Dan says goodbye to the House Guests. I want to see ONE HUGE Move from one of YOU!

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 410pm

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 4pm

4pm The Big Brother Canada live feeds return and Talla is sleeping on the kitchen couch. Gary is sleeping in the havenot room. And Emmett, Jillian and Andrew are sitting in the living room talking about sperm banks. Andrew wishes there was some where that would pay to make deposits. They comment on how good the house looks on TV. The conversation turns to how great it will be to get out of the house and to have their phones back. Jillian says that Dan has been freaking out in the diary room.. I can hear him. (Sounds like they are waiting for Dan to complete his final diary room session.) Dan comes out of the diary room. Jillian says they just aired your entire diary room out here … Andrew says yeah thanks you a$$hole! They laugh. Dan heads to the bedroom. Jillian asks Emmett you like that joke I played on him?

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 424pm
Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 415pm
4:20pm – 4:30pm Dan takes his luggage from the bedroom to the storage room. He comes back out with the VETO and says there is just one more things before I go you guys have to compete for one extra power of veto. Dan says just kidding. Andrew asks him if he can have it. Talla follows Dan out to the backyard and tells him I have one more thing to say to you.. I will be working on my speech and you will hear it on Thursday. Dan high fives her.
Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 425pm
Dan goes up to use the bathroom in the HOH room and when he is done he leaves his bracelet on the chess board for Emmett. Dan sits down in the living room and thanks them for letting him come into the house and meet them… He then goes around the room and tells one thing about each of them. They all hug him and he tells them they can contact him if they need anything when they get out. Talla says for sure, LOVE IT! Dan says okay maybe everybody but you Talla. On the way out Dan says that he will be watching and says that he would like to see one of you make one HUGE move before this game is over. It could be anyone of you! I will be rooting for all of you.

Gary tells Emmett that he wants Andrew gone!

4:35pm – 5pm Jillian and Andrew head out to the pool to dip their feet in. They talk about how Dan wanted them to make one big move. Talla and Andrew start to get into it again. They all head out to the hot tub room. Talla says that she wonders what Dan meant by saying he wanted to see one of them make one huge move. Andrew says I don’t know. Talla says I think I know what he meant.

5pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.. When the live feeds come back Andrew tells Emmett in the kitchen that he is thinking up a plan to get Gary not to use the veto. He says that he will tell him that he is going home. But says then I run the risk of him not voting for me if he was going to. Andrew says I will see how the night goes maybe tell him that I got the $10,000 and am going home. Emmett says you could even go as far as packing your sh!t to make it look believable. Andrew says how do you pack your bag without a bag. Emmett says just put all your stuff on your bed. Emmett tells him pack up your stuff and tell him that you are forfeiting all the money and going home. It will be a Canada’s vote thing.

5:45pm – 5:55pm Up in the HOH room: Emmett and Jillian talk about how they have to send Andrew home. Emmett says that he will talk to him. Jillian says that she wants to talk to him too .. I care about him too. Emmett says I will tell him that I have to think about my game and I can’t compete in the HOH next week. They talk about how he will be pissed. Emmett asks who Jillian would rather go to the finals with Talla or Gary:

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I big move from one of these players?….Not going to happen. They are so scared to step on Emmett’s toes.


Exactly. The production is doing everything, even bringing Dan to the house to squeeze a bold move out of them.


Great Talla knows what he meant was she needs to put up Emmet and Jillian. Now all she has to do is win a friggin competition ….. not going to happen.
I sure hope Gary realizes that if he wins HoH he needs to put Jillian and Emmett up for his best chance at winning. if it was Gary and Talla in F2 Gary would win.


i am still ticked that gary came back into the game .. i thought he would come in for the day or something like they did with Rachel .. not this crap .. the numbers now say double evict .. one more comment .. Gary is sickening .. to listen to any more .. his language is not at all funny and if he thinks this is gonna get him popularity wow i think he is in for a very rude awakening … as of now BB canada has lost me as a fan … (because of the Gary thing) that is way to late in the game to give someone a second chance .. total BS ..


The only big move I see right now is for Jillian to turn on Emmett and join forces with Gary.


I feel like the “one big move” thing he said was directed at Jillian.


No way does Emmett have the courage to do this, but wouldn’t it be entertaining.. Replacement person is not Talla (once Gary comes off the block) it’s JILLIAN! then she gets voted out. There’s a big move right there!


Listening to Emmett’s convos with Dan – & Dan definitely is a fan now – Em has really revealed his game play, how easily he separates his emotions from gameplay. While I do think he “likes” Jillian, this is not going to be a long time thing with him. His mask has slipped a few times in the last weeks; there’s a bit of looking down on her for acting/thinking like a “girl”. I think he would have more respect for her if she actually did do more big moves against his advice, ie. like Peter nomination. He didn’t hold a grudge, he regrouped, worked it to his advantage – now she has to support who he wants out.

Funny thing is Em has told everyone, loud & clear, how ruthless he can be – they just weren’t listening. He said a girlfriend told him he was heartless. I have a friend who likes to quote the big “O” (Oprah) a little too much; she often quotes this that I think is apropos – “When someone tells you/shows you who they are, BELIEVE them”…

Wake up, Andrew. Pull the East Coast mist from your eyes & replay Dan’s convos with you.

I found it painful listening to that convo, it did not sound like the Andrew of even a week ago. He’s taking Gary’s return too emotionally – he could have turned it around, gone to Gary, said it was Emmett that wanted him out, felt couldn’t go against him because of the #s, etc. The 2 punch Gary, then Dan coming in has made him paranoid – but of the wrong thing! You could see he just didn’t trust that Dan wasn’t a set up by BBC to screw him/them yet again. Which you know, just might explain his convo with Dan, rambling, not revealing his true thoughts – Might we find that out in Diary?

Okay, I know some of you are going to say I’m grasping at straws here, blinded by Andrew worship. Actually no. I’m a bit like Emmett, able to separate emotionally. Objectively, even A’s manner of speaking during the convo wasn’t his normal pattern.

Again, so enjoying reading all of your posts, even ones I disagree with – sometimes those even more . Love seeing the different takes on things, really gives such flavor watching this game. I really do think those just watching TV eps. & even those just the feeds, not these boards, are missing the best part of it


Sad that Andrew maybe leaving the house, He has played a very steady game throughout. He has been very cool and mature with handling all the bad situations that have been thrown his way. I don’t think Jillian or Emmett deserves to win, They have been screwing ppl over since the beginning, I think winning this may go to their heads, and I don’t think they have the maturity to handle it.


I’m sad that Andrew’s gone this week, he has now become a favorite. And it would have been nice for the milkmance to be seperated, but if either Jill or Emmett won the game they deserve it. Powerful showmance, winning competitions, deciding when to strike ( the Shield), I mean they struck first Alec and Peter were thinking the same and would have done the same had they received HOH first.

Right now they’re dominating so it’s working out plus their loyalty to each other keeps them together. Yes they lied but so did everyone one way or another. I imagine it would be hard to be 100% honest, they’re all playing each other, it’s like poker sometimes you bluff with your facial expressions and if your opponent believes you…oh well.

All they have to hope for is a jury that votes strategically.


Queen Bee, you’d give any HG in the BBCA house a huge run for their money if you were in there. Maybe next season….


I still think Alex self evicted by throwing the POV to Peter.. Topaz and Peter won’t vote for Jillian


Food for thought: Dan’s big suitcase; References to “have you looked for hidden things”; Also saying he had the power to make a big move (or something to that affect), then times teasing – I can evict someone now, etc. Perhaps Dan brought something in that he has stashed somewhere around the house, perhaps during 1 of the Hush Hush screens. He had the run of the house, times he was by himself.

Of all the twists & shifts BBC has already done in its 1st Season, the fact we haven’t seen a Diamond Power of Veto or something of its ilk is actually suspicious to me.

Thoughts? Possible?

(Bet you didn’t think I could do a (relatively) short post, huh?


I wondered about that to. E/J talked about it but didn’t bother to look. The message went right over Andrew, Gary and Tallas head.. Now i wonder if it somehow is connected to Dan’s braclet he left in the HOH room..


It’s sort-of cute that Andrew thinks he can get Gary to not use the veto. Gary would have to be a COMPLETE idiot to not use it with only 5 people left (4 of whom would absolutely love to get him out).


Telling Andrew that he is going home this early is going to be a messy situation..,

He will lose it. And Talla will feel his wrath.


Can you imagine if Emmett does tell Andrew he’s going & then it turns out that Dan did leave a VETO power behind & Emmett finds out Andrew has it on Eviction night. Now, not only would Andrew stay in the house, it’d be all out war between the 2. Jillian would be stuck in the middle & if she doesn’t win HOH, wow, major shift in power.

There’s the drama Production wants.


lol ….. find it funny that people still comment that they are no longer fans but will take the time to comment on a blog such as this. bb has done an excellent job in canada!! dan was epic … i stayed up all night because i knew he was in the house and the three hours felt like a half hour. i love the twists and as a fan i was forced to find another favorite and someone to dislike. it’s the same every year. if jillian and emmitt make it to the f2, jillian is going to look back and have many regrets because she will never beat emmitt. really give up the opportunity to win money and vehicle? does anyone think she got it when dan asked her if she was playing for second place. on the other hand she may believe she can beat anyone in the f2. she doesn’t know half of what emmitt was doing and how the jury feels about her. emmitt has played awesome game i found out so much about him during dan’s visit. he think he does have an answer for every question the jury may throw at him. thinking back i don’t think too many guest were really that upset with him when they left … he played jillian like a fiddle. wish andrew and dan would get to jillian and convince her that she needs to vote her way and not the way emmitt wants, that would be epic!!! i give bbcan and “A” for trying to turn this season around … they had the opportunity of a life time. the only one that got it was emmitt because of the comment to dan, you are opening their minds and i am bust a move behind you to close them.

Big Jim

Hated to see Dan leave what a legendary player


I just want Jillian to do the big move and get Emmett out! It’s time for her to play the game and realize that Emmett is playing her. I want Andrew and Jillian in the final 2.


Your right Chili !! Andrew is taking Gary’s return to emotionally. He has been emotional with Gary the whole game. He wanted gary out because he didn’t like him. Now that Gary is back he can’t see past the twist and wants him out again. Like I said Andrew’s headis swollen ever since he got rid of gary. He has been very c*cky from that point on. If Andrew was smart he would realize he needs to work with Gary and not against him.

Nana Jo

The only one Jillian has even the remotest chance of winning against is Talla. Emmett knows this … After all, he essentially has manipulated that scenario all along. Thus, there is no reason at all for him not to take Jillian to F2. I am increasingly baffled by Jillian’s game play. She is obviously an intelligent girl. I don’t understand why she has allowed herself to be Emmett’s puppet for so long. The only explanation is that she truly is dazzled, ‘in love’, hopeful that there is a real future for them out there. Sadly, I think she’ll end up a very disillusioned girl. Emmett’s feelings for her are far less than hers for him. In fact, I am starting to believe that they are basically only gameplay. A showmance was part of his game ideology all along, and he’s playing that hand masterfully. Without Jillian, he would be nowhere! I don’t want him to win and long to see a BIG move made, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I will root for Andrew until the moment he walks out the door. He may be acting more emotionally right now, but remember this … He has had far more to contend with and to fight against than the others. EJ have each other and the reign which has allowed them many worry-free weeks. Gary is rested physically and mentally after his two weeks at the jury holiday house. Talla is simply not capable of that level or depth of understanding. Andrew been up on the block three times. He’s had weeks of slop. He doesn’t have the comfort of a really close ally. He’s been forced to pal up with Talla, and bow down to EJ.Throughout all of it, Andrew has remained grounded, funny and honest. It’s only natural that he feels that a little paranoid right now. I just wish he’d take a deep breath, sit down and really think about the things Dan has said during the past day! It’s not too late … yet … but soon will be!


Well said, Nana Jo. You summarized perfectly why Andrew is off kilter the last couple of days & what he’s contended with through the whole game. Makes the fact he’s still here, despite the threat he poses, all the more impressive. Yes, Emmett is a good player BUT he really has had it pretty easy, especially the last month. It is easy to be laid back, play the game when you’re protected by your showmance. We’ve already seen the times things don’t go his way he blows up & big time.

If he’d had to deal with some of the things Andrew has, I don’t think he would have done anywhere near as well. That isn’t blind Andrew worship. It’s actually a fact. Emmett has shown he can’t handle when he’s not in charge.

Nana Jo

Exactly, Chili! Based on your prerious insightful comments, I can tell that we see things the same way! You’re so right about Emmett not being able to handle things unless he is in charge. He would have imploded if he were in Andrew’s position. It’s easy to remain cool when you’re not under fire. There is an expression about ‘grace under fire’ which epitomizes Andrew.

Unfortunately, if Emmett wins and Jillian comes 2nd, it will reinforce Emmet’s mindset that an alpha male can respect his woman to a degree and certainly make use of her best attributes to his own advantage, but basically he will always be top dog. Jillian should be really careful … who wants or needs a guy like that!