing mind games with their competitors (whether its members of a sales team or other companies they are competing against) I wonder what Utopia you live in. It’s magnified and put on display for everyone to see, but what Dan’s doing isn’t any different from what alliances do in every season with the exception that he’s being doing it on his own and without telling the world what he’s doing.

    1. Maybe you were misted by Dan as well. It’s just a game. Gotta make the moves to get by. Meanwhile, people cry or get hurt. I actually like Frank more than Dan right now. How about that. I gotta go with my gut on this. Just like Dan.

  52. Dan is playing the Russell from Survivor game (a second place and no chance in winning game). You can’t cross the lines he has crossed and expect to be rewarded by the jury. The jury seems to be tolerant of some lying and backstabbing, but when you repeatedly swear on the Bible and your wife it goes too far. I could be wrong, but that’s not being a good game player in my opinion and I think the jury will agree.

    1. I think Dan is completely aware of that probability – he said in his eviction speech last night that he already had blood past his elbows and is going to get even more soaked, etc…he knows there’s no turning back and its likely (although not 100%) that he will be playing only for second if he gets to final two. I said last week and agree with the others who are saying that he is at least trying to get his player there for the win if he can’t get it. I would be he also knows he has a slight chance to mist the jury if it does end up D and D in final 2. That said, he hedged his bets with Ian and playing the “renegade” card just in case. 50k is better than no k.

    2. I find it comical when people on these reality shows 1. swear on their wife, dog, ring, dead mother and 2. people believe it. What does it mean when you’re in a game like this? First rule of Big Brother, Survivor, etc etc………trust no one 100%. Expect to get your feelings hurt, but suck it up and play strong. All these players who feel slighted by Dan should feel embarrassed that they didn’t play their own game and got caught up in his. He’s a BETTER PLAYER than they are and they can’t stand it.

  53. Wow! Where can I meet women like Dani that will believe anything. Wait, got my answer, in Alabama. Oh my, I could date other women while dating someone like Dani. Even if Dani caught me with another woman, I could blame it on her and she would forgive me everytime. Oh I got to get me a Bama woman … all their smarts are in their jugs …ah…what a woman!

    1. Someone else thought he said, get Jenn to vote for Danielle…someone else thought he said something along the lines of tell Jenn about Danielle. Its in one of the comments section. I couldn’t hear a word, I rewound it like ten times.

  54. Dan has played the best game ever! If some of you are so caught up in emotions to see that I am sorry! This is not a game where you choose friendships and feelings over getting to the end. If Dan hadn’t done the things he did he probably would have been out a long time ago. He had a target on his back since day 1 so he had to mix it up and do what he could to get to the end. Also I don’t get how he wronged Danielle since she is right there with him. Sure if he absolutely had to sacrifice her he would have but only to save his own self. I don’t think he should be called a bad person for this since this is a game where everyone should be number 1 out for themselves. Yes he uses her as a pawn with her emotions but who knows if he hadn’t done this she might have not even made it to the end. As for Shane I feel bad for the guy but he really didn’t understand how the game worked and wasn’t very good at it. His plan was to use his romance with Danielle to get to the end and people aren’t even talking about it but I am pretty sure a lot of his affection for Danielle was using her to get to the end. So Dan backstabbed him before Shane could convince Danielle to backstab Dan. Dan has controled this whole game for awhile now, it’s not his fault these people are not very good at the game to see it. It amazes me that the players see it done to another player but continue to trust him. Ian is gonna be the next one blindsided by Dan and like Shane it isn’t gonna be pretty.

  55. I highly doubt Ian or Dani are coming out of the mist until they are out of this house….and maybe not even then……Dani has done really nothing as far as game play so far she’s basically been happy to let dan drag her kicking and screaming to the final 3…….and Ian not much more…..Dani is just gonna mist Ian and get Dan and her in the final two…..blah, boring, and predictable…..Despite most of the misted people on this message board, I do not believe Dan is the best player ever, for what? misting two idiots? Haha….Hopefully Ian will make it to the final 2 but I doubt it. If not really don’t care who wins…..all are very mediocre players at this point

  56. What planet are these people from. Dan has been amazing. They don’t call evil Dr. Will or Evil Dick evil for nothing.(forever fan favorites) This is Big Brother you CANNOT be honest to everyone all the time and win. Dan has played suberbly! I get amped when I watch the show. ITS A TV SHOW ! Its a GAME. There are NO RULES socially therefore everything goes. Thats like telling Clay Matthews not to sack a quarterback because he might get hurt. People are just pissed caause “no strategy” shane got blasted and Dani is Dan’s puppet and Ian is misted….that’s just my opinion. I LOVE this game! And Dan is the greatest of all time…period.

    1. The only rules you have to follow, if you want to win, is what the jury would allow you to get away with. That will be the question if Dan gets to the end. I think he was able to mist some people at the most important times because he played the Bible card after reading verses and what not. That allowed him to get trust when he wouldn’t have received it otherwise. He did what he had to do, but I don’t think it will sit well with the jury. They will reward you despite the fact you backstabbed and connived, but there is a limit to what they can accept.

  57. Well it looks like Danielle is not cut out for the game of Big Brother. She seems to think this is The Dating Game instead of Big Brother. She got stabbed in the back and wondered what happened and poor Ian should be celebrating that he’s in the final 3 but instead he’s grabbing tissues for Danielle while she blows her nose and cries in her pillow. I think she should just be happy that she’s still in the final 3 and wasn’t kicked out of the house earlier for being a big huge floater who eats, sobs, talks about herself and stalks Shane. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the Big Brother house. She should be regrouping and figuring out her next move but she’s too busy crying in Shanes pillow and missing her showmance who is “super sweet” LOL Grow up Danielle or you have no shot of winning.

  58. One more thing. Shane is the only one Dan did Not have a final 2 with. Just because Shane is nice he is supposed to vote out his ally and sign over a check to Shane? He also had Shane dead to rights once before and Dani saved him. Dan took aim and took him down when he should have. The one thing people forget is that Big Brother is a game. And there are no rules socially so you have to make moves to get to final 2. It’s like if someone dropped a 500K lotto ticket and said do what you have to and it’s yours. I’d swear on anything so long as I won it. So most of you who hate Dan would say “alright I don’t want to swear on something to a stranger so I’ll walk away”. “you three sheisters can keep it” Win or lose Dan sealed the deal as the greatest of all time.

  59. Go Dan! Hope you win it all! And I hope Frank wins America’s favorite. I can’t stand listening or watching Danielle. She should be evacuated to the closest psych ward…though there is no treatment for what she has got. Ian is so attention seeking for the cameras I can barely stand it……I think I’ll shut everything down until finale night and keep my fingers crossed for Dan!

  60. There are three awards for big brother. The 1st prize, 2nd prize and America’s choice. If you want to vote for the person who did not backstab, did not lie, and played a fair and honest game for America’s favorite then go right ahead! But as for the 1st prize, it should go to someone who actually PLAYED the game.

    1. Aint that the truth iv’e done my part i voted for Frank about 50 times now probably not enough though oh well that’s all he gets

  61. Does anyone think they will bring back most of the QP newbs along with Frank for All-Stars next year?…I think there is a good chance we see 4 casts members from this season back next year…

    1. I may be wrong but I would think they would wait a year until they bring any players. Out of everyone this season I would guess that Ian and Frank would be the main ones asked back.

    2. I hope not. I’ve seen enough of the vets VS newbees to last me a lifetime. Give me another bunch of brainless newbees and let the stupidity begin.

    3. It would be a waste of time to ask ANY of the newbs back, they’re all too goddamn stupid, it would be a repeat of this year.

      anybody who disagrees must not have watched the same show I have…

  62. I’ve got a serious question for all you Dan lovers out there.

    Would you have been taken under Dan “magical spell” if you were in the “game” or would bells gone off in your head once you actually started thinking about things that happened?

    Like when Dan voted to save Danielle from eviction RIGHT AFTER his alleged funeral?

    Or when Dan voted to evict Frank one week after Jenn used the veto on Dan? Could you not have figure that Frank was on board with Jenn using the veto (we’re talking Jenn ??? here) and that Dan had made a deal and the deal wasn’t to evict Frank the next week?

    And why did Dan vote to evict Britney over Joe when Dan put up and evicted Joe the very next week? (Because he wanted Britney out)–DUH!

    Those are just a few examples of how easy it was for Dan to skate through this season. If he were up against people that had half a brain, he would have been gone long ago. Ian and Danielle just threw the first comp to Dan! What more do you need to know?

    I mean, c’mon, those idiots were tripping over clues and couldn’t figure out a single one. That’s why I don’t buy into this Dan love fest. Yes he’s a professional liar (that didn’t just develop while on BB BTW)—he’s also a little sneak and he has no scruples. But Dan’s game doesn’t even come near the game Dr. Will played.

    1. I’m biased because I’m a Chill Town fan but there has been a few times this year I wanted to shake some of the house guests and yell at them “what were you thinking?!!!”

      1. Chill Town was very entertaining. Almost wet my pants when Dr. Will told the house (while on the block) that there wasn’t anyone in particular that he disliked — he didn’t like any of them—–and wanted to be evicted. And they still didn’t evict him!

        For me, this season was just one frustration after another.

    2. you have just proved to yourself without really trying why Dan deserves to win.. With all those clues on the table – they still didn’t step up to the plate and play the game. He outplayed them.

      Professional liar – what??? You are kidding right!

      I can show you 1000 different posts over this season that think that thats all Dani does is lie about her life? Dans lies are game related- not what he does for a living, who he is dating, what degree he has, about his family etc..

      1. By professional liar, I’m referring to the fact that he can lie without giving any tells. Takes practice to do that. Try watching the WPT main event for a life lesson.

        Never said he is the only liar in the house.

        I also didn’t comment on whether he deserves to win. I’m just saying he had little to no competition.

  63. From the “you can’t make this stuff up” department:

    Q: What’s the name of Dan & Chelsea Gheesling’s dog up in Michigan?

    A: Frank (no joke – this is absolutely true; pics of their pooch are on her Facebook page)

  64. Dan is Playing The Most Perfect Game – I hope it pays off for him and Danielle!!!! – His previous season was a different scenario. Dan Knows that you have to Paly the game you are Given. – In BB14, Dan is playing for 2 and he has been a Huge target from Day 1…- As for Danielle, she is trying to get Ian’s sympathy so that Ian will throw part 2 to her! – Dan is a Genius- and really Good guy!

  65. People! No one in that jury is going to vote for Dan to win again! Who would give someone another 500 g’s?! Come on fair is fair. He played a cut throat ruthless game and I hope he walks away with NOTHING!

    1. Why does it matter if he already won Big Brother?!?! That’s like saying a baseball player shouldn’t win the MVP because he’s already won it!!He played the best game so he deserves to win!!

  66. If Dan was playing the game with his wife he would swear on their unborn child to her and then stab her in the back to win the game .I don’t like Dani but you could see how bad was hurting after what Dan did to her . Swearing on the Bible , Wife and Grandfather is crossing the line . He is going to Hell even though it is a game.

    1. Why do so many people continue to bring this up? Dan swore on the Bible, etc., that what he was about to tell Frank regarding the alliance was true. And guess what? IT WAS! So much self-righteous B.S. in this thread. To claim that Dan is ‘going to Hell’ is hilarious. How do you know? Are you in charge of the Afterlife? Not to mention that Dan, as a Catholic, can ask for penance and be absolved of his sins through confession and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. But I guess all those of you who are so rabid in your religious condemnations of Dan don’t know about that little detail before you started spouting off your vitriolic diatribes.

      Dan has played a cut-throat, vicious game, but isn’t that what Big Brother is about? People manipulating others for a chance to win the grand prize? This game isn’t summer camp. If the ‘morals’ of reality game shows upset your delicate sensibilities so much, why do you watch them in the first place?

      Hypocrisy at its finest.

    2. Silly question – Couples are the first to be broken up! It wouldn’t have mattered..

      PS – ask Dani Donato what she thought of her fathers game – he beat her out of the money!

  67. Here is my prediction everyone, which will change the tone of all these conversations, and make some of these Dan haters eat their words. Dan is not going to go for the win at the end. He will plea to the jury to vote for Danielle. Whether that’s intentional or strategic, he will come out a better man at the end. His website will boost, his book sales will boost, and his personal reputation will boost. Pay attention to what he is communicating to Danielle, how he kneels and prays after a ‘kill’ when someone exists, how he is already marketing himself to the BB audience. This is more scripted for his future not for the $500K. The win is secondary. We all know he was the better player. After taxes, those $500K is only around 300K. He can make more on public appearances and books sales.

    1. You may be right.

      I think Dan whispered to Jenn as she was walking out the door to vote for Danielle to win.

      I also seem to remember in one of his DR sessions he said that he’s won before and that it would be great if he could “coach” one of his player’s to the win.

      Does anyone else remember hearing that?

  68. Here is a question – If Dan wins the final HOH who is he going to pick?

    1. Ian – his Renegade partner. The boy he coached through all of his moves.

    2. Danielle – his player. The girl he sheltered from getting blood on her hands.

    Both of them truly believe that Dan is with them 100%. That will be an interesting moment if that comes in to play.

    I also believe that both Ian and Danielle will pick Dan to sit beside them so he is in the final two either way.

    1. I’m thinking Danielle, I don’t think he really thinks of Ian as his Renegade partner…that’s just more mist. At one time he was really Danielle’s coach. Winning the 500Ks and having the person you coached come in second would be a major accomplishment.

  69. will someone explain to me why on earth anyone “throw” one third of the final HOH competition … I just can’t get any kind of strategy in that sort of action.

  70. I think that everyone that is saying rude things about dani are just jealous…. I really liked Dan at the beginning but he is the most deceptive player.. I am with the JH he will swearing on his bible at the same time he is stabbing you!!

  71. okay so first off IT IS A GAME!!!!!!!!!! Dan is the type of person that can walk into the bb house ande leave everything behind when he comes out i promse you he will go to confession… go to his wife… and say sorry to everybody. I know most of you are mad cause shane went home. Chill out for real. Dan is a great player and that is all i can say. This game is about lying and manipulating sorry if he does it good. Daniel can not be that stupid she had to know shane was going home im sorry. Shane was ok with going on the block. Frank was ok with dan using the veto on jen. Dan did what was right for hs game. Daniell would of taken shane. Dan would have been fighting for his life. And all of you attacking his character are wrong. He is a great guy just smart. I am so tired of yall acting like he signed a deal with thhe devil. And if you thought he was going to keep shane your stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Dan is the best player ever I hope he wins but likely he will get second because of these whinning complaining jury members Frank on the top of this list. They will most likely be bitter about Dan being the one to send them all out the door. Frank you say you are a big fan of the show but in the jury house your complaining about getting played and about Dan having no morals. Really this is big brother house people lie, backstab and do anything they can to get to the end and that’s why Frank your sitting in the jury house you may be good physically but your social game sucked, I really don’t want him to come back for allstars or whatever. As for Britney she can be annoying at times but it really seems she understands the game because she notices that Dan is a great player and will probably vote for him at the end, I agree with her Frank is being stupid and bitter about losing.

  73. Ok, here’s my thing-all this talk about a half a million, a half a million-anybody would do anything for it!
    Actually,no. Yes it is a game but so is life. You have a moral code-you
    don’t get to “check it at the door ” in games or in life. You can play this game with your code intact for the most
    part. You pick and choose your lies-as in little white lies. You do not swear on bibles or do things that will
    hurt people in their real lives. I suppose you people who say “anything for money” think the wall street types
    and CEOs are well within their rights to fire people for the bottom line while taking huge bonus’ even though
    they are richer than they will ever spend or need. Dan already won a half a million – it didn’t need to go down
    like this.

    1. What has Dan done that has hurt other house guests lives outside the BB house? Your comparison of BB to real life jobs on wall street is just as ridiculous. I am sorry that Dan obviously got your favorite HG evicted and that you are apparently butt hurt about it. You need to realize this really is just a game, and when you are playing a game where only one person wins the $500K prize you do what ever you can to further your game. Sure Dan swore on the bible, but he didnt swear on the bible that he wouldnt evict Frank, he said he wouldnt put Frank up, he didn’t lie, Ian put Frank up and Dan just played a small part in evicting him. If Dan had made it a 2-2 tie you would still hate on him because Frank still would have been evicted and you would be crying how Dan only did it to save face with Frank. So deal with it, learn how to separate real life from BB life and move on.

  74. This has been the strangest season of Big Brother. I started this season rooting for Janelle (a personal favorite) and after she was voted out, I couldn’t find anyone to root for. Mainly because no one was truly loyal to anyone…they ALL flip-flopped to wherever the power is. It was too hard to get “attached” to any one player. Actually, Frank and Boogie were loyal to each other, but I despise Boogie so much that I just couldn’t get behind him.

    While I’ve never been a fan of Dan’s, after last night, I hope he wins it. He truly is the best game player and really has been all season. Normally, I hate when the “bad guys” win any reality show because it feels like bad behavior is rewarded and I think that sends a bad message….but even I can’t deny what a great game he has played. I’m kind of shocked that I’m rooting for him and even more shocked that I kind of cheered a little when he blindsided Shane. Not because of Shane, but because of that fool Danielle.

    If Dan was paired up with someone a little less guillible, maybe he couldn’t have gone as far as he did, but after she kept trusting him over and over again, she kind of deserves to get blindsided. (although I did feel bad for Shane…he seems like a nice guy….not exactly a brain surgeon, but still nice).

    It will be interesting to see if the jury votes on personal feelings or game play. If its game play, Dan will win. If its personal…..no way.

    Does anyone have a clear idea of who Dan REALLY wants to end up in the Final 2 with?

    1. I think he wants to take Danielle to final two.

      First, it’s probably an ego thing for Dan in that “coach” Dan brought one of his minions to the final.

      Secondly, he played her like a fiddle all season and she never had a clue. She had very little game that she could call her own. It was nearly all Dan’s game that she played. That will be his pitch to the jury.

      Dan would have a more difficult pitch if he is up against Ian.

  75. Dan is BRILLIANT. It is hilarious reading all of these comments. Are people really turning on the TV, watching a reality show on CBS and expecting
    morality and a lesson on values? Seriously people. It is a game. You shouldn”t play unless you intend to win. I don’t ever remember hearing that it was against the rules to lie or backstab…then there wouldn’t be a show to air. And for those people saying they don’t want their kids seeing this as an example of how to behave, BB isn’t a kiddie show and if you are looking for TV to teach your kids morals, you are looking in the wrong place. I am glad the final 3 are Dani, Ian and Dan. I hope Dan wins because he totally played the game and played everybody.

  76. For all you guys that were so shocked Dan swore on the Bible and his wife Dan’s wife was interviewed and she doesn’t care that he swore on the Bible and on her. She knows he’s doing whatever it takes to win and they probably discussed stuff like this before he left. You can swear on the Bible all you want but the fact of the matter is you have to vote with the house or you’re a big huge target. The house wanted Frank out so Dan voted with them. Even if he had thrown him a bone and tossed him a vote it wouldn’t have made a difference. Everyone wanted him out. So Dan voted with the house and saved himself. Maybe he had every intention of keeping that promise at the time but things change in the BB house very quicjkly. Frank knows that. He did say he’s a fan and if he knows the game so well he would know that the nice honest players always finish last. Plus he should never have played so hard so quickly. He put a huge target on his back from the very beginning. He should have pretended he was clumsy and thrown competions at the beginning and laid low. Another problem was he had Boogie as a coach. Boogie was a target in the house so his team was too. Guilty by association.

  77. How is what Dan did to Shane worse than what Shane did to Danielle? Last week Shane didn’t want anything to Danielle; he would share blankets with her. She wins HOH and POV and suddenly he was ready to be her boyfriend? He was playing on her insecurities to keep himself safe, and he had the nerve to call Dan a dirty player?!? Shane deserved to go long ago.

    Only one person wins, which means everyone else gets voted out. It is what it is . . . they all lie, they all make fake deals, they all shake hands, they all exchange fake hugs (and in Shane’s case fake kisses). Dan is simply smarter than the rest of them. They didn’t have to believe him, and knowing his track record, it’s surprising they did believe him. Frank claims to be honest, but he lied to people too. Britney (and I’m guessing Jenn) are the only ones that really understand that it’s a game show.

    How much fun would it be if everyone was honest, looked eachother in the eye day after day, and told them when they were going home? BORING!! Dan is smart, he pulls off amazing things. He deserves to win.

  78. ok, put yourself in Dan’s positon. You know if Shane stays in the game your chances are 50/50 of being choosen for the F2. You know that your chances are just 100% if Shane is evicted. What would you do? Well, he did it. Shane didn’t want a showmance probably knowing it would hurt his game, but Danielle pursued. Way back in the beginning Dan warned Danielle not to play with her emotions. She continues to deny what her true feelings are. Didn’t see just say I am not crying cause he got evicted but because of the way he went out. Well, it was her turn. Frank freaked when Boogie left, Ian with Brittany left. Dan couched Danielle on what her actions and conversation should be during all these times. He continues to do so … I think he take the coaching things really serious. I always wondered why they didn’t evict Danielle than they would have got both her and Dan out, before he reset. But, Shane decided to target Janell’s team. I think Brittany was part of this. Brittany may have done better if she stuck to Janell. What happened there was there a falling out?
    Anyone who says they would turn down half a million and are making dumb comments need a reality check. Maybe they should tune into reality tv.

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