Emmett Andrew Scheming “we gotta make it work or we’ll have to send your a$$ home”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary


6:10pm HOH Jillian and Andrew
They both complaining about being so tired and not allowed to nap. Jillian jokes that she wants a power that overrides the power of veto.
Jillian says that Dan told her when people are let back into the game they usually leave shortly after.

Andrew says it would have been better if it was Andrew and TAlla on the block and they told Gary Andrew was the target. Maybe Gary would have not tried so hard in the Power of Veto competition if he didn’t feel threatened. Andrew: “Can we have a rewind with that”

Andrew is pi$$ed that Talla is going around acting like she has some sort of Deadly Game player, “Dan walks through the door and all of a sudden your the game player of all game players.. You said Love it and Busy … Bite me”

Jillian: “I choose to ignore that bit”

Andrew hatches a plan to get Gary to not use the Veto. Something about Talla and Jillin voting Andrew out and the following week it’s Jillian, Talla and Gary competing in the HOH. THey can get Emmett out. Andrew adds that Emmett has won a lot of Competitions it’ll be easy for Gary to realize he’s a major threat that

Andrew: “Does that make sense”
Jillian: “Ya but does Gary know that the POV is the most important”


6:15pm Living Room Emmett and Andrew

Emmett: “what if I tell you.. listen Andrew you’re going home and I do it openly where he can hear”

Emmett adds that he’ll start swearing to Andrew saying things like “F**k you.. I thought we were working together”

Andrew: “Ya we could do that.. I was just telling Jillian her and Talla could go to Gary say to him if he keeps the nominations the same they’ll vote out Andrew and target Emmett next week. (Andrew is telling Emmett the same plan he told Jillian)
Emmett doesn’t think it makes sense..
Andrew explains again his plan. Emmett mentions that they can really stress to Gary how much more exposure he’ll get by being on the block during the eviction show than if he uses the POV.
Andrew: “Have you told Jillian that one.. or did you just make it up”
Emmett laughs “we Gotta make it work or we’ll have to send your a$$ home”

Andrew says in all honesty what are their chances of getting Gary to not use the Veto. Emmett: “I dunno.. you have to look at it like what does GAry benefit from not using it”

Emmett asks Andrew what makes him think Talla will go with his plan. Andrew is positive she will because if the plan doesn’t work Gary uses the POV Talla is the replacement nominee and either Andrew or Talla go home.



6:30pm Talla and Emmett Hot tub

Emmett tells her there is advantages to Keeping her and Advantages to keeping Andrew.
Talla: “So what do you want”
Emmett: “I don’t know yet.. I just want you to know that I’ve never lied to you”
Emmett tells her if she wins HOH next week he’s 100% OK with that.. He points out that he cannot compete in the next HOH.

Emmett: “Gary gets two competitions to save himself next week I only get one”
Talla: “So.. um OK.. So it’s kinda like.. “
Emmett: “This is what I want you to do.. Just play your game and make no promises.. Right now you’re fine and i’ll let you know if that is going to change”

Emmett says that Jillian fully trusts Talla.

Emmett mentions that Tom pulled Gary off the block and the next week Tom was sent home when Gary was HOH. Emmett doesn’t trust Gary. Talla agrees, says her and Gary are friends, “Girl talk and stuff” but she doesn’t trust Gary at all , “He fu***ing stabbed Tom in the back”

Talla: “Who do you want to be in the final 3 with, Me you and Jillian or you, Andrew, Jillian”
Emmett stresses Talla not to talk to much just sit back and listen. Emmett: “If I have to send Andrew home this week it’ll be a very hard thing for me to do.. it’s a tough thing I like him”


7:06pm Jillian and Emmett

Jillian: “Gary scares me “
Jillian understands they cannot get rid of Gary this week but she wants to make it clear that Andrew will take them to final 3 for sure especially if Talla is out of the picture but Gary will not he’ll bring Talla.

Talla: “I would put a million dollars on Andrew taking you to the final 3”
Emmett: “Yeah.. but you are going into a mental comp with 3 f*** people.. he has a one in three chance of winning that’s it”
Emmet: “Those odds are not Odds I want to f*ck with”

Emmett says if Gary wins the next HOH and Andrew is still in the house there is a good chance Andrew would win the POV whereas Talla doesn’t have as good of a chance.

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Big Jim

If Andrew believes he can talk Gary into not using the veto on himself I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell him


agreed, but i at least commend him for not laying down in his grave?


I wouldn’t say that- there’s quite a recurring theme of mistakes with the black gay houseguests… Marcellus… Lawon… maybe even GARY!!! ;D LOL


but it could work if they convince him that he will get more camera time. Stranger things have happened.

And Gary did say he would be happy with 20,000$ it would be enough to get apartment, and a dog… If gary bought it then…


Gary isn’t that stupid i think this is wishful thinking on your part. Also andrew doesn’t know he is going he thinks it will be talla. Gary saying that he would be happy to get the 20,000 was just what gary told emmitt so he would keep him he didn’t actually want second place he wanted first. Gary isn’t that bad of a player to fall for this


“Gary isn’t that stupid i think this is wishful thinking on your part. Also andrew …..”

Actually i wasn’t wishing anything. I was just saying maybe make someone laugh, wow ppl are really too serious sometimes and also have to prove they are right way too much

I enjoy the game/show enough to hate or love players at different times in the game but i dont project or assume that i know what others are thinking (only the HGs. thats what they are there for) so please stop that


That’s the ONLY argument that I think would work on Gary, since he has said multiple times that he’s “just promoting his brand” and “I don’t care about the money, I just want to be famous.” If they really stress how much camera time he’ll get if he’s on the block, then he… well, he’ll probably still use the veto anyway (unless he’s an idiot) but it’s a better argument than the lame plan Andrew came up with.


Gary would have to be completely stupid or Marcellas to not use the POV on himself. I don’t know how Andrew thinks this plan would work. Gary took all those punishments just to not use it…?


Being in the house with no outside contact is making Andrew dillusional … And Dan’s talk makes Talla think she has a brain. You know what would be hilarious…is if Talla is actually a super smart girl! LOL


it seems everyone is waiting for an intelligent person to reveal themselves in Talla.

But I just think it is because no one can believe that anyone can be that stupid. (Danielle season 14) But I think ppl will be waiting…and waiting


His only hope is to convince Jillian to convince Emmett to keep him. She can vote to keep Andrew and even if Gary chooses Talla, Emmett can be the tie breaker and Talla would leave. Gary is going to use the Veto on himself. I would be completely shocked if he didn’t.


re:the twists…i just want to say I have found hem excessive, but on the flip side I will admit the twists have been fails last couple seasons and end early on, not following through with have not comps….i think there is a balance in the middle!


Just vote out Talla.



BBCan might as well give Ghandoo Gary the money


They’re trying as hard as they can! Next HOH is how a gay man decorates an apartment with a 25K gift certificate from the brick. Followed by a POV comp how to get the most exposure for your brand using 100K and a chevy!

PS If anyone knows Gary has to be on slop. Is a a true have not as in past weeks or just no solid food. He was drinking wine last night as well as using pancake syrup and chocolate powder. I think all 3 are restricted for have nots. Any idea on this issue.




They should of had Talla whining to Gary that she didn’t want to go on the block and that he was safe

A Mom

Gary had permission to drink from Big Brother……..when Dan was in the house he asked and Big Brother responded within 10 minutes that he could drink. I’m sure they are aware of the syrup and chocolate powder too.


I don’t agree with bringing Gary back!
Smh The final four worked really hard to get where they are (at least half of them anyways)
Productions favorite got voted out so they made it so he’d be put back in.
Granted he’s entertaining enough but he’s more annoying than anything else and I was so happy to see him leave! If he wins that’s just shameful on productions part.
East Coast all the way, Talla’s time to go is long overdue